Wonder Years by Julie and Lori

Part 1

The first time Sonny Corinthos ever really noticed Brenda Barrett
in fourth
period English class. He'd always known who she was. His friend
Mark's sister's
best friend. But he'd never noticed her before. Of course it might
have something to
do with the fact that she was three years younger than he was and
until that point
she'd always been a little heavy. But looking at her now he
how stunning she
was. She, Lois, and some girl were giggling in a corner. He
what they
were doing in a senior English class until he remembered that this
year this particular
English class was open to all students. He decided to go over and
hi. He walked
over to them.

''Hi Lois.''

''Hi Sonny. What are you doing here?''

''This is my English class.''


''Yeah. So mind if I sit down?''

''Sure. Oh Sonny this is Amanda Jackson and you remember Brenda

''Sure. Hi Brenda. Nice to meet you Amanda.''

''You too.''

''Hi Sonny.'' She turned to Lois. ''Can I get a ride home with you
and Mark today?
Julia has early out and she doesn't want to come back for me.''

''He can't. We have to go out to Pop's store right after school.
Sorry Bren.''

''Darn. Guess it's the bus for me.''

''I can give you a ride.'' Sonny said.

''Really? That'd be great Sonny. It's not out of your way, is it?''

''Bren, you live two doors away.''

''Oh yeah.'' She giggled. He smiled at her.

''Brenda don't forget you're sleeping over tonight.'' Lois piped

''I won't. How could I? You've reminded me five times since you
picked me up this

''Well I know your memory.'' The bell rang and class began. All
during class Sonny
kept giving Brenda little looks. He loved the way her hair fell
across her shoulder. A
few strands obscured the view of her face and Sonny had to restrain
himself from
lifting a hand to push them away. All during the day he kept
of her. He'd
never felt like this before. It was almost scary.


Sonny waited for Brenda by the front doors after school. He didn't
know what his
deal was. She was just a girl. He had dated lots before and never
felt like this. He
was pondering this when she walked up to him.

''So ya ready?'' He turned to look at her. The sun was reflecting
her hair and she
was smiling. Man, she had a great smile. What are you thinking,
a kid.

''Yeah, let's go.''

They were silent on most of the drive. Sonny kept stealing little
looks here and there.
She was staring out the window. He felt like he could look at her
forever. Then he
was pulling into her driveway.

''Thanks for the ride Sonny. So I guess I'll see ya in class on

''Yeah, I'll be there.''

Then she walked up her drive. Sonny sat in his car for a minute. He
had memorized
her face already. He loved to watch her walk, talk, do anything! He
loved everything
about her. But, she had shown no interest
in him at all. She had hardly said one word to him. But he was so
nervous he was
afraid he would say something stupid, so he said nothing too. Sonny
backed out of
the drive. ''Brenda Barrett Corinthos. I like it.'' with that he


Brenda watched him pull out of the drive. He was so hot. She could
hardly breath on
the ride home. He had been so close she could smell his cologne.
he was sexy.
Everything about him. His dimples, his smile, those pecs that
strained in his shirt.
Wow. But he wasn't interested in her. He hadn't even attempted to
talk to her.''
Brenda Barrett Corinthos. I like the way that sounds.'' She smiled
and went upstairs
to get ready for a night with the Cerullos and dreams of Sonny

Chap 3

''Lois that is ridiculous. He does not have a crush on me.''

''Oh yeah? Then why'd he give you a ride home?'' Lois smiled
knowingly at her best

''To be nice? Let's remember he's known me my entire life. For
sake he used
to date Julia.''

''Let's also remember that that particular relationship didn't end
the best of terms.
Although Julia could have done worse than Billy.''

''I still remember the look on his face when Sonny decked him. It
Lois and Brenda giggled. It was later that night. The girls had had
dinner with Lois's
family minus Louie and Frannie, who were at friend's houses for the
night, and were
now up in Lois's room talking and listening to music in the

''Alright so Sonny doesn't have a crush on you. What about you?''

''I don't have a crush on me either.''


''He's cute.''

''Just cute?''

''Alright more than cute. He's sexy as hell. I could barely breathe
this afternoon when
I was in his car. I nearly hyperventilated.''

''I knew it.''

''But get serious. I'm probably still that same little kid I always
was to him.''

''B, have you checked yourself out in a mirror lately? Little kid
not the words to
describe you anymore.''

''Whatever. Look I'm tired. You want to go to sleep?''

''Sure.'' Lois turned off the light and Brenda crawled into her
sleeping bag. Both girls
were asleep in a matter of minutes.


Sonny stumbled up the back stairs of the Cerullo's house. Damn
How was he
going to explain a black eye to his friends on Monday? He fished
the key Mark
had given him a while ago and let himself into the Cerullo's
He flipped on the
lights, found some napkins, put some ice into them. Then he sat at
the kitchen table
with the ice pressed to his eye. A few minutes later he heard

''Sonny?'' He turned towards the kitchen door and saw Brenda.

''Brenda. Uh hi.''

''Are you okay? What happened to your eye?'' She asked walking
towards him.

''I'm fine. I got into a fight.''

''With who?'' But Brenda knew the answer. Anyone living on their
block had heard
the rumors about Deke which were backed up by the bruises Adella
Sonny so
often had. What was the saying her mother used? Oh yeah. Where
there's smoke,
there's fire.

''Just some guy.'' Brenda nodded.

''Ya know Gloria has some kind of cream that'll make the swelling
down faster. I
saw her use it on Louie after he got into a fight one time. I know
where it is. Do you
want some?''

''Yeah that'd be great.''

