"True Lies" by Yvonne

Part 1

Jason is knocking at Brenda's door


J-it's me Jason


J-please wait it's really important

B- what what is it are you here to tell me Sonny's new girlfriend is in town


B- ok then what

J- Sonny and Robin were in a plane crash and they're dead Brenda dead

B-Jason I'm sorry

Sonny and robin weren't dead they were being held captive so Jason and Brenda would search for them

Brenda and Jason are on the docks and are talking about there old lives and how they'd changed

J- Brenda you know what they would want

B- What for us to be happy

J- yeah

B- you know what would make me happy

Brenda leads Jason into a kiss and they leave without saying a word to Brenda's Pent house

Part 2

Brenda and Jason had walked to her Pent House and Made Love when Jason woke up he was happy something he hadn't felt in forever he looked at Brenda and knew she would be mad as hell at him and they would probably argue and argue but when she woke up she kissed him to his surprise she said that he had made her misery fade away and she was happy and Jason had left and Brenda had gotten sick and thought maybe it was the flu but she called Alan and asked him for an appointment Alan had told her what happend and it wasn't the flu she was pregnate pregnate how could she be she thought back oh no it was Jason's oh god no she had fellings for him

Part 3

But not the kinda of feelings you have for someone when you have a child with Jason a father it was hard to believe he was always good with children but I mean you know that Jason would take responsibility and he would ask Brenda to marry him


He paced he was in live with Brenda he couldn't believe it in love with Brenda she was selfish beautiful kind sweet caring happy he loved her he was going to tell her but then the phone Rang

Hi Jason it's Brenda
um I need to tell you something
I'm pregnant it's your baby there is no doubt
I know there is no doubt but there is something I have to tell you something
I love you
I love you too.

Jason and Brenda were in love and Jason had asked Brenda to marry him she said yes of course and a month after their wedding a beautiful baby was born she had Jason's eye Brenda's mouth and her stubbornness they brought her home and they decided that they would take their new daughter who they named Madison Monica Morgan she was so cute trying to walk but Jason had really realized he loved Brenda and they were going to get a divorce after Madison was born but they really loved each other and decided that they were in love

2 years later
Brenda had found out she was pregnant and she went home to tell Jason they had been trying for another baby they wanted a boy and that was what they got they decided to name him Michael Jason Morgan and then one fateful day guess who waltz right back in to their lives Sonny Corinthos

Part 4

Sonny was very excited he was going to run to Brenda and sweep her off her feet make love to her over and over and hug Jason and Robin little did he know he was in the surprise of his life

Jason's and Brenda's House
Jason sweetie I'm home
Brenda is that you I'm in the new nursery
How do you like it oh my gosh look at all of this wow Jas you are great
Show me
What did you have in mind
Jason sweeps Brenda off her feet and they make love until they here a
knock at the door
I'll get Jas
Brenda gets up and Finds her robe she hears another knock
Brenda opens the door and she finds Sonny standing there with intentions of
finding Jason but sees Brenda
Oh were you here to see Robin
No Live here with my husband
you're married to who
to me
Robin appears and in shock to see Jason
Mommy Daddy little Madison ran down the stairs to only see Sonny standing
at the door
Who's he Mommy
Uh and old friend of you're Daddy's why don't we go in the kitchen and get
some ice cream
ok okay yeah bye daddy
bye sweetie Come in
Sonny walks in only to see wedding pictures of Jason and Brenda Pictures of
Mattie and Brenda and all her friends
What do you want Sonny
I wanted to see you so you married Brenda huh
is that you're child
uh huh and she's pregnant again
well isn't that nice and who's that kid he points to a picture of a little boy
who looks a lot like him

