Second Chances by Stacy

Chapter 1:


Jax and Brenda are sitting on the couch talking with each other and Brenda drifts for a few minutes.
Jax-J Brenda-B

J-I would love to know where you were just now.

B-Oh, I'm sorry. Were you saying something?

J-What were you just thinking about?

B-(outloud) Oh.....nothing. (she smiles)

Brenda thinks to herself, ''What in the hell am I doing with Jax when all I can think about is Sonny.''

B-Jax, I think I am going to go for a walk.

J-Do you want me to come with you?

B-No. I won't be long.

Brenda kisses Jax quickly and then heads out the door


Robin stops over at Jason's apartment and he let's her in

Jason-Ja Robin-R

Ja-How are you doing?

R-Good. (she shyly smiles) I missed you.

Ja-I missed you too, but then again I always miss you.


Ja-Of course.

Jason walks nearer to her and gives her a long hug. Robin sinks into Jason's arms and closes her eyes of the feel of his body close to hers


Lois walks into the Port Charles Hotel and checks in. When she walks into her room the phone rings. Lois gives a puzzling look and answers it

Lois-Lo Sonny-S


S-Hi, it's me.

Lo-(shocked) Sonny, what are you doing?

S-Calling my best friend!

Lo-Where are you?

Chapter 2:

Brenda makes her way to the docks. She walks down the steps and leans against the lightpole. Her mind starts to wander. Her mind fills with thoughts of her and Sonny. Her mind goes back to when Sonny left her and Port Charles.


-They had met on the docks-

S-I have to leave for awhile. It's not safe here for you or for me. I have to leave if I will ever be safe. I don't want you going through life in fear. PLease understand.

B-(angry) Understand?? Understand that you want to leave me? Understand that you don't love me enough to stick it out with me?


Chapter 1:


Jax and Brenda are sitting on the couch talking with each other and Brenda drifts for a few minutes.

Jax-J Brenda-B

J-I would love to know where you were just now.

B-Oh, I'm sorry. Were you saying something?

J-What were you just thinking about?

B-(outloud) Oh.....nothing. (she smiles)

Brenda thinks to herself, ''What in the hell am I doing with Jax when all I can think about is Sonny.''

B-Jax, I think I am going to go for a walk.

J-Do you want me to come with you?

B-No. I won't be long.

Brenda kisses Jax quickly and then heads out the door


Robin stops over at Jason's apartment and he let's her in

Jason-Ja Robin-R

Ja-How are you doing?

R-Good. (she shyly smiles) I missed you.

Ja-I missed you too, but then again I always miss you.


Ja-Of course.

Jason walks nearer to her and gives her a long hug. Robin sinks into Jason's arms and closes her eyes of the feel of his body close to hers


Lois walks into the Port Charles Hotel and checks in. When she walks into her room the phone rings. Lois gives a puzzling look and answers it

Lois-Lo Sonny-S


S-Hi, it's me.

Lo-(shocked) Sonny, what are you doing?

S-Calling my best friend!

Lo-Where are you?

Chapter 2:

Brenda makes her way to the docks. She walks down the steps and leans against the lightpole. Her mind starts to wander. Her mind fills with thoughts of her and Sonny. Her mind goes back to when Sonny left her and Port Charles.


-They had met on the docks-

S-I have to leave for awhile. It's not safe here for you or for me. I have to leave if I will ever be safe. I don't want you going through life in fear. PLease understand.

B-(angry) Understand?? Understand that you want to leave me? Understand that you don't love me enough to stick it out with me?

S-No. For gods sakes that is why I am doing it. Because I love you!

Sonny leans in and gives her a passionate kiss and whispers, ''you're my life. The reason i hang on.'' and she gives him one last look and walks away.


Brenda looks out into the sky and whispers, ''What would've happened if I wouln't have let you walk out of my life that easily? What was I thinking? If I had one more chance.......(Brenda doesn't finish her alst statement)


Sonny takes a deep breath before saying another word to Lois

Lo-Well, aren't you going to anwwer me?

S-I....I'm right next door.

Lo-(not sure what he means) Excuse me?

S-I'm right next to you. Hold on.

Sonny hangs up the phone and knocks on Lois' hotel room door. Lois, in disbelief, hangs up her phone and goes to the door to find Sonny on the other side of it. They embrace in a long hug

Lo-Holy telido!

S-It's good to see you, too.

Lo-I just wasn't sure if you would ever come back.

S-I had ever intention in coming back sooner or later.

Lo-Glad it wasn't too much later.

S-Lois, I need your help.

Lo-(answers cautiosly) Ooo.....ok.

S-I need to get Brenda back. I heard she's seeing Candy Boy again.

Lo-Sonny, I don't......

S-I have to! I just have to.

Sonny doesn't wait for her answer and walks over to the window


Jax paces the floor of him and Brenda's apartment for hours

J-Where the hell are you, Brenda? What's going on?

Jax thinks of what could be wrong with her. He thinks, ''I have made you happy, havent' I?''

Chapter 3:

Sonny snaps out of his continuous flashbacks of him and Brenda. He couldn’t get the happy times they shared out of his mind. He shakes his head.

Lois looks at him in a very concerned way, “What are you thinking?”

Sonny smiled at how well she knows him. “Brenda. I love her, Lois. I need her back in my life.” Lois smiles in a knowingly way.

Sonny-”I need to go think. I’ll see you later, ok?” Lois nods and Sonny leaves to go think about him and Brenda. As Sonny quickly walks out the door Lois turns around and whispers, “I hope you know what you’re doing.”


Robin and Jason spend a few hours together peacefully at Jason’s apartment talking. They both tried to understand what the other wanted out of their relationship and each other.

Robin needs to leave because she is going to have dinner with Mac that night so Jason walks her to her car.

Robin smiles pleasantly, “Thank-you.”

Jason looks quizzically at her, “For what?”

Robin-”For helping me understand ‘us’. It did help me a little but Jason I’m....I’m still not ready. I can’t handle your life yet.

Jason looks at her knowing how and why she feels the way she does. They both don’t say anything. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and she mouths “Bye” and he nods. Robin gets in her car and leaves to go back home to have dinner with Mac.


Brenda wanders the docks with thoughts of Sonny rushing over her mind. She thinks of some words he has said to her in moments of truth.


Sonny-”I love you and will always love you.”

Sonny-”You’re a part of me, Brenda, and I love you.”


Brenda moves slightly and wipes away the tears that suddenly start flowing down her cheeks.

Brenda whispers, “Damn you, Sonny Corinthos! Damn you! I loved you and you didn’t love me or trust me enough to take me with you! Why?” She then screams, “WHY!!!”

As Sonny approaches the docks he stops for a second when he hears a woman scream. He runs over to where the scream came from and he stops when he sees who it is.

Sonny watches as this woman wipes her tears and voices her frustration, “Get a hold of yourself, Brenda. He’s gone now and there’s nothing you can do to change that.”

Sonny slowly makes his way down the steps towards her. Brenda gets a little startled by the moving sound and she turns around suddenly. She gasps loudly at the sight of who it was. She quickly turns back around to wipe all the tears flowing down her cheeks. She doesn’t want him to see her in this position. She doesn’t want him to know she is crying because of him.

Brenda takes a few steps back in disbelief as he steps closer. Brenda shuts her eyes and then opens them to make sure this is real. Brenda finds herself not moving another inch and whispers, “Sonny, is that you?”

Sonny nods and moves closer to her so that they are only a few inches apart. He smiles at her and says, “I’ve missed you.”

Brenda takes one step closer to him so they can feel each other’s breathes. Neither one of them are moving but looking deep into each others eyes. Her look of shock and disbelief suddenly turns into anger. She moves her hand up to his face as if to caress it but instead she smacks him hard and says, “How dare you!”

Chapter 4:

Sonny slowly brings his hand up to his cheek and closes his eyes

B-What are you doing here?

Brenda shakes her head and walks away from him

B-Well, that's just too damn bad.

Sonny walks behind her and puts his hand on her shoulder. She turns around quickly and shakes his hand away.

S-Don't do this.
B-Do what?
S-Turn me away like this. I NEED you.
B-(laughs) You mean like I needed you? But that didn't matter to you, did it?
S-How can you say that? You meant everything to me. That's why I left.
B-ohh....I get it. (her voice fills with anger) If you think for one
SECOND that I'm going to believe that you did this for me. That you did this to protect me. NO! What you did was for you and only you.
S-That's where you're wrong. I couldn't stand losing you the way I lost Lily.
B-I don't believe you.

Brenda turns to walks away. As she walks past him he quickly grabs her arm. They stand there without moving. Brenda looks down at his hand around her wrist and then back at him.

B-What do you want from me?

Sonny pulls her close to his body. She breathes nervously as she inches closer.


Sonny pulls Brenda in for a passionate kiss. Brenda allows herself to be sucked back into him for a little bit. She forces herself to pull away. She quickly pulls away and brings her hand up to her mouth.

B-No. I won't let you do this to me. Never again.
S-I won't. The danger is over.
B-Yeah right. Till next time.
S-I promise you.
B-Your promises don't mean anything to me anymore.
B-No more.

Brenda walks right on past Sonny and leaves him standing alone on the docks. Brenda turns back and looks at his sad face. She wipes her tears away and leaves.


Ned is on the phone with his ELQ secretary when there is a knock at the door

N-(to his secretary) Can you hold on for a minute? (she agrees) Thanks.

Ned opens the door and finds Lois on the other side staring back at him.

N-What are you doing here?
Lo-I'm back.

Ned lets his emotions take over and he lifts her up and twirls her around.

Lo-(smiles) Ned, please put me down.

He puts her down and apologizes for getting carried away.

N-Did you bring Brooke back with you?
Lo-(hesitates) Not yet.
N-Why not?
Lo-There are some things we need to talk about Ned.


Brenda runs into hers and Jaxs' PH. She turns on the light and sees Jax sitting in the dark on the couch.

B-Why are you sitting in the dark?
Jax-I was waiting up for you. I was worried about you.
B-(she sits next to him) I'm fine. Just needed a breather. Can you hold me?
Jax-(looks at her strangely) Of course.

Jax pulls her close and hugs her tight. He gives her a kiss on the top of her head. After a few minutes Brenda pulls away slightly.

Jax-Yeah. Look, is there something wrong? Did I do something?
B-Of course not. It's me.
Jax-Well, I'm going upstairs. Are you coming?
B-In a little bit.
Jax-Ok. (he gives her a kiss and then heads upstairs)

A few tears fall down Brenda's cheeks. She walks over to the window and thinks back to earlier that night when she ran into Sonny. She bring her fingers to her lips and moves them around her lips. She can still feel his touch.

S-"I came back for you."
B-"Well, that's too damn bad."
S-"Don't do this."
B-"Do what?"
S-"Turn me away like this. I NEED you."


Brenda shakes the feeling of Sonny and goes to bed


Luke closes the door of the club and finds Sonny standing outside

S-Good to see you, man.
L-You, too! I wasn't sure I'd ever see you again. Can you come in for a bit?

Sonny and Luke go inside and sit at the bar.

L-So, are you here to stay?
S-Yeah. This is where I belong. I ran into Brenda at the docks.
L-I'm sorry.
S-I need her back, Luke. I just have to get her back.
L-You don't know, do you?
S-Know what?
L-Brenda got back together with Jax.

Sonny moves his hand over his face and groans

S-Well, he sure took advantage of my leaving, didn't he? Does she love him?
L-I don't know. But I will bet you anything that she still loves you.
S-She told me that she won't do this again.
L-You know she's just scared. She's buried her feelings for you so deep.
You can make her see that she still loves you.
S-I hope so. I just can't live with out her.
L-I understand. want back into the club?
S-If you want me to.
L-Of course. You're the best partner I ever had.

Luke and Sonny talk for a bit then they both go home.


Ned and Lois talk for awhile about their relationship and their daughter.

Lo-It's late. We'll make arrangements to have dinner.
N-Sounds good. I'm glad you're back.
Lo-Me, too.

Ned walks Lois to the door and they say goodnight.

Chapter 5:

~Later the next night~

After running errands Brenda walks in the door and finds Jax on the phone. She sets her purse down and waits for him to get off

Jax-Yeah. I have to go out of town.
B-(disappointed) When?
Jax-12:00 tonight.
B-I see. How long will you be gone?
Jax-(sees the look of disappointment in her eyes) I'm sorry, Bren. I will
be gone 2 weeks. Maybe you could join me in a week.
B-I can't, Jax. I have a shoot.
Jax-I'll tell you what. Let me take you out to dinner before I go tonight.
B-All right. Where should we go?
Jax-Let's go to Luke's. All-4-One is playing.
B-(hesitates) want to go there?
Jax-Is that ok?
B-Sure. I'll go get dressed.

Jax nods and Brenda goes upstairs to get ready for a night at Luke's


Lois knocks on Sonny's door. Sonny goes to answer it and lets her in

Lo-Hi. I wanted to see how you were doing.
S-What do you mean?
Lo-After you went to think about Brenda. b S-Oh.....I ran into her at the docks.

Lois is so shocked that she grabs his arm and drags him over to the couch

Lo-Holy tolido. What happened?
S-She was so angry.
Lo-Do you blame her?
S-No, but I thought she could give me a second chance.
Lo-Can I ask you something?
Lo-Do you love her? I mean really really love her?
S-(shocked that Lois would ask such a thing) Of course I do. She's my
life. Why would you ask that?
Lo-She was hurt so much. I don't want to see you hurt her like that again.
S-I won't.
Lo-I want you both to be happy. Good luck.
S-Thanks. I better get going. I have to go to the club. All-4-One is
playing tonight.
Lo-Well, I guess I will see you there. I am having dinner with Ned.
S-(smiles) Good luck.
Lo-Ha ha. I will see you soon.

Lois leaves and Sonny goes upstairs to get ready for the night


Robin is sitting around watching TV when the phone rings

J-Yeah. What are you up to tonight?
R-I'm just watching TV.
J-I was wondering if you would consider having dinner with me?
R-Uh...sure. Where?
R-Sounds great.
J-Good. I'll pick you up in an hour.
R-All right. See you soon.

They both hang up and get ready for the night


Sonny walks into the club and people are already eating dinner and having a good time. It's practically packed. After talking with a few people Sonny spots Luke. He walks over to where Luke is.

L-Hey. You made it.
S-Yeah. I told you I would.
L-I know. You ready for All-4-One?
S-Yep. Are they here yet?
L-Not yet. So does Mike know you're back?
S-Not yet. Is he around?
L-Yeah. In the back.
S-I'll see you in a bit.

Sonny walks into the back room


Mike has his back turned to the door when Sonny walks in

M-(as he turns around) Luke, I......(pauses)
S-Hi, ya, pops.
M-You're back!
S-Yeah. I sure am. And yes, for good.

