A S&B Christmas Short Story by Clarissa

Brenda Barrett stormed inside of her cottage, walking into her living room and sitting down on the couch. Sonny walks through the door as she sits down. He smiles at her, as he walks over to where she is sitting. He sits on the coffee table so that he is directly in front of her face. He takes her hands in his and places them up to his mouth. She fights the urge to grin at him, but in the end it's no use, as a huge grin spreads across her beautiful face.
"What? Why are you grinning?"
Sonny begins to laugh,
"I can't help it sweetheart, you are so damn cute when you are pissed off! And what makes it even better is that it isn't at me for a change, but at Candyboy."
"Shut up Sonny!" said Brenda, as she jerked her hands away from Sonny and picked up a pillow on her couch and hurled it at him. But it was no use, for she is laughing with him. After a moment of continuous laughter, they begin to get serious with their conversation.
"You really think we can find the evidence that can get me off?"
Sonny nods his head and smiles gently.
"Sweetheart, you are starting to underestimate me, I don't like that."
Brenda nods her head and gets a serious expression on her face.
"You never did like that. You know, I'm so glad you didn't change in the past four years. I don't know what I'd do if I had to act like somebody that is perfect with you too. Jax thinks I can do no wrong, and now that I've proved him wrong, he thinks I have let him down. Thank you for being here." Sonny places his hand on her cheek and gently begins to stroke it.
"It's not necessary sweetie, I know you didn't kill Alcazar. I could tell just by looking in your eyes."
Brenda smiles and blinks back a tear.
"I don't know what I'd do without you. You have been my hero time and time again."
Sonny smiles and wipes a tear that has now fallen from Brenda's eye.
"Hey, don't cry. I'm always going to be here Brenda, I"m not going anywhere."
Brenda suddenly jerks away from Sonny and stands up.
"I can't believe this, it is December twenty-first and I haven't even got a tree."
Sonny looks up at Brenda, completely confused about why she had just jerked away from him. He stands up and stares into her eyes. Brenda begins to giggle as she begins to remember a moment from their past.
"Remember the christmas you were shot up with heroin? When you sold Christmas trees? I thought you looked so handsome wearing that santa hat. I remember thinking to myself, that I would take you under my christmas tree every second of the year."
Sonny begins to laugh as well.
"So that's what your were laughing at? Here I thought it was just the santa hat."
Brenda continues to giggle as she shakes her head.
"No, I was thinking about how I'd like you under my tree in the santa hat and nothing else."
Sonny shakes his head and blushes.
"Well I guess since we are are confessing things to each other, I might as well confess about what I was thinking at that exact moment."
Brenda's eyes widen, wondering what it was he possibly could have been thinking. She would probably be blushing herself before he was through with his confession, for his thoughts involving her had always been X-rated in the past.
"I was thinking about how I'd like to take you right in front of the christmas tree, in front of Jax and in front of Edward, but especially in front of Jax, so I could prove to him that you belonged to me, that you always belonged to me."
Brenda stares deeply into Sonny's eyes and begins to feel herself getting lost in them. She clears her throat, trying to break the moment.
"So anyway...as I was saying it's December twenty-first and I haven't even gotten a Christmas tree yet...what do you say? Wanna help me find a tree?"
Sonny realizes why she had changed the subject. They had been getting closer and closer to each other, from the second she had arrived back in Port Charles, but they had really started to get closer after they kissed on the island. He looks deeply into Brenda's eyes and smiles.
"Sure...lets go spread the Corinthos holiday cheer!"
Brenda laughs as Sonny puts his arm around her and they head out the door.
"You mean the Coriinthos and Barrett christmas cheer?"
Sonny and Brenda arrive at the place that Sonny had sold trees at so long ago. The woman recognizes them immediately and smiles.
"Mr. Corinthos, six Christmas later and here we are again." Sonny smiles, noticing that she is in fact pregnant again.
"So I see, some things never change."
Suddenly the lady doubles over in pain.
"Oh god...it's happening again...I'm in labor."
Sonny smiles at Brenda, who instantly returns the smile. Brenda looks at the lady as she screams out in pain. She notices that the woman's pants are all wet and smiles at her.
