Starting Over
by Jenny

Scene- Sonny and Brenda have just figured out who was behind the hit on Sonny
and the drugs in PC. Turns out it was Harry who was trying to take over the
Port Charles Territory. Brenda and Sonny exposed him in a shoot out, after
Brenda was taken hostage-Sonny shot Harry. Mac showed up with the rest of the
PD, and they took Brenda to the hospital to check for injuries-and Sonny and
Jason went to the police station for questioning. Sonny and Brenda haven't
reunited-yet, but they have gotten very close since they started working
together to solve this.

General Hospital-Sonny races in to find Brenda.

S: (Races to the nurses' desk and finds Bobbie) Bobbie-where is Brenda?
Bobbie: Ummm.. she is trauma 1.
S: Sonny races through to trauma 1 where he runs in and looks at Brenda
Brenda: Sonny!!(She opens her arms and they hug-and they won't let go of each
Alan comes in with the test results.
S:How is she?
A:She's just fine. You can take her home.
B:Thanks Alan.

Sonny and Brenda walk out arm and arm- and head toward the penthouse.

Sonny's Penthouse-
Brenda comes down the stairs after changing into Sonny's sweats.Sonny is
staring out the window.

B:I know it was hard for you to kill Harry. I know ho much he meant to you.
S:Meant Brenda. He is what killed Lily-and he almost killed you. So much for
B:You have a friend right here. One who will never leave you.
S:I know.(smiles) Shouldn't you call Jax?
B:Sonny..I am not with Jax anymore..we split up. He loves Miranda and thats
where he should be.
S:Oh...I'm sorry.
B:You liar (smiles)...uugghh-I can't believe what has gone down the last few
days. But I am glad we proved your innocence-Did you see Taggert's face??
B:I loved proving him wrong. Where is Jason?
S:He is on his way to Robin's-to explain this whole mess-he didn't want her
to find out from anyone else-especially since she is coming home soon for
break. we are all alon?
S:Yeah...Brenda I need to tell you somehting.
B:Okay-lets sit down.
S: know this isn't easy for me....You saved my life again. I
can..I can never repay you-all I can offer you is love. I love you-I never
stopped. I loved you since the day I met you-and I can't keep it in anymore.
S: I know you need time..I know you have had a rough few months-no thanks to
B:(puts her hand over his mouth) shh.. Sonny-I love you too. You didn't
intentionally hurt me- and I would save your life again and again if you
needed me to.

They kiss.. (YES- WAHOO-FINALLY!!!)

B:I just don't want this to end again. I want us to be together-and with no
more obstacles.
S:This isn't the end Brenda-it is only the beginning. We are differnet-we
have forgiven..but we won't forget, we will never let the past relive itself.
I won't let you go again.
B:God I love you.

They kiss again....

The Wedding
WHATS HAPPENING: Okay..So Brenda left Jax and then spent time along
re-evaluating herself and her life. Solwly she let Sonny back into her life
as he proved his love for her and his trust in her, and then Sonny asked her
to marry him and presented her with the most beautiful diamond ring you have
ever seen. The wedding is all set, with Robin as the maid of honor, Luke as
the best man (Jason is an usher who also stands up with Sonny and Luke) and
Mike giving Brenda away.

The day before the wedding.

S-Are you all set??
B-Yeah-I think so. Our last night apart, before we are together forever.
S- Are you sure you have to go to Robin's?
B-Yes honey..its bad luck to be together the night before the wedding.
Besides, I am sure Luke has big party planned tonight.
S-Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can I give ya a lift?
B-No, Robin is picking me up.
S-Okay..then I will see you tomorrow. (He gives her a huge kiss and then they
embrace, and finally she leaves the penthouse.)
Jason then comes out of the kitchen.
S-Whats up?
J-Everything is ready. All you have to do is show up.
S-I wouldn't miss it for the world. (He looks sooo happy)
The phone rings.
S-Lois..How are you?
L-I'm doing alright. I can't complain-I have a beautiful baby girl keeping me
busy. (Sadness in her voice)
S-I wish you were coming tomorrow.
L-I know, and believe me I want to be there more than anything, but I can't.

