Shadowed Return by Tracy

It is a normal chilly fall afternoon in Port Charles.
Everything is quiet
except for the churning emotions of one man - Sonny
Corinthos. Nothing is
quiet about him, not his eyes or his movements, yet
everything about him is
cold from his eyes to his heart. He is a man alone, a man
without love. He
walks slowly, almost like an old man, up the ramp of the
bridge - not just
any bridge, but the bridge of memories. He comes here
often, it is the only
place where he feels free to experience the pain and
remember the past, a
past with both good and bad memories.

Sonny- "Hey Stone, my main man, how am I supposed to
forget her when I don't
know what happened to her, to us? She just disappeared
without an
explanation, without a trace, is she even alive? Did
someone kill her to
weaken me? Everyone knew that Brenda was off limits, they
knew to leave her
alone or risk me coming down on them. I have to believe
that she is still
alive, sometimes it is the only thought that keeps me
going. Some day I will
find her, as you and God as my witnesses I will find her.
God - she was so
beautiful the last time I saw her, she was doing okay,
stronger than I have
ever seen her, even stronger than she believed herself to
be. You know we
even spent the day together, talking if you can believe
that. shakes his head as he remembers> You know it has never
been what we do best,
but she is the only one that has ever understood me
besides you and now you
are both gone." he reaches into his pocket and pulls out
a piece of folded
paper that has turned soft with age and constant handling.
"She wrote me
this great letter , and I was just starting to accept what
she said she
needed to do and then...nothing, you know that's the
hardest part, the not
knowing." He hears a car door close somewhere behind him
but ignores it,
then he hears a soft pop and he spins around just in time
to see Joseph fall
to the ground bleeding, he reaches for his gun
automatically, but it isn't
there, he doesn't carry any more, there hasn't been a
need; or there wasn't
until now. Sonny goes down, a puddle of blood forming
near his head, the
letter still clutched in his fist.

A phone is ringing somewhere in the Arizona dessert. A
women runs into a
sunny kitchen and answers in a rushed and worried voice.

Caller - "It's Adam."
Woman - "What is it, what's wrong, do we have to leave
Caller/Adam - "I just got a call."
Women - "What's wrong, did he escape?"
Adam - "No nothing like that, I am just calling because of
our deal, and
knowing you, you'll find out anyway."
Woman - "Tell me now Adam. Are we in danger again."
Adam - "Not if you stay put, and keep a low profile."
Woman - "Tell Me!"
Adam - "It's Corinthos."
Woman - "Sonny? Is Sonny dead?" her voice is bordering on
hysteria. "I knew
something was wrong."
Adam - "What do you mean you knew something was wrong?
Have you made
Woman - "No, No - nothing like that! But with Sonny, well
I just know okay.
Now answer me is he dead, he can't be dead, what
happened, damn it tell me
what happened" she is now really getting hysterically.
Adam - "Calm down, he isn’t dead, at least I don't think
so. He was shot
today but he should pull out. He's in a coma, I don't
have any details, his
people are all over him so I couldn't get much
information. All I know is
that he was shot on some bridge in Port Charles, in the
middle of the day
after they took out one of his bodyguards. He is in the
hospital right now."
Woman - "Who shot him? Why? Is he at GH? Who is his
doctor? Oh my God,
sometimes people don't wake up from comas."
Adam - "All I know is what I told you. When we made this
deal I told you I
would keep you informed, not be his baby-sitter, he isn't
my job, YOU are!"
Woman - "Well I need to know more, find out, or I will!"
she slams down the
phone. "Oh God please let him be okay. Don't worry I am
coming baby" she
whispers as she runs out of the kitchen and down the

GH - A woman dressed in slim black pants, a cropped white
sunglasses, and winter coat is hurrying down a corridor
with her long dark
hair streaming out behind her, she comes to an abrupt halt
at the nurses
station. Her pale face is familiar, it is Brenda - Brenda
Barrett, looking
tired, concerned and frantically searching for the only
man she has ever

Brenda - "I was told I could find Sonny Corinthos in this
wing, where is his
Nurse - "I am sorry mama, I have strict orders not to give
out that
information to anyone but his family and they are already
Brenda - she stares the nurse directly in the eye and then
states, "I am
Brenda Barrett and, this” she nods to the dark haired
child in her arms “is
his son, so I guess that pretty much makes us a part of
his family now
doesn't it? Now where is he?!"
Nurse - "Oh!" mouth gapping "He is in a private room" she
points down the
hall "You can't see him right now, you may wait in the
waiting room" she
shouts after Brenda who has already walked away.
Brenda - muttering "I will find him myself, it shouldn't
be that hard"

