The departure by Val

This is occuring this summer when Sonny leaves the show and Bren

Brenda is driving Sonny crazy she wants to trust him but she can't.  She
seems to keep putting her nose where it doesn't belong and Sonny has
finally had enough.

Sonny comes home from work one day
s:  Things just aren't working Brenda, you know how much I love you. 
But we can't keep doing this.
b:  But Sonny your my everything, please don't go.
s:  Sorry i have put much thought into this, you have to move out.  I am
leaving town, since this isn't working between us, I can't be around
b:  Don't ypou think that is kind of drastic.
s:  No cause ewven when i was married to Lili, or you to Jax all i did
was think about you.  
b:  PLease don't go!!
s:  Sorry you have till the weekend to be out of here.  Oh and by the
way i will be sleeping on the couch till you leave. 
b:  But Sonny, you can't do this.  Please Sonny, don't go.
Sonny walks up to Brenda kisses her on the check and walks out.  Hours
go by and Brenda waits for him to return and say that he was just joking
and he is not kicking her out then leaving town.  But he never returns
and Brenda falls aseelp on the couch waiting for him.  Brenda awakes in
the morning to Sonny telling her to get up and start packing and
figuring where she is going, cause she only has two days.
b:  Sonny back off.  Relaxe, you didn't mean anything you said last
night, give me another chance.
s:  No get moving.

Two days later Brenda is moved back into her apartment above The diner. 
Robin and Jason have just helped her carry the last of the boxes up. 
Jason walks back downstairs to call Sonny and chec in.  The phone rings
at the penthouse.
s:  hello
j:  Hey its me Jason  she is all moved in.
s:  SO, I don't care.  I have to stop thinking about her, if I am ganna
make this work.
j:  So boss think about her you know how much you love her go back to
s:  I can't we are form two differnt worlds.
j:  Well I wish you luck in Atlanta, call me when you get in.  
s:  bye, tell Robin I love her and will miss her.
They both hang up.  Up in Brendas room Robin and Brenda are talking.
r:  So what happend, what made him decide this all of a sudden?
b;  I don't know, he just came home from work the other day and told he
was leaving town and that we were over(Brenda has tears running down her
r:  Well Brenda I know you two have been through a lot together, but I
guess you are just not meant to.
b:  Well why then have we caome back together after both being married
to other people. Andwhy when i lok at him do I still see that same
intensity that i saw the fisrt time we looked at each other?
r:  I don't know Brenda.
There is a knock on the door.  Brenda quick ly tries to dry the tears
and she goes to the door.  It is Jason.
j:  Robnin you ready to go, we have a plane to catch.
r:  I can't leave Brenda now, not after all that she just went through.
b:  don't worryu about it, I'll be fine.  Go have fun you deserve this
time.  Anyway I have Lois and I guess I can talk to Lucy.
r:  Brenda are you sure you are fine?
b:  Yes go, don't worry about me have fun.
Robin gets up and goes and gives Brenda a big hug they both start
crying.  Jason gives Brenda a hug and Robin and Json leave.

Two weeks go by and Brenda is still in misery.  She calls Lois at leats
twice a day.  She cries herself to sleep and can't do anything without
thinking about Sonny.  Mean while in Atlanta Sonny is tring ot move on
and get  past Brenda.  But he is not havbiong much luck he can't stop
thinking about her.  Everyday he sees at least one person that looks
like her. 

One moring Brenda wakes up and gets sick right away.  this countinues
for about a week.  Then she goes to the doctor.  The doctor runs a few
test.  He finds out that she is pregant.  brenda breaks down in tears. 
She thanks the doctoew and leaves.  Upon returning home she calls Lois.
l:  Hello
b:  Hi Lois, its me.(Brenda is crying)
l:  What is wrong?
b:  Lois I am.... (large sobs come from Brendas end)
l:  Tell you are wht?
b:  I am pregant with Sonny's baby.
l:  Oh my god.  Just relaxe thought things will be fine.
b:  No they won't cause now i will never be able to stop thinking about
him,I will have his kid.
l:  Well maybe it was for the besat maybe you are not supposed to stop
thinking about him. 
b:  But Lo, I don't want to think about him if I can't have him.( 
Brenda can hardly talk now she is crying so much)
l:  Bren I am ganna bring Brook-Lynn and come and visit you for a while.
b:  You would don that for me, but let me tell you soemthing I don't
think I will be much fun to be around for  while.
l:  Thats ok, thats what friends are for.
b:  OK thanks.
They hang up and Brenda cries herself to sleep yet again.  Three days
later Lois and Brook-Lynn are there.  Lois foes to the gatehouse.  Ned
opens the door.
l:  I Ned, Brook-Lynn and I are here for a visit.
n:  OK, but this wasn't planned.
l:  I know  Brenda needed me, so i figured Brook-Lynn could stay with
you for a while.  Do you still have the nursery all put together? Cause
if not I have her stuff wioth me.
n:  No it is all still how you left it.
l:  Fine, thanks for this Ned.
n:  No thank you, I was missing her.
l:  Bye Brook, mommy has to go help your godmother.  I love ytou baby.
n:  Bye the way what is wrong with Brenda?
l:  She is pregant with Sonny's baby.
n:  Well why doesn't she just call him up, cause she knows he'll be back
like that.
l:  Well she doen't know where he is.
n:  Oh, thats makes it kind of hard.
l:  Yeah,  well I am gann go, heres her bag, I 'll bring soe more stuff
by tommorow if thats ok?
n:  Sure.  Bye Lois.

