The Time of Her Life
By K.C.

Part 1

This story begins after Jax has walked in after getting back from the night with

Miranda. He and Sonny were yelling at each other and Sonny has just said "I

guess you cant count" in regard to the comment Jax said about the triangle.

Now Brenda is yelling at Jax about how he can ask why Sonny was in their PH when

he had just spent a night with Miranda. The next few lines are from that

episode for those who havent seen it.

"You know, get this. I did not come here to fight or to watch one," Sonny

explains to Jax.

"Theres nothing to fight about," Jax answered. "What happened last night wont

happen again. Miranda and I have signed the divorce papers. Brender and I will

get married as soon as quickly as possible. Is that enough reason to dismantle

this triangle?"

"Oh. is that what you think this is all about? Who married who when? Who slept

with who first?"

"Oh, youre--something!"

"No why dont you just shut up for one little second here. You are not even in

the vicinity of reality here if you think that I holed up here last night to

make time with Brenda."

"I think youre a bloody opportunist., Yes."

"Oh, and I bet you think that Im the one sending Brenda the candy, flowers,

and the perfume."

"Well I havent found a better candidate."

"Well then you are a fool! This woman is in danger! Her life is on the line.

They are trying to get to me through her."

"Yeah? then stay the hell away from her! Now, if this cockeyed story of yours

is true then why sit her all night, proving to your supposed enemies how

important she is to you?

Wouldnt they come and blast you both?"

"Well they didnt, did they?"

"Well thats because of the figments of your imagination."

"Yeah, like the needle that was stuck in my neck? Like the nurse that hasnt

been seen or heard of since she tried to warn me about them. Like my wife who

was blown up to bits in front of my eyes?"

"My wifes safety is not your concern."

"Wrong! Thats what Im trying to get through to your head. And I dont care if

you buy it or not! If you dont protect Brenda, then I will!"

"Get out!"

"Okay! But I wont be very far and somebody who is answering to me will be

watching out day and night

"Oh I see because Brender had the great good fortune to tie up with you before

she knew any better her life perpetually in danger and were to be graced with

the presence of your thugs indefinably?"

"Listen punk. Your either going to get out of my way."

"I will protect Brender."

"Fine. So will I and my people until we figure out whos pulling this stuff and

I take care of them."

(Some things are taken out in this part of the conversation)

"About that triangle, you cant count."

(This is the point where Im going to continue from.)

"Brenda," Sonny talked to her with concern in his voice. "If you ever feel that

something weird is going on around you, call me. Dont hesitate! It could be

your life if you do. Someone is out to hurt me and they know that if someone

would happen to you thats all they would have to do to end my world. Bye."

Sonny walked out the door leaving Brenda very upset with Jax.

"Jax! How can you walk into this room and yell at him like that? He was just

protecting me! I was scared and asked him to stay."

"How do you think I feel walking in with my wifes ex-lover sitting on my


"How do you think I felt when I found out that you were staying with Miranda

last night?"

"Me staying with Miranda is different Brender We were married."

"Just because you were married means youre allowed to stay with her? So if

Sonny and I had been married, it would have been okay for him to be here


"No, Brender! You just dont know how it is to let go of someone you love."

"Let go of someone I love? How do you think it was for me when I had to let go

of Sonny? When he was marrying Lily and when he tells me he cant be with me

because Lilys carrying his child? I love him Jax! I love him as much as you

love Miranda!"

"Theres no way that you can have loved him like I love Miranda!"

"You still love Miranda. You cant hide it Jax. You still do and it shows."

"I divorced her didnt I?"

"You cant let go. I cant marry you if you still love your ex-wife. I cant

marry you if youre always going to wish I was her."

"Well then, I guess we arent going to be getting married."

"Because of that I think that I should leave your suite now. Call Sonnys cell

phone when youre leaving the suite so I can come back and get my stuff."

"Brender, where are you going to go?"

"Goodbye Jax."

Brenda walks out of the hotel suite with out looking back. At this point she

has no idea where she is going to stay and starts to wander around Port Charles.

While wandering, Brenda finds her way to Kellys.

"Brenda, you look a little upset," Ruby commented.

"Jax and I just had a fight and he said we shouldnt get married, so I told him

I was moving out. Im just confused right now and have no where to stay."

"You could have a room here. It wouldnt be your old room, but I do have

another one you could stay in."

"Thanks for the offer Ruby, but I dont want to impose. I need to get a place

by myself. Im tired of relying on everyone else."

"Okay, but if you change your mind, itll be free."

"Thanks Ruby."

"Do you want anything?"

"Just a cup of coffee."

"Okay sweetheart. Ill be back with it for you in a minute."

Brenda just sits in Kellys not believing what had happened just a half hour

ago. She is in such a daze, that she doesnt realize when Ruby came with her

coffee. She stayed in that daze for another 5 minutes.

"Brenda? Brenda?"

"What? Ned, oh its just you," Brenda responded.

"Thanks for the welcoming."

"Sorry, its just because Im preoccupied. Im not sure if I did the right


"Tell me whats wrong."