''Okay.'' She went over to the cupboard where Gloria kept the first
aid kit and took it
out. She ran a washcloth under warm water and then she put a couple
of dabs of the
cream on it and rubbed it in. The she turned back around to face
Sonny. He took the
ice pack away. She took his chin in her hand and tilted his head up
so she could see
his eye better. Whoever had hit him a good right cross.

''This might sting a little.'' She gently rubbed the washcloth on
skin. He cringed a
little but said nothing. After making sure she'd gotten the entire
are she rinsed out the
washcloth and put the first aid kit back. Then she turned back
to face Sonny.
He'd taken off his jacket and was sitting in the chair with his
to her.

Sonny's mind was racing. What was he supposed to say now? Thanks
care of me? It was hopeless. He was hopeless.



''I'm gonna go up now. Are you gonna be okay?'' He turned around.

''Yeah I'll be fine. Thanks for everything.'' She smiled at him and
he felt his insides
turn to mush. He had to remind himself to breathe.

''No problem. G'night.''

''Night.'' He watched her leave and suddenly started to realize she
was no kid.


The next morning:

''Lois is Mark out of the shower yet?'' Brenda whined.

''Yeah go ahead, he just got out.''

Brenda ran down the hall to the kids bathroom. She jumped in the
shower and
started to sing.


''Good morning Sonny.'' Gloria said as she woke him up off the

''Morning. What time is it?''

''Almost ten.''

Sonny bolted off the couch. ''Great. I'm suppose to be at work in
minutes and I
still need to shave.''

''Well, Mark's in the shower, just go use the sink in there.''


Sonny ran up the stairs.

Brenda had just got out of the shower and had a towel wrapped
her when the
door flew open.

''Sonny!'' She was so shocked she forgot she was only wearing a
towel. But Sonny
didn't. He just stared at her. She stood there, her long hair wet
against her back only
wearing a towel. Sonny couldn't breath. She was the most beautiful
thing he had ever
laid eyes on. He looked at her and fought the impulse to kiss her.

''Sonny, haven't you ever heard of knocking? What gives you the
to just barge in
here. What if I had been in the shower still?''

I would have joined you. No man, get a hold of yourself. She's
a baby. No baby
I ever saw had a body like that. Uh, what is she doing to me? I'm
losing it.

''Sonny? Did you hear me? Are you going to stand there all day?''
Still Sonny said
nothing. Brenda just stared at him. Then out of nowhere, he grabbed
her and kissed
her. He kissed her hard. Then just as suddenly he let go.

''I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I shouldn't have done that,
you're still a kid.'' He
regretted that as soon as he said it.

''A kid. Right. Sorry I got in your way. The bathroom's all
She grabbed her
stuff and raced out of the bathroom. Once inside Lois's room, she
on the bed and
cried. She loved the way he had kissed her,
she wanted him more than anything in her life, but he still thought
she was a kid.


''What are you some kind of insensitive jerk? You kiss and then
her a kid? Now
she hates you! You idiot!'' Sonny stared at himself in the mirror.
kept thinking of
her in that towel and of kissing her. He wanted her more than
anything. But he was
older, more experienced in that area. He didn't know what to do
But he knew
that he wanted Brenda Barrett in his life. But did she want him in


When Brenda was dressed she headed downstairs. At the bottom of the
stairs she
nearly collided with Lois's sister Frannie.

''Whoops! Sorry Frannie.''

''No harm done. How's it going Bren?''

''It goes.'' Brenda said rolling her eyes.

''Oh ominous.''

''See Ya later.''

''Bye.'' Brenda went into the kitchen and saw Mark and Sonny at the
table. Perfect
she thought to herself. Just perfect.

''Morning Mark. Ya know you really should have your father fix the
lock on the
bathroom door. If someone didn't know any better they could create
embarrassing situation by just walking in.''

''Good point Bren. I'll talk to him later.'' Brenda sat down at the
table across from
Sonny. ''So what are you and Lo doing today?''

''She wants to go roller-skating with a group of people.''

''Correct me if I'm wrong here Bren, but the last time you went
roller-skating didn't
you end up with a split lip?''

''Can it Mark unless you want your eye to look like Sonny's.'' Mark
made a face. He
knew from experience that Brenda had a better left hook than most
the guys at
school. He looked over at Sonny then but he didn't seem to be
listening. He was too
busy staring into space. ''Hey Mark?''

''Yeah?'' He said looking back at her.

''Who was that guy you were talking to yesterday at lunch? I don't
think I've seen him

''Alex Garcia.''

''He's cute.'' Brenda watched Sonny out of the corner of her eye.
was staring at

''Forget it Brenda Leigh.''


''One you are too young for him and two as good as your left hook
Lois's right
cross is better and if I tried fixing you up with Alex she'd use

''Maaarkkkk, c'mon. I can do so much more damage to you and you

''Can I say something here?''

''Yes.'' Mark said at the same time Brenda said


''Well I'm going to anyway. I talked to Alex yesterday and I gotta
say he's really not
your type.''

''What do you know about my type?''

A lot more than you think Sweetie, Sonny thought to himself.
Bren, we've
known each other most of our lives. I think I can tell if a guy's
your type or not.''

''Well thank you Dear Abby.'' Mark laughed and Sonny shot him a
and he
quickly quieted. Then he looked back at Brenda. For a second he saw
her in the
towel she'd been wearing upstairs. He silently wished Mark wasn't
there at the
moment. Because if he wasn't he'd continue that kiss and it
have stopped
there. ''I have to go. Mark tell Lo to call me later. See you

''Are you staying here again tonight?''

''Yeah. My parents are going out and Julia's got a date.''

''Who's the lucky guy?''

''That guy Jasper something. I don't like him. He's to pure. Which
makes him perfect
for Julia. Bye!'' Brenda left.

