"True Love Never Dies" By Marissa

-Brenda Barrett has been "dead" for four years when she was driven off a cliff by her mother. I don't think I have to give any other history, because anybody who's reading this is a Sonny & Brenda fan and knows the rest. Carly has just told Sonny that he is the father of Alexis Davis's baby. Carly previously lied to him about it. He's furious with her considering she's also lied about many other things. Skye and Jax have just gotten married a few days ago and are in wedded bliss. Brenda heard Alcazar talking to someone about eliminating Mr. Corinthos & Mr. Jax. She decides to try to escape to warn them and so she can see them again, because she *thinks* she still loves both of them. At this point, Carly just told Sonny and he stormed out of the PH. He goes to the docks and has flashbacks of his happy times with Brenda. Also, Jax is at home with Skye. They're writing wedding thank-yous.

*CHAPTER ONE*: Trouble in Paradise For Sonny & Carly

SONNY: What's happening to me..why is Carly doing this..why does she have to lie to me about everything? (Just then, Carly walks in)

CARLY: Because she loves you.

SONNY: (Turns around) Carly...

CARLY: Sonny, please tell me you've cooled off.

SONNY: I can't do this right now.

CARLY: I'll take that as a no.

SONNY: (Glares at her) Everytime...every single time I trust you, I find out you've lied to me. I can't do this anymore, Carly.

CARLY: But you love me.

SONNY: Yeah...yeah, I do. That's the hard part.

CARLY: Love is enough, Sonny.

SONNY: No, it's not.

CARLY: Don't be so stubborn.


CARLY: Fine...fine, I'll leave you alone. (Leaves while crying..Sonny puts his head in his hands)

(Carly goes back to the PH and just cries. She's talking to herself)

CARLY: Why does this always happen..why do I always have to do this? No..wait..why does SONNY have to do this?! I told him the truth! What more does he want from me?? If I had a good mind, I'd leave him. But I can't. I just love him too much. And I know he loves me, too. Right? (Sonny walks in)

SONNY: Who were you talking to?

CARLY: Myself...Sonny, please don't do this. ALEXIS lied!

SONNY: Yeah..you're right. (she smiles) But so did you!

CARLY: (shakes her head in disbelief) Sonny...

SONNY: What? (she doesn't answer...out of nowhere, Sonny starts unbuttoning her shirt & they make love.) (After...Carly touches his face; he wakes up)

CARLY: Hey, baby. (smiles)

SONNY: (Without saying a word, he gets up & gets dressed)

CARLY: Sonny, are you okay?

SONNY: Yeah, I'm fine.

CARLY: Are you sure? (Grins) Cuz you know I can fix it..(tries to touch him..he pushes he hand away..she looks angrily surprised) What was that for?

SONNY: It's over, Carly.

C: What do you mean it's over? We just made love, Sonny!

S: I know that...it was to say goodbye.

C: OMG...I can't believe what I am hearing..

S: Well, believe it. (Carly slaps him; he glares at him...she takes a shower. When she comes out, her packed suitcases are on the bed)

C: What...what did you do?

S: I packed your bags.

C: (crying) You bastard! How could you do this to me?!

S: How could I do this to YOU??? After what you pulled, you have the nerve to say that?!

C: I apologized! What more do you want from me, Sonny!

S: I want you to go. I mean it, Carly, I'm fooling around here. It's over. (Carly shakes her head crying & storms out; Sonny thinks of all the times he betrayed him and can't believe how long he's stayed with her. He talks to himself)

S: OMG...What the hell have I been doing? (C walks in)

C: I forgot something. (S grabs her arm.)

S: We have to talk.

C: Fine.

S: Look..I'm sorry for being cruel. But it really hurts me, Carly. You're not the woman I married. You're a different person now. It's like all you wanna do is lie and hurt people.

C: Wha..what are you trying to say?

S: You're not the woman I love anymore, Carly. I'm sorry. I don't love you anymore.

C: (cries really hard) And I'M the one who likes to hurt people?? I can't believe I am hearing this from the man I married..the man I love! You're right, Sonny: it IS over! (leaves)

*CHAPTER TWO*: Sonny & Jax See Brenda

-Brenda is pacing in her room in the yacht. She starts talking to herself.

BRENDA: Okay, I have to find a way to get out of this hell-hole. I need to warn Sonny & Jax. But how...? (She hears a man outside her room; it's her 28-year-old doctor; he walks in)

DOCTOR: Hello, Brenda.

B: Hey, there. (sits with a smile on her face)

D: Why are you so happy today?

B: Come here, Doc. (he does..she starts to kiss him. She runs out of the room really fast and leaves the yacht. There's a man following her, but she gets on another boat and rides away. He loses her. She goes to the nearest payphone and dials Sonny's #. He picks up.)

S: Hello?

B: (disguises her voice) Sonny?

S: Who's this?

B: Alcazar's trying to kill you.

S: What??

B: You heard me.

S: Who is this?!

B: I can tell you more...meet me at the docks in 15 minutes. (B hangs up)

S: Hello?! (hangs up) Damnit! (S calls Jason & tells him what happened..then he leaves for the docks) -S gets there...he hears footsteps & turns around and doesn't see anyone. He turns back around and sees Brenda. He's in shock. Just then, Jax walks in and sees S & he wonders what he's looking at. He sees Brenda, too. B sees Jax and S next to each other & runs away; she's too overwhelmed.

S: BRENDA!!! (runs after her; J follows)

S: Look what you did, Jax! You always have to screw everything up! If you hadn't showed up, she wouldn't have ran!

J: Shut up, Sonny! Maybe she didn't want to see you?

S: Oh really, Candy Boy? Is that why she called me to see me? Wait a min...how does she...Alcazar...

J: What?

S: Nevermind! (J leaves)

S to himself: That's alright...Brenda will come to me. (S goes home) -Sonny sits down, trying to figure out how B's still alive. Just then, there's a knock at the door. He answers it. It's Brenda.

S: Brenda.

B: Hi...Can I come in?

S: Yeah, of course. (she walks in)

S: What the hell happened?

B: Oh..right..I've been held captive for the past 4 years by Luis Alcazar. I came to tell you that he's trying to kill you...and Jax.

S: Are you sure that's all you came to tell me? (He starts to kiss her...passionately...they start to unbutton each other's shirts when the bell rings..when he opens it, Jax sees lipstick all over S's lips and face and sees that his shirt is half-buttoned. He sees Brenda's lipstick is smeared and she's buttoning her shirt back up.)

JAX: Well..(walks in) Hello, Brenda. Nice to see you. So, what have you been doing for the fast few years? Faking your death? Lying?

B: No, Jax, it's not like that. I was kidnapped.

J: Yeah, I'm sure...just like I'm sure that you & Sonny weren't just gonna have sex right now if I hadn't shown up.

B: Jax- -

J: No need to explain, Brenda. I'll be going home to my wife now. She actually loves me and doesn't lie to me. Goodbye, Brenda. (leaves; S laughs)

B: What's so funny?

S: Jax.

B: How was that funny?

S: Oh, nevermind (laughs & shakes his head)

B: (gets up) Well, I better be going now.

S: Where do you think you're going?

