Together Forever by Stacy

This is taking place after brenda and sonny are rescued from the caves.

part 1

~Sonny arrrives with Mike and shortly after that Brenda arrives with Jax~

*Sonny is waiting to be seen by the doctor upon Mikeís insisting*

*Brenda comes in on a stretcher and is just about to have some tests taken*

*The nurse asks brenda if there is any chance she could be pregnant*

B=(she looks at sonny and sonny looks at her curious of her answer)Iím not

N=Okay well then we should take a pregnancy test then.

B=(not wanting to do that)I guess thatís okay if you think it is best.

N=I do.

*They wheel brenda to the examining rooms and brenda unlocks her eye contact
with sonny*

Mike=Letís sit down.


M=I am so glad you are alive.

S=Me too.

M=So, anything happen with you guys in there?

S=Mike, itís none of your business.

M=Iím sorry michael but I only want you to be happy.

S=I know. Hopefully I will be.

M=What do you mean by that?

S=Nothing. Me and brenda talked about our mistakes and we now understand why
the other one did what they did. We also admitted our true feelings for one


S=And.....I donít know. Weíll just have to wait and see.

M=I wonít push you anymore today.

S=Thanks. I am going to go check on brenda.

~Brenda and Jax are in a room waiting for the doctor to come in~

B=(she sees sonny looking in)Why donít you go home and get changed and then
come back here.

J=No way. I am not leaving you for one minute.

B=Jax please. You need to clean up. I am fine. Please will you do that for


B=Jax please. There is nothing you can do here for me right now.

J=Okay but I donít like this. I will be back in an hour.

B=okay. See you soon.

J=I love you.

B=I know.

*They hug*

~As soon as Sonny sees Jax leave through the elevator he walks in to brendaís

S=Hey. How are you feeling.

B=Fine. Sonny I....

S=Itís okay. We can talk about it later.

B=We canít. Sonny I canít leave Jax. He saved you and he saved me.

S=Brenda, how can you say that?

B=Say what? If he hadnít saved you then you wouldnít be here.

S=I know and I will be thankful to him for that but that doesnít mean we
canít be together.

B=Sonny...Iím sorry.

S=No, listen. I know how you feel about me and I wonít give up and
especially not after what we went through together.

B=Please donít make this any harder for me than it is!

S=Iím sorry I didnít want to upset you. I will give you time to sort things
out and decide what you want. Please tell me that you havenít made up your
mind and you will think about what I said. Think about the cave and what
happened between us.

B=I promise I will think about it but I canít say for sure one way or the
other. Think about what happened in the cave? How can I help but think
about it. You know I love you Sonny but love may not be enough.

S=Just think about it. I will give you some time. Well I better go before
Jax returns.

*Sonny walks over and gives brenda a kiss on the forehead*

*As soon as Sonny leaves Brenda breaks down in tears*

~She thinks to herself:~

*How could I do this. How can I live without him now? What am I going to do
if I am pregnant? I know if I am then it wonít be Jaxís. Now with this drug
problem. I need time to myself without Jax or Sonny.

~Back to reality~

~Sonny walks back out to the waiting room where Mke is so that Mike can take
him home~

M=So, how is she?

S=Phsyically, sheís doing okay.

M=Is she going to stay with Jax.

S=(smiles)She just needs some time thatís all.

M=How can you be so sure that being with Jax isnít what she wants?

S=Trust me. In time she will come around. We were just meant to be
together, always. Letís go.

Part 2

~Brenda is waiting for Jax to come back and Mike took Sonny home~

J=(walks in)Hasnít the doctor came yet?

B=Yeah she came back and everything is fine. Are you ready to take me home?

J=Sure am.

B=Okay can you go pay the hospital bill while I get dressed and I will meet
you out there?

J=Did the doctor give you your release papers?

B=Yes she did.

J=Okay see out there then.

B=Okay bye.

~Sonny and Mike walk into Sonnyís penthouse~

M=Do you need anything?

S=No I am fine. And donít worry everything will work out with brenda, youíll

M=I hope so michael. For yours and brendaís sake.

S=So, do you work tonight?

M=Yeah. I will check up on you tomorrow. Want me to cook you dinner
tomorrow night?

S=I suppose.

M=Okay see you then.

*Sonny letís Mike out*

~Back at Jax and Brendaís penthouse~

J=Brenda I hate to get into some heavy stuff but I better tell you before I

B=Iím listening. Itís okay.

J=Okay I almost slept with miranda because I believed your letter after

B=I see. So, you thought well now brenda isnít standing in my way I can go
back to miranda?

J=Of course not. I love you brenda and I would never betray you like that.

*Brenda was hoping he would of said something other than that.*

B=Jax just let it go okay? Itís okay.

J=Iím sorry brenda.

B=I know. Right now I just want to go take a shower and go to sleep. Is
that allright?

J=Of course. I will be up later.

