The Past is the Past--By Barbara

This whole thing with the Dorman murder

is kinda cool, but I would rather have

Sonny and Brenda together forever, not

having to worry about a murder.So this

story starts way back, in the hospital

the night after the catacobms.(In my world,

Miranda is gone, Lois never left, Brenda

is NOT addicted to painpills, and has just

found out that she IS pregnet.) Now this is

my first ever FanFic, so any comments or suggestions will

be greatly appreciated.

B: What do you mean?

Nurse: You are pregnet, but we can't tell the date you concieved,

it's to recent.Probably under two weeks ago.

B: (to herself) Probably under a day ago. (to Alan) Can you tell the


A: Not for about three weeks. But Brenda, why?

Who besides Jax could be...

He stops when he sees the look on Brenda's face.

B: (whispers) Sonny. In the caves... (louder) You won't tell Jax.

A: I can't tell him anything. It's all confidential(sp?).

B: Thanks. So if I come back in three weeks, you can tell me

who the father is.

A: Yes, we can tell you the bloodtype anyway.

B: Good.

Jax walks in.

J: What's 'good' Brender?

B: Alan says I'm fine, we can go home.

J: You're sure Alan?

A: Yes, As long as Brenda eats well and gets alot of rest,

she will be fine. She's just worn out from being in the caves.

B&J: Thanks.

They leave the room. Brenda sees Sonny in the hall as they leave.

B: Jax, wait for me in the limo.[Do J&B have a limo?] I'll be a minuet.

Jax looks unhappy, but kisses Brenda and leaves. She goes over to Sonny.

S: Are you okay?

B: Well,

S: Brenda, are you okay?

B: Yes, but...

S: But? What's up Bren?

B: Umm, not here. Meet me tomorrow at one.

S: The docks?

B: Yeah, I'll tell you everything then.

S: Okay, I can wait. But nothing is wrong with you is it?

B: No. Well, nothing bad.

S: That's good. See you tomorrow then.

B: Yeah, and Sonny; thanks for all you did down there.

S: Hey, you helped me too.(Brenda smiles, then leaves.)

(whispers to himself) More than you could ever know.


It's Noon the next day, J&B are at the penthouse.

J: I have a buisness meeting in Puerto Rico. I'll be gone for four days.

B: Do you have to go?

J: Yes, but I want you to come with me.

B: I can't I have some L&B stuff to do with Lois. I'm meeting her at one.

J: Well, I'll be doing buisness for four days, but come down after that.

B: I...

J: No buts. You're coming. I'll send the jet for you in four days.

Gotta run. I love you.

Bends down to kiss her, then leaves.

B:(to herself) Why does it have to be Puerto Rico?

Brenda leaves for the docks. When she gets there, she finds Sonny

already there, staring out at the water. He feels her there, and

turns around.

B: Hi Sonny.

S: Bren, are you okay?

B: Yes. No. It's' see...

S: Hey, C'mere

Brenda slips into his arms and they hug tightly. She finally pulls

back tolook him right in the eyes, and just blurts it out.

B: I'm pregnet.

S: Oh my god! That's great.

He picks her up and starts to spin her around, she makes him stop.

B: No Sonny, it's not great. (he looks heartbroken) I mean,

I don't know it it's yours or Jax's. The doctors can't say

for a few weeks yet.

S: (more subdued(sp?)) You tell Jax?

B: No. Cause he'd think it's his. I wouldn't know how to tell

him otherwise.

S: (to himself) Do you know otherwise? What did what happened

mean to you? (outloud) What will you do?

B: Wait a few weeks. If it's his, well, I'll say I just found out

when I tell him. If the baby's not his, well..then....

S: (slightly annoyed) Then...What Brenda?

B: (slowly) Then, I'll tell him about the catacombs, and that

I'm sorry. And then...

S: (upset) Then what?

B: Oh, Sonny I don't know. Look, I'll talk to you later. I gotta

get back.

S: I love you. I just had to say it now. So you don't think I was

nuts in the caves or something like that.

