"Declaration Of Love" by Celine Dion

Come on, yeah

You are my knight in shining armor

The hero of my heart

When you smile at me I see

A true world go up

The river is getting deep, believe it

You're all these arms of mine

wanna hold

All wrapped up with a river

Baby, I'm giving you this heart

of gold


So listen up, it's you I trust

I feel magic every time we touch 

I pledge allegiance to the heavens above

Tonight to you baby I make my

decleration of love

Just like Juliet belonged to Romeo

You can stay prepared that I won't be

letting you go

In the heat of the night

So right you taste my sweetness on

your lips

I'll makeit better than you ever dreamed

And the rest of your life will be just

like this



Decleration of love (love)

Decleration of love (heh)

Decleration of love (oh)

Decleration of love (no no no no)