"Jax and I just had a fight and he said we shouldnt get married and I told him

I was moving out, so now Im here with nowhere to go. Im not sure I should

have said that. I mean we were both upset and I know I might have reacted the

same way if I walked in and Miranda was there."

"Wait, who was with you in the suite? Sonny?"


"He was concerned because of the presents I was getting. At first I didnt want

him to stay but then he said he already saw Lily die, he didnt want someone

else he loved to die, so I let him stay. And I have to admit, I did feel safer

with him there, even tough I wouldnt admit it."

"Why dont you stay at the Quartermaine mansion? I know that Lila would love to

have you and Edward wouldnt mind. You can have your room there before."

"I dont know."

"Come on Bren. You know youre always welcome at the Quartermaines. You have

nowhere to go."

"Okay, but just until I find something else. No longer."

"Agreed. Why dont I take you there now," Ned asked as Sonnys cell phone rang.

"Let me just get this, I could be JaxHello?"

"Brender, Im leaving for an hour. You can come get your things. Please be out

by the time I get back."

"Okay, are you sure," Brenda said to a deadline. "He just hung up on me. He

told me I could get my things and to be out in an hour."

"Ill take you there and help you pack."

"Thanks Ned, youre a great friend."

"Is that everything Bren," Ned asked referring to the boxes of things at the


"I think so, I have so many things, Im not sure if its everything."

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"As sure as Ill ever be. He said that I couldnt have loved Sonny like he

loved Miranda. I dont know how he could say that."

"Okay, then, off to Quartermaine mansion."

"Thanks for everything Ned."

"Anytime. Ill get these things and put them in the car downstairs."

Ned grabbed a few bags and a box, while Brenda opened the door for him. And to

their surprise there was standing Jax and Miranda.

"Brender, I thought that I told you be out of here in an hour."

"Lets get out of here Ned. Ill get the rest of the boxes."

Brenda took the remaining boxes, and stormed out of the room as quickly as she


"I cant believe he already is with her," Brenda yelled in the elevator. "Its

only been 2 hours! He told me he didnt love her anymore. He told me he loved

me. How?"

"Bren, come on itll be all right. Lets just get you home."

To be continued...

Part 2

Ned and Brenda have just arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, where an ELQ

meeting is taking place. Sonny and Jax (with Miranda) are there (Im not sure

if they still own the ELQ stocks, so Im just saying that they do). Edward

notices that Ned has just walked in and Brenda is with him.

"Ned? Youre late for the meeting. Brenda, how nice to see you," Edward said.

"Lila will love to see you."

Jax and Sonny both look in her direction.

"I cant wait until I see her either."

"So what brings you here," Edward asked.

"Well, I told her she could stay in her old room," Ned commented.

(I just decided to change the format to a script type)

E: "Its nice to have you then Brenda."

B: Im going to see Lila now.

E: Shes in the rec room dear.

Brenda leaves the room and the ELQ meeting continues. Sonny gives Ned a

questioning look which Ned returns by motioning for him to leave the room.

S: Excuse me Edward, Ill be right back in a minute.

(Ned and Sonny leave the room and are shown in the front gathering.)

S: So why is Brenda staying here?

N: Jax and her had a fight and she moved out. I told her that she could stay

here until she finds something permanent.

S: Listen Ned, take care of her. Whoever this guy is whos after me is trying

to hurt me through her. I cant let anything happen to her. Nothing!

N: Dont worry, Ill make sure shes okay. If the person is someone who isnt

close to her, they wont know where she is. At least for now. Youre really

not the one whos sending her the things.

S: I want to protect her, not hurt her.

E: Are we ready to start again gentlemen?

N: Yes Grandfather.

L: Why Brenda, its so nice to see you.

B: How are you doing Lila?

L: Fine dear. So what brings you to the Quartermaine?

B: Jax and I had a fight and Ned told me I could stay here. Is that okay?

L: Of course! Ill the maids fix up your old room.

B: Thank you Lila.

L: Why dont I have cook make you a snack?

B: Sure.

At the Quartermaines. The ELQ meeting has just ended. Sonny has just been

called and then left and Jax has stuck around. Brenda come out of a hallway and

literary runs into Jax.

J: Brender. Sorry! Didnt see you there.

B: Wheres Miranda?

J: She had to leave. Shes helping Mac at the Outback today.

B: Well, Id better get going.

J: Brender, cant we go somewhere and talk?

B: I dont know Jax.

J: Brender, we have been together for almost a year. Please, cant we go to

the hotel and talk for awhile?

B: Fine.

At Lukes- Sonnys sitting at a chair at the counter. Mikes behind the

counter wiping it. The phone rings.

M: Hello? (Pause) Yes, hold on. (Pause) Sonny, its for you.

S: Hello?

Person on phone: Mr. Corinthos?

S: Yes.

Person on Phone: Brenda Barrett has just been brought in to General Hospital.

Shes been beat up badly. She keeps asking for you.

S: Ill be there right away.

Sonny hangs up the phone, grabs his coat and runs out of Lukes.