S-I know.
L-I always knew you guys would eventually get together.
L-Hey..Corinthos, I may have had my doubts, but deep down I knew. You better
take care of her Sonny, I'm not kidding.(Her voice begins to crack)
S-I will lois I promise. I guess we will talk to you soon.
L-Yeah.. I love you both Sonny.Give my love to Brenda.
S-Yeah..same here. Say hi to Brook and your family for me.
L-Will do. Good luck tomorrow.
S-Thanks Lois. (he hangs up the phone)
J-I'm gonna go Sonny, I have some stuff to do to finish getting everything
S-Yeah. See ya later.
A few hours later, Luke, Ned (who was invited because he and Sonny get along
now-after getting Jax out of ELQ), Mike and Jason come over, and then they
stay up all night smoking cigars, playing poker and talking.
L-You're thinking about Stone aren't ya partner?
S-Yep. Its not right he isn't here. He always wanted Brenda and I together.
L-He is here Sonny, you just can't see him.
S-I know that but it doesn't make it any easier. (He raises his glass) A
toast-to Stone. to his wish for my future that is finally coming true.
N-I will drink to that.
J-Me too.
L-So Sonny, are ya ready for this? Living with Brenda forever, could make any
man crazy.
S-Nope (he laughs)- I love her Luke, and after everything that has happened I
don't know what I'd do without her.
N-I'm glad to hear it.
S-Don't worry Ashton, no bullets will be flying through my shower ever again.
S-I won't hurt her again. I never wanted to in the first place.
N-I know Sonny, Brenda has never been this happy-and who am I to deny that?
(Sonny just nods and then the scene fades out)

The Wedding Day!!!!!!!!!

In Brenda's room at Robins.
B-Okay-I have something borrowed and something blue down. (She hold up the
necklace Ned once gave Lois with the blue topaz he said was the color of her
R-Did Lois send that to you?
B-No she gave it to me when Sonny and I went up there to see her and tell her
we about the wedding.
R-I know you want her to be here. I'm sorry.
B-Yeah well..I am not going to let anything ruin this day!
R-Right! Now all we need is something new-which is your dress. And something
(Robin goes over to her drawer and pulls out the mantilla her mom wore that
she showed Stone after Lois and Ned's wedding) Here. This was my moms, and
when Stone and I came back from Lois and Ned's wedding, I showed it to him
and we said the vows like it we were having a wedding. He would want, and I
want you to carry it with you down the aisle.
B-Oh Robin...Thats so sweet. Thanks you. (they hug) Now I have everything-all
I need to do is get dressed and you know how long that takes me..
R-Yeah i know. Call me if you need any help.
B-Thanks sweetie!

At the Penthouse:
Sonny comes rolling down the stairs all dressed in his tux and ready to go.
Luke is
L-Ready to do this?
S-Yeah Luke. This time it actually feels right,and nothing is gonna screw
this up.
L-Alright. Lets go.
S-Do you have the rings??
L-I've got them-everything is all set. Jason is there now setting it all up.
I still can't believe you are getting married there.
S-It just feels right. There are no doubts this time Luke.
L-I'm glad.(he gives Sonny's shoulder a squeeze)
S-I guess we are all set.
L-Then lets go!

Robin's house

Brenda comes down the stairs.
R-Ohh Brenda you look so beautiful.
B-Thanks! I am so excited Robin.
R-I know...(The door bell rings and robin answers it)
R-Ned. Come on in.
N-can I assume that the bride isn't ready yet?
B-No you can't assume that (she comes into his view as he steps out of the
door way.)
N-WOW! Brenda you look gorgeous.
B-You mean it? Thanks. That means a lot!! (They hug)
N- Ready to go? The limo is waiting.
B-Yes-lets go.