Mike walks over to his son and they embrace in a hug

S-I wanted to let you know I'm back before you heard it from Luke, Brenda
or anyone else.
M-Brenda? Have you seen her, Michael?
S-Yeah. She's not too thrilled with me.
M-Just leave her be.
S-What? I never thought I'd hear you say that.
M-She's happy and I want her to stay that way. You destroyed her when you
S-I had no choice. I love her! I never stopped and I want her back. I
won't hur ther this time.
M-Are you sure of that?
S-Yes. Absolutely sure.
M-(smiles) Well, then I hope it works out.
S-Thanks. I better go see Luke.
M-All right. Glad you're back, Michael.
S-Me, too.

Sonny leaves to go back out to the club where Luke is. Mike finishes what he has to do before he goes back out, too


Brenda comes down the stairs as Jax is walking in the PH. Jax smiles at her.

He looks her over in her speghatti strapped long dress. Her hair is up in a french twist

Jax-You look gorgeous.
B-(she kisses him) Thanks. So do you.
Jax-Ready to go?

Brenda and Jax leave for an interesting evening at Lukes


Jason arrives at Robin's. He is wearing black jeans and a suit coat. He rings the doorbell and Robin answers it

R-Hi. You look so good.
J-You look beautiful. You ready?

Robin grabs the purse that matches her long baby blue satin dress and they leave for Lukes


Ned and Lois walk into Lukes. Mike and Lois hare hello's and then seats her and Ned in front by the stage

Sonny walks over to Ned and Lois to say hello

S-How are you guys.
N-Good. You?
S-Could be better.
N-(looks at Lois) I know what you mean. So, you miss, Bren, huh?
S-Yeah. I sure do.

Lois glances at the door and notices Brenda with Jax. She knows that trouble is just about to start

Lo-Speaking of Bren....

Sonny glances over at the door and sees Brenda talking with Mike. He focuses his gaze on her arm locked around Jaxs' arm

S-If you'll excuse me.
Lo-Sonny, keep your cool.
S-I'm fine. (he smiles)

As Sonny walks over to the bar Brenda breakes her gaze with Jax. Sonny and Brenda lock eyes.

Brenda then turns her focus back on Jax who is staring at her

B-Let's go sit.
Jax-All right.

Mike leads Brenda and Jax to a table in the center of the stage but close to the bar. So close that Sonny can see their every move


Sonny turns to Luke and shakes his head

L-Hang in there, man.
S-I don't know if I can. I mean I just want to tear him in two. Look at
her, Luke. She looks so beautiful. I should be the one with her.
L-Just keep your cool for tonight.

Sonny nods knowing that might not be possible

Sonny spends the next few minutes watching Jax touch Brenda on her arm, face, waist....anywhere he could get his hand on. He watches Jax whisper in Brenda ear and sees her smile and laugh.


Brenda and Jax are enjoying themselves

Jax-Brenda, is there something wrong?
B-No. Why do you ask?
Jax-You just seem a little off tonight. Are you upset about me leaving for
2 weeks.
B-No. It's your job. I understand.
Jax-All right. You would tell me if something was wrong, right.
B-Of course.

Jax goes back to charming self with Brenda while Sonny watches


Luke approaches the stage and introduces All-4-One. All-4-One comes out while the crowd waits to hear them sing. They sit on their chairs and begin to sing "Hard to say Goodbye"

Brenda shifts in her chair so she and Sonny can lock gazes. Jax is watching All-4-One so he doesn't notice. She looks at Sonny and then back at the stage

After the first Song Sonny can't take watching Jax with his hands on Brenda any longer. He get up and Luke grabs his arm

S-I'm sorry. But I can't take it.

Sonny walks over to Brenda and Jaxs' table and he taps Jax on the shoulder. As Jax looks up Sonny punches him

Chapter 6:

Jax falls over his chair and onto the floor after being punched by Sonny. Sonny.

B-What the HELL is the matter with you?
S-He deserved it.
B-He wasn't doing anything. (Brenda stands up and walks over to Sonny) I
want to talk to you outside.

Sonny walks outside while Brenda helps Jax up. Brenda makes her way outside.

Everyone goes back to listening to All-4-One.


Lois turns to Ned after watching what just happened with Sonny and Jax.

N-Sonny sure has a temper when it comes to Brenda, doesn't he?
Lo-Yeah. He wants her back. It's killing him watching her with Jax.
N-I know, but he left her.
Lo-I know.
N-But then again I understand what it's like being away from the woman you love.

Lois smiles but doesn't respond.


Mike walks over to Jax with a ice pack.

M-Here. (he sits by Jax)
Jax-Thanks. (Jax places the ice pack on his jaw)
M-I'm sorry about that.
Jax-It's not your fault. I didn't even know he was back. When did he get back?
M-He hasn't been back long. I just found out tonight.
Jax-I wonder how long Brenda has known. Wait.....when she got home last night she was acting really weird. (Jax looks over at Mike)


Brenda finds Sonny against the wall with his eyes closed. She walks over to him and he looks at her.

B-That was totally uncalled for.
S-I couldn't help it.
B-What do you mean? Jax didn't do anything to you.
S-What did you expect me to do? I....I couldn't just sit there and watch
him with his hands all over you.
B-I'm with Jax now.
S-I can't except that. I still love you, Brenda. I have always loved you.
When I was away all I thought about was you. You were the one that kept me
going. I still felt your touch. I could still see your face, mouth, body.
You were with me everywhere. Are you telling me you don't love me?
B-(a few tears roll down her face)It doesn't matter.
S-Of course it does.

Sonny walks over to Brenda and grabs her face. He looks deep into her eyes and kisses her passionately. She tries to pull away but Sonny doesn't let her. After a few minutes she pulls away. Brenda and Sonny look deep into each other's eyes.


As Jason and Robin walk towards the club they see Sonny and Brenda.

R-Is that Sonny?
J-I think so.

Robin and Jason walk over to Sonny and Brenda.

R-(surprised) Sonny?
S-(looks over at her) Hey!

Sonny and Robin exchange long hugs as Brenda and Jason watch.

R-I can't believe you're back.
S-I just got back last night.
R-I missed you.
S-I missed you, too.

Sonny and Jason shake hands. Jason welcomes him back.

R-(looks at Sonny and Brenda) Are we interrupting something?
B-No. Let's go inside.
S-We're almost done. We'll be inside in a bit.
R-Ok. (she gives Sonny a kiss on the cheek)

Robin and Jason go inside the club. Brenda turns back to Sonny.

S-I know you still love me. I can feel it.
B-Listen to me. I'm with Jax. I can't end things everytime with him just because you want a warm body near you. I can't hurt him.
S-You know that's not it. I don't want just anyone. I WANT YOU! I love you.

Brendaa doesn't say anything. As Brenda starts to inch closer to Sonny Jax comes out of the club and walks over to them.

Jax-Oh, really.

Brenda backs away from Sonny and turns to Jax.

Jax-Yeah. I was getting worried about you.
B-I'm sorry.
Jax-I have to get going. Sonny, stay away from Brenda while I'm gone.
S-(smiles) I can't promise you anything. I love her so be prepared for a fight.

Brenda shakes her head at Sonny and takes Jaxs' hand.

B-I'll walk you to your limo.
Jax-All right.
S-Bye, Candyboy.
B-(before Jax can retaliate) Come on. Ignore him.

Brenda and Jax leave hand in hand while Sonny is left alone. Sonny storms back into the club and goes to his office.


Brenda and Jax approach his limo.

B-I'll miss you.
Jax-I will miss you. Maybe I should cancel.
B-No. I'll be fine. Don't let Sonny get to you.
Jax-I'll call you when I get there.

Brenda gives Jax a kiss.

Jax whispers I love you and Brenda smiles. Jax gets in his limo and she watches him drive away. Brenda heads back into the club.


Robin notices Jason is talking with Mike so she walks back to see Sonny. She walks in the office and Sonny looks up at her.

S-What are you doing back here?
R-(sits down) It looks like you could use someone to talk to.
S-What makes you say that?
R-By seeing you and Brenda.
R-Sonny, do you want to talk about it?

Chapter 7: S-How could she get back together with Jax? back.
S-Me either. But I couldn't stay away. I missed her too much. I just hate to put her in danger.
R-I understand. So, what are you going to do now?
S-I have to get her back.
R-I know. I want to see her happy. Sonny, she's afraid you're going to hurt her again.
S-I know she is, but I won't. I can't let her more.
R-All right. Then I hope you guys get back together.

Robin gives Sonny a hug and she goes back out to Jason.


Brenda is sitting with Ned and Lois when Robin comes out. Robin goes over to Jason.

J-Hi. How is he?
R-Ok. Why don't you go talk to him?
J-All right.


Robin walks over to Lois and Ned's table. She sits next to Brenda.

R-Are you ok?
B-Of course. JAx will be back in two weeks though.
R-I meant about....
B-I'm going to go for a walk and then go home. I'll see you guys later.
Lo-Ok, sweetie.
R-Take care, ok? I'll call you soon.
N-See you tomorrow.

Brenda gets up and leaves.


Jason and Sonny talk about him being back. They also talk about Brenda a
little bit.

J-Are you ready to take control of things again?
J-What are you going to do about Brenda?
S-First order of business is to keep her safe.
J-What do you want me to do?
S-Make sure we get a person to keep an eye on their floor. I don't want
anyone anonymous up there. Since we're not together and I can't protect
her myself I want to make sure someone does.
J-I'll get it done right away.
S-Thanks. My next thing is to get her back.
J-I hope you do. Look, I know you're worried about her but you'll protect
S-I hope I can. I'm going for a walk.

Sonny goes out the back door.


Everyone has cleared out of Lukes. All-4-One is done performing and it's
after midnight. Jason comeso out from the back and Robin is waiting for
him at the bar.

R-Are you ready to go? (he nods) Where is Sonny?
J-He went for a walk. Did Lois and Ned leave?

Robin and Jason say goodbye and then go home. Luke and Mike close up the
club and they go home.


Brenda paces around the docks. Memories of her and Sonny come back to
her. Memories that she has forgotten for so long. She starts to remember
the first time Sonny told her he loved her. She remembers how hard it was
to get those words out.

Brenda leans against the light pole and whispers, "How could you come
back? Why do you want me back? Why do I still love you after you
destroyed me? Why isn't Jax enough?"

Tears flow down Brenda's cheeks. She wipes her face as she hears someone
come down the steps. Brenda turns around to find Sonny staring at her

B-How long have you been standing there?
S-Long enough.
B-Well, isn't that just wonderful.
S-You love me.
B-That doesn't matter. That doesn't change anything.
S-How can you say that?
B-(tears fall) Sonny, I couldn't get back with you and then lose you again.

I've lost you one too many times.
S-But you haven't. We weren't together physically all the time, but we were emotionally.
B-I can't take that chance.
S-I won't leave you. I can't. Being without you this year has been the hardest thing I've ever done. You have always been the very best part of me.

Sonny toucbes Brenda's face and she closes her eyes. Brenda takes a few steps closer and she leans in for a kiss. Sonny pulls her as close to him as he can get. AFter a few minutes of kissing Brenda pulls away and their forheads touch.
B-(whispers) I will always love you, but I can't do this.

She kisses him one last time.

B-(pulls away) I hope you understand why it has to be over.
S-It will NEVER be over.

Sonny grabs Brenda's wrist as she tries to walk away. Tears fall down both of their cheeks. Brenda shakes free and runs away.

S0(whispers) I WILL get you back. I won't let you go. *********************************************************************** Jason and Robin went for a walk in the park before he took her home. J-Thanks for coming with me tonight. I'm sorry we didn't get to talk much. R-Yeah. Maybe we can get toghether this week sometime and discuss "us"? J-That would be nice. R-I guess I better go inside. J-All right. Good night. R-(smiles) Good night. Jason gives Robin a kiss on the cheek. She goes inside and he goes home. *************************************************************** After Brenda walks in the door the phone rings. B-Hello. Jax-Hey, it's me. B-Jax, I'm so glad you called. Jax-Are you ok? B-Yeah. Jax-Did Sonny do something? B-Jax, I can handle him. Don't worry. Jax-Go get some rest. I will call you soon. B-All right. Come home soon. JAx-I will try and hurry. B-Ok. Jax and Brenda hang up and Brenda goes to bed. Chapter 8:

~4 days later~

Sonny's phone rings. He walks away from the window and answers it.

S-Hello. J-Sonny, I'm on my way over. We got trouble. S-Ok.

10 minutes later Jason arrrives and they sit on the couch.

S-What's up? J-I got a phone call about Brenda. S-What do you mean? J-I....It was from that guy who has been after us for the past 3 months or so. S-Burnes? J-Yeah. S-Damn. I knew if I came back I would put her life in danger again. J-You'll protect her. S-Damn straight I will. Ok, tell me about the call. J-He said, "if you and Corinthos don't hand over what I want then Ms. Barrett is dead." S-I want security stiffened over at her PH. I also want someone following her wherever she goes. At all times. J-I'll go make the call.


Brenda grabs her purse when there's a knock at the door. She opens it and finds some man she's never met before on the other side smiling at her.

B-Can I help you?

The man barges in her PH and pushes her aside. She looks at him oddly and then he slams the door.

B-I don't know you and I want you to leave.
Man-Not until I get some answers.
B-About what?
Man-Your friend.....Sonny Corinthos.
B-What about him? And who says we're friends?
Man-(laughs) I know everything about him so I know you're more than friends. I want you to tell me where he's staying and why he came back to Port Charles.
B-I don't know.

The man yells at Brenda to answer. She keeps on repeating that she doesn't know. Brenda refuses to tell him anything because she wants to make sure Sonny is safe. She plays the stubborn and innocent act. She tells him that she doesn't know and he persists that she is lying. He tells her lying gets people into trouble. Brenda starts to get a weird feeling over her like something bad is about to happen. She starts to back away from him. The man moves towards her and grabs her arm. She tries to pull away but he was too strong. He throws her to the floor. He pins her down so she can't move. Brenda squirms and he slaps her to shut her up.

Man-I will get it out of you one way or the other.
B-(crying heavily) I don't know anything!
Man-(slaps her) SHUT UP!

He starts kissing her. He rips off her shirt.

B-(screaming) Please stop!! Why are you doing this to me?
Man-I said shut up! I've always wanted to do it with a model. (e laughs and takes out his gun)(he holds it up to her face) You make one more sound and I will kill you.

15 minutes later Brenda is so shaken. She scurries up her clothes and scrunches in a ball rolling back and forth. The man watches her every move.

Man-You were good.
B-(crying) How could you ra......he's at the Cosmopolitan.
Man-Thank you! Good day.

The man leaves her PH.


Jason hangs up the phone and goes over to where Sonny is sitting.

J-Done. More security at the PC Hotel.

The phone rings. Sonny looks at Jason and then answers it.

Man-Sonny Corinthos?
S-Who wants to know?
Man-We told you that if you didn't give us what we wanted that Ms. Barrett would pay.
S-(anger fills his voice) What did you do to her?
Man-She sure is good in the sac. No wonder why she's so important to you. Next time it will be worse. (he hangs up)

Sonny throws the phone against the wall.

J-(noticing something is VERY wrong with Sonny) What's wrong?
S-That bastart hurt her. I got to go.

Sonny storms out of his PH.


