Who's that Girl? by Kelly

Part 1

The story starts off on a beautiful beach in Rio.The sun is shining,the ocean
water is clear blue. Michael Corinthos Jr. stood looking at the beautiful
ocean.His boss,Joe Scully was doing business in Rio and Michael Corinthos who
everyone calls Sonny went along with Joe.Sonny at the moment was working his
way up the business.Right now he was working as one of Joe Scully's
bodyguards.Sonny stood there looking at the ocean and thought that this was
the life he wanted. One day he was going to cash out of the organization and
move down to Rio,own a casino and have the pick of any woman he wanted.That
was his dream.

Joe Scully was in a closed door meeting with a business associate,Harlan
Barrett. Harlan Barrett was a rich and powerful man.He was also very
dangerous.He had two daughters, Julia and Brenda.Julia,the oldest was his
pride and joy.His princess.Julia ran Harlan's legitmate business,Barrett
Interprises out of London.Harlan divided his time usually between London,Rio
and Port Charles.Harlan's youngest child Brenda Barrett was eighteen.She was
strong,stubborn,smart,independent,fiesty and wild.She got into trouble alot.
Joe and Harlan discussed business most of the afternoon and Joe owed Harlan a
favor. Harlan decided to cash in on the favor.His daughter Brenda was coming
to Rio for the weekend and then she was leaving Rio and heading back to Port
Charles where she lived.Harlan asked Joe if one of his men could keep an eye
on her.He did not really care if anything happened to her but he wanted to
make sure that she stayed out of trouble and did not cause him any
embarrassment.He also wanted to make sure she was on the plane to Port Charles
in two days.If Joe did this favor for him he would help Harlan would help Joe
fund a special project he was working on.Joe agreed.In fact Joe knew the
perfect man for the job.

After his meeting with Harlan, Joe asked to speak to Sonny."You wanted to see
me?" Sonny said entering the room."Yes,I did I have a job for you.It is very
important.",Joe said."I owe a business associate of mine a favor and once I do
him this favor for him he will help fund the project I told you about."Sonny
nodded and replied "ok where do I come in on all of this"."I need you to take
care of the favor for me",Joe replied."Sure boss what do I have to do?".Joe
said" my business associate Harlan Barrett has a daughter, well he has two but
his youngest daughter is on her way here right now and Harlan asked me to keep
an eye on her.You don't have to protect her or anything.Harlan really won't
care if anything happened to her..He just wants to make sure she does not
cause any trouble or embarrassment over the weekend.So what you have to do is
pick her up at the airport and keep an eye on her the whole weekend and you
have to especially make sure she is on her flight home on Sunday.Ok?". No
problem boss,Sonny replied.
The whole way to the airport Sonny kept thinking how stupid this was that he
had to babysit some girl the whole weekend.Sonny entered the airport and went
to the gate where her plane was due.The plane had already landed and the
passageners had pretty much left.Sonny did as he was instructed and went to
the desk and asked where he could find Brenda Barrett.The man behind the desk
pointed Sonny in Brenda's direction.Sonny turned and saw where the man was
pointing and headed in that direction."Brenda Barrett?",Sonny
said."Yeah,that's me",Brenda sighed as she stood and turned to face Sonny.

Sonny stood there and stared at the most beautiful thing he had ever
seen.Brenda was thin with long dark hair and dark intense eyes.Brenda stood
there and was surprised.Sonny was nothing like the guys Harlan usually sent to
pick her up and follow her around. He was younger and very hansome with his
beautiful dark eyes,black curly hair and those sexy dimples.Sonny finally
spoke "you ready to go?". "lead the way"Brenda said.

Sonny and Brenda were pretty silent the car ride to the hotel.The arrived and
went to there rooms.Harlan and Joe arranged it so that it was one big room
with two bedrooms. They did that way so Brenda could not sneak out and Sonny
could keep an eye on her. Brenda loved the ocean and she loved Rio.It was so
beautiful.But she hated being followed around and hated being given orders
from her so called father.Sonny and Brenda settled into their rooms and headed
for their seperate bedrooms.Sonny figured maybe this job would not be so bad
after all.They both fall asleep.