Private waiting room: door is being guarded by Pete
(Sonny's other

Brenda - "Hi Pete" she says as she pushes by him and
through the swinging
doors. Pete who is too stunned at seeing the woman his
boss has been looking
for for over a year, doesn't even try to stop her. Brenda
goes immediately
to the glass window and looks at Sonny who is behind it.
As she walks up to
the window that is separating them she puts her free hand
on the cool glass.
"I am here baby." The child in her other arm whimpers
and she automatically
shushes him while she watches over the man she still loves
as he lies
helplessly in a hospital bed. "It's okay sweetheart, your
daddy will be just
fine, you'll see, he's as tough as they come." She
smoothes her hand over
his silky dark hair and kisses his forehead thinking how
much he is like his
father, not only in looks but in temperament. She then
hears a quite gasp
from behind her and spins around so rapidly that the baby
lets out a startled
cry. Her eyes are wide with panic until she spots Mike
and Luke standing
against the wall staring at her.
Brenda - "Mike, Luke, how is he? Is he going to be all
right? Is he still
in a coma?" she asks immediately not even greeting them.
Mike - "Brenda?" he says in a near whisper.
Brenda - "Yes, is Sonny going to be okay?" by now Luke
has regained his
senses and is walking towards her.
Luke - "Brenda sit down and calm down" she sits. "Where
did you come from
babe, what are you doing here?"
Brenda - “Sonny, tell me about Sonny" Mike sits down next
to her but she
doesn't really notice, she is still focused on Sonny, who
she is watching
over Luke’s shoulder, and doesn't even notice that Mike
has become captivated
by the little boy who is now holding onto his finger with
his tiny hands.
"Come on Luke you have always been straight with me, now
tell me how he is."
Mike - "Michael" he whispers. Brenda swings her head
toward Mike and notices
what he is doing. She looks up and notices that a tear
has gathered in the
corner of his eye as he stares in wonder at the little
Brenda - "Would you like to hold him for me Mike?"
Mike - "Brenda?"
Brenda - "It's okay, just please hold him while I talk to
Luke?" she hands
over the baby after kissing his check, then grabs Luke,
who is watching the
whole scene unfold, by the arm and drags him toward the
door of Sonny’s room.
Luke - "Is that why you left?"
Brenda - "No - Yes - well part of it anyway, it was the
only way I could keep
all of us safe and alive."
Luke - "Brenda, what is going on?"
Brenda - "Please Luke, not now. Tell me about Sonny."
Luke - "He was shot."
Brenda - "Damn it Luke, I know that! What happened? He
has always been
careful, how did this happen?"
Luke - "I'm not sure. They found him on the bridge after
someone reported
gun shots then they brought him here. Joseph was hit as
well, he made it
through surgery and is in recovery, but Sonny..” he shakes
his head “Sonny is
another story."
Brenda - "What - what do you mean. He is going to be all
right isn’t he."
Luke - "He wasn't hit hard, the bullet just grazed his
temple and there was a
lot of blood, but he hit his head as he fell and has been
in a coma ever
Brenda - "You mean like Jason?"
Luke - "No, he is pretty much fine, the knock on the head
is the worst. He
just won't wake up. He has had a rough time in the past
year and a half,
maybe he doesn’t want to wake up. He missed you
sweetheart." He adds the
last part on quietly.
Brenda - "I know Luke, I missed him too, more than you
know." She says with
tears swimming in her eyes "I can't explain it, not now, I
just want to be
with him."
Luke - "Okay, but I - no, We are all going to want answers
soon, especially
him." he nods toward Sonny.
Brenda - "Yeah - can I see him? Please?"
Luke - "Go on it, I'll stay here"
Brenda - "Keep an eye on Michael for me all right."
Luke - grinning as he glances over at Mike "Oh I think
Mike is doing just
Brenda - "No, not Mike, Michael"
Luke - he does a double take "Oh Michael."
Brenda - softly "Yeah - Michael."
Luke - "Good name - strong name."
Brenda - "I know."

Sonny's hospital room: Brenda enters and pulls a chair
over to the side of
the bed then reaches for Sonny hand.

Brenda - "Hi honey. It’s me - Brenda, can you open up
those beautiful eyes
and look at me? It’s been so long since I have seen your
eyes, except for in
my dreams - I need you to wake up, please Sonny wake up."
Tears are clogging
her throat as she speaks but she gets no response "Baby
you need to fight,
come on sweetheart your not going to let a little bump on
your head do this
to you when bullets couldn't keep you down are you? I've
got a surprise for
you so you need to wake up soon okay? I know, I know, you
hate surprises but
I promise you will like this one - I hope." she takes a
deep breath "Honey I
am really scared, please wake up soon." She leans over and
lightly kisses his
forehead "Rest and get well, I'm not going anywhere" she
kisses his hand then
lays it back down and then sits back in the chair to wait

Some time later she hears a tap on the glass, she jumps to
her feet and spins
around. Luke is on the other side beckoning to her so she
walks out the door
and into the private waiting room.