Brenda takes a shower hoping to wipe away all teh germs of the man who had just raped her. She couldn't even comprehend it. How could a stranger do that to her? Brenda comes out of the shower and puts on a robe. She goes and sits on the chair by the window. Brenda curls up in a big ball and tears fall down her face. A few minutes later there is a loud banging noise at the door. Brenda looks at the door but doesn't get up. She is afraid of who it might be and she stiffens up.

S-Brenda, open up. (she doesn't move) If you don't open up...ok, I'm coming in.

Brenda doesn't move. Sonny punds in the door. He looks at her and she looks at him. She covers her face. Sonny goes over to her and kneels in front of her.

S-Brenda.....(she still doesn't move)

Sonny pulls her hands away from her face. He looks at the pain she's in because of him. He lifts her up afrom the chair and carries her over to the couch. She wraps her arms around him as tight as she can. HE sits her on the couch and he sits right beside her.

B-(wipes her face) How did you know?
S-He called. Brenda, I...
B-Who was it.
S-It doesn't matter.
B-God damn it. Who the hell was it?
S-Someone trying to take over some of my territory. Can you tell me what happened?
B-Not now. Can you just hold me?
S-(he holds her close) Of course I will.

Sonny watches Brendaand while she falls asleep in his arms.

Chapter 9:

~The next morning~

Sonny gets up from the couch. He touches Brenda's face. He blanket. Sonny takes his cell phone out and sits in the chair by the window. He calls Jason.

J-Where are you?
S-I'm with Brenda at her PH.
J-What the hell happened?
S-I'm not quite sure yet. She wasn't ready to talk. I think he raped her.
S-I know. I want to kill him. I think he hit her, too. That bastard is going to pay.
J-What are you going to do? Should I find him?
S-Yes. Oh, don't tell anyone about Brenda yet.
J-Ok. I'll get back to you. (they hang up)


Brenda dreams about her rape the night before. She wakes up screaming.


Sonny rushes to her side and holds her.

S-I'm here. I will never leave you.
B-I'm sorry.
S-For what?
B-For letting him do this to me.
S-(holds her even tighter) Don't you dare do this to yourself. None of this is your fault, baby.
B-(pulls away) I'm ready to talk about it now.


Luke calls Sonny's PH and Jason answers it.

L-Jason? Is Sonny there?
J-Not now. What's up?
L-He was suppose to be here.
J-He probably won't be in today. Luke, can I trust you not to repeat this?
J-Something happened to Brenda and he's with her.
L-(concerned) What? Is she ok?
J-We're not sure. Sonny can fill you in when he's ready.
L-Keep me posted.
J-I will. He doesn't want anyone to know yet.
L-Ok. No problem. (the hang up)


Lois picks up the phone to call Brenda. Brenda lets her machine get it.

        Lois' message:  "Bren, it's me.  We are suppose          to lunch
today but I haven't        heard from you.  Is it still            on?  Let
me know.  Call me,           ok?  Bye-e."

Brenda turns to Sonny and she wraps her arms around him.

Lois hangs up the phone. She decides to go see Ned.


B-What happened last night will probably change how you feel about me. I will understand if you want to leave.
S-Why would you say that? Nothing that happened will ever change how I feel about you. I love you and I'm not going anywhere. Besides, this is all my fault so if you should blame anyone it should be me.
S-The man that did this to you (gets all choked up) is after me. I stayed away from you before because of this. I didn't want to harm you in any way. I would die if something happened to you. I hate this. Me coming back was only selfishness on my part.
B-Don't blame yourself. You really do care about me, don't you? (She smiles)
S-More than anything.
B-Sonny, this guy came in and he wanted to know some stuff about you, but I didn't tell him. I told him I didn't know. He.. (she starts to cry and he puts his arm around her) he got angry and threw me to the floor.
S-(touches her right cheek) Did he hit you.
B-Yeah. When I started yelling and fighting him he did. He raped me, sonny. When he left I took a shower to get the feeling to go away.
S-You should've told him what he wanted.
B-I didn't want you to be in danger.
S-But you were and that kills me. Brenda, I'm going to get this guy. He's going to pay. NOBODY hurts the woman I love more than life itself. (tears fall down his face)
B-(removes his tears) I'll be ok.
S-Do you want to report it?
B-NO! I just want to forget it.
S-Ok...ok. I'm here for you.
B-Sonny, I......(She inches closer to him and touches his face)

Before Brenda can say anymore Jax walks in the door. Brenda pulls away from Sonny.

B-Jax, what are you doing here?


Robin walks into Lukes. She finds Luke behind the bar.

L-Hey, sweetie. What brings you by?
R-Have you seen Sonny or Jason?
L-Jason is over at Sonny's. Don't know where Sonny is.
R-Oh. I also haven't seen or heard from Brenda either. Do you think they worked things out?
L-No. She probably went to meet with Jax.
R-Maybe. Well, I'm going to go see Jason.


Lois finally arrives at Ned's after running some errands first.

N-Come in. (they sit on the couch)
Lo-I want to bring Brooke in a few days, but we need to talk about us.
N-Ok. You know I want to be a family again.
Lo-I know. But I can't end up with all these lies between us. It's just to hard.
N-Just give me another chance.
Lo-Only if we start slow. Dating?
N-Whatever you want.
Lo-(smiles) Ok. I'll bring Brooke by to see her daddy soon.
Lo-Yeah. I have to go.

Ned walks Lois to her car and then goes back inside.

Second Chances--Chapter 10

Sonny storms into Lukes. Luke is at a table doing some work.

L-Hey. How is she?
S-Not good.
L-I'm surprised you left her side.
S-Jax came home.
L-Uh-oh. What happened then?
S-Not too much. Luke, I need to get away for awhile.
L-How long?
S-A few weeks.
L-I'm surprised you want to leave while Brenda is in the situation that she is in.
S-Jax won't let me near her anyway. I need to think.
L-All right.
S-Thanks, man. I will be at the beach house in Puerto Rico. Here's the address. (he hands Luke a piece of paper with the address and phone number) Please keep me posted on Brenda.
L-Will do.

Sonny thanks Luke and leaves.


Robin arrives at Sonny's PH. Jason let's her in.

R-I've been looking for you .
J-Sorry. Are you ok?
R-Yeah. I just thought we could talk about us.
R-Do you want to work things out?
J-Of course I do. But I don't want to pressure you.
R-You're not. I would like us to try again, too. I mean we're going to have to work at it. We can't give up.
J-I feel the same way.
R-I miss you.
J-(moves closer to Robin) I miss you, too.

As Robin and Jason are about to kiss Sonny walks in the door.

S-Hey. Oops.....sorry to interrupt.
R-Oh, it's ok. Jason, call me later.
J-(walks her to the door) You got it. (Robin smiles and then leaves)


J-Ok, Sonny. What's going on?
S-I need to get away for a bit. Jax is with Brenda. Find the guy who did this to her and take care of him. Can you do that?
J-Of course, but I thought you would want to do it yourself.
S-I would love to, but I need to think about things.
J-All right. I will take care of it. Where will you be?
S-Puerto Rico. I'll call you.
S-Make sure Brenda stays safe.
J-I will.

Sonny packs and then he takes a private jet to Puerto Rico.


Brenda comes down the stairs showered and dressed a few hours later.

Jax-Feeling better?
B-Yeah. Uh....we need to talk.
Jax-Ok. (Brenda sits next to him) This is about Sonny, isn't it?
B-I'm sorry.
Jax-What for? You need to do what's best for you. I've always known you to go after things you want in life. Why stop now?
B-(gets a sad look) I never thought he would come back. But our love is just too strong. He does love me.
Jax-So do I.
B-I know, but....
Jax-Why did he leave you in the first place?
B-It's complicated. (she starts to cry) You will always be my best friend.
Jax-And you will always be mine. Be happy.
B-I will never forget what you've done for me. You saved me. I love you.
Jax-You did the same for me. I love you, too.

Brenda gives him a long hug and then she gets up. She glances one last time around the PH and leaves.


Sonny takes a limo to the house on the beach in Puerto Rico. He brings his suitcase in and then decides to take a walk on the beach.

Sonny thinks back to the look on Brenda's face when he found her in her PH alone after being raped. He continues to walk along the beach and think of Brenda.


Brenda walks into Lukes. Luke is just hanging up the phone as she walks towards him.

B-Have you seen Sonny?
L-He left town.
B-What! How the hell could he do this to me AGAIN!!!
L-Whoa.......he'll be back in a few weeks.
B-Do you know where he is? I really need to see him.
L-Uh....I don't.....
B-Luke it's VERY important.
L-Yeah I know where he is.
B-Where? Luke, I want him back.
L-(shocked) You do?
B-(smiles) Yes.

Luke gives Brenda the address and wishes her luck. Brenda leaves for the airport.


Mike comes out of the backroom.

M-Was that Brenda?
L-Yeah. She wants Sonny back.
M-(surprised) Really? I thought....
L-Well, looks like something changed.
M-I hope it works out.
L-Me, too.


Lois stops by Brenda's PH. After a few knocks Jax lets her in.

Lo-Is Bren around? And what are you doing here?
Jax-Uh...Question #1, Brenda left to go find Sonny. She going back to him.
Lo-(interrupts him) You're kidding. What happened?
Jax-Um...Lois, Brenda got raped last night.
Lo-What? Oh my god! Is she ok?
Jax-Sort of. Sonny was here with her. And whatever they talked about must
have changed her mind about who she wanted to be with.
Lo-Don't you think you should go and find her?
Jax-She went to go find Sonny. I guess she needs to be with him. All I
want is for her to be happy.
Lo-(smiles) Wow. You really are a great friend, aren't you?
Jax-Thanks. So is she.
Lo-All right. I hope he takes care of her. I love them both.
Jax-I hope he takes care of her too.
Lo-Ok. Take care, Jax.
Jax-You, too.

Lois leaves his PH.


Brenda gets off the airplane in Puerto Rico. She waits for a cab and gets in.

Cab driver-Where to?

Brenda reads him the address and he drives away. 10 minutes later she arrives at the house where Sonny is staying.

Brenda sets her luggage down at the door. She walks around the back. Brenda sees Sonny walking around on the sandy beach. She walks on the beach towards him.

Sonny turns around and sees a woman coming towards him that looks like Brenda.

S-(whispers) Brenda? No, it couldn't be. She's back in Port Charles with Jax. (He turns the other way and starts walking)

Brenda starts running towards him.

B-(yells) Sonny! (he doesn't turn around) Sonny!!!


Sonny thinks he hears his name. He turns around and notices that it IS Brenda running towards him. He starts running towards her. They run into each others arms. They both don't move for a few minutes. Sonny finally tears himself away from her.

S-Brenda, oh my god. I can't believe you're here. What are you doing here?
B-(touches his face) I came here to see you.
S-But I thought.....
B-(smiles) I love you!

Sonny gets a huge smile on his face. He cups her face in his hands and gives her the most passionate kiss. Their kiss seems like it lasts for hours. They pull away breathless.

S-I love you so much.
B-I love you. Can we go inside?
S-Of course.
B-It's so beautiful.

Sonny smiles. He picks her up and carries her inside. He sets her on the couch and sits next to her.

S-(gets all apologetic) Oh....I'm sorry.......I wasn't thinking. You have just been through a horrifying ordeal and I pushed you into something you might not have been ready for. I shouldn't have kissed you that quick.

B-Sonny, I needed that. You haven't pushed me into anything. All I need right now is you. I can get through this as long as I have you.
S-So, what happened with Jax?
B-I just told him that our love was too strong.
S-Ain't that the truth.
B-And he was very understanding. He just wants me to be happy.
S-I will make you happier then you have ever been. I promise you.
B-I know you will. Promise me something.
B-Promise me that if you ever leave that you will take me with you. The danger doesn't matter. I'd rather live IN danger with you than without you.
S-I promise you. (he pulls her close and holds her tight)


Brenda smiles at him and gives him a soft and tender kiss.

B-I know I said what we had didn't matter, but I was wrong. I guess I was protecting my heart. But you being there last night after I was raped changed everything for me. You made me see why you did what you did. And I love you!
S-I'm glad. I just hate that it took something like this for you to see
it. You are my world and I will never let anyone hurt you again. I swear I will protect you. That bastard that did this to you will get what he deserves. I promise you that. B-Sonny, you don't have to kill him. I just want to forget it ever
happened. I just hope soon you can look at me like before. S-Brenda, you are still the same person that I've always loved. Nothing will change that.
B-I just hope you don't think that I'm grotesque.
S-(smiles) You? Never. You are the most sexy woman that I've ever met. Always will be.
B-Thank you.
S-(pulls her close) I'm going to take care of you always. Can I get you anything?
B-All I need is you. Will you come lay down with me?
S-I would love to.

Brenda and Sonny go lay down.


~ 2 hours later Sonny gets up to call Jason~

S-It's me. I wanted to let you know that you don't have to watch over
Brenda. She's here with me.
J-What do you mean?
S-She came here.
J-Are you?
S-We're back together.
S-Thanks. It's the only thing I've ever really wanted.
J-I know.

Sonny and Jason talk for a little while about business and then hang up.


~Later that night~

Brenda wakes up screaming. Sonny drops what he was doing and rushes to her side. Sonny shakes her to snap her out of the dream, or nightmare.

S-Brenda, sweetheart.

Brenda opens her eyes and grabs Sonny's sleeve tightly. She looks up at him and wraps her arms around him tightly. She doesn't want to let go.

B-Don't let go of me.
S-I won't.

After a few minutes she pulls away.

B-I'm sorry.
S-Don't be.
B-I had a dream that he killed me. (she knows he's unsure about what she is saying) He held a gun to me. He told me if I moved or fought him then he would shoot me.

A look of anger and saddness rushes over Sonny's face. He pulls Brenda back into an embrace.

S-I'm so sorry, baby. I should've been with you. I should've protected you.
B-You couldn't. I wouldn't let you near me, remember? And I want you to stop blaming yourself. None of this was your fault. Besides, you're here with me now. That means a lot.
S-I will be here for you from now on. Whatever you need just tell me.

Brenda gives him a long kiss. Brenda gets out of the bed and walks outside on the back deck facing the beach. Sonny follows her and stands behind her. He wraps his arms around body.

B-It's so peaceful and beautiful here.
S-Yeah, it sure is. This will be our getaway home?
B-(smiles) Really?
S-Absolutely. Right now I just want you to get better. When we go back
to Port Charles we can discuss our future.
B-You mean it?
S-Of course I do. I can't see my life without you. There is no future
without you.
B-I feel the same. I can't believe you actually came back for me.
S-I had to. It hurt so much. But you were always in my heart. I could
never love anyone the way I love you.
B-I know and I feel the same. You're the love of my life and you're stuck
with me.
S-(laughs) Good.

Brenda turns around and smiles. Brenda falls into his arms. They both treasure being back in each others arms.

S-You should go to bed early. I made some pasta for you though.

Brenda smiles at him. She walks into the kitchen and sees a candlelit dinner.

B-(suprised) Sonny. I can't believe you did all of this.
S-Anything for the woman I love.
B-You are the best.
S-So are you. Shall we?
B-We shall.