Sonny woke up pretty early so that he could make sure Brenda did not leave
without him if she went anywhere.Brenda woke up a short while later.Sonny was
sitting on the couch reading the paper when Brenda came out already
dressed.She headed for the door. "where do you think you are going?"Sonny
said.Brenda,who was angry and frustrated by this question,replied " I am going
downstairs to get some breakfast" and with that she left. Sonny followed her
into the hotel's restuarant.They sat down together and eat breakfast.Neither
of them saying a word.There was alot of tension at their table. They both
finished eating and were drinking coffee when Sonny said, "So Brenda how old
are you?" Brenda looked up and said "eighteen do you have a problem with
that?" Nope,"Sonny replied."So where we going today,you going to go see your
father?" "No",Brenda replied and she knew that even though Sonny was cute and
seemed nice she was going to have to find a way to ditch him.
Brenda and Sonny were walking the mall.As they walked Sonny noticed Brenda's
necklace.It was a chain with a key on it.He wondered what the key was too.
Brenda first went into a clothing store and then to a music store.She looked
at the tapes as Sonny followed her and looked at the tapes too.She knew how
she was going to ditch him.It was alittle cruel but it was the only way she
could think off at the moment.As she picked up a few tapes she slipped one
into Sonny's pocket.Brenda walked out of the store first.Sonny went to follow
but the alarm went off and the guard grabbed him.

Sonny finally had talked his way out of that situation.The whole time he kept
thinking how embarrassing it was and how he had lost Brenda and his boss was
going to kill him. He soon figured out that Brenda put the tape in his pocket
so she could ditch him. Right now all Sonny wanted to do was find Brenda so he
could kill her.

While Sonny was still at the mall explaining the tape in his pocket to the
store manager. Brenda walked the deserted beach by herself.She enjoyed the
quiteness and the time alone.She sat down on the beach.Brenda played with the
key that was on the chain around her neck.

Sonny headed to the hotel.He hoped to find her there and when he did he
planned to ring her neck.When he got to the room he found Brenda there but she
was asleep on the couch.She looked so beautiful and peaceful.The urge to ring
her neck was gone and he did not have the heart to wake her up.

The next morning Brenda woke up on the couch and she sat up.Sonny was already
awake and he came out of his room and said "that was really cute what you did
yesterday". Brenda turned and saw him "sorry bout that",Brenda replied."Hey I
bet you are but let me tell you something little girl,you are not going to
pull another stunt like that again and if you do I am going to kill you",Sonny
said."Whatever" was Brenda's only reply. Sonny ordered room service as Brenda
took a shower. Sonny came out of his room and the same time Brenda came out of
the bathroom,only wearing a towel.Sonny stared at her as she headed into her
room and closed the door behind her.Sonny knew he should not be thinking what
he was thinking right that minute.
Sonny and Brenda ate breakfast and Brenda said she had some place she had to
be. Sonny drove her.They drove into a not so good neighborhood in Rio."what
the heck are you doing in a neighborhood like this?Sonny asked."None of your
business",Brenda replied. Sonny and Brenda walked up the stairs of an
apartment building.They knocked and entered a man's apartment.One they entered
the apartment Sonny could see that the guy sold things out of his apartment
and some of the stuff he sold were illegal stuff such as guns.Brenda and the
guy talked and Brenda purchase a gun.Sonny could not believe it. He
interjected.The guy was alittle nuts and when Sonny interjected he took a gun
and started shooting the ceiling.Sonny and Brenda ducked.Just then they could
hear the cops in the hallway.Brenda hit the guy and knocked him out,pointed
her gun at Sonny and said move.Sonny and Brenda ran up the fire escape and
were on the roof."what they hell were you doing?"Sonny asked."What?"Brenda
said."What? I mean what were you doing buying a gun?"Sonny said angrily."I
have my reason"Brenda replied.Just then the cops started shooting at the roof
door.Brenda and Sonny ran and jumped two building until they were in a
different apartment building.They had successfully gotten away from the
cops.They got into the car and drove off.They both were silent for
awhile.Brenda put the ready on since they both were silent.
I've got the moves baby, you got the motion
If we got together we'd be causing a commotion
I've got the moves baby, you got the motion
If we got together we'd be causing a commotion

You met your match when you met me
I know that you will disagree it's crazy
But opposites attract you'll see
And I won't let you get away so easy

The love you save may be your own
Can't fight this feeling, aren't you tired of being alone
You won't admit it but you know it's true
It's not a secret how I feel when I stand next to you

Someday you'll see my point of view
You can't keep wishing on the stars baby
What works for me can work for you
You've got to make a compromise and maybe

Then we can keep our love alive
And when it falls we won't let it die
It doesn't matter if you win or lose
It's how you play the game so get into the groove

Causing a commotion, causing a commotion
Causing a commotion, causing a commotion
I hope you find what you're looking for
Is it mine, walk through that door
We're wasting time, make up your mind
And get into the groove