B: I told you what I came here to say. (S moves closer to her..he lifts her face up by her chin...he kisses her passionately again...B pulls away, but then she looks into Sonny's eyes and can't resist. She kisses him. She takes his shirt off. He takes off hers. He picks her up and brings her upstairs. They make love. They left their shirts downstairs. Carly walks in to pick up her jewelry. She sees the shirts on the floor and picks them up. She knows that one of them is Sonny's, but she doesn't recognize the other shirt. She walks up the stairs and sees Sonny & Brenda in bed together. She doesn't know she's alive, and she doesn't see who the woman is. She is shocked and hurt. She leaves without saying anything.) -The next day, Brenda wakes up. She gets dressed and goes downstairs & puts her shirt back on. She quietly leaves. Sonny wakes up and puts his arm on the other side of the bed. His eyes are still shut.

S: Brenda? (doesn't feel her next to him...he opens his eyes and sees that she's gone.) Brenda?? (he gets up and looks around) She must've left. (he thinks back to when he was with Hannah. He realizes for the first time that the only reason why he was with her was because she looked like Brenda; he never got over Brenda. He takes a shower and gets dressed...he walks downstairs & then Carly walks in & looks really mad)

S: Carly...what are you doing here?

*CHAPTER THREE*: Trouble In Paradise Becomes Disaster -After leaving the PH, Brenda goes to the Quartermaine's. She thinks that they're the only ones who will accept her no matter what. She rings the bell. Reginald answers.

REGINALD: Br...Brenda? Is that you?

B: (smiles) Hi, yeah, it's me. Can I come in?

R: Yeah. (she does) But...aren't you dead?

B: Not anymore (laughs). I'll tell you about it later. Is anybody home?

R: Okay...um, yeah, Edward & Lily. They're in the living room.

B: Okay, thanks. (she walks in...E & L look up)

EDWARD: OMG...Brenda??

LILA: Brenda? Is that really you, sweeheart?

B: (smiles & hugs them) Yeah, it's me.

E: But...what happened? (she tells them)

E: Well I'll have your old room be made up for you right away.

B: Oh, you don't have to do that.

E: I insist.

B: (smiles) Okay then. (he has it made up; B & L talk...then B takes a shower & puts new clothes on...she leaves & goes to see Jax)

-At the PH...

CARLY: I came to pick up a few things, if that's alright, Mr. Corinthos.

SONNY: That's fine. (she starts to go upstairs) Carly? Wait.

C: What?

S: I wanna talk to you.

C: Oh?

S: Yeah...come here. (she does) I have something for you to sign.

C: What?

S: Divorce papers.

C: Excuse me??

S: You heard me, Carly, please don't make this harder than it has to be.

C: Newsflash, Sonny! YOU'VE made it harder! Do you think that finding you in bed with another woman would make it easier?!

S: You...what? You were here last night??

C: Yeah...so, tell me, Sonny, who was the lucky woman?

S: You better sit down for this one. (looks worried...she sits...he tells her)


S: Yeah. I'm sorry you found us.

C: Not as sorry as I am. (there's half a minute of silence)

S: Please sign the papers, Carly.

C: Why? So you can spend the rest of your life with Brenda?

S: I didn't say that...JUST SIGN THEM! (She doesn't; while crying...she gets her things & leaves) -Brenda rings the bell at Jax's house. Skye answers.

SKYE: Can I help you?

BRENDA: Yes, is Jax home?

S: Who wants to know?

B: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Brenda. (S doesn't realize it's Brenda Barrett.)

S: Okay, come in. (she does) Jax! There's a Brenda here to see you! (J walks out)

J: Thank you, Skye, but I don't know a Brenda. (S realizes how it is)

S: OMG...Brenda Barrett...what the hell happened to you?!

B: (tells she & Jax) I'm sorry, I know it's a shock.

S: That's an understatement. I'll be in the bedroom, Jax. (goes)

J: What do you want?

B: To explain. And I did. About Sonny...I don't know why that happened. He's married to Carly Benson, right?

J: Not for long. (shows her the paper..it says they're divorcing)

B: OMG...I didn't know that.J: You slept with him, didn't you?

B: That's none of your business.

J: I'll take that as a yes.

B: Why do you care, anyway? You have a wife. Concentrate on her. Goodbye, Jax. You can't say I didn't try. (she leaves; S comes out)

S: What was that all about?

J: Nothing. (goes in other room) -At the PH, Sonny thinks about divorcing Carly and making love to Brenda. He wonders what will happen between he & Brenda. He knows he's still in love with her. He never stopped. Then he thinks about Carly and what they had together. He doesn't understand how she could betray him so many times.

SONNY: I still love Carly...But am I IN love with her? (he picks up the phone & dials her number)

CARLY: Hel (sniff) lo?

S: Carly? It's me.

C: What do you want?

S: To talk to you...Can you come over?

*CHAPTER FOUR*: Sonny, Brenda, & Jax Admit Their True Feelings

-Carly & Sonny have hung up...Carly's on her way to the PH. The bell rings. Sonny answers it.



S: Come in. (she does)

C: What did you want to talk to me about?

S: I want to apologize, Carly. I'm sorry for blowing up...but I did have a right.

C: What, am I supposed to say I'll take you back now? (S doesn't answer)

C: You're still in love with her, Sonny, aren't you? (doesn't answer) AREN'T YOU!

S: Yes! You satisfied now?!

C: Well, I can't say I'm surprised...after finding you sleeping with her, it doesn't take Einstein to figure that one out. (Wipes a tear) I guess I was just hoping you were using her and thought it was a mistake. Guess not...And as for your apology, I will NEVER accept it.

S: Carly... (she leaves...15 minutes later, the bell rings; S opens the door. It's Brenda)


S: Hey. Come in. (she does)

B: Sonny, what happened last night? I mean...what's going on between us?

S: Well, I don't know, Brenda. What...what do you want?

B: I...I...so, how's your wife?

S: (confused) What?

B: It's Carly, right?

S: Ri..right.

B: Does she know that we...?

S: Yeah.

B: Oh...how did she find out?

S: She saw us together.

B: Oh my gosh, that's terrible. I guess it really was a mistake.

S: Is that how you really feel, Brenda?

B: Is that how YOU feel?

S: No.

B: Me either...but it wasn't right to do that to your wife, Sonny.

S: Listen, you don't know the half of Carly...she's a lying, deceitful betrayer who I don't want in my life.

B: OMG, what did she do?

S: If I told you all of it, we'd be here for the rest of our lives.

B: Oh..okay...do you love her?

S: I love Carly, but I'm not in with her. There's a difference. I don't want to be her husband.

B: Are you sure about that, Sonny? (S doesn't say anything; he walks up to her and kisses her for a long time)

S: Does that answer your question? (smiles)

B: (smiles) Yeah (laughs)

S: What about Jax?

B: What about him?

S: Do you still want him, Brenda?

B: No. I want you, Sonny. You're all I've ever wanted. Don't you know that? (he touches her face)

S: I've always known, deep down. Brenda, no matter what I do, I can't fall out of love with you. And I'm glad...because I don't want to. (She smiles)

B: Tell me...(touches his face) Tell me you love me.

S: I love you. I love you with my whole heart, soul, mind, and body. You are my soul, Brenda. I'm incomplete without you. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. I've never wanted any other woman as much as I want you at this very moment.

B: Come here. (He leans in; their heads touch. They kiss passionately. He picks her up, and while still kissing her, brings her upstairs. They make love. Later, while they're still in his bed, Jax comes to the PH to talk to Sonny. He lets himself in and when he sees nobody, he goes up the stairs, looks in Sonny's room and sees Brenda & Sonny in bed together. Although he thought they already slept together, he wasn't sure. When he sees them, it's like a knife through his heart. He leaves and goes home to Skye.)