B=Okay. Goodnight.

~The next week at lukeís. Sonny is meeting Luke there~

*Sonny walks in*

S=Hey man!

L=Hey! how are you doing after the cave and all.

S=Hanging in there.

L=Got a minute?


*They go back into Lukeís office*

*Luke informs Sonny about Katherine and Stephan and asks Sonny to keep a look
out on things and Sonny says he will*

L=So Jax saved your life? Imagine that.

S=I know, but I am not going to give him any slack for that.

L=Good because he doesnít deserve any. So, what about you and brenda?

S=Well, I am giving her time and I just hope she realizes that we are meant
to be.

L=Well after everything you guys have been through how can she not?

S=I donít know. A lot happened with us in the cave.

L=Then what I think happened did? Because you do look a little happier than
I thought you would.

S=Yeah it did but I canít say anything about it. I know I can trust that you
wonít breathe a word though. I guess I just needed to talk to someone about

L=Donít worry she will come around. Did you guys talk about anything?

S=Yeah. Got EVERYTHING out in the open now. I know I canít live without her
but I canít force her either.

L=Well personally I think she is denying it and I think she doesnít want to
hurt Jax.

S=I know that is a big problem. Well thatís enough about me and brenda.

L=Allright. I know you donít like to discuss her with other people but donít
worry I didnít hear a thing.


~Jax and brendaís penthouse later that night~

J=Brenda? Letís go to Lukeís tonight.

B=(thinking oh god do I have to? I donít know if I can take running into
sonny)Are you sure you donít want to go to the outback?

J=No. Letís go.

B=Allright. Let me get dressed.


~At Lukeís~

*Brenda and Jax walk in*

*Brenda and Jax are seated by Gina*

*Sonny turns around and canít believe what he sees*

*Brenda looks over and sees the look on Sonnyís face*



L=I canít believe she came here with him.

S=Something is going on with her. I donít know what and I am going to go
find out.

*Sonny makes his way over to jax and brendaís table.*

S=(brenda looks up and feels very uncomfortable since she is fearing that she
may be pregnant)Excuse me but can I talk to brenda for a minute?


J=What do you want to talk to her about? Canít you see weíre busy?

S=I need to talk to her about Robin.

B=Iíll be right back okay?


*Brenda and sonny leave the table and head to Lukeís office*


~Back in Lukeís office~

S=Brenda what is going on?

B=I donít know what you mean? I thought you wanted to talk to me about

S=I had to say that so I could get Jax let you come and talk to me.

B=Sonny.. I told you I needed time.

S=You are acting like nothing ever happened. Whatís going on?
Part 3

B=Sonny I donít know what I want.

S=Have you seen anyone about the pills?

B=well, I talked to Allan in the ER and he told me it was nothing, but I know
better. Sonny this isnít how I act and this isnít normal!

S=I know.

B=I just donít think it would work out between us.

S=How can you say that? Is love not important to you?

B=Of course it is. It scares me to be with you.


B=Sonny everytime I am with you I get lost in you. How can you ask me if
love matters? I asked you the same thing when you were with Lily and I was
supposedly the woman you loved.

S=Brenda, you know why I did it.

B=Iím sorry. I know why you did it. Do you know how much it hurt me when
you were with her?

S=Yeah. It hurt me to be apart from you too. It also hurt and still hurts
me that you are with Jax.

B=Iím sorry. I just donít know what to do. I mean Jax put my life back
together after you left me and I never thought I would be with you again.
What could I possibly say that could make him understand ďUSĒ? How can I
hurt Jax?

S=I donít know brenda, you tell me. I want to be with you and I want to love
you the way you deserve to be loved. Címon Jax canít make you happy.

B=Sonny he does but....

S=But you donít feel the same way about him that you do about me? He canít
make you feel the way you feel with me. Just like Lily couldnít make me feel
the same the way you did.

B=You know the two canít compare.

S=I know. Babe, itís me and Lily all over again.

B=Itís not the same Sonny.

S=Well, it doesnít matter. All I want is to be with you.

B=Sonny, I really need to get back to Jax.

S=Fine, but what are you going to do about us?

B=Just give me some more time k? Iíll tell you what. Will you meet me at
the docks about a hour after me and Jax leave here? I want to do some
thinking there.

S=The docks huh?


S=Our place.

B=Well, I do my best thinking there.

*Brenda leans over and gives him a kiss*

B=See you later tonight.



*Brenda goes back to Jax*

B=Okay, sorry I took so long.

J=Thatís okay. So, howís Robin? Is something wrong?

B=Sonny wanted to tell me about whatís going on with her and the test result
of her last appointment and then I called her.

J=So, is she okay?

B=Yeah. Thank God.

J=Shall we eat then?


*They finish eating*

J=So, are you ready to get out of here.

B=Jax, if you donít mind I want to go for a walk before I go home. I need
some time to myself to think.

