Scattered Hopes

Here is another story I am doing with Judy (JCC86IL) so let us know what you think.

Chapter 1:

Brenda and Lois are due to appear in Hawaii in less than two hours. They are in
their private jet. They are putting on a concert for their new artist. This is his
second big concert and they are very excited.

“Can you believe Joe is such a hit?” Lois asks Brenda.

“Of course I can. He has us for managers.” Brenda says with a smile. “No.
Seriously....he is very talented and is quite the good looking guy.” Brenda

“Now, you stay away from the talent.” Lois tells her.

“Oh, you mean, like you did with Ned?” Brenda asks.

“That’s what I mean. It will only get you into trouble or your heart broken. You
don’t need that again.” Lois says.

“I can take care of myself, Lois.” Brenda snaps.

Lois notices the tone in Brenda’s voice. “Look, Bren. I didn’t mean that. I know
you can take care of yourself. I just don’t want you to ever get hurt, you before. I don’t ever want to see you in that much pain.” Lois says.

“I know and you know what? I am completely fine. Sonny Corinthos can never
hurt me again.” Brenda replies.

“Especially since he could be anywhere.”


Sonny sits on the other side of the world. Away from the woman he loves, the
friends he misses, the father he left. What was he doing? Was this really what he
wanted to do?

He walks into the living room and turns on the tv.

“And Johnny D. (Joe’s stage name) is set to appear in Hawaii tomorrow. Now, here
is an interview with one of the managers.....Brenda Barett.” The announcer says.

Hearing her name made Sonny sit next to the tv. He had seen her so many times on
the tv, the radio. But, it always felt like she was right there. That she was looking
right at him through the lense.

As her face came on the screen he still knew that he loved her. She was still as
beautiful as ever. Her face lit up like it did when they were together.

“Now, Brenda, you must be stunned at the quickness in his success.” The
announcer says. “No. We knew he would be a hit and we were right. We are
thrilled that we could give him this success. It’s what makes us happy. Making
people’s dream come true is what makes us happy. We are proud of him and look
forward to the concert in Hawaii.” Brenda replies. “We wish you good luck.” The
anouncer says. “Thanks.” Brenda says with a cheery smile.

In a second she was gone. She disappeared from the screen and Sonny couldn’t help
but stare at the screen. He knew this wasn’t what he wanted. He didn’t want to be
seperated from her like this. They were suppose to be sharing their life together and
and now here he is....miserable without her.

“I’m going after her. This is it....I’m done. I need her back.” Sonny whispers. He
picks up the phone and dials the airport. “Yes. I would like to book a flight to
Hawaii tomorrow morning.” Sonny tells the person on the other end of the line.


Robin comes into the Outback with her new beau, Mark, and walks over to her

“Robin, Mark, it’s good to see you.” Mac says.

“Thanks. We just stopped by before heading out to Hawaii. We’re going to see the
concert Brenda and Lois’ new artist is doing. We haven’t seen Brenda so long and I
want to surprise her.” Robin says.

“Sounds like fun.” Mac replies.

“Sure does.” Mark says.


Jason walks up to the stairs of the Outback with his new girlfriend, Carrie. He
stops for a second. He prayed that Robin wasn’t there, but for some reason he
believed she was.

Him and Carrie walk in arm and arm and Jason stops when he sees Robin with
Mark. He looks at her.

Robin gets a feeling and she glances in the direction of the door. Sure
was Jason. He looked so good she thought, but knew she couldn’t get sucked in
again. Besides, Mark was good for her and Carrie was good for Jason. Carrie
didn’t question Jason and his business and that was what he needed Robin told

Robin turns back to Mark. “Ready to go?”

“Sure.” He looks up and sees Jason. “Oh, we better go before he makes a scene.”

“Let’s go.”

Mac tells them goodbye and to have a safe trip. Robin and Mark walk right by
Jason and Carrie. Jason can feel her body rub against him, but doesn’t say

“So, Jason, what are we going to do today?” Carrie asks.


