"Don't Let Him Hurt Me" by Kuner

Oh G*d. Oh my lord. There is a pregnancy test in her hand. They zoom in to show the plus sign on the stick. Her hand is trembling. She stuffs the test back in the box and throws it in the garbage. She goes back into the living room, sits on the couch, and puts her head in her hands. Flashback: Brenda and Sonny making love in the cave. Then Brenda and Jax making love in the penthouse. She grabs her things and heads out the door. The gatehouse. Ned is shuffling through some papers when the bell rings. He opens the door and Brenda is standing there. N: Hey, Bren. Whatís up? B: I have to talk to you about something. You absolutely have to promise to keep this between us. Not a single other soul can know. N: You have my word. This sounds serious. B: It is. Iím pregnant. N: Brenda, thatís fantastic! Why the big secret? B: Iím not sure who the father is/ N: Oh, boy. Who else, Sonny? B: When we were trapped in that cave, I was so scared that we would die. We admitted we loved each other and it just happened. N: Itís okay, Bren. I understand. You need to get a paternity test done. B: I know but anyone we know at GH could find out. Itís too risky. N: What about a fake name? B: Too many people could recognize me. N: You could go to Mercy. B: That sounds better. Iíll call tomorrow and make an appointment. N: I can go with you if you need moral support. B: Thank you so much, Ned. You donít know how much it means to me. N: Hey, thatís what Iím here for. Donít worry, Bren. Everything will work out. 2 Days later at Brenda and Jaxís suite. Ned is there. Jax is away on business. N: You ready? B: No, but I have to do this. Picks up the phone and dials. B: Hi. My name is Mary Rogers and Iím calling about the results of my paternity test? Yes. Yes. Thank you. (Hangs up.) N: Well? B: Itís Sonny. Oh G*d, Ned. What am I going to do? N: You have to tell him, Bren. Heís already lost one child. You have to tell him. B: I canít. I canít. This isnít happening. Ned, tell me this isnít happening. Phone rings. B: Hello? Jax: Hey Brender. Is everything all right? You sound a little tense? B: Tense? No, I just miss you is all. When are you coming home? J: Thatís what I called about. It looks like Iíll have to stay in Bangkok for about another week to close this deal. Howís everything in Port Charles? B: Oh, everythingís fine. Donít worry about me. J: Okay then. I love you and Iíll see you in a week. B: I love you too honey. Bye. N: Howís Jax? B: He wonít be home for a week. N: That gives you some time to think. B: Iím leaving, Ned. I canít stay in Port Charles. I have to get out of here. N: Where will you go, Brenda? Both Sonny and Jax will come looking for you and theyíll find you. You know they will. B: No. I canít stay her. Will you help me? N: I will. But will you promise me something? B: What? N: Think this over. Call Lois and talk about this with her. Sheís your best friend and she can help you a lot more than I can. B: Okay. Thank you Ned. Right now I just need to be alone for a while. N: Okay. Iíll call you. Bye. B: Bye. She sits on the couch, closes her eyes, and the scene fades out. 1 week later. Ned has made the arrangements for Brendaís leaving. She is in the suite waiting for Jax. He walks in the door carrying a bag. J: Hey, Brender. I missed you so much. (Hugs and kisses her) So what happened while I was gone? B: Jax, we need to talk. J: About what? B: Iím leaving Port Charles. J: What? B: Iíve taken a long time to think this over and itís just something I need to do. J: Let me guess. Youíre running off with Sonny for real this time. B: No. Iím going alone and Iím not coming back. J: Why, Brender? B: I canít stay here when Miranda is a part of your life. And I know that you canít stand the fact that Iím still connected to Sonny in any way. Itís tearing us apart, Jax, and I canít live like that. So Iím going to go somewhere and start over. J: No. B: What? J: No. Iím not going to let you just walk out on me. I wonít let this happen. Emergency room at GH. They rush Brenda in on a stretcher. Alan: Oh G*d, Brenda. B: The babyÖ A: Letís get her into trauma 1. And be careful, sheís pregnant. Sonny rushes into the ER. Mac, Ned, Mike, and Jason are there. S: What happened? Mac: She was beat up pretty badly. S: By who? M: I need you your word that you wonít explode as soon as I tell you. S: Who was it, Mac? M: Brenda called 911 and managed to tell the operator where she was and what was happening. She said her husband was hitting her and then the connection got cut off. S: Iíll kill the bastard. Iíll kill him myself. Where is he? M: He split before the ambulance came. I put out an APB all over the county. Mike: You need to calm down, Michael. It wonít help Brenda any to get angry. Letís hope for the best. Alan said heíd come and talk to us as soon as he knew anything. Alan walks out of the trauma room. S: How is she? A: She was hurt pretty bad. Luckily nothingís broken, but she has a few bruised ribs. They should heal quickly. Sheís got a few cuts and a lot of bruises. Sheís very weak, but sheís stable. Sheís asleep right now and should be for a while. S: Can we see her? A: Itíll be the best thing for her right now. N: Alan, could I speak to you in private? They go off into a corner N: Howís the baby? A: The baby is fine, thank God. She kept telling me to call you so I figured you were the only one who knew. Why didnít Jax know? N: Itís not his. Donít get any ideas, Alan. Itís not mine either. So youíre sure the baby will be all right? A: Brenda was very lucky. Sheíll have to take it easy for a while. N: Iíll tell her. I trust this conversation will stay private? A: Of course. Sonny is sitting by Brendaís hospital bed, crying. S: God, Brenda, how could I let this happen? I should have been there to stop him. I sware to God I wonít let anyone hurt you again. I wonít let him near you. If he ever lays a hand on you again Iíll kill him with my bare hands. B: (weakly) Sonny? What happened? It hurts all over. S: Jax beat you up pretty bad, Brenda. B: Oh, God, I remember. (She looks around tensely) Where is he? S: Shhh, baby. Donít worry. Theyíre out looking for him now. B: Sonny, he said so many hurtful things. He called me such terrible names. S: I know, baby, I know. Iím not going to let him within 10 miles of you anymore, I promise. B: My head hurts so much. I must look like hell. S: You look like an angel. B: Whereís Ned? S: Heís outside waiting to see you. Iíll be back as soon as I can. B: Okay. Sonny? S: Yeah? B: I love you. S: I love you too, baby. They smile at each other as Sonny leaves the room and Ned walks in. N: Hey , Brenda. How are you feeling? B: My head is throbbing and I ache all over. Please