Second Chance at Love by Lori and Shari

Ch 1

Jason Morgan came through the doors of the ER with his bodyguards, his
wife, Carly, their son Michael, and their daughter, Spencer Jean behind
him. He scanned it anxiously his eyes stopping when they found what
they were looking for. Brenda Barrett was sitting on a couch playing
with the dark hair of her five year old daughter Morgan Veronica while
she and her brother Scorpio Stone slept.


She looked up. Her eyes were red and swollen. "Hey. I was wondering if
you were gonna come."

"Have you heard anything?" He came to sit on the other side of the couch
gingerly so as not to wake the sleeping children. The bodyguards joined
Brenda's around the room and Carly and the kids took a chair.

"Alan came out a few minutes ago and gave us an update about how the
surgery was going."


"They're pretty sure that Robin won't make it through the night.
Nikolas has a better chance."

"What about Karina?"

"She wasn't in the car. She's at Wyndemere."

"Thank God for that." He looked at Brenda's children. "How long have
they been out?"

"About twenty minutes." She smiled fondly at her son and daughter.

"Did you call anyone besides me?"

"Yeah, Mac and Felicia, Stefan, Bobbie and Jerry, Laura, Lucky and Liz.
I think I covered all the bases."

"Do you know anything about how it happened?"

"It was a car accident and that's all I know."

"Have the police been in yet?"

"Garcia was here. I don't know where he went though."

"At least it wasn't Taggert."

"Amen to that." Carly interjected softly from her chair where she and
Spencer sat. Michael was at her feet.

"Honey I'm gonna stay for awhile. Take the kids home."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'll call you when we hear something."

"Okay. Hey Jimmy, give me a hand would ya?" She said to the bodyguard.

"Right away Mrs. Morgan." He bent down and scooped up Michael. Carly
picked up Spencer and kissed Jason on her way out.


Alan walked out of the OR and over to Brenda and Jason. He kept his
voice low seeing that Morgan and Scorpio were still asleep.

"How are they?" asked Brenda.

"Nikolas is holding his own. They just took him to recovery. He's lost a
lot of blood, but he's expected to pull through."

"And Robin?" Jason asked not sure he wanted to hear the answer.

"I'm sorry, " said Alan.


Carly and Jimmy walked through the doors of the PH.

"Would you like me to carry Michael up to bed, Mrs. Morgan?"

"Yes, follow me. I'm going to put Spencer down too." They walked up the
stairs and put the kids in their rooms. Then, Jimmy left to go guard the
front door. Carly wanted to call the hospital and check on Robin and
Nikolas, so she headed down to the kitchen to make herself a sandwich
while she called the hospital. As she walked in the door, she walked
right into something hard yet soft. She was sure it was a person, but
she was so scared that she didn't have the voice to scream. She couldn't
move she was so scared. Suddenly, she saw the figure reach for the
light. It flicked on, and she looked right into the face of Sonny

Ch 2

"Oh I'm so sorry Jason. Look tell Brenda I'll handle the meeting
tomorrow morning."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'll take Alexis with me if she's up to it and if she's not I'll
do it myself. It's not a problem."

"Alright. Look I'm gonna take Brenda and the kids home and help her put
them to bed. Then I'll be home."

"Alright drive safely. I love you."

"Love you too." Carly smiled and hung up the phone. Then she turned
around to face her house guest.

"Okay start talking."


"Who you are and what you're doing in my home."

"Sonny Corinthos and this used to be my home."

"Sonny. Well it's nice to finally meet you. I've heard so much about

"And that leads to my question. Who are you?"

"Caroline Morgan."


"Jason's wife. Mother of his children. That sort of thing."

"Mother of his child you mean. Cause Michael ain't Jason's."

"Oh right he told you and Robin the truth and of course Brenda knows but
she's not gonna tell anyone."

"Brenda? As in Brenda Jacks?"

"Jacks? Boy you really have been outta the loop. Brenda's last name is
still Barrett. She never married Jax. He got pissed when he found out
the two of you did the horizontal tango and he split town."

"I see. So what was Jason's phone call about?"

"Oh right. You were friends with Robin Cassadine right?"


"She married Nikolas. Any way I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news
but Robin died tonight."


"Thanks for your help Jason."

"No problem. What are godfathers for?"

"I don't know." She smiled. "Well the kids are in bed, the bodyguards
are in place, and I am tired. So you are going home to your wife."