Ned had just heard that Lois was on her way to Hawaii. Before he has time to think
about it Alexis drops by. “Hey, Alexis.” Ned says.

“You ok? You looked like you were in deep thought there. I didn’t come at a bad
time, did I? She asks him.

Ned walks over to her and gives her a kiss. “No. Of course not. Let’s go out for
lunch.” With that he drags her away from the gatehouse. He needed to get away
from memories of Lois.


Brenda notices that Lois is looking out of the window. She knows that she is
thinking about what will happen when Lois returns to Port Charles and has to deal
with Ned and Alexis being together.

“Lo?” Brenda says.

“Yeah.” Lois responds, but doesn’t look at her.

“Your thinking about Ned, aren’t you?” Brenda says softly. Lois looks at Brenda
and closes her eyes slightly. “What am I going to do?” Lois whispers.

Chapter 2:

Brenda and Lois arrive in Hawaii on schedule. Joe is preparing for the
concert which is in less than an hour. He finishes up the last touches
on the songs and heads back, only to run into Brenda.
Joe: Oh, hey, Brenda, so what did you think of the rehearsal?
Brenda: It sounded great! I'm really excited about tonight. The tickets
are sold out. It's gonna be packed.
Joe: Yeah, I'm excited too. I can't believe how great everything's
Brenda: Well, you should believe it. This concert is going to have a lot
of media coverage, especially since the first concert was such a hit.
Joe: I know. Brenda, listen do you wanna grab a bite to eat after the
Brenda:(smiles) Sure.
Joe: Great, hey we're gonna practice the songs a couple more times. I'll
see you after the concert, ok?
Brenda: Ok.

Brenda goes to find Lois to tell her the great news. She goes into the
office and sees Lois on the phone booking another place for Joe to
Lois(on the phone): The fourth? That's fine. Great. Talk to you later.
She hangs up and looks at Brenda with a huge smile on her face.
Brenda: Guess what?
Lois: Ok, what, it's gotta be something big, cuz you've got this huge,
little kid smile like you just got something great for Christmas.
Brenda: Well, it is, sorta. Anyways, Joe asked me to go get something
to eat with him after the concert! (Sees Lois with a concerned face).
What? Don't worry I'm not going to get hurt, especially since Sonny is
out of my life.
Lois: Bren, just be careful, okay?
Brenda: Ok, MOM, I'll be fine. Really, Lo, I promise.
Lois: Ok good. (Looks at her watch) The concert's going to start soon.
Let's go.

Sonny sets his alarm for 6a.m. to catch the plane. He falls asleep. He
then starts to have a nightmare about Brenda in Hawaii:
Brenda steps out of the limo on the way to Joe’s concert. Many
fans want to get Joe’s autograph and amidst all the screaming, a
gun shot is fired. Sonny hears the gun shot while he is in the
crowd. He runs up to see who got hurt, and sees Brenda lying in a
pool of blood.
Sonny: NOOO!!!! Brenda, come on baby, talk to me.
Brenda:(blinks) Sonny??
Sonny: Hey, it’s me baby, you’re gonna be just fine. The
ambulence is on its way.
Brenda: I’m not gonna make it, Sonny. I..I....(she stops talking
and her hand drops)
Sonny: Brenda? BRENDA!!! No, this isn’t happening.
The ambulence arrives and the EMT gets out and sees Brenda. He
goes to check on her breathing and then her pulse.
EMT: I’m sorry, sir. There’s nothing we can do for her now.
Sonny cradles Brenda in his arms, and kisses her lightly on the
Sonny:(whispers in her ear) No, baby, please don’t leave me...

Sonny wakes up in a cold sweat. He calls the airport. It’s about 8 p.m.
A flight attendent answers the phone.
Flight Attendant: Hello?
Sonny: Hi, I need to book a flight to Hawaii...tonight. I already booked
a flight for tomorrow, but I have to get there earlier.
Flight Attendant: Well, sir, there is one last fight that leaves tonight,
you’ll have to pay extra for the transfer and the plane will be leaving
at 9:30p.m.
Sonny: That’s fine. I’ll be there soon.
Flight Attendant: Can I have your name please? I need to take you off
the other flight.
Sonny: Sure. It’s Sonny Corinthos.
Flight Attendant: Okay, Mr. Corinthos. The last seat we have is business
Sonny: That’s fine. Thank you.
He hangs up.
Sonny: Oh, god, let her be all right.