Ned, tell me the truth. Howís the baby? N: The babyís going to be just fine. B: Really? Sheíll be all right? N: Youíve already decided itís a girl? B: (Smiles) Well, Iím hoping. Thank you for calling Sonny. N: Howíd you know I called Sonny? B: I just knew. Iím going to tell him as soon as he comes back. N: Iím glad, but you should get some rest first, OK? B: Iíll try. Tell Sonny to go home and get some sleep. N: I will, but heís not going to listen. B: I know. Bye. N: Bye. Sonny is sleeping in a chair next to Brendaís bed. Brenda wakes up and gently nudges Sonny. B: Sonny, hey, Sonny. S: Huh? B: Wake up, babe. I gotta tell you something. S: You can tell me anything. She takes his hand and places it on her stomach. B: Feel anything? S: No. Why? B: You will. Sonny smiles as it dawns on him. S: Youíre pregnant? B: Yeah. How do you feel about being a daddy? S: Wow. A baby. Itís mine? B: Iím positive. I had a paternity test done at Mercy. S: Brenda, you have just made me the happiest man alive. I love you, baby. B: I love you more. He leans over to kiss her as the scene fades out. Brenda is dressed and sitting on her hospital bed. Sonny and an orderly with a wheelchair enter the room. S: Your chariot awaits. B: I donít need a wheelchair. I can walk. S: No way. Iím not taking chances with the woman I love. B: But thatís one the things Iíve always found sexy about you. You love taking chances. S: Trust me on this one, baby. B: Oh, alright. Letís go. S: The limoís outside. Iíll take care of your paperwork and be right down. B: Donít take too long. S: Bye, baby. B: Bye. --------- Joseph opens the limo door and helps Brenda inside. She sighs contentedly and closes her eyes. The door opens and she smiles, thinking it is Sonny. B: I missed you, baby. Jax: Iíve missed you too, Brender. Brenda opens her eyes and gasps. B: Oh, G*d. Get out, please, just get out. J: Brenda, please let me explain. B: Explain what, Jax? Explain how you beat me unconscious? The police are looking for you Jax, and Iím calling them right now. Jax rabs the phone from her hand before she can dial. J: You lied, Brenda. You said you were leaving alone and now youíre her in his limo. The two of you planning on running off again. B: Iím staying in Port Charles with Sonny because he stayed with me in the hospital after you put me there. If you donít get out right now Iíll scream so loud the entire east coast will be able to hear what a bastard you are. Sonny opens the limo door and is furious to see Jax inside. S: Did you let him in here, Brenda. B: No, Sonny. Please, make him just leave us alone. S: Donít worry, I will. Call the police, OK? Sonny grabs Jax by the collar and drags him out of the limo. He pins Jax on the ground and puts his hands around his neck. S: I want you to know how it feels to have your life in someone elseís hands. I want you to beg me like Brenda begged you to stop when you were throwing her around. What kind of person claims to love a woman and then almost beats her to death? You donít deserve a woman like her. I want to kill you, but I wonít. Death is too good for you. I want to watch you rot in jail. Police cars pull up. Mac gets out of one the cars. The officers pull Sonny off Jax and cuff Jax. S: Mac, I want a restraining order against this bastard. M: Okay, okay. Right now I think you should make sure Brendaís okay. The limo door is still open. Brenda is sitting inside, frozen with fear. Sonny gets in, shuts the door and puts his arms around her. S: Hey, Brenda. Baby, itís okay, itís over. Itís over. Brenda breaks down in sobs. B: Sonny, Iím so scared. Please donít let him hurt me. S: I wonít, I wonít. Weíll get a restraining order, whatever it takes. B: Take me home, please, just take me home. They enter the penthouse with Brenda leaning against Sonny. He gently sits her down on the couch and kneels in front of her, smoothing her hair. S: Are you okay, baby? Did he hurt you? B: Not physically. But he was so cold, it was like he was two different people. The Jax that I married and the Jax that beat me up. S: Itís gonna be okay. I wonít let him hurt you again. Iím sorry. I should have been there to protect you this time. B: Itís okay. There was no way you could have known that he would find me. S: I love you, Brenda, and Iíll protect you, always. B: I love you, too. They start to kiss passionately when Jason walks in. J: Oh, geez. UmÖ.hi, Brenda. Sonny, Iím really sorry. I just had some business to discuss. B: Itís okay, Jason. Sonny, Iíll wait upstairs for you. J: Are you sure? B: Itís no problem, really. You guys go ahead and discuss your business. By the way, howís Robin doing? J: Sheís fine, worried about you. B: Tell her Iím doing fine and that Iíll call her soon. J: Okay. Bye. S: Bye. S: Okay, so set up that meeting for next week. See you later. J: Bye. Brenda appears at the top of the stairs, wearing one of Sonnyís shirts. B: Jason gone? S: Wow. B: Thatís it? S: Words canít describe the way I feel right now. B: Your kisses say it all. She walks up to him and they start kissing. They fall onto the couch and make beautiful passionate love. Brenda is lying in Sonnyís arms on the couch. S: Brenda? B: Hmmm? S: From the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Now I want to make it official. Brenda Barrett, will you marry me? B: Do you know long I have waited to hear you say that? S: Do you know how long I have waited to say it? They kiss intensely. S: So is that a yes? B: Well, since you asked so nicely, yeah. S: Yeah what? B: Yes, Sonny Corinthos, I will marry you. Nothing would make me happier. He smiles and they kiss again. B: Hand me the phone, babe. S: What for? B: Youíll see. B: Robin? Hey, girl! Howís Yale? I know, I miss you too. Oh, Iím fine. Actually, Iím better than fine. Iím engaged! Yeah, weíre at the penthouse. Hold on a sec. Sonny, give it back to me when youíre done. S: Hey, Robin. Whatís going on? Oh, thanks. Yeah, I just asked her. When are you coming for a visit? Okay, Iíll tell him. Yeah. Iím giving it to Brenda. Bye. I love you too. B: Robin, I have so much to tell you. Of course youíre going to help me plan the weddingÖÖ. Brideís room at the church. Brendaís hasnít started showing yet and is wearing a gorgeous silk gown with a delicate veil. Sheís pacing back and forth, wringing her hands and constantly checking the mirror. Lois: Brenda, would you please calm down? You look beautiful, the church looks beautiful, and everythingís going to be absolutely perfect. B: Lois, this is the most important day of my life. Nothing can go wrong. L: And nothing will, unless you donít stop pacing. Youíre going to wear a hole in the floor. Ned will be here any second. B: Lois, what would I do