A hospital room at General Hospital. Brenda who is beat up very bad is lying in

the bed. Sonny is sitting at her side, holding her hand.

Alan: Sonny?

S: Yeah?

A: How are you doing?

S: Who did this to her?

A: The police got a phone call from Brenda and she told them it was Jax.

Theyre looking for him right now.

S: How could he do that? How could he hurt an angel as perfect and beautiful

as Brenda? Is she going to be all right?

A: Shes unconscious right now. Jax must have hit her in the head a few times

after she called the police and then got out of there. He just made I out too.

S: What about her face. Look what he did to her face. Her face was so perfect

before and look at it. You can barely tell that its her.

A: Its fresh, so it looks worse now. Once it starts healing, her face will

look better. And if she wants, plastic surgery is an option.

S: Is it all right if I stay here with her?

A: Yes. Ive got to check on other patients, but Ill be back soon. If

anything changes in her condition, page a nurse right away.

S: Sure.

Alan leaves the room.

S: Brenda, baby, only if I knew. If I only knew that he would hurt you like

that. Baby, I would have been there. I should have been there. I shouldnt

have let him hurt you like that. Im sorry baby. So sorryso sorry.

Ned walks into the room.

N: Hows she doing?

S: Not good. Shes unconscious. The poor thing is so fragile now, that if

something goes wrong, she could die. He hurt her really bad Ned. He beat her

and wouldnt stop.

N: I shouldnt have let her talk to him. I should have seen her leave with


S: Ned its not your fault. No one could have known that he would do this to

her. Shes a big girl now Ned. She had to make her own decision.

N: You look hungry Sonny. Why dont you go down to the cafeteria and get

something? Ill stay here with her.

S: Thanks.

Sonny leaves the room.

Sonnys in the elevator on his way up from the cafeteria. He gets out of the

elevator and sees a lot of people running into Brendas room. He also hears a

bunch of noises and voices.

Nurse: Someone get Alan Quartermaine!

S: Excuse me! Whats going on? Whats wrong with her?

Nurse: Sir youre going to have to step back. We need to help her.

S: Brenda!!!

S: Alan, what happened?

A: Her system just crashed.

S: Is she going to be okay now? Can this happen again?

A: It could happen again. Shes even more fragile now. Im going to monitor

her very closely. Stay here with her Sonny. Ill have someone bring you

something to eat.

S: Thanks.

Alan leaves the room.

S: Brenda, baby, dont die on me! Please dont die on me! I cant face

another person I love to die on me! I need you! I need you Brenda. Without

you alive, Id die too.

LA (Lois): Sonny?

S: Lois? When did you get here?

LA: Ned called me and I got here as fast as I could. Alan just told me how she

was. How are you doing with this?

S: Not good at all. I cant lose her Lois. Shes my world.

Lois hugs Sonny and whispers: Everything will be okay.

Late that same night. Sonny is asleep in the chair next to Brendas bed. There

is a light on, but everything else is dark. Brenda slowly opens her eyes.

B: Sonny?

Sonny wakes up at the sound of her face.

S: Hey baby, youre up. How are you feeling?

B: I have a really bad headache. What happened?

S: You dont remember?

B: No. Sonny was it those guys that are after you?

S: No, Jax did it. You went to the hotel room and he beat you up really bad.

Some how you called the police and he beat you up some more and the paramedics

found you unconscious on the floor. They took you to General Hospital.

B: So Jax did this to me?

S: Yeah.

B: Where is he?

S: They dont know.

B: So they didnt arrest him?

S: He left before they came and is nowhere to be seen.

B: Are they looking for him?

S: Yeah. Brenda, Im sorry. I should have been there to stop him. I told you

I would protect you and I didnt.

B: Sonny, its not your fault. What about those guys who are after you?

S: It was Harry. They caught him and hes in jail now.

B: Harry Silver?

S: Yeah. You look tired. Get some rest and well talk more tomorrow.

B: Okay.

Sonny sits there and watches Brenda sleep.

The next day:

LA: Bren, how are you feeling today?

B: Better. How about you?

LA: Im not hurt. Youre the one that is.

B: I meant about how are you and Ned doing?

LA: Better. Hes amazing with Brooke. He loves her to bits and pieces and she

just adores him.

B: So?

LA: We made up last night.

B: Im so happy for you. So are you moving back to Port Charles?

LA: As soon as I can!

B: Well, its great to have you back.

Two days later at General Hospital.

A: Brenda, they found Jax and have arrested him.

B: So now hes in the Port Charles jail?

A: Not quite. They found him in Alaska. Theyre keeping him there. Mac

thought that it would be better for you if he were far away.

B: So how long will he be staying there?

A: Hell be locked up for a long time. Dont worry Brenda youll be safe.

B: Wheres Sonny?

A: He went home to get changed. He asked me to stay here until he got back.

He wants to keep you safe.

B: I know. Im getting tired.

A: Youd better get some sleep then. Ill stay here until Sonny gets back.

Two weeks later

A: Okay Brenda are you ready to go home.