B: (to herself) I love you too. Why can't I say it? (outloud)

I'll talk to you later.

S: (after she leaves) Why can't you say it Brenda?


Four days later, Brenda is with Lois and Robin at the Penthouse.

L: Come on Bren, what's wrong?

B: Wrong?

R: Brenda, you've been acting kinda wierd ever since that night in

the hospital.

B: (ranting) Wrong? What could possibly be wrong? I'm great.

I'm going to have a baby.But I don't know whose it is. Isn't

that just swell? Sonny and I made love in the caves, Yes, you

heard me right. So it could be his or Jax's, but they can't tell me

for a few weeks. (She breaks down and starts crying.)

L&R look shocked, and Robin recovers first.

R: Whoa! Are you and Sonny back together then?

B: No. Maybe, I mean, we said we loved each other.

R: Do you love him?

B: Yes, but...

L: There's a but?

B: (smiles for the first time in four days) but I love Jax too.

And I'm with him now. He asked me to meet him later.

R: Isn't he away on buisness?

B: Yeah, I'm going to fly down and meet him.

L: But isn't his buisness in Puerto Rico?

Brenda just nods and starts to cry again.

R: Oh, man! Can you handle that?

B: Being there with Jax? I hope I can, I hope I'm strong enough,

cause my plane leaves in a few hours. Look, umm, thanks for listening

guys, but I've gotta finish packing.

L: We'll take you to the airport.

Brenda smiles, and goes back to the bedroom. L&R sit there and

talk quietly.

R: She still loves Sonny!

L: And she loves Jax.

R: You can tell it's not the same.

L: I know. I think she loves Jax like we both love Sonny; as a

best friend.

R: That's what I think too. I just hope they're not to stubborn

to realize it.


A week later in Puerto Rico. Music is playing in the background.

***A mountain of stone, a door of steel.

Can't stand in my way,I'd go on.

Brutal machines,unbending laws

Can't slow me down, I'd go on.

I've learned how to deal, and when to fight

I've learned what's real, I know what's right

I'm not afraid, a wounded dove,

I can be tender in a world so tough.***

As Brenda lays in Jax's arms, she can't help but think about the

time her and Sonny were in Puerto Rico.

***I'm sure I could face the bitter cold,

but life without you, I don't know.***

And thinks about how different Jax and Sonny are. She had had a

great time with Sonny(when they weren't being shot at), but with

Jax somehow it was different. It wasn't as fun. Maybe that's cause

everytime she kissed Jax she wasthinking about kissing another man,

but Jax just didn't understand how she wanted thing to be. There were

so many things she just couldn't tell him.

***The winds of the heart can blow me down,

But I get right up and stand my ground.

I've tasted fear, my share of pain

The wasted tears of love in vain

I've held you tight, pushed you away

Now with all my might I beg you to stay.

I'm sure I could face the bitter cold.

But life without you, I don't know.***

She wouldn't even flinch at telling Sonny how she felt about Jax,

but the thought of talking to Jax about her and Sonny made her shiver.

She knew she was safer with Jax, but that safty wasn't bringing her

happiness. She knew that with Jax she wouldn't be shot at, but they

would never make love on a beach either. She thought with a smile that

the only place Jax knew was a bedroom, Not the catacombs, not a beach,

not anywhere that her and Sonny had been. She really missed that.

She really missed Sonny.

***I know what I want, I know what I need.

But there's just one thing I must believe

Deep in the night by a dying flame,

You will be there when I call your name.***

Not the danger, but the excitment, and the fun times. Having been

totally away from Sonny had made her realize that she missed him.

She missed making love with him, she missed talking with him, and

more than anything she missed his ability to know her feeling without

her saying a word. Something in her just said that she was carrying

Sonny's baby, and she started to think about how to tell Jax.

***I'm sure I could face the bitter cold.

But life without you, I don't know.

I don't know***


Back in Port Charles; Sonny is talking to Robin. He has been going

crazy not seeing Brenda and not knowing if he is father.