"Alright. Call tomorrow if you want to talk or something."

"I will. Night Jason."

"Night Bren." Jason let himself out and Brenda sat on her couch. Then
she leaned over and picked up the phone, dialed and a few minutes later
heard a sleepy,


"Ned? Sorry I woke you but I needed to talk to Alexis. Is she back

"No she's still at the hospital. How're you doing?"

"I've been better. Even though Robin and I weren't all that close these
last few months she was still my best friend and my little sister."

"How's Nikolas?"

"I haven't seen him yet but Stefan caught me before I left the hospital.
He wants me to come to Spoon Island tomorrow and help him tell Karina."

"Poor kid. She's so young."

"Yeah. Listen have you called Lois?"

"No. I probably should, shouldn't I?"

"No I'll do it."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. Go back to sleep and when Alexis comes home tell her to call me
no matter what time it is."

"Alright. Bye Bren."

"Bye Ned." Brenda hung up the phone and then she dialed Bensonhurst.

"H'lo?" someone mumbled.


"Yeah? Bren?"


"What's wrong?"

"What makes you think something's wrong?"

"Because it's almost midnight."

"Lo, there's no easy way to say this. Robin died tonight."

Chapter 3

Carly gasped as Sonny rushed out of the kitchen and toward the door. She
heard it slam, all before she had a chance to blink. Carly rolled her
eyes. "Okay. See ya, Sonny."


Brenda heard silence on the other end. Then she heard deep breathing.
"What? Robin is...she's not-dead?"

Brenda bit her lip as the tears flooded over. "Yeah...she was in a car
accident. Nikolas'll make it, but Robin...well, there was internal
bleeding, she had a fractured skull..."

Lois couldn't stop the tears. "Brenda?"


"Don't go anywhere, I'm on my way!"

"Lois, no!"


Brenda sighed as her friend hung up. She turned around and looked up at
her window. It was nights like these when she thought of Sonny. Brenda
looked down at the picture of her children. Sonny's children. He had
missed out on so much of their lives. And she didn't have the strength
to hate him any longer. She needed to love him.

Brenda picked up her house keys and pulled open the front door, closing
it softly behind her.


Sonny sat down on a bench in the park, looking up at the night sky. The
hospital was visible over the treetops, the huge structure, the white
lights reflecting out of hospital rooms, very possibly, one of the
hospital rooms where his sweet Robin had died. Robin was a Cassadine?
Since when?

"Since you left her and everyone else you loved six years ago," Sonny
mumbled beneath his breath.

Sonny sat on the bench, deep in thought, not even noticing when a short
brunette walked into the clearing. Her head was up to the sky, staring
at the very same stars he wished upon, and she brushed her now short
brown hair out of her eyes.

The woman walked to the bench, ignoring the man with the goatee and hat
sitting on it, and sat down. As she sat beside him, something told
Sonny to look at her--look in her face. So he turned and looked. There
she was. Like an answer to his prayers. Brenda.

He must've whispered it or something because her head snapped around. A
lock of hair flew into her gorgeous face. Her eyes rushed to his. When
she realized it was him, the man who had walked out on her, unbeknownst
to him, 2 months pregnant, her heart shattered and her eyes clouded with
tears. She surged to her feet.

Sonny did also. "You cut your hair," He whispered softly, referring to
the chin length wispy 'do she now wore.

"You grew yours." Brenda replied hoarsely, referring to his goatee.
Sonny nodded his head once, wiping at sudden tears. Brenda wiped her
tears off of her face and looked at him. "So...why are you back?"

"I dunno...I kind of missed the place." And you, he whispered mentally.

Brenda swiveled to face him. "I have to go."


"Well, if you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly *thrilled* to see you."
She rolled her eyes through her tears and sniffled. Tucking hair behind
her ear, she whispered, "My cottage is just down the road and I was only
going to walk to the end of it and back. Morgan can't be alone for very
long or-" Brenda broke off when she realized what she had said.

"Who's Morgan?" Sonny asked her curiously.

Brenda quickly saved herself by saying, "My dog." For some reason, she
didn't feel as angry as she thought she would be. But looking at
him...she didn't feel a thing. Not one thing. Was it possible she had
fallen out of love with him over the last seven years?

Sonny watched Brenda turn and walk into the bushes toward the road. His
heart slowed as soon as he saw her figure disappear, but his mind was
racing. "Dammit."

