Temptation Island by SnBForever

Intro: As you know Brenda gets kidnapped by Alcazar and she married Jason among finding out that the charges will be dismissed against Alcazar. Right now it is Halloween in Port Charles, Carly, Leticia, and Michael are taking Michael trick and treating then Brenda opened the door to her and Jason's penthouse finding Alcazar with a gun!

Chapter 1

Sonny Corinthos is looking at some of his business folders then all of sudden he gets this really strange feeling in his stomach and he knows it only happens when it comes to Brenda. Then Carly comes in Leticia and Michael then Michael said, "Daddy I got two bags full of candy!" "That is good Michael," Sonny said then Carly noticed the change in her husband's face to what it was earlier then she told Leticia to take Michael upstairs and ready for bed and Carly said, "What is wrong with you?" "I just have this really strange feeling that is all I have to go check on Brenda," Sonny said. Meanwhile Brenda just stares at the gun that Alcazar is holding in his hand then she said, "Leave me alone you are not my guardian anymore! I hate you now leave!" "I don't think so come on we are leaving Port Charles together now I should done this a long time ago!" Alcazar says then he grabs Brenda and Brenda tries to fight him off but she realizes that he is too strong then they leave on Alcazar's plane. Meanwhile Johnny knocks on Sonny's door then he tells Sonny that Alcazar has holding Brenda at gunpoint and he tried to help her but couldn't then Sonny quickly leaves for Alcazar's plane before Brenda and Alcazar does then he quickly hides in the cockpit and locks the door then Sonny says a quick prayer in slient then he hears Brenda and Alcazar coming on with Brenda screaming then she says, "You know you are never going to get away with this Sonny will come for me!" "Oh Brenda if you don't know it by now Sonny is worried about his wife and child not you," Alcazar says then he goes near Brenda then he pushes Brenda down the couch then Alcazar goes on top of Brenda while she screams and then all of sudden Sonny comes storming out of the cockpit then he throws Alcazar on the ground knocking him out! Then all of sudden Sonny looks at Brenda, who was shaking from her near rape with Alcazar then he runs to her and holds her while she shakes then all of sudden the plane starts to go down really fast and Sonny throws himself on top of Brenda while the plane goes crashing down with Sonny, Brenda, the pilot, and Alcazar in it! Meanwhile in Port Charles, Carly is beginning to worry about Sonny and how he didn't come home yet then she calls Jason and Jason comes over right away. Meanwhile on some island far away from Port Charles, Sonny wakes up to the sounds of waves crashing on the beach and he sees that Brenda is missing and so is Alcarza so Sonny decides to go look for Brenda praying that Alcarza doesn't find Brenda. Meanwhile on the other side of the island, Brenda wakes up then she cries, "Sonny?" Then she hears nothing but the waves crashing on the beach then Brenda started to think about the time her and Sonny made love on the beach in Puerto Rico in November of 1994 then she started to walk along the beach without knowing that Alcarza was following her in the shadows then Brenda sees a man walking along the beach then she realizes it was Sonny! Then Brenda runs to Sonny then Sonny sees a woman like Brenda's side then he finally realizes that the woman running towards him was Brenda! Back in Port Charles, Skye is visiting her husband Jax then she says, "Jax we need to talk." "Skye I already know Brenda is NOT sick and you have been lying to me," Jax said then his wife asks, "How ?" "Well I called Brender's doctor in Switzerland and I asked him about Brender's condition and he told me that she was healthy and fine," Jax said then Skye wipes the tears coming down from her eyes. Back on the island in the middle of no where, Sonny and Brenda hug each other then Brenda pulls away and she says, "Sonny do you have any idea where are we at ?" "No I sure don't know," Sonny said then he looks at Brenda, who is taking off her shirt and how he feels so temptated to make love to her right there then Sonny says, "Brenda what are you doing ?" "I am taking off my shirt because it is soo hot why is something wrong?" Brenda asked then Sonny said, "OK I am going to take my shirt off as well because I am hot also." Then Sonny takes off his shirt then Brenda feels like making love to him like he never has before!

Chapter 2

Brenda and Sonny are on the island where they landed and the weather is so hot that Sonny and brenda are dying of heat.