-Jax walks in the lake house.

JAX: Skye! Are you home?

SKYE: (walks in) Here I am (smiling...kisses & hugs him)

J: Hey.

S: What's wrong?

J: Isn't it obvious? Being away from you is torture. (He knows he still has feelings for Brenda)

S: Aww, same here. (To try to get his mind off Brenda, he makes love to Skye. Afterwards, he gets up and makes some coffee for he & Skye. She walks in.)

S: Hi.

J: (looks up & smiles) Hi.

S: Jax, can I ask you something?

J: Yeah, sure.

S: Do you...do you still have feelings for Brenda?

-Carly decides that she should've accepted Sonny's apology and thinks that he only said that about Brenda to make her jealous, so she goes to the PH. When she rings the doorbell, Sonny answers it wearing a robe.

SONNY: Carly...What are you doing here?

CARLY: (Tears fall down her face) Why, Sonny? Why wasn't I good enough for you? Why do you constantly hurt me? Every time I think we belong together, you prove me wrong.

S: Wha..what are you talking about? (Carly walks in & sees Brenda)

C: So, Brenda, having fun with my husband? I hope so, because it won't last for long.

S: Don't talk to her like that, Carly.

C: I'll say whatever I want to to that homewrecker! (Carly slaps her)


C: That's just fine with me! (Leaves...Sonny walks up to Brenda)

S: Are you okay? Let me get you some ice.

B: No, I'm fine, Sonny. Really. Just hold me. That always makes me feel better. (He does)

-Skye just asked Jax if he still has feelings for Brenda.

JAX: What?

SKYE: I asked you if you still have feelings for Brenda.

J: How could you ask me that, Skye?

S: Because I want to know, Jax. Tell me.

J: I can't believe I am hearing this.

S: Neither can I! You're scaring me, Jax. A simple yes or no will do!

J: No, of course not! I love you, Skye! That's why I married you.

S: But you didn't know Brenda was alive then. Would that have made a difference?

J: Of course not. I would've married you no matter what. (Smiles & takes her hands) I am so in love with you, Mrs. Jax. (In his mind he knows that he's in love with 2 women: Skye & Brenda.)

*CHAPTER FIVE*: Brenda Makes a Sacrifice

-Carly goes home and realizes she's still in love with Sonny. So, she goes over to the docks to think, and sees that Brenda's there.

CARLY: Brenda?

BRENDA: What do you want?

C: Look, I'm sorry for slapping you.

B: Just tell me what you want, Carly.

C: Fine. Look, I know you don't really want Sonny- -

B: Where did you get that idea?

C: Oh, come on, Brenda. Please walk away. He doesn't want to admit it right now, but he still wants to be my husband.

B: Why would I want to help you in any way? Besides, I do want Sonny. His exact words were,"I don't want to be Carly's husband," and "I've never wanted any other woman as much as I want you, Brenda." He also told me other things that mean a lot to he & I that you will never know.

C: Fine, Brenda, fine, but you're ruining my son's life, too! Ever thought about that? No, of course not, you're too self-absorbed to think about somebody else.

B: ME?? I only think about myself?? No, Carly, that's YOU! As far as your son goes, please stop using him. That's all you ever do: use your children to get men. You bring new meaning to the word desperate. (Walks away; Carly glares at her.)

-Brenda goes home. She sits on her bed and thinks about herself, Sonny, Carly, Michael, Jax, and Skye. She thinks about everything that has been happening in her life: coming back to PC, seeing Sonny & Jax again for the first time, making love to Sonny twice, Sonny declaring his love for her, Sonny talking about Carly, Jax being hurt and upset, Skye being confused and surprised, and Carly pleading to her. She talks to herself out loud.

BRENDA: Maybe Carly's right. Maybe I am being selfish. It's so obvious that she's using Michael, but she still has a point. I don't want to be the reason why his parents break up. If they do, it should be something that's between them: that doesn't have anything to do with me. I love Sonny so much. I love him with all my heart. But I can't do this to his family. He should try and work things out with Carly. This'll hurt like hell, but I have to do it. It's best for everyone involved. (She gets up and sits down at her desk. She takes her stationery and a pen out. She writes a letter to Sonny:

Dear Sonny,

Hi, sweetie. I need to talk to you. I can't do it in person because you get to me too much and will most likely end up persuading me into doing what I shouldn't. Look, baby, I love you so much. More than you'll ever know. I'll love you for eternity. But we can't be together. I won't be able to live with myself knowing that you family broke up because of me. I know you said that things were bad with Carly before you even knew I was alive, but I think about your son, Michael, and I can't ruin his family. I know the fact that I still want you is selfish, but I can't help it. What you do to me...it's unbelievable, indescribable, and nothing short of amazing. You have to know that this decision is incredibly hard for me and I can't tell you how much it already aches so, so much inside me. My heart is already broken, my soul already incomplete, and my life already empty. I know what I just said can't make it any easier on you, but I need you to know my feelings. But we will always be connected no matter what happens, Sonny, because we are as one.

I'll let you go now to continue your life with Carly, but there's just one more thing I have to say: When the world gets cold, and you feel alone and hurt, just remember my love. Wrap yourself around it and let it comfort you. You can always count on it for eternity, Sonny, because my love for you is boundless, endless, and most of all, it's forever. I will love you till the day I leave this Earth. Even after I die, you will still be with me because you are a part of my soul, and my soul will never leave me. Please never forget me, Sonny, because I will never forget you. Goodbye, my love.


(She folds the letter, puts it in an envelope, addresses it, puts a stamp on it, puts it in her mailbox, and goes back inside. She goes to bed early and cries herself to sleep.)

-It's a new day and Sonny gets his mail. He opens the letter and reads it. He is stunned and hurt. He tears it up and throws it away. Just then, the doorbell rings. He answers it; it's Carly. She can see he's upset.

CARLY: What's wrong, Sonny?

SONNY: Nothing.

C: Don't lie to me. (She walks in)

S: Fine.

C: What is it? (He kisses her; he brings her upstairs. They make love.)

-At the lake house, Jax is making dinner for Skye because he feels guilty about still having feelings for Brenda. Skye gets home.

JAX: There you are! (Smiles & hugs her)

SKYE: That's what I call a welcome. (They both laugh) What smells so good?

J: Oh, nothing...just a little something I've cooked up for us.

S: Aww, you didn't have to do that, honey. But I'm glad you did.

J: (Smiles) Okay, let's eat.

S: Okay. (They sit & start eating)

J: How is it?

S: Mmm..It's wonderful.

J: Glad you like it. I was afraid about how it would turn out.

S: Well (touches his chin) it's amazing...just like you. (He smiles)

J: Come here, you. (He kisses her..they finish eating. He kisses her and they make love.)

-Sonny & Carly made love. They wake up.

CARLY: (Grins) Hey, there.

SONNY: (Smiles) Hey.

C: So, does this mean we're back together...And that you forgive me?

S: You bet.

C: Sonny...Do you still love Brenda?

S: No...(pauses) no, of course not. I love YOU, b-(about to say Brenda)-baby.

C: (Smiles) I love you, too, Sonny. I'm so happy right now. (They hug. Sonny thinks about Brenda and the letter she sent him. He knows he cares for Carly a great deal, but he wants Brenda. He knows he'll be happy with nobody but Brenda.)

S: Well, I've got some work to do, Carly. (He gets up)

C: Okay, sweetheart. (He gets dressed and goes downstairs. He tells Carly he'll be back later and leaves.)