Robin and Mark leave to go to the airport.
Mark: Well, we got the last flight out tonight.
Robin: I don't care, as long as we get there in time for the concert.
Brenda's gonna be so surprised to see us!
Mark: Hey, I don't mind, as long as I get to spend time with you.
Robin: Thanks for coming. (they kiss)
Mark: Hey, we've got a week in Hawaii. Nothing but beaches, the sun,
everything. It'll be good to get away for awhile.
Robin:(staring out the window and sounding distant) Yeah, it will.
Mark: What's wrong?
Robin(looks back at Mark) Nothing. Everything's great. I've got you
and we're gonna be together for a week in Hawaii, and I'm gonna see
Brenda and Lois.
Mark: Then why do I feel like you're miles away?
Robin(smiles at him sadly): I'm sorry, this isn't fair to you. Here, you
are, wanting to spend time with me,and I'm like still stuck in Port
Charles or something.
Mark: Hey(goes and hugs her), it's okay. Just make me a promise.
Robin:(smiles) Anything
Mark: Promise me you'll have fun. Just put Port Charles aside for
awhile and enjoy yourself.
Robin: I'd hate to know where I'd be if you weren't here.
Mark: You'll never have to know.
He wraps his arms around her and she falls asleep in his arms.

Carly: Jason? Hello, are you still there?
Jason(blinks) Sorry, what did you say?
Carly: You still love her don't you?
Jason: Listen, why don't we drop Robin as a subject? You wanna do
anything today?
Carly: I give up! I already asked you that!
Jason: Oh, sorry. What are you up for?
Carly: How about we go to Jake's after dinner?
Jason: So, you wanna eat here, at the Outback?
Carly: (smiles)Yeah, why not?
Jason: That's fine with me. Listen I have a business meeting later
tonight, so I might have to cut short on going to Jake's.
Carly: Hey, that's fine. I have some stuff to do later anyways.
Jason: I'll have Renaldo drive you around.
Carly: Okay. Actually you know what? I heard there was this really
great concert tomorrow night! Maybe we could go?
Jason: Where is it?
Carly: That's the small problem. It's in Hawaii. Well, it was just an
Jason: Hey, it might not be so bad. I dunno I'l check and let you know
tomorrow. (his cell phone rings) Yeah. Oaky, I'll be there. (hangs up)
I gotta go. There's a deal going down. I'll have Renaldo take you home okay?
Carly: Okay.
Jason leaves the Outback. He can't stop his heart from beating so hard
since he saw Robin with the Mark guy.
Jason(whispers to himself): It's better this way.
He leaves to go to the docks.

Alexis and Ned sit down to eat. Alexis notices something strange going on
with Ned.
Alexis: Is something wrong? You've hardly touched you're food.
Ned: Everything's fine. I'm just a little tired, but I'm glad we got
away, even for a little while.
Alexis: You mean from the gatehouse?
Ned: Yeah, I do.
Alexis: I know it holds a lot of memories of you and Lois. It's just
good to take things a day at a time.
Ned: It goes by a lot faster with you here.
They continue eating.

Lois can't help but think of Ned during the whole preparation of the
concert. Just a little while ago, she remembers him onstage. God, it
was so much fun. She couldn't help but remember all the thngs she went
L: I can't believe I just let all of it slip away like that.
Brenda overhears Lois talking to herself and couldn't help but feel where
she was coming from.
B: Lois, it's ok. We just gotta get over all this stuff. Besides, it's
great to get away from it all for awhile. Just enjoy this. I mean we're
in HAWAII!!!! COme on, who says a couple a single girls like us can't
have fun, right?
L:(smiles at her best friend) YOu always seem to cheer me up, Bren. I'm
so glad to have you here. Come on let's go, the concert's gonna start soon.

