The Trial of the Century by Shari

~*~*~*~ Sonny had to hurry. If he didn't it would cost lives. And not
just any life, Brenda Barret Jacks' life. He could not afford to lose Brenda.
He could not afford to watch her die, when it should be him 6 feet under. Not
Lily and certaintly not Brenda. He sped up to the Port Charles Hotel and
nearly hurtles everyone in the lobby as he makes his way to the elevators.
Time was cruticial, and it was not on his side. Brenda is in danger, and she
had NO time.
Sonny pressed the button for the 14th floor, the penthouse. he fiddled with
his fingers and realized how stupid he was. Take the elevator? Brenda would
be dead by then. Sonny would never forgive himself. The elevator door opened,
and then everything happened in slow motion.
Sonny ran to Jax and Brenda's door, was about to knock when he heard the
His whole world shattered as he realized he was too late. Uttering a huge cry
of sadness, outrage and disbelief, Sonny barged into the apartment, knocking
down the door. He nearly split it in two as his eyes searched the apartment
for Brenda's lifeless body.
What he saw was not Brenda, but Jax. Dead, on the floor of the penthouse,
with a bullet hole in his forhead. Sonny panicked.
Sonny screamed and ran to Jax. The gun was lying next to Jax's bloody form
and without thinking, Sonny did what he knew was wrong. He picked up the gun.
Sonny had no idea how long it was before Brenda appeared. She saw Jax's
body, Sonny next to him with the gun in his hands and screamed.


The news reporter's face was grim as she stood outside of the
PC Hotel, standing by for word from the station so she could begin her story.
When the camera man gave her the thumbs up, she turned to the camera and

" Tonight, a tradgedy happened here in the small town of Port Charles, New
York. A young businessman, in the prime of his life, was brutaly murdered in
his penthouse here at the Port Charles Hotel. He was discovered by his wife,
the illustrious model, Brenda Barret, who was coming home from a photo shoot.
Apparently, her ex-boyfriend and local crime boss, Sonny Corinthos was found
in the apartment with the mureder weapon in his hands. There is no word yet
on whether Mr. Corinthos will be charged with manslaughter or not. He has no
previous record of manslaughter charges or anything of that kind. We will
keep you updated, Chris, Janice, back to you."

Sonny sat in the jail cell and could not believe the change of events. The
way Brenda had looked at him in the penthouse with pure hatred and heartache.
He had tried to explain to her, but it was no use. Brenda called the police,
the security, everyone. Sonny had refused to run because he was an innocent
man wrongly accused. He took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his
disheveled hair. His life was over. Brenda would never forgive him and he
would be charged. He sat in that jail cell and wondered, What would happen

"Hey, Corinthos! Your lawyers here." Taggert knocked on the cell bars.

Sonny looked up and walked over to the bars. Valentino strolled into the
room, carrying his briefcase and a sad smile.
" Hey, Sonny, I heard about the, uh, the accident and I am here to defend
Sonny just sghed as he stared at his lawyer, "Brenda hates me."
"She won't if, no-WHEN we can prove your innocence," Valentino opened up his
briefcase and pulled out some papers.
"The trial begins in a week, and we have some heavy competition let me tell
you that."
"Who?" Sonny asked, "Justus? Dara Jensen? Alexis Davis or whats her name?"

"No, Ms. Barret hired some big shot loser lawyer from the city to prosecute,
" Valentino looked over the content of his papers. " She has won a hell of a
lot more cases than she has lost. She has a pretty good reputation and is
known to be one of the best Prosecuters in the state."
" So, uh, what do you think I would be sentenced to if I was found guilty?"

"Well, if you HAD killed that Jacks guy, it would either be Manslaughter or
Murder in the First Degree and either sentence is not that good. No less than
25 years I'd say."
"Yeah, right." Sonny knew he was a dead man.

Brenda stood outside of the courtroom and paced. Lois was sitting on the
bench trying to calm her down.
"It's ok, Bren. It's fine."
"No it is not fine. I can not face that son of a...........Sonny killed Jax,
Lois, I know he did."
" Bren, I know you will hate me for saying this, but Sonny........he would
never kill Jax. Sonny is one of my best friends and love him. I believe him
when he says he is innocent."
Brenda had no time to respond before Sonny walked into the courthouse. He
smiled at Lois and just looked at Brenda with a blank expression. The
courtroom door opened and everyon walked in, ignoring the ban of reporters
that had suddenly appeared.
Everyone sat.
"All rise. The honorable Judge Hamilton presiding."
Once the judge was seated and told everyone else to sit, he turned to the
prosecuter, Linda Ferguson, and said, "Opening arguments, statements?"
Linda stood upand smiled at everyone in the courtroom.