J=Are you sure? I hate leaving you alone.

B=Iíll be fine. Just let me do this and I will come home.

J=I can see there is no way around this. Okay, see you later then. Donít be
gone too long.

B=Okay, I wonít.


~At the docks~

B=(she walks down the steps and says outloud)Should I stay with Jax with whom
I feel safe with or should I go back to Sonny who I love so much? I donít
know if I can stay away from Sonny. Not after what happened between us.

*Brenda hears Sonny and turns around*

S=(stares at brenda)Hey.


S=What did you say to Jax?

B=Nothing yet. I havenít decided.

S=Oh I see. Brenda, I canít live without you. The question is, can you live
without me?

B=Probably not. Safety is very important to me though. On the question of
love. There is no contest. Whether itís right or wrong I love you in a
deeper way than Jax. I guess the love I feel for Jax is a deep friendship.

S=If that is how you feel than why canít we be together?

B=I know I canít stop thinking about you and about ďusĒin the cave. You were
so supportive and at first I was afraid to tell you because I didnít know if
you would judge me or not.

S=Brenda, I would never judge you. I have no right to judge you. All I want
is to have the chance to love you and be there for you through anything. You
can always count on me. I want you to know that.

B=I do.

*Sonny walks over to Brenda and gives her a passionate kiss*

*After what seems like 10 minutes Brenda pulls away but only enough for their
nose and foreheads to touch*

B=I donít know if I can be without you.

S=Then donít. Come back to me.

B=I want to.


B=I need to talk to Jax first.

*The pull away*

S=What are you saying?

B=I donít think I can resist ďusĒ anymore.

S=I love you, Brenda. I promise if you come back to me that you wonít regret

B=I love you. As soon as I talk to Jax and make my decision I will call you.
So that we can talk.

S=Okay. I will wait. I donít mean to pressure you but it hurts me to be
apart from you for one more second.

B=I will talk to Jax as soon as I get home and I will call you tonight k?


*Brenda gives Sonny a kiss and leaves as Sonny watches her*

*Sonny thinks: please brenda make the right choice and come back to me*


~At Brenda and Jaxís penthouse~

*Brenda walks in*


J=(Comes from upstairs)Brenda? Are you okay?

B=Yeah, but we need to talk.

J=Okay. About what?

B=Me and Sonny and also me and you.

J=What? What do you mean you and sonny?

*They go and sit on the couch*

B=There is something you need to know.

J=Iím listening.

B=Jax. um....Well when me and Sonny were in the cave and when we thought we
were going to DIE we slept together. I mean we made love.

J=What? How could you do this to me. Why didnít you tell me? So, what are
you telling me?

B=Jax, Iím sorry but I realized in the cave how much I love Sonny and that I
never stopped. I think we should go our separate ways.

J=WHAT? Are you telling me that is what you really want.

B=Yeah I do. Jax you put my life together and I will always be grateful to
you for that. Sonny is just my heart and my soul. Itís nobodyís fault but I
just canít deny it any longer. He had my heart first and I just canít take
that back no matter how hard I try and say his lifestyle isnít safe and yours
is. Miranda had your heart first and Sonny had mine. I think you should go
back with her Jax.

J=Iím sorry but I am not going to accept that. I will give you time away to
think about this. I canít let you go.

to be continued......

Part 4

B=Jax itís for the best.

J=Oh, you think so huh?

B=Yeah I do. Iím Sorry. I will be by sometime to pick up my things and I
will call so that you donít have to be here.

J=Brenda, how can you ask me to let you go so that you can go back to that

B=Because I love Sonny and there is no other way that I will be truly happy.

J=If that is what you want I guess I canít stop you. Will you promise me
that youíll be careful?

B=I will and I will have Sonny. Bye Jax. I will never forget you.

J=Me either. Bye Brenda.


~At Lukeís~

*Sonny walks in to talk to Mike and Luke*

M=Hey. Where did you go?

S=I went to the docks to meet Brenda?

L=So, whatís going on?

S=Iím not sure yet. I still think she is unsure of what she wants or at
least confused. I mean I know she loves me as much as I love her but sheís
afraid. She went to go talk to Jax.

L=Stay hopeful man. Sheíll come around. You two were just meant to be
together forever.

S=I know man. Itís just hard to be away from her.

M=Good luck son. I have some stuff to do in the back so if you could excuse


L=You can go home man. Everything is taken care of for tonight.

S=Well, I think I will go back to the docks to think.

L=Allright man. See you later. Hope brenda comes around soon.

S=Yeah me too. She is going to let me know one way or the other tonight.

L=Iíll keep my fingers crossed for you.

S=Thanks. Bye. BYE MIKE!!!


