Survivors by Jeannie and Mandy

People laughing over dinner. The clinking of wine glasses, flickers of the flame warming each table. Then the fire began to grow and the smoke was so heavy she couldn't breathe. Screams errupted from every corner of her mind as she tried to lie on the floor. Haziness. Dizziness. Fatigue. Then two strong hands placed on her shoulders as she was picked up and lifted into his arms. As her head bobbed up and down against this stranger's neck, she asked him a question. He answered " Brenda...always."

He awoke gasping for breath. White lights flooded around him. He tried to speak, but none of these idiots around him seemed to be listening. In his mind, he fathomed he was screaming over and over again.. he emerged in and out of consciousness..most of the time he didn't know if it was day or night. Once he woke up and told the nurse who was staring at him everything he knew, he expected her to jump up and run out of the room screaming. She instead just smiled and told him to relax and sleep. He decided she was right and gave up and let the darkness take over.

The press was having a field day. Journalist tripped over themselves to get a story on Brenda Barrett getting a run in her stockings, so when word got out that she was the only survivor of the fatal Outback explosion things got ugly. Things got even uglier when it was released that she was saved by an unidentified hero, who lay in shock therapy at General Hospital. Felecia Jones dead. Dara Jenson dead. Mayor Briggs dead. Mac Scorpio dead. No big deal...but a picture of the man would be worth thousands of dollars to the National Enquirer or any other respectable newspaper...If only they knew who he innocent spectator who grabbed the first breathing victim, or a manica fan of the beautiful model, or could it be one of Sonny's goons following orders.

Marino and his men knew better. No goon risks his life for his ex-bosses ex-lover...Only a fool jumps into a burning building or a man hopelessly in love. That was his first clue that Sonny Corinthos was back in town.

"Lois I told you I'm really feeling alot better", Brenda said exasperated at the mothering treatmeant Lois was giving her. "Girlfriend, you just got released from the hospital this moring and already talking about going out, No I don't think so" Brenda was frustrated at Lois and said, "But Lo, I-"
Lois waved her wild fingernails in the air. With finality in her voice said, "Uh Uh, no way are you leaving this house today, I have the strictest orders from doctor Q himself to keep you in bed with chicken soup for another twenty-four hours."
Brenda loved Lois likea sister and smiled at her, "Lo I know you want to mother me, but I am more than capable of taking care of myself."
Lois was amazed as she stared at Brenda and said, "Hallo! Bren, am I the only one around that seems to remember that you were caught in an explosion just four days ago."
Brenda nodded her head at Lois and said calmly, "Yes that's right, and for the last three days they have kept in the hospital under observation and found nothing wrong with me"
" I know! Lois lamented, wildly shaking her nails in the air, "but that still doesn't stop me for worring about you, girl..."
Brenda laughed and said, "Shouldn't you be instead worring about your daughter right now? I mean you can only leave her so long in Edward's care."
Lois laughed and said, " I know but don't worry because Brookie is with her daddy at the zoo, probably learning latin names for all the animals"
Brenda hugged the pillow and pouting said, "Well if I'm going to be stuck prisoner here I guess I might as well sleep"
Lois hated to see Brenda so depressed and to cheer her up said, " Oh don't get too down in the dumps. There are about a million people who promise to stop by to see you later, so get some rest"

Jason sighed. He hated these places. Not enough security. Too many people. Too little air. He couldn't believe the events that had taken place over the last week. Nothing had gone according to plan, and didn't Sonny the one who said keep your emotions out of it? Damn, now he had the press up his butt bombarding him with questions about this unidentified hero. Shaking his head in annoyance, he entered the hospital room and collapsed into the hard chair which dug into his already sore back. The man in the bed reached out his hand. The hand was rough and all cut up, but it was warm and Jason squeezed it for reassurance.
Chapter 3

Jason sighed as he watched Sonny sleep, Sonny had made him promise not to tell Brenda he was back in town. Sonny said it was his job to break that bombshell to her. Everything was going right until some one decided to create a disturbance. Jason had a pretty good idea who that someone was, Maurice Marino. Marino had been bothering Jason ever since Sonny suddenly disappeared from Port Charles. Marino didn't like Jason and didn't think he had the brains to run Sonny' s organization. Sonny turned in his bed making small sounds but not waking up. Jason watched Sonny sleep, he promised to stand guard over him while he slept. Jason stood from his seat next to Sonny and walked to the window. Peering out the window, Jason exhaled deeply and said to himself, " Sonny what do I tell Brenda now?"