Luke - "Brenda" he motions to Mike who is trying to soothe
a crying Michael,
she walks to them and takes her son out of Mike's arms.
Brenda - "It's okay sweetheart, Mommy's got you" she says
softly as she rocks
him in her arms. She looks up and notices Mike looking at
her "Mike it's not
you it's just that, well he isn't used to anyone but me
and no man has ever
held him. He'll get used to you - okay?" she begins
walking back and forth
while talking to Michael "Did you scare your grandpa
Mike - who is watching her the whole time asks "Brenda
what is going on?"
Luke - interrupting "So when do I get to meet my future
godson?" Brenda who
is still walking and raises her eyebrows at that and then
she smiles for the
first time in days and stops in front of them.
Brenda - "Luke, Mike, meet Michael…Stone" she says in a
voice that is filled
with love, sadness and memories all at once, she then says
to the baby
"Michael, honey this is your grandfather and your ..
godfather - don't worry
you'll get used to them" she adds in a stage whisper.
Mike - “That is beautiful Brenda, he is beautiful.” He
says in a slightly
choked up voice.
Luke - looking over at Mike and then back to Brenda "So,
does that mean
you'll be sticking around?"
Brenda - "Luke this is important, NO ONE can know I am
here! You have to
promise me no one will find out, can the two of you do
that? Luke? Mike,
can you?"
Luke - "Okay - relax honey we’ll work it out. Why don't I
take you to my
house and we will discuss it?"
Brenda - "NO - I don't want to leave Sonny."
Luke - shaking his head grinning "You never do, that's
what makes this so
hard to figure. Okay lets compromise, how about if I just
take this little
guy, that way it will be one less person to hide or
explain. Laura will love
having someone new to fuss over"
Brenda - "Will he be safe there?"
Luke - "Yeah, but I will call Jason for another bodyguard
to watch the house
and Mike can go as well."
Brenda - "Mike?"
Mike - "I'll go. Now that your here for him, it's going
to be all right."
Brenda - she smiles “Thanks Mike” she says and them turns
to Luke "Okay you
can take him, but no one else can know that I am here, I
mean NO ONE and
don't tell anyone but Laura about Michael. Agreed?"
Luke - "Are we expecting trouble?"
Brenda - "With Sonny and me you never know" she says with
a sad smile.
Luke - "I'll get you some extra muscle. Stay here in this
room, Pete is
right outside the door and I will call Jason for two
more, one for the door
and another for in here. You won't know Sonny's doctor,
he is some new kid
so you should be all right if you keep a low profile."
Brenda - "Don't worry I've gotten really good at that."
she states bitterly.
She kisses Michael on the forehead and hands him over to
Luke then leans
over to pick up a duffel bag and hands that to Mike.
Luke - "That's all you brought?"
Brenda - "I've learned to travel light and only take the
things that really
matter to you." she says with a sad smile and with one
last brush of her
fingers tips down her son's cheek she turns around and
returns to Sonny's

Two hours later Luke returns without Mike.

Brenda - "Is everything okay at the house?"
Luke - "Yeah - Mike is totally enthralled by your son, I
don't even think he
notices that I am gone, and Laura took one look and feel
in love. She says
he is going to look just like Sonny"
Brenda - "He does, he will." She says softly as she looks
back at Sonny.
Luke - he nods towards the bed "Any change?"
Brenda - "No, his doctor came by and said that everything
is fine with the
exception of him not coming out of this thing, and that
there is no lasting
damage but he needs to regain consciousness soon.” She
takes a deep breath
and turns her sad eyes towards Luke “Luke is he ever going
to wake up?"
Luke - he walks over and puts his hand on her shoulder and
gives it a gentle
squeeze "Brenda stop talking like that, Sonny is one of
the most stubborn
people I know, he will be fine. Now start talking, tell
Uncle Luke what is
going on." He moves his chair and pulls over another chair
to the side of the
Brenda - "It's a long story." She says in a tired voice.
Luke - "Start talking kid."

Later at Sonny's bedside: Sonny's arm moves and Brenda is
startled out of
her light doze.

Brenda - "Sonny?"
Sonny - "Brenda? Is this another dream?"
Brenda - "No baby, it's me. Thank God your awake, hold on
while we get the
Sonny - "Brenda? Are you really here?" he grasps her hand
with a surprising
amount of strength.
Brenda - "I'm here sweetheart, I'm here."
Sonny - "Sleepy" eyes close "Don't leave - Promise me."
Brenda - "I am just going to get the doctor.”
Sonny - “Don’t go.” He whispers
Brenda - “I won't, I'm not going anywhere honey."
Sonny - “Promise?”
Brenda - “I promise.” she lays her head down next to his
arm and falls into
an exhausted sleep.