*Sonny leaves Lukeís and decides to go back to the docks to do some more


~Back at the docks~

*Brenda decides to come back to do some thinking before she goes to see

*Memories of Jax and her together and memories of her and Sonny together
flood her mind along with tears streaming down her face*

*She says outloud: This is the right think I know it is. I canít live
without Sonny. But did I really have the right to hurt Jax just because
Sonny wanted me back and I couldnít resist being with him anymore? Yeah this
is right.

*Sonny walks down the steps and when he looks up he sees brenda*


*Sonny hears her crying. He walks over to her and puts his hand on her

S=Hey baby, whatís wrong?

B=Oh Sonny.

*Her eyes streaming with tears she runs into Sonnyís arms and Sonny holds

S=(he brushes his hand over her back)Itís going to be okay baby.

*It starts to pour*

S=(he lifts her up)Iím going to take you back to my place and weíll talk.

B=(still crying)okay.


~At Sonnyís penthouse~

*Sonny unlocks his door and lays brenda down on the couch*

S=Let me go get you some blankets.

*He brings back blankets and wraps them around her*


S=Yeah. Do you want some hot chocolate or something?

B=If you donít mind. Hot chocolate sounds great.

S=Of course I donít mind sweetheart.

*he comes back with hot chocolate*

S=Now drink this.

*Brenda finishes drinking the hot chocolate*

S=Brenda, tell me what happened.

B=Well I went to talk to Jax and I ended up telling him that I thought we
should go our separate ways. He got angry at first and said that he would
never accept this and he would let me move out for awhile to think about

S=(a little angry)He would LET you? Who does he think he is?

B=Itís okay Sonny. I got him to understand that it was nobodyís fault that
me and him werenít meant to be and that me and you were. I told him that you
had my heart first and no matter what I do I canít forget about us. I also
told him that miranda had his heart first.

S=You really said all that?

B=Sure did. We decided to go our separate ways.

S=Oh brenda I love you so much. I promise you wonít regret your decision.

B=I know I wonít. Now I just have to find a place to live.

S=Why not here?

B=(surprised )What?

S=You sound surprised?

B=I am.

S=Why? I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I think
a commitment would be good for us right now. Oh, Iím sorry am I moving too

B=No, of course not. I just didnít think you were ready for that.

S=Well I am.

B=But Sonny I donít want to move into the penthouse.

S=What do you mean?

B=(starts to look a little sad)This is where you spent your life with Lily.
Your bedroom is where you shared your bed. Where you made love.

S=Hey, Iím sorry but I knew I couldnít be with you. I tried to move on with
Lily but I couldnít. You know every time I slept with Lily at our old
apartment I couldnít help but think of all the times you and me made love. I
could never stop thinking about you.

B=That makes me feel so much better. There were times I wasnít sure if I was
mistaken on how you felt about me. I kept pushing though.

S=(laughs)Yeah I know. You never gave up! Itís a good think too because it
got us here.

B=(laughs too)Yeah and your persistance with me got us here! What a pair

S=Got that right babe! You seem to be doing a little better.

B=You have that effect on me. You can always make me laugh. I love you with
my heart and soul(she then reaches in and gives him a kiss)

S=Wow. What was that for?

B=For? Why does it have to be for anything?.
Part 5

S=It doesnít. I just wasnít expecting it I guess.

B=Oh, really? Well, then, I guess you are in for a lot of surprises.

S=(seriously)So, I was thinking since I shared my life with Lily here at this
penthouse that we could find a place of our own.

B=Really? Do you really mean it Sonny?

S=Yeah. I mean it would make sense. We are starting over so I think we
should find a place that have no memories attached to it. So, what do you

*Brenda is so overjoyed that she hugs him a barrels him over with kisses and
she ends up on top of Sonny*

S=I take that as a yes!

B=Yes! yes !! A million times yes!

*Brenda leans in for a passionate kiss*

*They kiss for at least 10 minutes*

S=Okay, letís start looking tomorrow then. We will sleep here in the living
room tonight.
Unless you have someplace else you would rather sleep tonight?


S=But? Oh, donít worry bren, we will JUST sleep tonight. When we make love
again I want it to be perfect and where we both feel comfortable k?

B=Oh, Sonny, thank you. You are being so patient and understanding with me.

S=Hey, as long as I know you will always be with me I will try and be as
patient as I possibly can. All that matters to me is knowing that you are
with ME!

B=I am and in a way I never left you. I will be here with you as long as you
want me.

S=(big smiles)Forever!

B=Okay, forever!

*They start kissing again*

S=Okay, let me go get some blankets and pillows and we will sleep on the
floor in front of the fire.

B=Okay. Sonny, I have nothing to wear to bed. Can I borrow a shirt or

S=Nothing to wear huh?

B=Sonny? Remember what you said?

S=Remember what I said? Oh yeah. Let me go get you a shirt sweetie.


S=(he brings down a shirt for her)Here you go. Iíll leave you so that you
can change.

B=oh, how sweet of you.