He smiles and puts his arm around her shoulders and brings her close for a kiss on the cheek. Brenda and Sonny sit down for a nice dinner before going to bed.


They finish eating and get into bed.

B-(lays on his chest) Good night. S-Good night. (They fall asleep in each others arms)

Chapter 12:

~2 days later: Early morning~

Brenda turns over and can't sleep. She smiles at Sonny still sound asleep right next to her. She gets up and throws on some shorts and a t-shirt and heads out to the beach.

Brenda makes her way to shoreline where the water washes up on her feet. She things back to all the amazing times with Sonny........first kiss, Puerto Rico, Valentine's day, she felt like she could go on and on with memories of her and Sonny. She felt so blessed to have another chance with her true love. She felt so happy but at the same time sad for hurting Jax once again.

B-(whispers) I'm sorry, Jax. But I just can't be without Sonny. I know you'll find someone new.

Brenda walks further down the beach as more memories fill her mind of her and Sonny. She can't get shake the memory of the time that Sonny had to end things with Brenda so he could marry Lily and stay safe. So he didn't have to go to prison. She remembered like it happened yesterday. She thinks back to some of the things Sonny said.

**FLASHBACK** S-"I love you and always will. No matter what happens you have to know that."

S-"There's no future for us." S-"No, no. Sweetheart don't."


Brenda remembers how hard it was for him to let go of her. How shaky he got when he said there was no future for them anymore. She knew he still wanted her even when he had no choice but to let her go.

B-(whispers) You didn't want to leave me then either. I understand. We will never be apart again. (she smiles and keeps on walking)


Sonny turns over to Brenda's side of the bed and it's empty. He quickly notices and sits up.

S-(frantic) Brenda! Brenda, where are you?

Sonny searches everywhere for her. He can't find her. His heart skips a beat.

S-Her suitcases are still here. Oh my god..........what if they have her.

Sonny runs out of the beach house and sees Brenda down the beach sitting in the sand and playing with it. Sonny's heart goes back to steady movements. He watches her for a little before going to her side.

A few minutes later he goes over to her and sits by her. She looks over at him.

B-Is something wrong? Are you ok.....because you look strange.
S-I'm fine now. I thought something happened to you when I couldn't find you.
B-I'm sorry. I couldn't sleep so I decided to take a walk and think about
S-Why didn't you wake me?
B-You were sleeping so peacefully.
S-What were you thinking about?
B-Jax, you, "us"
S-(his happy face fades) Oh.
B-Oh, sweetie, don't worrry. I just feel bad about how things ended with
him. I thought of all the happy times we had. But I couldn't get that
time out of my head when you came to me and told me we had no future and
you left me and then married Lily.
B-It's ok. I understand.
S-I never wanted to do that. It took every ounce of me to let you go. But
I figured that if I refused and stayed in jail then I wouldn't be able to
be with you or protect you. This way I could at least protect you.
B-(smiles) You are always looking out for me.
S-Always. Should we go inside?
B-Yeah. (she stands up) Race you!

Brenda starts running down the beach towards Sonny's beach house. He starts running behind her lagging a little behind.


~Around noon~

Lois knocks on Ned's door with Brooke in her arms. Ned answers the door after a few knocks and lets her in.

N-Oh my god. She's gotten so big. Lo-(sits her on the couch) I know. It's amazing how fast they grow. N-Can I hold her? Lo-Yeah.

Ned sits on the couch on one side of Brook and Ned sits on the other. Brooke looks over at Ned and starts laughing.

N-(talking to Brooke) Hey, what's so funny. (he looks at Lois who is smiling brightly)
Lo-She must like you.
N-I would hope so. I am her dad.

Ned sets Brooke on his lap.

N-You look so much like your mommy. I have some toys for you. Would you like to see them? Brooke-(shakes her head)

Ned goes into a room and comes out with a driving toy car, telephones, a kitchen setup, stuffed animals, blankets, and lots of other fun things.

Lo-Holy cow. You didn't go over board, did you?
N-No. Anything for my girl.
Lo-You're crazy.
N-About you and about Brooke.......yes.

Lois just looks at Ned and smiles.


Jason is still at Sonny's PH. The phone rings.

J-Yeah. Who's this?
Jax-It's Jax.
J-Oh. What can I do for you?
Jax-I need the number to where Sonny and Brenda are. I am leaving and want
to say good-bye to Brenda.
J-I'm sorry, but I can't give that to you.
Jax-Will you call him and tell her to call me ASAP. I am leaving in a few
hours and I want to say good-bye. I won't be coming back.
J-I will call him.

They hang up.


As Sonny and Brenda finish their showers the phone rings.

S-Just a sec. B-All right.

S-(answers the phone) Hello. J-It's me. S-Jason, what's up? J-Jax called me. He wanted the number to where you are so he can talk to Brenda. S-You didn't give it to him, did you? J-Of course not. Look, I think you better have Brenda call him. S-What? Why? J-He's leaving town and wants to say good-bye. S-Fine. I guess I owe her that. Thanks for calling. Listen, did you find who know who? J-Yeah. He's far gone. S-Thanks.

They hang up.


Brend comes out of the bedroom.

B-Yeah? S-You better call Jax. B-(looks at him) Why? Has something happened to him? S-No. He wants you to call him. B-O......ok. (he hands her the phone)

Brenda dials the PH.


Jax-Yeah. B-Jax, it's me. Jax-Hi. I didn't think he would tell you. B-Let's not start on that. Are you ok? Jax-Yeah. I wanted to say good-bye. B-Good-bye?

Brenda looks at Sonny while he stands there watching her talk with Jax. She can tell he is worried about what Jax has to say. Sonny goes and sits on the couch.

B-Jax, what do you mean? Jax-I am starting up a new office in California. I need to run it. B-Jax, does this have something to do with me?

Chapter 13:

Brenda and Jax still on the phone.

Jax-No. But it wouldn't hurt right now to be away. B-I understand. I'll miss you.

Sonny cringes at the sound of that.

Jax-I will miss you, too. I love you. B-I love you, too. (she looks over at Sonny. He gets up and goes outside on the deck)

Jax-Be happy, ok? B-I will. You too.

Brenda and Jax say good-bye. Jax hangs up and leaves his PH and Port Charles for good. Brenda hangs up and walks out on the deck where Sonny is.

B-Hey. S-Hey. I couldn't listen anymore. B-I understand. (they sit at the table outside) I know that wasn't easy for you to hear. S-Not exactly. B-(brenda reaches out for his hand) I love you. I know you heard me tell Jax that but it's different. I love him as a best friend and I love you as the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. S-I guess I was being jealous. B-You don't have to be. You're the only one I want to be with. Jax left for good. I had to tell him that. S-I understand. B-Good. Now, what do you say we go home? S-Are you sure you're ready? B-Of course. That is what I was thinking about this morning. We need to go home. S-Let's go.

Brenda gets up and goes over and sits on his lap. She touches his face and gives him a passionate kiss.

B-I love you. S-I love you more than you'll ever know. (They get up and walk inside hand in hand)


Brenda goes in the bedroom to pack. Sonny tells her he has a phone call to make.

S-(the line of the person he calls rings) Lois? It's me. Lo-(her cell phone) Sonny? How's Bren? S-A lot better. Look, I want to throw a welcome home party for Brenda. But I......... Lo-I will take care of everything. When are you coming home? S-We are on our way home. Can we have this party tonight? Lo-Absolutely. Will she be ready? S-Yeah. She is fully recovered. Lo-Thank you. S-For what? Lo-For taking care of my best girlfriend. S-She's my life. I love her. Lo-I'm glad. She needs that right now. See you tonight. S-Yeah. Thanks, Lois. Lo-My pleasure.

Sonny hangs up and goes back to Brenda and Lois goes back to Ned and Brooke.


S-Everything packed? B-Yeah. Your stuff, too. S-You didn't have to. B-I wanted to. S-Let's go home. B-(smiles) Yeah. Let's go home.

Sonny and Brenda leave for the airport.


Ned looks over at Lois.

N-Was that about Brenda? Lo-Yeah. They're coming home tonight. We're going to have a party. Can you come? N-Am I your date? Lo-If you want. Can you watch Brooke while I get everything set? N-Of course.

Lois leaves to make arrangements. She calls Luke about it and she is going over there for the details. She calls everyone first and fills them in.


Jason picks up the phone to call Robin.

R-Hi. J-Hi. Did you get the call from Lois? R-Yeah. I can't believe I didn't know what happened to Brenda. But I am glad Sonny was there for her. Are you going? J-Yeah. I was hoping that you would go with me. R-Sure. What time should I meet you? J-I can pick you up. R-That's ok. I have some things to do today. J-Are you ok? R-You mean about us? J-Yeah. I just want what's best for you. R-I know. Let's just see how it goes. Sound fair? J-Yeah. R-Good. J-All right. 8 o'clock? R-Great. See you tonight.

Robin sets the phone down and smiles as she thinks of going out with Jason that night.

R-(thinks to herself) Can we actually work things out? Can I deal with his mob activities? I just love him so much. I have to try. If I don't try I will always wonder......what if.

Robin grabs her purse and heads to Luke's to meet Lois there.


Lois strolls into Luke's. Luke and Mike are discussing Lois' phone call about having a party for Brenda.

L-Whoa, your ears must be burning. Lo-(sits at the bar) Why's that? M-We were just talking about you and this party for Brenda. Lo-Great! Has Robin been here yet? L-No. Lo-She should be here soon. I wonder how her and Jason......

Robin enters the club and Lois turns around.

R-What about me and Jason? Lo-(smiles) Well, I was just wondering how things were going. R-Oh......ok. Lo-Have anything to tell me? R-(looks at Luke and Mike) Uh.....not really. L-Need some girl time? R-No. We need to get this party ready. Lo-We do, don't we!

Robin sits next to Lois and they discuss plans.

R-Luke, are you closing down the club so we can have it private? L-No problem. M-I will make sure all the food is here. L-You? M-Yeah me. I want to do something for my son and the woman he loves. Lo-God, I can't believe they are actually back together. R-Me, either but I love it! M-Yeah, I do too. L-Did you call everyone? Lo-Yeah. I think pretty much everyone is coming. L-Great!

Lois tells Luke she needs to go shopping and Robin decides to go with her.


Jax is sitting in his private jet. He is sitting on the marron leather couch by the window and he starts thinking of Brenda. He can't get his mind to forget about when he came home from his business trip and found Brenda sitting so close to Sonny. He felt like he had interrupted him.

Jax-(outloud) Why the HELL is he always the one with her when she needs someone. Forget it......get her off you mind.

Jax tries to focus his attention on the new business.

Jax-Brenda, can I leave PC and be without you?


Chapter 14:

Brenda and Sonny board his private jet. They both sit down on the couch by the window. Sonny wraps his arms around her while she leans back against him.

S-Are you ready to face everyone? B-Yeah. We can't stay hidden forever. But I loved being there with you. Just the two of us, you know. S-Yeah, I sure do. It was great! We can go back there anytime. B-You mean it? S-Of course.

Brenda and Sonny sit in each others arms as the plane takes off and heads back to Port Charles.


Robin and Lois head into a party decoration store to put up banners ect. for Brenda.

R-How is this color for a banner? (It's a white background with Teal letters) Lo-It's great. Do you think we should get flowers for each table? R-Sure.

They both head next door to the floral shop.

Lo-What about white roses? R-Yeah. She would love that. Appropriate for guests.

Robin and Lois finish up and then head back to Luke's to set up.


Mike comes out of the kitchen to Lukes. (Luke is sitting at a table doing some bills)

M-Ok. The food is just about done. L-Seriously? M-Yeah. L-That's great! Lois and Robin should be here shortly. M-Great! Have you heard from Michael yet? L-Not yet!

Lois and Robin walk in the door a few minutes late.

M-There they are. Lo-Are we late? L-No. Just on time. So, what did you find?

Robin showed Luke what the bought at the two stores.

Lo-So, what do you think? M-Looks great!

Lois and Robin put a rose in a vase in the center of each table. The put banners that say "Welcome Home Brenda!" around the room. Lois and Robin both go home to get ready for the night.


Sonny and Brenda get off the jet in Port Charles. They get their luggage into his limo and then they head back to his PH suite at the Cosmopolitian.


Jax leans back in his chair on the jet and thinks of how many good times him and Brenda had together. He thinks about California, New orleans, their ALMOST wedding.

Jax-God, what am I going to do now? I can't go on without her. She's my future.

Jax thinks back to what Brenda said about her and Sonny.


B-"The love I have with Sonny is just too strong."


Jax-What kind of hold do you have on her, Corinthos. (he pauses) No, I'm going back.

Jax-(to the pilot) Turn this thing around and go back to Port Charles. Pilot-Are you sure, sir? Jax-Yes.

The pilot turns around and heads back to Port Charles.


Sonny and Brenda walk into Sonny's PH.

B-You have a nice place. S-"We" have a nice place. What do you say to moving in with me? B-(smiles) Are you serious? S-Yeah. If you don't like it here......we could always find another place together. B-No, it's beautiful. As long as we're together I don't care where we live. S-I love you. B-I love you so much!

Brenda inches closer to Sonny and wraps her arms around him. Sonny kisses her on her forehead, then her, cheek and eventually makes his way to her lips. They kiss for what seems like hours. They finally pull apart.

S-Let's go out tonight. B-Where? S-Would Lukes be ok? B-Sure. Are you ready for that? S-Absolutely. I want everyone to know just how much I love you. B-All right. Let me go get ready. S-Ok. I'll be up there in a bit.

Brenda smiles and gives him a kiss on the cheek. She goes upstairs to get dresssed. Sonny takes out his cell phone to call Lois.


Lois' cell phone rings and she answers it.

Lo-Hello. S-It's me. Lo-Sonny! Are you guys back? S-Yep. So, is everything set? Lo-Sure is. We'll see you at 8 then? S-We'll be there. I can't wait for tonight. Lo-Ok. I am picking up Brooke and then we will be at Lukes around 7:30. S-Going with Ned? Lo-Yeah. He's picking me and Brooke up at 7. S-Ok. See you soon. Lo-Yeah, see you in a few. (they hang up)

Sonny takes out a black velvet box and smiles as he moves his fingers over it.


Jax gets off the plane in Port Charles. All his luggage gets put back into his limo.

Jax-To my PH and then to Sonny Corinthos' PH.

Chapter 15:

Brenda comes down the stairs with her hair down. She is wearing a long satin dress. The dress has spegghatti straps and dips slightly in the back.

Sonny turns around and looks her up and down. A big smile appears on his face showing off those oh so gorgeous dimples. Sonny walks closer to her and puts his hands on her shoulders while giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Brenda steps back to take a look at Sonny. He is wearing a black suit and black dress shoes.

B-You look gorgeous. S-I can't even describe how beautiful you look. You are so beautiful. B-(smiles) Thanks. Should we go?

Sonny looks at his watch.(it's 7:00 p.m.)

S-Maybe we should have a drink before we go. B-Can't we have a drink there? S-We will. I just want some alone time with you first. B-(smiles and wraps her arms around him) All right.