Next Morning: Brenda comes slowly awake to the sound of
people talking. She
is feeling safe for the first time in over a year and
realizes that sometime
during the night she has climbed up onto the bed next to
Sonny and he is
softly stroking her hair as he talks quietly with Luke.

Sonny - "Where did she come from?"
Luke - "I don't know I haven't had a chance to talk to
her, she was obviously
exhausted last night and she kept putting me off.
Something’s not right
though, she’s real jumpy"
Sonny - "I was beginning to think that she was dead.”
Luke - "I think we all were, no one has heard from her,
not even Lois or
Robin. What else were we supposed to think?"
Sonny - "When I woke up I thought I was dreaming. When
did she show up?"
Luke - "They showed up yesterday afternoon."
Sonny - "They - Jax?" Brenda stiffens at the sound of
*his* name.
Luke - "No..." his voice fades away as Brenda raises her
head from Sonny's
shoulder and their attention shifts to her. Brenda locks
eyes with Luke
silently asking him not to reveal her secret.
Brenda - "No," she gets up from the bed and walks towards
the window "Jax is
dead. He was killed"
Sonny - "What! When?"
Brenda - she turns back towards Sonny with a small forced
smile on her face
"It's a long story Sonny. I'll tell you when you get
Sonny - "I'm fine the Doc has checked me out and besides
having a nagging
headache I am as fit as a fiddle"
Brenda - panicked "The doctor was here, did he see me?"
Sonny - "Calm down sweetheart, he took one look at you,
told me I was a lucky
man, gave me two aspirin and told me to follow your lead
and go back to
Brenda - nervously tucks the covers around him "Well then
you had better
follow doctors orders."
Sonny - "Brenda, neither one of us has ever been any good
at taking orders,
now I know you love playing my nurse but start talking."
Brenda - "Sonny you need to rest."
Sonny - "Brendddda"
Brenda - she turns her back to them and walks to the other
side of the room
before turning to face them again "Well to begin with my
name isn't Brenda
anymore," they both look at her quizzically "at least not
officially, Brenda
Barrett disappeared with her 'husband' 17 months and 10
days ago and Veronica
DelaMar was born."
Luke - "What are you saying? That you've been using an
alias and living
Brenda - "No, I am saying that a new identity was created
for me," takes a
deep breath "by the FBI. They gave me a new identity and
took me away."
Sonny - "Okay, okay, wait a minute! How the hell did you
get involved with
the FBI, and what do you mean they took you away?"
Brenda - "It was Jax, and definitely not my choice that is
for sure. "
Sonny - "I might have know." He says angrily.
Brenda - "Sonny"
Sonny - "I thought you said he was dead."
Brenda - "He is, has been for over a year."
Sonny - "Then why did it take you so long to come back."
Brenda - "Jax has nothing to do with why I couldn't come
back Sonny, but
everything to do with why I had to leave."
Sonny - "Your talking in circles Brenda, tell it to me
Brenda - "Are you sure you are up to this?" he nods his
head "Two weeks after
I saw you in the park I went to see Jax for the last time,
I went to tell him
goodbye. The ‘big kiss off’ as he called it. We sat down
over dinner and
talked like we used to, I really thought he was excepting
the end of our
relationship, we were going to stay ‘friends’; you know he
even introduced me
to a business associate of his, not as his wife or his
ex-wife, but as his
friend. I was so thrilled that he had excepted
everything, I was thinking
ahead, planning ahead, I wasn't even paying attention to
the conversation he
was having with the man. That turned out to be one of the
biggest mistakes I
would ever make."
Sonny - "What do you mean?"
Brenda - "Let me finish then you will understand," she
walks back to the
chair that was still next to the bed and sat down hugging
her legs to her
chest "we finished dinner and made plans for me to collect
the rest of my
stuff from his penthouse the next week then went our
separate ways. I pretty
much avoided everyone for about a week and then I decided
I was ready to move
on - to you Sonny." she smiles at him sadly "I went to the
hospital to get a
physical and make sure all the drugs were out of my
system, to get a clean
bill of health. Then I went home to change and to make a
phone call - you
weren't home."
Sonny - "You called me?"
Brenda - she smiles "Yeah - I got the machine, so I
decided to be there when
you got home. I was going to surprise you, be waiting in
the living room
like last time, but this time to it was going to be for
good. But you know
what they say ‘sometimes even the best laid plans go
Sonny - "What happened Brenda? You were never at my
Brenda - "I got ready, packed my suitcases and checked out
of the hotel. As
I got out of the elevator in the garage I ran into Jax.
He said he needed to
talk to me about something really important, I asked him
if it could wait and
he said no it was urgent. Then my whole world was blow