Sonny: Are you hot or is it me???
Brenda: I was gonna ask you the same thing????
Sonny: I cant take it anymore??? ( Sonny removes his shirt and Brenda opens her so her bra is showing a little but then takes it off and Sonny and Brenda stop and look at each other for a moment.
Brenda: What???? ( Sonny cant keep his eyes off her)
Sonny: Nothing
Brenda: Ok ( then Brenda sees Sonny tattoo not to mention his killer body)
Brenda: Have you been working out and when did you get that?
Sonny: actually I have and I got this a while ago and what about you ???? YOU like you have been keeping in shape not that I am suprised but I dont remember you haveing that????
Brenda: its a chinese symbol its a sign of peace its sort of a therapy for me when I was going through my destructive phase and I felt like it .......... I got in Paris when I was with Luis. What about you????
Sonny: Well I got mine in Port Charles, I always wanted one and I just thought it would be kind of cool Of course the pain wasnt but hey what ever dont kill you makes you stronger.
Brenda: Right ......... well its nice the cross
Sonny: So is yours its has a sexy appeal
Brenda: thanks so does yours.................

Carly and Jason are in Sonnys plane searching for Sonny and Brenda. Carly is frantic because Sonny is with Brenda alone thinking the worst things that could happen to her marriage and JAson is wondering if Sonny and Brenda can stay away and he knows Sonny feelings about Brenda and how has never been able to resist those feelings.

JAson: are you ok???
Carly: No I am not JAson what if something happens that changes things between Sonny and me I mEAN bRENDA IS sONNY FIRST lOVE AND i KNOW HE STILL LOVES HER i CAN SEE IT IN HIS EYES. hOW CAN i COMPETE WITH THAT????
Jason: Carly Sometimes we cant forget our first love and it hurts when you cant compete with that but you do and you love with it I mean Sonny loves you so there sshould be no doubt in your mind
Carly: God JAson You are such a good friend >>>>> I love you
JAson: What????
Carly: I mean you are so good to me YOU know sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I hadnt slept with Sonny.???
JAson: I wonder too sometimes and I .................. still I mean I still feel like I wish I was with you
Carly: So do I JAs But I love Sonny and Sommy loves me and thats what I want and You love brenda and she is your wife.
JAson: Right

Sonny and Brenda found a place on the beach and are just lying down near the fire. Alcaxzar is somewhere lurking around.

Brenda is shivering and Sonny sees this

Sonny: YOU cold
Brenda: A little
Sonny: Here ( Sonny puts his arms around her and trys to warm her up
Brenda: Thanks( brenda cant get Sonny out of her mind and she shrugs him off)
NO I cant do this
Sonny: Cant do what
Brenda: Nothing So how much food we got
Sonny: Welll we got cocunuts
Brenda: I guess taht will have to do
Sonny: For tonight
Brenda: I wonder what time it is Its looks pretty late you know when I was in Europe I used wait for the dark Only so I can see the reflection of the moon on the water.... It was beautiful.
Sonny: Tell me about your life ...... Bren what have you been doing in those 4 years ????
Brenda: Yu mean besides getting sick well I was tring to find some peace and I guess Luis gave it to me but I wasnt in love with him....... he just xaved me one night and thats the end of the story besides shopping and hidding out and goign to casino after casino.......... We even went to Rio and I recognised you name and I knew you were there but i could face you ........... then after a while Luis took me on his yaht where I was not happy,,,,,,,,,,,,, I missed Port charles and my friends..................
Sonny: JAx????
Brenda: Yeah and YOU
Sonny: I didnt think you did
Brenda: why would you think that???
Sonny: Well I thought you hated me
Brenda: I could never hate yu Its impossible to hate you
Sonny: Well thats progress
brenda: If anything I thought you didnt like me
Sonny: What how could you think that
brenda: I dont know I just do I guess leaving me at the alter and marrying Carly what is it ???? three times would have something to do with it (Sonny doesnt say anything and is very affected by Brenda statement)
Brenda: You what I m going to bed........... Goodnight
Sonny: Goodnight.............. Brenda for what its worth I am sorry
Brenda: Yeah I know but its too little too late goodnight Sonny
Sonny: Goodnight brenda ( Sonny thinks about what Brenda said the whole night and starts to regret his actions in the past.. Sonny goes to find Brenda fast asleep and professes a confession too her but she cant hear him