CH 4

Brenda stumbled towards the door the next morning as she tried to walk
and put on her shoe at the same time. "I'm coming!" She called as the
doorbell rang again. Finally she reached the door and when she opened
it she found Lois on the other side. "Lois!"

"Hey girl!" The friends hugged and Brenda moved aside to let Lois and
Brooke enter. "So where are my godchildren?"

"Upstairs. Stalling." Brenda went to the bottom of her stairs.
"Morgan! Scorpio! Let's move it!"

"Coming Mommy!" Two voices answered from upstairs.

"The joys of motherhood." Lois commented.

"Yup. Look make yourself at home. I have some stuff to do this morning
and I should be back around noon. I'll bring some take out burgers from
wherever I end up being closest to."

"Okay. How should we work the rooms?"

"Hmmm. I don't know. Wait I've got it. Morgan's got bunk beds so
Scorpio can stay with her for a little while and you and Brooke can use
Scorpio's room."

"Okay cool with me." Lois said and then Morgan and Scorpio came
clambering down the stairs.

"Aunt Lois!" Morgan shrieked jumping into Lois's arms.

"Hey Morgan. Boy did you get big."

"Morgan your shoes don't match." Brooke said, speaking for the first
time. Brenda looked at her daughter's feet and groaned. It was going
to be one of those days.


"Spencer Jean! Grandma's here! Let's move it!" Carly yelled up the
stairs and then turned around to face her mother. "I really appreciate
this Mom." She said as she put her earring in.

"It's no problem." Bobbie Jacks smiled. "I enjoy having my
granddaughter with me on my day off."

"Where's Jerry?"

"In Malibu with Jax."

"Oh." The door opened and Jimmy poked his head in.

"Mrs. Morgan?"


"Alexis Ashton is here."

Carly checked her watch. "On time as usual. Show her in Jimmy." Jimmy
nodded and opened the door wider and Alexis walked in.

"Ready Carly?"

"Just a second. I'm waiting for Spencer."

"Carly go. I'm perfectly capable of getting my granddaughter."

"You sure?"

"Yes. Now go on. Get out of here. You have a business to run."

"Too true. Okay Jason'll pick up Spencer after he gets Michael from
school. That's about three."

"I know. Now get going."

"Okay. Bye Mom."

"Bye Bobbie." Alexis said as she and Carly left the penthouse and
Bobbie went upstairs to retrieve her granddaughter.


"So tell me. What's been going on with everyone?"

"You mean Brenda?"

"I mean everyone that was important to me." Sonny said, squirming a

"Uh-huh. Have you seen her yet?"

"Last night. For about five seconds. Then she made an excuse about
having to go home because of her dog."

"Brenda doesn't have a dog."

"Then who's Morgan?"

"Morgan's her daughter."

Chapter 5--

Brenda waved at Alexis and Carly as she pulled into the Luke's parking
lot. She shut the engine off, grabbed her purse and hopped out. Carly
and Alexis nodded their approval at the outfit Brenda had chosen, a
sleeveless red, satin dress with a big black sweater over it. Her feet
were killing her in those 3' heeled black sandals, but pain was the
price for beauty sometimes.

"Brenda, you look amazing," Carly told her friend. Brenda wrapped an arm
around Carly's shoulders and
the other around Alexis'.

"You don't look so bad yourself. Either of you."

"I wish we could have gotten together under better circumstances."
Alexis whispered, still quite in shock over the death of her "niece."

Brenda sighed. "Me too. But, C&B will never, ever get off of the ground
if we don't start negotiations with other business owners. Now, are you
sure that Alex said to meet him here at 9?"


Sonny's heart stopped cold. "What the hell do you mean, Morgan's her

Jason rolled his eyes and leaned his arm against the bar. "Sonny. What
do you *think* I mean?"

"Brenda's married?"


"Then who's the father?"

Just then, the door to the club opened, and to Sonny's chagrin, Brenda
walked in, her arms wrapped around Carly and Alexis. She was laughing.
Sonny felt his palms grow sweaty like they did everytime she was so
close, but too far to be reached. Brenda brushed some of her hair out of
her eyes and looked straight past Sonny at Jason. Carly gave her husband
a kiss and Brenda called, "Hey, Jase." She didn't even look at Sonny.

"Hi Brenda, Alexis."

"Is Alex Particelli here yet?" Carly asked.