The Wedding sight- the bridge

Ned comes out of the limo and goes to Sonny and asks if everything is ready.
The only guests are the priest, an organ player, Jason, Mike, Luke, Robin,
and Ned. They are having a party later with all their other friends.

N-Can we get this thing going?
S-You bet.
Sonny and Luke stand up together and Jason stands behind them. the music
starts, and Robin walks towards the bridge along side Ned.They were both
people Brenda wanted to stand up for her. Jason smiles at her and Sonny
winks. Then Mike walks Brenda down the sort of aisle they have created, and
hands her over to Sonny.
P-We are gathered here to witness the joining of two hands in marriage,
Michael Corinthos Jr. and Brenda Barrett. if there is anyone who thinks these
two should not be married speak now or forever hold your peace. (Silence) The
couple has decided to write their own vows. may start.
B-Sonny, we have been through so much, and it has made my love for you
stronger. We have shared so much, and whether apart or together, have always
loved each other. I want to protect you and make you feel safe for
our entire lives. I love you, and promise to love you forever. (She has some
tears coming down her cheeks, but a huge smile across her face)
S-Brenda..we have both hurt each other, and helped each other heal..and thats
made me realize how strong our love is. It took me forever to admit it, but I
loved you from day one, ever since you saved my life. You made me feel, and
you made sure I never stopped. I will love you forever and always. And I will
protect you from anything that comes between until forever.
P-The rings. (Luke hands them over)
P-Brenda-repeat after me. With this ring..I thy wed.
S-With this ring..I thy wed
B-With this ring..I thy wed.
P-By the power vested in me by the state of New York, I know pronounce you
man and wife.You may kiss the bride. (They kiss with such a passion..and then
they sow everyone's faces-Robin's filled with happy tears, Luke, Mike, Jason
and Ned with huge smiles.)

The Outback Club

Robin walks in withe Luke, Ned, Jason and Mike. The crowd is already there
including all the Q's, Mac, Felicia, Lucy, Kevin, and most of PC. They had
the party at the outback because Luke's is where his and Lily's was and they
wanted something different.

R-I would now like to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Corinthos. (Everyone
stands up and claps as Sonny and Brenda walk in arm and arm, then they kiss
in front of everyone. hey both have huge smiles on their faces)
Everyone comes up to them and congratulates them. Eventually they all take
their seats and Luke and robin both stand up to make a toast at the same time
(it is customary for the best man to make one, but Robin wanted to say
soemthing too)
R-Go ahead Luke.
L-Well..I have watched these two fall in love, break up and fight their
feelings to be together, and then find their way back. Through losses and
pain, they have always remained in love, and I have never seen Sonny as hapy
as he is with Brenda. now I know I am not the one who should be here saying should be Stone, who is the best man you want..but I am honored to
be here in his place..and I am honored to have witnessed your love, and I
hope it lasts for your whole lifetime together.
S-Thanks man.
B-Yeah-Thanks Luke. (she gives him a little peck on the check.)
R-Okay now its my turn. The two of you are like family to have taken
care of me and helped me through the hardest part of my life. Stone always
said you belonged together, and I believe right now he is watching you (she
begins to cry)..he is watching you and saying I told you so. You belong
together..and i wish you the best. (They have a group hug between the three
of them)
N-I think it is time the newlyweds danced.
Sonny and Brenda step out onto the dance floor as "Because You Love Me" by
Celine Dion begins to play and they dance for what seems like an eternity,
like they are the only ones in the room, with their eyes looking only at each
other, and the whole room looking at them too, witnessing their love. (And
the scene fades out)

The next day's show starts with them leaving the party- and Lucy cathing the
bouquet (giving Kevin a hint!). Once they leave, they share a kiss outside
the doors and head of to their honeymoon in Paris, France. And the plane
stops for a night-in you guessed it-DC. They come back two weeks later and
start their life together forever. They redecorate the penthouse, so it is
"them", but they leave Stone's old room the way it was, not wanting to change
it until a new addition to the family needs the room down the line. They
finally are together, and will not let anything come between them!

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