Brenda - "Okay, Jax but could you make it quick I am in a
really big hurry."
Jax - "Okay lets go talk in my limo, this is private."
Brenda - "This is as private as it is going to get right
now." she said as
she lifted another suitcase into the car.
Jax - "Where are you in such a hurry to get to?"
Brenda - "Look Jax, I am not trying to be rude, but could
you get on with
Jax - "I've - We've got a big problem. Remember Mr.
Brenda - "Who?"
Jax - "The man I introduced you to when we had dinner last
Brenda - "Oh - vaguely, why?"
Jax - "Well I have some very damaging information about
him that he wants
really bad, I mean bad enough to kill, bad."
Brenda - "What? Jax are trying to blackmail him with this
Jax - "Not really."
Brenda - "Then why would he want to kill you?"
Jax - "This is very damaging information, he was involved
in some illegal
activities in Ireland and I have all the details."
Brenda - "How?"
Jax - "Jerry, my brother, he was involved with him and he
made copies of
documents, tapes of conversations, and documented most of
his business
transactions. He was killed, but he got it all to me
before he died."
Brenda - "I'm sorry about your brother Jax, but what does
this have to do
with me?"
Jax - "Mr. Allison knows that I know and he thinks that
you know as well."
Brenda - "I don't know anything."
Jax - "Well he thinks you do. He tried to buy me off but
I am going to turn
everything over to the FBI and I am in enough danger that
they are going to
put me in the witness protection program and you have to
go with me."
Brenda - "I have to go with you - why? I don't know
anything about this so
called 'business' and we are not together any more, we
aren't even married.
I thought we had already discussed this and had
everything settled."
Jax - "Well it just became unsettled! I told you Allison
thinks you know
everything so you are in danger as well."
Brenda - "Jax, I am going to say this one more time - I
Don't Know
Jax - "Well while we were having dinner I mentioned to Mr.
Allison that we
were talking about business."
Brenda - What? But we weren't! Jax I wasn't even paying
attention when you
were speaking with him!"
Jax - "Well you told him that his 'business' sounded very
interesting, so he
assumed that I had told you all about it."
Brenda - "But I don't know anything! I was just being
Jax - "Well that doesn't matter now, the point is that he
thinks you know and
that puts your life in danger, and it's not just you this
time Brenda."
Brenda - "Jax, cut the crap, what are you getting at? You
know I can take
care of myself and so can everyone else."
Jax - "Brenda, listen to me! I am trying to save your
life, come with me,
it's our only chance."
Brenda - "I am staying here, my life is in Port Charles."
Jax - "But you need protection."
Brenda - "I'll be fine! Are you forgetting about Mac, you
remember him, the
Chief of Police? While he may not like you very much he
does care about me
and if I need anything else I do have other friends that
could help me out."
Jax - "Corinthos?"
Brenda - "Jax, I don't want to get into this with you
right now, but yeah
Sonny, he won't let anyone hurt me."
Jax - "I'm sorry Brenda I hope one day you realize I am
doing this for your
own good."


Brenda has walked back toward the window as she is
recounting the past. She
is now looking out the window into the park below at the
dormant garden where
she and Sonny sat so long ago and talked. The garden
where Sonny told her
that she loved him and the garden that had started to lead
them back to each
other before everything feel apart. The man she called
friend and thought
would keep her safe had turned into everything she had
always feared about
Sonny and his way of life.

