"Dont Leave Me" by Blackstreet

You've got your problems baby 

And I've got mine

Lets just spend it all by puttin' it together yeah

When you say you love me it don't mean a thing

If you'd care 

you'll be there 

like you used to be

I'm searchin' for the words to make you realize

That I really really want you to stay

Tears of frustration I hold inside

But if you walk away 

you'll make this grown man cry


Don't Leave Me

Don't Leave me girl

Please stay with me tonight

Don't Leave me Girl

Please stay with me

Forget my pride cause I'm beggin' you

Your my heart 

Your my soul

You've got so much control

My love runs deeper than the oceans and seas

But if you sail away

You'll take the centerpiece of me

Repeat Chorus X 2


If you take your love away from me 

I'll go crazy

I'll go insane

X 3

Chorus Fade