''I gotta go too. Later man.'' Sonny split. He got outside just as
Brenda reached her
front door. He was about to say something when she turned around.
stared at
him for a minute and then went inside shutting the door behind her.
In that instant
Sonny knew he'd be sleeping at the Cerullo's that night too.


At home, Brenda was frantically trying to decide what to wear
She had a sneaking suspicion that she would see Sonny tonight, and
she had NO
intention of looking like a kid. Her phone rang.


''Hiya Bren. Are Ya coming over or what?''

''Lo, what if we went dancing instead? I mean it might be fun to
dressed up and
go out.''

''Yeah, I suppose. OK sure. But can Ya hurry up. I want to get away
my brothers.''

''I'll be there in a few.''


Sonny strolled into the Cerullo kitchen an nearly ran into Lois.

''Hey there Lois, watch it. where's the fire?''

''Oh nothing, I just gotta change since BRENDA decided she wanted
dancing instead of skating'.''

''Dancing huh? Where's mark?''

''He's upstairs.''

''Hey mark. What did you want to do tonight?''

''Cruise for chics. I mean you attract them like no guy I've ever
seen before. I figure
your affect has got to rub off on me someday.''

''Funny. Listen I know a great place to pick up chics.''


Lois let Brenda in the kitchen door.

''Look at you! You are going make every guy in that place drop

Brenda was wearing a short black skirt with a tight lavender top.
had black
strappy shoes and her hair was down.

''thanks! Are you ready to go?''

Just then Sonny and Mark came through the door. Sonny was wearing
jeans, a black tight T-shirt and a light yellow-brown suede jacket.
Brenda never saw
anyone that looked as good as he did. Sonny looked Brenda up and
down. He didn't
think he should be thinking what he was, but he couldn't help it.
wanted her. He
didn't know what to do with what he was feeling towards her. It was
more than a
crush. He had Figured that out in the car yesterday. But it was
than just wanting
her too.

''So are we all agreed?''

''What?'' Sonny had missed the whole conversation.

Mark looked at Sonny. ''You and I are going to drop the kiddies off
at the club and
then we are going to look for women.'' Sonny nodded his head.
that's fine with
me.'' I have my women he thought as he stared at Brenda.

Chap 7

Sonny was trying very hard not to want to punch out Joey Castle.
guy was
hanging all over Brenda as they danced together across the club. He
couldn't believe
that Brenda and Lois had picked the same club to go dancing at that
he had thought

''Sonny? Sonny are you listening to me?'' Betty Anne Clanton said.
looked at her
blankly. Truth be told he couldn't remember anything she said in
last five minutes.

''Sure. You were saying?'' Betty Anne started rambling again and
Sonny looked back
at Brenda. Now she was dancing with Alex Garcia. Slow dancing. He
what it felt like to be that close to her.


Brenda stole a look over at Sonny. Yep he was still watching. Good.
She smiled up
at Alex. He was pretty cute and a good dancer. As a distraction
do. She stole a
little look at Lois. She was flirting with some guy. What was his
name again? Oh
yeah. Ned something or other. His family had come from Oyster Bay.
Bunch of rich
snobs she thought disdainfully. Julia was dancing with that guy
Jasper. He had the
funniest accent but he was clean cut and pure and that's exactly
her sister
wanted. Just one of the many reasons she and Sonny hadn't lasted.
Speaking of
Sonny..... she looked over at him again. He was trying to make it
look like he wasn't
watching even though he was. Just then Mark came up to them.

''Excuse me. Can I cut in?''

''Sure. Sorry Alex.''

''No problem.'' He smiled and walked away.

''What's up Mark?''

''I thought I told you to stay away from him.''

''What is the big deal? We were just dancing.''

''I don't trust him. There's something about him I don't like.''

''Mark when are you going to get over this compulsive need to

''When you're about ninety. It's almost eleven and I promised Ma
be home
quarter after at the latest. So I am going to go collect Lois Marie
while you go get

''Alright. See you at the car in about five minutes.''

''Great. And Brenda no giving out your phone number.''

''I never give out my phone number. I give out Lo's.'' Brenda
away before
Mark could reply. Sonny was still talking to that toad Betty Anne
when she got to
them. ''Sonny?''


''We're leaving. So if you want a ride home c'mon.''

''Okay. I'll see ya later Betty Anne.''

''Bye Sonny. Call me.'' Brenda rolled her eyes and walked through
club out to the
car. Lois and Mark were waiting in the front seat.

''You and Sonny get the back seat Bren.'' As Brenda was about to
the door,
Sonny reached down and did it for her.

''After you.''

''Thank you.'' She got in and slid over to sit behind Mark. After
Sonny got in Mark
took off for home. Neither Mark nor Lois noticed that their friends
were having
breathing problems.

Chap 8-


Brenda came down the stairs quietly. She had woken up thirsty and
decided to come
downstairs for something to drink. As she walked across the living
room a voice
stopped her.

''Who's there?'' It was Sonny.

''It's Brenda.''

''What are you doing down here?''

''I was thirsty. What's your excuse?''

''Mark's floor is to hard.''

''Couch is softer, huh?''


''Do you want something to drink?''


''Be right back.'' She went into the kitchen and Sonny sat up on
couch. What was
he doing? He was getting in deeper and deeper with a girl three
younger than
he was. He remembered this morning. He wondered what she looked
under that
towel. He didn't even notice that she came back in until she was
standing before him
with two glasses of water.

''Thank you.'' He said taking one. He looked up at her. God even in
semi darkness
she was beautiful. He set the glass of water aside. Then he took
glass and did the
same. Then ever so slowly he placed his hands on her hips and she
her hands on
his shoulders. His hands traveled down to the back of her knees and
one at a time he
brought her knees to rest on either side of one of his legs.

