Sonny and Brenda Story by

It's a bright Saturday morning, and Brenda is getting ready for her wedding.
She has waited so long to be Mrs. Jacks, again. Brenda is in the dressing room
of the new building in Port Charles. It was built to host all sorts of
parties, and weddings. Brenda had loved the look of it since she first saw it,
and when Jax told her it was where they were to be married, she was ecstatic.
Lois had come to town to be with Brenda. Lois was fixing Brenda's hair and
Robin was doing Brenda's make-up.

L-I am so glad you invited me!

B-Your one of my 2 best friends, I can't get married without you. Besides, who
else knows the perfect way to do my hair?

R- Ya know, I remember that last time I helped you get ready--nevermind.

B-It's ok, I know you were thinking back to my last wedding, that never

R-I'm sorry

B-Don't be, Sonny left me because he didn't want me to end up like Lily did. 

R-How do you know that?

B-A couple weeks ago, I called the penthouse to see how you were, and he
answered the phone, he didn't say anything, but I knew it was him. I went
there and we talked, and he told me everything-the whole truth- and I said
goodbye to him, for good. I finally understand why he left me. 

R-Because he loved you.

B-yeah, he loved me too much to see me die

L-Does he still love you?

B- (shrugs)

R-Oh come on Brenda, you know he does.

B-I don't want to talk about this, it's my wedding JAX!

R-I'm sorry.

L-So, who all did you invite?

B-Um..Ned, Monica, Alan, Lila, Edward, Emily, AJ, Jason, Carly, Gail and Lee
Baldwin, Audrey Hardy and her 2 granddaughters, Luke and Laura pencer, LuLu,
and Lucky, and Jax told me we had to invite Stefan and Nikolas.


B- He and Jax made some sort of business deal, or something.

R-And you invited Dara, Justice, and Alexis, too.

B-Yeah, and a few other friends, and family members.

L-What about Julia?

B- She is too busy to make the wedding, she said she'd be here for the
reception though. She's always too busy for me nowdays. Last time I saw her
was during my breakdown, and I don't remember seeing her then.


B- Yeah, I though Sonny was trying to kill me, but he wasn't, he was trying to
get over me. But enough about that.

L-Ok, I'm done with you hair!

B- (looks in the mirror) I LOVE it. (Brenda's hair is all hanging down, a
little cury)

R- It looks great.

L-Well, get that dress on, and let's get this party going!
(Brenda gets her dress on and Lois goes and tells everyone to start the

It's a beautiful day, and the wedding is being held outside. BrookLynn is the
flowergirl, so she goes down the isle first in a dark purple dress. Robin,
Lois, and Emily Quartermaine follow her. The wedding march begins to play and
everyone stands up. Brenda walks to the isle with Ned on her arm. Her dress
has a beaded, lace pattern on top, and the bottomm is silk. Her veil covers
her face as she and Ned walk on.

B- (whispering to ned) Thank you

N- I'm glad you can finally be happy.

(They get to the alter)

B-I am happy.

N-I love you (he lifts her veil and kisses her and goes and sits by Alexis and

Priest- Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of
two souls. Miss Brenda Barrett, and Mr. Jasper Jacks. Mr. Jacks and Miss.
Barrett have had thier share of problems, but in the end they have found their
way back together. (to the ring bearer, Lucky Spencer) the rings please. These
rings represent the bond of love that will hpld these two together forever. 

Meanwhile Sonny is furiously driving to get to the ceremoony in time. He can't
let Brenda be married without seeing it. He knows that he has to let her go,
but he has to see for himself that she is happy, he has to see her one last
time. He arrives and quietly enters the back area. He sees Brenda and Jax
standing at the alter. He doesn't want anyone to see him, so he gets behind a

Priest- Jax, Do you take Brenda to have and to hold, to love and to cherish,
through sickness and health, for better or for worse, till death do you part.

Jax- I do

Those words cut through Sonny's heart like a thousdand knives.

Jax slipped the ring on Brenda's finger.

Priest- Brenda, Do you take Jax to have and to hold, to love and to cherish,
through sickness and health, for better or for worse, till death do you part.

Brenda- (she started to remember things from her past, her and Sonny, her and
Jax, her and Sonny again) 

Sonny couldn see the hestiation in Brenda, and he couldn't hold back any
longer. He started to walk down isle, and as everyone gasped Brenda and Jax
turned around. 

Sonny- I can't hold back any longer Brenda, I love you more than life itself,
I want to spend every moment of everyday with you for the rest of my life. I
can't promise you everything in the world, but i can promise you love. (by
this time the guards had a hold of Sonny and were trying to restrain him, they
were slowly getting him from the alter. Marry me Brenda, take me to have and
told hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and health, for better or
for worse, till death do us part. Baby pleeeassse!

Brenda didn't know what to do at first, but she knew what to say. She yelled
"I do!" as the ran to Sonny. He ran to her, and picked her off the ground and
twirled her around. They both had tears of joy rolling off thier faces. They
kisses and held eachother. The audience was stunned, and most were happy, for
they knew Brenda had always loved Sonny. Jax had known somewhere insiide him
that Brenda would always love Sonny, and that made the pain less for him. He
exited the alter and Jerry followed after him. 

Priest- Is there going to be a wedding here today?

S- Yes, we're getting married! (He and Brenda ran to the alter)

P- Dearly beloved, we are gathered here again today to celebrate a true union
of two souls. I'm sure there isn't one person here who would disagree that
these two really are soul mates. I can tell by the way they look at eachother.
They don't see a person with faults, they just see the person they want to
spend the rest of their lives with. Michael, do you take Brenda to have and to
hold, to love and to cherish, through sickness and health, for better or for
worse, till death do you part.

Sonny- I do 

Priest- Brenda, do you take Michael to have and to hold, to love and to
cherish, through sickness and health, for better or for worse, till death do
you part?

Brenda- (with tears of joy rolling down her face) I do

Priest- You may kiss the bride.

Sonny- You don't know how long I've waited to hear those words!

Brenda- No, YOU don't know how long *I* have waited to hear those words! (they
kiss for what seems like forever, but is only a few seconds.)
We're really married! (more tears of joy fall from her face)

S- I love you soo much!

B-I love you too! (They kiss one more time before walking down the isle.
They are followed by Robin and Jason, Lois and Ned, Alexis and Justice, Dara
and Taggart, Nikolas and Emily, Lucky and Elizabeth, Luke and Bobbie, Monica
and Alan, and the rest of the guests. Pictures are taken and Brenda and Soonny
head to the reception)

At the Reception:
Brenda and Sonny are welcomed by Jason and Robin:

R- I always knew that you two would find your way back to eachother!

J- Yeah, me too.

R- I don't mean to bring this up now, but what are you to going to do? Where
are you going to go?

S- Well, I have my home in (whispers) Rio. Bt do you want to leave your family
and friends?

B- Can we just stay here for awhile and see how things go?

S- Yeah, let's just play it low.

Jason- (in a loud voice) excuse me, everyone! It's time for the bride and
groom to dance! (Brenda and Sonny goto the dance floor. Dara begins to sing
the song "Like You" and Sonny and Brenda begin to dance)

Brenda- Thank you

Sonny- For what?

B- Interrupting my wedding to Jax.

S- I couldn't let you marry him. We're soul mates, and soul mates are meant to
be together.

B- Forever. (they kiss, and don't take thier eyes off eachother while they
continue to dance)
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