if you werenít here to keep me calm? Every bride needs a maid of honor like you. The front of the church. Sonny is standing anxiously waiting for the ceremony to start. Luke is the best man Jason and Mike are ushers. L: You look nervous, my man. S: Never. L: You picked a beautiful day for a wedding. S: I bet thatís Stoneís doing. You know, before he died, he told me weíd get back together. L: Stone was a wise man. S: He was. Man, I wish they would hurry up and start. Iíve been waiting for this day my whole life. J: Sonny, I got the twins to tail Jax. S: Thanks, man. I donít want him ruining this day for us. L: He wonít, partner, he wonít. Just relax. M: Theyíre ready to start, guys. S: Itís showtime. ----- R: Bren, you ready? Theyíre about to start. B: Iíve never been more ready for anything my whole life. Miranda: Jax, I donít think this is a good idea. Jax: Just shut up and drive, Miranda. Corinthos ruined my wedding, now itís my turn. M: are you saying youíre sorry Iím came? J: Of course not, darling. This has nothing to do with you. Itís about getting revenge on that mobster. M: Jax, I think weíre being followed. J: It looks like a couple of Corinthosí thugs. Speed up, maybe we can lose them. The wedding ceremony is starting. Brooke Lynn is the flower girl. Robin and Lucy are bridesmaids, etc. When Brenda walks down the aisle, Sonny gets a huge smile on his face. She reaches the altar and they turn to face the priest. As he starts (Dearly belovedÖ..) Jason nudges Luke and motion s toward the back of the church. Jax is arguing with security. Jason and Luke approach Jax. Jason: Jax, man, look just get out of here and weíll forget this ever happened. We donít want any trouble. Jax: I wonít. Get out of my way. He pulls out a gun. Jax: Corinthos! S&B turn around and Brenda screams. S: Brenda, get down! J: So, Corinthos, how does it feel? How does it feel to have the happiest day of your life ruined? S: Cool it, Jax. Letís take this someplace else. J: This is staying right here. Mac: Jax, just put down the gun. Jason and Luke are both moving in, ready to pounce. All of a sudden Brenda screams and doubles over pain, holding her stomach. Lois: Brenda! Whatís wrong? B: I donít know. It hurts, Lois, it hurts bad. L: I know , honey, I know. Here, sit down. Alan! Sonny moves toward Brenda. J: Oh no, Corinthos, youíre not going anywhere. Make one false move and I swear Iíll shoot. B: Jax, please. Just leave us alone. Youíre hurting me. Alan comes over to help Brenda. S: Is she okay? A: I think itís just a stress cramp. Just keep breathing deep and it should subside. OK? Brenda nods. S: Look at the trouble youíre causing, man. Why donít you just split? J: You have to pay for what youíve done and youíre going to pay with your life. Mac gives the nod. Jason and Luke tackle Jax. The gun goes off and the bullet goes into the wall. They wrestle the gun from Jax and the security haul Jax out of the church. J: Itís not over, Corinthos! Itíll never be over. Sonny rushes to Brenda. S: Bren, are you okay? B: Yeah, I think itís over. Priest: Shall we continue? B: Yes, yes, everythingís fine. Thank you, Alan. Yeah Lois, Iím okay. P: I believe the bride and groom have written their own vows. B: From the first moment I saw you, I knew that there was no one else. Our love was the only thing in my life that I could really believe in. I want to make you happy, Sonny. I am going try with everything I have to make you happy for the rest of your life. Today is the real beginning of my life, because without you, I cannot live. S: When we are together, I feel like I can conquer the world. When we are apart, I feel as is if there is a void in my soul. I never knew what love was until I met you. I never knew how deeply two souls could connect, how two hearts could become one. I promise to protect you always and forever. I will never let anyone or anything come between us ever again. P: By the power vested in me by the state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Mr.Corinthos, you may kiss your bride. Sonny takes Brendaís face in his hands and they kiss so intensely that almost everyone in the room is moved to tears.

The reception at the Outback. People are milling around and having cocktails. Lois walks up on stage and taps the mic. L: Everybody, can I have your attention. It is my great pleasure to present to you Mr. And Mrs. Sonny Corinthos! S&B walk in arm in arm, smiling. They are almost unable to take their eyes off each other. Everyone walks up and starts congratulating them. Then everyone sits down, S&B at the head table with Lois, Ned, Robin, Jason, Luke, Laura, and Mike. Luke taps his glass and the rest of the room does the same. L: I would like to make a toast to a very special couple. We all know that Sonny and Brenda have been through a lot to get to this day. Miraculously, they survived, and I know that they are going to be very happy together. To Sonny and Brenda, may you live happily ever after. Everyone: To Sonny and Brenda! Lois: My turn. You are two of the most important people in the world to me. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see the two of you happy together. Your love can overcome any obstacle you face. Be true to yourselves and to each other, and I know nothing will ever come between you. To Sonny and Brenda! E: To Sonny and Brenda! Mac: And now, the bride and groomís first dance! Celine Dionís ďI Love YouĒ comes on and S&B dance. Brenda throws the bouquet and Robin catches it. Sonny throws the garter and deliberately aims for Jason. Music comes on and everyone dances including S&B. B: Sonny? S: Yeah? B: Do you have any idea how happy I am? S: I think so. B: Iíve been waiting for this day my whole life. S: I said the same thing to Luke before the ceremony. B: I donít ever want to be apart from you again, Sonny. S: I know. We wonít ever have to suffer like that again. B: I love you, always. S: And forever. They kiss and the scene ends. End of the reception. Sonny and Brenda are getting ready to leave for the airport. B: Lois, thank you so much. L: Bren, Iím so happy for you guys. Have a great honeymoon. B: Do you know where weíre going? L: Yeah, but Sonny made me promise not to tell. B: Oh, come on, just a hint? L: Never. Sonny would kill me if I told you. Robin: Iím going to miss you, Bren. B: Oh, Robin, Iíll miss you too. We havenít gotten to spend any time together. R: Donít worry. Weíll have plenty of time to catch up this summer. B: Count on it. I love you. R: I love you too. Now go and have a great time. ------- S: Thanks for everything, man. L: No problem. Brenda know where youíre going yet? S: No. Did she ask you? L: Yeah, about a million times. She tried getting it out of