Part 5

That kid oh that's Stone he's uh mine and Bren's
uh huh he looks nothing like you or Brenda
He umm looks like my mom
You're dead mother Jason why are you so nerves about talkin' 'bout it
Nerves me no way
well then Jassie boy I guess I'll be leaving you and you're wife alone
wait just one minute you never speak about my wife that way oh yeah go see Luke he'll tear you apart for what you just said
Oh and please give my regards to uh oh what's her name oh yes Carly Roberts?
Yes sir Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Morgan have pleasant day
You to Mr. Corinthos
Mommy can I have Chocolate and Vanilla
ignoring her daughter thinking of Sonny
huh oh uhhuh
Brenda sweetheart she can't have that much ice cream
oh I'm sorry I was somewhere well at least my mind
Mommy can we go to the park
Jason what do you thing I mean she has been a good girl today
well I don't know we could just rent a video winking at his wife
Both please both
of course you can have both go tell your brother
ok Stone come on
no I'll just stay home
(Stone is almost 13 and he is Sonny's)
sweetheart come on it will be fun
nah you go just one thing
what dear
will you rent me a movie
which one
the new um Dino flick and can Josh come over and watch it
Yes and Yes and he can stay if he likes
Thanks Mom and Dad I'll stay with him tom. ok
if that's ok with Monica and Alan
ok bye
Bye sweets
Bye Swone
Bye buddy

Part 6

Brenda and Jason were at the and Brenda's cell ring

May I speak to Brenda Morgan
This is she
well this is Erica Kane head of Enchantment
Yes I know what a pleasent surprise
well thankyou well me and my daughters Kendall and Bianca would love for
you to model for our company and half of your time at Fusion,That's
Kendalls new company
will you wait one second please
of coarse
She turns to Jason
what honey
that's Erica Kane
head of Enchantment
that's in Pine Valley Penn.
ok and
She wants me to model for her and her daughter's new company
that's great
so what
do you think it's a good idea
yes well of coarese I do you better get talking
Oh , my gosh
I'm sorry Ms. Kane
call me Erica
ok well Erica we need to talk um how about you and your daughters come
and see me
that will be great where do you live
Port Charles Ny
Oh yes Il'' get directions frm Anna Devane
Anna Devane
does she have a daughter
yes I think her name is Robin
Robin Scorpio
yes that's it why do you know her
yes she's one of my Best Friends she thinks her mother is dead
she's seen her well I better be going my worst nightmare Michale Camious is
here I need to go
Bye Ms. Kane Imaen Erica
Bye Ms. Barrat Imean Mrs Corenthos Nono that's not right Morgan that's it
they hang up
How did that go
ok and
she's coming to vist
you minched Robin
Oh yeah that's the weirdiest part Her mom is alive
yeah Anna Devane is alive
weel that's great
Brenda's cell rings
Mom it's me
Stone honey what is it
Sonny's here
is in the penthouse
ok well I'm coming
they hang up
Brenda what is it
Sonny's at home I'm going you stay with Mattie ok
Tbc Part 7

Brenda hurried to the Penthouse and then she saw Sonny standing in the door way she almost melted

B-Mr Corenthois what do we owe this pleasure
S- Cut the shit Brenda is he my son
B- Biogically yes Emotinally no
S- So you're saying you kept a child from me Brenda huh oh Isee that's it
I'm taking him and leaving
B- He has a name and no you aren't
S- What is his name Brend huh
St- Can I have a say in this
B- sure sweetie
St-Ok first of all my Name is Michale Stone Corenthos Morgan
B- ok go on
St I've waited my whole life since I found out Jason wasn't my real dad but
either way Ilove him and Mattie is my sister and I love her too. you were no
part of either one of those things and you know what I'm sick and tired of
hearing you're shit
B- Stone sweetie watch your'e mouth
St- Yes mom as I was saying do you understand I love my dad and he's not
you so if you ask me to go with you you are sadly mistaken because of you
My mother had an Emostional break down and because Japer Jax died I
have a father and a sister so please if you don't mind I'll be talking on the
phone with Josh ok mom
B - yes sweetheart now Josh can come over in an hour ok
B - tell Em I said hello
St- ok
S- whhhy didn't you tell me I was his father
B- look Sonny I loved you and in a strange sordof way I still do I don't know
why but I do so you know I really don't care if I'm right or not I'm with Jason now so butt out Sonny and I've got plans to make with Erica Kane Bianca Mongomary and Kendall Heart
S- I love you Brennda B- oh yeah isee it now leaving me at the alter is loving me isee now then love you too.
S- Brenda I
B get out Sonny this is you're own fault you won't have to worry much
longer we're moving to Pine Valley Penn.
S- Why Brenda why because of me
B- no because me and Jason and Stone and Mattie need to get as far away from PortCharles as possible

