"Saying Goodbye" by Shari

Brenda tried not to cry as she watched Sonny talking to Jason, Robin and
She tried to think of the good times they had and the god times they would
always had.
He knew that he had to do this, for them, for hisself.
She watched him walk over to her, Jason held Robin as she cried. Luke shook
his head and sadness, Brenda's tears fell slowly as Sonny took her hands in

"Take me with you." She whispered, looking deep into his eyes. "Please,
He shook his head. "You know I can't do that to you."
Brenda looked down at their clasped hands. "But Sonny......" She took a deep
breath as she started to sob. "I can't....I don't know what I'll do with out
you. We're supposed to be together!"
Sonny smiled, but he was trying to fight back tears himself. "We will be. I
won't be gone that long. I promise I'll come back and get you."
"I hate this! Why does this keep happening to us? Why can't we ever just be
happy??? Why does someone have to get in our way?" Sonny couldn't fight his
tears as they slid down his cheeks.
"I love you, Brenda."
She nodded. "Promise that you'll come back for me?"
Sonny kissed her forehead as he looked down at her. "You're my wife. That
means more to me than anything in this world. If I can carry that little bit
of information with me, I'll be okay."
Brenda cried harder. "Please! Say you'll come back for me! Say it, Sonny!"
When he paused, Brenda shook her head. "You can't, can you? This is it? Why
can't I go with you?"
"Its too dangerous! I can't have what happened to Lily, happen to you. I just
can't, sweetheart."
Brenda wanted to hit and claw at him in frustration. "I don't care about
danger! I love you! I'm your wife and I want the whole damn world to know it!
I'd follow you anywhere, do anything for you, you have to know that by now!
If I was afraid of you or your life style, I would have stayed with Jax and
married him! But I didn't! I married you. Because I love you! If you leave
Port Charles, so do I."
Sonny shook his head. "No. No. No. No. You stay. When things get better,
I'll send for you."
Brenda hit his chest, her red face fierce, her hair flying about. "I love
you, dammit! I'm not your messenger! I'm your wife! I want to be with you.
Stop it! Please, let me go with you. Please...."
"Don't you know that this is hard on me too? I want to stay with you and our
baby." He rested his hand on her growing stomach. "I want to be with you for
the rest of my life. And I will be. But first, I have to do this."
Brenda put her hands on his shoulders and looked up at him. "Are-are you
going to do what Luke did? Leave the organization?"
Sonny sighed. "I don't know. If I can, I mean. It might be too dangerous. But
I'm coming back for you and our child. I promise you that."

"Sonny!" Jason called. "The cars here."
"Hold on!" Sonny shouted back.
He turned back to his wife.
"Promise me that you won't fall in love with some young guy and run away with
him while I'm gone."
"That's not funny." Brenda cried, "I'm about to lose the man I love and I'll
probably never see him again. Please. Take us with you."
Sonny took Brenda in his arms and kissed her. They blocked the world out as
they kissed passionately. Brenda knew it would be the last.
"I love you." She sobbed against his lips. "I love you, I love you, I love
you and don't you ever forget it!"
Sonny wiped the tears from his eyes and held her close. "I won't, I promise."
They pulled away, but Brenda grabbed his hand. She searched his eyes for
guilt or regret and she didn't know whether to be angry or relieved when she
found some. Robin came over to her as Sonny and Brenda's fingers broke apart
and he turned and walked toward the car that Luke had started. Sonny got in
the car and slowly drove away, afraid that if he looked back, he would run in
his wife's arms and never let go.

"Sonny!" Brenda screamed at the top of her lungs, lunging toward the moving
car. Robin grabbed her and held her as she sobbed. "No! No, no, no, no!" She
hit Robin's shoulder and screamed in utter heartache. "Sonny, no!" Robin
cried softly too as Luke and Jason watched on, both saddened at losing their
good friend, and seeing Brenda cry over it.

