"The Long & Winding Road" by MeRulz@aol.com

S: Brenda, youíve got to tell Jax about what we did in the cave.
B: I know. I will tonight, after dinner.
S: If you need me at all, just call.
B: I will. I love you, sweetie!
S: I love you, too, baby.
(Brenda walks out the door of Lukeís and heads to the penthouse. Meanwhile,
Sonny heads for
the docks where he was scheduled to meet Luke and Jason)
S: So, letís talk business. Iím getting concerned over....Whatís that
L: It sounds like a hurt animal.
J: Itís coming from behind those crates!
(Sonny approaches the crates cautiously, and peers down. He is shocked at
sight- a little girl,
dressed in rags and covered in mud, sitting there crying pitifully. He
the crates and bends
down to her level. Jason and Luke are shocked as well.)
S: Hey there little girl, why are you hiding behind these crates?
Girl: I was going to jump into the water, but I heard voices and hid back
S (shocked): You were going to kill yourself?
(The girl nods her head)
S: Why?
Girl: Because I didnít want my mommy and daddy to beat me anymore.
(Immediately recognizing where the little girl is coming from, Sonny lifts
her up and hugs her,
sending a look of concern in Jason and Lukeís direction)
S: Shhhh....Itís okay now, your mother and father are never going to touch
you again. Letís go to
my house and get you cleaned up, and then I want you to meet my friend Mac
(Sonny walks off the dock, and Jason and Luke follow)
(Back at the penthouse)
S: How would you like a big bubble bath?
Girl: Okay (smiles weakly)
S: Great! Now, which Winnie The Pooh character bubble bath would you like
(Holding the girl
on one hip and opening a closet).... Iíve got Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Pooh,
Kanga..... (Jason and
Luke stifle laughs and Sonny sends them a warning glance)
Girl: Tigger!!
S: Tigger it is then. (Lifting the bottle and walking towards the bathroom,
he abruptly turns to
Jason and Luke) Jason, could you go out and buy her some new clothes?
her shirt so you
can tell the size (Hands Jason the girlís shirt). And Luke.... call Mac for
L+J: Sure
S: Thanks (Walks into the bathroom with the little girl)
(Luke picks up the phone and dials Mac. Jason tries hopelessly to figure
which number is the
J: Hey Luke, which oneís the size?
L: I donít know, I donít shop in the little girlsí department. Go ask
(Jason runs across the hall)
J: Katherine.... how do you tell what size this shirt is? The label has 100
million numbers on it!
K: Let me see (He hands her the shirt). Size 6.
J: Thanks (He grabs the shirt from her hands and runs out the door).
K (talking to herself): What would Jason be doing with a little girlís
(Jason bought a new outfit- he has surprisingly good taste- and is waiting
outside the bathroom.
Sonny opens the door and Jason hands him the outfit. A minute or so later
Sonny opens the door
S: Now presenting...
(The little girl walks out timidly and Jason and Luke clap and whistle for
her. She smiles)
S: What is your name, anyway??
Girl: Lily
S (glazed look in his eyes): Thatís a wonderful name.
L: Thank you
(The doorbell rings. Luke answers and Mac walks in)
M: Okay, whereís this.... (sees Lily) Oh, hello!
L: Hi!
S: Mac is going to talk to you for a little while about your parents.
L (bursting into tears): No, please donít make me go back! You promised!!
S (lifting her): Shhh, sweetie, heís not going to take you back. Heís going
to make sure they stay
away from you. Now sit right here on my lap, okay?
(She nods her head. Mac questions her about what her parents were like and
Sonny cringes as
she describes her life to be just like his childhood, only BOTH her parents
beat her)
M: Okay, Lily, how about you come with me and you can stay at the station
until we find your
parents and get them in court.
L: I want to stay here with Sonny and Jason and Luke!!
S (putting on a pout): Pleaaaaasssssssseeeee??????
M (laughing): She can stay here, Sonny, but you have a responsibility to
S: Can I talk to you for a sec, alone?
M: Sure
S: Lily, sit with Jason, okay? Iíve got to ask Mac something.
(Jason looks surprised as Lily climbs on his lap, but melts when she smiles
at him)
S (whispering): Mac, I want to adopt her.
M: Are you kidding? Sonny Corinthos, mob boss, adopts little girl after
knowing her for 5
S: Itís been 1/2 an hour, but it seems like forever. I had the same
childhood, and I know what
sheís going through. I want to make sure sheís happy.
