We Only Have One Life by Donald

Sonny Brenda called from the stairs
Yes my darling
How is Kendall
She's fine sweetheart
Ok well this is he first night we' ve had out since she was born
She will be fine
She's with Liz and Jason with their daughter Jake
Right Liz and Jason
Come on we will all be ok

Brenda and Sonny arive late but it's nothing every one is fine
Luke and Laura Mike Sonny and Brenda go outside for some air and then Piercing
noises louder than loud Luke's was gone everything in it not a soul spared

Brenda is crying uncontrollebly
Sonny why why
Sweetheart it' s ok
Well their goes my club and everything else including most of my friends
We' ve gotta go
Luke pick up Lucky and LuLu I'll call Jason he'll get Jake and bring us Kendall we
have to leave P.C Laura Brenda go home call Liz tell them to pack as much as possibel you too.
Sonny what do we need
get all our suit cases um um pack every thing get as much monry as possible
Their on the run what next??
Next time they all leave how do the 3 families get along
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