Brenda slammed the door of she and Sonny's penthouse and looked around. Robin
hadn't wanted to leave her, but Brenda had tole her that she needed to be

She looked around for a few more seconds. Walking slowly, she made her way to
the couch and thought of all of the times they had made love on that very
couch, when Brenda had fed him breakfast and when Brenda had found out she
was pregnant with Sonny's baby on that couch. Her eyes wandered to the little
lamp table and the wedding picture of them.

Brenda was in her Oscar de La Renta gold wedding gown, Sonny was in his tux,
her arms were wrapped around his neck and his were around her waist, they
were kissing passionately.
Brenda recalled that day as she clutched the picture against her chest. She
moaned. "Sonny."
Setting the frame down on the table, she rubbed her hands up and down her
stomach where her child lay nestled.
"Its okay, baby." Brenda whispered to her child. "Daddy's coming back for us
and when he does, we'll be happy forever."
As Brenda said those words, she almost believed they were true.


7th Annual Nurses' Ball

Brenda stared at the quilt, hugging herself tightly. She
reached one hand out
and touched it softly, then smiled and turned her head up
to the sky.
"Hi, Stone." She smiled. "Are you watching over Sonny for
me? How is he? He
has a little girl now, three years old." Brenda sighed.
"Of course you
already knew that."
She paused, relishing in the silence.

Her dark blue velvet gown fell to her feet, and her hair
was pulled up and
crimped, sticking out crazily. This was the very first
Nursesí Ball that
Sonny had missed.
Just thinking about him made her want to cry. So she did
what always cheered
her up.

Checking her watch, Brenda decided it was okay, and headed
to the pay phone.
She slipped her calling card in the slot and dialed the
"Lois?" Brenda asked, smiling. "Hi. Sage isnít asleep yet
is she?"
"Nope, not yet. She, Brooke, and I are having some
chocolate chip ice cream
before bed. Wanna speak to her?"
"Yes, thanks." Brenda shifted her weight and waited as
Lois went and got
Sage. She could hear her little girl in the backround,
exclaiming, "Mommy,
Mommy, Mommy!"
Lois handed her the phone and Brenda was met with her
daughters happy voice.
"Guess what, Mom!" Sage said proudly.
"What, sweetheart?" Brenda could hear singing coming from
the auditorium.
"You have to guess!" Sage told her mother.
Brenda laughed. "UhhhhhÖ..I give up, what, tell me!"
Sage sighed almost as if she were frustrated. "Oh, youíre
no fun!" She told
her mother.
Brenda laughed hysterically, she could hear Lois doing the
"Okay, sweetheart, Iíll guess. Youíre getting ice cream
for desert."
Sage frowned. "Who told? Aunt Lois, was that you?" Lois
laughed. "You know
what, Sage girl? I guess that would have to be me. Iím
sorry that I ruined
the surprise for you."

Sage spoke to Brenda, "Mommy, Aunt Lois needs to learn to
stay out of other
peoples business."
Brendaís jaw dropped. "Sage, donít talk like that. Now,
give Mom a kiss and
put Aunt Lois on the phone."
"Okay, bye Mom."
Lois came on. "Your little girl is just too cute, Bren.
She has Sonnyís sense
of humor."
Brenda sighed at the thought of the man she loved. "Sheís
just like Sonny.
Oh, gosh, look, Lo, Iím gonna charge a hell of a lot more
money on my phone
bill than I need to spend. Iíll see you later on tonight."
"Right, bye Bren."

Brenda hung up the phone and walked over to Stoneís quilt
again. She sighed
as she looked up at the sky.
"Whereís my Sonny?" She wondered to herself. Just then,
Brenda heard a noise
behind her. She turned.