Jason shook his head. "No."

Sonny cleared his throat. Brenda looked at him for the first time.
"Could I speak to you?" Sonny asked Brenda.

Carly and Alexis both raised eyebrows.

Brenda sighed. "I'm...I'm busy, Sonny."

"It won't take but a moment."

Brenda sighed and nodded. She followed Sonny into the back room.

"What was that all about?" Carly asked. "Sonny looked ready to kill


Brenda leaned her arm against the pool table and rolled her eyes. "What
do you want?"

"Why did you lie to me?"

Brenda looked at him in shock for a moment, before laughing. "I have an
easier question. How about-Why did you leave me at the altar?"

"Because I loved you. There, answer my goddamn question." He pressed her
against the pool table and looked into her face. "Why didn't you come
out and say that Morgan was my daughter?"

Brenda's eyes filled with angry tears. "Cause she's not, you bastard!"
She hit him hard on the arm. Sonny was surprised. Then who's was it?
"Who told you who Morgan really was?" Brenda demanded furiously.


"Dammit, who told you!"


Brenda pushed him away from her as hard and as far as she could. "Well,
let me set you straight." Her mind worked at nearly 100 miles per hour
to come up with a good lie. "I was raped, Sonny. Some man took advantage
of me, some man pulled me aside one night and forced himself on me! I
don't know who the father is! I don't want to know! I like it that way-"
Sonny shut Brenda up the only way he knew how. Kissing her. He pressed
her up against the pool table and sipped hungrily from her delicious
lips, kissing her with as much passion as he could. He felt Brenda's
hands digging into his chest and she pushed him away with all of her
might. "Stay the hell away from me," She barked angrily. She wasn't
really angry at him. Well, she was angry at the fact that he knew her so
damn well. Brenda picked her purse up and stormed out of the room. When
she entered the club again, Jason was sitting at the bar in a deep
conversation with Carly.

"Where's Alexis?" Brenda eyebrow. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. She got
beeped and is calling whoever beeped her back in the office."

Brenda threw her bag back down again on the bar, and it flew over the
side and onto the floor. She walked right up to Jason and slapped him.
"Let me tell you something," She said through gritted teeth. Jason's
hand flew to his cheek as he looked at her with a "What the hell did you
do that for!?" face. "If you ever tell Sonny--or ANYONE for that
matter--any more of the secrets that I told you and your wife-" She
pointed to Carly to make a point "-in PRIVATE *ever* again, I will
absolutely, positively NEVER speak to you as long as I live! Do you

Jason opened his mouth and asked her calmly, "What the hell was I
supposed to do? LIE? I'm not like you, Brenda."

Her eyes filled with big tears. "No." She whispered hoarsely. "You're
not." Brenda turned and rushed from the club, Carly right behind her.

Ch 6

"Brenda! Wait a minute." Carly finally caught up with Brenda at her car.

"What?" She said turning around.

"What happened?"

"Last night I ran into Sonny at the park and I slipped and mentioned
Morgan when he asked who she was I told him that she was my dog. Then I
guess Jason and he were discussing me or something and Sonny must've
mentioned that he ran into me and that I told him I had to go home to my
dog and Jason must've told him that I have no dog so I'm guessing that
the next question was who's Morgan?"

"I'm going to kill him."

"No don't do that. Just castrate him."

"Then I'd have to find some nice young boy toy."

"Poor thing." Carly and Brenda smiled.

"So what happened when you two went in the back room?"

"He wanted to know why I lied to him. Why I didn't tell him that Morgan
was his daughter."


"I told him that she wasn't. That I was raped and Morgan was the
result. That I didn't know who her father was."

"Well it wasn't a total lie."

"Then why do I feel so awful?"

"Because. A part of what you told Sonny was true. You were raped and
you did get pregnant but the awful thing is it was someone you know.
Someone you really trusted."

"Jax." Brenda said softly.




"Man when did you drag your sorry ass back into town?" Luke laughed as
he gave his friend a hug.



"Yeah Tasha?"

Alexis rolled her eyes. "Have you seen Carly or Brenda?"

"Outside Alexis."

"Thanks Jason." Alexis exited the club in search of her business

"Tasha?" Sonny asked as they walked into the back office.

"Long story. She goes by Alexis. Alexis Ashton."

"Ashton? She married Nedly?"

"Yep about two years ago."

"How's Lois?"