Then we can keep our love alive
And when it falls we won't let it die
It doesn't matter if you win or lose
It's how you play the game so get into the groove


Causing a commotion, causing a commotion
Causing a commotion, causing a commotion
onny could not believe what had just happend."Who are you?"is what Sonny said.
But before she could answer Sonny's cell phone rang.Sonny talked to his boss
Joe on the phone. Joe wanted Sonny to go pick up a cat and the docks and
deliver to a business associate,Antonio Tinman.Sonny said fine and had no idea
why he was picking up some stupid cat.Sonny turned to Brenda and said we have
to go make a deliver."do you think you can behave or do i have to put you in
the trunk?"Sonny said.Brenda just rolled her eyes.Sonny and Brenda argued and
bickered the whole way to the docks.

They arrived and dockworkers loaded the cat into the car.Sonny jumped when he
saw the cat.The cat was not just a cat but it was a big tiger.Sonny
reluctantly took it.He only agreed because it was in a cage.Brenda thought the
cat was very pretty and said "what's his name?" "What?"Sonny asked. "I said
what's his name". "How should I know?" "Ok can I name him?" Sonny looked at
Brenda like she was crazy."Sure whatever".Sonny and Brenda were silent for
awhile.They stopped at a fast food place to get some food.They were in the
drive thru.Brenda told Sonny what she wanted and then she said "and get some
nuggets for Murray"."ok sure...,what nuggets for Murray..who's Murray?" Sonny
said."Murray's the cat.I named him Murray and he is hungry."Sonny was about to
say something but stopped himself and just rolled his eyes.They sat parked in
the parking lot. Sonny was eating his food.Brenda was eating her own food and
feeding Murray,his nuggets throught the cage.Sonny watched her feed the cat
and finally said "so are you going to tell me what was going on back there and
why you bought a gun?

Brenda:I bought the gun for protection.
Sonny:Protection from what?
Brenda:Just in case that's all.
Sonny:that's all she says.
They were both silent for awhile.They finished eating.Joe did not give Sonny
the address to drop the cat off.So Sonny would have to drop it off
tommorrow.They headed back to the hotel.They were in the room.Brenda had taken
the chain of her neck and was holding it in her hand and playing with it.Sonny
was watching her when he spoke up.
Sonny:I've been meaning to ask you what that is?
Brenda:what's what?
Sonny:the key you wear around your neck on a chain.what's it for?
Brenda:nothing really.
Brenda wasn't really listening and it was annoying Sonny.So he grabbed the
chain.Brenda ran after him.
Brenda:give that back.
Sonny:no I don't think so.
Brenda was chasing Sonny around the room.
Brenda:If you don't give me that key back I'm going to kill you.
Sonny:not till you tell me what the key is to.
Brenda then tackled Sonny.They were wrestling on the floor.Brenda was on top
of Sonny and he was laughing non-stop because she was tickling him.They both
stopped and starred at each other for a few minutes and then Brenda got her
key and got of Sonny.They both sat up.
Sonny:so what is the key for?
Brenda:It's a key to a safety deposit box in Rio.
Sonny:oh,what's so important in the box that you wear the key around your
Brenda:I don't know what is in the box.I don't have the bank name or number.
Sonny:why not?
Brenda:because it is not my box.
Sonny:so why do you have the key.
Brenda;because the box belonged to my mother.My father is the only one who
knows the name of the bank and the box number.He thinks the key is lost.He
doesn't know I have it.
Sonny:why don't you tell him you have it.
Brenda:Look my mom died when I was a baby.Whatever is in the box is what she
left for me.If my father knew I had the key he would take the key and destroy
whatever was in the box.
Sonny:why would he do that?
Brenda:because he hates me,my mother and he thinks whatever is in the box
would incriminate him.
Sonny:why does he hate you?
Brenda(frustrated):Look enough with the twenty questions.I came to Rio to get
the box number,get what is the box and leave.I bought the gun just in case
anything was to happen,tommorrow I need to go to my father's place and check
his office and files for the bank name and box number.
Sonny:tommorrow I am suppose to put you on a plane back to Port Charles.
Brenda:I am not going back until I find out what is in the box.
Sonny:you are going to give me trouble aren't you?
Brenda:hell yeah.But look if you help me tommorrow I will be on the plane and
your life will go back to the happy existence it was before you met me.Ok?
They both went to bed.The next morning both of them were up early.Sonny called
Joe and got the address to drop the cat off.Sonny and Brenda ate breakfast and
exactly had a nice conversation.After breakfast they argued what to do
first.Drop Murray off or take care of the saftey deposit box.Since Harlan's
house was closer and they knew Harlan would not be home for the next two
hours.They went there first.Brenda knew that they could not just walk through
the front doors because her father's employees know Harlan would not allow
anyone,even his daughter in the house while he was gone.