Sonny: ( He kneels down to her) Brenda I know you cant hear me and thats why I m am doing this now......... I know you are scared and feel alone but you are not...... Because I am here........ I wish I could change what I did to you ..... I wish I had married you I know we would be happy and probably have two kids By now ........ and you would probably get sick but I want you to know I would never leave your side. You make me feels things I am afraid to feel but you also bring out that side of me that I so very much hide ............ I wish I could be your hero and your anchor but I cant I can just try to be the best I can and I know that you deserve Better than me I always thought that But maybe I desever better too .............. We both do I wanted you to know Brenda that no matter what has happened between us I have always loved you and I alway will......... YOU have my heart , I just wished I had yours anyway goodnight brenda sleep tight

Brenda has heard every word and cant belive Sonny still loves her because she still loves him.

Brenda wakes up and goes into the shadows and alcazar grabs her and throws her over his back

Brenda: Sonnyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sonny wakes up to Brenda's scream and notices she is gone and try to find her

Chapter 3

Sonny hears Brenda screams and have that same gut feeling he has when Brenda is in trouble that could only mean one thing to him then he takes off running to find Brenda. "Let me go Luis Sonny will find me like he did before and this time he WILL kill you!" Brenda says as Luis Alcazar holds her tightly on the arm then he makes it back to where the plane had crashed earlier then Alcazar said while taking out some rope then he ties Brenda to a tree, "You know better watch you say because you have TWO children to worry about here and I am sure that they won't their mommy or them to be raised by a father they only know from stories when you told them while we were together!" "Shut up Luis he would make a good father to my two children that I really love and if you wouldn't have taken them away from me and tell everyone that I wasn't pregnant with twins I wouldn't be in this mess right now I would be with the man I love! " Brenda said angrily as she felt Luis tying her and tightening the rope around her waist then he ties her mouth up with his shirt. Meanwhile in Sonny's airplane, Carly is looking out of the window while Jason is looking at a magazine then he slams the book down then he said, "Carly what are you going to do if Sonny picks Brenda over you?" "I don't know Jase what I would do because Sonny tells me that he loves me and Michael over and over again but you see since Brenda came back he has changed do you think he would chose Brenda over me?" Carly said then Jason said, "Well Carly the only person who could answer that question is Sonny now we are almost at our destination let's put our seatbelts on because we are landing." Meanwhile in Port Charles, Jax and Skye are arguing because Skye went to Switerland without Jax's knowledge and finding out that Brenda is not dying then Jax says, "That's it this marriage is OVER!" "No Jax please Brenda is the one who is lying here she played everyone here by saying she was dying from her mother's illness why does it have to be over if you don't love Brenda anymore," Skye said angrily as tears were coming down her eyes. Then Jax looks at his wife then he realized that she was right. Back on the island in the middle of no where, Sonny is looking for Brenda then he remembers how they were in Puerto Rico then Sonny hears somebody yelling sounded like it was coming from the airplane crash site then he looks all of the bushes then he sees that Alcazar had Brenda and she was tied up then Sonny gets his gun out of his pocket then he comes out of the bushes then Alcazar says, "Well Sonny you thought you could get rid of me not so fast." "Sonny leave please leave before you get so yourself killed," Brenda says as she was trying to untie herself but it was useless then Sonny says, "No I am not leaving you because I still love you!" "What did you say Sonny?" Brenda said as she saw Alcazar cocking his gun then he said, "Well Brenda I love you too now I know you love me more than him!" "How can you say you love her when you kept her from everyone she loves for the past four years !" Sonny yelled. Meanwhile Carly and Jason arrive then the police yell in Spanish that they are under arrested then they put the handcuffs on Jason and Carly and escourt them to jail then when they arrive at the station Carly says, "Excuse me officer can we explain our suitation?" Back to Sonny and Brenda, Brenda is still reeling over Sonny's shocking confession then Alcazar says, "You know Corinthos for the past four years when Brenda and I would make love all of the time but what you guys didn't know was that I drugged you Brenda untill sleeping with you and it made you very intimate with me." "You bastard but it was my choice to do that with you but how I could let you when my mind was fuzzy most of the time?" Brenda said then Sonny gets all angry and says, "Brenda how could you say love him and want to be with him when he has kept you away from everyone for the past four years?" "I don't know Sonny I guess I didn't want to come home because I didn't want you nor Jax to see me dying from my mother's illness Luis where are my children?" Brenda asked then Sonny looks at Brenda then at Alcazar in shock when her and Alcazar mentioned the word children then he says, "What did you guys say? "