Part 8

Brenda was sitting in the park when her cell rang
Brenda Barrat Jax I mean Corenthois I mean Morgan
Laughing yes
This is Erica Kame you know head of Enchantment
ok yes
Well we Enchantment want and Fusion my daughter Kendall's company
would love for you to model for us if you still do
well I haven't for years and I'm getting ready to have my second child with
my husband
Oh well you can still model if you like
YES! I'd love to
well Mrs. Morgan where do you live
Port Charles NY.
Oh good I'll get directions from Anna Devane
Anna Devane she had a daughter that lived there oh Ruby Kelsey Rachale
Robin Robin Scorpio
Yes that's it do you know her
Yes she's my BFF
Great oh and Well you may this is only a possibility but you may have to
move to Pine Valley
OH ok um that's um OK I guess you know
well I'll arive in about five hrs. with my daughters Kendall and Bianca
Great uh will you be staying
Yes in the PC hotel
Oh no you won't you'll stay with us I have a felling we have enough rooms
we have ten on each side thats 50 rooms all together
Well if you insist
I do
well I'll see you then
Bye Bye

Jason Honey guess what
well um Erica Kane is going to stay with us
Cosmetic Queen?
Yes and her daughters
ohh great Why
Because I'm going to model again

Brenda's phone rings
yeah um I need you to come home
Because Sonny's here
oh I'll be right there

It felt like forever whaen she finnaly got there

Sonny what are you doing here
I want ansers
Ok I'm gonna tell you Sonny Jasons my dad not you now if you'll excuse me
I'd like for you to go now because I'm getting tired of your Bull

An Hour later Erica arrives with her daughters (I'm gonna speed
Stone's age up cause I want him with Kendaal Right now)

K- Hello I'm Kendall
S- Hi you're very pretty
K- thanks um how about we go outr sometime

Part 8

S: Na
K: Well I didn't meanlike on a date for friends
S: Oh well I'm grooounded and stuff but you know that's cool
K: Why are you grounded your like what 21 right
S:No I'm 17
K: Oh well then I go to a lot of clubs
S: Oh well I guess I really need more things to do

Erica and Brenda had been talking a while and They decided that even though she was pregnate she could do a lot of bust photes
E: well Mrs. Morgan we will be in touch
B: Thank you Mrs. Kane

Erica left and Jason came in and they were talking and Jason thought it was best to let Sonny see Stone

B: Jason Sonny will end up taking Stone and we'll never see him again
J: Brenda
B: Well ok that will be a question but I remember when I thought I was he was so sweet about it and all and then after he left me at the alter didn't he even think about that I might be
J:Well either way I've gotta go to work I love you
B: I love you too

Part 9

I'm going to speed up time alittle Stone and Sonny are a lot closer Brenda lost the baby arging with Sonny he still fells bad but they have become Best Friends but is there may be more

S: Hey Icame to pick up Stone
B: Oh ok Great but he won't be home for about an hour
S: Oh well I'll come back then
B: No No stay please
S: well ok is Jason here cause if he is
B:No he's not here
S: Well in that case I won't pass up a second of being with the most beautiful woman in the world
B: Thanks
S: You know something I still love you
B: I know I love you too
S: well what the hell are we waiting for

Sonny cups Brenda's face and kisses her with more passion than Jason Jax Jagger or anybody ever kissed her

