Sonny and Brenda Sex Games by Natasha Bradley

Deciding he needed a break from everything sonny decides to get away for a while to take a much needed vacation form his life. So he packs a suitcase has the pilot fuel the plane and as he makes his way to the airport he thinks of Brenda, which brings a smile to his face.

Meanwhile back in Port Charles Brenda is back modeling for Deception when her phone rings its sonny. Saying he was just calling to say hello they talk for a few minutes. Sonny tells Brenda that he is on way out of the country he is taking a vacation, a vacation Brenda replies since when do you take vacations she asked?

Starting today he replied so where are you and carly going Brenda asked? Nowhere he answered, nowhere I thought you said that your going on vacation she said yes sonny answered I am going on vacation by myself carly is not with me. So you are vacationing alone without carly so then where are you going Brenda asked?

I am going to a place where no one would think to look for me some place exciting and exotic like you. And where is this place she asked Brazil he answered. Brazil Is a very exotic country he tells her I am looking forward to my time in brazil only one thing could make it perfect and what’s that she asked you he says.

Me she asks with a smile on her face yes you a beautiful, exciting, and exotic woman in a beautiful and exotic country I couldn’t ask for anything better. That would be fun wouldn’t it Brenda says, by the way where are you staying? I have rented a little cottage in the villa do me a favor please he asked don’t tell anyone where I am. Okay I have to go now but I will talk to you later sonny says.

Brenda is wrapping up her photo shot when she thinks back to her conversation with sonny. She is thinking that she will go to Brazil also so she changes and heads home to pack for her trip with sonny. Thinking to her self finally just sonny and me. I am going to rock his world he is going to be all over me.

I am going to make him beg for mercy she says to her self. Brenda is on her way to the airport and on to Brazil meanwhile sonny is in Brazil enjoying the sites and thinking of Brenda. Two hours later Brenda arrives in Brazil and her first stop the villa. She finds out sonny’s room and heads straight for it.

She arrives at sonny’s room and knocks on the door when sonny opens the door he finds Brenda standing there in a low cut red dress with red pumps on. Well are you going to invite me in she asked of course come on in he says while he is checking Brenda out in her in red dress with the red pumps.

Are you even going to ask what I’m doing here I don’t care why you are here I am just glad that you are. Where are you staying sonny asked right next door Brenda answered. So what do you want to do she asked and sonny answered anything you want, well alright then let the games begin she says don’t you mean let the fun begin sonny asked and Brenda replies no I had it right the first time.

So sonny and Brenda spend the day together seeing the sites and later that night they were getting ready to have dinner together both wanting to look there best for each other. When sonny goes to pick up Brenda for dinner she comes to the door wearing this blue see through dress. And the words that come out of sonny’s mouth good god of mighty.

You like my dress she asked oh yeah I like it what’s not to like he answers. Great so lets go they enter the restaurant and all eyes are on Brenda. They have dinner and then they hit the dance floor when No Ordinary Love starts to play. Their dancing and holding each other close so close that is difficult to know where one begins and the other ends.

They go back to their rooms and say goodnight and look forward to tomorrow. The next day sonny plans a day at the beach where they are splashing around in the water and later they go shopping when they come to this sex store intrigued by the contents of the store. They go inside and look around when Brenda stumbles on this game monopoly but it’s not your ordinary game of monopoly.

Seeing that her interested was peeked sonny buys the monopoly game and they take it back to his room. Sonny opens the game and starts to read the instructions. If you land on someone’s property you must either take off your clothes or the clothes of the owner’s or whatever the card say’s for you to do you must do. As they begin to play monopoly Brenda goes first she pulls a card and the card says move three spaces forward and remove your opponents shirt. Brenda starts to remove sonny’s shirt when he says to her I think I am going to like this game.

Now its sonny’s turn he pulls a card and it says move six paces forward and kiss the neck of your opponent three times. Which he does now things are starting to heat up? Brenda takes her turn again and this time the card says for her to lick sonny’s chest four times and she is licking his chest the moaning begins. And for sonny he has to slowly kiss Brenda’s legs for his turn.

Its Brenda’s turn again she pulls the card and it says for her to go park place and undress sonny. Things are getting hot in here. Now for sonny he pulls the card and he lands on Brenda’s property, which means he loses or does he. For this he has to undress Brenda completely and he has to kiss every inch of her body from head to toe.

Sonny starts to undress and once he has undressed her he begins to kiss her legs every so softly inching his way up inch-by-inch taking his time and doing it nice and slow. As he made his way up to her mouth he turns her over and begins to kiss the back of her neck then down her back and so on and so on. With every kiss the moaning becomes louder and louder with every touch she screams in ecstasy. From that night on a simple touch would cause sonny and Brenda to explode in ecstasy.

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