M: Okay, as soon as the judge waives parental rights at the trial, you can
stand up and request an
S: I will
(Meanwhile, at Jaxís penthouse, Brenda chickens out and goes to sleep
telling Jax the
truth. She decides to tell him on Saturday. Today is Tuesday)
(Thursday morning, at the trial. The judge has heard both sides of the
and has reached his
Judge: This was probably the easiest decision I have ever had to make.
parents are waived
of all parental rights, and the girl will be put up for adoption.
S (standing up): Iíd like to adopt her.
Judge: Well then, Mr.....Corinthos, isnít it? If there are no objections by
the jury, you are granted
full parental rights. Unless, of course, Lily doesnít want you to become
L: I do, I do, I do (She is very excited- I would be too if Sonny adopted
J: By the power invested in me by the state of New York, I now pronouce you
father and
(Sonny hugs Lily and everyone walks out of the courtroom. You can see how
happy they both
are. Sonny looks at his watch and lets out a yelp)
S: Oh, god. I am late for a meeting. This is a wonderful way to start off
being a father. Jason,
could you take Lily for a little while?
J: Sure, I was heading over to the Quartermaines- Iím sure they wonít mind.
S: Thanks a lot! (kisses Lilyís head) See you later, sweetie!
(The scene fades out. Just for your reference, Lilyís parents were both
alcoholics and Lily is
deathly afraid of glasses of wine, beer, or anything else with alcohol in
for that matter)
(At the Quartermaines)
J: Sorry I brought her without calling first, but my cell phone isnít
M (looking around): Brought who, Jason??
J: Li... (looks to his side- sheís not there) Aaarghhh! Be right back.
(He walks out the door and emerges a few seconds later holding Lily by the
J: This is Lily. Lily, these are the Quartermaines...Monica, Alan, Lila,
Alan, and Ned.
M: Hello, Lily!
(Jason nudges Lily. She skips forward happily and shakes Monicaís hand. She
then turns to Alan
and looks shocked)
L: What are you drinking?
A: Champagne
L: AHHHHHHHHHH! Uncle Jason, save me, save me, the bad manís going to hit
(Alan and the rest of the Q clan look astonished as Lily runs into Jasonís
arms and screams)
J: Shhhhhh, shhhhhh. Heís not a bad man, I promise. Heís my..my father. (Q
clan gets teary-
eyed at that statement). Remember what Daddy told you? Some people drink
little bits of alcohol
and theyíre fine. Itís only a LOT that makes them crazed.
L: Okay Ja.... DADDY!!!
(She jumps down into Sonnyís outstretched arms. The Q clan is beyond
to discover
who her father is)
L: Take me home, please, Daddy.
S: What happened Jason?
J: Alan was drinking champagne.
S (stifling a giggle): Sorry about this. Iím going to take her back now.
(Jason turns to follow Sonny)
S: Ugh, Jason, I think youíd better stay here and explain.
J: Okay
(Jason explains to the Quartermaines about Lily and they see Sonny in a
new light)
(Back at Sonnyís Penthouse)
S: Whew, Iím beat!
L: Itís only 2:00 in the afternoon!
S: Letís take a nap, sweetie (Sonny literally collapses on the bed)
(hours later....)
L: Daddy, wake up. I want dinner!
S (rolling over): Nooooo. Grooaaaaan. Zzzzzzzzzz.
L: Daddy! (crying in frustration)
(Sonny does not wake up. His forehead is read and heís shivering. Lily runs
over to his address
book but canít read any of the names. She ingeniously looks in the photo
album he had shown
her and finds a picture of Brenda, whom Sonny had introduced her to at
Lukeís. She looks at the
caption, ďBrenda.Ē Matching the name with the one in the phone book, she
dials the number next
to her name)
B: Hello?
L: Is this Brenda?
B: Yes. Who is this?
L: This is Lily. I need help. (frantic) My daddy wonít wake up and I need
eat dinner!!
B (paranoid): Okay, Lily. Wait right there and donít open the door for
except me. Iíll
be there in a few minutes.
(Brenda rushes out the door. A few seconds later sheís knocking on the
penthouse door)
B: Hi, sweetie. Where is he?
L: In his bed (Leads Brenda to him).