Laura too, but she wouldnít crack. S: Sheís been asking me, Lois, Ned, Robin, Jason, and Mike all week, but she hasnít had any luck. M: Congratulations, Michael. S: Thanks, Mike. I appreciate all your help. M: Itís good to see you happy again. S: Itís good to be happy again. J: Sonny, the carís out front. S: Thanks, Jason. Hey, take some time off before Robin goes back to school, OK? J: But SonnyÖ S: No way, man. I want you to give her your undivided attention. Deal? J: Deal. Take it easy, man. S: The same goes for you. Thank you guys for everything. See you in two weeks. J, L, &M: Bye. S: Are you ready to go, Mrs. Corinthos? B: I am, Mr. Corinthos. Lois, Robin, thank you guys so much. I love you. S&B hug them both. L: We love you guys. Have a great time! S&B: Bye. S&B head out the door and into the limo. B: Now will you tell me? S: Tell you what? B: Donít play dumb with me, Sonny Corinthos. Where are we going? S: Youíll find out when we get there. Right now just kiss me. B: My pleasure. They kiss passionately. End of scene. Pilot: We should be arriving at our destination in about ten minutes, sir. B: It was nice of Ned to lend you the ELQ jet. S: Well, no one can resist my charm. B: I bet. Okay Sonny, you can tell me now. S: Tell you what? B: Come on, Sonny. Weíre there. You have to tell me. S: Not yet. Iíve got a special surprise waiting. A blindfolded Brenda is led out of an elevator by Sonny. B: Okay, Sonny this is getting old. S: Be patient, Bren. Just a couple more minutes. Sonny opens a door and we see a huge hotel suite with French doors. The doors are open. They lead to a beautiful terrace where there is a candlelight dinner waiting. Sonny takes the blindfold off. S: Welcome to Puerto Rico, Mrs. Corinthos. B: (shrieking) Sonny! S: Surprise. B: This is the best! S: So you like it? B: I love it. I love you. S: I love you too, sweetheart. B: Wait here. Iíve got a surprise of my own. She runs off and Sonny pours some sparkling cider for Brenda and a glass of champagne for himself. Brenda returns wearing a silk negligee. Sonny smiles and puts down the drinks. B: What do you think? S: The only way to describe what Iím feeling right now is to show you. He takes her in his arms and they make beautiful passionate love all night long. The next morning. Brendaís head is on Sonnyís chest and his arms are around her. B: Sonny, you know what? S: What, baby? B: For the first time in my life, I feel really, truly happy. S: Me too. And weíre going to stay that way. No more secrets, Brenda. I want you to feel safe with me. I wonít keep anything from you anymore. B: I do feel safe with you, Sonny. I feel safe because I know youíll protect me. S: I promised Iíd never let anyone hurt you again and I wonít. B: Nothing can touch us as long as we believe in each other. They kiss. B: So what do want to do today? S: Stay here and make love to you all day long. B: Remember when we made love on the beach? S: How could I forget? B: Iíll race you to the shower. S: Whatís the point? You know Iíll win. B: Oh yeah? (punches him with a pillow) S: (smiles and hits her back) Yeah. They jump out of bed and start a pillow fight. He grabs her by the waist and kisses her. She kisses him back but pulls away and hits him in the face with the pillow and then runs. S: Oh, so you wanna be like that, huh? He chases after her and the scene fades out. Back on the jet. B: Sonny, I think that when we get back we should find a house. A place just for us. S: Okay. We can get a hotel room tonight, or sleep in the spare room tonight. B: I think a hotel room will be okay. Sonny, do you understandÖ S: Itís okay, baby. I know. B: Thank you. How about dinner at Lukeís tonight? S: Sounds good. Youíre eating for two now, remember. You need to start eating real food. B: I am so sick of bananas and yogurt all the time. S: Bananas and yogurt? I cannot see you eating bananas and yogurt. B: Neither can I. Sonny picks up the phone and dials. S: Hey Mike. Yeah, weíre on the plane right now. You got a table for my lovely wife and I tonight? Around 7:30. Weíll see you then. Bye. B: Sonny, letís tell everyone tonight. S: About the baby? B: Yeah. S: How far along are you? B: Almost 2 months. S: Nothing would make me happier. B: Do you know how happy it makes me feel to know that Iím carrying your child? S: I think that I am the luckiest man alive. I have a beautiful wife who is the most perfect creature on earth and she is having my baby. They kiss. S: When is your next doctorís appointment? B: Wednesday. S: Do you want me to come? B: I would love you to, if youíre not busy. S: Baby, my scheduleís clear for the rest of my life. They kiss and the scene fades. That night at Lukeís. All of S&Bís friends are there. Luke: Everyone, letís welcome back Sonny and Brenda Corinthos! S: Iíd like to make a very special announcement. My beautiful, beautiful wife is going to have a baby. Brenda smiles and Sonny puts his arm around her. People start congratulating her. Jason: Why did they wait so long to tell everyone? R: I think that Sonny didnít want to jinx it by telling people right away. J: That makes sense. R: Itís so good to see Sonny happy again. J: Before, it was like there was this part of him missing and now heís whole again. R: Now everything is perfect. Weíre happy, and Sonny and Brenda are finally happy together. J: It doesnít get any better than this. They kiss and the scene fades. Several months later. They have since moved into a beautiful brand-new 4 bedroom house. A visibly pregnant Brenda is rummaging around in the kitchen. S: You okay in there baby? B: Hey, I may not be Julia Child, but I can definitely handle making toast. S: (laughing) Just checking. I brought you some chocolate croissants. Look in the pantry. B: Mmmmmm. Thanks baby. S: What time is your doctorís appointment today? B: 3:30. Can you come? S: Iíll try, but I got a meeting at 3. B: Thatís okay, you go ahead. I have some errands to run afterwards anyway. S: You sure? B: Iím sure. Itís probably a routine checkup anyway.. S: Okay. I gotta run. Donít burn your toast. B: (Sticks her toungue out at him) Shut up. S: (kisses her) Never. Bye. B: Bye. S: Love you. B: Love you more. Brenda is sitting on the examining table in the doctorís office. The doctor walks in. D: I have some very exciting news for you, Mrs. Corinthos. Youíre having twins! B: Twins?! D: A very healthy boy and girl. B: This is fantastic! I canít wait to tell my husband! Thank you so much doctor! D: My pleasure. Weíll see you back in two weeks for your first ultrasound. B: Okay. Bye. D: Bye. Sonny is sitting at a table at Lukeís, shuffling through some papers. Jason walks in and sits down. J: Sonny, tonightís the night. S: Hey, slow down, man. Night for what. J: Harryís partner is making his move tonight. S: Took him long enough. You know what to do? J: Yeah. The cops still part of the plan? S: Itís the only way theyíll believe Iím not behind it. Iíll call Mac, you take care of the rest. J: OK. The docks. 