'Your honor," She began, "my client here has suffered a great loss. She lost
her husband, the man that she loves, and she wants to punish whoever killed
him. That man over there" she points accusingly to Sonny " muredered Jasper
Jacks, brutally, intentionally, and he deserves whatever conseqenses that are
thrown his way. Please treat this man, this MOBSTER, hostally, the way he
should be treated." The prosecuter sits back down.
"Mr. Valentino?" The judge turned to the defense.
Valentino got up and turned to face the court.
" Your honor, people of Port Charles. I know that Mr.Corinthos here is not
very well liked, he is quite feared and hated. But he is a good man. Given
the fact that he was found at the crime scene with the murder weapon in his
hands, there is no proof that he ACTUALLY shot Mr. Jacks. A motive, yes.
Jealousy, hatred, it was well known that Mr. Corinthos and Mr. Jacks despised
of each other because of Ms. Barret here, but are there finger prints? No. Is
there a witness to the actual SHOOTING? No your honor. That is why my client
is innocent."

The next day.
Lois, Ned, Jason, Robin, Mike, Luke, Laura, and Mr. and Mrs. Jacks were all
crowded in the court room for the cross examination for the first 4
Once the judge was seated, the trial began.
Linda was presenting the first witness. "May I call Mrs. Brenda Barret Jacks
to the stand."
Brenda stood up and walked slowly to the witness stand. She placed her hand
on the bible. "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing
but the truth so help you God?"
"I do," Brenda squeaked.
Linda stood up and walked over to the witness stand.
"Can you please state your name for the record?"
Brenda said softly, "My name is Mrs. Brenda Barret Jacks. "
" What is your relation to Mr. Corinthos over there?"
"We, uh, we used to be intimate," Brenda looked at Sonny with such hatred
that he could smell it.
"Mrs. Jacks, where were you at the time of 7:30pm on the 12 of March?"

"I was, uh, at a photo shoot with my manager, Lucy Coe. "
" And when you came home, what did you find there?"
" I foun......I found" Brenda was sobbing now, " my
killed him!!!!"
"Can you please state that again?"
"I found my husband dead on the floor with Mr. Corinthos holding the gun that
killed him!!!"
" No further questions your honor."
" Mr. Valentino,' the judge turned to the defense, " would you care to cross
"Of course, your honor."
Valentino got up and walked towards Brenda. "Ms. Barret, is it correct that
your husband has a first wife, that of the name Miranda Jameson?"
"Yes, but they got di-"
"Yes, they did get a divorce, but did you marry Mr. Jacks afterward? Did you
get around to it?"
"Objection your honor! I don't see where this might have anything to do with
Mr. Corinthos' trial!"
"Withdrawn,your honor." Valentino sighed. "Ms. Barret, when you came home,
did you see Mr. Corinthos shoot Mr. Jacks?"
"Not exactly, but I-"
"Did you or did you not see Mr. Corinthos shoot your husband!?!!!!!??"
"NO!!!" Brenda broke down in sobs again.
"Then, Ms. Barret, " Valentino said, "What exactly DID you see?"
"I saw Son- Mr. Corinthos kneeling over my husband with the murder weapon in
his hands."
"Ms. Barret, did there appear to be a struggle? I mean, how did the apartment
look when you got there?"
"The door was knocked down and that was about it."
"Ms. Barret, do you really believe that Mr. Corinthos here muredered your
"Your honor, Objection! My clients personal opinion does not matter at all in
this case-"
"Withdrawn. I have no other need for this witness your honor."

"You may step down, " the judge told Brenda. " Recess until tomorrow. At that
time we may present more witnesses and Mr. Corinthos will testify."

Sonny paced his cell as he thought about the trial. Things were so far
looking his way. But there was always tomorrow. And Linda was a pretty good
lawyer who knew just what to say and how to say it. She was quick on her
feet. She was TROUBLE.
Just then, the jail cell outer door opened and to Sonny's astonishment,
Brenda waltzed in, head held high and she was smiling smugly.
" Its good to see you where you belong, " she said snidly.
"Brenda, you know that I would never kill Jax."