Sonny grabs Brenda's hand and leads her over to the bar and pours her a glass of wine and hands it to her. She thanks him and smiles. He smiles back at her and then pours a glass for himself.

S-Let's make a toast. B-Ok. S-(they both lift their glasses up) To us.....and the future that lies ahead. May there only be good things. B-To us. (their glass cling together)

Brenda and Sonny each take a sip of their wine and then stare into each others eyes.


Lois puts a black dress on Brooke. Lois is wearing a black dress with short sleaves. She has her hair up in a french twist.

Her door rings and she answers it.

N-(smiles) You look beautiful. (looks at his daughter) And so do, sweetie. Lo-Thanks. So do you. Ready? N-Sure am.

Lois grabs her purse and they all head to Lukes together.


Jason is waiting for Robin at Lukes. When Robin arrives Jason is talking with Mike and Luke. Robin is wearing a knee length teal dress.

J-(she walks over to Jason) You look beautiful. R-Thanks. You look pretty good yourself. (Jason is wearing a gray suit)

Robin glances over Lukes place.

R-Luke, it looks soooo beautiful in here. I think Brenda will love it! L-Well, you and Lois did most of the work.

Lois and Ned walk in around 7:30 p.m.

They all talk. Little by little people start arriving. They all wait for Sonny and Brenda.


Sonny glances at his watch and it's 20 minutes to 8.

S-Are you ready to go? B-Sure.

Sonny grabs Brenda's hand and they head to Luke's.


Jax comes out of his PH and gets back into his limo.

Jax-To Mr. Sonny Corinthos' PH. Driver-Yes, sir.

10 minutes later he arrives at Sonny's PH. He gets out of the limo and tells the driver to wait. He goes up to the door and knocks-----no answer. He rings the bell------no answer.

Jax-Where the hell are you?

Jax goes down to ask the doorman if he knows where they are.

Jax-Can you tell me where Sonny Corinthos might be? I need to get a hold of's an emergency.

Man-Yes. He took a lovely lady to Lukes. Shall I leave him a message? Jax-No, thanks. I'll track him down. Man-But, sir......

Jax leaves before the man can say anything else.


Lois goes up to where the microphone is on the stage.

Lo-Can I have everybody's attention?

The crowd quietens down.

Lo-Thank you. Brenda should be arriving shortly. So, could I have everyone go around the corner. (she points) And when I count to three everyone yell surprise.

Everyone gets in there places.


Sonny and Brenda get out of the limo and head up to the door. Brenda reaches for the door handle.

S-Wait. B-(looks at him strangely) What? S-It's sounds so quiet. Maybe something happened. B-Are you joking?

Sonny knocks on the door.


Lois whispers 1-2-


Sonny slowly opens the door and him and Brenda take one step in.

B-It's so dark in here.




Brenda looks stunned as everyone comes out of the corner and they take turns giving her a hug.

As Everyone goes to their tables Brenda looks over at Sonny.

B-What is going on? S-I don't know!

Lois and Robin walk over to Sonny and Brenda. They both give them a hug.

Lo-Welcome home, Bren. R-Yeah. Welcome home!

They all mingle and talk with each other.

******************************************************************* ~ a half hour later~

Sonny approaches the stage.

S-Can I have everyone's attention. Everyone sits at their table. Sonny asks someone to hand him a chair. (they do) Brenda, can you please come up here.

Brenda looks at everyone and makes her way to the stage. She sits on the chair. She isn't quite sure what is going on but she knows that it will be wonderful.

Sonny takes the microphone off the stand and turns towards Brenda.

S-Brenda, we have been through so much. I will never forget the feeling I had for you the first time I met you. You have always been the strongest part of my life......(chokes a little) even when we were apart. I love you more than anything. I will always be so grateful that you forgave me. I know now that as long as I have that I can get through anything. I want to keep you safe and protect you forever. I want to make you so happy, to wake up to you every morning. I love you, Brenda Barrett. (he kneels down and Brenda has tears flowing down her face) Will you marry me? (he takes out the velvet box and hands it to a shakey Brenda)


Jax quietly walks into Luke's hearing Sonny's words to Brenda. He watches Brenda.

Brenda holds the box close to her chest and gives Sonny a long hug. She pulls away slightly.

B-Yes, I will marry you. I've never......

Jax heads towards them.


Everyone including Sonny and Brenda look in Jaxs' direction.

Chapter 16:

Jax moves closer to Sonny and Brenda. Brenda stands up and Jax stands right in front of the stage and looks up at her.

B-Jax, what are you doing here? I thought you were leaving town. Jax-I couldn't. I couldn't leave without you. B-(looks around the room) I thought we talked about this. We...... Jax-We're not done.

Jax grabs Brenda from the stage before Sonny has a chance to reach out and grab her. Sonny freezes in fear. Sonny sees Brenda squirming and hitting Jax as he carries her out of there. Tears are running down Brenda's face as she screams, "Sonny!" Lois runs over and hops up onto the stage. She walks over to Sonny and shakes him. She can see he is in complete shock.

Lo-Sonny! Sonny!

Sonny looks at her but doesn't say anything.

Lo-Are you just going to stand there? Are you going to let him take her?

S-(he snaps out of it) What have I done? BRENDA!!!!!!! Lo-Sonny, it's ok. You didn't do anything wrong. We have to find her.

Sonny jumps down off of the stage and runs outside and sees Jaxs' limo pulling away. He sees Brenda's hands on the back of the limo looking back at Sonny.


Sonny runs back in the club. He runs over to Lois.

S-Where's Luke? I need to find Luke.

Lo-I think he went in the back because he got a call from Laura.

Sonny rushes to the back of the club. As Sonny enters the room Luke fears something is majorly wrong.

L-(to laura) Honey, I will call you right back. Yeah, I love you, too.

L-(he hangs up the phone) What is it? S-She's gone. Luke. Damn it, she's gone.


Lois gets up on the stage and gets everyone's attention once again.

Lo-I don't want anyone to panick. Sonny and Luke will find her and bring her home to everyone she loves. I think the best thing for everyone to do right now is to go home and gets some rest. We will call you as soon as we hear anything.

Everyone says goodbye to Lois and Robin and they all go home.

R-(she turns to Lois, Ned, Jason, Mike) How could he do this to her?


Brenda can't figure out where Jax is taking her. She sits on the other side of the limo so she won't be near Jax.

B-How could you? I thought you wanted me to be happy? Jax-I do, Brenda. But all Sonny will do is hurt you. B-No. He loves me and asked me to marry him. (she opens the box and she gasps as she looks at the extravagent ring) Me and Sonny WILL get back together and there is nothing you can do to tear us apart. Jax-You will get over him once you learn to live apart from him. B-We will never be apart. Jax-I love you. B-I don't love you. Not even as a friend anymore. I hate you. That is one thing I never thought I would say to you.

Jax goes and sits next to her. He puts his hand on her face. Brenda throws him to the other side.

B-Don't ever touch me again.

B-(to herself) Hurry, Sonny. I need you!


Luke looks at Sonny.

L-What do you mean she's gone? She was just by you. You were just proposing to her, remember? S-I know, but Jax came in and took her away. L-And you didn't stop him? S-I.....I don't know what came over me. I mean, I froze. And the next thing I knew Lois was shaking me wondering why I didn't do anything. What am I going to do?

Sonny paces the room as they both try and think of where Jax would take her.

L-We need to block him off at the airport. He couldn't have gotten that far yet. S-You're right. L-Wait, a guy owes me a favor. Let me give him a call. S-Thanks, man. I owe you one.

Luke makes his call. He thanks the guy and hangs up.

S-Well? L-It's set. They will block off Jax and Brenda, but we have to get down there NOW! S-Let's go. Luke, I can't lose. Not now. I love her too much. L-You will be able to tell her that yourself, but if we don't get going you won't.

Sonny and Luke run out where Lois and the others were waiting.


Sonny and Luke walk over to the others.

J-What's going on? S-We are heading to the airport to block them off. R-What should we do? S-I want one to go to my PH to wait and the rest go home and wait. Mike stay here. I want someone to be home somewhere in case Brenda calls. Lo-All right. Be careful. S-We will. L-Call us if you hear from her. N-We will. Good luck. S-Thanks.

Sonny and Luke hop in Sonny's limo. They tell the driver to the PC airport.

****************************************************************** Jax and Brenda get out of the limo and start heading towards the airport to check in for his private jet.

B-I'm not going anywhere with you. Jax-Oh, yes you are.

Jax and Brenda get their tickets and then head outside as they wait for his private jet to be ready.


Luke watches Sonny stare out the window while heading towards the airport.

L-It will be ok. We'll find her. S-I hope so. I don't know what I would do without her. L-Don't think that way. Jax won't get away with this. S-I am going to kill him. L-Don't go that far. Or you will end up in jail. S-I can't just let him get away with this. L-The most important thing is that we get Brenda back. Right? S-Right.

They sit there for a few minutes.

S-Can you please step on it?

The driver hits the gas.


Brenda and Jax wait outside by the jet.

Jax-What the hell is taking so long. B-Jax..... Jax-You wait here. I don't want to see you go anywhere. I'm going to go check and see what's taking so long.

Jax walks towards the pilot and watches Brenda at the same time. Brenda watches him in a very cautious way as she watches for other cars.......hopefully Sonny's.


Sonny and Luke pull up to where Jaxs' plane would take off. S-There she is. L-Let's bring her home.

The driver heads to where Brenda is.

Chapter 17:

Sonny instructs his driver to stop a few feet from where Brenda is. Sonny rolls down his window.

S-(turns to Luke) How can I get her attention? L-Don't yell because Jax could hear you.

**************************************************************** Brenda gets a weird feeling over her. She turns to look. She sees a black limo. She looks to see if she can tell who it is.

Sonny sees Brenda looking in his direction.

S-(smiles) She sees us. L-Get out of the car and wave her to our direction!

Sonny gets out of the limo and stands right next to it. He waves for her to come to him


Brenda looks one more time. She then turns to see what Jax is doing. Jax is in the plane. She looks back at Sonny and starts running at full speed as Jax comes out of the plane.

Jax-(yells) Brenda, come back here! If you don't.......I WILL KILL HIM!!!!

Brenda stops dead in her tracks. She looks at Sonny.....then Jax. She thinks to herself, "Would he actually kill Sonny?"


Luke moves closer to the window.

L-Why did she stop? S-I don't know! Did you hear what Jax said? L-No.

Brenda turns towards Sonny and Sonny waves her over again.

S-(yells) BRENDA!!! COME TO ME!!

Brenda turns back to Jax. Jax gives her the "Don't you dare" look. When Brenda doesn't move Jax makes his way over to her. The closer he gets the more panicky she gets. Luke and Sonny get ancey too.

Brenda whispers, "The hell with it." Brenda then books it over to Sonny.

As soon as Brenda reaches Sonny he holds her so tight. So tight that there was no way he could let her go. He tightens his grip around her body. Sonny's face is buried in her hair. They sway back and forth in each others arms. They are too concerned with each other to care what Jax is doing. Sonny knows that Luke will take care of it.

Jax starts to make his way towards Sonny and Brenda. Luke quickly gets out of the limo.

L-Don't even THINK about taking a step closer. (Jax freezes in his footsteps)


Ned waits in Lois and Brooke's PH at the Cosmopolitan. Lois comes out of the room after putting Brooke to bed. She goes and sits by ned on the couch.

N-Did she go to sleep ok? Lo-Yeah. She knows something is wrong but isn't quite sure what it is. N-She's still young.

Ned and Lois sit there for a few minutes in silence. Ned can sense the fear she is feeling. He moves a little closer to her. Slowly he wraps his arms around her body and pulls her to his chest. Ned touches her head and kisses it.

N-She'll be ok. I promise you that. Lo-(scared voice) What if she isn't? N-You know Brenda. She's strong. She's been through so much for her and Sonny to be together. She won't let this stop her. She's too stubborn. Lo-(laughs a little) She is stubborn and strong. I'll give her that. Do you remember that time I got so mad at you? N-Which time? There were so many. Lo-Ha-ha. No, that time when I fouund out you were Ned Ashton and you still wanted to work as Eddie Maine and when you told me I got furious and starting whipping CD's at you? N-Yeah. I didn't even care. All I wanted to do was sing and be near you. I loved you so much. Still do. Lo-(she looks up at him and smiles) Remember Brenda said she was always saving your hide? N-Yeah. She was such a good friend. Especially when it came to you and me. She did anything to keep us together. Lo-What if something happens to her? Who will tell us we are being stubborn? N-She will be the one. Just hold on to that, ok? Lo-I'll try.

Lois wraps her arms around Ned and they sit there holding one another waiting for word on Brenda.

********************************************************** Robin and Jason take a walk and then go back to Sonny's PH to talk.

J-I can't believe he didn't want me to go with. R-I'm sure he didn't want too many people there. You know, in case Jax did something. J-I guess. I just wish I could do something. I mean, I know what it's like to be worried you won't ever see the woman you love again. R-I'm here and soon Brenda will be with Sonny again. J-You think? You don't think Jax got away? R-Well, even if he did I know that Sonny will get her back. He has connections and he will do anything for Brenda. J-I know how that is. (Robin smiles)

Robin and Jason sit close to each other. He has his arm around her as they sit on the couch.

R-I missed this. J-What? R-Being with you. Just sitting here......talking. It didn't matter. As long as we were together.

Jason leans down and gives Robin a long tender kiss.

J-Um.....I missed that. R-(smiles) Me, too. Are you sure you're willing to do whatever it takes to work this out? J-Yes. You want got slow.

Robin inches closer to him and gives him a long passionate kiss.


Sonny and Brenda hold each other tight as Luke makes his way over to Jax.

B-(Sonny starts to pull away) No.....don't let go. Please. S-I will never let you go. Never. B-(pulls away a little) I love you. S-Do you still have the ring? B-(she pulls it out and smiles) Right here.

Sonny takes it from her and puts slides it on her finger.

S-(gives her a kiss) I love you. This is where this ring belongs. B-Where it always belongs.


Luke goes over to Jax and pushes him towards the jet.

L-Don't you even think about going near Brenda EVER again. Now, we could either press charges against you or we could make sure you get on this plane and never come back to Port Charles again. Which would you prefer?

Luke stares Jax down as Jax thinks of his choices.

Chapter 18:

Jax looks at Luke.

Jax-I'm not leaving. L-Cool. You want us to press charges? We can do that. Jax-Look, all I wanted was to get Brenda alone. Sonny can't make her happy. L-(they look at Sonny and Brenda in an embrace) Looks like he can to me. You make your choice. Jax-How can you just expect me to walk away from her? L-Because it's what she wants. Jax-I will leave FOR NOW. But believe me.....this is not over.......not by a long shot!

Jax gives Luke a look saying that the war has just begun. Jax gets on the jet and takes off. Luke walks back over to Sonny and Brenda.

S-(has his hand around Brenda who has her head on his shoulder) What happened? L-Can I talk to you a minute? S-Uh.....sure. Sweetie, can you wait for me in the limo? B-I guess. L-Why don't you call Robin at Sonny's PH and Lois. They are very worried about you. I will call the rest later. B-Thanks, Luke. L-You're welcome, babe.