Chapter 4

Brenda and Alcazar and Sonny are on the island and Alcazar has just blurted out that Brenda had children .... Sonny is now in shock and Brenda knows she has to face the man she has been running from since 98. Carly and JAson managed to get out of jail and meet a guy named RIC who is very interested in Sonny. Alcazar and Sonny are listening to brenda answer.

Brenda: You bastard you couldnt keep your big mouth shut. You had to say something ..... I cant believe you would do this to me.

Alcazar: Oh Come on Brenda you know I care about my children

Brenda: Yeah

Sonny: what Children ????? What is he talking about???? Brenda????????????????

Brenda: UM Look outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Suddenly a branch hits Alcazar over the head knocking him unconscience. Sonny and brenda see it and make a run for it and go to the other side of the island where Sonny and Brenda are alone and SOnny has plenty of Questions for brenda.

Sonny: You okay???? Trying to calm her and comfort her.

Brenda: yeah I'm just really tired ............ You think Luis is gonna find us

Sonny: No I think he is gonna be unconscience for a while at least that buys us some time.

Brenda: Time for what ????

Sonny: To talk

brenda: about what??? (Knowing exactly what he wants to know)

Sonny: Well for starters what the heck was Alcazar talking about children Brenda: UMMMM ..................... Well Luis you know he trying to play with my mind and yours of course see he knows how important children are to you and he was playing your fears

Sonny: And how would he know my fears

brenda: I might have said something

Sonny: Why?????

brenda: I dont know I guess I was wondering what you were doing and I happen to mention you and he asked about you at first I thought he was just being curious and i said that family was really important to you especially children then I saw, you married Carly in the paper and have a son too. I was happy for you and sad at the same time because I thought I will never see you get to be a father One i always knew you would be.

Sonny just looks at her and stares at her in amazement all this time she was thinking of him as he was thinking of her and he never knew it and now he finally knows and he is trying so hard to fight it but he just cant tear his own heart out no matter how much it hurts he cant walk away from Brenda

Sonny and brenda are still on the island and it is getting close to night time and Brenda cant sleep neither can Sonny and she finds a radio on the island and turns it on and it starts playing all soft songs its the only station that comes out clear and it brings back a ton of memories for Snb

Sonny: Cant sleep????

brenda: Not really .............. I guess its the ocean thats keeping me awake

Sonny: You know when I was on the island in Rio thats all i did was stare at the ocean but it was no fun staring at it alone.......... There were so many times that i wish you were there with me

Brenda: All you had to do was ask ..................... YOU know i would be there in a flash

Sonny: really....................... ( then the song I have been waiting for a girl like you comes on) Um Would you like to dance???

Brenda: UMMMMMMM Why not

(Brenda follows Sonny lead as he lead her to the beach and Brenda hand falls in Sonnys like a perfect fit. Brenda and Sonny just stare at each other and both get lost in the reality that this really happening and no one could interrupt them not JAson or the guards or Carly and JAx or anyone else. It was jsut Sonny and brenda like it always was..............

Brenda: YOU know I remember this song

Sonny: ME too it was after Stone and Robin left and it was just me and you and this song

Brenda: Yeah you were pretty slick with the expresso bit

Sonny: I was a charmer wasnt I???

Brenda: Still are

Sonny: I'm glad you still notice

brenda: I'm not blind I still know your moves

Sonny: Oh yeah

Brenda: Yeah

Sonny: Enlighten me what are they of what you can remember?