10 tonight. S: See ya. J: Yeah, bye. That night. Brenda arrives home to find a note and a rose from Sonny telling her he had some business and not to wait up. She decides to wait up anyway. She turns on some music and settles herself on the couch with a stack of baby magazines and catalogs. The docks. Sonny, Jason, and the cops are hiding in the shadows. We see Dorkman talking to some guys. D: I want some real profit this time. No more free samples to your favorite junkie. G1: Whatever, boss. G2: Hey, boss, people on the street have been talking and they wanna know if you work for Sonny Corinthos. D: You tell them Iím bigger than Corinthos could even dream of being. Iím smarter than that lowlife. S: If youíre so smart, how come Iím the one holding the gun? D: Well, hello Mr. Corinthos, Mr. Morgan. S: What took you so long to make a move, Dorman? D: I wanted my customers to get desperate. S: Get the drugs out of my city, Dorman, or Iíll make you pay. Stefan Cassadine: I donít think thatís possible. S: Cassadine? SC: Thatís right, although you wonít be alive long enough to identify me. S: Thought youíd be off someplace romancing Katherine Belle. SC: Funny, very funny. So Dr. Dorman, who should I kill first? D: I say the brain damaged idiot. SC: I agree. He wonít feel a thing. Very fast action sequence. The police rush in at the exact same moment Cassadine pulls the trigger. Sonny yells for Jason to look out and dives in front of him. When the bullet hits Sonny, the shot cuts right to Brenda. -------- Brenda sits up and gasps. B: Okay. Just calm down. Everythingís okay. Everythingís fine. Flashback: Brenda at the cemetary telling Mike she thinks Sonny is in trouble. Brenda gets up, shuts off the music, and starts pacing. B: Sonny, please,please, be okay. Please come home. --------- J: Sonny! Sonny is lying on the ground bleeding. Jason pulls off the flannel jacket heís wearing and presses it on Sonnyís wound. J: Sonny, man, you gotta hold on. Please, stay with me! S: Tell BrendaÖIím sorry. J: No, man, youíre gonna tell her yourself. Stay with me, man, come on, just stay with me. Sonny loses consciousness. J: Sonny! Sonny! Wake up, Sonny! Come on! Brenda is still pacing when the phone rings. She rushes to answer it. B: Sonny? R: Brenda, itís Robin. Sonnyís been shot. Iím coming to pick you up. Brenda, listen to me. You have to stay calm. Just stay there and stay calm. OK? As soon as Robin says ďSonnyís been shotĒ Brenda lets the phone fall out of her hand and onto the floor. She starts shaking but otherwise doesnít move. There is a knock on the door and Robin walks in. R: Brenda? Oh, G*d. Come on Brenda, weíve got to get to the hospital. Iíll get your coat. Brenda remains motionless. Robin returns with Brendaís coat and gently leads her out the door. The ER. Robin and Brenda walk through the doors. Jason rushes up to Robin and they embrace. R: G*d, Jason. Are you alright? J: Yeah, Iím okay. Brenda approaches the admitting desk. N: Can I help you? B: My name is Brenda Corinthos and I want to see my husband. N: Yes, Mrs. Corinthos. They just brought your husband in and the doctors are working on him now. Please take a seat. B: No. I want to see my husband. N: Mrs. Corinthos, please take a seat. B: (shrieking hysterically) No! I want to see my husband! Let me see my husband! R: Brenda! Brenda breaks down in sobs. R: Brenda, here sit down. Itís gonna be okay. Everythingís going to be okay. Shhh, shhhh. Robin puts her arms around Brenda and rocks her while she cries. M: Mac, what happened? Mac: Sonny was shot. M: By who? Mac: Stefan Cassadine. M: Cassadine?Ö. Never mind. Howís Sonny? Mac: Theyíre working on him now. M: Howís Brenda holding up? Mac: Not good. Iím worried about her. M: Where is she? Mac: In the waiting area with Jason and Robin. B: I have to go to the bathroom. R: Do you want me to come? B: No, Iíll be okay. I just need to splash some cold water on my face. Robin pulls out her cell phone and dials. R: Lois? Itís Robin. L: Hey Robin. Whatís up? R: Can you come to Port Charles? L: Now? Why? R: Sonnyís been shot. L: Oh, my G*d. How bad? R: Itís pretty bad. Lois, I donít know how to comfort Brenda. When I went to pick her up, she was just standing there with the phone on the floor. Can you come? L: As fast as I can. Iíll leave Brooke here with Ned. R: Thank you so much, Lois. L: Iíll see you soon. (hangs up) G*d, please let him be alright. Alan walks out of the trauma room. B: Alan? Howís Sonny? A: Not good, Iím afraid. Thankfully, Jason managed to stop most of the bleeding before the ambulance got there, but the bullet punctured his lung and heís in severe shock. We need to get him up to surgery right away to remove the bullet and repair the damage. B: Alan, please tell me heíll be okay. A: Iím sorry Brenda, but I canít make any guarantees. B: Can I see him? A: Only for a few minutes before we take him up. Brenda walks into the trauma room. Sonny is hooked up to a respirator and about a zillion other machines. Brenda takes his hand. B: Sonny, baby, itís me. Listen to me. I want you to fight. I want you to fight for us and for our babies. Iím not ready to lose you, not yet. I know you can make it through this, youíre strong. Iím gonna be waiting for that killer smile of yours when you wake up, so donít disappoint me. I love you baby, remember that, OK? N: Mrs. Corinthos, weíre taking your husband up to surgery now. B: Please, G*d, take care of him. N: Heís in good hands, maíam. B: Thank you. As Brenda walks out of the trauma room, Taggert approaches Jason, who has his head in his hands. T: You look a little stressed, Mr. Morgan. Something wrong? Jason gives Taggert one look and puts his head back in his hands. T: Who shot Sonny? One of his drug dealer friends? Or was it a hopped up junkie angry that Sonny wouldnít give him his next fix? Maybe you shot him, Mr. Morgan. Hell, a brain damaged moron like you wouldnít know the difference. B: What kind of a sick bastard are you? We donít even know if Sonnyís going to live and youíre here harassing us? I think that you are the lowest piece of scum on the face of the earth. T: Well, Mrs. Corinthos, I hear you had a little drug problem of your own. Your junkie husband get you hooked on it too? Thatís too bad for your baby, cause Iíve seen babies who are born drug-addicted and they are not a pretty sight. (To Robin) Is that how you got HIV? An infected needle from one of Sonnyís junkie