Brenda gets into the limo.


S-Ok, so what's up? L-Jax left but it's not the end of it. S-I don't understand. L-He said it wasn't over. He gave me a look and I have a feeling you better protect yoursel and Brenda the best you can. He means business. S-Damn! How am I going to talk her into a bodygaurd? L-Just tell her what's up. Or tell her it's for some other reason. S-All right. I guess I will have to.

************************************************* Brenda picks up the phone and dials Lois' number.

Lo-(quickly gets up and rushes to the phone) Bren! Brenda, is that you? B-It's me! Lo-Thank god! Are you ok? B-Yeah. As soon as I saw Sonny I knew I would be. It was a little scarey though. Lo-I'm so sorry. I can't believe he would do that. B-It's ok. I'm with Sonny now and wearing the ring he gave me. (she looks down at it and smiles) Lo-Ohh.....I'm so happy for you. B-Thanks. Maybe you and me and Robin can get together tomorrow. Tonight I want to spend with Sonny. Lo-(smiles) I get it. Sure, just call me. B-Will do. Bye.


L-Are you ok, partner? S-Sort of. I am just so worried that I could lose her again. L-Hey. You won't. You'll make sure she's safe. S-I hope so. You know, she put the ring on. L-Congratulations, man. I know you guys will be really happy. S-Yeah, as long as I can keep her here with me and away from Jax.


Brenda dials her and Sonny's PH.

Jason yells to Robin to answer it because he is talking with Pete. Robin says she will.

R-(hoping it's Brenda) Hello. B-Hey, girl! R-Brenda! (covers the phone) Jason, it's Brenda! (she gets back to Brenda) Are you safe? B-I am in Sonny's limo. He is talking with Luke.

Jason comes over to the phone.

J-Can I talk with her? R-(nods) Bren, Jason wants to talk with you. B-All right.

Robin hands Jason the phone.

J-Brenda? B-Yeah. J-Is Sonny ok, too? B-He sure is. J-Good. Can I talk to him? B-He's talking with Luke. I will have him call you later. J-I guess that's ok. B-Look, I have to go. Tell Robin I love her and that I want her to come out with me and Lois tomorrow. J-Ok. B-Bye.

Brenda and Jason hang up. Luke and Sonny get in the limo and tell them to drop Luke off and to take him and Brenda back to their PH. Sonny sits next to Brenda and holds her while she falls asleep in his arms.


Jason waits for Robin to grab her purse so he can take her home.

R-Thanks for staying with me tonight. I know you were worried too but it was nice having you with me. J-I'm glad. I will do anything for you........I hope you know that. R-I do. (Jason and Robin leave and go home.)


Brenda and Sonny drop Luke off at home. Brenda thanks him for everything and Sonny tells him he'll see him tomorrow. They head to the PH.


Jax picks up the phone and dials someone's number.

Person-Hello. Jax-It's me. I need your help.

Chapter 19:

Brenda fell asleep on the way to the PH. Sonny carries her into the PH. He brings her up to their bed and lays her down under the covers. He sits next to her and watches her sleep. He touches her face and smiles slightly.

S-(whispers) What would I have done if I couldn't get to you tonight? I won't let that ever happen again, Brenda. I swear!

Brenda tosses and turns. Sonny kisses her forehead and gets up. Brenda feels that he moved.

B-Where are you going? S-(kneels next to her side of the bed) I'm not going anywhere. I was just getting up for a second to go downstairs.

Brenda looks at him and knows something is wrong. She sits up and holds his hands.

B-What is it? S-(shrugs) What do you mean? B-Come on. I know something is bothering you. S-I'm fine. You're here with me and that's all that matters. B-(touches his face) Please, tell me. S-All right. But I don't want you to be upset or worried about what I'm about to say.


Lois invited Ned to stay the night on her couch because he didn't want to leave her. Not when she was so upset about what just happened with Brenda. Lois goes and gets some sheets and pillows. She comes back and puts them on the couch for Ned.

N-Thanks. Lo-Yeah. Thanks for staying. N-I needed to stay. How's Brooke? Lo-I was just going to go check on her. What to come? N-Absolutely.

Ned and Lois quietly walk into Brooke's room. They both go over to her bed and smile as they watch their beautiful little girl sleep. Ned pulls the covers over her. He givese her a kiss on her forehead and whispers, "I love you"

Lo-(whispers) Let's go.

Ned and Lois leave Brooke's room and shut the door.

Lo-Well, good night. N-Good night.

Ned gives Lois a short kiss on the lips.


Jason had dropped Robin off but can't sleep. He keeps on thinking about what happened to Brenda and what Sonny had to go through. He couldn't help thinking about how something like this could happen to Robin sometime. He decided to call her.

R-Hello. J-Hi, it's me. Were you sleeping? R-Not really. J-Me, either. R-Jason, are you ok? J-Yeah. I was just thinking how this could happen to you one day. R-It won't. So stop thinking like that. J-Maybe we should get you a bodygaurd. R-No, Jason. I'm fine and I don't want to talk about a bodygaurd. Now, I want you to go get some rest. I will see you in the morning. J-I'll try. R-I will talk to you tomorrow. J-All right.

Jason and Robin both go to sleep. Jason can't help but think about things that could happen to Robin. With his business he knew ANYTHING could happen.


B-Sonny, please just tell me. I will be fine. S-I....I am worried that I will lose you. B-Sonny... S-Just let me say this. (she nods) You know I love you more than anything. I couldn't imagine my life without you. I would give my right arm to protect you. When Jax took you away.....I froze. B-Honey, I understand. It's ok. S-No. I should've done something. But I swear I won't let anything like that happen again. No matter what. B-Sonny, what are you saying? S-I will NEVER let Jax hurt you again. I promise you. B-Sonny, please tell me that we're still together and you aren't going to leave me to keep me safe again?


Jax repeats himself on the phone.

Jax-I need your help. Person-With what? Jax-Remeber I told you about Brenda Barrett? Person (a woman)-Yeah? The one you want to marry? Jax-Yeah, well, she went back to her ex. Person-Jax, I'm sorry. What can I do about it? Jax-I need you to help me tear Sonny away from her.

Chapter 20:

The woman that Jax is talking to doesn't understand what she could possibly do to help him win Brenda Barrett back.

Person-Jax, what am I suppose to do? Jax-I need you to come to Port Charles. Person-Why? Jax-Because we're going to get Sonny away from Brenda. Person-How? Jax-You. Person-I don't understand. Jax-I will meet you at your PH tomorrow morning. I will explain everything. Person-All right. You're lucky I owe you a favor or I wouldn't be doing this. Jax-Yeah....yeah. See tomorrow morning when I get there.


Sonny looks at Brenda and smiles.

S-Of course not. We will always be together. I could never leave you. We're getting married, remember? B-(looks down at the ring) I know, but you sounded like.......well, how you do when you're going to leave me to protect me. S-I promise I won't leave you anymore. I love you. B-Good. Then come back into bed with me.

Sonny crawls back into bed and snuggles with Brenda.


Ned wakes up to a screaming Lois. He looks around but doesn't see her so he goes in her room. He goes and sits next to her and tries to shake her out of her nightmare.

N-Lois, sweetheart. Wake up! Lo-(sits up and looks at Ned) Oh my god.

Lois rushes out of bed and runs into Brooke's room to see if she is still there. Ned follows her.

After seeing Brooke sound asleep Lois lets out a sigh of relief. Ned shuts Brooke's door and walks with Lois to the couch.

N-what's going on? Lo-Nothing. I just had a bad dream. I'm fine. N-No, you're not. Please tell me what it was about. Lo-I had this nightmare that someone took Brooke and I couldn't get to her. I heard her cry for me and I couldn't get to her.

Ned brings Lois near him and holds her. As Lois lays on his chest she looks up at him.

Lo-Why couldn't I get to her?
N-It was just a dream, honey. Everything will be ok. Let's bring you back to bed.
Lo-Will you sleep next to me?
N-Of course.

They both go back to bed.


~The next morning~

Brenda wakes up and gets a sick feeling in her stomach. She goes in the bathroom (the downstairs one so she doesn't wake Sonny) and vomites for about a half hour straight. Sonny wakes up and Brenda isn't next to him. He makes his way downstairs. He starts to hear someone getting sick in the bathroom. He runs over to the bathroom and stands outside the door.

S-Brenda, are you in there?
B-I'll be out in a minute.
S-Are you ok?
B-Yeah, I'm fine.

Sonny waits for Brenda on the couch in the living room. Brenda comes out about 2 minutes later.

Brenda makes her way towards him. Sonny gets off the couch after he sees Brenda. He walks over to her and lifts her up and carries her to the couch.

S-Brenda, what's the matter with you?
B-I just don't feel so good. I'll be fine.
S-You don't look good. I mean, you really don't look good. I want you to
go see the doctor today.
B-(touches his face) You're fussing over nothing Sonny. I will be just fine.
S-Please just go to the doctor. At least find out if it's nothing.
B-All win. I will go.
S-Can you go call right now and make an appointment?
B-You're relentless. (he hands her the phone)

Brenda calls and makes her appointment for 11:00 a.m.

B-I have an appointment at 11.
S-Should I take you?
B-You have to go to the club.
S-That can wait.
B-No. It's ok.
S-Will you stop by after you go see the doctor?

Sonny gives her a kiss and then goes to take a shower and then heads to the club.


Jason picks up the phone to call Robin.

R-Hi. Are you doing better today?
J-A little bit. I am still a little worried about you, though.
R-Well, don't be. I am just fine.
J-So, what are your plans today?
R-I don't know.
J-Do you want to do something for lunch?
R-Sure. Can we have a picnic?
J-(hesitant) Sure. I will pick you up around 1:00 p.m.
R-All right.

They hang up the phone.

****************************************************** Ned gets up and takes a shower. As he is getting dressed he hears Lois talking with Brooke. He finds Lois getting Brooke dressed and fed.

N-Good morning you two.
Lo-Good morning.
N-I guess I better get to the office.
Lo-Yeah. I tried to wake you, but you didn't budge.
N-That's ok.

Ned goes over to his daughter and asks her if she would like to go out to lunch with him and her mom. Brooke smiles and laughs.

Lo-Sounds like she loves the idea.
N-Good. So, what do you say, mom?
Lo-It's fine. Where would you like to go?
N-How about the Outback?
Lo-Sure. 12:00 p.m. ok?
N-Yeah. I will see you later.

Lois walks Ned to the door. Ned opens the door and Lois leans against it.

Lo-Thank you.
N-Your welcome. I loved to be here with you last night.
Lo-Yeah. It felt good.
N-So, are we making progress?
Lo-I think so. But don't blow it, Ashton.
N-I'll see you later.

Lois shuts the door and goes back to her little girl.


Jax arrives at a woman's PH in London. She opens the door and lets him in.

Person-Ok, Jax.....what's this about?
Jax-Well, are going to make Sonny Corinthos fall in love with you
Michelle-You've got to be kidding me.
Jax-Why do you say that?
Mi-Because. Anyway, how do you know I would even be his type?
Jax-You? How could you not be anyone's type?

Michelle thinks about what it would be like to get Jaxs' attention.

Mi-(to herself) "If I pretend to make Brenda jealous then Jax will grow closer to me and just maybe he would fall in love with me. I could make Jax jealous at the same time. I love it!"

Michelle turns to Jax and smiles.

Mi-Ok, you got yourself a deal.

Chapter 21:

Brenda picks up the phone to call Lois before she goes to GH.

B-Hey. are you doing?
B-Pretty good. Look, I have been really queezy this morning so Sonny wants
me to go to the doctor. So, can we do this shopping thing tomorrow?
Lo-Of course. Call me when you find out what's wrong.
B-I will.
Lo-Sure. I hope it's nothing. Take care.
B-You, too. Hey, I never asked how your date with Ned went?
Lo-(smiles) We'll talk about it later.
B-That bad?
Lo-No, just the opposite. See ya, Bren.
B-Bye, Lo.

Brenda hangs up the phone and heads to GH.


Sonny strolls into Lukes and Luke and Mike are behind the bar.

L-Well, I wasn't sure if you were coming in today.
S-I'm here.
M-How is she doing, Michael?
S-She was sick this morning. She went to the doctor today. When she stops
by and if I am busy interrupt me, ok?

Mike excuses himself and goes in the backroom.

L-Are you ok?
S-Yeah. Just worried about Brenda.
L-Did you tell her about the bodygaurds?
S-No. I'm not going to have them gaurd her like that?
L-What? Sonny, I hate to say this but do you really want something to
happen to her again?
S-No. I will watch her. We'll be fine.
L-Whatever you say man.
S-Let's talk about something else.


Brenda has a seat and waits for Alan to come in. She has just had some tests done and is waiting for the results. Alan walks in after a few minutes.

A-We know why you are having morning sickness.
A-You're pregnant.
B-(smiles) Oh my god.
A-Yeah. You're two weeks into the pregnancy.

Brenda's face drops as she thinks to herself. "It couldn't be. Me and Sonny just......" A sickness feeling overcomes her.

A-Brenda, are you all right?
B-Can you run the blood type? It's important.
A-Sure. Come with me.
B-How long for the results?
A-I'll make sure it's done within a half hour.


~Half hour later~

Alan comes back in his office. Brenda knocks on the door and Alan tells her to come in.

B-Do you have the results?
A-Yeah. Brenda, the blood type is "type A"
B-(looses her stomach) Are you sure?
A-Absolutely. I double checked myself. Brenda, do you know who the father is?

Chapter 22:

Brenda looks at Alan as she tries to hold in her tears. She can't believe that this could be HIS baby. The only person she's ever wanted to have children with was Sonny and now...

B-Thanks, Alan. I really need to go.
A-If you need anything let me know. I'll see you in a month?
B-Yeah or maybe sooner.

Brenda leaves and heads to the only plave she feels she can be safe.



Lois and Brooke arrive at the Outback looking for Ned. Lois sees Mac and walks over to him.

Lo-Mac, have you seen Ned?
Mac-(points) Yeah. He's over there. (Lois walks over to Ned)

Lo-Hey. (Ned stands up and gives Lois and his little girl a kiss. They sit)
N-I'm glad you're here.
Lo-Me, too.
N-I really missed you guys today.
Lo-Me, too. But don't let it get to your head.


~Sonny comes out of the backroom~

S-Has anyone heard from Brenda yet?
L-No. Why?
S-Well, her appointment was two hours ago.
L-Give her some time. Maybe she went for a walk.
S-Or MAYBE Jax....
L-Don't think that way.


Michelle arrives at Jaxs' old PH (she is staying there)
Mi-(calls Jax) I'm here. Now what?
Jax-Do you know where Lukes' club is?
Jax-Tell my driver to take you there.

Mi-Then what?
Jax-Ok. I want you to go there tonight....walk up to Sonny Corinthos and if Brenda is around walk up to him and tell him that you are pregnant with his child.
Mi-(shocked) What? Are you kidding me?
Jax-No. Just do it. Remember you owe me.
Mi-How will I know who he is?


