When We Meet Again by Corinna


This fan fiction takes place a year after Sonny left
Brenda at the alter. After he left Brenda, he had
nothing so he went back to the organization. Brenda is
still in Port Charles, living in her cottage. She
always think about the past. Jax is still there for
her, being a good friend. At one point he asked her if
they could ever be more than friends again, but Brenda
wanted to concentrate on other things now rather than
another relationship.

Her past year...

Brenda's past year has been filled with lots of ups and
downs. When she finally was fully recovered from her
breakdown, she found out she was pregnant. That was
when she knew she had to be in control of her life, for
her and Sonny's baby sake. Through counseling seeions
with Kevin she has come to realize she can't deny her
love for Sonny and will never be able to forget about
that once in a life time love. Jax had asked Brenda
to marry him and raise her baby as their own. Brenda
had refused, she wanted her baby to know who her real
father was, the one mand she loved with her whole
heart. A month ago Brenda gave birth to a baby girl
which she named Adella Veronica Corinthos. She debated
whether to use Barrett or Corinthos. She finally chose
Corinthos because it felt right since her daughter may
never know who her father was she would always have
something of his, his name.

And now is where the story begins...

Brenda: Hey Lo, how are you? I haven't heard from you
in a long time.

Lois: Everything is great, Brooke is getting bigger
everyday and as you know L&B is getting richer day by
day. How's my little god daughter?

Brenda: She's perfect! Each day she looks more and
more like Sonny, she has his eyes and his dimples.

Lois: Why wouldn't she be perfect with such good
looking parents.

Brenda: So are you coming to visit us anytime soon?

Lois: I don't know, it will be kinda weird now that
Alexis, I mean Natasha is married to Ned.

Brenda: I understand, I don't know what I would do if
I knew Sonny was married to another women and I
expecting a baby soon.

Lois: Hey, lets talk about something more up! Do you
have any plans for Christmas?

Brenda: Addi (short for Adella) and I are going to spend
Christmas with her grandpa and Mary.

Lois: So is Joe gonna be there?

Brenda: Yes, but he is just a friend, we both felt
loney, I lost Sonny and Karen went to Canada on that
incredible job offer.

Lois: Oh, I have to go now, I have to pick up Brooke
from school.

Brenda: Okay, talk to ya later! Give Brooke a kiss
for me.

Lois: Will do, you do the same for me, give Addi a
big kiss for me!

Brenda: I will bye!

They hang up and Brenda goes and checks on a sleeping
Addi. Meanwhile at the Port Charles Hotel, Sonny is
checking in.

Clerk: Mr. Corinthos, you wnated a honeymoon suite for
you and your new bride, right?

Sonny: Yes

Clerk: How long will you be staying with us sir?

Sonny: We're not sure yet, maybe a month or two.

Clerk: Okay, here are your keys (hands Sonny the keys)
and the bell hop will take your bags to your room, I
hope you and your wife will enjoy your stay here.

Sonny: Thanks.

Sonny walks over to the lobby couchs where his tired
wife sat waiting for him.

Sonny: Our suite is ready sweetheart.

Karen: Thank goodness, I just want to take a hot
shower and get some sleep.

Sonny: But that's not what newly weds do.

Karen: Sonny! Don't be so loud!

Sonny: Come on, lets go to our room so we can continue
with our honeymoon.

They head up to their suite. They made love all
through the night. Loving each other, learning more
about each other. The next morning they decide to have
lunch at the Grille, little did they know, Sonny was
gonna come face to face with his past.

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