friends? Jason punches Taggert (finally!) and sends him sprawling to the ground. He attacks Taggert and begins punching him repeatedly. R: Jason! Jason, stop! Robin and Mike manage to pull Jason off Taggert and Taggert picks himself up. T: You just assaulted an officer, Morgan. Mac, who was watching the entire scene, steps forward. M: No, I donít believe he did. Iíll take your badge, Taggert. T: Sir, I was just questioning this witness when he attacked me. M: First of all, you have not been assigned to the case. Second, Mr. Morgan has already given a statement and the guilty party has been apprehended and processed. But Iím sure you already knew that, didnít you, Taggert? T; Sir, please. M: Your badge. Taggert hands over his badge. As he walks away he stops in front of Brenda. T: Sonny Corinthos is a filthy, dope-dealin, smack-peddlin cop killer and I hope he dies and burns in hell. B: Youíre the one whoís going to burn in hell, you bastard. You canít even-Aaah! (Doubles over) R, Mike, & J: Brenda! B: Please call a doctor. It hurts. Mike: Do you get some kind of sick pleasure out of harassing pregnant women into muscle spasms? Get of here you freak. R: Jason, please get a doctor. J: Yeah. Mac: Mr. Taggert, I suggest you leave before I have you arrested for disturbing the peace. Taggert leaves. L: Brenda! What happened? B: I donít know, Lois. It feels like that pain I got at the wedding. L: Itís going to be okay, Bren. Just hang in there. Brenda is in an examining room. Jason brings her a glass of water. B: Thank you, Jason. For everything. You saved Sonnyís life. J: He saved mine. Dr.: Can you tell me what happened? B: I was talking and all of a sudden I got this sharp pain in my stomach. D: Like a cramp? B: Yeah, but a lot worse. D: You were just talking? B: Not exactly. I wasÖ.confronting someone and I was pretty angry. D: Thatís probably what caused it. Take some deep breaths and try not to get too excited. You should see your OB if these pains continue. OK? B: Thank you, Dr. L: Are you sure youíre okay? B: Yeah, Lois. Iím fine. Wait. What are you doing here? L: Robin called me. Howís Sonny doing? B: We donít know. They took him to surgery. (starts crying) G*d, Lois, Iím falling apart. I donít know what to do. L: (hugs her ) Hey, itís gonna be okay. Itís gonna be all right. ------- R: Jason, Iím sorry. I was so worried about Brenda that Ö.. J: Itís okay. R: How are you holding up? J: It should be me, Robin. R: What? J: Itís my fault Sonny got shot. They were going to kill both of us and Cassadine was going to shoot me first. Sonny took the bullet for me. It should be me in that operating room. R: No, Jason, you canít think that. Please donít think that. J: How can I not? Sonny was trying to protect me when I should have been protecting him. R: Jason, donít do this yourself. It doesnít matter. The only thing we can do right now is pray that Sonny will be alright. Sonnyís strong. Heíll make it through this. They hug. B: Mac? M: Yeah? B: Thank you. M: For what? B: For firing Taggert. M: I should have never let it go on this long. When I think of how that jerk used my department to carry out some kind of sick personal vendettaÖ. it makes me sick. Iím sorry you had to just sit there and listen to all those things he said. B: Heíll attack anyone he can just to get to Sonny. M: It wonít happen again. I just hope youíll accept my apology. B: Apology accepted. -------- Dr.: Mrs. Corinthos? B: (standing up) Yes? Dr.: Theyíve taken your husband to Intensive Care. B: Is he going to be all right? Dr.: Iím afraid I canít say. Heís in critical condition. Itís going to be touch and go for the next 24 hours or so. B: Can I see him? Dr.: Yes, but only one visitor at a time. Your husband is in severe shock and is very unstable Kuner Brenda sits by Sonnyís bed and takes his hand. B: Sonny? Sonny, can you hear me? Honey, you gotta wake up, OK? You have so many people who need you. Robin, Jason, Mike. I need you, Sonny. I canít live without you, you know that. Our babies need you. Please Sonny, donít leave me now. Not after all weíve been through to be together. Do you know that nothing could ever make me stop loving you? My world is nothing without you. You have to live, Sonny. You have to live to see our babies grow up. I know youíre going to be a great father. Come back to me, please. Come on baby, open those beautiful brown eyes and show me that killer smile. I know you can. Sonny slowly opens his eyes. S: Baby? B: Yeah, honey, itís me. Thank G*d youíre awake. S: IÖIímÖsorry. B: Shhh, donít try to talk right now, itís okay, Iím here. Thereís nothing to be sorry for. She strokes his face. S: JasonÖ B: Jasonís fine, Sonny. Heís worried to death about you. So are Robin, Lois, and Mike. You have so many people that care about you. Donít try to talk anymore. You need your rest. Brenda waits for him to fall asleep and gently kisses his forehead before leaving the room. She starts to cry tears of joy when she gets into the hall. R: Brenda? What happened? B: Heís awake. Heís gonna be okay. Robin, Lois, and Mike hug Brenda. She approaches Jason, who has his head in his hands. B: Jason? Jason, heís going to be alright. Everythingís going to be okay. Jason gets up and first hugs Brenda, then Robin, then Mike. Sometime later. Brenda is asleep in a chair next to Sonnyís bed. Sonny wakes up and just watches Brenda sleep for a minute. Brenda wakes up and smiles at Sonny. S: Baby, what are you still doing here? You should go home and get some sleep. B: Iím not leaving this hospital until you are. S: Brenda, Iíll be okay. You need to take care of yourself and the baby. B: Correction. Babies. Weíre having twins! S: Twins? B: A boy and a girl. I found out yesterday. S: Baby, you just keep on making me happier and happier. Whenís it going to stop? B: Never. Isnít that what I promised you on our wedding day? Jason opens the door to the room. J: Is it okay if I come in? B: Yeah, Jason, sure come in. J: Youíre still here, Brenda? S: See, I told you should go home. B: Not without you. Iím going to get something to eat. Bye, honey. (Kisses him on the cheek.) S: See you, baby. Brenda exits. J: How you feelin? S: Not too bad. Iím pretty sore, though. How are you? J: Iím okay. S: Is Robin here? J: Yeah, sheís waiting outside to talk to you. Sheís worried about you. ÖÖÖÖ.. Sonny, why did you take that that bullet for me? You almost died protecting me. Why? S: Jason, sometimes there are just things you have to do. This was one of them. J: But Sonny, you could have died. S: Listen to me. I donít want you to feel guilty, or think thatís it your fault. What happened happened, and thatís all there is to it. Iím fine, and everything will be alright. OK? J: I guess. I have excellent news. Taggert is no longer a problem. S: What do you mean? J: He is off the force. S: How did that happen? J: We were waiting to hear news about you, and Taggert comes over and starts harassing me. Not like usual, though. He started saying some really nasty stuff. But I knew you wouldnít want me to let him get to me, so I just ignored it. Then Brenda came over and started yelling at him, calling him the scum of the earth and all that. (Sonny laughs.) Then he started up again, but this time he attacked Brenda, and then he took a cheap shot at Robin. I couldnít just sit there and listen to him talk about Robin and Brenda like that, so I decked him. And I kept on decking him. Mac saw and heard the whole thing and took away his badge. S: You should ignore him from now on, Jason. Every word that comes out of that jerkís mouth is pure bull. Anyway, what did Taggert do? J: Nothing. He said something to Brenda about you and thenÖÖÖÖ.. S: What? J: Then she got this cramp and Mac threatened to arrest Taggert. S: Slow down. What cramp? J: She was yelling at him and all of a sudden she got this pain in her stomach. She didnít tell you? S: No. Was she okay? J: Yeah, the doctor said it was just cause she was stressed out. S: She didnít say anything to me about it. J: She probably didnít want you to worry about her. Look, I should let you get some sleep. S: Thanks man. Hey, can you tell Robin to come in here for a second? J: Sure. S: Jason, will you do me a favor? J: Yeah, anything. S: Please try to get Brenda to go home. She needs her rest. J: Iíll try. See you later. S: Bye. Exit Jason, enter Robin. R: Sonny! S: Hey, sweetie. R: Thank G*d youíre alive. S: Hey, Iím okay. Like always. R: Iíve been worried to death about you. S: Robin, can I ask you something? R: Yeah, anything. S: Is Brenda alright? R: Yeah, now that you are. Why? Did she tell you about the thing with Taggert? S: Thatís why Iím asking. Jason told me, not Brenda. R: Well, we took her to see a doctor and she said that it was probably caused by the stress she was under. Look, Sonny, donít be mad at her. She just didnít want to worry you, thatís all. S: You think so? R: Iím sure. She knew you would worry about her and we all want you to concentrate on getting better. Okay? S: Yeah, okay. R: I love you. S: I love you too sweetie. Thank you. R: No problem. Get some rest, okay? S: Tell that to Brenda. R: I will. Bye. S: Bye. Sonny wakes up and Lois is sitting in the chair next to the bed. S: Cerullo? What are you doing here? L: You didnít think Iíd go back to Bensenhurst without making sure you were okay, did you? Besides, it was the only way Brenda would agree to go home and go to sleep. She wanted someone to sit with you. S: Hey, Iím okay. I donít need to be baby-sat. L: Sheís afraid of losing you, you know that? S: I donít do much to ease her fears, do I? L: Brenda knew the risk she was taking when she married you. Just donít use up those nine lives too fast, promise? S: I promise. So how are Ned and Brooke? L: Theyíre doing great. Itís good to be a family again. Actually, weíre expecting a new member in about nine months. S: Lois, thatís fantastic! Congratulations! Does Brenda know? L: Yeah, I told her after we found out you were okay. So when you bustin out of this joint? S: Soon as they tell me. I canít wait to get home. Brenda is on the phone at the house. B: Robin, guess what! Sonnyís coming home tomorrow! Iím so excited! Will you help me with something? I want to cook him a special dinner and I want you and Jason and Mike to come. I know, I know, thatís why I need your help. Sonny said Jason used to help him in the kitchen sometimes. You think he would? Thank you so much Robin. Iíll call you later, OK? Bye. The next evening. There is some Latin music playing softly in the background. Brenda is putting the finishing touches on the table when she hears the key turning in the door. B: Sonny! She runs up to him and they hug. S: Hey, baby! Be careful, Iím still a little sore. B: Iím sorry. Did I hurt you? S: No, of course not. (He notices the music) Whatís the occasion? B: What else? I finally have my husband home and healthy. S: Whatís that I smell? B: Cappellini alla checca, with chocolate mousse for dessert. S: Donít tell me you cooked. Iím afraid to look at the kitchen. B: Sonny! S: Iím just kidding, baby. B: As a matter of fact, I did cook, and Jason, Robin, and Mike helped me. S: Guys, is this true? R: It sure is. Actually, Brendaís getting to be a pretty good cook. I was impressed, werenít you, Mike? M: Very. Someone should tell Julia Child to look out when Brenda Corinthos is in the kitchen. B: You guys are giving me too much credit. We should let Sonny decide for himself. S: Letís eat then. They all sit down at the dining table. S: Jason, what do you want to drink? J: A beer is fine. M: Iíll have the same. R: Sparkling cider for me and Brenda, right Bren? B: Yeah, thatís fine. Sonny, Jason, and Mike sit down at the table. Brenda and Robin bring the food. M: A toast, to Sonnyís health. B: Honey, Iím so glad youíre home. S: Me too, baby. By the way, donít we have something else to toast to? B: Yeah, we do. Guys, I wanted to wait till Sonny was OK to tell everyone and this seems like the perfect time. Weíre having twins! A boy and a girl. R: Oh my gosh Brenda, thatís great! When did you find out? B: I had a doctorís appointment the day Sonny got hurt, and thatís when I found out. R: Iím so happy for you guys! This is the best. B: Me and Sonny also decided that we want you and Jason to be the babiesí godparents. R: Guys, Iím really honored that you picked us. Jason, isnít this great? J: Wow. S: So Mike, how do you feel about doing double duty as a grandfather? M: This is great. Sonny, I want you to know how proud I am of you. S: Thanks, Pop. Come on guys, letís eat. Iím starved. After dinner, Jason, Robin, and Mike have left. S: You need help cleaning up, baby? B: Sit down, honey, Iíll take care of it. S: Are you sure? B: Yes, you need your rest. S: You need yours too. B:I know, I know. This will only take a minute anyway, Robin and Jason and Mike did most of it for me. Theyíre the greatest, arenít they? S: They are, now that Mike doesnít have his nose in my business anymore. B: (laughing)He was just concerned about you. S: Come on honey, sit down. B: Okay. Iím done. She sits down on the couch and leans against him. He puts his arms around her. B: Baby, Iím so glad youíre home. I missed you like crazy. S: I missed you too, baby. B: Sonny, Iím so scared of losing you. S: Brenda, no matter what happens, youíll never lose me. Weíre forever. They kiss and the scene fades out. Several months later. The babies have just been