"Alright if we can not walk through the front door how are we going to get
in?",Sonny asked and he got his answer when he saw Brenda climb the gate and
jump over. Once they got inside,they made their way to Harlan's office.They
both looked around his office. They went through his file cabinet but found
nothing.They started to go through his computer files when something caught
his eye.It was a picture of Julia Barrett on Harlan's desk.He then remembered
Joe telling him how Julia was Harlan's princess.Sonny picked up the picture
and turned it over.He opened the frame and between the picture of Julia and
the back of the frame was a piece of paper.Sonny opened it and a bank name and
a box number was written on the paper.They then heard foot steps.Sonny said
"let's go". "We haven't found it yet",Brenda replied."I got it let's go
someone's coming".And with that they hurried out of the house.

Once out of the house they got in the car.Sonny noticed that Murray was gone.
Sonny:where is the cat?
Brenda:I let him out.
Sonny:you let him out?
Brenda:yeah he had to go and when you got go you gotta go.
Sonny:great now how I am going to explain this to Joe.
Brenda:calm down.
Sonny:calm down...I am..(before Sonny could continue his sentence Brenda
Just then Murray came running up and went back in his cage.Sonny was stunned.
Sonny:how did you do that.
Brenda:I have my methods.
They drove off.Sonny looked at his watch.They did not have enough time to drop
the cat off,go to the bank and go back to the hotel pack Brenda's stuff and
catch her plan.When Sonny said that out loud,Brenda said "why don't you drop
me off at the bank,go drop Murray off and then pick me up back at the
bank.Banks are usually busy and I'll be ready when you get out.Sonny thought
this over for awhile and then said Ok.

Sonny dropped Brenda off at the bank and he head to Antonio Tinman's
house.When Sonny got there he realized he had a problem getting Murray into
the house.So he opened Murray's cage but Murray did not come out.Sonny was
running out of options and time when he remembered Brenda.

He sped over to the bank,when he got inside Brenda had just finished getting
an envelope out of the box.She hadn't opened it yet.Brenda saw Sonny.
Sonny(out of breathe):yeah I need a favor.
They got in the car and drove back over to the Tinman's house.They parked the
car and got out.Brenda then opened Murray's cage and whistled.Murray got out
of the cage and followed Brenda.
Sonny:how do you do that?
Brenda:I told you I have my ways.
Sonny laughed.They walked up to the house and knocked.A butler let them
in.They entered into the livingroom and in the living room was Joe Scully and
Antonio Tinman.
Joe:yeah Sonny.
Sonny:yeah Joe.
Joe:what took you so long?
Sonny was thinking what to say when Brenda said"that was my fault sorry,I want
shopping for clothes and well you know women and clothes. Joe laughed.
Joe:yeah,I know.Aren't you suppose to be going back to Port Charles today?
Brenda:yes,I have alittle time before my plane leaves.
Sonny was impressed by the way Brenda had handled Joe. Brenda played with
Murray and was saying goodbye to Murray while Joe and Sonny talked.
Joe:she is certainly beautiful(he said this while looking over at Brenda)>
Sonny:yes she is(he too was staring at Brenda)
Joe:she give you any problems.
Sonny(paused for a moment):no
Joe:good after you drop her off and I have another job for you,so met me a my
Sonny and Brenda then left and headed back to the hotel.Sonny was standing on
the balcony staring at the ocean There was music coming from the beach. Brenda
was packing.Sonny came back inside.
Sonny:so are you ready.?
Sonny:so what was in the safety deposit box.
Brenda:I don't know I haven't opened it yet.Guess I'll safe it for the plane
Sonny:yeah good idea.good luck with it.
Brenda:thanks for your help.
Sonny:no problem
Brenda:sorry about the shop lifting thing at the mall.
Sonny(laughing):that's ok it was rather interesting.

They both stared at each other for the longest time.Sonny finally stepped
closer and he leaned in and kissed her.He broke away and looked at her.They
could hear the song playing from the beach.He then put his hands on her face
kissed her again.She kissed back and put her arms around his waist.They
continued to kiss as Sonny moved them over to the bed and they preceeded to
make love to the music coming from the beach.