*Sonny leaves*

*When Brenda got done getting dressed Sonny comes back and lays two thick
blankets on top of each other with two pillows too*

S=Do you feel any better?

B=Yeah. You can always make me feel better when Iím feeling down. I know
that me and Jax seperating was the best thing for all of us. I love you and
I canít be away from you any longer.

S=Do you know how happy I am to finally here yo say that.

B=(smiles)I know.

S=I want to make sure that you donít have to feel anymore pain. But, I guess
if you have to go through some pain then I want to be there with you every
step of the way.

B=Sweetie, I know you want to protect me, but, you canít protect me from
everything. Baby, as long as youíre with me, I can get through anything.

S=Good. Iím so glad. So, does that mean you will let me help you fight this
pill addiction?

B=(gets a sad face)Are you sure you would even want to?

S=Why would you stay that? Of course I do!

B=Itís just that I donít know if I can handle you seeing me in that kind of

S=Brenda, sweetheart. You went through the worst physical withdrawal
symptoms in the cave. I can handle it. I want to help you as much as I
possibly can.

B=Sweetie, I know you do, but, I need to beat this on my own.

S=Will you at least let me be there for you when you need me? and please
donít be afraid to ask.

B=Okay. Yes, in that respect you can help me! I love you so much.

S=I love you too.

S=We will go look for a place to live and then after we move in we will do
whatever is necessary to help you beat this addiction. How does that sound?

B=Sounds good. Thank you.

S=For what?

B=For helping me and for loving me.

S=(shakes his head yeah)I would do anything for you. You know that, donít

B=(smiles with tears coming down)Yeah, I do. and I would do anything for you

S=(hoarse)I know!

*Brenda walks over and gives Sonny a long hug followed by a long kiss*

S=Are you tired? Should we go to sleep?


*Brenda and Sonny lay down on the blankets and cover up. Brenda grabs
Sonnyís hand and puts them around her waist.*

S=Um...This is perfect.

B=Yeah. Weíre the perfect fit.

S=That we are babe. Good night, sweetheart. Things will be better from here
on out. Me, having you back in my life is the best thing that could ever
happen to me.

B=Yeah, I know what you mean. You complete me, Sonny and without you Iím
just not me. Good night, sweetheart.

S=Good night.

*They fall asleep in each otherís arms*


~The next morning~

*Sonny wakes up and decides to make Brenda breakfast*

*Brenda wakes up and rolls over and notices Sonny isnít there. She is a
little worried.


S=(whistling in the kitchen)Hey, sweetheart, did I wake you?

B=No. I just woke up and you werenít here.

S=(he hugs her)oh, baby, I will never leave you , I promise. I was just
making you breakfast.

B=(caresses his face)oh, sweetie, that is so sweet.


~They go house hunting~

*They make a stop at a condo by the lake*

S=So, what do you think?

B=I love it! iím not ready for a big house(or a house for that matter) yet.

S=I know youíre not. I think this will be perfect for us for now.

B=Sweetheart, this is so great. When can we move in?

S=We have to buy furniture and then we can move in.

B=Letís go buy it today! Let me go buy it while you are at your meetings

Part 6

S=(worried)Are you sure you can handle that? I donít want to pressure you.

B=Youíre not. I know what youíre saying. As soon as we movin in then I can
get started fighting this addiction. With your help that is.

S=Allright, then. Youíll beat this addiction, I can FEEL it!

S=Okay. Oh, I have to go to Lukeís to meet Luke. So, when I get done I will
come back here okay?


*Brenda gives Sonny a kiss and then Sonny leaves*


~At Lukeís~

*Sonny walks in whistling*

L=Hey, man. Youíre sure in a good mood. Looks like things went well with
Brenda last night.

S=Yeah. Well, moving into a new place today.

L=(laughs)So soon? Boy, you two donít waste any time now do you?

S=No reason to man. She talked to Jax last night and when she told him they
should go their separate ways he was not exactly willing to let her go. He
did let her leave though when he realized that she meant what she said and
that no time apart will change her mind.

L=Well, do you blame him? I mean, he loves her, man.

S=No, but, we belong together. We always have and always will.

L=I know that. I donít even know what attracted Brenda to him. I mean going
from you to him is a BIG jump.

S=He made her feel safe. When we were in that cave she had to let her real
feelings out. She couldnít deny how strong our love was anymore.

L=That it is, man. And all I was saying is that it wouldnít be easy for him
to let her just walk out that door to be with another man.

S=No, I bet not. It would be really hard for me. Anyways, she was at the
docks at the same time as me. We talked and she was really upset by what
happened with her and Jax. I, then, took her back to my place. She didnít
want to lay in the bed that I shared with Lily. So, instead of her moving in
someplace of her own, we decided to find a place of our own. So, last night
we slept on the floor.


S=Oh, no, it was nothing like that. I held her all night long. Sheís also
fighting a pill addiction, but, that part is just between you and me, okay?