What would you think if I told you
I always wanted to hold you
I don't know what we're afraid of
Nothing would change if we made love

He looked up at her. She smiled and bent her head down to kiss him.
He tried to pull
away but stopped when she heard her whisper. ''Don't fight me
You know
this is what you want.'' She was right. This is what he wanted.
He reached up to
take her face in his hands and deepened the kiss. When they broke
kiss he
started to part her pajama top starting at the bottom. Once it was
off he trailed kisses
from her stomach to the base of her neck. God she tasted so sweet.

So I'll be your friend and I'll be your lover
Cause I know in our hearts we agree
We don't have to be one or the other
Oh No We could be both to each other

Yes it's a chance that we're taking
And somebody's heart could be breaking
But we can't stop what's inside us
Our love for each other will guide us

Brenda bent her head down to kiss his lips again and this time he
didn't pull away. As
she kissed him she unbuttoned his shirt and then she pushed it off
his shoulders. God
just the feel of him made her burn inside. She bent her head
down to kiss his

So I'll be your friend and I'll be your lover
Cause I know in our hearts we agree
We don't have to be one or the other
Oh No We could be both to each other

I've been through you, You been through me
Sometimes a friend is the hardest to see
We always know when it's laid on the line
Nobody else is as easy to find

Sonny started to work her pants off as she did the same thing to
Then he put an
arm around her waist and a hand behind her head and laid her down
the couch
and without another thought to how young she was or that this was
wrong he made
love to her.

So I'll be your friend and I'll be your lover
Cause I know in our hearts we agree
We don't have to be one or the other
Oh No We could be both to each other


Brenda laid in Sonny's arms most of the night on the couch. It was
around 4am or so.
She had never felt so safe before. She had never been in love
but she knew
she was in love with Sonny Corinthos. She just hoped that he didn't
think of her as a
slut for sleeping with him. She had never slept with anyone before
and she had been
scared and at the same time excited. She was scared that she would
disappoint him.
She was only 14, and he was 17. She knew he wasn't a virgin, in
he could have
any girl in school he wanted, so why her?

Sonny had woken up. It was around 2am. He couldn't believe what he
had done. He
had made love to a 14 year old. What was he thinking? She was a
virgin and she was
3 years younger than him. He had known her forever, but only as a
friend of Lois's.
He knew nothing ABOUT her. As much as he wanted to leave her on
couch he
couldn't. He loved the way she felt in his arms. She was so soft.
They fit just right.
Sonny looked down at her sleeping in his arms. She was the most
perfect thing he
had ever seen. He stifled a laugh, when he realized he was in love
with a 14 year old.
She was so tiny. He wanted to protect her from the world, and be
her forever.


Brenda woke up around 7. Everyone was still asleep in the Cerullo
home. She
looked at Sonny sleeping next to her. G*d he was sexy. She had
felt this way
about anyone before. However, she was scared. Scared that he would
regret what
happened last night. She gathered up her clothes and went up to
Lois's room.

Sonny woke up soon after to find himself alone. Maybe he had
disappointed her.
Maybe last night didn't mean to her what it meant to him. He heard
people getting up
and quickly got dressed.


Everyone was seated around the Cerullo kitchen table. Everyone but
Brenda and

''Mark would you please go wake up Lois Marie and Brenda. Tell them
we're not
going to wait forever.''

Just then Lois came down minus Brenda. ''Where's Brenda?'' Gloria

''She had to go home early. She left a few minutes ago.'' Lois
right at Sonny.
She was glaring at him.


Brenda had made it to her room without seeing anyone. she hated it
here. Julia was
always putting her down, telling her how she was worthless. Her
father, well she
didn't like to talk about him, her mother, Veronica, had never been
the same after
Nik left. Nik was the only one who had ever cared about her. She
missed her big
brother. But she had a feeling that he would have killed Sonny if
knew what had

Brenda's thoughts were interrupted when her father slammed her door

''Brenda Leigh Barrett!! What in the hell do you call this?'' He
screaming at her.
But Brenda had been used to that by now, he had been doing it for
years. He was
waving her last semesters report card. She had gotten 2 A's and the
rest B's, but that
wasn't good enough for him. Nothing she did ever was. Harlan
was a
successful businessman, they had money, but not as much as he
He was
gone a lot and Brenda was glad when he was. She hated him more than
she thought it
was possible to hate. The truth was, she wanted him dead. He
continued to scream
at her and finally he grabbed her head and slammed her into the
He took out his
belt and went to work.

Three hours later, Brenda laid on the floor sobbing. This was the
worst it had ever
been. He had even hit her in the face several times. That was the
thing he never
did. He usually just beat her back with a belt. No one could see
welts it left. But
this time he had lost control. She could feel her back bleeding.
couldn't move.
G*D, all she wanted was Sonny. She wanted him to take her away. To
make it safe
for her. Everyone knew what Sonny and his mother put up with, but
one knew
about her except for Lois and Frannie. And she wanted it that way.

Chap 10-

Once she heard her father leave Brenda crawled over to the phone
dialed Lois's

''Hello?'' It was Mark.

''Mark? Can I talk to Lois?''

''Sure B. Hold on.'' Mark moved away from the phone and she heard
call Lois.
A few minutes later Lois picked up the phone.

''Bren? What's up?''

''Could you and Frannie come over? And bring that stuff your mom
to make the
swelling go down faster?''

''Bren what happened?''

''Just come over Lo, okay?'' Brenda could barely hold the phone she
was shaking so

''We'll be over in about five minutes, okay?''

''Okay. Just let yourself in. I'm up in my room.''