Sonny - "Brenda come here." She turns and walks toward
him and then sits
down next to him on the bed, Sonny picks up her hand and
squeezes it gently.
"Honey tell me the rest."
Brenda - crying softly "Sonny I couldn't get away, I tried
I swear."
Sonny - "Brenda?"
Brenda - she starts to speak again quietly while still
clutching tightly at
his hand "Two men opened the doors to Jax’s limo that had
pulled up behind my
car. One reached out and grabbed my car keys out of my
hand and the other
grabbed my arm and started pulling me toward the car. I
screamed and tried
to fight him but he was too strong. Jax just stood their
and watched, he
didn't help me at all, that is when I understood what Jax
meant, I didn't
have any choice I was going with them whether I wanted to
or not. I couldn't
stop the cycle of events that he had set in motion. The
guy started to get a
little to rough and that’s when Jax finally stepped
forward and asked him to
be careful, I thought "finally he is going to help me" but
instead he picked
me up and put me into the car and then climbed in after
me. I tried to get
out of the other door but there was another man sitting on
the other side
preventing me from going anywhere. He just sat there and
stared at me, I was
so scared I think I just froze until he spoke to me." she
shivered a little
at the memory and Sonny’s hold on to her hand tightened
knowing instinctively
that the story was just going to get worse.
Sonny - "Keep going honey."
Brenda - "We both stared at each other and then he began
talking, I was still
in a daze really and trying to figure out what was going
on so of course I
was furious and not paying any attention to him or what he
was saying. You
know me, just guess what I was doing?" she smiles at him.
Sonny - he lifts his hand and brushed away a tear that is
sliding down her
check "Yeah - You were giving him hell weren’t you baby."
Brenda - "Yeah, I was." she said with a small grin. "The
only thing I was
thinking was distract them, get out, jump, escape, but I
was trapped. I
tried to get around him and get away, I reached for the
door handle, instead
of feeling the rush of air and freedom, I felt the prick
of a needle."
Sonny - "They shot you up?" he says angrily, looking for
some sort of mark on
her that has long since healed.
Brenda - "No, no, they knocked me out. The next thing I
knew I was strapped
into a seat on a private plane, heading east to the first
of many places
trying to escape the insane mess that Jax had gotten us
into. All I wanted
was to be back in Port Charles, with you, and I was in an
airplane flying
across the country. When I became more alert I noticed
that the two men from
the garage were still with us and so was the man in the
suit from the limo.
They were all sitting at a table talking to Jax about
what was going to
happen. They had it all organized, they were flying us to
a safe house in
the mountains of Montana where no one could find us, but
also I came to
realize a place where I couldn't escape. Mr. Allison has
been arrested as
soon as we had taken off from the airport and the rest of
their plan had gone
like clockwork: pick up me, get on the plane, turn over
the evidence, and
then get out of Dodge - all really nice and neat. The
trial was set for
September 15th and then Jax would testify and we would be
sent into hiding.
I was still kind of numb and woozy from the drug but I
began to protest that
I didn't know anything and didn't need to be there. Jax
walked over to me,
unbuckled my seat belt and helped me stand up then walked
me to the rear of
the plane.


Jax - "I am sorry this had to happen this way Brenda, I
couldn't stay in Port
Charles so you had to come with me."
Brenda - "No Jax, I will never love you. I belong with
Sonny, we need to be
Jax - "Well you don't really have a choice in the matter
right now."
Brenda - "I always have a choice and the FBI can't hold me
against my will."
Jax - "You underestimate how much they want the
information I possess. They
have been after this guy for years and are willing to do
just about anything
to make sure he is put away."
Brenda - "I know my rights and I know when I have been
Jax - "Oh - that's right you became an expert at being
kidnapped at the hands
of Sonny Corinthos. You should be glad you are here being
*kidnapped* by the
FBI, because the next time one of Sonny's associates
kidnap you, you may not
get out of it alive."
Brenda - "Lay off Sonny, Jax."
Jax - "Brenda one day you will realize that this is for
your own good."
Brenda - "I will never forgive you for doing this to me
Jax - "Believe it or not I am looking out for both of
Brenda - "Both of us - No I don't think so, Sonny and I
can take care of each
other without any help from you."
Jax - "I wasn't referring to Sonny."
Brenda - "Then who are you talking about? This is the
second time you have
mentioned that you are doing this for ‘both of us’ and for
‘our’ own good,
what is going on Jax?"

Later in the hospital room Sonny is dozing against some
stacked pillows on
the bed with Brenda beside him. She is wiped out after
telling Sonny about
the last year and a half of running and trying to stay one
step ahead of
Allison’s men. Sonny is lying there half asleep still
amazed that Brenda has
returned to him after all this time and with an added
bonus no less - a son,
he and Brenda had a son. They had produced a baby - what
is he like, what
did he look like, would he like him, and more importantly
would his son love
and accept him and would he be a good father? Luke walks
in interrupting his