B: You bet, I am so sick of staying in that bed all day!

S: Wow! Look at that angel! Standing on her two feet and all.

B: Ha Ha.

S: I really mean it Brenda, you look like an angel. Have you looked in the

mirror lately?

B: But all those bruises. My face looks horrible.

S: They heal and youll be your beautiful self again. Ready to go?

B: Yeah.

In the elevator- -

B: Thank you Sonny for being with me all that time.

S: I had to make sure you were okay and that nothing else happened to you.

B: Yeah, but you didnt have to stay the night and everything.

S: You did when I was in the hospital.

B: Fine, thank you.

Part 3

Two weeks later. Brendas bruises have healed and she looks as beautiful as she

did before Jax beat her up. She feels great and has been doing Physical Therapy

since the accident.

Maid: Ms. Barrett, Mr. Corinthos is here for you.

B: Tell him Ill be down in a minute.

Maid: Yes madam.

Brenda walks down the Quartermaines front staircase.

B: Hey Sonny! (Brenda runs over to him and hugs him)

S: Ready to go?

B: Yeah.

S: What time is your appointment over at?

B: 6:30

S: Do you want to go to dinner after?

B: Sure, that sounds great.

Sonny takes her to General Hospital and watches her as she works with the

physical therapist. After the session is over, they go to Lukes.

M: Hi Brenda. Hows the therapy going?

B: Good. I think that I feel like Im the same as I was before.

M: Thats good.

S: Why dont we sit over there?

Brenda and Sonny go over to a table and Jason walks in with Robin.

R: Hey Brenda!

B: Robin! When did you get back?

R: This morning. We have to do something this week.

B: Yeah.

R: Well Jason and I are going to a movie, so call me later this week.

B: Okay, bye. (to Sonny) They are so sweet together.

S: Yeah, they are. Know who they remind me of?

B: Who?

S: You and I when we first were together. You were so young and beautiful,

just like Robin and impulsive. They spend every second of the day together that

they can. We were like that once.

B: Yeah, we were. Those were the days.

Right after Sonny and Brenda were at Lukes. Sonny takes her back to the


B: Thank you Sonny. I had a good time. The best in a long time.

S: Im glad you did.

B: Do you think we could do it again?

S: Anytime.

8 Months Later:

Sonny and Brenda are walking hand in hand along some docks. The sun is

beginning to set in the background looking beautiful with all the different

shades of pink, blue and purple. When they get to the dock (the one where

everyone always seems to be), Sonny drops an unknown object. While still

holding Brendas hand, he kneels down on one knee to pick it up. When he finds

it, he stays on his knee and he holds out a jewelry box and opens it showing the

beautiful ring.

S: Brenda, I have loved you for what has seems my whole life. Ever since the

first day that I saw you and have never stopped loving you and never will.

Youre my world, my life. I almost lost you too many times and I couldnt face

actually losing you. I couldnt live without you in my life. Bren, will you

marry me?

Brendas almost in tears, smiling, goes down to hug Sonny.

B: Yes! Of Course! Yes, I will marry you Sonny!

Sonny slips the large diamond ring on her delicate finger.

S: Any particular date?

B: Yeah, November 29th. That way we wont forget Stone at our wedding.

S: Stone was right, we would get together again.

Fade out on Brenda and Sonny sitting on the dock, with Sonny holding her.

2 years later:

LA (Lois): Bren, dont be so nervous. Everything will turn out okay.

B: I know.

LA: It is the third time that youre doing this. Id think that youd be a pro

by now.

B: Ha ha. Seriously Lois, this is the first time its going to mean anything

to me. I really love him and its took so long to get to this day for us. Im

just afraid somethings going to go wrong.

LA: Me and my Nedly made sure that nothing would go wrong. Bren, its your day

and well make sure that everythings perfect.

B: I know youre right.

Brooke: Brenda pretty mommy.

LA: Yes Brooke, Brenda does look pretty. Like Cinderella. Remember Cinderella

in the book sweetie with the pumpkin?

Brooke: I want to be Cinderalla mommy!

B: Are you ready to be my little Cinderella flower girl Brooke?

Brooke: Yeah!

Theres a knock on the door.

LA: Who is it?

LS (Laura Spencer): Its me, Laura.

LA: Come in.

Laura opens the door carrying a large box.

LS: Heres your veil Brenda.

Brenda opens the box and theres a wreath of white roses with tiny daisies

placed sporadically in the arrangement. Attached is the flowing thin material

to go in the back which is to the middle of her back. There are also thin

strips of silky ribbon tied in tiny bows with the ends hangs down in spiral

curls. Brenda puts it on and looks in the mirror.

B: Laura, its beautiful!

LS: Ruby, Amy and I just made the finishing touches. I looks great on you


B: Thank you Laura! I couldnt thank you enough.

(Brenda hugs Laura) LS: I hope that you and Sonny are happy. I know how much

you love each other. Just trust him. Hell take care of you.

Theres another knock at the door.

LA: Who is it?

M: Mike.

LA: Come in.

M: Brenda are you ready to start?

