Seeking the Truth by Lizel

This is my first Fanfic,so bear with me!!!!!!This story takes place in the present
with Sonny gone,Jax and Brenda on the verge of a new relationship(only she didn't go wacko
or anything,I didn't like that storyline so why put it in???)Lois is back in town,and her and
Ned are back together(Forget Alexis!!!)Robin is back from Paris,just like on GH right now.
Her and Jason are dating.In this story he never had anything to do with Carley and the baby,in
fact they're not even friends.Luke and Laura are the same,Lucy and Kevin are married and she's
pregnant again!!!!Luckey ans Emily are dating,as are Sarah and Nikolas,although neither are the
focus of this story.Stefan and Katherine are a couple,and Bobbie is still single.Oh yeah and one
more insy weensy thing....Lily is back!!!!!!

Brenda is standing in the living room of her new house(which by the way in my own personal opinion
sucks so don't expect her to be there too long!!!!)She and Jax are talking about how she's doing,
and how the house is going.Brenda begins to get tired of Jax nagging over her health,and she's saved
by the ringing of her doorbell.She jumps up quickly and goes to get it.She smiles at Robin and lets
her in.

Brenda-Hey what's up??

Robin-I came by to see you,Oh am I interupting??

Jax-No I was just leaving.

He looks at Brenda in a fatherly way.

Jax-Remember what I said.

Brenda-Yeah I will.

Jax leaves and Robin gives Brenda a quizical look.

Robin-What was that all about???

Brenda-Jax was just explaining how I should be living again.He wants me to quit modelling and go on a
month cruise with him.

Robin-Are you going??

Brenda looks at her in a surprised way.

Brenda-No!!!I have my career and friends to think about,and besides that's to soon for me.

Robin-You mean a relationship???

Brenda-Yeah,I'm not soon after...


Brenda-Yeah but let's not talk about that.


Brenda-So what did you come here for...not that I mind...??

Robin-I came to ask you if you wanted to go to dinner with me,and Lois and Ned.

Brenda-And Jason???

Robin-Well,I didn't invite him because I didn't think you would want to see him.

Brenda-No that's okay,I need to move on with my life,and that includes letting go.What Jason did was wrong and all,but it's
time for me to move on.

Robin smiled

Robin-That's a good way to think about it.You've really changed.

Brenda-It's my new outlook on life.Let's just hope Jax doesn't show up.It's not that I don't like him,but he's really starting to get on
my nerves,picking and choosing who can see me and who I should see.

Robin-I've noticed that.

more tomorrow
Seeking the Truth Ch.2

Brenda gave Robin a sharp look.

Brenda-What do you mean by that??

Robin-I don't and Lois feel well...abandoned.You're always with Jax,things
have been so different ever know.

Brenda-I didn't know you felt this way,I'm sorry.I guess I have been neglecting our friendship,
it's just Jax has been so supportive...

Robin interupts her.

Robin-We want to help you too,but it seems like you don't want anybody but Jax to help you.

Brenda-That's not true.You guys are my best friends,and so is Jax.Tell you what,from this day foward I will make an effort
to spend more time with you and Lois,it's a promise.

Robin smiles.

Robin-Good.I have to leave now,but I'll see you tonight???

Brenda-I'll be there.

Robin-Great.See ya.


After Robin left,Brenda was just about to take a bubble bath when the phone rang.


Jax-Brender it's me.

Brenda-Hey Jax what's up????

Jax-I was wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner tonight???

Brenda-Oh...sorry..I have plans.

Jax sounds worried.

Jax-Plans,what plans???

Brenda is a little annoyed at him asking

Brenda-I'm going out with Lois,Robin,Ned....and Jason.


Brenda-Yes,I feel it's time I move on,you know forgive and forget????

Jax-Well are you sure you're ready???I mean this is Jason we're talking about.

Brenda get's ticked off by his last comment.

Brenda-Jax I'm sick of you second guessing my opinions,I know what I can and can't handle.

Jax-I know what's best for you,and it's not this.

Brenda-Excuse me for trying to take control of my life!!!You know what??You're not Sonny so quit acting like you are!!!

Brenda could hardly believe she said that,but it felt good to say what she was really thinking.

Jax-Sonny wasn't and will never be half the man I am.He left you at the altar,remember???He made you look like a fool in front of
everyone in Port Charles.How can you compare him to me??

Brenda just sat there listening to his words.It made her realize that Sonny did what he did for a secret reason,Jason was lying,and she was going to
find the truth,no matter what it was.Sonny was a man,he wouldn't leave her without a good reason.

Brenda-Screw you!!!

She hung up the phone loudly and clapped her hands.

Brenda-God that felt good.



He hung up the phone and grabbed his coat and left the penthouse.


Puerto Rico....

Sonny is standing alone on a beach,thinking of Brenda.That's all he has been doing ever since he left for Puerto Rico.Every face he
sees is her's,and every voice he hears is her's.He feels her pain,because it's his.But,he knows that he did the right thing.Leaving
her would protect her forever,but he wasn't prepared for the constant ache in his heart.Without her there was no him.So there he was
all alone,in their special place.He decided to go back to the house.The sunset was over and being on the beach too long reminded him
of Brenda.He walked back to his beach house.He unlocked the door and fell on the couch.He sat there thinking of her,again.Suddenly the
lights flipped on.He turned around quickly,aware that there could be trouble.When he saw her,he almost fainted.

Lily-Don't say anything,let me explain.


Later on back in PC....

Brenda,Robin,Jason,Lois,and Ned were all seated around a table talking over there meal.Brenda was being more than civil to Jason,she was
being down right nice,and that scared Jason,alot.Robin just thought she was trying to move on,nobody knew her real plans,and Brenda wanted
it that way.When everyone was getting up to leave,Brenda cornered Jason without being noticed.

Brenda-I need to talk to you.


Brenda-Meet me tomorrow at my house.

Jason-Okay,but what's this about???

Brenda-I can't talk about it here.

By that time everyone was ready to leave.

Brenda-I'm gonna go now,I'll see you all later.

She gave Jason a look and he returned it,telling her he'd be there tomorrow.


Lois-Bye Bren,and be careful.

Brenda-I will.


Jax is sitting alone at a bar,drinking his troubles away.He couldn't believe how Brenda had
treated him on the phone."Screw you???"What was that all about??He was right and she was wrong,
why couldn't she see that???They were soulmates,and he knew what was best for her,but she wasn't
listening.She had something on her mind.It was Sonny,and that was a dangerous topic for them.

Jax-Well Brenda,I'll make you see that we were meant to be together!!!



Lily-Yes it is me.

Sonny-What the hell is going on??

She puts her hand on his shoulder,but he pulls away.

Sonny-It's really you.

Lily-In the flesh.

Sonny-But how...the baby???

Lily-I...I don't know how to say this...but I had someone fake the pregnancy for me.

She saw the look on his face and quickly explained.

Lily-I thought you were leaving me,I had to do it.

Sonny sat back,shocked.

Lily-I also faked my death,but I now know that I was wrong to do that.Please forgive me Sonny.

She was in tears,fake tears.

Sonny-This is too much for me to take in one night.Please leave.

Lily-Will you listen to me tomorrow if I go now??

Sonny didn't want to be faced with her,so he said yes.She left and he went to sleep,still too shocked to realize what was happening.


Brenda is back at her house laying awake in bed.

Brenda-Sonny,I will have you back.I know now you didn't leave me because you didn't love me.I can feel your pain,and heart ache,because it's mine.I'm going
to find the truth if it's the last thing I do.


More soon,hope you like it!!!

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