(Brenda runs to his side and shakes him gently. He wakes up for a second)
S: Brenda? Uh, Iím hallucinating. Zzzzzzzzz (falls back asleep)
B: Sonny, wake up. Please!!
(No response from Sonny. Brenda runs to the bathroom after feeling his
forehead and wets a
washcloth. She puts it on his forehead and kisses his cheek. She goes into
the kitchen with Lily
and makes grilled cheese- even she canít mess that up. Sonny moans and they
both run back into
his room. Brenda finds some chicken soup in the freezer, warms it up, and
feeds it to him. She
stays all night and in the morning Sonny is much better. He thanks her for
coming and Brenda
leaves hurriedly, realizing Jax doesnít know where she is)
(At the penthouse)
J: Where the h*ll have you been?
B: I was...uh, arrr, umm,..... I was at Sonnyís. His daughter called me and
said he wasnít waking
up so I had to go help her and he was very sick so I stayed until he felt
J: Go to bed!
B: Fine!!
(The next day things werenít terribly cordial between Jerx and Brenda. That
night Brenda snuck
into the bathroom and took a home pregnancy test. It was positive! She ran
GH and got an
immediate appointment with Dr. Neuman. The day of conception was March
7th--the caves!
And it was twins!! Ecstatic, Brenda ran back to the penthouse with Jax. She
decided to tell him
the next day about her and Sonny, so she and Sonny would be free to raise
their baby together.
But when she got back she was met with Jax, a knife, a rope, and a
test.... which Jax
was tossing in the air!!!!)
(Back at Sonnyís penthouse)
L: Brendaís very nice!
Jason: Yes, she is
S: I can second that!!!
(Knock at the door)
S: Who could be coming here at this hour (goes to answer the door).
(Jax appears, holding a gun at Sonny with one hand and a beaten, tied-up
Brenda in the other.
Jax throws Brenda up against the wall and puts a knife to her neck. He says
heís going to kill her
and Sonnyís going to watch. Jax spies Lily)
J: Iíve got a good idea. How about I kill her, too?
(She runs as fast as she can but Jax is too quick. He grabs her and now has
Brenda and Lily
both. Sonny cannot believe this is happening to him on the 1 year
of Lilyís (the other
one) death. Lucky for him, Nikolas was at Katís across the hall and heard
commotion. Tai
chi comes in handy, and one quick blow knocked Jerx unconscious. Sonny ran
grab Lily, and
gave her to Jason. One look at Brenda and Sonny cringed. She was cut up
badly. He gently
untied her and pulled the tape off her mouth. She sobbed hysterically and
just held her. Once
she had calmed down a little he grabbed a cool washcloth and washed all of
her cuts and
S: Why did Jax do this to you? Heís in a lot of trouble.
B: Iím pregnant with twins, Sonny. Your twins.
S (eyes glistening): My twins?
B: Uh-huh
S: We better get you to GH so they can check you over. Címon (he lifts her
and carries her
outside) Jason, bring Lily too, just in case.
(At the hospital)
Doctor: Well, Brenda, you had a real nasty cut on your shoulder that needed
some stitches, but
other than that, youíre fine.
S: And the babies?
Doctor: Allís well (Brenda and Sonny hug)
( 3 months later, taking on both sides of a closed door)
S: Iíve waited for this day a long time.
B: So have I. Only one more hour until we are officially Mr. and Mrs.
S: See you in an hour!
(The wedding is large and glamorous. First Robin and Jason walk down, then
Lois and Mike,
and Lucy and Luke. Lucky and Emily go next, then Lucas as the ringbearer
Lily the
flowergirl. Ned escorts Brenda down the aisle, and the wedding goes
perfectly. The Beatles song
ďThe Long and Winding RoadĒ plays as they repeat their vows, remembering
thatís happened
to them to get there. Lily goes with Mike as Brenda and Sonny head to
Rico for their
honeymoon. They have just returned)
S: Brenda, I just found out Rivera is alive!! Iíve got to fake my death to
entrap him. I may not be
here for when the babies are born, but Jason swears he will protect you,
the babies, and Lily.
Trust me.
B (sobbing): If you must, Sonny, but come back soon!!!
S (kissing her cheek): I will, Brenda. Never forget me. Iíll be back
Good-bye (tears
are streaming down his face. He runs out of the room)
Whatís left to happen is up to TPTB, but please Maurice, COME BACK SOON!!!!

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