B: Ive been ready for the last 6 years of my life.

M: Okay then, lets get this wedding started.

Downstairs- Sonnys in the foyer of the church pacing back and forth. The rest

of PC is in the large Roman Catholic Church. Sonny cant seem to stop pacing.

Lu (Luke Spencer): Sonny, wed better get into the church. Are you ready.

S: Never wasnt.

Sonny and Luke go into the church. Brenda walks down the stairs and starts to

pace like Sonny was just a few seconds before. She hears the music start and

begins to pace faster. Keesha, Robin, Laura, Emily and Lucy begin to walk down

the aisle with AJ, Jason, Mike, Lucky and Kevin. Following them was Lois the

maid of honor and Luke the best man. Following them was little Brooke and Sean

(Lucy and Kevins adopted son). Then Brenda. When Brenda walked down the aisle

with Ned at her side and everyone watched in awe because of her radiant beauty.

When they got to the front of the church Ned kissed Brenda and then gave her

over to Sonny. Sonny took her hand and they stood in front of the priest.

Priest: Do you Michael Corinthos take Brenda Barrett to be your wife?

S: I do.

Priest: Do you Brenda Barrett, take Michael Corinthos to be your wife?

B: I do.

Priest: The rings?

Sean steps up and hands the rings to Luke and Lois. Luke gives the ring to


Sonny takes her hand.

Priest: Repeat after me. With this ring I thee wed.

S: (Sonny whispers as he slips the ring on her hand) With this ring I thee


Priest: Through good and bad, until death do us part.

S: Through good and bad, until death do us part.

Lois hands Brenda the ring.

Priest: Brenda, repeat with this ring I thee wed.

B: (With tears in her eyes and as she slips the ring on his finger) With this

ring I thee wed.

Priest: Through good and bad until death do us part.

B: Through good and bad until death do us part.

Priest: With the power invested in me by the state of New York, I pronounce you

husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

Sonny takes Brendas face and his hands and they kiss for what seems eternity.

Then they get in the limo and go to the PC Hotel ballroom for the party.

Part 4

The Port Charles Hotel ballroom is packed with people. Brenda and Sonny are

attacked and havent left each others side for a minute. Theyre dancing to

the first song of the night, Jennifer Love Hewitts "Never a Day". Ned and

Lois are dancing with Sean and Brooke dancing next to them. Some of the other

guests are dancing as well and the others are talking at the tables set up.

The room looked beautiful. There was a large dance floor with a stage in the

front. On the stage was a band playing. The tables had beautiful centerpieces

in the middle.

Sonny and Brenda go up on the stage.

B: Now our great friend, Eddie Maine is going to sing a song of his for us.

Ned comes on stage and sings a song of his.

The party is almost over.

E: Brenda, now you make sure Sonny doesnt get into trouble or get you in

trouble. Now Lila and I have to leave.

L: Good-bye dear, I hope that you and Sonny have a great time in Spain.

B: Thank you Lila. We will.

Edward and Lila leave.

S: Wed better get going now. The plane leaves in an hour and a half.

B: Okay, just let me say bye to Lois and Ned.

Brenda walks over to Lois.

B: Were going to leave now.

LA: Have a good time! And dont worry about L&B, Ive got it under control.

N: You go and have yourself a good time.

B: Bye you guys. Bye Brooke.

Brooke: Bye Bren!

S: May I steal my wife from you now?

LA: Yes you may as long as you took care of her.

S: I will. Bye Lois. (kisses Lois on the cheek). Ned (Shakes Neds hand).

And Brooke. (gives her a hug).

At the airport.

S: So how is it being Mrs. Corinthos so far?

B: Pretty good.

Announcer: Flight 345 to Spain is now boarding. First class boards first.

S: Come on Mrs. Corinthos, I believe thats us.

B: Ow!

S: Whats wrong?

B: I just got this pain in my side.

S: Do you want to go see a doctor?

B: No! And ruin our honeymoon? Its all right. Its probably just that old

hip thing.

S: Are you sure, because we can reschedule the flight.

B: No Sonny, everything is going to be all right. Believe me, its nothing.

The hotel in Spain:

B: Sonny, its so beautiful here.

S: How would you know? We havent been outside for more than two seconds.

(Brenda playfully hits Sonny).

B: Okay, today we will go outside and do a little sightseeing.

S: Thank you. At least we have two days to see some of Spain.

B: Just let me get dressed and we can leave whenever youre ready.

B: Wow! Its so beautiful.

S: Not as beautiful as you.

B: Sonny.

S: Hey, its the truth. Where do you want to go to dinner?

B: Anywhere! Im starving!

A Vender walks by.

S: Cuantos cuestan los flores?

Vender: Cuestan deciocho pesos Senor.

S: sies flores.

Sonny hand sthe man some money and then hands Brenda six flowers.

S: One for each year that I have waited for this day.

B: You are so sweet Sonny. I love you so much!

S: I love you two baby.

LA: Brenda should be back soon.

N: Today right?

LA: In three hours.

N: You really miss her, dont you?