~Sonny's bodygaurd calls Sonny~

S-What? What's up?
BG-I saw Brenda all alone.
S-At GH?
BG-No. She was on the docks. She didn't look so good, boss.
S-Did you say anything to her?
BG-No. I am staying close to her though.
S-Thanks. I will be right there.

Sonny hangs up the phone and rushes out of the club.

L-(looks at Mike) What was that all about?


Brenda curls up in a dark corner on the docks. Tears flow down her face. She can't stop them from matter how fast she wiped them away.

B-(to herself) "What am I going to do? What will Sonny think of me? He'll hate me. Oh my god...this is all my fault."

Sonny arrives a few minutes after he received his call. He thanks his bodygaurd and walks over to Brenda after spotting her. Sonny kneels next to her. She doesn't look up.

S-Brenda? Sweetheart, please look at me.

Brenda doesn't move. He lifts her chin up. She looks into his eyes and then looks away.

Chapter 23: Mostly S&B with a little R&J at end!

B-Please go.
S-What? No way. I love you.
B-No won't love me anymore.
S-I don't understand. (Sonny takes her in his arms and holds her for a few minutes) Please talk to me.
B-I destroyed us, Sonny.
S-(wiping her tears away) What?

Sonny lifts her up and carries her to the nearest bench.

S-What happened at the doctor? (she does't say anything) Bren, please. Whatever it is....we'll get through it....together.
B-Sonny, I'm pregnant.
S-(smiles) That's wonderful!

Brenda takes one look at his glowing face and doesn't think she can tell him the rest. The rest being that this baby isn't his. Brenda stands up and walks over where the lightpole is...she leans up against it and Sonny stands in front of her.

B-Sonny, it's not what you think.
S-Brenda, is the baby Jaxs'? If so that's ok.
B-No, it's not!
S-Ok...ok. Then whose? You can tell me.

Brenda's knees get weak and she begins to cry uncontrollably. Sonny holds her close to him.

B-(looks up at him) It's.....his.
S-(confused) Who, baby?
B-That night. The man who (whispers) raped me.
S-Are you sure?
B-(gets angry) What do you mean am I sure? Of course I am!
S-I'm sorry.
B-YOU'RE sorry? For what? You didn't do anything.
S-I'm the cause of that situation. What can I do for you? Just let me
help you.
B-I need to have an abortion.
S-Are you sure?
B-Sonny, that is the only way I can get past this nightmare.
S-Ok. I will take you out of here. We'll have it done away from PC.
S-I have a idea.
S-A surprise.
B-(smiles) Please tell me.
S-How about we go to Los Vegas. We go to a hospital there and when you are
ready......we get married!
B-You don't know how much I love that idea. Sonny?
B-Can we get married on Saturday?
S-Whenever you want, sweetie.
B-I love you.
S-I love you, too.

Sonny takes her to the airport and they board his private jet to Los Vegas.


Robin and Jason finish eating their picnic lunch at the park.

R-Do you feel less worried now?
J-Well........I'm getting there.
R-I'll be fine, Jason. Jax is only after Brenda. Maybe it's her you
should be worried about.
J-Sonny will take care of her. I am the one who's taking care of you. I
R-(smiles) I know.
J-I love you, Robin.
R-I love you, too.

They move closer to each other and share a moment of passion

NOTE: so things could move on as scheduled I had to skip the N&L part with finishing dinner together. So....Ned and Co. had a fabulous time together and progress continues with them. They made plans for JUST them to meet at Lukes that night.

Chapter 24:

Sonny and Brenda arrive at the hospital in Los Vegas. Sonny wanted to be there for Brenda when she was done with the abortion. He has been waiting for a hour. Brenda slowly comes out.

S-(walks over to her) Are you ok?
B-Yeah. Can we go back to the hotel?
S-Of course.



Michelle walks in and looks around for Sonny. She doesn't see any man that describes Sonny Corinthos like Jax had described to her. Michelle walks over to the bar and orders a drink as she waits.

M-What'll it be?
Mi-Tom Collins, I guess.
M-Coming up. Say, are you new in town?
Mi-Yeah. Why do you ask?
M-I just didn't think I had seen you here before.


Ned and Lois walk into Lukes arm in arm. Michelle turns around and studies both of them as she watches them talk to the owner and the guy behind the bar.

Mi-(to herself) "Jax described Sonny Corinthos as: dark hair, brown eyes, handsome, knows just about everybody. He is good friends with the owner and the bartender is his dad. Sonny should walk in with a beautiful woman with dark hair."

Mi-That's him.

Michelle walks over to Ned.

Mi-I can't believe it....I finally found you. (Ned looks at Lois) It's me...the woman you ditched....the woman who is carrying your baby. (Lois and Ned both do a doubletake)


Sonny and Brenda walk into the hotel room. Brenda walks into the bedroom and sees a base filled with flowers. She opens the card which reads:

I'm here for you. Now and forever.
With all my love,

Brenda smiles and walks out to the terrace where Sonny was. She wraps her arms around his waiste.

S-Did you like them?
B-They're gorgeous.

S-(turns around) So are you. (they hold each other)

They finally go inside and sit on the couch holding each other.

B-Thank you so much.
B-For being with me every step of the way. For not hating me after I told you. You will never know how much this has meant to me.
S-All I want is to be with you.
B-I can't wait for us to get married.
S-Me, either. I want you to get some sleep. I'lll call everyone tonight.
B-I love you so much.
S-I love you, too.


Lois looks at the woman standing before her in total and complete shock.

N-Would you say that again?
Mi-I'm having your baby.
Lo-(looks at Ned) What the hell is going on here, Ashton?
N-Nothing. This is a mistake.
Lo-You're sure was.

Lois storms out of the club and Ned follows her.

Mi-(whispers) Ashton? (she follows them)

Lo-For what?
N-That woman has got to be mistaken.
Lo-Well, there she is.
N-(looks at Michelle) Look, I don't even know you.
Mi-Sure you do, Sonny.
Mi-Don't tell me you aren't....
Lo-No, he isn't. Who the hell are you and what are you up to?

Chapter 25:

Michelle looks at the two people standing before her and knows she screwed up. She also realizes that this man in front of her is NOT Sonny Corinthos.

N-What's going on.
Mi-Who knows.
Lo-I know Sonny wouldn't sleep with you.
Lo-(hits Ned) Ashton.
Mi-I'm sorry. I obviously have the wrong person.
Lo-Who sent you?
N-I will give you $10, 000 if you tell me who.
N-It's ok.
Mi-You're crazy. (Ned writes her out a check and hands it to her) Jax.
He sent me.

Michelle looks at them and then runs away as fast as she can.


~Sonny picks up the phone and dials Lukes'~

S-It's me.
L-Hey, man. Where are you?
S-Los Vegas.
L-What are you doing there?
S-Feel like being my best man this saturday?
S-Yeah. Bring Laura, too.
L-We'll be there. Lucky can watch Lu-Lu.
S-Great. Is Lois around?
L-Yeah. Hold on.

Lukes goes and gets Lois.


Lo-How's Bren?
S-She's not doing so good.
Lo-I know she had that appointment. What happened?
S-Yeah. She went and found out she was pregnant and it was the rapists' baby.
Lo-(gasps) Are you sure?
S-Yeah. We flew to Los Vegas to have an abortion.
Lo-I'm so sorry, Sonny. What can I do?
S-Fly down here adn be in our wedding.
Lo-I'm lost, Corinthos.
S-We're getting married on Saturday. Tell everyone to go to the gatehouse and then take Ashton's private jet. I will have a limo take you guys to the hotel. Reservations will be taken care of.
Lo-We'll all be there friday.
S-Can you talk to Robin, Jason, and Mike? I just need to be with Brenda right now.
Lo-Don't worry.

Sonny and Lois hang up. Lois calls Jason and Robin to update them. Ned and her agree to talk to Sonny about what happened that night. Before Lois and Ned left that night she tells Mike the plans.


Sonny is laying on the couch when Brenda comes out.

B-Coming to bed?
S-I thought I would sleep out here. You know, give you some room.
B-I need you. I need you next to me, holding me.

Brenda walks over to him and kneels next to him and leans in for a kiss. She starts unbuttoning his shirt. Sonny grabs her hand.

S-We don't have to do this right away.
B-I NEED you, Sonny. Please.
S-As long as your sure.

Brenda answers him with a passionate kiss. He lifts her up and carries her to the bed and they make love.

Chapter 26:


**I am speeding up time a little. Brenda had another appointment with the hospital in Los Vegas to make sure things went ok. Brenda had been getting morning sickness 2 days ago so they wanted to get her checked out again. Sonny and Brenda spent a lot of time together and had a lot of fun. Lois and the gang all met at the gatehouse before heading off for Los Vegas**

Lois and everyone were just waiting for Ned to come back when the jet was ready to go. Lois lets Ned in.

N-The jet is all fueled and ready to go.
Lo-I guess we should get going.
L-When are they expecting us?
Lo-Tonight for dinner. Sonny has all of our room already booked and paid for.
R-Let's go then,

They all leave and head to Los Vegas for their best friends' wedding.


Brenda and Sonny come back from their shopping expedition. Brenda has 5 bags in her hand and Sonny has about 7. Sonny can barely see in front of him.

B-Are you sure you don't want me to take some?
S-(carrying too many packages) No....I got it.

They walk in and set their bags down.

S-Do you think you bought enough?
B-(smiles) Maybe.

Sonny walks over to her and starts to kiss her passionately. Brenda glances at her watch and then quickly pulls away.

S-What is it?
B-nothing, but my appointment is in an hour.
S-That's right. Those results are in.
B-Yeah. I just hope everything is ok.
S-(holds her near him) It will be, baby. It will be. (he kisses her forehead) Let's go.

Sonny and Brenda leave for the hospital.


Brenda and Soonny sit out in the waiting room. They are holding hands. A nurse comes out.

nurse-Brenda Barrett.
B-(looks at Sonny) That's me.
Nurse-Come with me.
S-(touches her arm) Do you want me to go with you?
B-It's ok. I'll be fine.

Brenda goes into the doctor's office. The doctor comes in. (she's a woman)

D-Those tests came back.
B-Is everything ok?
D-Yeah. This is a weird thing. You know the vomiting you have been having?
D-Well, you're pregnant.
B-What? That can't be. I...I just had an abortion.
D-I know. Have you been sexually active since then?
D-Then it's possible. It just doesn't show up this quick.
B-What's the blood type?
D-It's "type O"
B-(smiles brightly) It is?
D-Yes. You sound relieved.
B-I am. Thank you so much. This is the best new I 've had in a long time.
D-I'm glad.

The doctor goes over some things with her and then Brenda goes back out to the waiting room where Sonny is waiting semi patiently. He is pacing the floors.

B-Sonny. (he runs over to her)
S-Are you ok?
B-Can we go talk somewhere private?

Sonny nods and then takes her outside into their limo.

Chapter 27:

Michelle stayed in PC for a few days befor she decided on going back to Jax and letting him have it. She couldn't believe he made her look like such a fool. Only if she could have gotten a better description of Sonny.

Michelle heads back to London and knocks on her door (Jax was staying at her PH). There was no answer so she started pounding on the door. She hears Jax yell, "Coming!"

Jax comes to the door in a nice tan suit and drags by the arm into the PH.

Jax-What are you doing here?
Mi-In case you forgot....THIS is where I live.
Jax-I know that. Why haven't you returned any of my calls?
Mi-I had to think of what I was going to say to you.
Jax-What is that suppose to mean?
Mi-We need to talk and you better have one damn good reason for making me
look like such a fool.
Jax-Ok....ok.....calm down. What happened with Corinthos?


Sonny looks at Brenda as they are in the limo trying to read her face but for some reason he can't. He can always read what she is feeling. He gets a look of concern.

B-(smiles finally) We're.....going to have a baby.
S-What? I don't understand.
B-I know. I was getting sick because I was having morning sickness.
S-But you just had an.....well, you know.
B-I know. I asked about that too. She told me what the blood type is and
it's your blood type.
S-This is so.....
BSonny, are you ok with this?
S-Why do you ask?
B-Well, you seem shocked.
S-(smiles) I am, but I couldn't be happier.
S-Absolutely. I can't believe that we are going to have a baby. First I
get to marry the love of my life and then she gives me the best give of all.
B-(flirting) What would that be?
S-(kisses her) A baby. (whispers) Nothing could be more perfect.
B-I know. I guess we should get back to the hotel.
S-Wouldn't it hurt the baby?
B-(hits him playfully) Not that. Everyone is meeting us there, remember.
S-Oh, right.

Sonny instructs the driver to head back to the hotel.


Lois, Ned, Robin, Jason, Luke, Laura, and Mike all arrive at the hotel.

Driver-Can I help you with anything else?
L-That should be all, thanks.
Lo-Oh....can you wait until we check in before anyone comes to get our luggage?
Driver-Sure can.

They all get out of the limo. Everyone is clinging to their significant others and they walk into the hotel.

Lo-I wonder if they are gone.
N-Well, let's go check.

N-(walks up to the front desk) Can you tell me if Sonny Corinthos is in his room?
Person-I can check.

She looks up his room number and dials his number. She lets it ring but there is no answer.

Person-Sorry, there is no answer. Can I leave him a message?
N-That's ok. We actually have reservations made by him.
Person-Name, please.
N-Ashton,.....Ned Ashton.

Sonny and Brenda come strolling through arm in arm with a glowing look on both of their faces.

S-You made it.
L-(they all turn around) We wouldn't miss it!

They all check in. They tell the bellboy that their luggage is in the limo parked outside of the hotel.

Lo-So, you ready to go shopping?
Lo-You're wedding is tomorrow, girlfriend?
B-Oh, right....
R-What would you do without us?
B-Who knows. (she turns to Sonny) I guess we better split up.
S-(Puts his arm around her) Now? But we haven't been seperated since we
got here.
B-I know, baby......
Lo-Corinthos, you can see her later. Do you want to get married or not?
S-Of course.
R-Then you and the guys to what you need to do and we will do what we need
to do.
S-All right.

Brenda and Sonny kiss passionately before seperating.

Lo-All right, already. That is what the honeymoon is for.
S-You take care of her.
R-We will

As Lois and the girls drag Brenda away Sonny yells, "I love you" and Brenda yells "I love you" back to him. They all take off in seperate limo's for the wedding to that's right around the corner.

Chapter 28:

Brenda, Lois, Robin, and Laura all head to the bridal shop to shop for a wedding gown and bridesmaides dresses. Brenda looks through about one hundred dresses but can't find any that she thinks will knock Sonny over.

Lo-Do you see any?
La-We could go to another shop.
B-I don't know. I want a beautiful one that Sonny will love.
Lo-Where's Robin?

Robin is over looking at some dresses that the lady had in the back. Robin comes racing out of the backroom.

R-Brenda, you have GOT to see these dresses.
B-What dresses? We looked at them all.
R-These were in the back.
B-All right.

They all walk in the back.

R-What do you think of this one?