He was standing next to a big potted plant. He was a
little bit taller, with
a little of a stubble on his face. His smile was just as
wide and dimpled as
before and his eyes, his face were just as beautiful.
Brenda covered her mouth in a sob. Was it really him after
all of those
years? Tears spilled over as she forced the word from her
larynx. "S-Sonny?"
He nodded, tears flowing down his cheeks. Brenda ran
blindly toward him and
he caught her and kissed her softly.
"Sonny!" She cried as he spun her around.
"Hey, sweetheart." They pulled apart and Brenda looked up
at him. "Are-are
you hear for good?"
He nodded. "Yup. Howís Sage?"
Brenda smiled. "Sheís perfect. I look at her sometimes and
I canít even
believe that sheís real. Do you want to see her?"
Sonny nodded. "That would be good."
She took his hand and led him out of the hospital.
Suddenly, Sonny stopped
and pulled Brenda to him, taking her face in his
hands and kissing her
passionately. He ate away at her lips and Brenda kissed
him back, putting her
arms around him. Sonny pulled back, but kept her face in
his hands. He looked
down at her lovingly.
ĎBoy, I missed you. Iíve dreamt of this for months."
"Me too." Brenda whispered.
"We have to talk later." He told her as the headed to her
car. "A lot has
happened and you need to knowÖÖÖso that there wonít be any
lies between us."

When Brenda opened the door to their apartment, she smiled
happily. She had
never been more happy in her entire life than she was
Lois looked up from her magazine and her mouth dropped
"Sonny? Sonny. Sonny!" She got up and ran over to him,
throwing her arms
around his neck.

"Hey, Lois." She pulled back.
"So your back?" She asked. "Really, truly back?"
Sonny nodded. "For good."

Lois hugged Sonny tightly. "Thatís great. Brenda has been
going nuts here
with out you."
Sonny smiled. Brenda did too. Lois finally caught on.

"Oh! Right, you too want to be alone and all, so, uh, Iíll
just be on my way.
Ned came and got Brooke, Sage is asleep upstairs, oh she
is just a little
angel." Lois grabbed her purse and headed out, calling,
"Thereís some
champagne and strawberries in the fridge! Enjoy!"

Brenda turned excitedly to her husband and took his hands.
She picked up his
left hand and fingered his gold wedding band. Brenda
fought back tears, but
they fell anyway.
"I love you, Sonny." Brenda caressed his face. "You donít
know how much it
means to me to finally be in your arms again. Its likeÖÖ.a
dream come true.
Can you promise me that this is the last time we ever have
to be apart?"

Sonny led her to the couch. He sat on the table and she on
the couch. He took
her hands in his and looked up at her, taking a deep
breath before he spoke.

"I left the organization." Brendaís eyes grew wide.
"I didnít want to, I still donít want to, but I want what
is best for you and
"What made you decide to leave?" Brenda asked.
"When Jason came to me the day after Sage was born and
gave me a picture of
you holding her. It kind of reminded me of my mother, of
the pictures I
found of her holding me and I wanted to be able to give MY
wife, you, and MY
child the kind of home and security that me and my mother
never had. And I
knew I couldnít keep living off of what-ifs and fantasies
that my being a
mobster wouldnít affect you. It already has. So I called
Jason, he made it
happen. He wasnít thrilled, but he did it anyway. It
doesnít mean that we are
entirely safe yet. I canít guarantee that now. But,
Brenda," He looked up at
her and smiled, "I love you and Sage and I made a promise
to you when I left.
And Iím making one to you now. Iíll die before I let
anyone touch you. I
swear to God, if anyone lays a hand on you or Sage, Iíll
hunt them down
andÖÖ.." His voice trailed off before he said, "Thatís how
much I love you."

Brenda nodded, her lip quivering. "Kiss me, Sonny."
He pulled her close and kissed her, over and over, never
wanting to let her

They pulled apart and looked toward the stairs. Sage was
coming down them in
her pink polyester nightgown and fuzzy slippers. Her hair
was all wild and
wacky, sticking up on end. She was rubbing her eyes
"Whatís wrong, baby?" Brenda asked, standing up.
"My throat hurts." Sage mumbled as she walked over toward
them. Sonny stared
at her as if she was a miracle in creation. Sageís eyes
connected with
Sonnyís. "Hi, Daddy." She murmured, rubbing her eye as she
walked over to
Brenda and sat down on the couch. Brenda and Sonny
exchanged a look and Sonny
smiled mistily. Brenda sat down next to her daughter and
ruffled her hair
while Sonny stood.