-Sonny goes to the docks. Brenda's there.

SONNY: Brenda?

BRENDA: Sonny...Hi. I was just leaving. (He grabs her arm)

S: Don't even.

B: Please don't make this worse than it has to be.

S: No, see, YOU made it worse! Why did you do this? Why!

B: I told you in the letter, Sonny. I can't be responsible for the breakup of your family.

S: Since when did that matter to you? (She slaps him)

B: How dare you talk to me like that? Is that the thanks I get for wanting you to be happy?

S: I told you what makes me happy: you! (He grabs her face and kisses her passionately. After a while, she pushes away.)

B: No, Sonny! No! We can't do this! (Leaves)

S: Damnit! (He goes to Kelly's. Brenda goes home.)

-Jax goes to see Brenda.

JAX: Hi. Can I come in.

BRENDA: Yeah, sure. (He does)

J: So, Brenda, have you been sleeping with any other women's husbands, or just Carly's?

B: Excuse me? (Annoyed)

J: Oh, come on, Brenda. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

B: I don't, actually.

J: Stop lying, Brenda! I saw you! I saw you in bed with Sonny!

B: What?!

J: Yeah! You heard me! I went into Sonny's PH the other night...and what did I find? My ex-fiance in bed with the man who left her at the altar-a married man, no less.

B: Look, Jax, you have NO right whatsoever to talk to me like this! Besides, it's none of your business, anyway! You have a wife, remember?

J: Yeah, well, Sonny is married to another woman, too.

B: I'm well aware of that, Jax. What happened between Sonny & I was a mistake.

J: A mistake...hmm..where have I heard that one before? Oh yeah, that was your answer last time! (She slaps him)

B: What's happening to you, Jax?! You're not the same person anymore...I can't believe I'm hearing this from you. (He leaves and she goes upstairs. She hears a knock at the door. She thinks it's Jax. She goes downstairs to open it) Jax, please go.

ALCAZAR: Did you really think that I'd just let you go like that, Brenda?

BRENDA: Luis...what..What are you doing here? (Getting scared, but trying to hide it)

ALCAZAR: What do you think, Brenda? Come on, you're a smart woman.

B: I am NOT going back to you.

A: Oh, yeah? Well, we'll see about that. (Brenda starts to back away from him)

B: What's wrong with you? I told you that I hate you! How more desperate can you be?

A: I know you weren't thinking when you said that.

B: You bet your life I was thinking-clearly!

A: Don't make this hard. Just come with me. (Holds out his hand to her; she literally pushes him away. She runs upstairs and goes to her room. She shuts & locks the door. He goes to her room.)

A: Brenda!

B: (She's crying really hard) Please...please, just go away, Luis. Just leave me alone. I need to be alone.

A: No, you need to be with me.


A: You're just upset...

B: No! I mean it! I hate you! Just go back under the rock you crawled out from! (He breaks the door down. She jumps, gasps, and screams.)

A: You just had to have it the hard way, didn't you, Brenda?

B: Please don't do this, Luis...

A: Why? Because you don't want to leave your lovers? Well, you are leaving, so accept it!

B: No! YOU need to accept that I will always hate you! I will NEVER be yours!

A: I don't think you have a choice in the matter. (She slaps him so hard)


A: Come on, we're leaving-now! (He grabs her and she screams and kicks to get away)

B: LET ME GO! LET ME GOOOO!!!!! (he throws her in his limo) Let me out right NOW!

A: Okay, you can go.

B: Really?

A: Sure, as soon as hell freezes over. (She glares at him.)

B: Where are you taking me?

A: You'll see...

-Sonny goes home. Carly rushes up to him.

CARLY: Hey, baby.

SONNY: Hey. (She looks upset) What's wrong?

C: I'm just afraid of losing you.

S: You won't, Carly. (Thinks of Brenda) Never…

*CHAPTER SEVEN*: Feelings Secretly Disclosed

-Brenda has been kidnapped by Alcazar; nobody knows yet. Sonny is with Carly and miserable. Jax is with Skye and happy, but feels guilty and confused. Alcazar has left the room that Brenda's in-in his hotel room. Brenda has her cell phone, but he doesn't know that. Once he's gone, she picks up the phone and dials.

(Carly & Sonny are hugging)

SONNY: (Picks up his cell phone) Hello?

BRENDA: Sonny?

S: Yeah?

B: Please help me; Alcazar kidnapped me!

S: Where are you?

B: The PC Hotel…I think it's #32. There aren't any phones in here, so I'm on my cell. Please hurry!

S: I will…I'm on my way.

B: Sonny?

S: Yeah?

B: Please be careful.

S: I will. Bye.

B: Bye. (Hang up)

CARLY: Who was that?

S: I gotta go.

C: Why?

S: I'll tell you later. (Kisses her on the cheek) Bye.

C: Bye…(He leaves)

-Jax and Skye are talking.

JAX: How is my beautiful wife today?

SKYE: (Smiles) Oh, she's just great. You know why?

J: Why?

S: Because she has the most amazing husband in the world.

J: (Grins) Oh, I see. Well, you know what? I think her husband is pretty happy, too. He has the sexiest, (kisses her) most beautiful, (kisses her) most understanding (kisses her), most trustworthy (kisses her), most loving (kisses her), and most caring wife in the world.

S: (Smiles) Yeah?

J: Yeah. (They kiss. He picks her up and brings her into their bedroom. They make love.)

-Sonny gets to the PC Hotel. He steals a key to the room for maintenance and he unlocks the door. He walks in. The lights are off. It looks like nobody's in there. He walks further in. Alcazar jumps on him from a corner. They get into a fight. Brenda's tied on a bed.

BRENDA: Don't you dare touch him, Luis!

A: Shut up, Brenda! (Sonny punches him while he's not looking and her knocks him out. He quickly unties Brenda. They hug.)

B: OMG, Sonny, are you okay? (His face is bruised. She touches it.)

S: Yeah…yeah, I'm fine.

B: No, you're not, you're bleeding! Let me get some ice. (He grabs her arm)

S: Don't. Let's just call the police, okay?

B: O..okay. (He calls the police and they arrest Alcazar. They go outside *in the rain* as they watch the police car drive away, bringing Alcazar to jail. Still *in the rain*…)

BRENDA: Thank you, Sonny.

SONNY: For what?

B: For saving me.

S: It's my pleasure.

B: Are you sure you're okay? (Touches his face again)

S: Yeah…but can I just take a shower?

B: Of course. (They go back in the hotel room. Sonny goes in the bathroom and turns the shower on. He walks out to get something. Brenda doesn't see him go back in; so, she goes in the bathroom to get hand lotion. She sees Sonny in the shower and they both act awkward at first. But then they both have flashbacks of when they were together a few years ago and making love then and recently. Neither of them can resist. Her clothes fall to the floor and she goes in the shower with him. They passionately make love in the shower, and they walk out still kissing. He brings her down on the bed and they make love on the bed, too, all night long.)

-The next morning, Sonny & Brenda wake up at the exact same moment. They're facing each other. They smile & kiss.

SONNY: (Grins) Hey, there.

BRENDA: (Grins) Hey. Last night was just amazing.

S: Well, that's one way of describing it. (They're still grinning)

B: (Laughs) Yeah. (He strokes her hair and they look into each other's eyes and know that that's where they belong.)

B: Sonny?

S: Yeah?

B: Where does this leave us?

S: In each other's arms. (She smiles…they hug. They share a soft kiss.) I love you, Brenda.