"It looks like this baby is coming tonight. You better get to the hospital."
The lady shakes her head, "No, I can't leave here, now is the worst time."
Brenda begins to laugh at her stubborness.
"Sonny told me how stubborn you are. Go to the hospital, have your baby, we'll take care of the business."
Sonny nods his head in agreement. The woman sighs and looks at her husband.
"Lets go querido, I'm not gonna argue with Mr. Corinthoso again. Here you go, wear these." She hands Sonny and Brenda santa hats as they walk away.
Sonny and Brenda watch as they leave. Brenda places the santa hat on her head and watches as Sonny does the same. She begins to giggle and her face turns crimson as she blushes.
"My thoughts are turning dirty again."
Sonny grins and shakes his head.
"That's nothing sweetheart, since you put that hat on, I've thought about taking you under that tree about a hundred times, and you only put it on thirty seconds ago."
Brenda's thoughts continue to grow more and more impure when she notices Edward and the gang walking towards them. Edward grins when he sees them.
"Well, well, well, if it isn't Sonny Corinthos..." He does a double take when he sees Brenda in a santa hat.
"My darling, what are you doing here?"
Brenda smiles and holds out her arms like she is presenting herself to Edward.
"You like? I decided to deck the halls this year." Edward roars with laughter.
"My dear, anytime you feel like decking the halls you have my permission."
Brenda laughs as Edward looks at Sonny.
"So Corinthos, how much will it set me back for that tree right there?" He points to a ten foot, beautiful already decorated Christmas tree. Sonny grins, as he remembers that he had overcharged him the last time he had been here like this.
"That will be two thousand dollars."
Edward glares at him.
"Two thousand dollars for a Christmas tree!"
Monica glares at Edward, "For gods sake Edward, it's not like we are poor, pay the man!"
Edward takes out his credit card and hands it to Brenda. Edward hangs around for a few minutes, continuing to argue with Sonny. Finally they leave and Brenda smiles at Sonny.
"Edward still hates you."
Brenda looks at her watch and sighs, it was after eleven o'clock, they could finally leave. She smiles tenderly as she watches Sonny helping a young family into their car. She walks to the parking lot where Sonny is still standing. She places her hand on his shoulder and smiles.
"I'm sorry Sonny, I know how much you want a family."
Sonny smiles and nods his head.
"It just wasn't meant to be Brenda. It just wasn't meant to be. I'm not meant to have children."
Brenda takes Sonny's hand in hers.
"What do you say we pick what's left of the christmas trees and take it back to my cottage so we can decorate it."
Sonny and Brenda walk over to a seven foot tree and together they carry it to Sonny's limo. Johnny and the guys tie it ontop of the limo and they all climb inside. They sing christmas carols the entire way back to Brenda's cottage. Sonny and Brenda enter the cottage, dragging the tree in with them. They set the tree down and begin to decorate it with red, green, white, pink, gold and silver lights. Finally they get it all decorated, all except for the angel. Brenda smiles.
"I wonder where the angel came from?"
Sonny shakes his head, not knowing the answer.
"Maybe it was fate?"
Brenda smiles.
"I guess so. Help me put it on."
Sonny boosts Brenda onto his shoulder and she puts the angel on the top of the tree. After Sonny lowers her back onto the ground, she smiles. Sonny looks down at his watch.
"I guess I better get home."
Brenda nods her head in agreement, knowing that his wife was probably worried about him.
"I'll walk to out."
As they are walking over the doorway they look up and see mistletoe. They both begin to laugh.
"We're under the mistletoe." Brenda smiles at the realizaton. Sonny takes her face in his hands and begins to kiss her. It starts out as a gentle, slow kiss, but it is quickly deepened to a more passionate kiss. After a minute Sonny pulls away. They stare into each other's eyes as Sonny pulls away. They are both beaming.
"Goodnight Brenda."
As Sonny drives away Brenda stares up at the Sky.
"You never give up do you Stone? I love you."
Sonny stares out the window and looks at the stars in the sky.
"Thanks my man, thanks for not giving up on us."

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