Brenda flipped the remote buttons lazily so bored out of her mind. She had absolutely nothing to do, and Lois had taken her car keys so she couldn't leave the house. After watching this contraption for the last three hours she was so stiff it hurt to move. The doctors had told her eventhough she didn't have any internal injuries her body would still ache and throb. Brenda let her mind fill with memories of the fire. The night had started out so perfect, she had planned to spend the evening listening to Dara sing at the Outback. After finally convincing Dara to sign with L&B, Lois and her were ready to promote her. Lois chose the Outback so Dara would feel comfortable, and it would also be easier on her nerves. Brenda and Lois had planned to go watch, and give Dara their support. At the last minute though, Brooke-lynn came down with an ear infection so Lois had to cancel. Brenda decided to still go, and called Jax to see if he wanted to go with her, he of course eagerly accepted promising to make it a night Brenda would never forget. Brenda frowned remembering how it was a night she would never forget, a night Port Charles would never forget. Brenda had bought a new dress for the occassion, it was short, skimpy, and red-Jax's favorite color. While dressing that night she ignored the nagging feeling about what would happen that evening. While getting ready Jax called and told her he had a flat tire so he would be late. Brenda didn't want to wait so she drove herself to the Outback, when she got there she made small talk with Mac who was behind the bar. Brenda tried to calm Dara's nerves, but became unsuccessful so instead took a front row seat waiting for Jax. After a few minutes the lights dimmed and Dara appeared on stage. Just as Dara started to sing the opening words, a huge explosion rocked the Outback. Brenda became so involved in her flashback, when the phone rang she jumped, shaking she answered it. A warm(annoying ) Australian voice spoke, " Brender.. "

Sonny laid there tortured by the memory of what he saw at the outback. He had been in town a week before the explosion. Jason and him made sure everything was safe about his return. Sonny had been homesick and after months and months of being away from Brenda he had decided to return. It was supposed to be a short visit, long enough for him to get Brenda to go with him. Nobody was supposed to know he was in town, he couldn't live without her and wanted her to come with him. He had a beautiful vineyard in Venice to offer her, and he still wanted to marry her. Sonny had planned everything out, even what he would say to her, he had been planning it for months. Jason had kept his eye on Brenda and knew she would be at the Outback friday night. Sonny and Jason had planned that Jason would distract Brenda with a story about Robin needing her. Jason would get Brenda to go with him, inside the limo would be Sonny, once she got into the limo Sonny would lock the doors and drive off. SOnny knew she wouldn't want to talk to him, so he wasn't going to give her a choice. He would make her listen, he had to she was his life. Everythilng had been set up, Robin even agreed to call Brenda and have her go with Jason. Jason watched as Brenda got the car then signaling to Sonny went into the Outback.
Chapter 4

Brenda had just gotten off the phone with Jax when Lois walked in carrying Brooke.
Brenda asked where Lois had been, and Lois replied to go get Brooke. Brenda took Brooke from Lois and set her in her playpen. Joining Lois on the couch asked how things went with NEd. Lois sighed, and babbled on about Ned and Alexis. It really upset Lois to see NEd with Alexis, she still loved Ned so much. Brenda listened contently and said softly, " Lo I know he is still in love with you."
Lois sighed sadly,and changed the subject, " So what happened while I was gone?"
Brenda smiled and said, " Jax called me, he's coming by to see me after his ELQ meeting"
Lois smiled at her excitement, " So how are things going between you two?"
Brenda blushed and said, " Well Jax is my best friend and I care for him, but-"
Lois sighed again, and said, " But you don't love him like Sonny do you?"
Brenda frowned deeply and said sadly, " No I could never love anyone the way I loved Sonny."
Lois hugged Brenda while she cried tears over losing Sonny. After a few minutes Brenda dried her eyes and said, " I need to forget about Sonny adn move on with my life, he's gone and he's never coming back."