"Still in Brooklyn so I don't know really. I expect she'll be here for
Robin's funeral though."

"How are you? I know that you were pretty tight with her old man."

"Robert. I'm okay. I'm just glad he's not here to see this though.
His little girl survives HIV+, goes on to have a marriage and a
daughter, only to spin off the road on a patch of ice."

"Robin has a daughter?"

"Karina Anya. She's beautiful." Luke surveyed the pictures on his
desk. Finding the one he was looking for, he plucked it off and gave it
to Sonny. "This is the most recent."

Sonny studied the framed picture he held. A little girl with Robin's
chestnut brown hair and smile and Nikolas's eyes stared back at him.
"She's beautiful." He whispered hoarsely.

"Yeah, isn't she?"

Sonny put the picture back down and in the process knocked over another
one. He leaned over and picked it up. He was about to put it back when
he got a look at the kids. "Hey Luke?"

"Yeah?" He said as he lit a Havana.

"Who are these kids?"

Luke looked up. "Morgan and Scorpio Barrett."

Chapter 7--

Sonny nodded. He cleared his throat.

"Go ahead, ask," Luke told Sonny, taking a sip from his beer.

"Brenda said that the kids weren't mine..."

"Yeah, they're not," Luke whispered softly.

Sonny nodded his head. "She said that she was...raped..." He brought his
eyes up to Luke's. "Somebody raped Brenda? Raped the woman that I love?
How-I..." His voice trailed off. He looked at Jason. "I love her,

He nodded. "I know."

"Do you?"

"It's not hard to miss, buddy," Luke murmured. "I know what love is,
because you look at Brenda the same way Laura looks at me...the same way
Jason looks at Carly."

Sonny bit his lip as tears pooled into his eyes. "I want her back. I
want her back right now. I want to protect her like I couldn't when
that bastard hurt her..."

"She doesn't want that, Sonny," Jason told him soothingly.
"She's...she's surviving. You know I don't want to hurt you, but she's
made it perfectly clear that she's...she's not in love with you

Hearing those words was one of the most painful things Sonny ever had to
endure. A tear slid down his cheek and he angrily wiped it away, shaking
his head. "No. No. She loves me. She does. What we had was...was too
incredible to let go."

Jason put a hand on Sonny's shoulder. Sonny flinched and looked up. "You
have to."

Later That Night

Brenda and Lois prepared the pasta for that nights dinner.

"So, you're still mad at Jason for telling Sonny about the kids, huh?"
Lois asked.

Brenda sighed. "How could I not be? Jason knew that the last thing I
would ever want was for Sonny to know that his children--that he had
children! How could he do that to me?"

Lois put a hand on Brenda's shoulder and whispered, "Do you love Sonny?"

Brenda dropped the knife she held and quietly began to sob. Lois sighed
and wrapped her arms around her friend. "I hate him!" She whispered. "I
hate him for hurting me that way, and I hate him for leaving me with

Just then, three cheerful voices could be heard. As well as a doorbell.

"Mommy!" Came Morgan and Brooke Lynn's voices.

"Yes?" Lois and Brenda called.

"Can we get the door?"

"Yes, but remember what I told you!" Brenda answered.


Sonny stared nervously at Brenda's front door, and was surprised when it
opened and he was staring at the air. Then he heard a small voice, "Who
are you?"

Sonny looked down and was surprised to see two adorable little girls
with dark brown hair, dimples, and very mean expressions upon their

"Oh, I'm...Sonny...I'm a friend of your-" He pointed to Morgan "mom's."

"Mommy's only friends are Uncle Ned, Aunt Alexis, Aunt Lois-" The second
girl jumped in and said,

"She's my Mommy!"

"-Uncle Nikolas, Aunt Carly and Uncle Jason."

Sonny smiled. "Are you two Morgan Barrett and Brooke Lynn Ashton?"

Morgan nodded. "Yes. Who are you?"

"Morgan, Brooke, who's that at the door?" A thick Brooklyn accent wafted
through the air, and Sonny saw Lois walk to the door. Lois gasped in
surprise when she saw Sonny.

"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" The little girl said excitedly. "This man said
he's a friend of Aunt Brenda's-"

Lois beamed at Sonny. "That's right, Brooke. And you know what? He's a
great friend of mine too! He's also your Godfather!"

Morgan seemed unimpressed. "Where's Mom?"