Brenda: Well lets see you always use your eyes to get peoples attention especially mine and you look very deeply

Sonny: HMMM

Brenda: then you use body language you wet your lips and usually stare at mine, Then you say a line or two to sway me in and then your charm comes in and you act oh so tough at the same time even though you are probably so weak in the inside not a bad thing and then you use your secret weapon....... Your incredible smile that melts a girls heart and your famous dimples that gets me every time..... that's all you have to do

Sonny: Wow You really take well notes and very observant

Brenda: Yeah well I am a fast learner

Sonny: You are also the same in a woman way

brenda: Really???? How ??? What are my moves???

Sonny: Well lets start with eyes sweetheart when you look at a man you want to eat him up at least thats how you look at me and I know I cant resist then you conk that eyebrow alittle bit too let them know that you are interested. Then your lips get a little bigger as your hunger grows then you bat those long but stright and so irrestible eyes lashes and give that killer smile that makes any guy want to fall in love with you ,,,, and you have a dimple that speaks volumes. When the talking comes you talk in that sexy low tone that melts my heart. and you tilt your head to the side and then flirt dangerously Brenda remembering When Sonny was shot

Sonny: You like living dangerously

Brenda: I think living dangerously is exactly what the doctor ordered

Brenda comes back to reality

Sonny: and then when put on that face that drives me wild I know I am in trounle....... So basically together we are a force of nature

Brenda: I said that before

Sonny: when????

Brenda: In Canada

Brenda: Remember when Joe Skully man shot at me in the shower???? Then I was really afraid and you werent there and in Puerto Rico I was afraid and we were running and running but we were together and I knew you were gonna make everything ok ................ We were something else together we were like a "force of nature"

Sonny Comes back to reality

Sonny: Yeah I remember

brenda just looks at him like she knows his thoughts then the song crazy love comes on and Brenda freezes

Sonny: Brenda hey you ok

Brenda: UHHHhhhhh Yeah this song

Sonny: I know

Brenda: We danced to it before our wedding that never was

Sonny: Yeah I know I

Brenda: Dont say anything

Brenda goes into another realm

Brenda: I'm happy I feel like i am floating and I dont want to come down

Sonny: I'm right there with you sweetheart just hold on tight..............( Sonny hold her closer to him) Is this our song???

Brenda: (she laughs) We dont have a song

Sonny: they all are everyone ever written

Both Sonny and Brenda come back to reality and just look and stare at each other for a long time as if both knows what they are feeling and what they both really want but cant have.

"He gives me love love love Crazy love

Brenda has tears in her eyes and is deeply effected and Sonny sees this and then Brenda stops danceing and runs off.

Sonny: Brenda waitttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brenda crys in silence and Sonny walks toward her

Sonny: Sweetheart whats wrong Are you finally gonna tell me what you want

Brenda: I cant because I know where my life is headed and i hate it I hate knowing I 'm not gonna have a future or be with the man I love or have a baby or grow old and have grey in my hair and lines in my face. You should just leave me here to die Sonny I mean what is the point I have not future and eventually I wont even know who I am. I mean my memories Sonny I remember them now but I wont remember them later ................. I will forget what we had and what we meant to each other.

Sonny : Brenda???? Brenda???

Brenda: NO Sonny just let me die I cant take this anymore I will never have real love or passion ever again, So what ia the point of living

Sonny: NO I am not letting you give up on me......... Look at me Brenda!!!!!!

( He faces her ) You are alive and look you feel this its my heart Remember when Lilly died and I told you I felt like I was dying and you told me I am not and you put your hand on my heart...........( Sonny places his hand on her heart) YOU are alive Sweetheart

Brenda: Its not the same Sonny and you know it

Sonny: No But this will change your Mind

Brenda: Sonnyyyyyy............... Not............. (Then Sonny grabs her face with both hands and brings it to his and kisses her with such desire and passion at first she hesistates and then slowly but quickly gives in as Sonny and brenda kiss for the first time since 98 everythinh they felt was in the kiss anger passion, love confusion, sadness all of it was in the kiss and neither one of them wanted it to stop and as they kissed Alcazar watched and knew Brenda was still in love with Sonny and Sonny was with her.