B: I love you, too, Sonny. (His hand goes back and forth on her arm. He kisses her shoulder. They just lay in each other's arms for a while.) I hate to ruin the moment, but what about Carly?

S: What about her?

B: What are you going to do?

S: What do you want me to do?

B: I...I don't know. I just want you.

S: Good, because I want you more than anything…Look, I don't want to hurt Carly, but I can't be away from you any longer.

B: I know, I feel the same way. But baby, what about your son?

S: Michael…I don't know. My hands are tied, but what am I supposed to do?

B: Well, it might take you a while to make up your mind, which is understandable. In the meantime, we can keep things under wraps if you want.

S: You wouldn't mind?

B: No, of course not. Anything for you.

S: You're amazing, do you know that?

B: (Laughs) That's because you make me so happy that there's no reason to be sad when I'm with you; everything's so perfect.

S: I couldn't agree more. You're a part of me, Brenda. Without you, I'm nothing. That's why you can't leave me again. I know this is going to be hard, but there's no other choice. But don't worry, we'll figure it out soon. Okay?

B: Yeah. (Looks at the clock) Wow, it's late. People are going to be wondering where we are. We should go.

S: Yeah, you're right. I'll be right back. (They get dressed. He comes back out) I'm gonna bring you home.

B: Okay. (They get in his limo. When they get to the Quartermaines' to bring her home, *it's still raining*. They get out of the limo and they look at each other will so much love in each other's eyes. Sonny touches Brenda's face. He is so in love with her at this moment. They kiss each other softly and they hold each other close.)

B: I love you, Sonny. (He smiles)

S: I love you. Never forget that, sweetheart. (She smiles, too.)

B: I promise I won't. How could I? Everytime I look at you, I see it.

S: Really? Because that's what happens to me everytime I look into your (pauses) gorgeous eyes. (They both have huge smiles on their faces.) I gotta go, baby.

B: I know. I can't wait to see you again.

S: Me, too. I'll call you as soon as I can. Okay?

B: (She nods) Okay.

S: I love you. (Kisses her)

B: I love you, too. (He leaves. She goes inside.)

-Sonny gets home. Carly comes out.

CARLY: Sonny, what happened? Why didn't you call?

SONNY: Don't worry, I'm fine. (He hugs her) I'm sorry I didn't call; I was busy.

C: Busy doing what? Sonny, why is your face bruised? What happened?

S: I got into a fight. I'm fine, though.

C: With whom?

S: Can you just please get me some ice?

C: Yeah (Gets it. She comes back with it and gives it to him.)

S: Thanks.

C: Sonny, I'm worried about you. Are you sure you're okay?

S: Yeah, I'm fine. I promise.

C: (Still looks worried) Okay. If you're sure. Can I get you something to eat?

S: Yeah, that would great, thanks.

C: Okay, I'll be back. (She kisses him. She leaves to get him some food.)

*CHAPTER EIGHT*: A Love Is Revealed, As Another Is Still A Secret

- When Carly leaves, Sonny calls Brenda.

BRENDA: Hello?

SONNY: Yeah, hi, is this the house of the sexiest woman alive?

B: (Laughs) Well, I don't know. It depends. Only if she's talking to the sexiest man alive.

S: Yeah, yup, she is. (They both laugh)

B: Oh, then this must be Sonny.

S: The one and only.

B: Oh, I see. Well it just so happens that I was thinking about you.

S: Oh yeah?

B: Yeah…wonderful thoughts.

S: I can only imagine. (They laugh.)

B: Where's Carly?

S: She went to get me something to eat.

B: Oh. (Pauses) Sonny, how long are we going to have to keep up this charade?

S: I don't know, baby. I don't know what to do.

B: You mean Michael…

S: Yeah. I don't want to hurt anyone. I'm torn.

B: Well I hope you figure it out soon.

S: You and me both.

B: Sonny, I love you. I love you so much.

S: I know, babe. I love you more than anyone or anything in the world.

B: I'll let you go now, but I want to see you tomorrow.

S: Then you will. (They smile)

B: Okay. Bye, sweetie.

S: Bye. (They hang up. Carly gets back with the food. They eat. After they eat, Carly starts to unbutton his shirt. Sonny acts like he wants to make love to her to convince her. Then he stops kissing her.)

CARLY: What's wrong?

SONNY: I don't feel too good. (Holds his head and stomach.)

C: Oh, do you want some aspirin?

S: Yeah, thank you, honey. (She brings him some. He pretends to take it; when she's not looking he throws it away.) Would you mind if I just went to sleep?

C: No, not at all.

S: Thanks. (Kisses her cheek) You're the best wife in the world. (Trying to make sure she doesn't doubt him. He goes up to bed and goes to sleep.)

- The next day, Jax rings the doorbell at the Quartermaines' to see Brenda. She opens the door and he comes in.

JAX: Look, I'm sorry for yelling at you before.

BRENDA: Okay…why did you do it?

J: Because, Brenda…I'm still in love with you.

B: Wha..What??

J: I said I'm still in love with you.

B: Bu..but what about Skye?

J: I love her, too.

B: OMG, Jax, I can't believe you just told me that.

J: Do you still love me, Brenda?

B: Of course I do, Jax. But just as a friend. Nothing more.

J: Just a friend? I see. Would your answer having anything to do with…oh, I don't know, say Sonny?

B: Sonny? Of course not. What does he have to do with anything?

J: You were in bed with him recently!

B: Yeah, well, that's over.

J: Are you sure?

B: Yes!

J: What do I do, Brenda?

B: You should concentrate on Skye because there's no chance for "us," Jax. Okay?

J: That's easier said than done.

B: I'm sorry. I'll always be here if you need me, but we can never be together. I just don't feel that way about you anymore.

J: Well at least I know where we stand.

B: Yeah. (He kisses her out of nowhere. She pulls away.) Jax! What are you doing?!

J: Kissing you one last time,

B: Don't let it happen again, okay?

J: Okay, I get the picture! (He leaves)

- At Sonny's PH, Sonny's downstairs reading the paper. Carly walks downstairs.

CARLY: Hey, baby. Are you feeling better?

SONNY: Oh, hey. Yeah, I am, thanks.

C: Listen, I have to go out for a while. I'll see you later, okay?

S: Okay. (They kiss)

C: Bye.

S: Bye. (She leaves. She goes to see Brenda.)

- Brenda hears the doorbell rings and opens the door.

CARLY: We need to talk. (She walks in.)

BRENDA: (Sighs) About what?

C: Sonny.

B: What about the jerk? (Trying to keep the charade going on)

C: He is NOT a jerk! He is MY husband he deserves to be treated with respect! Besides, it seems you certainly thought otherwise when you slept with him!

B: I've forgotten about that.

C: Yeah, of course you would, because Brenda only cares about Brenda.

B: No, Carly, that's you. (Carly glares at her.)

C: Okay, I'll get to the point. Sonny loves ME. He's married to ME. He DOESN'T want you. So just forget about him because it's over between you two. Understand, Brenda??

B: Sure, Carly.

C: You better. (She leaves. Brenda lets out a deep breath.)

- Jax gets home. Skye is there waiting for him.

SKYE: Hey, there you are…(Kisses him)

JAX: Hi.

S: Is something wrong, honey?

J: Well, there was. But then, I saw your face and everything's wonderful now.

S: Aww, you're so sweet, Jax. I love you.

J: Thanks…I love you, too, baby. Come here. (They hug. He kisses her and he makes love to her out of love and guilt.)