Luke - “Hey man, how are you feeling.”
Sonny - “A little rough around the edges, but I am hanging
in there.”
Luke - he nods towards Brenda “She sleeping again?”
Sonny - “Yeah, she is exhausted, and from what she has
said she has a right
to be. Luke these guys - the ones after her, are bad
Luke - “I am coming to understand that. I had Lucky do a
quick check on his
computer on this Allison guy and what I found out, it
ain’t too good.”
Sonny - “Luke, you need to stay out of this one, if Laura
finds out she will
kill us both.”
Luke - “She already knows.” He says with a grin.
Sonny - “Oh great another black mark against me.” He says
as he rolls his
Luke - he laughs “No, she understands this time. She is
really worried about
Brenda. She remembers what running was like, it was hard
enough for us with
the two of us together and with Lucky, but she said she
couldn’t imagine
doing it alone and with a baby.”
Sonny - “Well Brenda never liked to do things the easy
way, she is a strong
Luke - “Yeah, I never really believed that until now.
Guess you were right
again partner, I never thought I would see the day Brenda
Barrett was on the
run, at least not alone.”
Sonny - “We have to end this Luke, I will not have her
live like this.
Whether she admits it or not, she is terrified.”
Luke - “I know, I can see it in her eyes.”
Sonny - “You see it to?”
Luke - “It is pretty hard to miss.”
Sonny - “She is real jumpy and can barely relax. I had to
hold her for an
hour before she finally fell asleep even though she was
wiped out, and each
time one of the guys change shifts outside she jumps out
of her skin. She
really has been through hell the past year and a half, if
I ever get my hands
on these guys I will kill them.”
Luke - “We will take care of it as soon as you blow this
pop-stand. Any word
on how long?”
Sonny - “Doc say’s at least another day. Where is Jason?”
Luke - “On his way back from New Haven … with Robin.”
Sonny - “Damn, Brenda will have a fit. She really doesn’t
want anyone to
know that she’s back.”
Luke - “Well we will deal with that later, I didn’t tell
Jason about Brenda
at first but he knew I wasn’t telling him something and he
thought it was
about you so I had to tell him.”
Sonny - “Hey man, I understand. Don’t worry about it.
Did he tell Robin?”
Luke - “I don’t think so, she is coming because of you and
Jason couldn’t
stop her, she was pretty upset.”
Sonny - “Enough about that, what’s done is done, we’ll
deal when they get
here. Now where is my son?”
Luke - “He’s with Mike in the hallway, it’s great the
nurse’s are already at
his beck and call.”
Sonny - “Oh great Mike is already teaching my kid his bad
habits.” He says
with a grin and Luke just laughs then walks toward the
door. He returns a
few minutes later with Mike who is carrying a beautiful
dark haired child
that isn’t even a year old. His eyes are alert and quite
as he looks around
the room until he sees his mother then he lets out a small
squeal. Brenda
comes instantly awake and sees her son across the room.
She looks back at
Sonny who staring with an amazed look at his father and
his son who are
standing across the room, then she gets up from the bed
and walks toward Mike
Brenda -. “Thank you for taking care of him Mike. Was he
any problem?” She
asks as she takes the baby from him.
Mike - “No more than you would imagine, him being his
fathers son and all.”
He says with a grin as he looks past Brenda to Sonny who
is now staring at
Brenda and the baby. Sonny starts to get out of bed.
“Michael, no you are
not supposed to get up.” Mike says while holding out his
hand as if to stop
Sonny - “Brenda” he says quietly. She walks slowly
towards him with the baby
clasped against her chest.
Brenda - “Honey, meet your son.” Sonny blinks away his own
tears while they
roll slowly unchecked down Brenda’s checks.
Sonny - “He is beautiful, just like his mother.” Brenda
walks closer and
sits back down on the bed next to him. “You still haven’t
told me, what is
his name?”
Brenda - she takes a deep breath “Michael,” and then
hesitates, “Michael
Stone Corinthos.” She says and then turns to look at his
stunned expression.
“I know you once said that there where too many Michael’s
around,” she says
in a rush “but I knew that had to be his name, for his
father and for the
Uncle he will never meet, but will know in his heart. It
is a good name
Sonny - “It is perfect Brenda, Stone would be honored. He
would be happy.”
He says quietly.
Brenda - “Thank you.” She whispers as she too remembers
Stone. “Would you
like to hold him?”
Sonny - “You can’t imagine how much.” Brenda kisses the
little boys check and
hands him over, she makes sure Sonny is supporting his
neck correctly before
standing up next to the bed to watch father and son greet
each other for the
first time. She is wiping away her tears and she is again
struck by how much
they look alike, the same eyes, dimples, hair and mouth.
Her son is as
beautiful as his father.
Sonny - “How could we have created something so perfect
Brenda?” he asks
while still watching his son.
Brenda - “Amazing things happen.” She says, smiling as
watches the man she
loves cradle their son in his arms
Sonny - He looks up into her eyes “I know.” He says

Brenda, Sonny, and Michael are still in the hospital room
sitting on the bed.
Mike and Luke have disappeared and their absence hasn’t
even been noticed.
Sonny is getting to know his son and Brenda is enjoying
watching the
interaction between the two and thinking to herself that
the day she never
thought she would see had finally arrived. They already
loved each other as
father and son should, she could already tell, she thought
as she smiled at
Sonny over Michael’s head.