Sonny laid there still listening to his heart monitor beep. It made him think of Valentine's day three years ago. That had been one of the best days of his entire life. That was the day he fell in love with Brenda. He would never forget how beautiful she looked, or how he felt just being near her. Sonny knew then he was destined to be with her, he just needed to remind Brenda of that.

Chapter 5

Brenda and Lois sat there together watching the news. There was a huge broadcast on the Outback explosion. Standing infront of what was left of the Outback was a reporter. The reporter said, "There was only two victims who survived this explosion which is speculated to be bomb related, and one of the victims was an hero who lays unconscious at General Hospital."
Brenda listened while the reporter questioned people who saw what had happened. Just then someone told the reporter the identified hero was the reputed ex-crime lord of Port Charles. Then the news faded to commercial break leaving Lois and Brenda completely bewildered. After the commercial the reporter showed Sonny's picture and said, " Yes folks our hero is none other than Michael Sonny Corinthos Jr., or better known as Sonny the mobster"
Brenda froze as Sonny's picture flashed across the screen, she felt like her heart had stopped beating in her chest. Lois gasped at Sonny's picture and said disbelieving, " Sonny is the hero who saved you Brenda !"
Chapter 6

Brenda sat there unable to believe it was really Sonny's face on the screen. But there he was being loaded into the ambulance covered in ash and blood. Brenda watched as they fininshed loading him into the ambulance and it drove out of sight. Lois held Brenda's hand as she completely went into shock and her body started shaking uncontrollably. Brenda stood slowly not sure her legs could hold her right now. Brenda's eyes still glued to the television screen she whispered, " I have to go to him."
Lois nodded and rushed to find her car keys, finding them she walked back to Brenda. Helping Brenda walk to the door she was still in shock she called Ned to come watch Brooke. Brenda didn't say a word the whole way to the hospital, she sat stone silent. Lois worried about Brenda being so quiet, but she knew this was a shock to find out Sonny saved her after leaving her at the altar. Brenda stared out the window and tried to replay the fire in her head. All she remembered was the music started and the Outback suddenly exploded. Brenda remembered seeing the kitchen blow up and glass shattering everywhere, also everywhere laid dead bodies. Brenda felt herself being forced back, and she hit her head on the bar. The room caught on fire, and smoke filled the whole room. Brenda heard cries coming from several people, but she couldn't see where they were. Soon it was quiet, and Brenda knew everybody was dead except her. She tried to move, but the bar had fallen on top of her, and all around her laid glass. She remembered crying, and begging god for somebody to save her. Brenda had no idea God would send Sonny to save her, it just didn't make any sense to Brenda. Lois looked at her who was daydreaming, she looked so frail and scared. Lois thought to herself, " This must be killing her to know it was Sonny"
Gently Lois touched Brenda's arm bringing her out of her flashback, Brenda turned to her with confusion in her eyes. Lois softly said, " Brenda were here, are you ready to go?"
Brenda looked up at Lois and said, " I think so, Lo I hope he's alright"
Lois nodded and said, " Brenda, Sonny is strong and he will be ok"
Bren and her entered the nurses floor, and asked what room was SOnny Corinthos staying in. The nurse looked Blankly at the two women, and said " Nobody by that name is registered here."
Brenda was losing it, Sonny was somewhere in this hospital and she had to find him. Brenda started to scream " Don't lie to me I know he is here, let me see him now damnit."