"Where does it hurt, sweetheart?" Brenda asked softly.
"I donít know, in my throat. I might have cancer. Maybe
you should call Alan
and have him operate."
Brenda looked up at Sonny. "See what I have to put up
with?" She asked him.
"I donít know.í Sonny said, sitting down next to his
daughter. "I think its
kinda cute."

Sage smiled up at Sonny and laced her small hand through
his. "Good call,
Pops." She told him.
Brenda laughed and Sonny smiled at his little girl. "Yes,
you are definitely
my daughter."
"Can I have some more ice cream, Dad?" Sage asked. She
acted as if she had
known Sonny her entire life.
"No more," Brenda ordered. "Now, come one, Daddy and I
will tuck you into
"I wasnít talking to you, Mom." Sage said, curving her
hand, and splaying all
five fingers, right in Brendaís face.
Sonnyís eyes were wide with laughter. "I donít believe she
did that." Brenda
said. "Sonny, tell me she didnít just give me the hand."
Sonny laughed. "Iím afraid she did, Brenda."
Brenda picked Sage up. "Thatís it! Itís knoogie time!"
"No!" Sage shrieked as Brenda rubbed her knuckles on
Sageís scalp.
"Say uncle!" Sonny cried, "say uncle!"

Later that night, Brenda watched Sonny sleeping peacefully
on his side of the
bed. She slip her fingers through his and ran her other
hand through his
hair. Her life was complete. She had her little girl and
her husband was
back. Life was good.

"Corinthos is back?"
"Yes. HE arrived last night."
"That bastard thinks that he can just walk away??" The man
angrily shouted.
"He made a commitment! He will NOT walk away from his
duties in the
"So what do you suggest?" His messenger asked.
The man looked around the dark shadows of the docks for a
moment. "Well, we
already framed the Jacks boy for murdering Dorman. Heís
out of the way."
" What do you suggest we do, boss?"
The man laughed cruelly. "What do you think, Stitch? Get
him where it hurts

"Sonny, Iím worried about you." Brenda frowned at her
husband as they sat on
the park bench and watched Sage play.
"Whatís to worry about, baby?" Sonny asked her. "Life is
Brenda looked down. "I just have that feeling again. This
time its even
deeper than before. Iím afraid that something is going to
happen to you." She
looked up at him with tears in her eyes. Sonny kissed her
tears and held her
close, looking in her eyes. "You know nothing is going to
happen to me." He
"I love you."
Sonny smiled. "I love you."

Sage came up and flashed them a scrap on her knee. "Look!"
She exclaimed.

Later that night, they hired a baby-sitter to watch Sage
as they all went to
Lukeís to party. Mike, Robin, Jason and Luke all gathered
around their small,
round, little table for two.

"Whereís the baby?" Luke asked.
"We left her at home." Brenda told them.
"Oh, darn!" Luke exclaimed. "I was thinking of challenging
her to a game of
Brenda laughed. "Maybe next time, Luke."

Across town, Stitch loaded up his .35 caliber weapon and
slid it into his
"Theyíre at Lukeís." His boss told him. "We had one of our
guys pose as a
baby-sitter. His daughter is safely guarded. Do what you
went there to do. An
easy target."

Brenda, Sonny, Lois, Luke, Jason, Robin and Mike all piled
out of Lukeís
later that night. Sonny had his arm thrown around Brendaís
shoulders, Jason
and Robin were holding hands. They were standing, talking
in a circle.

"Thinking about taking a second honeymoon?" Luke teased.
"I dunno." Sonny said, looking down at Brenda. "What da ya
Brenda shrugged. "Cool with me."
Jason looked pointedly at Sonny. "YOU better be careful,
Sonny. You donít
have any bodyguards with you."
Sonny shrugged. "Iíll be fine."
Brenda smiled. "Iíll go and get the car."
"You sure?" Sonny asked her.
"Yeah. Iíll be back." Sonny handed her the keys and she
smiled at him happily
as she walked toward him. It struck him, Lily had looked
just as happy the
night she died.