LA: Yeah, my life isnt complete without her. I mean everyone ha to have a

Brenda in their life.

A PH, but not Sonnys old one, a different one in a different building.

B: I cant believe were already home!

S: I know. Time just flew by. You look tired.

B: Yeah, I am. Id better take a nap.

S: Ill be waiting down here for you.

B: Okay. (She kisses him) Ill be dreaming of you.

Sonny watches as she walks up the stairs. After she is out of sight, his gaze

remains there for a minute later. He then walks over to the phone, picks it up

and dials it.

S: Jason, yeah, were back. Hows everything been while I was gone?

Three weeks later:

S: Brenda, whats wrong?

B: Nothing. Nothing at all. ( walks over and puts her arms around him.) Ive

got some news for you. Im pregnant!

S: Youre pregnant? Oh my God! My babys having my baby. How long have you


B: I just found out today. You know how Ive been so tired and sick lately?

This is why.

S: (Hugs and kisses her) This is one of the happiest days of my life.

About 9 months later. Brendas walking around the PH with a huge stomach.

Shes carrying a bowl of ice cream and eating while talking on the phone.

B: Sonny, Im all right. Lois will be here in a couple of seconds and if I do

go into labor, shell take me and well call you right away. Dont worry

sweetie, everything will be all right.

S: Okay, but you and my baby take care. Ill be home soon as I can.

Theres a knock on the door.

B: That must be Lois. I love you.

S: Love you more.

Brenda hangs up the phone and goes to the door.

B: Who is it?

LA: Its me.

Brenda opens the door for Lois.

LA: Girlfriend Im catching up to you. Only another month or two and Ill be

that side again.

B: Ha Ow!

LA: Bren are you okay?

B: Yeah, but I think Im going into labor.

LA: Lets get you to the hospital.

In a General Hospital room. Brendas lying in a bed.

S: Bren, you did great.

B: And our little girls the proof.

S: Have you decided on what you want to name her?

B: You have to help too.

S: Okay, you give three names and I will and then well choose one of those.

B: Okay. I like Alyssa, Jordan and Andi. You?

S: Marie, Sarah and Juliet.

B: Then how about Andi Marie?

S: Sounds beautiful.

The nurse comes in with the baby and gives her to Sonny. The nurse leaves and

Lois comes in with Brooke.

LA: Hi you guys.

S: Hi Lois. Wed like you to meet Andi Marie Corinthos.

LA: Shes so beautiful, just like you Bren.

In the PH. Brenda, Sonny and Andi are just getting back from the hospital.

S: You know what we need now that weve got a family?

B: What?

S: A house. Theres this house that I saw in PC near the docks. Its really

nice, a four bedroom, big walk-in closet just for you and huge bathroom. Its

beautiful. So what do you say?

B: You really mean it?

S: Yeah.

B: We can we move in?

The new house. Theyre moving in. Moving guys are all over. Ned, Lois and

Brooke are over.

LA: Bren, I love this house. You and Sonny are going to be so happy here.

B: I know. Im living my dream. I have my Sonny, my baby, a house. I have a

family. This is as happy as I can ever be. Theres nothing that can make me


N: Well, it seems like you are really happy Bren and I want you to know that

Im glad about that.

B: Thank you Ned.

Later that week. The phone rings.

B: Hello?

N: You are now the Godmother of Brandon Toby Ashton and Brenda Jean Ashton.

B: Twins! Ned, that is great. Im so happy for you guys! And you named one

after me?

N: You are Lois best friend. She and I insisted. Tell Sonny about Brandon

and Brenda.

B: Okay. Bye. Send Lois my love.

N: I will. Bye.

Later that day: Theres a knock on the door. Brenda goes and answers the door

while Andis sleeping in the front room. When she opens the door, Jax is

standing there.

B: Jax, what are you doing here?

J: Ive come to talk to you.

B: Jax, not now. I dont think that you should be here.

J: Brender, how could you do this to me?

B: Do what? I didnt do anything to you.

J: Marrying him. What other secrets do you have from me?

B: Nothing.

(Andi starts to cry)

J: What is that?

B: My baby.

J: Your what?

B: My baby. Jax youd better leave. Sonny will be home soon.

J: No, I wont leave just because Sonnys coming home. You were my wife so I

have every right to talk to you. (Jax pushes her aside and walks into the

house. By pushing her aside, it causes her to fall to the floor.

B: Jax leave, now!

J: No! Not until you tell me that you still love me!

B: I dont love you. I love Sonny!

J: Say that you love me!

B: But I dont. Jax leave! (Brenda stands up)

Jax walks up to her, punches her.

J: Say that you love me!

B: Jax!

Jax just realizes what he has just done.

J: Brender, Im sorry, I didnt mean to. (Regretting what he has just did, he

runs out of the door, slamming in shut.)

Brenda starts to cry, then gets up and gets some ice from the freezer. She puts

the ice on her eye and then calls Sonny.

B: Sonny, hes out of jail. He came here and kept telling me to tell him I

loved him. I wouldnt and then he hit me.