L=Yeah. I wonít say a word. Is she going to let you help her?

S=As much as she can. She wants to fight this on her own. But wants my
support and help if she needs it. And I want to be there for her as much as
I can.


*Luke and Sonny have their meeting*

S=Well, man I better get back to Brenda.

L=Yeah. See ya. And congratualtions, man.



~Back at Sonny and Brendaís new Condo~

*Brenda has all the furniture delievered*

*Brenda made the bed with sheets and a comforter taht she had bought*

*Everything is all set for them to move in. All they need is their personal
stuff. Sonny will be selling his penthouse with everything that is in it
except his personal stuff*

S=(walks through the door)Brenda? You here?

B=Iím upstairs. Iíll be down in a second.


*Brenda comes down the stairs screeching with joy and runs directly into
Sonnyís arms*

S=(laughs)Iím glad to see you too, honey.

B=I am so happy.

S=me too.

B=I think I am going to go over to Jaxís tomorrow to get my things.

S=oh. Do you want me to go with you?

B=No, honey. I need to do this on my own. Thanks, anyways.

S=Brenda, I donít like the idea of you going over there by yourself.

B=Iíll be fine. Jax knows that I am not going to change my mind. I want him
to also know that I want to bw with you and not him.

S=okay. Donít be too long though. Promise me, if you need me then you will
call me? I just donít want you to deal with too much yntil we get your pill
addiction beat.

B=Okay, sweetie. When I need to help with anything you will be the first one
I call.


B=So, what do you want to do for dinner tonight? Should I cook?

S=(laughs)Oh, Brenda. I think I better take care of that one.

B=(laughs too)Thanks.

S=Sweetheart, I love you, but, you are not exactly what we would call a good
cook. Do you want to help me?

B=Sure. I guess I will have to practice at cooking.

S=Yeah, I guess.

*They cook the meal together and they finish eating too*

B=Sonny, can I ask you a favor?


B=Okay. I donít want you to get the wrong idea. I think we should wait
before we make love again.


B=Itís just that I want to be back to myself for that. I want it to be
perfect. Please tell me you understand.

S=(smiles)Of course I do. You shouldnít have any added pressures right now.

B=Thanks for understanding.

S=Donít mention it.

B=Will you still SLEEP in our new bed with me at least?

S=Umm...Sleeping on the couch or sleeping next to you? Thatís a tough call.

*Sonny and Brenda both laugh*

S=Of course I will still sleep next to you tonight.

B=So, what do you think of the place?

S=Oh, Iím sorry, baby, I forgot to tell you that it looks beautiful. You
have quite the knack.

B=Iím glad you like it.

*They get ready and go to bed*


~The next morning~

*They both awaken*

B=I better get up and get dressed, so, I can go and get my things from Jax.

S=Okay. I guess I will go to the club. Call me when you get back or if you
need me while youíre there.

B=I promise.

*They both get dressed. Brenda leaves and gives Sonny a kiss*
Part 7


~Brenda goes to Jaxís penthouse~

*Brenda knocks on the door*

J=Hold on. Iím coming.

B=Hi, Jax.

J=Brneda, what are you doing here? Did you come to your senses already?

B=No, Jax. I am very happy with Sonny.

J=So, what are you doing here?

B= I came to get my things.

J=oh, your things? Well, maybe I threw them out.

B=Jax, címon. I thought you understood.

J=Understood? Not exactly.

B=Where are my things?

J=Go find them yourself.

*Brenda goes upstairs and packs up her things. She brings them downstairs*

*Brenda sees Jax sitting on the couch and goes over and sits next to him*

B=Jax. Iím sorry.

J=(he turns to face her)I donít want to hear your excuses. I bet you could
really use a pill right now?

B=Jax, donít.

J=Oh, címon bren, I know you canít live without them.

*With all the arguing that Jax pushed Brenda into she went into a breakdown*

*Jax ends up bringinh her into GH*


~In the ambulance~

J=(scared)Brenda, Iím sorry. I didnít mean to push you that far. Iím so

*Brenda is rolled into a emergency room*

J=(says to himself)I guess I better call Sonny. That would be what she would
want. I have to let be happy. Iím done.


~At Lukeís~

*phone rings and Sonny answers it*


J=Sonny, itís Jax.

S=What do you want? Did Brenda come there?

J=Sonny, Sheís in the hospital.

S=(anger fills his voice)WHAT!!! What the hell did you do to her?

J=I know about her pain addiction.


J=Yeah. So, we were arguing and I pushed her to the limit. She had a
breakdown at the penthouse. I brought her to GH. Iím sorry, Sonny. I
really am.

S=Save it. Tell Brenda Iím on my way.


~At GH~

*Jax walks into Brendaís room*

J=Brenda. I called Sonny and heís on his way.

B=Thank you.