''See you soon.''

''Bye.'' Brenda hung up the phone and curled up in a ball on her
floor rocking back
and forth.


''Frannie! Mark have you seen Frannie?'' Lois said coming down the

''Yeah she's in the kitchen with Ma. Everything okay with Bren?''
Sonny looked up in

''Yeah she's fine. She just needs mine and Frannie's help moving
boxes up to
the attic.''

''You sure? She sounded funny on the phone like she'd been

''Look she's fine Mark, okay? Just drop it. I gotta go.'' Lois left
the room and a few
minutes later the kitchen door slammed. Sonny looked over at Mark.

''What was that all about?''

''I don't know but Lo was lying.''

''I figured that out. Lois never did learn how to lie decently.''

''So what do you want to do?''

''What do think?''

''Let's go.'' Mark and Sonny headed out the front door to avoid
Gloria and headed
down the street to Brenda's house.


''Damn Lois that hurt.''

''I told you that disinfectant stings.''

''It's not stinging. It burns.''

''Good that means it's working.''

''Very funny Frannie.''

''You should take a shower after we're done and then you are coming
home with us.''

''I'm not going to your house looking like this.''

''Sweetie our family loves you. You're one of us.'' Brenda smiled
Lois's older sister
as she applied the cream they brought over to her bruised face.

''I wish I really was a Cerullo. Brenda Leigh Cerullo. What do ya

''Perfect. Maybe you and Mark will get married.'' The girls
Just then a creak
sounded in the hall.

''What was that?''

''Just the house.''

''I don't think so. Lois go look.''

''Okay.'' Lois hopped up and went to the door. She poked her head
and saw
Sonny and Mark in the hall. She pulled back in a minute. ''I have
go to the
bathroom real fast. Be right back.'' Lois slipped into the hall and
shut the door before
she started whispering furiously to her brother and Sonny. ''What
hell are you two
doing here?''


Lois stared at Sonny and Mark. ''Did ya hear me? What in the hell
you two doing
breaking into Bren's house?''

''Lois, I know something is wrong with Brenda, she was crying on

''Mark, she's fine. Now why don't you two just go, before someone
catches you in

Sonny looked at Lois. She was lying something was wrong with
''Lois don't
lie, you're not good at it. Now if I did anything to hurt her I
to know.''

''Sonny, what could you have possibly done to Brenda that would
her upset?''
Sonny shot Mark a look. ''No, you didn't? With Brenda? Have you
your mind?
She's 14!! When?''

''Mark, calm down.''

''When Corinthos? Wait, oh don't tell me. Last night? In my house?
Brenda avoided breakfast this morning. Sonny Bren's like my little
sister, so you have
A LOT to answer for buddy. You know something? Nik woulda killed

''Fine, you two go hash things out. At home. Look Sonny, this has
nothing to do with
you. If you want to help Bren, then take Mark and leave her alone.


''What is taking Lois so long? I know she was lying about going to
the bathroom.''

''Yeah, well Lois neva' could lie good. How's your back?''

''It still hurts a lot. Did it stop bleeding yet?''

Frannie looked at her back. The marks were everywhere. This was the
Frannie had ever seen Brenda. They had been keeping this a secret
8 years now.
It made Frannie sick to look at Harlan Barrett. Nik was the smart
one. He ran away.
However, when he left, Harlan took out all of his anger on Brenda.
Nik. Nik was the
one person in this G*d awful family who loved Bren. Frannie decided
then and there,
that she would find Nik.

''Yeah, it stopped bleeding. Here, put this shirt on. Are you

''Yeah my emergency bag is in my closet.''

Frannie got her bag out of the closet, and then helped Brenda up.
could hardly
walk, she was so sore.

''C'mon kiddo let's go. We'll get Lois on our way out.''

''Frannie? Could you get the teddy bear Nik got me? It's on my

Frannie got the small brown bear and handed it to Brenda. Brenda
very mature
for her age and not just in the body. She amazed Frannie sometimes.
She had dealt
with so much and yet she never let it get her down. But looking at
her now, scared
hurt and holding that bear, she looked like a little kid just
someone to love

They slowly walked out of the door and then stopped dead in their
tracks. Lois,
Mark and Sonny stopped talking. they all stared at Brenda. Sonny
stared at her.

''What the hell is going on?''

Chap 12-

''Lois did you tell them to come over?''

''No I swear Bren.'' Brenda looked back at Sonny. He was staring at
her. She turned
back and ran into her room shutting and locking the door behind
She lay down
on her stomach on the bed and buried her face in the pillow. She
started to sob.


''What the hell happened to her?'' Mark demanded of his sisters.

''Harlan Barrett happened to her.''


''Lois you promised.'' Frannie admonished.

''I don't care anymore. Frannie she's been getting beat up by that
SOB since she was

''You don't have to tell me that. I've been right there with you
while we were taking
care of her.'' Frannie watched Sonny walk over to the door and try
open it.

''It's locked.'' he said turning around.

''Figures.'' An idea struck Frannie just then. ''Lo does Veronica
still lock Nik's

''I don't think so. Why?''

''What are you thinking Frannie?''

''Brenda told me once that there were two entrances to the attic.
through her
room and one through Nik's room.''

''So if we go up into the attic through Nik's room we can come down
through Bren's


''Let's go.'' Sonny said moving down the hall.

''Hold it. Mark you and Sonny go home and wait for us.''


''Because for the last eight years the only people who've know
this are me and
Frannie. Now you two know. I think she's a little overwhelmed.''
Frannie saw that
Sonny was about to protest.

''Sonny do you care about her? I mean really care.''


''Then do this for her please.''