S: Is he gone? How hurt are you?

B: He left. I have a black-eye. Sonny, Im scared, what if he comes back.

S: Ill be home as soon as I can. From now on dont open the door. Take Andi

upstairs to our room. Screen the calls before answering the phone.

B: Okay, I will. Bye sweetie.

S: Bye love.

Brenda hangs up the phone and runs into the front room to get Andi. Then she

takes her upstairs. When they get upstairs, the doorbell rings. Brenda looks

out the window and sees Jaxs car. She just sits there holding Andi, in tears.

5 minutes later, Jax leaves the front door and 5 minutes after that Sonny gets


S: Are you guys all right?

B: Yeah now we are. Sonny I was so scared.

S: Baby, look at your eye. Its all black and blue.

B: At least Im alive.

Sonny hugs them both.

About a month later. Brendas going to Lois to pick up Andi. It seems like

its a perfect day outside.

Brendas almost there, when she notices that someone is tailgating her. She

cant see the face of the person. All of a sudden, the person comes around her

and turns into the drivers side of the car. Brenda looks in horror as she sees

Jaxs car smash into her.

The next scene is in General Hospital yet again. Brenda is lying in bed and is

very badly cut up. Sonny is sitting next to her, crying.

S: Brenda, why is that everything bad happens to you? Its all because you

choose me to love and I had to punish you and love you back. Why did I have to

do this to you? My wife is hurt and theres nothing I can do to help you

except sit here and pray and hope that God will help you get better. You have

to get better. Andi and I need you. Baby, dont die on us. Please, dont. I

promise that this time Ill really keep you out of danger. I Should have been

with you every second of the day after he hit you the first time. I shouldnt

have given him the chance to hurt you again. Please forgive me.

Alan walks in.

A: Sonny?

S: Yeah?

A: How are you doing?

S: That doesnt matter right now. All that matters is how my Brenda is. Shes

all Im concerned with right now.

A: Well, it does matter Sonny. If she doesnt make it, then youre going to

have to be good enough to take care of Andi. Do you think you will?

S: Im not going to lose her am I?

A: Which one?

S: Both.

A: Theres a possibility Brenda, may not make it. Shes not very stable right

now. If they think that youre not well enough to take care of a baby, they

could appoint someone else to take care of her.

S: Ill be well enough to take care of Andi and Brenda will be there at my side

to take care of our baby.

A: Sonny, youre going to have to accept the fact that you could lose Brenda!

Shes strong, but she might not make it!

S: Alan, she and Andi are my life. What would I do without her?

A: I dont know Sonny, I dont know.

The next week. Sonnys still next to her bed. She opens her eyes.

B: (faintly) Sonny?

S: Baby, how are you?

B: Baby, Im hurting. Sonny, take care of Andi for me.

S: Bren, youre not going to die.

B: Sonny, I love you and always have loved you. Ill never stop, no matter

where I am or you are. Tell Andi about how much I loved her.

S: Bren, youre going to be there to tell her yourself. Think positively.

Youre strong, you can make it.

B: Its all how you think I am. I try to be strong, but now I cant do it

anymore. I have been trying. Im so weak that I cant. No matter how much I

want to be there for you and Andi, I cant.

S: Sweetie, please dont leave me. I cant live without you.

B: The last 4 years were the happiest ever for me. Sonny, you made my dream

come true. You let me find and know real true love. I got that dream of a

happy family with real love. I love you. My blood will always be flowing in

you. Dont forget that.

Sonny goes over and kisses her a passionate kiss. Brenda uses the rest of her

energy into it. Then she dies there in Sonnys arms. Sonny starts to cry.

LA: Sonny are you okay?

S: How could Jax do this to her?

LA: At least hes locked up for good. He cant hurt you or your family again.

S: Lois, how am I going to live without her. You know how much she was to me.

How she was my whole world.

LA: You still have Andi.

S: Thank God about that. I couldnt face losing another child.

LA: Sonny, if you ever need help, Ned and I will be here for you.

S: Thanks Lois. Right now all I need you to do is to come to the funeral.

The funeral all of PC is there.

S: Brenda was a perfect angel. She never did any wrong. All she ever did was

love me and live for me and her family. She wasnt the one who should of died.

I would gladly die in her place, because either way I would be dying. She was

my world and I would do anything for her. Now all I have left of her are the

memories and our beautiful daughter, Andi. I hope that Brendas memory lives on

forever through me and Andi and all of PC.

After the funeral:

LA: Do you want me to come over?

S: No, but can you watch Andi for me?

LA: Of course. As long as you need me to.

S: Thanks Lois.

About 5 years later on Andis 5th birthday.

S: Happy Birthday sweetie!

Andi: Morning daddy!

S: Hows my five year old?

Andi: Older. Daddy?

S: Yeah sweetie?

Andi: What was my mommy like?

S: Your mommy was a great person, really pretty, actually beautiful. She was

like an angel on earth. You remind me a lot of her. She had the same color

hair as you and the same color eyes. Youre like her too. Youve got her smile

and the way she always knew what she wanted.

