"The Healing Power of Love" by Dan Hill

Do you believe in the healing power of love
Or is it just a fantasy
Do you believe in a power from above
I feel it between you and me
And I don't have to look in your eyes to know
There something going on here
It's out of our control
This is happening too fast for us to fight

There's a healing power
Deep in all of us
In the darkest hour
We can still rise above
There's a new horizon
(The sun's shining)
Between you and me
When you slip your hand in mine I feel the rush
Of the healing power of love

We've got nothing but love to pull us through
Love and compassion
In this desperation world nothing else will do
We can make it happen (only we can make it happen)
And you don't have to say a word, I understand
(I am yours always)
When you lay down your love that's forever
You will always be my woman
And I will be your man


Deep in the night
When we're soul to soul
I feel the power
It's greater than our own
And how will love unfold
As we stumble through the darkness
To the great unknown