''Alright.'' Frannie and Lois moved down the hall while Mark and
Sonny went down
the stairs and out the door. About five feet from the Cerullo's
turned to Sonny.

''What in God's name were you thinking?''

CH.13~ Julie

Sonny looked at Mark. ''What do you mean what was I thinking?''

''You know what I am talking about! I am talking about what you
about when you had SEX with Brenda! She's only 14!! Do you have any
idea the
trouble you could've gotten yourself into!?''

''Yes!! And we didn't have sex, Mark. We made love, there's a
difference. And I
don't want you talking about this to ANYONE. Understand?!''

Mark looked at his best friend. ''Oh man. You're in love with her
aren't you?''

''I'm not in love with her. I-I just. OK, I admit it!! I love
I am CRAZY in love
with Brenda Barrett!''

Mark just stared at Sonny. ''Listen, you're my best friend, but if
you hurt her I'll kill
you. Got me?!''

''Mark, I just want to protect her from everything. Especially from
her father. Listen I
gotta get home, I need to see my mom. Call me if you have any news

''Sure. Later, and don't worry, Bren's a lot tougher than she


Sonny got home and walked into his kitchen. He saw his mom doing
dishes. ''Hey
Mom, how are you?'' he said kissing her cheek.

''Hola, mi hijo. Where have you been all morning?'' Adela looked at
her son. There
was something different in his eyes. He was happy.

''Sorry, I- ah, a friend of mine was in trouble, I wanted to make
sure they were

''And this friend, wouldn't happen to be a girl would it?''

''Ah,'' Sonny didn't know what to say. His mother had never really
liked the girls he
had dated and she had hated Julia. She always told him that he
do better.

''It's alright, hijo. I can tell. But she is more than a friend
she? You are in love
with this girl aren't you?''

Sonny was shocked. Was he that transparent? What would his mother
if she
knew he had made love to Brenda?

''No. Mom, I am not in love with anyone.''

''Whatever you say hijo. But I hope that this girl is everything
deserve. What I am
trying to say is, I hope she loves you as much as you love her.''

Sonny just looked at his mother. She got up and left the room.


It had been three days since they had found out about Brenda. Lois
and Frannie
hadn't been able to open the door from the attic. Brenda had locked
it. She had been
locked in her room and had refused to see or talk to anyone. Sonny
was becoming
extremely worried, as was Lois. Finally Sonny decided he had had
enough. He
grabbed Lois and they went to Brenda's house. They went up to her
room. They
knocked and got no answer. Sonny started to get very worried. He
started to pound
on the door. Still no answer. Finally he knocked down the door.
That's when they
saw her. She was lying on the floor, in a pool of blood. She
was awake, but wasn't moving. It looked like she had had another
in with her
father. Sonny ran over to her. ''Brenda? Sweetheart, it's alright.
am going to take
care of you.''

He picked her up, carefully. She said nothing. She was blank. She
flinch when he
touched her back, but no other response came from her.

''Lois grab some of her things. We're going to take her to my

''Sonny, are you sure that's a good idea?'' Sonny knew she was
talking about Deke.

''He's gone for a few days. Besides your place is the first place
father will look.''

Sonny held Brenda as Lois grabbed her things and they headed off to

Part 14~ by Lori

Sonny carried Brenda through the front door of his house. His
was sitting on
the couch talking to Gloria Cerullo.

''Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Lois Marie what happened?'' Gloria said
she and
Adella stood. Sonny carefully laid Brenda down on the couch.

''Michael did she get into a fight?'' Adella asked as she looked at
the unconcious girl
on her couch.

''Yeah she got into a fight alright. With her father's belt.'' Lois
said. ''Guess who

''Oh my God. Gloria go into the kitchen and get some disinfectant
some ice.''

''Lois come with me.'' Lois followed her mother. Sonny knelt next
Brenda and
brushed the hair out of her eyes.

''She'll be alright Michael.''

''I hope so.'' He took her hand and pressed it to his face.


''Hey Mark have you seen Lois or Brenda lately?'' Frannie asked her
brother as she
walked into the kitchen.

''Lois took off a minute ago with Sonny to see if they could get
Brenda to open the
door and talk to them.'' Mark looked up from the magazine he was
reading and at his
sister. ''Why? What's going on?''

Frannie sat down across from her brother. ''I think I found Nik.''

''What? Where?''

''I called in a few favors from some friends upstate and they
in a few favors
and to make a long story short I think we found Nik playing sax in
some jazz bar in

''Are you sure it's him?''

''No that's where you come in. I need a ride to Albany. What do you

''I say let's go before Ma comes home.'' Mark and Frannie headed
the kitchen


Frannie and Mark had driven all night to get to Albany. They found
the club that Nik
was supposedly working at. They walked in and saw that it was
There was
a jazz band playing, but no Nik. They waited and watched four
They had
been there for five hours. Mark was starving and Frannie was dead
tired. They
wanted to leave and were just about to.

''Frannie we've been here for ever. Can't we leave? We'll come back

''Fine, but we have to find him, Mark. We told Pops we would be
and he'll skin us if we're not.''

They got up and started to leave, when the next band came on the
crowd started to
cheer. They were the main attraction. Frannie turned to look at the
band and noticed
the sax player. It was Nik.


Lois had helped Adella and Gloria clean Brenda's back. Harlan had
reopened all the
wounds he had put there only a few days ago. Brenda had gone in and
out of
consciousness, mostly she was trying to avoid the pain. Sonny had
watched them
clean her up. He wanted to kill Harlan Barrett. Brenda was smaller
than his own
mother, and Harlan was a lot bigger than Deke. He couldn't imagine
what she felt.
Well, yes he could, but at least now he could fight back, but she
couldn't and it made
him sick.