Andi: How did mommy die?

S: In a car accident.

Andi: Did she die right away?

S: No. She fought to live for us. She told me that she kept trying, but

couldnt make it even for us.

Andi: Do they know who hit the car?

S: Youre full of questions today.

Andi: Do they?

S: Yes. It was your mommys ex-husband. Hes in jail now.

Andi: What did my mommy do?

S: She worked for Lucy as a model and with Auntie Lois in their business.

Andi: Did she love me?

S: Ive told you she loved you. She loved you so much Andi. She told me to

tell you how much she loved you before she died. All I can say is that she

loved you very much. She gave you your name.

Andi: I like my name. Andi Marie Corinthos. It sounds fancy like a models.

Can I be a model when I grow up daddy? Just like my mommy?

S: Of course. I think that shed like to know her beautiful daughter wants to

be just like her. Now get ready, Auntie Lois will be here soon.

Andi: Okay daddy. Im going to take a shower then put on my new party dress.

Andi hops out of bed and runs to the large closet, getting two towels and then

goes to the bathroom to take a shower. Sonny sits on the bed and remembers

Brenda. When he hears the shower turn on, he gets up and goes down the hall.

He goes all the way to the end and opens the door to a dark room which turns out

to be an attic. He turns on the lights, leaving the door open, so he can hear

Andi. He walks up the stairs of the finished attic and walks to another door

there is in the attic and opens that door. When he turns on the light of that

room we can see a bunch of boxes marked Brendas things. He walks over to a box

and opens it. There are a bunch of pictures in frames of Brenda and Sonny with

Brenda. Sonny takes out their wedding picture in the church. He also takes out

on of him and Brenda in Spain and another one of her and Stone. He hears a

knock on the door behind him.

S: Lois? I didnt hear you guys come in.

LA: Amanda let us in. Is this all her stuff?

S: Mostly. There is some of her things down in the bedroom. I had to bring

some things down when coming up here every night became a routine. I still

carry around her picture in my wallet and the ring is always on. Its so hard

to let go.

LA: I know. So why are you up here now?

S: Andi was asking all these questions about Brenda.

LA: Its good that she wants to know about her.

S: Yeah. I just needed to see Brendas face again. Doesnt Andi remind you of

Brenda a lot?

LA: She does.

S: : She was pregnant. We would have had another baby. Alan said she was

coming in for an appointment that day and that he hadnt told her yet and didnt

want to at that point because she might have lost the baby. He thought that if

she lived that she would be upset if she lost the baby.

LA: Oh Sonny (Lois hugs him). Im sorry.

S: Its better that she didnt know. She didnt want to leave us. She tried

and fought so hard. We had our family Lois. We were both so happy. Damn! Why

did he have to ruin it all for us? Why could he just accept that Brenda and I

were happy together? That we had our dreams?

LA: Jax was mad. I guess he was just upset that she left him and married you.

S: He beat her Lois! He hit her like there was no tomorrow! Alan said that

she was lucky that she didnt die when he hit her first.

LA: You have lost so much Sonny, but remember you still have Andi.

S: I know shes my world. (Pause) I think that Im going to put out our old

pictures. Andi should get to see her mother and how happy we were together.

How much love there was in this house and how much Brenda loved her.

LA: I think thats a good idea. Ill help you.

Sonny gives Lois the three pictures he first took out, and then takes out one of

Brenda in the hospital holding Andi right after she was born, one of Brenda and

Andi on the Halloween and one of all three of them on their boat, The Beauty.

S: We should put these out first.

LA: Ill put these out in the front room and the family room.

Lois walks out of the room and Sonny starts to walk out, but then turns back.

He puts the pictures down and then opens a box. Inside is a diary that he

doesnt remember packing away. He opens the diary and reads the last entry:

August 22, 1999

Today I have to go to the doctors. I dont know why, but Alan said he wanted to

talk to me about something. Im not quite sure, but I think it could be because

Im pregnant again. I havent told Sonny, because I don't want to dissappoint

him if I'm not. Wouldnt it be great if I was and we had a boy? We could name

him Michael after Sonny or Stone like we wanted. Oh, I shouldnt get too

excited in case its something else. All Ive got to do now is pick up Andi at

Lois and then Im going to the hospital. I cant wait to know!

Sonny starts to cry and then hears Andi calling him. He gets up and puts the

diary in his front pocket of his shirt. Takes a picture album and the other

framed pictures. Closes the door and goes downstairs to Andi whos still

calling him.

Andi: Auntie Lois said that you need to get downstairs. She needs your help to

decorate this house! (Andi notices the pictures) Who are those?

S: Well this one is of you and Bren, mommy right after you were born, then this

one is you and her on Halloween and this one is of you me and Brenda on our

boat, The Beauty. I thought that you would like to see some pictures of your


Andi: Are we going to keep these out?

S: If thats what you want.

Andi: I do! I want to remember her face.

S: (Whispers so Andi cant hear) Once you see it, you probably wont forget

it. (to Andi) Now lets get down and get ready for that party!


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