"Fallin' In Love" by La Bouche


Baby, baby, falling in love

I'm falling in love again...

Everyday I love you more and more and more

Baby, baby, falling in love

I'm falling in love again

Oh! Oh!

I could never see 

What fate had planned for me

Then you came, made a dream

my reality

Woah - oh baby you can see

All the things you loved in me

When my simple fate is at the gate

Boy you've got the key, yeah


It seems like yesterday

You and I first loved this way

Baby now I know love can grow

Each and every day

As we lay in the midnight hour

I feel love's hidden power

Yeah yeah so strong and bold as the light unfolds


I never dreamed that my summertime fling

Could show me how much pleasure that women could bring

Hugged up by the fireplace, time I don't waste

As I love you slow and then increase the pace

Your natural body perfume brightens any room

One whiff and my spirits taken up a life

It's good when the woman is your best friend

But its better when you're falling in love again