"But you did." Brenda looked at him starngely, " I don't even know who you
are anymore. You-you say that you love me and I was gonna leave Jax for you
so that we could start over. I had called him from the photo shoot and told
him that we needed to talk. It was about you. I was gonna leave him for you
Sonny!! How could you kill Jax? Don't you have a conscious? Don't you care
that you are ripping my heart apart yet again by lying to my face? I swear to
God, Sonny, never again. Never again will I be so stupid and let myself fall
in love with you again. Because then, I always end up out in the cold. I-"

"Shut up Brenda, " Sonny snapped, " just shut up for 5 minutes and listen to
me. Yes I hated Jax as much as I hated my step father. Maybe even more. Jax
was always so perfect and so clean it made me sick. And the fact that he
could throw you around in my face made me jealous as hell. After Lily died, I
was so lonely, I swore I would do anything to get you back. Losing Lily made
me realize how much I love you. How much I have always loved you and how
stupid I was to let you get away and marry that wimp Jax. But, NEVER, EVER
did killing him cross my mind. I have never killed someone to get what I
want. I am not that shallow or desperate. And if you can't believe that I am
telling the truth, if you can't belive me when I say that I would never want
to cause you so much pain, then I can't believe that you ever loved me. How
could you stand here and say that you love me and then not believe me?"

Brenda wiped at her tears but it was no use. She was sobbing. He was
GUILTY!!! It was running all through her head. Sonny Corinthos killed my
husband and I will NEVER forgive him, never let myself be so stupid EVER
again. Brenda was fuming. That son of a bitch!! He stands here claiming that
HE loves me but he lies straight to my face. What was wrong with me? How come
everyone else could see straight through him but I never could? Well, it
didn't matter anymore. She was not going to be played for a fool this time.

"Well, then" Brenda said coldly to Sonny even though it was ripping her heart
out, " I guess that I never loved you. I never will love you or believe you
because I saw your face Sonny! I saw the way you looked at Jax when he was
lying dead on the floor. You were HAPPY!!! You had that famous Sonny
Corinthos smirk that I loved so much. I know you Sonny. I know when you tell
the truth and when you lie and you are lying to me right now. And so help me
God for not breaking your neck right now!!!! Burn in hell, you son of a

Brenda stalked out of the room and Sonny stared after her, too heartbroken to
say a word. He sat back down on the bench as the police guard closed the
outer door. Once Sonny knew that he was all alone, his face crumpled up and
his heartwrenching sobs were the only sounds that came from his cell.

When Brenda got back to the gate house, it must have been 1 in the morning or
so because Lois, Ned and Brooke Lynn had all retired for the night. Brenda
through off her coat and went upstairs to take a nice hot shower.
Once she was done, wrapped tightly in her robe, Brenda went into the kitchen
and made herself some ginger tea. As she searched the pantry for something to
eat it with, she came apon a small brown bag. It was stapled closed with a
Brenda quickly read it:
To Lois
Here are some of those Chocolate crissants that you love

Brenda felt tears in her eyes as she remembered all the times that Sonny had
made her breakfast and dinner. Out of all of the foods that Sonny could make,
Chocolate Crissants were her favorite. They still are. Unable to resist,
Brenda tore open the bag and in less than 10 minutes she had eaten all 4
crissants and was craving for more.

Forget about Sonny, she told herself. She tried, but she just couldn't. It
was like his image was stuck in her mind forever. Brenda knew that Sonny's
cooking was something that she could live without. But was Sonny something
she could live with out?

" Please state your name."
"Micheal Corinthos Jr. but everyone calls me Sonny."
"Mr. Corinthos, if you did not kill Mr. Jacks than just what WERE you doing
at his penthouse at the time of the murder with the weapon in your hands?"

Sonny stared at Linda before answering, " Ms. Barret was being stalked and
I thought that I had found out who was stalking her and I thought thay she
was in danger so I ran over to the apartment and just as I was outside the
door, I heard a gun shot. I thought that it was Bren-Ms. Barret so I knocked
down the door and saw Ja-Mr. Jacks lying on the floor dead. I went over to
see if maybe he was alive and picked up the gun to move it out of the way.
Thats when Brenda walked in."
"I see. Now, Mr. Corinthos, why couldn't you call the apartment? Why did you
go over?"
"I told you. Brenda was in danger so I went over there to try to warn her.
Somebody got there before me and killed Mr. Jacks."
"Why didn't you call the police? they could of handled it."
"I don't never crossed my mind. I never go to the police though.
I guess I have a habit of taking matters into my own hands."

"Taking matters into your own hands huh? Did you hear that, Ladies and
Gentlemen? Mr. Corinthos has a habit of taking things into his own hands. So
I guess right there you have a motive for the killing. No further questions
your Honor."
Valentino stood up. "I would like to call Lois Cerullo Ashton to the stand."
Brenda and Sonny watched as Lois walked up to the stand. When their eyes met
they stared at each other for a couple of seconds before turning back to the
front of the room.
" Mrs. Ashton, what is your relationship to Mr. Corinthos and Ms. Barret?"
"Uh, they are my two best friends," Lois answered.
"When Mr. Corinthos and Ms. Barret were together, how healty would you say
their relationship was?"
"Well, you know, it was normal. They had their good and bad days but you
could tell that they really loved each other."
"When Mr. Jacks came into the picture, how did Mr. Corinthos act toward him?"
"Well, uh, he, uh, um....."
"Answer the question Mrs. Ashton," Judge Hamilton told Lois.