Chapter 3:

Brenda and Lois walk into Joe's dressing room. Brenda walks over to him. "Hey.
You look great." She says with a smile.

Joe walks over to the mirror and looks himself over. He's wearing black pants and a
black satin button down shirt. "It's ok, I guess."

Lois goes over to him and places her hand on his shoulder. "You look h ot and
you're going to be great. The girls will go crazy."

"I don't know, Lois." Joe says apprehensively.

"I do. See, we're your managers and we know a hot item when we see one and you
are a hot item. Don't argue." Lois tells him.

"You probably better not argue with her about this one." Brenda adds.

"Ok - ok. When am I on?" Joe asks.

"Half an hour." Brenda tells him.


Sonny sits in his seat on the plane and looks out the window as the plane takes off.
He thinks of Brenda and the last thing he told her.


S-I'll see you in two hours.
B-I'll be waiting.
S-I'll be there, Chica.


"I wasn't there. But I'm coming now. I'm out and I'm coming home - to you." He
says to himself.

He ties to concentrate on happy thoughts of him and Brenda, but he can't and won't
ever forget the look he saw on her face when she opened up the big church doors
and there she was. He remembers seeing her head fallinto her hands and Jason
pulling her out of the rain. He knew she was dying inside because so was he. He wanted to marry her so much, but at that point in time it was too risky.

"Will I ever be able to make this up to you?" He wonders.


Ned and Alexis continue eating. Silence overcomes them. Alexis knows that Ned has Lois on his mind. She didn't know it, but two years ago today was the day they parted for the last time.

Lois had called him the other day and said if he wanted to see Brooke he would have to go to Ma's because she would be away for a bit.

Alexis decides to break the silence. "Ned, you don't have to hide that side from me."

"What side?"

"Lois and your little girl. I know it's hard." She tells him.

"I'm sorry. I don't mean to close down on you. Two years ago today was the day she took my baby and walked out on me for good."

Alexis didn't know what to say. She understood his pain - the pain of losing the love of your life, but she wanted to be there for him in every way.

The TV came on at the PC grill. Ned isn't really paying attention to what they are saying untill he hears them say someone's name.

**Announcer: The owners of L&B Records are in Hawaii for their first major concert with their big star. Joe is set to hit the stage in 5 minutes.

They show the concert hall with the crowd yelling. They zoom behind the curtain. There she was - Lois.

Announcer: Lois, the crowd is begging for him
out there. Is he ready?
Lois: Oh, yeah. This crowd is so amazing. Get
Get ready for a big concert.
Announcer: Thanks. We will be watching. And to everyone watching, we'll be back after the concert for interviews with Joe and the L&B managers.

They go back to the daily news.

Alexis stares at Ned, who looks as if he is in dreamland.

"I need to get out of here." He whispers.


Robin and Mark get off the plane and take a cab to the concert. Brenda gave them passes to go see her if they decided to come.

"Are you all right?" Mark asks Robin.

Smiles at him. "Of course I am."

Robin drifts into dreamland.


R-"I believe in your future and whatever it is - I'll always love you."



R-I did it for you. I want you to live. I'm scared, Jason.


Mark touches Robin's shoulder and she jumps a bit. "Whoa, are you ok?"

"Yeah, we're here. Let's get to the concert." Robin tells him.

She sees the look of concern on his face. She touches his face. "It's ok. I'm just fine."

Thet get out of the cab at the auditorium. Robin and Mark make their way through all the security guards.

"There's Brenda and Lois!" Robin yells.

"What?" Mark asks her. He couldn't hear very well because it was so loud in the concert hall that her words echoed.

Robin grabs his hand and races over to Brenda.


Sonny's had found a cab after getting of the plane in Hawaii and they pull up to the auditorium where the concert was.

He gets out and takes his luggage. He pays the guy and the guy pulls away.

"This is our only chance. I won't give up on our future. Never again." He whispers.

He walks closer to where Brenda is at and rain starts to fall. He stops and looks around.


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