"Secrets" by Dinah

Chapter 1

[This story starts where Sonny has left Brenda again and she is going to see Jason ]

Her heart was pounding she was so scared that Sonny would be at Jason's or that Jason wasn't home there were so many possibilities.She knocked on the door Jason answered come on in Brenda it's nice to see you he said with a smile. How are you? He said worried, Oh you've heard about me and Sonny . yeah! She told him the story he was shocked that Sonny could stoop that low.

Well Jason can I stay with you. Brenda asked with her eyes slightly drooped.I don't wanna go back to Jax he'll make me buy hair gel or something. Ok Brenda you can stay but first I have to tell you something.

Chapter 2

Jason what do you wanna tell me? Brenda do you like me? Yeah of course!!! well I mean as more than a friend, Oh umm [thought] well if I do this Sonny will get Jealous and want her back and after all he was kinda cute (back to reality) With that cute smile she said yes I do that's why I came here they kissed very Romantically and then all odds happen the door opens Oh No it's......

Chapter 3

It was Sonny he looked heart broken with the sight.Brenda felt so bad she had Kissed Jason and she hated to admit that she kinda liked it was not like any other kiss it was different not just the Sonny way but it was it was well satisfying it gave her pleasure she wondered if she could really fall for Jason if she did she would be happy that she could find love but not to hurt Sonny but as many times he had hurt her she was worried.

Jason: Oh hi Sonny sorry about this uh we were we were practing for a play she is a mob boss's ex-girlfriend and is hurt and turns to his right hand man

Sonny: yeah you are both great actors

Chapter 4

Sonny stormed out with furry in his eyes Brenda knew that she was wrong for kissing Jason but there were reason why she did what she did I mean after all he had kissed Jena (she is a made up character) and it had made her so mad when he lied about it and all. When had she ever cheated on him when when they were a part maybe but together never oh but the mob boss can break all the rules just like the mob princess. could it really happy that she lied to her self about her feelings for Sonny wait she............. Sonny

Chapter 5

Brenda loved Sonny but was starting to fall for Jason but she wasn't so in love that she would marry him if Sonny asked her she would say yes she and Jason had agreed that they would not show their feelings for each other if there were any but know she felt that she should go see Sonny and explain it

Chapter 6

She loved Sonny and she did need him and she loved Jax but only as a friend and she loved Jason but wasn't in love with Jason. Why couldn't she love Jason not Sonny she knew Jason loved her more than anybody and she was going with him to the nurses ball and Luke always thought they would be very good for each other and the Quartermaines wanted it but she couldn't if she didn't love him she had to convince her self to go over to Sonny's and knock on the door she did and guess who answered.
2b continued

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