"Sonny didn't like the fact that Jax was hanging around Brenda so much, but
things between them didn't really heat up until Lily, Sonny's wife, passed
"So, knowing Mr. Corinthos like you do, would you say that he wanted Brenda
back so much that he would resort to murder?"
"No, I know Sonny. If Sonny wanted Brenda back, he would NOT kill her husband
to get it. He would probably come right out and tell her that he loved her.
Sonny may be a mobster, but he is NOT a killer."

"No further questions your Honor."

"Scorpio here, " Mac answered the phone.
"Hey, commisioner. We have just pulled off a set of prints from the weapon
that murdered Jasper Jacks."
"Well who is it?" Mac asked anxiously. "Corinthos after all?"
"Sir, you won't believe WHO it is."

Brenda was coming down the stairs when the phone rang. She answered it,
"Is there a Ms. Barret at this residence?"
"This is she, " Brenda said, suddenly becoming curious.
" Judge Hamilton is calling everyone down at the courthouse at noon for there
is a suprising development in the murder case involving your husband. "
"OK, thank you." Brenda hung up the phone. Why today? Court did not resume
until tomorrow. It must be VERY important.

Sonny sat in the courtroom and watched Brenda as she took her seat. She was
so beautiful. He would give anything for her to believe in him, for her to
trust him again. The judge came in, his face was very grim.

" I have just learned of some new evidence in this case, " the judge informed
everyone, " The Port Charles Police Department has been carefully studying
the evidence in this case and they have discovered fingerprints on the weapon
that killed Mr. Jacks. The prints do not match Mr. Corinthos' , but they are
in fact Mr. Jacks' himself. It appears that Mr. Jacks has committed suicide,
he was not murdered. And because of this evidence, I am closing this case.
Mr. Corinthos is innocent. You are all free to go."

Everyone in the courtroom was in shock. Jax's parents were outraged.
"Our son would not kill himself!!!" they screamed. "He was MURDERED!!!!"

Brenda was shocked. She knew then that Sonny had been telling the truth from
the second that she accused him of murder. She knew that he loved her with
all of his heart and that she loved him the same way also. How could I have
been so wrong? She thought. How could I have said such hurtful things to the
man that I love?

Sonny was overcome with happiness. Lois and Robin gathered him in a huge hug
and Luke and Jason shook his hand. When Sonny looked up, he saw Mike smiling
at him. " I'm proud of you, Micheal." He stuck out his hand. Sonny gathered
his father in a huge hug. As they were leaving the courtroom, Sonny ran
straight into Brenda. There were tears in her eyes. She looked up at him and
could barely form the words.

"I'm so so so sorry, Sonny, I-" Brenda was pushed aside by Valentino who
congratulated his client once again and than Sonny was pushed out of the
courthouse without even being able to utter a word to Brenda.

" In what has been known as the Trial of the Century, at least to
the people here of Port Charles New York, Sonny Corinthos has been freed of
all charges of murder. Apparently, his ex-girlfriend's husband was not
murdered but committed suicide in his Port Charles penthouse. We take you
live to the courthouse where the judge had called a meeting. Last night, the
PCPD had pulled of Mr. Jacks finger prints off of the gun, and so it is said
that Mr. Jacks has commited suicide, not been murdered......."

Sonny turned off the television and headed up the stairs to bed. Just as he
was entering the bedroom, the door bell rang. Sonny walked slowly to the door
and opened it.

Brenda stood on his threshold, and she looked so beautiful, he was without
words. She looked so young and innocent. So alone. He opened the door wider
and let Brenda in.
"Don't say a word, " Brenda ordered. "Just let me talk. I was wrong. I was
probably the most wrong of them all, because I am supposed to know you. I am
supposed to love and protect you anyway I can. I stand up for you and I am
supposed to always be there for you. Well, i wasn't. I was a bitch. I hurt
you and I know that you probably can never forgive me, but i want another
chance to prove to you what I am saying is for real. That I do love you with
everything that I am and i never want to hurt you ever again. I just want to
love you. Forever. Only you."

Sonny stared at Brenda and smiled, " Your forgiven, baby."
He pulls Brenda into his arms and they kiss in that dynamic S&B way. Sonny
puts his hands on either side of her face and they kiss passionately as they
make their way up the stairs into the bedroom. They made the , most honest,
giving love that they had EVER made and they knew that nothing could stop
them from loving each other. NOTHING.


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