The nurse was so bewildered by Brenda's behavior she stood there stuttering. Brenda felt Sonny's pain, and had to make sure he was alright. Brenda screamed again and again, " Where's SOnny, I need to see Sonny, don't lie to me"
Brenda threw papers, knocked over charts searching for his, and became completely hysterical. Lois tried to calm Brenda down, but she wouldn't listen. It wasn't until Bobbie arrived, and told Brenda to settle down that she started to. Brenda covered her face with her hands, and cried mumbling Sonny's name over and over again. Lois helped her to a chair, and Brenda gratefully collapsed into it. Bobbie stopped the nurse from calling security, and then knelt infront of Brenda. Bobbie in a low voice said, " How do you know Sonny was here, did he tell you?"
Brenda cried harder so Lois answered her instead, " We saw Corinthos's picture on television, he saved Brenda's life."
Bobbie smiled at Brenda and said, " Brenda, Sonny's been asking for you but you had already left the hospital."
Brenda looked up and in asked " Bobbie, please tell me he's ok, I need him to be alright."
Bobbie smiled and said, " Brenda, Sonny's fine except for a broken leg and maybe some cuts and bruises."
Brenda whispered pleadlingly, " Please let me see him, I need to see for myself that he's alright."
Bobbie nodded and whispered, " Follow me."
Lois and Brenda followed Bobbie down the hall to the pediatrics ward. Bobbie laughed and said, " Sonny is down here, Luke thought it would be a good idea if we hid him."
Bobbie stopped infront of a door guarded by two men, the men nodded as Bobbie entered slowly followed by Brenda and Lois. Bobbie stood near Sonny's bed, and smiled at him before saying " Sonny, you have company, just who you asked for."
Bobbie montioned for Lois and Brenda to come farther in the room. Laying there with bruises and cuts all over his face, and his leg in a cast was Sonny Corinthos. Brenda felt like she was going to faint, the whole earth had just shifted away from her. Brenda slowly walked towards Sonny's bed, but started to shake uncontrollably again. Lois and Bobbie helped her into a chair next to his bed, she sat there still shaking. Bobbie looked at Brenda and said, " Sonny looks alot better since he first arrived, when they first brought him in here he was unable to breathe and his pulse was weak."
Lois smiled looking at Sonny sleeping and said, " That's SOnny for you, strong as an ox and a fighter until the end."
Bobbie and Lois laughed at what Lois said, but Brenda sat there silently staring at Sonny. Brenda turned around and asked, " Bobbie, how did Sonny break his leg?"
" He broke it when a beam landed on him, he was trying to save you," said Jason who had just entered the room. Jason moved towards the bed and said " He risked his life to save you Brenda."
Brenda shook her head as she rose from the chair and said, " No SOnny wouldn't do that he doesn't love me remember?"
Jason sighed and said " He did save you Brenda, he risked his life by entering the fire but he did it for you."
Brenda walked to Jason shaking her head as she moved closer to Jason. With tears in Brenda's eyes she asked " Why would Sonny save me Jason?"
When Jason didn't answer Brenda started pounding her fists into his chest asking, " Why Jason, huh why would Sonny do that, he doesn't love me so why damnit why would he save me?"
Pounding her fists until they hurt she said, " Why tell me why damnit."
Bobbie and Lois watched trying to decide what to do next. All of the sudden Sonny spoke and said, " Let me tell you why Brenda?"
Everybody turned to Sonny who was awake and watching all of them. Brenda stared at SOnny, who smiled at her and said " I missed you Brenda."
Brenda felt her knees go weak and her legs no longer would hold her. Luckily Jason caught her as soon as she passed out. Sonny smiled dimples flaring and said, " That's my girl."