Sonny - “Thank you Brenda.”
Brenda - she looks at him quizzically “For what?”
Sonny - “For giving me this amazing gift.”
Brenda - “Sonny it was you that gave him to me. He was
the only thing that
kept me going, the only thing that kept me alive while I
was running. I had
a part of you with me, always, maybe that was selfish and
I will always
regret that you had to miss the first year of his life,
but Sonny, he was the
only thing that kept me sane and from going off the deep
Sonny - “Brenda, don’t ever apologize again. It wasn’t
your fault. What
counts is now, you have been and are a wonderful mother.”
Brenda - she blushes “I tried so hard to give him the
things we were lacking
in our lives, the only thing I couldn’t do was be his
father. I didn’t think
I could love anything or anyone else this much.”
Sonny - “Brenda, you did a great job.”
Brenda - “Thank you” she says softly as the bows her head.
Sonny reaches
over and tilts her chin up then moves a lone strand of
hair out of her eyes
to behind her ear. They start to lean toward each other
over the sleepy
baby’s head - just as their lips are about to touch a
racket is heard in the
outer room. Raised voices can be heard coming from the
waiting room. Brenda
begins to jump up from the bed but Sonny reaches for her
arm and makes her
stop, then hands her Michael before slowly and carefully
getting up. As he
gets up a man pushes his way into the room saying “Let me
go, I told you I am
with the FBI” Brenda gasps and sits frozen on the bed
looking completely
shocked and panicked.

A tall man in his early thirties, with dark hair going
prematurely gray is
pushing his way into the room, followed by Luke, Pete,
Mike and some other
guy Brenda had never seen before. Pete is reaching for
his gun in his
holster when a Brenda’s voice causes everyone to freeze.

Brenda - “Adam??!!??” everyone turns and looks at Brenda
who is still sitting
on the bed holding Michael. Sonny is standing next to her
and everyone else
is clustered near the door. Sonny waves off Pete and the
other bodyguard who
both reholster their weapons. “What are you doing here?”
she asks. Before
anyone can answer another set of voices can be heard in
the outer room. want to see him - NOW, not later, I want to make sure he
is okay, I don’t
want to go home first I want to see Sonny and you can’t
stop me!> The door
bangs open again hitting Pete in the back, he steps out of
the way and in
walks Robin with Jason trailing after her.
Robin - “Sonny, where are you, are you okay?” she notices
him standing next
to the bed and then realizes who is sitting on the bed.
“Brenda?” she asks
softly. “is that you? Oh my God, Brenda?” she rushes
over and hugs Brenda
and then notices that baby. “Oh my God” she repeats and
then looks from
Brenda to the baby to Sonny “Oh God!” she sits in one of
the chairs by the
bed as Sonny regains his seat on the bed by Brenda.
Adam - “Well is there anyone else that wants to join this
little family
reunion, or is that everyone, now that half the town is
here.” He says with a
great deal of sarcasm.
Sonny - “Get this idiot out of here.” He tells Pete.
Adam - “I am not going anywhere until I get some answers.”
Sonny - “Well you won’t get them from me so get out of my
Adam - “I wasn’t speaking to you.”
Sonny - “Well I was talking to you, now leave.” Adam takes
a deep breath to
respond but is interrupted by Brenda.
Brenda - Her shoulders are shaking and she looks
completely defeated “How did
you find me Adam?” She asks much to quietly. Sonny
notices the change
immediately and puts a comforting arm around her then
kisses the top of her
head, she seems to have already withdrawn and her
attention is focused
entirely on Adam.
Adam - He walks slowly towards Sonny and Brenda “It wasn’t
that hard, I
always knew where you would end up given the opportunity,
and here you are.
But Bren if I could figure it out so could others, did
you ever consider
that? Your relationship with Corinthos was fairly public,
you were a top
fashion model and he wasn’t exactly low profile, you two
were part of an up
and coming record company and you two were lovers. That
wasn’t kept a
secret, anyone could have figured it out - not just me.”
Brenda - “Oh no.” she says horrified as she looks at
Sonny, the fear has
returned once again to her eyes.
Sonny - “Brenda calm down, Allison doesn’t know….” He is
interrupted by
Jason - “Did you say Allison, as in Allison Allied
Sonny - “Yeah - Why?”
Jason - “We just got a hit from one of the guys digging up
info on who did
this to you and everything leads back to a company called
AAI - Allison
Allied International. This can’t be a coincidence Sonny,
we had never heard
of them until now.” Everyone is focused on Jason and no
one seems to notice
how stricken Brenda looks until she speaks.
Brenda - “Oh my God! I did this to you it is all my
fault.” She pulls the
baby close and rushes past everyone in the room and out
the door.
Sonny - “BRENDA!!!!” he starts to go after her but is
stopped my Adam.
Adam - “No I will go!”
Sonny - “NO - you have don’t quite enough thank you. You
kept us apart for
over a year, we don’t need that kind of help.”
Adam - “No I kept her ALIVE for over a year.”
Sonny - “I could have kept her alive without your help!”
Robin - “STOP IT - I will go after her!”
Sonny - “No Robin, she can’t handle all the questions you
have right now, you
stay here. Mike? Luke? Please bring her back.” Mike
and Luke leave the
room to go to find Brenda. There is no sign of her in the
hallway so they
split up, each of them heading in a separate direction in
order to track her

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