Shadows in a Mirror by Julie and Lori

Ch. 1

Sonny looked out the window of the plane. Ten years. It had been
years since he and Brenda had been married in St. Timothy's. Ten
since Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos had disappeared for good. So much had
happened, but now he could finally give Brenda what she wanted. A
in Port Charles. He was shaken from his thoughts by his wife. She
sleeping on his shoulder. He smiled as he brushed a lock of hair
her head. He loved her more than anything. She was more beautiful
than when they first met. She was still as thin and sexy as ever,
the exception of her growing stomach. He smiled at the thought of
pregnant with their child. In another 5 1/2 months there would be
more Corinthos in the world. The little girl in her lap stirred
Sonny picked up his daughter and put her on his lap.

''Hey there, Maddie, you decided to wake up.'' He loved this little
Madeline Morgan Corinthos, so much. She looked just like Brenda. He
playing with Maddie when the plane started to land.

''Sweetheart, wake up, we're here.''

''Sonny? We're in Port Charles?''

''Sure are baby. We should probably round up the rest of the



As they got off the plane, Stone and Sam were fighting as usual
Sonny's laptop. He had put way to many games on it and the boys
always fighting about who's turn it was to play. He walked over to
sons, carrying 2 year old Maddie, and grabbed the computer.

''Michael Stone, Samuel Lucas, you two better shape up now. We
a 1/2 until we get to Luke's and your mother does not want to put
with you two.''

''Sorry, dad. We'll be good.'' Said Stone. Stone was 8 and Sam was
both looked exactly like Sonny, right down to the dimples.

''Good. Now where is Katie?'' Katie was 5 and was forever wandering
away. She was a beautiful child with long dark brown hair and dark
and Brenda's smile. In fact she was just like Brenda all the way
to her defiant manner.

''There she is dad. Over by gift shop.''

''Ok. Stay here and watch Maddie. And don't move.''

He walked over to Katie.

''Hey you, why did you run off like that? You know better.''

''Hi, daddy.'' She smiled at him just like Brenda and he melted.
family was the best and most important thing in his life. He
everyday for what he had, and was thankful that he had avoided
the biggest mistake of his life almost 3 years ago.

Ch. 2

Sonny was thinking about what had almost destroyed his family and
life 3 years ago when Brenda came up to him holding Maddie. Stone
Sam followed.

''Honey? Where were you just a minute ago?''

''What? Oh, no where why?''

''Well, you just had this really sad look in your eyes that's all.
everything ok?''

''Yeah. Iím fine. Just thinking about you and baby number 5!''

she stroked her stomach. ''Wow. Baby number 5! Who would of thought
and I would end up with 5 rugrats! I bet no one back in PC would
ever thought that we could handle one let alone five!''

''I knew. I knew we would have a family. I knew you were the one
the minute I set eyes on you!!''

''AHH honey, that's so sweet.''

''EWWWww!! Are you guys gonna get mushy?''

''No, Sam we are not gonna get mushy, because we have to get going
we're ever going to make it to Luke's by dinnertime.''

''Alright, I can take a hint! C'mon guys, lets go.''


Luke and Mike were enjoying a drink at the bar in Luke's.

''No, I'm telling' ya man having a teenage daughter, is gonna kill
It's like every hormone crazed boy comes crawling out of the
and I have to beat them of a Lulu with a baseball bat.''

''Sorry, Luke, but I was one of those 'hormone crazed boys' during
teenage days.''

''Well so was I, but man when it's your own kid. Well it's just

''Yeah.'' Mike got a far away look on his face. He always did when
thought of Michael. It had been ten years since he saw him. Was his
even still alive? Was Brenda? Did he have grandchildren now? There
still so many questions that had no answers and probably never


Luke's was full that night. All of PC was there. Eddie Maine was
a charity performance. No one in that room was prepared for the
they were about to receive.
Ch. 3

The limo stopped outside the club. The kids got out first, then
He stood there for a minute staring at the sign. LUKE'S. It had
long since he had been here, but it still looked the same. He could
the music from the club. Was that Eddie Maine? He listened for a
Yep, that was none other than Ned Ashton, CEO, singing away.


Sonny turned to look at his oldest daughter. He picked her up.

''What sweetie?''

''Is this where you and mommy lived?''

He smiled thinking back to their ''Co-habitation'' days, as Luke

''Yep. C'mon. Let's go get mommy and go inside.''

Sonny walked back to the limo and helped Brenda out. Then Brenda
up a sleeping Maddie and the Corinthosí' headed for the club.


Luke's was jumping. ''Eddie Maine'' hadn't lost his touch. Lois,
and Eddie sat together. Mike and Mary sat at the bar with Laura,
Lucky and Emily. Luke was working the club. Stopping to say hi to
Edward and Lila, Kevin, Lucy and their twins, and most everyone in

''Mike, are you ok? You seem kinda distant.''