Brenda awoke and found herself in a hospital bed with Lois sitting beside her. Brenda sat up relieved, everything had been a dream. Sonny wasn't really here, she never saw him or even heard his voice. Brenda smiled, " Lois, I just had the most unbelievable dream."
Lois smiled and tried to speak but Brenda cut her off saying, " No, first let me tell you my dream, Ok? Sonny was here and guess what he was the one that saved my life, can you believe it?"
Brenda laughed and continued talking not letting Lois have a chance to speak. Brenda said, " How unbelievable is that, Sonny the man who left me standing at the altar on our wedding day saved my life?"
Brenda continued to laugh, but Lois sat there frowning deeply trying to figure out how to tell Brenda it wasn't a dream. Brenda looked at the serious look on Lois's face and started to get worried. Lois started to speak again but Brenda interrupted her. Brenda looked at Lois and said, " No tell me it was a dream, it can't be real he wouldn't do that, please tell me I was dreaming Lois."
Lois smiled at Brenda then said, " Brenda, honey you need to calm down ok?"
Brenda started to panic and said " Tell me Lois, is Sonny saving me a dream or not?"
Lois saw how much pain Brenda was in and said in a quiet voice, "It wasn't a dream Brenda, Sonny really did save your life."
Brenda knew deep down inside it hadn't been a dream, but it hurt so much to think he would save her after leaving her. Brenda felt the tears slide down her cheeks while Lois held her close. Brenda sat there crying while the words swirled around in her head, " SOnny saved her life, he was back in Port Charles."
Brenda needed to know why Sonny was back, and did he really love her.
Chapter 8

While Brenda sat there silently wondering if Sonny loved her, Sonny talked to Jason in the next room.
Jason told Sonny that everybody knew he was back in town, and it was no longer safe to be here in the hospital. Sonny said frustrated, " Damn it Jason, who told?"
Jason shrugged his shoulders and said, " I don't know Sonny, but it was okn the news tonight and your picture was plastered everywhere."
Sonny sighed, "Tomorrow every paper in Port Charles will have my picture on the cover, I can see the headline now ' Ex-crime boss saves beautiful model who he dumped at the altar.'"
SOnny in a low voice growled, " You better find out who leaked this story to the press."
Jason nodded and said, " I already have a pretty good idea who it was."
Sonny sighed again, " Marino, he is still after you isn't he?"
Jason nodded and said, " He wants me out of the way, and he'll want you out of the way also now that your back."
Sonny laughed bitterly, " SO much for making this a short and safe trip, now Brenda's life is in danger because of me."
Sonny sat up in bed and said, " Anybody harms her and they answer to me."
Jason told Sonny abuot the plan to relocate him. Sonny listened patiently and said, " I want Brenda to come with me, but don't tell her or she won't come if she knows her life is in danger."
SOnny smiles showing his dimples and says, " Brenda's so stubborn, that's one of the things I love about her."
Jason smiled and said, " We have to move you tonight, so let's get you out of here."
Sonny was lifted out of bed by Jason and his two bodyguards and placed on a stretcher.

Brenda let go of Lois, and wiped her tears with sleeve. Brenda sniffled and said miserably, Why if Sonny doesn't love me would he save me, I need to know why?"
" I can tell you why Brenda, but not here."
Brenda looked up and saw SOnny laying on a stretcher smiling at her.
Chapter 9