S: Why hasn't she called?

R: She won't have the results for a week yet.

S: But I still want to talk to her. Maybe I should call her.

R: Sonny, you can't.

S: What do you mean?

R: She's gone.

S: What do...Where is she?

R: She went with Jax on his buisness trip.

S: Robin, where?

R: (takes a deep breath) Puerto Rico

S: She's there with candyboy? Doesn't he...

R: He doesn't really understand what happened with you two down there.

S: I'm sure he doesn't. No one could ever understand.

R: (smiles) I know.

S: I can't believe she would want to go back there.

R: Well, from the way she was talking, Jax didn't give her much

of a choice.

S: But after all that she's been through down there!

R: The good or the bad?

S: Well, both, I suppose. I mean what was between the two of us

was so incredible down there, but then again we also spent alot

of the time being shot at. I wouldn't think she'd ever want to

go back there.

R: Maybe she's only remembering the good.

S: The good. (he smiles) Well, I better get going, I've got some

buisness to handle.

R: See you later?

S: Definatly.

R: Sonny, don't do anything dumb.

S: Hey, you know me. (He walks out the door)

R: Yes I do. That's what worries me.

Robin decides to call Lois.

L: Hello?

R: Hi, it's Robin. He knows.

L: You told Sonny where Bren was?

R: I had to, he asked. I couldn't lie to him.

L: Of course not. How'd he take it?

R: About like I expected. He can't believe she'd want to

go there, especially if she was with Jax.

L: Truthfully, I had a hard time believeing she really wanted to go,

it seemed like Jax was making her.

R: That's what I thought too.

L: What do you think he'll do?

R: Knowing Sonny? Probably go down there.

L: But how would he find her?

R: He's got his ways.

L: I suppose. And if nothing else, he must know of a place she'll go to.

R: I'm sure they have a few special places down there.

Knowing Brenda, she'll be thinking more about Sonny and

the past than she is about Jax and the present.

L: Probably. Well, Ned just came in so I gotta go, but please

call me if you hear anything.

R: I will. Bye

L: Bye.


5 days later in PR---

Brenda went to a doctor down there and got a bloodtest done for

the baby. She has just gotten the results. She tells Jax she

is going out for a drive, but ends up driving a boat around.

She is thinking about the last time she was in a boat.

Almost by magic, she finds herself driving along a beach.

She knows instantly where she is. She docks the boat and slowly

walks along the beach. When she's at a certain spot, she stops,

and stares down at the sand, remembering. She doesn't even hear

someone coming up behind her.

Sonny: I knew you'd come here eventually

.Brenda: Somehow I just knew the way. (he nods) How'd you find me?

S: I found out that you and Jax were in Puerto Rico, and like

I said, I knew you'd come here sooner or later.

B: I found out about my baby. I just had to come here to think.

S: Well, since you're not with Jax and you came here, I'm guessing....

B: Yeah, you're going to be a daddy Sonny.

S: Oh baby!

Sonny picks her up and spins her around, this time she doesn't

object. He leans in to kiss her, but she stops him.

S: What...

B: I love you. I've always known it, but I can finally say

it to you. I'm not afraid anymore.

S: Afraid? Of What?

B: Of what I did to you. I was afraid you could never forgive me,

or maybe that you didn't even want to. I didn't know how you could.

I mean, if you had betrayed me like I did to you....

S: Hey, I forgave you a long time ago. I was mad when you wore that

wire, but I kinda understand why you did. And I guess I've always

known you would never have given the cops that tape. (tilts his head

a little) As for me betraying you, I did. And I know that you forgave

me because you came back to me and told me you still loved me.

B: If you mean Lily...

S: Look Bren, even after the wire, we might have been able to work things

out, but instead I...

B: I forgave you for that practicly the next week. Once I found out

you would have been in jail if you hadn't married her, I knew why

you did. I'm glad you did. Otherwise, we couldn't have gotten a

second chance. We never could have gotten back together.

I just wonder if either of us can ever totally forget what we did

to the other.

