Sonny and Brenda by

This takes place when Brenda is trying to tell Jax what happened in the
B: Please listen to me this is really hard. I never meant to hurt you.
J: I know
B: When me and Sonny were in the cave and we thought we were dying(pause)
J: What?
B: We made love.
J: Well I kinda knew.
B: What do you mean.
J: By the way you have been acting.
B: I`m sorry Jax I hate to hurt you
J: Are you really sorry?
B: About what?
J: What happened
B: I don`t know. That`s why I need to be on my own. I need to figure
things out.
J: So you`re saying you might not come back to me
B: I don`t know yet.........I got to go
J: Ok

M: What`s up
S: Nothing
M:Yeah right
S:What`s that supposed to mean
M: I know what you look like when you`ve been thinking about Brenda
S:Mike leave it alone
M: Why?
S:Because I don`t want to talk about it
M:So how is she
S:I don`t want to talk about it
M: You are so impatient
S:I know.Ihate this its been so long since we`ve been together all I want
is to look at her and hold her in my arms. I love her so much.

B: What am I going to do. I love Jax
K: The question is are you in love with him or Sonny
B: I don`t know. When I look at Jax I see how much he loves me and I do
love him. But with Sonny its different when I look into his eyes I feel
like I have been hit with a huge truck I can`t really explain it.

B: I can`t really exlpain it
S: Exactly they have a certain touch, feel look.

B: Oh my God
K: ARe you ok
B:I just realized something I have to go

B: Sonny I have to tell you something
B: I love you and I want to be with you
B: You`re th e only one I want
S: What are you saying
B:I want us to be together
S: I love you
B: I love you so much

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