- Sonny's sitting on the couch, looking at a magazine with a picture of Brenda in it. When he hears Carly coming, he closes it and puts it down on the table. She walks in. When she walks in, she smiles at Sonny.

SONNY: Hey, Carly.

CARLY: Hey, sweetie. What have you been up to? (Smiles while sitting on his lap)

S: (Smiles, too) Oh, not much. Where did you go?

C: Oh, I just went to the Quartermaines'.

S: To see Lila?

C: (She gets up and pours a glass of water from the pitcher) Yeah, something like that.

S: Oh…wait a minute. Did you go there to see Brenda?

C: (Grins) Well, I might have.

S: Why? What happened?

C: Don't get upset, Sonny. There was no bloodshed. I simply told her that you're happy with me, and that she could never have you.

S: What did she say?

C: Just her usual smart remarks. I'm telling you, Sonny, it took everything in me not to strangle her right then and there.

S: You see, Carly, that's exactly why I don't want you going there and starting trouble.

C: But Sonny---

S: But nothing. Just let it go. Okay?

C: (Sighs) Okay. Whatever you say. (Sips her water)

S: Good.

C: (Pauses) Are you still sick, Sonny?

S: Yeah, (thinking she wants to continue from last night) I'm gonna go to the doctor's today.

C: Oh, do you want me to come?

S: No thanks, I'll be fine. I'll let you know how it went. (Looks at his watch) Actually, I've got to get going now. I'll see you later. (He quickly kisses her)

C: I love you.

S: I love you, too. (He leaves.)

- Jax and Skye wake up.

SKYE: Good morning. (She smiles)

JAX: Good morning, sweetheart.

S: Can I make you some breakfast?

J: No, because I am going to make YOU breakfast. Okay?

S: (Smiles) Okay. Thank you.

J: It's my pleasure. And don't you get out of that bed, either.

S: You mean breakfast in bed?

J: You got it.

S: Hmm, you're spoiling me. (They laugh.)

J: Yeah, well, there's nothing too good for you. (They hug. He has a flashback of telling Brenda his true feelings yesterday. He goes into the kitchen to make her breakfast.)

- Sonny knocks on Brenda's door. She opens it. Before she can say anything, he kisses her for a very long time.

BRENDA: Wow, that was some kiss. What was that for?

SONNY: Yeah it was (Laughs), it was because I missed you, love you, and want you more than anything.

B: Oh, I see. Well that's a valid answer.

S: (Grins) You think so?

B: (Grins) Yeah. (They kiss again. They go to her room and lock the door to make sure no one finds out about them.) So, did Carly tell you about the little visit she paid me today?

S: Yeah, she did…

B: I have to tell you, Sonny, I almost blurted the truth with all the things she was saying to me…

S: Yeah, well, that's Carly for ya.

B: But let's not talk about her anymore.

S: Okay.

B: I can think of better things. (Smiles)

S: So can I. Like about how unbelievably beautiful you are (Pauses and puts his fingers through her hair), about how amazing you are (Pauses again), about how much you turn me on whenever I look at you.

B: Yeah… (They move closer. They start passionately kissing until they hear a knock on the door. It's Edward.)

EDWARD: Brenda? (Sonny & Brenda stop kissing, they look worried that Edward will find out.) Brenda, are you in there?

B: Uh, yes, Edward?

E: It's time for lunch.

B: Oh, I'll be down later; I'm not hugry right now, thanks.

E: Brenda, are you okay?

B: Yeah, I'm fine.

E: Are you sure?

B: Yeah, I'm great. Thank you.

E: Okay…(He walks away unconvinced)

SONNY: That was a close call.

BRENDA: Yeah, it sure was. But that's not gonna make me stop. (Smiles…they go back to kissing. They make love.)

*CHAPTER NINE*: Fear Becomes Terror, As It Comes True: Revelations

- Sonny and Brenda are asleep in her bed, as Sonny's phone rings.

SONNY: Hello?

JASON: Yeah, it's me.

S: What is it?

J: We need to talk. Alcazar isn't stopping. I have a feeling there's going to be something huge coming from him. Soon.

S: Oh, when and where do you want to meet?

J: Now at your PH.

S: Okay, I'll be right there.

J: Okay. (They hang up

BRENDA: What's going on?

SONNY: I have to talk to Jason.

B: It's Luis, isn't it?

S: Yes. Don't worry, we'll take care of it. He won't take you again.

B: That's not what I'm worried about, Sonny. I'm worried about you.

S: I'll be just fine, Brenda.

B: I hope you will be. Please be careful.

S: I will. (They kiss, hug, and he leaves without anyone seeing him.)

- He gets home. Carly and Jason are there.

CARLY: Hi, honey. (She hugs him.) How did it go?

SONNY: Just fine. I just need to rest.

C: Okay. I'll go upstairs. (She does.)

JASON: I think Alcazar's planning an attack. I don't what yet, though.

SONNY: I figured that would happen. He's not going to let Brenda go without a fight.

J: Yeah. He's out for blood, Sonny.

S: Well, he's not gonna get it.

J: How do we stop him?

S: Sleep with two eyes open.

J: Should we plan an attack ourselves?

S: No, I think we should wait until he makes the first move. That way, he can go to jail for the rest of his life. Otherwise, we might get involved in the corruption, and I don't want that. I can't leave B-Carly and Michael.

J: Yeah, I agree. I'll talk to you later.

S: Okay. (Jason leaves. Carly comes downstairs.)

CARLY: What's going on, Sonny? I can tell something's wrong.

SONNY: Sit down, Carly. (She does.) It's Alcazar. He's gonna do something in the near future.

C: Like what?

S: I don't know. But I know he's out for bloodshed.

C: OMG, Sonny! How are we gonna stop him?

S: We're just going to go on with our lives as normal. He has to know we're not afraid of him. (Nods her head. They hug.) It's okay, honey.

C: Yeah…yeah, I'm sure everything will be just…just fine.

S: Yeah. In the meantime, let's go out.

C: (Smiles) Okay. Where to?

S: The PC Grill.

C: Great, I'll be right back.

S: Okay. (She goes upstairs to get dressed. He whispers the following to himself while looking at the picture of Brenda.) It's okay, my love. Everything will be fine and we'll be together with no worries soon. (He touches the picture. He closes his eyes and imagines he's holding Brenda in his arms. Then Carly comes downstairs.)

CARLY: Sonny?

SONNY: (Opens his eyes) Yeah?

C: I'm ready.

S: Okay, let's go then. (They leave.)

- They get to the PC Grill. They sit down, order, & start eating. His mind wanders to Brenda.

CARLY: Earth to Sonny…


C: Where were you just now?

S: Oh, sorry, I was just thinking about something.

C: Oh…are you alright?

S: Yeah, I'm fine.

C: Okay, Sonny, whatever you say.

S: Will this convince you? (He kisses her.)

C: (Smiles) Okay, I believe you now. (They laugh. They finish eating, and they go home.)

- When Carly and Sonny get home, Carly is tired and goes to bed. Sonny calls Brenda's cell phone.

BRENDA: Hello?

SONNY: Hey, sexy.

B: (Smiling) Hi, Sonny.

S: I miss you already. You know why?

B: Why?

S: Because I'm addicted to you.

B: Ohhh, well you know what? I'm addicted to you…but I can never go through withdrawal.

S: That's because you're in love with me. (Grinning)

B: You know what? I think you're right; that must be what it is. (Laughs)

S: (In a very sexy and low voice) You just can't resist me, right?