S: Hey, that was over a year ago. All that nasty stuff is long gone.

Riveria, Lily, the wire, all the lies between us are gone. We're free.

The past is the past, honey. We leave it behind and we move forward.

Yeah, you can look over your shoulder every once and a while for memories

sake, but you never go back. You never make the same mistakes.

Sonny leans down and starts to kiss her. Just as things start to

get really intense, Sonny pulls back.

S: Is this safe for the baby?

B: (laughs) Yes. This baby will be just fine, and he or she will

love you almost as much as it's mommy does.

S: I love you too. (he puts a hand on her stomach) Both of you.

Brenda smiles and they start kissing passionately(or they kiss

passion on the lips). Brenda unbuttons Sonny's shirt and it slips off.

They sink to the sand as the camera pans to the palm trees and a setting


The following morning, Brenda wakes up in Sonny's arms.

S: Good morning baby.

B: It's a great morning.

S: It is, isn't it

.B: Can we stay like this all day?

S: I could, But don't you want to talk to Jax?

B: Oh my god! He must be worried to death.

S: Go talk to him. I'll be here.

B: And I'll be back as soon as I can.

S: I love you.

B: Ditto.

Brenda gets into her boat and drives off.

S: Please do the right thing Bren. Please come back to me.


J: Oh my god Brenda! Where the h*ll were you?

B: Umm, look, we need to talk.

J: why do I think I'm not gonna like this?

B: Because you won't. Look, we need to talk about what happened

to me and Sonny in the catacombs.(Remember in my world, Miranda

is gone, so she didn't tell Jax, because Brenda never even wrote

the letter.) I need you to understand how long it

took me before I really completely believed I was going to die.

I mean, I was sitting in that cave and believed I was going to die,

and I had so many regrets. Sonny was the

one bit of life I had to hold on to. We both would have gone crazy

if we had been down there alone. We kept telling each other it was

going to be okay, and we'd get rescued. Once we gave that hope up,

we felt we had to be totally honest with each other. We

said everything we've ever wanted to say from the day we broke-up,

and then we gave up. Or should I say we gave in. Jax, Sonny and

I made love.

J: You what?

B: We gave up, and made love. We, we had to let our true feelings

come through.

We had to let the other know how we felt.

J: Look, I told you I want you to be happy. Yeah, you can tell me

you and Sonny made love, but what you aren't telling me is that you

still love Sonny. I mean, it's no crime to love t he man you loved

before you knew me. Without him, we wouldn't have gotten together

in the first place. But I fell in love with you, I gave it my best

shot and lost. It happens to me sometimes.

B: I really did love you. That's why this is so hard.

J: Remember when I tried to show you how incredibly smart I was?

I'm going to prove it now; by wishing you the best and walking away.

B: I know that's what we need to do. I'm sorry about 'Nobody leaves.'

J: Nobody did. We're just letting go.

They kiss one final time and she leaves with tears in her eyes


*****If this scene sounded familiar it's basicly copied from

the actually J&B break-up scene on GH*****

Brenda drives back to the beach to find Sonny sound asleep.

She goes over and kneels next to him. She leans down to kiss him,

but stops. She just sits there and watches him. Slowly, she picks

up his hand and strokes it, then sets it on her

stomach. His face breaks out into a hugh grin and his eyes open.

S: Hey beautiful.

B: (softly) Hi.

S: I guess you wore me out last night.

Brenda blushes and laughs.

B: Hey, I'm just as tired.

S: Then lets get some sleep.

B: (sounds dissapionted) What about...

S: Hey just being together is enough. WE've got our whole lives together.

B: Yeah. Together Forever.

In the middle of the day, they fall asleep in each other's arms.


Two months later, back in PC---Brenda comes home from a meeting with Lucy.

Home, is Sonny's Penthouse. They moved in together as soon as they got

back from PR. Brenda knows something is up as soon as she walks in the

door. The room is dark except for a few candles on the table. Under the

candles is a bowl of strawberries. She smiles and eats one. She looks

around and doesn't see Sonny, so she heads upstairs. She walks into their

bedroom, but that to is dark and empty.