"Perfect." Stitch whispered. He had ditched his .35 and
took out his shot
gun. His finger was ready on the trigger as she stared at
Brendaís moving
figure through the trees.

Sonny smiled at his friends as Brenda walked toward the
car. As he turned to
look over at Brenda, something caught his eye. He
screamed at the top of his
lungs. "No! Brenda!"
He started to lunge toward her.

Stitch fired his weapon.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Just as Sonny
ran in front of
Brenda and pushed her down, the bullet struck him and he
went down, on top of
her. Brenda screamed in disbelief. Luke and Jason acted
immediately. Jason
looked toward the trees and fired his weapon at Stitch,
who was about to pull
the trigger for the second time. The bullet hit him square
in the middle of
his eyes. Robin and Lois screamed and went down. Ned and
Laura barged out of
the club.
"What the hell is-Oh my God, Sonny!" Laura exclaimed.
Brenda held Sonnyís head in her lap as he bled in her
arms. "Noooo!" She
screamed in utter heartache. "Sonny!" She looked up at the
sky, her red,
tearstained face wild.
"Help!" She shrieked. Ned ran back inside to call the
police. Brenda lay her
head next to Sonnyís and whispered to him, "I love you,
baby. Please donít
leave me."

Brenda hopped into the ambulance as it sped away. At the
hospital, Ned held
her as she watched Sonny being wheeled into the OR.
She sobbed into his shoulder. Ned led her to the waiting
"See what happens when you live in Sonnyís world?" He
asked quietly.
Brenda looked up at Ned venomously. She got up and looked
down at him. "Shut
up!" She hit him on the shoulder. "He left the
organization! For me! And
Sage! And now heís in the operating room, dying because of
"Iím sorry." Ned whispered. "I know how much you love
him." She slowly sat
back down and rested her head against Nedís shoulder.

Alan walked somberly into the waiting room. Brenda stood
up and looked at him
anxiously. Alan looked down. "Iím sorry, Brenda. We did
all that we could.


Brenda stared down at the grave, her sunglasses covering her eyes. Her hair
had been pulled up into a ponytail, and her short black dress was covered
with grass. She sniffled as her tears fell.

"SonnyÖ.."She sighed and looked up toward the sky. Robin held Sage by her
shoulders as she, Jason, Mike, Luke, Laura and even Ned looked on. "Iím
sorry." She choked out. "It should be me in that grave not you. Its
miss you so much!" She put her tissue to her mouth as she started to sob
uncontrollably. Sage broke free of Robinís grasp and ran toward her mother.
"Mommy!" She ran into her mothers arms and Brenda sobbed into Sageís
Lois and Brooke Lynn walked up and dropped some roses down on his grave.
Brenda cried harder.
It was a gray bleak day, perfect for Sonnyís funeral. It was threatening
rain, but Brenda didnít care. Her world had shattered around her and she
taken the suffered the deepest cuts. Brenda set her daughter away from her
and looked back down at the grave. Kneeling on her knees, Brenda took of
gloves. She looked up at the sky and let out a heart wrenching sob as she
removed her platinum set diamond wedding ring and band and clutched them in
her hand. She then gathered up the strength to speak. "Th-this ring is a
symbol of our love, Sonny-of my love for you. And" She took a deep breath
continued as her tears fell and with a considerably shaky voice. "And I
want to wear them if I canít be with you. If we canít be together, I donít
want to wear themónot, not with out you." She set the rings on his grave
started to cry yet again, uncontrollably .
Lois came up to Brenda and wrapped her arms around her as Brenda screamed
"It hurts so much!" Brenda screamed. "Why does it have to hurt so much?"
Lois cried in Brendaís shoulder.
Seeing her mother cry made Sage cry, which made Brooke Lynn cry. They both
ran for their mothers. Brenda grabbed Sage and held her tight as she cried