B: (Also in that voice) Right.

S: (He hears Carly coming downstairs) Well, I gotta go, Benny.

B: Huh?

S: Okay, Benny.

B: Oh, Carly's there?

S: You got it.

B: Okay. Bye, Sonny. I love you.

S: Me, too, Benny. Okay we'll do that then. Bye. (They hang up)

CARLY: Sonny?

SONNY: Yeah?

C: Are you going to come to bed?

S: Um, not yet. I want to stay up.

C: Well the doctor said you needed rest.

S: Oh yeah, I'll be up in a few minutes.

C: Okay. (She goes upstairs. Sonny sits there for five minutes and just thinks about everything that's going on with Brenda. He doesn't want to sneak around, but he can't think of any other way without hurting anyone. He has an idea. He needs to spend more time with his love, so he decides to tell Carly that he's going away on business, when he's really going away with Brenda. Then he decides he can't do that because Carly might mention something to Jason, and he wouldn't know what she's talking about. So, he decides that when Alcazar strikes, he'll tell Carly the truth. He goes up to bed.)

- Jax and Skye are watching a movie together. Jax thinks about how much he loves his wife.

JAX: I love you so much, Skye. Never doubt that.

SKYE: (Smiles) I love you, too, Jax. I promise I'll never doubt it.

J: Good, because I don't know what I'd do without you.

S: Well you'll never have to find out, Jax, because I couldn't go on if you weren't by my side.

J: Same here. (Smiles)

S: Hold me, Jax. (He does.)

- The next day, Carly gets up early and leaves a note for Sonny saying that she went to Kelly's for breakfast and shopping. When Sonny gets up, he reads the note. Once he finishes it, he throws it out. He takes a shower and gets dressed. He walks downstairs and makes himself some breakfast. Then the doorbell rings. He answers it.

ALCAZAR: (He walks in) Hello, Corinthos.

SONNY: Get out of my house right now.

A: Or what? You're gonna make me pay?

S: I said get out.

A: I heard you. I'm just not doing it. Did you really think that I was just gonna stay in jail and lave you alone? Newsflash, Corinthos, it's not that easy. You're going down. He shows Sonny a bomb. You see, this right here, it's going to blow you up, and away from Brenda forever. (Before Sonny can say or do anything, Alcazar sets it off.)

- Brenda picks up the phone because everyone's gone. She dials Sonny's number. A recorded message comes on.

RECORDED MESSAGE: This phone line is currently out of service.

BRENDA: (Hangs up) That's strange. I wonder why his phone's out of order.

- Skye is still worried about what Brenda could possibly do to her marriage to Jax. She knows that Jax loves her (Skye), but she doesn't know how Brenda feels about him, or if Jax still loves her. After all, Jax went across the world because he couldn't accept her death.)

SKYE: Stop it, Skye. Just stop it. Jax loves YOU, not Brenda. (She turns on the TV to get Brenda & Jax off her mind.)

TV: There has just been a bomb in Sonny Corinthos's PH! (She gasps. She wonders if the same will happen to Jax.)

- Brenda is bored, so she puts the TV on. She sees Sonny's building in flames from the bomb. She just stops. Her whole self stops. Her heart stops beating for a split second. All she can think about is Sonny lying on the floor covered with blood and dead, as Alcazar is standing in front of him without a stratch on his face, laughing. She gets up and runs out the door to go to Sonny's PH.

- Carly puts the radio on in her car and hears about the bomb. She swerves the car and drives home as soon as possible.

- The police and firefighters are surrounding the building where Sonny's PH is. The first one to arrive there is Brenda. She walks up to Taggert.

BRENDA: Taggert! Did you find Sonny?!

TAGGERT: No, not yet, Miss Barrett. (She walks away from him and just collapses on the ground where no one can see her. She sees Carly walk in, but Carly doesn't see her. Brenda is crying so hard.)

CARLY: Where is my husband, Taggert!

TAGGERT: We haven't found him yet, Mrs. Corinthos.

C: Well find him! NOW!!! (Brenda sees someone walking out slowly from the building. She stands up, trying to make out who it is. She realizes it's Sonny. Her heart is overcome with joy and most of all, relief. Sonny sees her. His face is covered with soot. Brenda runs to him; as soon as she can touch him, she runs into his arms, so that it almost looks like he's holding her. Just then, Jax gets there. Then Carly & Jax turn around and they see Sonny & Brenda in each other's arms. They watch as Sonny kisses Brenda's lips, cheeks, and forehead; they see him wipe her tears. Carly feels like a knife has just went through her heart, twisting, and then being pulled out. A feeling of disappointment fills Jax's body. Skye walks in and stands next to Jax. She sees the disappointment in his eyes. She knows the truth.)

*CHAPTER TEN*: Happiness

- Sonny & Brenda are holding each other, with Carly, Jax, and Skye watching. Neither Brenda nor Sonny knows they're being watched.

BRENDA: OMG, Sonny…Sonny, you're okay. (Crying) You're okay…

SONNY: Of course I am. You didn't think I'd really leave you, did you? (He strokes her face)

B: I…I…Kiss me. (They smile and he does. He holds her so close, and they rock back and forth. They can't tell where each of their bodies ends and begins; they feel like one. Their moment is interrupted when Sonny looks up and sees Carly, Jax, & Skye. Brenda sees, too. They stop holding each other and walk up to them. There are tears on Carly's face. Brenda's still crying.)

CARLY: Sonny…Why? (Sonny can't bring himself to say anything. When she knows he's not going to respond, Carly walks away. Jax looks at Brenda.)

JAX: Well…it looks like you finally made your choice, Brenda. (Brenda is just so overwhelmed with so many feelings, that she can't talk or move. Jax softly nods his head, for he knows already knows his answer. Jax walks away with Skye behind him. Just then, the rain comes down, and Brenda & Sonny laugh. He twirls her around and kisses her.)

- Taggert walks up to Sonny.

TAGGERT: What happened in the PH, Sonny?

SONNY: Alcazar came in my PH with a bomb. He said he was going to blow me up, and as he was pulling the switch, I ran out the door. I think he's dead because he was obviously there when the bomb went off.

T: Wow, I never thought I'd see the day that Sonny Corinthos would actually cooperate.

S: Well there's always a first for everything, Taggert. (Sonny smiles fakely at him. Taggert walks away.)

BRENDA: Take me home, Sonny. (He takes her hand and since his PH needs to rebuilt, he brings her to the Quartermaines'. They're all there waiting.)

EDWARD: Brenda, where have you been? (Sees Sonny) Oh, no, Brenda, please don't tell me you're back with this hoodlum!

BRENDA: Sorry to disappoint you, Edward.

E: I guess you'll just never learn. (Shakes his head. Sonny & Brenda go upstairs to her room.) (Sonny takes a shower and when he comes out, Brenda's sitting on the bed wearing lingerie, with candles lit around her bed.)

SONNY: Wow…you look…

BRENDA: Sshhh…Don't say anything. Just make love to me. (He does just that. They make love all night.)

- The next morning, Brenda reaches out her hand to the other side of her bed. She feels Sonny next to her, and she smiles. She opens her eyes; so does he.)

BRENDA: (With a big smile on her face) Sonny…

SONNY: (Smiling, too) Good morning, my love.

B: It's finally complete.

S: I was just thinking the same thing. (He kisses her.) I have to go.

B: But Sonny…why?

S: To get you something.