B: Where are you Sonny? What is going on?

Brenda looks puzzled for a second, but smiles when she hears music coming

from down the hall.

***So long

I've been looking too hard

I've been waiting too long

Sometimes I don't know what I will find

I only know it's a matter of time

When you love someone

When you love someone***

She walks into another room, and her eyes fill with tears. Stone's room.

The only difference from the last time she saw it is that Stone's not in

it anymore.

***It feels so right, so warm and true

I need to know if you can feel it, too

Maybe I'm wrong

Won't you tell me if I'm coming on too strong

This heart of mine has been hurt before

This time I wanna be sure***

She sees Sonny looking out the window. She walks up behind him, and puts

her arms around him.

S: Hey, you found me.

B: I heard the music. (she turns him around) Sonny, why?

***I've been waiting for a girl like you

To come into my life

I've been waiting for a girl like you

A love that will survive

I've been waiting for someone new

To make me feel alive

Yeah, waiting for a girl like you

To come into my life***

B: You haven't opened the room since he died. Why now?

S: Because this is the perfect place for what I'm about to say.

***You're so good

When we make love it's understood

It's more than a touch, or a word we say

Only if dreams could be this way

When you love someone

Yeah, when you really love someone***

Brenda looks puzzled, but says nothing. Sonny looks deep into her

eyes, and takes her hand. He gets down on one knee in front of her,

never breaking eye contact.

***I know it's right

From the moment I wake up,

'till deep in the night

There's no where on earth I'd rather be

Than holding you tenderly***

S: Before Stone died, he told me we'd get back together. The time it

took for that to happen were the longest months of my life.

***I've been waiting for a girl like you

To come into my life***

S: I never want to be apart from you again. I want you to be with me

forever. Brenda Barrett, will you marry me?

***I've been waiting for a girl like you

A love that will survive

I've been waiting for someone new

To make me feel alive.***

Brenda doesn't say a word. She just looks at him with tears running

down her cheeks.

***Yeah, waiting for a girl like you

To come into my life***

S: Bren?

B: Yes! Of course I'll marry you. Do you know how long I've wanted

you to ask me that?

Sonny shakes his head.

B: My 21st birthday. Maybe even earlier. When I saw that ring box

then, I thought...

S: I should have asked you then. I would have saved us both alot

of heartache.

B: Well, you made up for it now.

S: And you said yes.

B: What else would I say? We just better have the wedding soon, or

I'll be a blimp walking down that aisle.

S: Just pick a day.

B: Is a month to soon? I won't be too big by then.

S: One month it is.

B: Oh, honey. We've gotta tell everyone.

S: Well, there's a concert at Luke's tomorrow night. I could, you know,

kinda steal the mike like I did that one time.

B: You'd do that again?

S: Anythin for you babe.

B: Oh cool! I can't wait untill tomorrow night.

S: Tonight's not over yet.

Sonny starts to kiss her neck.

B: I know, but, umm Sonny.....

He looks around.

S: You're right.

They walk back to their bedroom.

Before Sonny closes the door, he talkes one last look around.

S: (whispers) Thank You Stone.

Back in their room, they make love to celebrate their new commitment.


The next day Brenda and Sonny walk into Tiffany's New York. He had

decided to let Brenda pick out her own ring, any ring she wanted.

Saleswoman: Welcome to Tiffany's. I'm Cathy, How can I help you?

S: She's here for the prettiest engagement ring you've got.

C: How about one from Tiffany's Princess Collection? They're really

expensive, but they're the best in the store.

B: Can I see them?

C: Of course. Follow me.

She leads S&B to a case that contains 9 of the most beautiful rings

you've ever seen.

C: These are the Princess rings. We get a new one every two or three


Sonny nods, but Brenda doesn't even hear her. Her gaze is fixed on the

ring displayed in the very center of the case.

S: I think she's found one

B: Yeah! Can I see the one in the middle?