born and Robin and Jason walk into Brendaís hospital room. R: Brenda!!!! B: Robin and Jason, I would like you to meet your godchildren, Michael Stone and Sarah Adela Corinthos. R: Bren, theyíre so beautiful. Can I hold Sarah? B: Of course you can! Jason, would you like to hold your godson? J: Iím not sureÖÖ. S: Jason, itís okay. Just hold your arms like this and be sure to support his head. ( Hands him the baby) See? Youíre going to be a great godfather. Jason has this absolute look of amazement on his face. J: Heís so tiny. B: That wonít last for long. From what Lois tells me, they grow bigger by the hour. R: Iím so happy for you guys. S: I couldnít be any happier than I am right now. B: Everything is so perfect. Scene fades out. A month or so later. S: Bren, I have to leave for a couple days. B: Why? S: Business. Thereís some trouble in Puerto Rico. I really donít want to leave you and the babies alone, but I have to take care of this. Jasonís going with me. B: I understand. But honey, please be careful. S: Donít worry baby, I will. A week later. The babies are down for a nap. The bell rings. Brenda opens the door and Robin and Jason are standing there with LOOKS on their faces. You can almost tell they are holding back tears. B: Robin? What are you doing home? Jason? Arenít you supposed to be in Puerto Rico? (Pause) Oh G*d. Oh please, no. (backs away from the door.) Please, no! No!!!! J: BrendaÖ.heísÖ..heísÖ.. B: (screaming) No!!!!!!!! Sonny!! No!!! Brenda collapses on the floor screaming and sobbing. Robin starts to cry and holds Brenda in her arms, rocking back and forth. You can hear the babies start to cry. R: Shhh, Bren, the babiesÖ.. B: Sonny! Sonny!!!!! R: Jason, will you please see if you can get the babies to stop crying? Iíll be there in a second. R: Bren? Bren, listen to me. You have to be strong, okay? The babies need you. Sonny would want you to stay strong for Sarah and Michael. Okay? Come on sit down on the couch. Iím going to calm down the babies and get you some water. Robin goes into the nursery and quiets the babies. She and Jason go out into the hallway. R: Jason? Jason, talk to me. J: Heís gone, Robin. It canít be true. (Starts to cry.) Robin, why did this have to happen? R: I donít know Jason. I donít know. They hold each other and cry as the scene fades out. Robin and Jason walk into the family room where Brenda is still sitting on the couch, unmoving. R: Bren, drink some water. B: Iím not thirsty. R: Please, Brenda. She drinks the water. B: Are the babies alright? R: They were just a little fussy. They should sleep for a little while longer. B: Jason, will you tell me what happened? J: Brenda, I donít thinkÖÖ.. B: (shouting) G*d, will you forget about your damn business! I have a right to know how my husband died. R: Please, Jason, tell her. J: There was a problem in Puerto Rico. There was someone lower in the organization who wanted to take over. He had some people who were helping him. Sonny wouldnít make a deal with him. We were on our way to a meeting when someone blocked the road on both sides. When Sonny got out to see what the problem was, theyÖÖ. B: So who heads the business now? J: We sell his position. He left instructions a long time ago about what to do if something like this happened. B: Oh really. What about me? (voice rising) What am I supposed to do? What about all the other people who love him? Huh? Why didnít he leave us any instructions about what we were supposed to do? Why????? (starts crying again) J: Iím sorry. B: (composing herself) Itís not your fault, Jason. (Pause) Does Mike know? J: No. I flew straight to New Haven and then we came here. B: Robin, can you hand me the phone, I need to call Mike and Lois and Luke andÖ.. (sobs) R: Bren, are you sure you donít want me to.. B: No, I need to do this. B: (dials) Mike, can you come to the house right away?ÖÖÖÖ A few days later at the house. The funeral is over. It was a very emotional service, with Brenda placing a single rose on the coffin. Robin and Jason scattered the dirt. B: Robin, can you take the twins for a while? I need to be alone right now. R: Of course, Bren. Anything you want. Robin leaves and Brenda sits down on the couch. She picks up their wedding picture which is sitting on the coffee table. B: What am I supposed to do now, Sonny? I said I could live without you, but itís not true. There is no me without you. Every time I look at Sarah and Michael all I see is your face. How can I live without you? S: You wonít have to. B: Sonny? S: Didnít I promise you we were forever? B: ButÖ. S: Nothing can change our love for each other. Weíll never be apart. Brenda, I love you so much. Tell Sarah and Michael how much I loved them. Youíre going to be a wonderful mother. B: You would have been such a good father. S: Donít forget me. B: I could never forget you. I love you, honey. S: I love you too, baby. Always. B: ..and forever. B: Robin, Lois, Jason, I have to tell you guys something. R: What is it, Bren? B: Iím planning on moving out of Port Charles. R: But Bren, why? Your whole life is here. B: It was here. I need to go someplace new, start over. L: Brenda, are you sure this is a good idea? B: No, but itís what I have to do. J: Where are you going? B: To California. Jason, I need your help with the arrangements. J: Whatever you need. B: I know you guys probably donít agree with me, but I need to get away from here. There are just too many memories, too many special places that we shared. R: Weíll miss you. B: Iíll miss you guys so much. Donít think for a minute that I wonít. R: Will you keep in touch? B: Always. L: Youíll always have people here that love you, remember that. B: This is so hard for me because I love you all so much. Iíll send pictures of Sarah and Michael all the time, and you can all come visit whenever you want. L: You can count on it. ----- The airport. R: Be sure to call when you get settled. B: I will. Jason, thank you for everything youíve done for me and for Sonny. He loved you like a brother. J: He was the first person in my life who accepted me the way I was. I wonít ever forget that. B: Robin, words canít begin to express how much you mean to me. R: Oh, Brenda, Iíll miss you so much. I love you. B: I love you too. Lois, you have been the best best friend anyone could have. No matter what happened, youíve always supported me. I couldnít ask for anything more. I love you. L: Brenda, I love you too. You can bet youíll be hearing from me all the time. PA: Now boarding flight 627 to San Diego. B: This is it guys. I love you. R: We love you too. They all hug. B: Goodbye, Port Charles. You changed my life forever. THE END Kuner

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