Chapter 5

Brenda is very surprised about Sonny's sudden unexpected kiss without knowing Alcazra is watching them then she pulls away. Meanwhile Carly and Jason are in the jail in South America they are wondering how they are going to get out of jail and rescue Sonny and Brenda at the same time then he hear someone playing a guitar with them in their cell then Jason says, "Hey man knock it off we are trying to figure something out here!" "I am sorry man!" the man said then Carly says, "Jase come on we have to find a way out of here if we have to rescue Sonny and Brenda." "Excuse me Miss did you say Sonny Corinthos?" the man asked Carly then Carly says, "Why yes I am why?" "I am Ric," the man says as he extends his hand out. Back to Sonny and Brenda on the beach Brenda runs away from Sonny when Sonny finds Brenda holding herself while she is crying because she knows she has to tell Sonny about the twins that they are his biological children but doesn't know how to tell him that they have two children who are five years old then Sonny says, "Brenda?" Then Brenda wipes her tears then she says, "What do you want Sonny?" "Brenda how do you feel about me?" Sonny asks Brenda then she says, "Sonny I don't have any feelings for you they all died when you left me at the altar." "You know you are such a liar don't you deny it again," Sonny says. Then all of sudden Alcazar comes out of the bushes and grabs Brenda then he puts a gun to her head then he says, "Come on Corinthos you know want her to come away with me she won't be a problem to your marriage no more." Then Sonny looks at the fear on Brenda's face then he says, "OK you win you get Brenda!" Then Alcazar lets Brenda go then he gets all excited because he finally got Brenda back then Sonny runs to him then they start the gun while Brenda watches then all of sudden it goes off!!! Then Brenda screams, "Sonny NO!"

Chapter 6

Sonny and Alcazar tussle for the gun as Brenda watches in horror as one of the men is shot. one she has lived with and saved her life for 4 years and the other she has loved since she was 18 years old. Suddenly Sonny falls too the floor and so does Alcazar knocking one unconscience. Brenda rushes to Sonny side almost tripping over Alcazar.


Sonny lies their unconscience as Brenda crys and begs him to come back to her.

Brenda: Sonny Come Onnnnnnnnnnnnn SONNYYY Please Some back to me........ Listen ok I heard what you said and you promise me you werent going to leave so dont make me lose faith in you now..... (Listening for a heart beat but none) Sonny Come on BAby you have to be here I cant do this by myself .... I need you and you need me so Dont do this ..... Come back...... Hey remember when um you gave me that braclet you know I knew that was a set up But I wanted you to admit it and you didnt but then I tried to get the braclet off and remember I said it wouldnt come off Well It did But the fact that you gave it to me I didnt want to give it back because it came from your heart see the day I knew we shared the same heart........)Brenda grabs his hand to her heart) You feel that that's my heart and it beats for you so come on let me here your heart beat.......... OH god Sonny?????? What can I do ........ I know........... (Brenda slowly leans down to Sonny and touches his face and then kisses his lips long and hard. Sonny comes BAck and returns brenda's kiss and opens his eyes as Brenda pulls BAck

Sonny: You know if I would have known that this was a way to be kissed by an angel

Brenda: Welcome BAck .......... You scared me

Sonny: Yeah I scared myself I thought I was a goner >>. What happened????

Brenda: You fell to the floor and hit your head on the rock..... Are you ok???

Sonny: Other than my head hurts yeah I am ok

Brenda helps Sonny up and they both look down at Alcazar

Brenda: What do we do about him???

Sonny: throw him in a river

Brenda: Allow me

Sonny: I was kidding Lets tie him up

Brenda: Ok Hey Sonny I'm glad you are here

Sonny: So am I

Jason and Carly are stuck in Jail and next to Ric the cellmate and Carly is wondering what they are gonna do to get out of here.