The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath
Emeralds from mountains thrust toward the sky
Never revealing their depth
Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated
I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above

I'll be your crying shoulder
I'll be love suicide
I'll be better when I'm older
I'll be the greatest fan of your life

Rain falls angry on the tin roof
As we lie awake in my bed
You're my survival, you're my living proof
My love is alive not dead
Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache, that hang from above

Repeat Chorus

I've been dropped out, burned up, fought my way back from the dead
Tuned in, turned on, Remembered the things that you said

Repeat Chorus
Sonny and Brenda were in bed under the covers.They both stared at the ceiling
neither of them saying a word.They both did not know what to say now but
Brenda had a plane to catch so she got up out of the bed and put her clothes
back on.Sonny then got up to and got dressed.After they had gotten dressed
they got into Sonny's car and drove off.They headed towards the airport.They
both remained quiet during the drive.

They arrived at the airport and walked to Brenda's gate.The announcer came on
the speaker saying that Brenda's plane was now boarding.Brenda started to head
towards the gate but turned back for a moment
Brenda:thanks again for your help.
Sonny:no problem I had fun.
Brenda:me too,while I gotta go see ya
Sonny:see ya
Brenda headed towards the plane and Sonny started walking away.When Brenda
turned around and said "yeah Sonny".Sonny turned around and Brenda continued
"I know I am kinda crazy and wild and all but thanks for a very interesting
last day in Rio(Brenda said with her one eye brow raised)."Brenda then turned
and left disappearing inside the plane. Sonny smiled and laughed.He watched
her plane leave and then he walked towards his car and left.

Sonny arrived at his boss's hotel room.
Joe:Yeah Sonny
Sonny:yeah Joe.
Joe:Did Miss Barrett get on her flight back home this afternoon.
Sonny(with a far away look on his face):Yeah she did.
Joe:good,good.Now we can get back to business.
Sonny listened to Joe and got his next assignment.

Brenda arrived back in Port Charles and when she got home.She went up into her
bedroom and fall asleep.After sleeping awhile she got up,got a shower and
something to eat.She then sat on her bed and opened the package from her mom's
safety deposit box. Inside were some old photographs of Brenda's
grandparents,her mother and herself. Also inside the package were letters her
mom had written to her,a gold locket and some money Veronica had safed for
Brenda.Brenda sat and read the letters and after reading them she put the
locket around her neck and led on the bed holding a pillow and the letters.
It had been a few weeks since Brenda had left Rio.Sonny had finished his
assignment for Joe and was walking.He walked past the mall,Harlan Barrett's
house and ended up at the beach.As he walked the beach his mind was a million
miles away.He was thinking about Brenda.

Should have left you standing right where you stood
Should have let you go, should have had the sense to know
Like a train you'd come, and I'd lose my place
Now I'm on this trip, I took a fall from grace


Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
>From the look of love, from the eyes of pride
Nowhere to go, no place to run
>From the look of love, now I've come undone

I've had a map laid out from the day I was born
But the roads are blocked, and the paper is worn
And all the books I've read, and the things I know
Never taught me to laugh, never taught to let go


My conscience is clear I know right from wrong
That's a lie I know nothing except that you're gone
But there's more to learn from the look in your eyes
That trip round this world, the stars in the sky

Now all the books I've read, and the things I know
Never taught me to live, never taught me to let go


After walking the beach for several hours Sonny headed back to his hotel room
and went to sleep.Dreaming about Brenda.
Several more weeks had past.Sonny still thought about Brenda alot and she too
was thinking about Sonny.Brenda had graduated high school and moved out and
bought a place of her own with the money she had.She started saving money too
and got a job modeling for Lucy Coe's company Deception and started a record
company with her best friend Lois.Sonny had moved up in the business.He no
longer worked for Joe.He had his own territory and did a good business.Harlan
Barrett was killed in a suspcious car accident but the police ruled it just an
accident.Julia Barrett continued working in London and talked to her sister
occassionally. While doing business in Albany Sonny met Luke Spencer.The two
became instant friends.Eventually Luke wanted to open up a blues club in his
hometown Port Charles and Sonny offered to back him because they were friends
and because some of the territory he owns is in Port Charles.

Luke's club opened and it did great business.Sonny hung out there and in Port
Charles alot and might some nice people.He was in and out of Port Charles
alot.When he was in Port Charles he thought about looking Brenda up but he was
not sure if she still lived there or if it was a good idea.While he in Albany
waiting for a business associate Sonny flipped through a magazine and inside
the magazine he saw an ad for Deception perfume and was surprised when the
face of deception model was Brenda.He stared at the picture for awhile when
his business associate showed.


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