"Every Road Leads Back To You" by Bette Midler

Old friend here we are
After all the years and tears and all we've been through
It feels so good to see you
Looking back in time
There've been other friends and other lovers
But no other one like you
All my life,
No one ever has known me better

I Must've traveled down a thousand roads
Been so many places
Seen so many faces,
Always on my way to something new
But it doesn't matter, cuz no matter where I go
Every road leads back,
Every road just seems to lead me back to you

Old friend there were times
when I didn't wanna see your face
Or hear your name again
Now those times are far behind me
So good to see you smile,
I'd forgotten how nobody else
Could make me smile the way you do
All this time,
You're the one I still want beside me.

Chorus (2X)