JAson: Carly would you stop pacing you are making me dissy. (JAson lying down on the bed)

Carly: JAs I cant help it I keep thinking about Sonny and Brenda I mean JAson they are alone where anything could happen and Well You know how Brenda is

Jason: Carly stop It alright...... Look first of all Sonny is married to you and secondly Alcazar is with them so I dont think anything can happen

carly: Unless Alcazar was dead I mean like inthe caves when HArry kidnapped brenda and Harry died and what happen JAson

JAson: They slept together

Carly: Exactly!!!!!!! Carly still pacing

JAson: Yeah but Carly that was a different time Brenda and Sonny were in love with each other

Carly: Yeah and they arent now....... I mean brenda was married to jax and it didnt stop her and now with her not being with anybody

JAson: Carly Brenda is still inlove with JAx

Carly: What if she isnt what if she really is inlove with Sonny and pretending to be inlove with jax.?????

JAson: I give up

Ric: Hey maybe the lady is right????

JAson: WHo asked you????

Carly: Finally someone agrees with me Thank you who ever you are

Ric: The name is Ric

Carly: I am Carly and this Is JAson

Jason: Dont talk to him????

Carly: Why he is being nice

JAson: We dont even know him

Ric: that maybe so But I think I find a way to get you both out of jail

JAson and Carly both look at each other

Chapter 7

Sonny and Brenda are looking at the waves coming on to the shore of the Caribbean Sea then Brenda wipes some more tears that were coming down face thinking about her babies what they would like and who they would like and Sonny is beginning to wonder why Brenda is all of sudden crying all of the time then he goes to her then he puts his wrist around her arm then he says, "Honey what is the matter?" "Oh nothing I was just thinking that we are never going to be found," Brenda said then Sonny says grabbing her face in his hands, "Look at me we are going to be rescued don't give up you are not the Brenda I use to know the Brenda I use to know would not give up on anything." Then Sonny pulls Brenda into his arms then he holds her as she cries then they started kissing passionately then Brenda starts to undo the button of Sonny's shirt then he pulls away for a second then he says, "Are you sure?" "Make love to me Sonny it has been five years since we have made love please I am begging you since we are going to die I want to die in your arms," Brenda said then they started to kiss again then they hear some voices in the branches then they quickly fix each of their clothing then they hear Carly saying Sonny's name then Jason and Carly show up! Then Alcazar comes out of the bushes then he sees that Carly and Jason are there as well then Sonny grabs Alcazar then Brenda walks away for a second then Carly told Jason that she was going to talk to Brenda for a second then Brenda started to cry as she began to think now that they were rescued Sonny is going to go back to Carly then Carly says, "If you wasn't for you Sonny wouldn't be in this mess." Then Brenda says, "Carly don't blame me for what has happened to me nothing happened between me and Sonny" Then Brenda began to walk away then she falls into the quicksand then Carly tries to reach her hand but Brenda told Carly to go and save Sonny but she falls in as well. Meanwhile Sonny and Jason along with Alcazar are fighting over the gun then it goes off luckily no one was hit then Sonny and Jason knock out and tie up Alcazar then they heard Brenda and Carly's screams then they run quickly to go and find them. Meanwhile Brenda and Carly is trying to get out but they can't then Sonny and Jason arrive then they see that Brenda and Carly are in quicksand then Sonny says, "Jason you get Carly while I get Brenda." Then Jason grabs Carly and Sonny grabs Brenda then they manage to get them out of the quicksand then Carly started to cry because she realizes that she has a bad hangover then Sonny told everyone that they were going back to Port Charles. It's a few days later, everyone is back in Port Charles, Brenda is looking at old pictures of her and Sonny then there was a knock on the door then she goes to answer it then she says, "Jax what are you doing here shouldn't you be with your wife?" "Well Skye and I are separated because she has lied to me about something this is why I am here," Jax said then Brenda lets him into her place then Jax said, "Brender you are not dying you are 100% healthly." Then Brenda started to cry with tears of happiness in her eyes then Jax kisses her but Brenda thinks of Sonny while Jax is kissing her then she pulls away and she said, "Jax I have do something can you please leave?" "Yeah but we are not finish here," Jax said then Brenda escourted him out then Jax leaves then Brenda picks up the phone and dials Sonny's penthouse. Meanwhile Sonny and Carly find out from Skye that Brenda is not sick then Sonny tells Skye to leave then she leaves the penthouse and Carly realizes that Sonny might very well leave her and Michael again this time for good then the phone rings then Sonny says, "Yeah?" "Sonny it's me we need to talk can you meet on the docks in about two hours?" Brenda said on the other line of the phone then Sonny tells Carly that he has to run a errand and that he should be back in a couple of hours. Meanwhile on the docks, Brenda is waiting for Sonny on the docks then Alcazar said, "You know you shouldn't be here along on the docks Brenda something bad could happen to you." "Go to hell Luis," Brenda said then he says, "Why I think I have something I have to tell you and Corinthos that you all might want to hear." Then Sonny comes on the docks then he sees Alcazar is harrassing Brenda again then he runs on the docks then he said, "Get the hell away from her you already have her a lot of hell!" "Well if you guys didn't know you all have two five year old twins a little boy and a little girl!" Alcazar said. Chapter 8