''Huh?'' Mike turned to look at his wife of 7 years. He loved her
much. He had a family with her and Frank and Joe, but it still
feel the void that Michael had left.

''I know you miss, Mike but its been 10 years. I don't think he's

''I know that Mary. You have your children, my son is gone. Forever
I'm sorry that it bothers you, but I can't help it. I miss him.''

Mary was a little bit shocked. Mike had never snapped at her like
She tried to apologize, but he just got up and headed for the door.

Ch. 4

Mike never made it to the front door of the club, however. It
a family walked in. Mike gasped when they stepped into the light.
was holding Katie in one arm, while the other was tightly wrapped
Brenda who was holding Maddie. Stone and Sam were walking next to

Everyone had heard Mike and turned around. No one could believe
eyes when they saw who was standing in front of them. Sonny set
down and walked towards his father. He had really missed Mike. The
thing he had was the platter Mike gave him and Brenda for their
They used it every holiday.

''Michael? Is it really you?'' Mike asked between his tears that
mirrored on his sons face.

''Yeah, it's me pop. How ya been?''

Mike grabbed Sonny and father and son cried as they hugged each
It lasted for a minute until Katie interrupted.

''Mommy, who's that man with daddy?''

Father and son broke their embrace and Mike stared in awe at the
girl. She looked exactly like Brenda.
Then he noticed the two little boys and the baby in Brenda's arms.
sleeping. Sonny walked back over to his family.

''Pop, I'd like you to meet your grandkids.'' He said smiling as he
away his tears.

Mike stared in amazement. ''Brenda?''

''Hi Mike. '' she hugged him with one arm.

''Four? You and Sonny have four kids?''

''Well, almost.''

''Brenda and I are working on number 5.'' He said as Brenda ran a
down her slightly swollen stomach.

''I guess a lot has changed.''

''Yep. You are now looking at the happiest man in the world.''

''Well you won't be for long. Just what the hell are you trying to

Sonny and Brenda were met with a VERY ticked off Lois. That's when
noticed that the whole town was there and all staring at them. and
one looked very happy to have them back.

Ch. 5

Brenda smiled at her best friend. It had been so hard to leave Lois
Robin and everyone she loved to run off with Sonny, but it was the
way they could be safe together.

''Lo? Oh, G*d Lois I've missed you so much.'' she started to give
hug when she was stopped.

''Save it, Brenda. I don't want to hear it, ya got me?''

''Cerullo, c'mon. let's go in the back and talk.''

''No, Sonny, we'll stay right here and you make me understand why
dragged Brenda off and let everyone you loved you two worry for the
ten years.''

''Lois, not here. Not in front of the kids. Please.'' Brenda was
with her best friend not to make a scene.

Stone came up and stared at Lois.

''You're Aunt Lois right?''

Lois was stunned for a minute. This little boy knew her.

''Excuse me?''

''Lois, I would like you to met your godson, Michael Stone.''

''My godson? what are you talking about?''

''Sonny and I couldn't really have a baptism, but we made you the
godmother of Stone. that is if you still want to be?''

Before Lois could answer Maddie woke up and started crying. Brenda
to get her to quiet down, but Maddie kept crying.

''Sonny? Will you try?''

''No, let me.''

Brenda handed Maddie to Mike. He was completely enjoying this. He
finally going to get a chance to spoil his grandkids.

''Mike, let me introduce you to Madeline Morgan Corinthos.''

''That's a beautiful name Brenda.''

''Thank you. And I guess you should meet everyone else. This is
Lucas, Katelyn Adela, and you already met Stone.''

''They're all beautiful''

Lois, however was still not happy. she wanted answers, now. The
swung open and Jax and V walked through.
Jax stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Brenda.

''Brender? Oh, my g*d you're back.''

Ch 6 by Lori

''Jax how are you?''

''Where have you been? What happened to you?'' Jax's gaze fell on


''What did you do? Force her to leave? Gunpoint, knifepoint,

''Jax, Sonny didn't force me to do anything. I left of my own

''You don't have to protect him Brender.''

''I am not protecting him and stop calling me Brender! Do you have
idea how annoying that is?''

''Bren calm down. He's not worth it.''

''You're right, he's not.''

''Dad who's he?'' Stone said.

''He's an old friend of your mom's.''

''Not for long at this rate.'' Brenda muttered.

''I don't like him.'' Katie said loudly. Sonny smirked and Brenda
back a giggle. Mike laughed outright and even Lois was having
fighting a laugh. Jax looked at the little girl who had spoken. She
was the spitting image of Brenda as was the little girl Mike held
arms. The two little boys were mirror images of Sonny.

''Your daughter, I presume?''

''Give the boy wonder an A+.''

''Be nice Sonny.''