"She's in the kitchen," Lois told the other child. Morgan turned,
screaming her mother's name. Brooke followed her friend. Lois lowered
her voice. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to see Brenda."

"Lois, what's this about an old friend of mine-" Brenda stopped when she
saw Sonny. Lois had let him in and he was now looking around the
cottage, nodding his approval.

"Why are you here?"

Sonny looked at her. "I needed to see you...I needed it more than I need
to breathe."

Brenda's heart skipped a beat. Lois cleared her throat. "Well, I'm gonna
go start working on the pasta sauce-" She stopped. "Sonny, once Brenda
gets through yelling at you, mind if you come into the kitchen and
teach me for the billionth time how to make a good pasta sauce?"

Sonny smiled and nodded. Lois left.

"Sonny, I-"

"Baby, there's so much I want to tell you." He drew her to the couch.
"Please, listen to me."

Brenda looked down at her hands. "Talk."

"I can't if you won't look at me." Brenda reluctantly brought her eyes
up to his. Sonny let out a deep breath. "You know that I'm not good at
saying what's in my heart."

"I'm not sure I know you at all anymore." Brenda mumbled. "The Sonny
Corinthos I knew and loved would never leave the woman he loved at the

"The Sonny you knew would die for anyone that he loved. But he wouldn't
let them die for him."

"Do you know that I hate you for leaving me? Do you know that I LOST MY
MIND, had a nervous breakdown, and ruined my modeling career? Do you
know that I fell asleep every night crying because you had hurt me so
badly? Do you know that...I considered killing myself because any life
without you wasn't really a life at all?"

Sonny was crying now, and so was she. "I've changed now. I'm different."

Brenda nodded her head. "So am I. I've changed so much that I don't even
know that I'm in love with you any longer. I think you've been gone so
long, you've finally allowed me to be free."

"You don't mean that. We were too much together for that to be true."

"Shut up," Brenda snapped, surging to her feet. "Just shut up."

"I can't." He walked over to her. Brenda stared into his face, as he
drew closer and closer. "I can't when I love you so much. That's why I
came back. I wanted you back."

"Yeah, well, it's a little too late to just COME back to whisk me off of
my feet, Sonny."

He smiled, and nuzzled her neck. His lips went to her ear as he
whispered, "But that's exactly what I intend to do."

Brenda shivered within his embrace involuntarily.

"I need to kiss you," Sonny told her.


"I mean, really kiss you."


His lips drew closer. "Try to stop me."

Brenda moaned hungrily as his lips touched hers. They began to kiss
passionately, and Brenda gasped as his tongue entered her mouth. His
hands roamed over her body to cradle her face, and he continued to sip
at her lips lovingly. Brenda didn't realize that she was kissing him
back, even as he pushed her against the wall and continued to make
wonderful love to her lips. Brenda wrapped her arms around his neck, and
jumped up into his. Suddenly, a young voice in the background exclaimed,

"Ewwww! You two don't look like any friend's *I'VE* ever seen!"

Ch 8

"Scorpio! What are you doing down here?"

"I was hungry."

"Oh. Did you finish cleaning your room?"


"Okay. Go on in the kitchen and see if Aunt Lois will let you taste her

"Okay." Scorpio ran off into the kitchen.

"That shouldn't have happened." Brenda said softly.

"Yes it should've."

"No Sonny." She turned around to face him. "And it can't happen again.
I fought too long and too hard to get my life together after you left
me. I can't go back. I won't."

"I'm not asking you to go back. I'm begging you to move forward. With


"So on a scale from one to ten how mad is Brenda at me?"



"Jason," Carly began as she walked behind him and started to massage
his shoulders, "You've gotta understand. Brenda trusts you with her
life. With Morgan and Scorpio's lives."

"Ooh. That feels good. Well I trust her too. Hell without her I
wouldn't have you or Spencer. I might not even have Michael. If you
had died the Quartermaine's would've swooped down and taken him."

"Brenda wouldn't have let that happen."

"Yeah I know. I hate lying to Sonny though."

"You didn't."

"Yes I did. I didn't correct him when he said that they weren't his
which is the same damn thing."

"Would you stop working yourself up? If and when Bren tells Sonny about
Morgan and Scorpio is her business. Not ours."

"I just hope he doesn't hate me when he finds out."


"Sonny I don't think we can."

"Please. Don't turn me away. I love you."

"I'm sorry. I can't say the same."

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