Sonny and brenda are on the docks with Alcazar while JAx is waiting for brenda at her cottage and Carly is waiting for the Sonny to come home and Skye is listening to ALcazar and Brenda and SOnny conversation and Now the Chapter begins.

Brenda and Sonny on the docks with Alcazar

brenda: What are you talkin about

Sonny: What is he talking about

Alcazar: Well Brenda I know for a fact your children didnt die and I have made you think that they were

Brenda: What????? Wait a minute No The hospital told me they were dead.... they said I had a compllicated pregnancy and they had stopped breathing

Alcazar: YOU were lied to Brenda By me

Sonny: YOu were pregnant???? Brenda

Brenda: You lied to me why??????????

Alcazar: Because I thought once you were with me we could get your children amd then live

brenda: HAppily ever after aint gonna happen

Sonny: You were Pregnant????????? What By him

Alcazar: Do you think that to my own child Corinthos???

Brenda: You bastard You lied to me about my own children you knew they were important to me and you just lied how could you do that you selfish bastard. You took away their time my time

Alcazar: I did it for your own protection Brenda to protect them from Corinthos

Sonny: What's it have to do with me

Alcazar: I guess you havent told him yet

Sonny: I mean shouldnt JAx know about his own children no matter how much I hate the guy no man deserves to be deprived of his child.

ALcazar: The children arent JAx Corithos

Sonny: Then who are they

brenda: Dont you dare answer Luis............ Sonny the children I gave birth to to were conceaved in August.....

(Sonny being really in shock and remembering the last time him and brenda were together in Utah with no one knowing.)

Brenda: Your'e the father

Sonny: I'M What???????

Alcazar getting a joy out of this

ALcazar: Congradulations Corinthos

Alcazar leaves Brenda and Sonny to talk while Skye has listened to everything and goes to JAx with the information.

Brenda and SOnny dont say anything to eachother for a few minutes

Brenda: Are you ok

Sonny: I'm not sure I mean first I found out you werent dead then I find out you are not sick and Now I find out that you were not only preganant but you have my children.

Brenda: I didnt know they were alive.......... But I am so glad that they are

Sonny: why didnt you tell me

Brenda: I couldnt............... I couldnt bring myself to tell you especially since I thought they died. Do you know all the greiving I mean not only for my children but for you I mean you not knowing was killing me. I had to accept it Sonny that i was never gonna see them walk or talk or hold them in my arms or give them a bottle or sing them to sleep ........ God Sonny I didnt even get to say goodbye.. I Loved then the first time I saw them they were perfect and they were apart of you and me . To tell you would have killed you I mean I saw you when You lost Lilly and the baby I couldnt do that to you.

Sonny has tears in his eyes

Sonny : I am so sorry brenda I'm sorry I wasnt there for you like I should have been . But now we have a chance to get them back and for you to be a mom and me to be a dad and this time we can help each other. We can raise them together with a mom and a dad. I know we both had rough childhoods but that doesnt have to happen to us. We can work through it We can I believe we can

Brenda: I would like for us to raise our children together and for us to be parents that can help each other instead of tearing each other apart

Brenda and Sonny hug and now he has to tell Carly and Brenda has to tell JAx.

Sonny is approaching the penthouse to tell Carly Brenda and him have children together.

Carly: Hi Honey Oh Michael is at My moms so you and I have some time to make it a night to remember

Sonny: Well Carly you are defintely gonna remember this

Brenda and JAx at the cottage

Brenda: JAx there is something have to tell you



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