J=I really am sorry, Brenda. Iím going to back off and let you and Sonny be

B=Thank you. Itís the right thing.

*Sonny comes running through Brendaís room*

S=(stops and stares at Jax)You can leave now!

J=Yeah. Iím going to tell you what I told Brenda. Iím backing off and I
will let you and Brenda be happy.

*Jax leaves*

S=Are you okay?

B=I am, now that you are here.

S=Iíll always be here for you. No matter what.

B=Okay. Well, I talked to Kevin and he says itís up to me, but he suggests
rehab for a few weeks.

S=What do you think you should do?

B=I think I need to go to rehab. Will you stand behind me on this one?

S=(smiles)Sweetie, of course I will stand behind you. I will do whatever is
necessary to help you.

B=Thank you. That means so much to me.

S=Your welcome.

*Brenda is checked into rehab and Sonny could only see her two times a week.
He couldnít do much for her, but give her all the support she needed. It
was hard on him not to be there every step of the way with her. What he
didnít realize was as long as Brenda felt his love and support he WAS helping
her. Brenda borrowed his strength. Because of that, Brenda made tremendous


~2 weeks later at Lukeís~

L=Sonny. When is Brenda coming home?

S=Iím going to pick her up in a few hours.

L=Iím glad.

S=Yeah. Itís been so lonely in our new home without her.

L=I bet.

S=Iím gonna run. I have a few things to do before I go pick up Brenda.

L=Okay. Tell her we are all happy that she beat this addiction. Itís great

S=I will. Thanks for everything. Brenda appreciates it too.


~At Sonny and Brendaís condo~

*Sonny brings Brenda home. They walk in the condo together. Sonny takes
Brendaís coat and lays it across a chair*

S=Why donít we go sit down?


*Sonny gives her a long hug and then they go sit on the couch*

S=Itís so good to have you home. I canít even begin to tell you how much I
missed being apart from you.

B=(she touches his face)I know, honey. There were times in there that I
wasnít sure if I would make it, but then I thought of you and of ďus.Ē So, I
knew I could make it. I borrowed your strength. Hope you donít mind.

S=(smiles)Mind? Absolutely not. You can take anything that you need to from
me, so that you could pull through this. I am so proud of you, baby.

B=(a tear falls down her eyes)Well, I couldnít have done it without you.

S=(he wipes the tears from brendaís face)No, you did it all on your own.
Part 8

S=I knew you could make it too. It was just hard for me to not be with you
and help you through this.

B=But, you did help me. Your support and understanding meant the world to

S=Well, Iím glad I could at least do something for you.

B=just being with you helps me.

*Sonny just flashes a million dolllar smile*

*Sonny pulls Brenda back and lays her head on his chest. He sits there and
holds her for what seems like forever*



S=Would you be up to a night with just the two of us tomorrow night?

B=I thought you would never ask. I couldnít think of a better way to spend
tomorrow night. Make sure we donít have any interruptions. I fyou know what
I mean?

S=(smiles)Sure do, babe. Are you sure youíre ready though? I mean, I donít
want to pressure you into anything.

B=Oh, baby, being alone with you is just what I need. You know, it sue was
lonely without you.

S=I know what you mean. So, should we go get some sleep?

B=Yeah. You will sleep next to me tonight?

S=Of course I will.

B=Good. Because, Sonny I need you tonight.

S=Iím here for you.

*They head upstairs to go to bed*

*They both change and get into bed*

B=Will you hold me?

S=Sure, baby. Are you okay?

B=Yeah. *Sonny holds her all night long*


~The next morning~

*Sonny kisses Brenda on top of her head*

*Brenda wakes up*

B=Thank you.

S=For what?

B=Well, for being there for me when I needed you. Just having you hold me
last night made me feel so close to you. It was great!

S=It sure was great. It felt so good to have you back where you belong.
That is, with me.

B=Yeah. Tonight will be even greater.

S=(laughs)Yep. Just being with you is great.

B=okay. I have to get up and go have a meeting with Lucy.

S=So soon?

B=I want to start working again. Lucy has a shoot scheduled for tomorrow.
Iím not ready for the shoot to be out of town yet. It will be in Port

S=Good. Iím not ready for you to be away either. When your ready for it,
then Iíll have to get use to it.

B=So, will you call me later?

S=Sure will, honey.

*Brenda gives Sonny a kiss and gets up and gets dressed*

~Later that day~

Brenda walks in the condo. She has just come back from her meeting with

B=Sonny? Sonny, are you here? Well, I guess he is not home.

*Phone rings*


S=Hi, honey. Itís me.

B=Hi. So, when are you coming home?

S=Soon. There are a few things I want to do first.

B=Good. I have to go shopping before you come home.

S=Oh. For tonight?


S=Oh, okay itís like that huh?

B=I guess so.

S=Okay. See you soon.


