Sonny Opens His Heart to Win Brenda Back by Stacy


Part 1

Sonny and brenda are at mac's house waiting to talk to him about who set sonny up. Miranda knows that jax is on his way to pick her up but brenda doesn't know.

M=I am not sure when mac will be home.
S=That's ok we'll wait. (Sonny looks over at brenda.)

The doorbell rings

M=excuse me (she goes to the door and its jax)
J=are you ready?

Brenda hears jax's voice so she goes to the door and asks him what he is doing there and he tells her they're going to discuss the divorce.

B=can i talk to you outside for a moment?
J=yes of course

They go outside by the door

B=jax i want to go back to new orleans what do you say? Let's get our lives back on track ok?
J=I would love to. let's leave tonight
B=allright sweetheat we will (gag)

Meanwhile sonny tells miranda that it's not with her and jax.

M=stop it
S=yeah i am only telling the truth
M=Well you sure got brenda into a nice ordeal
S=I couldn't keep her away

Jax and brenda walk in and jax and miranda leave. Sonny and brenda are left in the room alone.

B=There's something i need to tell you. I won't be able to help you with this investigation any longer after tonight
S=I see
B=I am going back to new orleans with jax and we're leaving tonight
S=Brenda we need to talk (look at her seriously)
B=About what?
S=Do you remember what I told you in the ER?
B=yeah. Look i understand that you were only flashing back to the past. I know you don't want me anymore. (she is looking straight at him)
S=(sonny grabs her arm)No! That's where you are wrong. I DID MEAN IT! I still love you. Brenda i never stopped loving you. NEVER. B=
B= Sonny how could you do this to me, stop messing with my head (she is screaming)
S=Brenda i love you and you can run away with jax but you can't run away from your heart. I know you still love me too. (he is looking at her intently)
B=(brenda looks at sonny with tears and bolts out the door not knowing how to deal with what he just said) I can't handle this1
S=(as brenda leaves)We're not over. I won't give up on us.

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Part 2

Brenda is stunned and confused about what sonny just told her. She goes home to talk to jax and they decide to wait on the new orleans trip.

~It's the next night~

J=Bren do you want to go to Luke's tonight?
B=(hesitating because she knows sonny would be there) I guess we could.

Back at Luke's sonny is there and in walks brenda and jax. Sonny gives her one of those hot sonny looks and brenda stares back at him (she can't help it). After her and jax are there for awile jax gets a business call and he tells brenda he has to leave.

J=sorry i really need to go but do you want me to take you home first?
B=No, that's allright i have to talk to sonny for a little bit. I won't be long.
J=you know i thought you weren't going to help him anymore?
B=I'm not honey. i just wanted to check and see how things are going.
J=allright see you later (he gives her a kiss)

Jax leaves and brenda makes her way over to sonny

B=Is there somewhere we can go and talk privately?
S=Luke's office i guess (staring at her and thinking how he would love to grab her and kiss her and make everything better)

They go back to Luke's office

S=what's up?
B=(screaming)WHAT"S UP? How can you ask me that after last night?
B=Sonny i can't leave jax. I am not sure if you and me would last.
S=brenda all i know is i love you and i want to be with you forever. Isn't that enough?
B=I'm not sure anymore. Don't i owe it to jax to try and make this marriage work?
S=I can't answer that. you know that's what i kept asking myself when i was with lily but thinking and dreaming of you.
B=sonny i need time.
S=Brenda i will give you all the time in the world

end of part 2

stay tuned

Part 3

Brenda leaves. Brenda maeks her way to the docks and thinks about sonny and jax. After a few hours of thinking she knows what she needs and wants to do. The only way she will be truly happy is if she is with sonny. She goes back to talk to jax.

B=Jax we need to talk.
B=i think we are in denial about the feelings you have for miranda a.....
J=(jax interrupts)and the ones you have for sonny. I guess you are right. I won't forget you brenda, never.
B=Jax, i will NEVER forget you either. You are my best friend. I guess i just realized that yes we love each other but we are IN LOVE with other people. (they kiss goodbye and she leaves)

Part 4

Brenda goes back to the docks before going to see sonny. She is crying and Stone's ghost appears.

Stone=go to him brenda
Stone=yeah its okay. you did the right thing. Sonny is your heart and your soul and always will be.
B=i know but i did love jax but just not the way i love sonny. Me and sonny have that DEEP connection.
Stone=go to him now.
B=thanks stone. it looks like you'll get your wish
Stone=i knew i would, i always knew.

Brenda opens her cell phone and calls sonny at luke's.

B=sonny, its me.
S=brenda are you ok?
B=i'm fine. Can you meet me at your PH now?
B=yeah if you have the time
S=i'm on my way.

Brenda is sitting on the floor by sonny's door with her head resting on her legs. Sonny comes out of the elevator

S=Brenda? sweetheart what's wrong?
B=(she looks up)Oh sonny!(she gives him a hug)
S=(he picks her up and carries her into his ph and lays her gently on the couch) let's go inside
S=(having a look of worry on his face)okay now talk to me
B=I left jax
S=You did what? does that mean? (in shock from hearing the news so soon)
B= I don't know, maybe. We have a lot to talk about.
S=i know
B=i couldn't stop loving you. Do you know that?
S=I know and i couldn't stop loving you when i was with lily either.
B=lily. that is something we need to talk about
S=okay. you can ask me anything
B=you know before she died i thought i was your life, the one you loved with all your heart, but....
S=you were, you ARE
B=sonny, please just let me get this out
S= okay. i'm sorry go on.

to be continued

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