Cathy smiles and pulls a set of keys from her baby blue skirt. She

unlocks the case and gives Brenda the ring. It's a hugh diamond

shaped like a heart, with red rubys set all around it.

B: How much?

Cathy looks at the teg, then goes over to a thick leather book.

C: $10,750

Brenda looks at Sonny and pouts.

S: (laughs) Hey, I said any ring.

B: Oh baby!

She throws her arms around him. Sonny pays for the ring, and they leave

hand in hand. Brenda has a big ring on her finger, and an even bigger

smile on her face.


That night at Lukes...Robin, Jason, Lois, Ned, Brenda, and Sonny are

all at a table together. Halfway through one song, Sonny gets up and

walks over to Luke, who is standing at the bar. Without a word of

explanation, Brenda follows.

R: What's that about?

J: Who knows?

Brenda comes back and sits down, Sonny is still talking with Luke.

Brenda is careful to keep her left hand out of sight.

L: Bren?

Brenda smiles, and glances over at Sonny and Luke.

N: What are you two planning?

Brenda remains silent.

R: I think we're about to find out.

Sonny is standing right next to Luke onstage. The band has stopped


Lu: Aren't they great!! Now, before the next song, I'm gonna hand the

stage over to Sonny here, cause he's got a little announcement to make.

Lois looks over at a glowing Brenda and begins to understand.

S: Hey everyone! Most of you remember the last time I stole Lukes mike,

that was to tell everyone how I loved Brenda and how she saved my life.

Well, tonight is connected to that. She's agreed to spend the rest of her

life with me. We're getting married!

The four at the table look at Brenda in shock for a moment, then it sets

in. Lois and Robin both jump up to hug her, Ned and Jason

congratulate(sp?) her. She brings her left hand up for them

to see, as Sonny walks over to her and she stands up. Over at the

bar, Luke raises his glass.

Lu: To Sonny&Brenda Forever!!!

They kiss as everyone raises their glasses.

Everyone: To Sonny&Brenda!!!!

The band begins to play a slow song. S&B lock eyes and start dancing.

Soon others join the dancing, but they stare into the others eyes

like they are the only two people in the world.


Halfway around the world that same night...

Mystery Guy: Is everything ready?

Associate: We have everything we need. Why don't we do it now?

MG: Because if we wait till after the wedding the results will be that

much better Besides, I doubt they'll bring many guards on a honeymoon.

A: Why not just crash the wedding like he ...

MG: NO! Don't worry, when the time is right, Corinthos will get

what he deserves. And Brenda will no longer be able to use loving

him as an excuse.

A: Very well.

MG: And one more thing...

A: What?

MG: My youngest son is never to know of this.

A: He won't father. I won't mess up like I did last time.


One month later in PC...........

L: I'm still surprised you're wearing that dress.

B: You know I haven't always loved my mom , but since Julia couldn't

come and she took the time to find moms dress and send it to me...

Ned(enters): I guess you already have your 'old' thing.

B: Why?

N: I wouldn't let Sonny see you, because you two have had enough

bad luck, so he told me to give this to you. (he hands her a jewelry box)

I couldn't even count the number of 'greats' when he said what grandmother

this had belonged to.

Brenda opens the box, and sees a very old and beautiful cameo pin.

R: Bren, it's beautiful!

Brenda starts to cry.

L: Hey girlfriend, he wanted his true love to have it.

Brenda smiles, and glances at Robin. Robin looks back in silent agreement.

B: I'm okay, I was just thinking...

She glances at Ned, who promptly leaves.

L: You better have a good reason for running of my hubby.

B: Yeah, and this isn't really the best time for this,

(she glances again at Robin, who nods) I already told Sonny

about what I did, but seeing this reminds me so much...

L: What?

B: I know how much he loves me, because Lily didn't wear this.

L: How do you...

B: I was there Lo. I never told anyone but Robin untill last week

when I told Sonny. I just had to see him, cause if he was really

happy with her, I would have let him go. If I couldn't make him

happy and she could..

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