Lois leaves the gate house and heads for Brendas apartment.  She arrives
there to find Brenda crying her eyes once again.  Lois knocks on the
b:  Who is it.
l:  It's me Lo.
Brenda gets up and goes and lets her in.  Lois gives Brenda a big hug. 
They both cry.They talk for hours.  Two weeks later Lois is leabing and
Brenda is fine.  She dosen't cruy very much anymore.  She has ceom to
grasps with everything with Sonny and that even thoguih they are not
together, she has a part of him and that is good enough for her.

Recap.... Sonny has lsft Brenda, cause they are just tewo different. Brenda has just found out she is pregnant with Sonny's baby. Lois has come to stay with her and is now leaving. Lois is gone for three months when Jason and Robin return. Brenda is now 6 months pregnant and no longer able top model cause she is really showing. Brenda aais back to mopping around, and crying herself to sleep at night. The second Robin and Jason gte into town, Robin insits they go visit Brenda. Brenda is laying in Brenda thinking (of who else but Sonny). There is a knock on the door. b: Who is it? r: It's me Robin and Jason is here too, we just got in. b: Just a second I'll be right there. Brenda rolls out of bed and goes to the door. r: Brenda oh my god, your pregnant. b: Yeah 6 months. r: That means it's Sonny's. b: Yeah it is. He is the only man I have been with in the last year. r: Have you tried to get in contact with, cause you know he would come back to you. b: I know he would, but for one thing I don't know where he is and for another I don't want just because we have a child together. I mean he left me, and I want him to come back for me. Not for a child. r: I understand, but he should know. b: (Now in tears) i knoe, but that would only work if someone knew where he was. j: I know where he is. r: How long have you known? j: Since he left. r: And you kept this from me and Brenda. j: Yeah, Sonny told me not to tell anyone. b: Well maybe it is better that way. I mean if I knew where he was, i wouold have gone after him, and this never would have worked. Brenda, Jason and Robin continue talking. Meanwhile in Atlanta, Sonny is trying to get on with his life. Things go good for a week or two and then it hits him. He has a major cry in, and everyeon looks like brenda and everything he does reminds him of her. He thinks back to why he did this and doesn't know why. But he knows he has to stick with, cause fro all he knows Bren is with soemone else(although he knows in his heart that that will never happen). Back And Robin and Jasons place, they are talking. r: What you going to do? You know where Sonny is and you know that Bren is pregnant? j: I don't know. I know he would want to know, but I don't know what to do. r: I don't see as it being that hard, just call him and tell him. j: I know that is what i should do, but I don't know how to. r: Fine I will do it, just dial and give me the phone. j: I don't know i should do that, Sonny doesn't doesn't want anyone to know where hje is. r: I won't know where he is, just talking to him. j: Fine I will do this. r: Thank you, Bren will appricate it. Jason dials the number. Sonny's cell phone rings. s: Hello r: Hi Sonny, its me Robin. s: Robin, how ar you? r: I am pretty good, how are dealing? s: I am dealing, some days are worse then others, but I gewt by. r: Well I have something to tell you. s: Well ok, but if it has to do with Brne, I don't want to know. r: Well sorry Sonny but I have to tell you this. Brenda is pregnant. s: Well good for her, she has moved on. r: No, it is yours she found out right after Jason and I left. s: Wow, does she know you called me. r: No. s; well I will be comeing back to PC then, i can't her out of my min d anyway. r: OK, see you soon.

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