S: I'm sorry
B: No don't be sorry I wasn't betting you off with a base ball bat was I
S: No but I don't want to ruin our friendship
B: Look just give me something just to hang on to while a lay a night and think of you I might as well have something to really remember so Just make love to me
S: Brenda it's not that I don't want to make love to you but it's just I don't want to mess up a marrige you built on a faithful night to pure Love
B: It might be love but not the kinda love I fell for you Sonny
S: well if you insist

They go upstairs and Brenda calls Stone and tells him to stay at the Q's but guess who she forgot to call

Jason was so excited it was his day to ask Brenda if she wanted another baby
Jason figured that she was upstairs so he went to their bedroom
Sonny and Brenda were asleep after only 3 hours of complete passion

J:Brenda honey OMG
S: Ok I think this is my Q to go call me later
J: Sonny go to Hell
S: See ya there
B: I'm not explaning myself
J: Oh yes you are
B: Why Jason
J: Because I want to know why in god's name you'd sleep with someone beside's you husband
B: I'm not sorry
J: You should be you know we have a daughter what abot her did you ever think about her or do you only worry about the children consived out of love well then we can just for get abot Stone then you were made at Sonny when Stone happend
B: Got to hell I'm leaving you Jason
J: Fine Brenda leave but I'll I fight you in court over Maddie
B: she's just as much my child as she is your's I carried her for nine months tou just pervided the sex to make the baby
J: I want us to be friends
B: Me to

Part 10

Brenda was starting to fell sick so she went to the Dr.

B- I've been felling sick
Dr- Let me run a few test and we'll see
B- Thankyou

Two hours later the test results were in and this is what they found

Dr- Well Brenda you're pregnate
B- Pregnate
Dr- Yes
B- Will you run a paturnity test no no what's the blood type
Dr-B neg.
B- Jason's it's Jason's


J-Hi Brenda
B-Hey um I pregnate
J-Good for you and Sonny
B-No No it's yours
J-How the hell do you know
B- Blood test
J- This means were back together
B- I guess I mean I love she lied
J- Ok well how are you planing on telling your lover
B- Sonny?
J- Yeah Sonny
B- I don't know I really don't

Brenda was hesatating she loved Sonny but she was having Jason's second child and what about Erica her Bestfriend was now Kendall and she was getting married to Ryan Lavery and they were having their first child in December

Part 11

Brenda was upset but she had to remember it was what was best for her baby

S- Hey Baby
Sonny came up and kissed Brenda passionatley
B- Sonny we need to talk
S- Okay
B- I'm pregnate
S- OMG That's great
B- No wait it's not the baby is Jason's
S- How
B- Sonny I'm three months pregnate I've only been with you a month
S- Brenda how are we going to do this Stone likes this and Maddie calls me Uncle Sonny and now another one to call me that Oh great

The telephone rings and Brenda answers it

B- Hello
K- Hey Bren it's Kendall
B- Hey how are you?
K- I'm okay but I'm in the hospital
B What? Why?
K- The baby came early we were in the middle of the ceromony and boom my water breaks
B- wait are you married
K- Yeah we had just said I do
B- That's so weird he was ready for the world
K- She her name is Bailey Ann Lavery
B- How sweet
K- Yeah well adding any new additions to the family
B- Not now
K- Well you are a very strong woman to take all that twice
B- Well you get used to it
K- Ryan has been great through did I tell you about his affair with Greenlee DuPres
B- He had an affair
K- Yeah and I was pregnate can you believe it
B- Maybe that's his last one
K- Yeah well at least she's not pregnate
B- Well you know Ryan and I have become friens too
K- Yeah one happy family
WELL I'm gonna go
B- Bye
K- Bye

S- Who was that
B- Kendall She had her baby
S- That's good
B- Yeah

What will happen to Jason and Brenda's baby will Brenda decide to take the chances and get a patenity test or Will she and her family remaine the Morgans or will they be the Corinthois's ????????????

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