''Hijo?'' Adella came up to her son. She had figured out that this
was the girl that he
had fallen for. She was happy. She had always liked Brenda, but
seeing her like this,
she was afraid what Sonny would do.

''Yeah? What's going on? Is she going to be OK?''

''Well, Lois is going home with Gloria. I told her we would keep
Brenda for the
night.'' Adella saw Sonny nod slightly at her words, but he wasn't
listening, he was to
busy watching Brenda sleep on the couch.

''Adella, Lois and I are going home, but call if anything happens
with Brenda. She's
sleeping right now. The poor thing probably hasn't slept in days.
eaten for that
fact. I think she needs a healthy dose of motherly love.''

''Well, Sonny and I will take care of her. She'll be safe here.''

Gloria and Lois left. Sonny didn't even notice. He was staring at
Brenda, in fact he
hadn't taken his eyes off her all night.

''Hijo, she needs rest and so do you. Go to bed, I'll sit up with

It was four in the morning when Brenda woke up. She had had a
nightmare. Well, for
her it a reality. Her dream was that of her father, beating her
repeatedly when he had
found out that she had had a boy in his home. He had somehow found
out about
Sonny and Mark coming to the house that day. She had tried to
to him that it
was only Mark and his friend looking for Lois, but Harlan hadn't
believed her. But
then again he never did. She looked around, she didn't know where
was until she
spotted Adella asleep in the chair. She was at Sonny's. She vaguely
remembered him
carrying her, but the rest was blank. She got up and realized she
only wearing a
big white T-shirt. She walked down the hall looking for his room.
finally found it.
He was lying awake in his bed staring at the ceiling. He heard a
creak in the hall and
turned to the door. He saw her standing there. Even beaten up she
beautiful to
him. They spoke no words. He held open his arms and she went to
She crawled
in bed next to him, and he held her as she cried. They both fell
asleep that night in
each other's arms. Glad to be together, but terrified of what had
brought them there.

Chap. 16~

Sonny awoke the next morning to find Brenda gone and a note in her
place. He
rubbed the sleep from his eyes and unfolded the note.

Hi You,

Woke up around seven and you were still sleeping.
I didn't think it was the best idea for your mom to
find me in your bed so I went back to the couch.
See you when you wake up and until then in my

Love you.


Sonny smiled as folded the note back up. One of these days Brenda,
silently, you're gonna be there when I wake up. He got out of bed
went into the
kitchen. His mother was making breakfast.

''Morning Mom. Is Brenda still sleeping?'' He looked at the clock.
was 10:00.

''She was until about fifteen minutes ago. Then she got a call from
Lois ordering her
to come over. She wants you to come over after you wake-up.''

''Oh OK.'' He turned to go take a shower.

''Hijo wait.'' He turned around.

''Brenda's the friend you were so worried about the other day,
she?'' She smiled
at her son.

''Yeah sorta.''

''She's a lovely girl that Brenda. So much nicer than her sister.''

''Yeah she's a lot nicer than Julia.'' Mom had really despised

''Does she make you happy? Brenda I mean.''

''Yeah she does.''

''That's all I wanted for you. You just be sure you make her happy

''I know Mom. I will.''

''Now go get dressed so you can join your friend at Gloria's and be
sure to thank
Gloria for all her help yesterday.''

''I will.'' Sonny went to get dressed.

''I can't believe you're really here.'' Brenda said into her
brother's shoulder.

''Well I am so you better start believing it.'' Nik Barrett said as
he held his sister. It
had taken some doing but Frannie and Mark had finally convinced him
to come home
for awhile. The first sight of his sister in over a year had made
glad he came. He
wanted to rip his father apart. Brenda was a small petite girl and
Harlan Barrett was
over six feet tall. They had been standing in the Cerullo's living
room hugging each
other for the last ten minutes.

''How long are you here for?'' She said pulling back to look him in
the face.

''As long as you need me.''

''Forever.'' He smiled at her. Then he looked at her closely.
Something was different
about her. It wasn't just the bruises on her face. It was her eyes.
They were happy.
She noticed his staring then. ''What?''

''I was just looking at my little sister and noticing that she
so little anymore.
When did you grow up Ren?''

''When you weren't looking Nikky.''

''Ain't that always the way?''

''I have something I need to tell you Nik.''


''Let's sit down.'' They sat on the Cerullo's couch. Brenda looked
her brother. ''I'm
in love.''

''You are? That's great. Who is it?''

''Sonny Corinthos.''

Ch.17~ Julie

Sonny got out of the shower. He got dressed and made sure he looked
great. He had
shaven and put on a new aftershave. He then went to join his mom

Adella smiled at her son. It was the happiest she had ever seen
He was whistling
and smiling. He was definitely head over heels in love with Miss
Brenda Barrett.
Adella was glad too. She really did like her, and she loved the way
Sonny had been
with her last night. He was never like that with anyone but

''Comes tu almuerzo, hijo.'' (Sorry if the Spanish is wrong, it's
been awhile)

Sonny ate his entire breakfast in two bites.

''Bye Mom, I don't know when I'll be back.'' He kissed her on the
cheek and headed
for the door.

''Tell, Brenda I said hello, and please hijo, tell her she is
to stay with us
tonight if she feels safer here. I like her very much and would
to get to know my
future daughter-in-law.''

Sonny blushed slightly. ''I'll tell her mom, well all but that last
part. Bye!!''


Nik looked at his sister. ''What the hell do you mean Sonny

Nik and Sonny had not been friends since Sonny and Julia broke up.
They had been
friends, even though Nik was two years older than Sonny, but Julia
and Sonny had
had a nasty break up and Nik sided with family. He had always
Corinthos was something of a punk kid. But there was something
him that you
just had to like. But, when it came to Ren, no way was she getting
involved with him.

