"Breathe A Sigh" by Def Leppard

Let me down slow and easy/ 

Cause there ain't nothin' I can do/ 

I hope and pray my faith won't leave me/ 

When it comes down to me and you/ 

Try a little tenderness/ 

I die a little/ 

For a long lost sweet caress/

You lying next to me/ 

Fulfilled some destiny/

I wanna cry/ 

but I breathe a sigh/

Just a little bit of letting go/

I don't want you to know/

I wanna cry but I breathe a sigh/

Over flow of emotion / 

And a hurt that'll never heal/ 

If you close the door forever/ 

The fate of pain is sealed/

 I more than long for your affection/

 I tell you now that that ain't so/

 Not even gentle persuasion is ever gonna let me go/

 Won't you let me breathe a sigh