~Later that evening~

*Sonny is home cooking dinner for him and Brenda*

*Sonny bought her a engagement ring. He is unsure if she is ready for a
commitment or not*

*Brenda walks in*


S=(he walks out of the kitchen)Hey, sweetheart. So, what do we have in those

*Sonny tries to peak in her bags and she taps his hands*

Part 9

*Sonny wasnít shocked when Brenda just tapped his hands after he tried to
look in the bag*

B=Get your hands out of there.

S=Is there something in here that you bought for tonight?

B=Of course.

B=Now, one of the things I bought Iím going to put on for dinner right now.

S=(he gives her a kiss)okay.

*While Brenda is getting dressed; Sonny is setting the table*

*Brenda bought a long red dress*

S=Brenda, are you almost ready?

B=Iíll be down in a minute.

*Brenda comes downstairs and walks up behind Sonny and puts her arms around
his waist*


*Sonny turns around and notices how beautiful she looks*

S=Wow. You look very beautiful. I love your dress.

B=Thank you. I bought it for this special night.

S=(smiles)So, shall we go eat?


*Sonny pulls out the chair so that she can sit down*

S=How did your meeting with Lucy go?

B=Good. I am starting the shoot tomorrow. Iím so excited. It will be good
to get back to work. To get back to my life. And most of all, to get back
to me and you.

S=Iím happy for you. Iím also happy weíre back together. There was times
when I never thought we would be together again.

B=Sonny. I want you to know that when I was with Jax, I thought of you so
many times. I always thought of how we use to be. But, when Lily was
pregnant I knew we were over. But, when she died and the way you reacted to
her death made me think that she was the one you really loved and not me. I
then decided to go on with my life. I couldnít let go of the love I had for
you. Then, when you wanted me back, I came up with every excuse in the book,
and Iím sorry.

*Brenda starts to cry a little bit*

S=Brenda, I know that we have had one rocky road. But, I want you to know
that you are and always have been the true love of my life. No one can
compare to the connection we have. The love between us is so strong. I
loved Lily in the way that you love Jax. I cared for her, but I have never
stopped loving you, or thinking of us being together forever. Do you believe

*A tear falls down Sonnyís right cheek*

B=(smiles)I do. Youíre right about how strong our love is.

S=Yeah, it sure is. Brenda, will you join me for a second on the couch.

B=Sure, whatís going on Sonny? Sonny, you are scaring me.

S=Donít be scared. Oh, Iím doing this all wrong.

B=(she touches Sonnyís face)Doing what all wrong, sweetheart?

S=Okay. Here it goes. I donít want to be away from you for one more minute.
I love you. Having your love, once again, means everything to me. Brenda
Barret, will you marry me?

B=(tears in her eyes)

S=(nervously)Will you be my wife?

B=Oh my g*d!

*Brenda gives him a very passionate kiss*

*Brenda pulls away*

B=Of course I will marry you!!!
*Sonny gives Brenda a long hug followed by a long kiss*

B=I canít believe this.

S=I know. I always knew our love was strong enough to survive.

B=I wasnít. Even when you were with Lily I acted like I was sure of how
strong our love was. Donít get me wrong. I still believed in our love.

S=We sure have been through a lot havenít we?

B=Sure have.

*Sonny moves close to Brenda and starts kissing her slowly, but then, their
kisses turn passionate*

*As the passion grows between them, Sonny starts to unbutton Brendaís shirt
and Brenda stops him*

S=(confused)What? Am I moving too fast for you?

B=No, no. I just bought something else for tonight.

S=You did? What?

B=I canít tell you. Itís a surprise.

S=No, please. I hate surprises.

B=I can go upstairs though and get it out.

S=(flashes those big dimples)Really? I would like that.

B=Okay. Why donít you go wait for me upstairs in the bedroom.

S=I can do that.

B=Okay. I have to go in the bathroom first.

*Sonny gives Brenda a kiss and Brenda goes upstairs*

*Sonny is upstairs waiting for Brenda in their rrom and is staring out of the
window thinking of him and Brenda*

*Brenda comes out dressed in a long, red satin night gown*

*Brenda clears her throat*


S=(in total awe)Oh, my goodness. Baby, you take my breath away.

B=You always know the perfect thing to say.

S=Only when itís true.

*Sonny walks over to Brenda and they start to kiss*

*Brenda pulls away*

B=I love you, Sonny.

S=I love you, too. Forever, baby.

*Brenda smiles*

*Brenda walks closer to him and kisses him passionately*

B=(whispers)Make love to me.

S=Are you ready for that?

B=Isnít it clear to you what I want and what I am ready for?

*Sonny and Brenda kiss. They make their way over towards the bed. Sonny
lays Brenda gently on the bed. Brenda pulls Sonny down towards her*

*Brenda starts to unbotton Sonnyís shirt*

*Brenda and Sonny make love for hours*

To be continued......

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