B: Awww…I love you.

S: I love you, too, baby. I'll be back. Wait for me?

B: Absolutely. (He gets dressed. He gets ready to leave.) Hey, hurry back.

S: I wouldn't have it any other way. (She smiles at him, knowing that she finally knows where she truly belongs: in Sonny's arms. Sonny goes to see Carly. He has papers in his hands.)

- Carly opens the door (at her cottage).

SONNY: Can I come in?

CARLY: (He can tell she's been crying.) Yeah. (He walks in.)

S: First, I want to apologize for lying to you.

C: I don't think I can forgive you. Next?

S: I…I need you to sign these.

C: What are they?

S: Annulment papers.

C: Oh…

S: I'm sorry; I know this is a lot to handle.

C: Yes, it's more than a lot to handle. But yes, I'll sign them because I know our marriage's a joke. There's no point in trying to fight for it because there's nothing left. (She takes the papers and signs them. She hands them to him. He signs them. Tears are falling down her face. He hugs her.)

S: Goodbye, Carly.

C: Goodbye, Sonny. (He leaves. He goes to the jeweler. He buys the most beautiful engagement ring there is. Then he goes back to see Brenda.)

BRENDA: Sonny, you're back! (She hugs him)

SONNY: (Smiles) Are we alone?

B: Yeah, why?

S: I want to talk to you.

B: Okay. (They sit. He takes out the papers and shows them to her.) Oh, Sonny! I'm so happy! (Hugs him)

S: Well that's not all.

B: It's not?

S: (He takes out the box that the ring's in. He gets on one knee and opens the box.) Brenda, all my life I've been in love with you. I'm not living without you. I promise you, I'm not a fool anymore. (Referring to when he left her at the altar) Will you marry me?

B: Yes! Yes, I'll marry you, Sonny! (She hugs him tight. He puts the ring on her finger. They start kissing. Just then, Edward walks in.)

EDWARD: Oh, come on! Enough with this PDA! (Sonny & Brenda laugh)

BRENDA: Can I tell him, Sonny?

SONNY: Sure.

E: Tell me what?

B: Sonny & I are engaged.

E: What…each other??

B: Yes.

E: What can I say, Brenda? Just don't expect me to be there to comfort you when he leaves you at the altar again. (He walks out.)

SONNY: Come on, let's go.


- Jax & Skye are talking.

SKYE: Do you think I'm an idiot, Jax? I saw the look in your eyes when you saw Brenda in Sonny's arms! I know you still love her!

JAX: Okay, fine, Skye, I THOUGHT I still I loved her, but I don't!

S: What?

J: I don't love her anymore. I love you, and only you, Skye. (She can tell he's telling the truth.)

S: Oh, Jax…(They kiss.) - At this point, everyone knows about Sonny & Brenda's engagement. It's been a couple of months since they got engaged; it's their wedding day. Sonny moved back into his PH; it's been rebuilt. Brenda & Sonny wake up at the exact same time, even though they're in physically different places.

BRENDA: Today I'm going to marry my true love…finally. I have to call him. (She picks up the phone and dials.)

SONNY: Hello, my beautiful angel.

B: Sonny, how did you know it was me?

S: Because we're connected; I know your every move.

B: Oh, I see. (Laughs) I was born to be your wife, Sonny. I can't wait.

S: Me either. I just…I just can't wait for tonight…

B: (They both laugh) Yeah? I wonder why.

S: Well, two words: my bed.

B: (They laugh again) Well all I can say to that is two words: get ready!

S: (Grins) You mean you have something planned?

B: Maybe. The best part's making you guess. (Smiles..he doesn't answer) Sonny, you there?

S: Oh yeah, sorry, I was just thinking about how beautiful you're gonna look walking down the aisle.

B: (Smiles) You're so sweet.

S: Well you know, that's just part of my charm. (She laughs)

B: Don't I know it…I hate to hang up, but I have to go get ready.

S: Okay, just think: we'll be officially together this time tomorrow. And instead of being at the Quartermaine mansion, you'll be in my arms.

B: That's ALL I can think about. I love you.

S: I love you, too, baby. Bye.

B: Bye. (They hang up)

- Brenda leaves for the church. She gets ready and gets everything in order. Before she knows it, it's time for the ceremony. She walks out of her room. Mike, Sonny's father, is going to walk her down the aisle. He walks up to her.)

MIKE: Brenda, you look absolutely beautiful. (She has a huge smile on her face)

BRENDA: Thank you, Mike. Is Sonny here yet?

M: No, not yet. (Her smiles fades away) Don't worry, Brenda, he IS going to be in front of that altar when walk down the aisle. He's learned from his mistakes.

B: Yeah…yeah, you're right. (She goes back into her room to put some finishing touches on her makeup. Mike knocks on her door.)

B: Come in. (He does)

M: Brenda, it's time to start the ceremony.

B: Okay, thanks, Mike. (He leaves. She looks in the mirror and takes a deep breath and lets it out. She walks out. She looks through the slit in the door and sees that the church is filled with people. But she can't see if Sonny's there or not.) Is Sonny here, Mike?

M: I don't know.

B: Okay. Let's get started.

M: Okay. (The doors are opened. There he is. She sees her soulmate in front of the altar. He looks at her in utter amazement. He thinks to himself: How can anyone be that beautiful? I am more in love with her at this very moment than ever. Mike walks her down the aisle. She's finally standing in front of Sonny.) - The priest starts to say the usual things. Then, it's time for the vows.

PRIEST: I believe you two have written your own vows? (Brenda nods her head.)

BRENDA: Sonny, I never thought this day would come. I doubted it for so long. (Tears are coming down her face.) But here we are. (He wipes her tears) I was so sure that I knew what love was, but then I saw you, and everything changed. I realized that I had no clue what it was. We've been through so much together, but we still stood strong. We knew we belonged together. And just when I think you couldn't make me happier, you prove me wrong. I know that I'm gonna be happy for the rest of my life. All I've ever wanted is you, Sonny.

SONNY: Brenda, the first time I saw you, I knew that we'd end up here. I always knew that you belonged in my arms, so whenever something bad happened between us, I knew it didn't matter because in the end, fate would have it's way. You are my soul, my heart, and my whole life. If you weren't in my life, I knew it would be worth nothing. I have no idea where I'd be if I had never met you. My life would've been wasted. Nobody understands me, knows me, or loves me like you do. That's why I want to be your husband: because I want to make you as happy as you've made me. You're all I've ever needed.

(The put the rings on each other and the priest finishes.)

PRIEST: By the power invested in me and by the state of New York, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride. (Sonny kisses her. The music starts playing and they walk down the aisle. Neither of them have felt happier. They go to the reception and talk to everyone. Then it comes time for the honeymoon. They thank everyone and leave. Sonny brings her to Puerto Rico, so that they can relive the wonderful memories.) - They get to the room.

SONNY: Here we are.

BRENDA: Sonny, I can't believe you did this.

S: You wanna thank me?

B: Yes.

S: Well, I can think of a way. (He grins. They kiss passionately and make love. They have a great time on their honeymoon, and then they go back to PC.) - They walk into the PH. Sonny carries her over the threshold. He kisses her.

SONNY: So, how does it feel to be Mrs. Corinthos?

BRENDA: (She puts her arms around him) It feels amazing. There's nothing that could make me happier.

S: Well that's good to hear because you'll be doing it for the rest of your life. (They both smile.)

B: You bet. (They kiss and live happily ever after!)

The End!

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