''I mean that I am in love with him. What's so hard about that to
figure out?''

''Ren, he is three years older than you, and he does have a
reputation with chics.''

''Well, so do you Nikolas.''

''Yeah, but I don't want him near you. How far have you two gone?
What I mean to
say is have you been dating long?''

Brenda didn't look him in the eyes. ''Well, we haven't actually
out on an official

''And you think you're in love with him? Ren you're 14, you don't
know what love is
yet.'' Then he looked at his sister again. The reality was hitting
him like a ton of
bricks. She had really grown up, in fact she had the body and face
someone 19,
not 14. That's when he knew. ''You had sex with him didn't you

Before Brenda could answer, Sonny came through the front door. Nik
took one look
at him and punched him.

Chap 18~ Lori

''Oh my God! Nik what the hell is wrong with you?'' Brenda rushed
where Sonny
was lying. Mark, Lois, and Frannie came in from the kitchen when
heard the

''Oh Lord, what happened?'' Frannie asked Nik while Lois and Mark
knelt down
next to Sonny.

''I just found out my little sister was taken advantage of by
He said pointing to
Sonny who was now sitting up.

''He did not take advantage of me.'' Brenda said, as she stood up
face her brother.
''I took advantage of him.''

''What?'' Frannie and Nik shouted.

''What I mean is that I wanted him as much as he wanted me.''
stared down
her brother.

''Frannie, I think Sonny needs ice and I need to talk to my sister
alone so could you
guys scram?''

''Sure Nik. C'mon you guys.'' Frannie led her sister, brother, and
Sonny out of the
room. When they were gone Nik turned to his sister.

''Now Ren-''

''Don't you dare try and reason with me Nikolas. I can't believe
you're still ticked at
Sonny for what happened with him and Julia. It wasn't even his
She cheated on
him not the other way around.''

''Brenda c'mon. The guy is three years older than you and way more

''Grandpa was five years older than Gram and they got married.''

''Bren, you're my sister and I love you. I just don't want you to

''He's not gonna hurt me Nik.''

''Ren you don't know that.''

''Yes she does.'' A voice spoke up from the kitchen door. ''Your
hook's gotten
better Nik.'' Sonny walked into the living room. ''Bren, can I talk
to your brother
alone for a minute?''

''Sure. I'll be in the kitchen. Don't kill each other, okay? Gloria
would kill us if we got
blood on the carpet.''

''Sure Ren.'' Brenda smiled at her brother and walked to the
door. Before
she left the room she turned to face Sonny. Nik's back was to her
she took the
chance and mouthed to Sonny, ''I love you.'' He nodded and smiled
her. Then she
went into the kitchen and left Sonny and Nik alone to face each


Sonny looked at Nik. They were staring each other down. Finally Nik
spoke. ''Why
her? Why Ren? Are you trying to make a point to my family by
with their 14
year old daughter?''

''Nik, calm down.''

''Calm down?! What if you had a sweet, innocent, beautiful little
sister, and you found
out that she was taken advantage of by some guy that is only going
hurt her? What
would you do Corinthos?''

''Nik, I love Brenda. I didn't take advantage of her, I never
Nik, I know that
you don't believe me, but it's true. I love her.''

Sonny didn't know what else to say. He had told the truth, he did
love Brenda, more
every day.

Nik stared at him. He didn't want to admit it, but he believed
''If you hurt her,
I'll kill you. '' That was all he said.

Nik, walked into the kitchen. Everyone looked up. ''Ren, I think he
wants to see
you.'' Brenda kissed her brother on the cheek, whispered thank you,
and headed to
the living room.

''Sonny? Are you OK?''

He smiled. ''Yeah. Hey, I missed you this morning.''

''I missed you too, but I didn't think it would be a good idea for
your mom to find me
in your bed. I really want her to like me, and that didn't seem
the best way to go
about it.''

Sonny laughed. ''She's crazy about you. And so am I.''

He stood up and swallowed her in his arms. This felt right. This
all he needed.
Having her in his arms. Forever.

''I love you Brenda.'' He whispered it so softly she barely heard
him, but she did.

''I know. I love you too.''


Sonny and Brenda held each other for a long time. When they finally
pulled away,
they looked at each other and smiled.

''Sonny, I hope my brother didn't try to scare you off, he's just
really protective of

''No, Nik and I understand each other. How are you feeling?''

They sat down on the couch. ''I'm better.''

Sonny looked at her and gently brushed a hair off her face. ''Now
tell me the truth.''

''I'm scared. I don't want to go back there. I can't. He'll kill

By this time there were tears streaming down her face. It killed
Sonny to see her this
way. He knew what he had to do. He had to get her away from that
place, but how?
Where would they go? He was a senior in high school and she still
3 years left.
She was probably planning on going to college. She deserved more
what he
could give her. What he didn't realize was all she needed or wanted
was him.

''Bren, why don't you stay with me and my mom tonight?'' Before she
could answer
there was a knock on the door. Without thinking Brenda got up and
answered it.
Harlan Barrett was standing there.

''What the hell are you doing here?'' He yelled. ''I told you to
in the house. But
no, you little tramp, you had to go running to that boy! That
He said pointing
at Sonny.

By this time Sonny was standing. He was trying to control his
But he was
losing that particular battle.

''I didn't know that Sonny was going to be here. I came to see Lois
and Nik.''

''You lying little whore!!'' He slapped Brenda with all his
knocking her back
into a table. She hit her head and fell to the floor.

Sonny became unglued. He hurled himself at Harlan and they went
through the glass
of the Cerullo front door landing on the cement of the front porch.

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