Brenda smiled as she looked at Sonny, she couldn't believe after all this time he could still make her feel this way. Brenda got out of bed and moved closer to Sonny saying, " Your alright."
Sonny smiled dimples at her and said, " It's amazing that your all the medicine I need to get better."
Brenda felt tears in her eyes as she looked at Sonny laying on a stretcher. All the pain she felt over him was resurfacing. Jason interrupted their conversation and told Brenda," Sonny is no longer safe at the hospital."
Brenda frowned and said, " Where are taking him Jason?"
Sonny spoke, "To a safe place and you need to come with me, Your not safe here either."
Brenda felt angry, how dare Sonny tell her she wasn't safe, this was her home. Brenda felt her anger rise and said, " Who are you to tell me what to do?"
Lois knew Brenda was upset and knew this wasn't going to be pretty, she hoped SOnny had enough strength. Sonny smiled to himself, " She looked so beautiful when she got angry, her face always got flushed and her bottom lip always quivered."
Moving until Brenda was right infront of Sonny she started releasing her angry at him telling how she felt about him. Jason stood there waiting while Brenda vented her anger, she had every right to be mad but right then wasn't a good time. Sonny should have been gone already but he wouldn't leave without Brenda. Jason looked at Sonny smiling, he looked like he enjoyed this, why if Sonny told him not to tell Brenda her life was in danger did he?
Sonny laid there listening while Brenda yelled at him and called him all sorts of names. He had expected this would happen that's why he didn't want Jason to be the one who had to tell her, her life was in danger. Brenda was already mad at him, so why make her hate Jason too, besides Sonny needed Brenda to trust Jason or they wouldn't be able to escape. SOnny smiled at her waiting for her tirade to end eventhough he enjoyed seeing her get so worked up he missed that. Jason couldn't wait any longer and said loudly, " Brenda, we have to go now, so finish this later."
Brenda stood there hate showing in her eyes as she felt every feeling she had about Sonny leaving her and just reappearing. Brenda knew Sonny was in danger and it wasn't safe to keep yelling at him, so she stood there silent just glaring at him. Jason whispered something to Lois and walked towards Brenda. Jason said, " Brenda, I know your mad and you have every right to but Sonny is not safe here and neither are you, so please come with us."
Brenda faced Jason and whispered, " Why is he here?"
Jason whispered, " He will tell you when your both safe, ok?"
Brenda felt tears in her eyes as Jason moved to talk to Sonny, who was watching Brenda. Lois hugged Brenda and said, " Brenda, I want you to go with Sonny, he will keep you safe ok?"
Brenda nodded unable to speak for fear she would start crying again. There was no way she would cry infront of SOnny, she would never show him how upset she really was. Jason slowly wheeled Sonny out of the room, and down the hall. When Brenda finished hugging Lois she also followed them down the hall. Lois told her, SOnny was back to explain everything to her, and he really loves her.
Chapter 10

Jason put on a doctor's uniform and so did the two body guards. Jason then gave Brenda a nurses's uniform, and told her to put it on. Brenda quickly changed into it, and got on the elevator. Jason hit ground level, and told Brenda the rest of the plan. When they reached bottom level, SOnny was taken off the stretcher and put in a body bag. He was injected with a drug which made him appear dead. He was wheeled down to the morgue, and after some inspection was presumed dead. Luckily Bobbie, Amy, and Alan had faked Sonny's death certificate, and body inspection. Jason had done alot of convincing to get Alan to help, but Alan finally agreed to help. The morgue tagged Sonny, and wrote up his death certificate. Brenda watched as Sonny was zipped up and carried away. Brenda all the sudden couldn't take it and broke down in tears, the tears just poured out of her. She loves Sonny so much, and eventhough he wasn't really dead she felt the sadness of losing him rip her apart inside. The morgue technicians felt bad for her, and tried to comfort her, but she just cried and cried. Jason had quietly slipped away during Brenda's breakdown, and made sure SOnny was in the hearse ready to be moved. Jason carefully held Brenda in his arms, and whispered, " Sonny is safe and Brenda you need to leave so you can be safe too."
Brenda nodded while Jason lead her out of the morgue. Brenda got into the hearse and drove off. It was dark when they arrived at the safe house, Brenda had slept the entire way drained of her strength from crying. She looked out the window, and couldn't figure out where she was. Jason lead her out of the car, and down the road. Brenda had a feeling she had been here before, but it too dark to see anything. Brenda struggled to see but the darkness was like a blanket covering her veiw. She followed Jason stumbling all the way until she reached a large house that loomed infront of her. The house was the size of a mansion, it was dark but looked like the color was brown, and it had alot of glass windows. Brenda gazed up at the house until Jason tapped her on the shoulder, and guided her inside. Brenda was so tired from the day she had that she collapsed on the front stairs.


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