Robin holds up a long white dress. It's satin on the lower half. On the upper half of the dress is designed with the most elequent beads she has ever seen. The sleeves are sleeves that don't go over her shoulder and are also beaded.

Robin watches Brenda's expression as Brenda's face lights up.

B-That's the one.
Lo-Bren, that dress is gorgeous.
La-I agree. I think Sonny will love it!
R-Try it on.

Brenda goes in the back room to try on the dress.


Michelle walks in and plops down on the couch.

Jax-Just tell me what happened.
Mi-I approached the wrong guy.
Jax-What? How?
Mi-Does someone name Ashton ring a bell?
Jax-(he starts to laugh) You thought he was Sonny?
Mi-It's not funny, Jax.
Jax-I'm sorry. Actually it's hilarious. What made you think he would be Sonny?
Mi-Well, he knew everyone and was really friendly with the owner and bartender like you said. He had dark black hair and he was with a beautiful woman. You're the one who didn't give me a better description or even a PICTURE!!
Jax-I'm sorry.
Mi-You better have one good excuse. (he doesn't say anything) I'm waiting.


Sonny, Luke, Jason, and Mike walk in to look at Tuxs'. They try a bunch on and find the right ones along with black shoes to match the black tuxs' they chose.

J-Yeah, but I don't like to dress up like this.
S-You have this to look forward to when you get married.
J-(takes Sonny aside) Speaking of weddings......(takes out a box with a
diamond ring it it) what do you think of this.
S-(looks at Jason) You are proposing, huh?
J-Is it too soon?
S-Do you love her?
J-With everything I have.
S-Then go for it. Hey, I have got a great idea.
S-Why don't we have a double wedding?
J-Excuse me? Sonny, I haven't even asked her tonight.
S-I know. Try to stay with me. You ask her tonight at dinner and I will
call Brenda now and have her find a wedding dress for Robin.
J-What about Robin's bridesmaide dress.
S-We'll get that, too.
J-I can't believe. What if she says no?
S-She won't. Should I make the call?
J-Thanks, man.

Mike and Luke walk over to Jason and Sonny.

L-Are you two ready to go?
S-Yeah. I will pay for these and meet you in the limo.
M-Are you sure, Michael?

They all head out to the limo and Sonny picks up the phone.


Brenda comes out of the backroom in the dress that fits her perfectly. The girls smile and tell her how beautiful she looks. Brenda's cell phone rings.

B-Oh, can you hand me that? It's in my purse. (Lois hands her the phone)
S-Bren, it's me.
B-Oh, Sonny I found the most beautiful dress.
S-Great! Look, I need your help.
B-Is something wrong?
S-Of course not. Jason is going to propose to Robin tonight.
B-(shocked) Are you serious?
S-Yeah. We want to have a double wedding. What do you think?
B-I love it! What do you need me to do?
S-Get a wedding dress for Robin that she likes and have it delivered to the hotel tomorrow morning.
B-All right. I know exactly which one.
S-And get a bridesmaides dress so she doesn't get suspicious.
B-Ok. Talk to you soon.
S-Yeah. I love you.
B-Love you too. (they hang up)

Lo-What did he want?
B-Nothing. Ready? Did you guys find the bridesmaide dresses?
La-Yeah. They're beautiful, Brenda.

They have chosen a teal color and the dresses are satin. They are long dresses and are short sleeved.

Brenda goes up to the lady and pays for the dresses and also pays for the dress that Robin said she would love to have when she got married. Robin didn't want to look too hard but she loved this one dress that was all satin and short sleeved (white dress) with a little beading in the front. Brenda told the lady to deliver it to their hotel the next morning as early as 7:00 a.m.

They all leave and go back to meet the guys at the hotel for dinner.

Chapter 29:

The guys wait for their women in the lobby. Their women arrive at about 8:00 p.m. Sonny sees Brenda and walks over to her and gives her a kiss.

S-(whispers) Did you get it?
B-Yeah. Ready to eat guys?

They all go and eat dinner. They all make small talk and enjoy their meal. Sonny gives Jason a look wondering when he was going to propose to Robin. Jason shoots him a look that could kill right back.

R-I suppose we should go get some sleep.
Lo-Yeah. We have a long day ahead of us.
J-Wait. (Everyone sits back down)

R-What is it, Jason?

Jason walks over to her and kneels right in front of her. Robin looks at everyone who is smiling back at them.

R-What's going on?

J-Robin, you know that I love you.
R-Of course and I love you.
J-Good. You have taught me so much. You have taught me how to care about people, how to care about my future and most importantly you have taught me what love really is. You are the most important thing to me. Robin Scorpio, will you marry me?

Jason take out the ring and hands it to her. She opens it up and tears flow down her cheeks.

R-I can't believe this.
J-What do you say?
R-(she throws her arms around him) Yes! Of course I will marry you! I
love you.
J-Good because I love you more than anything. What do you say we get
married tomorrow?
R-Jason, we haven't.....I don't even have a dress. Besides, tomorrow is
Sonny and Brenda's day.
B-We have a dress for you.
R-(still crying) What?
B-That one you loved.
R-Brenda, I don't know what to say.
S-Say you will get married tomorrow.
R-All right! Oh my god...I have to call Uncle Mac.
S-Go ahead. Here's my phone.

Robin takes it and goes in the other room.

L-Congrat's Morgan.
B-Yeah. I am so happy for you both.
S-I bet nobody ever thought we would have a double wedding?


R-Felicia, can I talk with Mac.
R-Yeah. I have some news.
R-I'm getting married!
Mac-What? Jason?
R-Of course Jason. Tomorrow!!
Mac-Aren't you in Vegas?
R-Yeah. Want to come?
Mac-Congratulations, sweetheart. I will be there.

Robin gives him all the instructions and Mac tells Felicia and he heads to the airport to take his flight out to Las Vegas to see his niece get married.

Chapter 30:

Jax looks at Michelle and shakes his head. He walks away from her. She gets up and grabs his arm.

Mi-Well, don't you have anything to say?
Jax-Not really.
Mi-Why not?
Jax-It's no big deal. Its' not like you will ever see them again.
Mi-What about you? They know you did it.
Jax-So they know. Big deal. I'm not going back there either.
Mi-Where are you going?
Jax-I'm staying right here.
Mi-Excuse me.
Jax-Yeah....with you.


Robin comes back and sits next to Jason (Real close).

J-Robin, give me your hand.

Jason takes her hand and slides the ring on her finger.

R-It's so beautiful. (she gives him a long kiss) and Brenda have a announcement to make.
Lo-Another one?
N-I don't know if we can take anymore excitement.
B-It's important.
S-Yeah, it sure is. Me and Brenda are going to have a baby.
B-I'm pregnant!

They all congratulate Brenda and Sonny. They then decide to go to bed. Robin lets the desk know her uncle is coming and Sonny paid for the room.


Brenda and Sonny go up to their room and she puts on a white satin gown (short one). Sonny goes over to her and kisses her passionately.

B-We need to get some sleep.
S-That's not all we need.
B-Sonny.....come on.
S-What? Do you know how good you look in that?
B-Stop it! We have the rest of our lives for that. We get married tomorrow at noon remember?
S-There is no way I could forget that! You have made me the happiest man EVER!!
B-I am so happy, too. I love you so much.
S-I love you too, baby.

They crawl into bed and Brenda lays on Sonny's chest and they fall asleep.


Robin finishes getting ready for bed and comes out of the bathroom staring at her ring.

J-Do you like it? (she walks over to him and wraps her arms around him)
R-I love it and I love you.
J-Good. I want you to be happy.
R-I am. I just never thought we would get married so fast.
J-I know. I have been saving it.
R-You are too much.
J-Is your uncle coming?
R-Yeah, he should be here in a few hours. Should we get some rest. I
mean, we ARE getting married tomorrow.
J-Yeah, we are. (they go to bed)


Luke calls Luky to make sure everything is going ok. Laura is in the bathroom.

L-Is she sleeping?
Lu-Yeah. Everything is fine. How about there?
L-Great! Sonny and Brenda are having a baby and Jason and Robin are getting married tomorrow, too.

La-(comes out of the bathroom) Is that Luky?
La-Let me talk to him. (luke hands her the phone) Lucky?
Lu-Hi, mom. Before you ask......everything is fine.
La-I know. I just wanted to say goodnight!
La-I love you.
Lu-Love you, too.

They talk for a bit and they hang up. Luke and Laura go to bed.


Lois gets off the phone with Lila and saying goodnight to Brooke.

N-How is she?
N-She was still up?
Lo-I guess Edward couldn't get enough of her.
N-I bet. So....
Lo-Ned, I think we need to talk.
Lo-I know you want to try things again.
N-Yeah, I do. More than anything.
Lo-Are you willing to take things slow? I mean, I don't want to rush it.
I don't want you lying to me either. You need to be honest with me and
trust that I will keep your secrets.
N-I'll try.
Lo-I just realized after today that I still love you and would like us to
try and be a family again.
N-Do you really mean that?
Lo-Yeah, I do.
N-Do you mean together toghether?
Lo-What do you mean?
N-As in living together?
Lo-I think that is the only way.

Ned walks over to Lois and kisses her long. They pull away and she smiles.

Lo-I have my Nedly back.

They kiss one more time and go to bed.


Michelle stares at Jax. Sure she wanted him in the beginning but does she still? After what he put her through? She's not sure.

Mi-You're not staying here.
Jax-Well, not at your apartment but here in London.
Jax-Did you think?
Mi-Jesus, Jax. What is your problem?
Jax-Look, I know I can't have Brenda back so maybe.....I mean.
Mi-Are you asking for about us getting involved.
Jax-I don't know. I mean, I really like you and maybe it could work.
Mi-It's worth a try I guess. Should we go look for a apartment for you?

They are about to leave and Jax gives her a passionate kiss. They pull away breathless and she takes a deep breath.

Jax-This might be easier than we thought. Mi-Let's go.

Jax and Michelle leave to go find him a new apartment and they do it toghether. Both moving on with their lives. Are they headed in the same direction? They think so.


Lois goes around and collects Robin and Laura and they head to Brenda's room. Lois knocks on the door and Sonny answers it.

Lo-Is she dressed?
S-She is getting some clothes on.
Lo-Good. We have to get her to the church to get everything done.
S-I will be there in a few hours. She needs just about that much time anyway.
R-Sounds good.
S-Nervous honey?
R-A little.
S-Is Mac here?
R-Yeah. I gave him directions to the church. He is going to walk me down the aisle so he went to get a tux.

Brenda comes out of the bathroom.

B-Did the dress come?
R-Yeah. It's in the limo. Are you ready?

Brenda gathers up her stuff. Lois takes it and tells Brenda she will meet her in the limo. Robin, Lois and Laura leave.

B-Well, I better go.
S-I will see you in a few hours.
B-I will be waiting.
S-I'll be there. You can hold me to that.
B-I will!

Sonny gives her the most passionate kiss. The kind of kiss she can only get through him. He is the only one that can make her feel that way. Brenda tries to get out the door but Sonny continues to kiss her. She back up until she hits the door.

B-I have to go.
S-I love you.
B-I love you, too.
S-(kisses her stomach) I love you, too little one.
B-Bye, Daddy.
S-(smiles) Bye.

Brenda leaves.

Sonny paces the floor with the most fulfilled feeling he could feel. This is what he's always wanted. To marry the woman that he can't live without and to be a father. He's always wanted to be with Brenda and to have a family and now it's finally happening. He's never felt so lucky in his life.

There is a knock at the door.

L-Hey, partner.
L-Did Bren leave?
S-Just now. Do you know how lucky I am?
L-Pretty damn lucky.
S-I know. I can't believe I am just about to start a family.
L-It's the best feeling isn't it?

Luke leaves and they finish getting ready so they can meet Brenda at the church in two hours. Sonny picked a small church for the wedding to take place since there was going to be no guests.


~2 hours later~

Brenda and Robin get all the finishing touches done on their hair and makeup.

B-Can you believe we're getting married?
R-No. And on the same day.
B-(excited) I know!

Mike knocks on the door and Brenda tell him to come in.

M-You two look gorgeous.
B-Thanks, Mike.
B-Is Sonny here?
M-Yep. He's pacing. So, you almost ready?
R-Ready. Mike, have you seen Lois and Laura?
M-Yeah. They are down the hall.
B-All right. Let's do it!
M-Robin, can I talk to Brenda for a second?
R-Sure. I will go find Laura and Lois and meet you downstairs.
B-Ok. (Robin leaves)

B-What is it, Mike?
M-I just wanted to say how happy I am that you and Sonny are finally getting married.
B-Me, too.
M-I always knew you guys were meant to be together.
B-I love him and will always love him. You're going to be a grandpa soon.
M-I know. I can't wait. I can't wait to spoil them rotten.
B-(laughs) Great, a spoiled rotten kid.
M-No, you guys will be great parents.
B-I love you Mike and I am so glad you and Sonny worked things out.
M-Me, too. Ready?

Mike and Brenda leave to go downstairs to walk down the aisle.


Sonny starts breathing heavily and keeps looking down at his watch.

S-Where is she?
L-She'll be here. Just relax, man.
J-Got both rings?

Just then the music starts to play.

Lois walks down the aisle and smiles at Ned. As she reaches the step she puts her arm through Ned's (only a few pews in this church. so she doesn't have to walk far) and they go up one more step and they unlock arms and go their seperate ways. Laura and Luke do the same thing.

The wedding march begins.

Mike and Brenda come down first. Sonny watches them and can't take his eyes off Brenda. He can't get over her beauty and how happy he is that they are going to be a family.....finally.

Robin and Mac walk down the aisle and Jason takes a nervous breath as he watches the woman he loves come closer to her.

There they stand: Sonny and Brenda and next to them Jason and Robin. Lois and Robin on the left and Luke and Mike on the right.

**Priest goes through all his talk and now it's time for the vows**

S&B go first:

S-Brenda, you are the best part of me. From the beginning I knew that we were destined to happen. I always knew that you were the one for me. You have always been the one for me. Now, you have made me so happy.....we will finally get the family that we've always wanted. Thanks to you I know what love is really all about. I promise to make you happy and I will love you forever. (he places the ring on her finger)

B-(tears fall as she wipes them) Sonny, I never quite knew what love was until you walked into my life. You helped me with so much. You were always the one thing in my life that I knew would never fade. We would always last. Even if we weren't together you always had my heart and you always will. Together we can do anything. I will love you as long as I life.(she places the ring on his finger)

Jason and Robin's turn:

J-Robin, I never thought about my future. All I knew is that I wanted you in it. You brought out the good in me and showed me how to love. You made me what I am today. You have been and always will be the other half of me. I love you.(he places the ring on her finger)

R-Jason, you put my life back together after I lost Stone. You made me see that I can live for the future. You are the future for me Jason and I am so happy. You do so much for me and for that I will always love you. (she places the ring on his finger)

PRIEST: By the powers invested in me I pronounce you Brenda and Sonny: husband and wife. And you Robin and Jason: husband and wife. you may kiss your brides.

Sonny kisses Brenda long and passionately as they commit to their future. Robin and Jason do the same.

They all move forward together with being married to the people they love most.

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