''Because there are children in the room. Look Jax I know you're
that I split without telling you. Any of you. I'm sorry and you all
have every right never to speak to me again. Sonny let's go find a
place to crash. I'm tired and I get the feeling we're not wanted
Sonny nodded and took Maddie from Mike. Katie took Brenda's hand
Sam took her other. Stone took Sonny's hand as they walked out.

''Bren wait.'' Brenda turned around at Ned's voice. He walked over
her. ''Welcome home little sister.'' He put his arms around her and
enveloped her in a hug.

Ch. 7

Ned let go of Brenda and smiled.

"It's been a long time."

"Too long. I've missed you Ned."

"Iíve missed you too. So are you going to introduce your children to
their Uncle Ned?"

"Of course. Ned I'd like you to meet My daughters Katie and Madeline
and my sons Stone and Sam."

"they're beautiful Brenda. I guess motherhood agrees with you."

"my family is the most important thing in my life. Where's my

Lois walked up with a beautiful dark haired girl and a dark haired
little boy.

"Bren, let me reintroduce you to your goddaughter, Brooke Lynn Ashton."

"Lo, she's so big. I've missed so much."

"Yeah you have. This is our son, Edward Carmine Ashton."

"Your son? As in yours and Nedís?"

"Yeah, we'll Nedly and I got back together about 2 years after you split
town with Corinthos."

"I'm so happy for you Lois."

the two friends stared at each other and finally hugged. Ned and Sonny
smiled as their wives became best friends again.

The rest of the evening was spent introducing the kids to everyone and
finding out what had happened since they left PC. They found out that
Kevin and Lucy had a set of twin girls who were just like Lucy and drove
poor Kevin crazy. Mike's bar was a success. And L&B had signed Dara
and over the past ten years had signed 21 new artists. Everyone was
having a great time. Jason and Robin had gotten married but were out of
town for the week. they had adopted a little boy, Robert Michael

Brenda walked over to her husband who was catching up with Luke and Mike
at the bar.

"There she is, my beautiful wife."

"sonny, I think maybe we should go."

He noticed that she wasn't looking very good. He always worried about
her, but especially when she was pregnant and especially after Maddie
and ... No that wasn't going to happen. It couldn't. It would push her
over the edge for sure this time.

"Baby? Are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah, I'm just tired that's all."

"Ok, well I guess we can check into the PC hotel."

"NO! Michael you and Brenda and my grandkids will stay with us. We have
plenty of room."

"Mike are you sure we wouldn't be putting you and Mary out?"

"Of course not. this will give me more time with those precious kids."

"well than it's settled."

They went home with Mike. Sonny kept watching Brenda. He knew something
was wrong, but she wasnít telling him.

Brenda laid in bed that night with a million thoughts swirling around.
she didn't know what was going to happen know that they were back. She
didn't know how she was going to tell sonny what she had found out. He
was going to explode if he knew. this was what she had been afraid of.
She knew he would never look at her the same if he found out what she
had done to protect him.

Ch 8

"Mommy?" Brenda heard a little voice whisper. She opened her eyes to
see Katie standing in front of her. She propped herself up on her elbow
to get a better view of her daughter.

"Honey what's the matter?"

"I had a bad dream."

"Oh. Do you remember what it was about?"

"Uh-uh." She said shaking her head.

"Then how do you know it was bad?"

"Cause it woke me up and good dreams don't wake me up."

"Do you want to stay here with me and Daddy for awhile?"

"Will you sing me the song?"

"Of course I will." Katie crawled under the covers with Brenda and
snuggled close to her. Then she looked up at her expectantly. Brenda
smiled and began to sing softly.

"Every once in a while I'd see her smile
She'd turn my day around
Girl with those eyes could stare through the lies
And see what your heart was saying

Think of Laura but laugh don't cry
I know she'd want it that way
Hey yeah when you think of Laura
Laugh don't cry I know she'd want it that way

A friend of friend
A friend till the end
That's the kind of girl she was
Taken away so young, taken away without warning"

Brenda looked down at Katie. She was fast asleep. She kissed the top of
her head and snuggled deeper under the covers. She reached back for
Sonny's hand and brought it to rest on her stomach. The baby was kicking
again and she knew he would love to wake up to the feeling of it.


Sonny woke up to an empty bed. He looked at the clock. Ten o'clock.
Since the kids had been born he and Brenda had switched roles. Now he
got up late and she was the early riser. It was funny really, he
reflected as he got out of bed and went downstairs. He found a note on
the table.

Hi honey,

Took the kids to see Ruby. Mike and Mary are at work. Meet me at
Kelly's for lunch.


P.S. See you soon.

With that Sonny went and got ready for his day.


Brenda sat on a stool at Kelly's watching the kids run around. Just
then the door opened. She looked up to see Robin standing in the


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