Jason slipped away and headed out of the cemetery, Brendaís cries of pain
sadness ringing over and over in his ears. He quickly ran across town to

"Why do we have to do this?" Jason asked. ĎSonnyís wife is in pain. And so
are all of his friends. Just let things go!"
The man smiled evilly. "Things canít be let go. Corinthos hurt a lot of
people when he left his duties here in Port Charles. Itís time we made him
pay. And he has."
"Yes!" Jason yelled. "He has! Heís dead, for Christís sake! Let the damn
thing go!"
He smiled crueler, even more sinister than before. "Not enough, Morgan. He
hasnít paid enough. You see, things have just begun!"

Brenda went back to Sonnyís grave three weeks later. She sat down on it and
"Hey." She said. "I miss you. Everyone keeps telling me that Iím so much
better off without you, but they donít know you like I do. Like I did." Her
tears came then, but she spoke with her voice unwavered.
"Sage is doing real well. She knows that sheíll never see you again. All
has is that picture that I put on her bed side table when she was a year
But, she knows that you loved her and me and that youíre watching over us
with Stone beside you. But every night I toss and turn in my bed because
arenít holding me, Sonny." She put her fingers to her mouth and took
deep breath. "I need you to hold me. I need to be able to look into your
and I need you to tell me you love me again. Because now I have this
beautiful little girl who looks so much like her Daddy, who talks and acts
just like him and every time I look at her, I want to cry. Sheíll never
her Daddy again. And Iíll never have my husband." Brenda started to sob.
that kills me, Sonny. It hurts like nothingís ever hurt me before." She
her head down and closed her eyes, tight. Her tears fell on to her hands
onto the ground.
When she opened her eyes, she noticed that her rings were gone. She wiped
eyes and got up, looking around. If someone had taken her ringsÖÖ..

Brenda suddenly felt that she was being watched. She got up and looked
the cemetery. Funny, she didnít see anyone. But she sensed them. Right
"Hello?" She called out. "Is-is anyone there?" She took a step forward.
"Sonny?" Something rustled in the bushes. Brenda turned around quickly to
look toward them. She screamed when someone put their hand over her mouth.
She felt a gun barrel being pushed into the small of her back

"Shut up, bitch, or I swear Iíll kill yaí right here!" Crying in fear,
bit his hand and he cursed and kneed her high in the back and then knocked
her hard over the head with his gun. She fell limply to the ground and the
man dragged her from the cemetery to a waiting car just beyond the trees

When Brenda woke up, she was tied to a bed with both hand and knees. Even
waist was tied down. Her eyes and mouth had been covered with silver duck
tape. She had a foul taste in her mouth and the room smelled horrendously.
She tried to squirm, but it was impossible. The tape at the side of her
was unsticking and she could just barely make out a black wall. There was
what resembled a table by her bed and on it lay her purse, which had been
torn to shreds. She then screamed in agony and revulsion when a cockroach
something to that effect crawled up on her stomach. She had been wearing a
sleeveless T-shirt and long flare pants when she had been abducted. That
added to her fright of this nasty critter and was the main reason why she
so cold. It was freezing in that room. It started to ticked when the roach
made its way up to her chest. The tape revealed one whole eye now as it
its stickiness. It was black on all six sides. There was a concrete door
a small tiny window at the top which led in very little sunlight. Brenda
squirmed as she bug made its way farther up and she screamed and shook her
head wildly when it walked along her neck.
"Help!" She tried to cry, but it was no use.

Jason loaded his gun as he made his way toward the house. He hadnít told a
soul where he was going when he realized Brenda was gone.

"Has anyone seen Brenda?" Ned called as he ran frantically into Kellyís.
Jason, Robin and Lois looked up.
"Brenda?" Lois asked. "Whatís wrong with Bren?"
Ned ignored her. "Jason? Where is she?"
Jason looked across the table at Robin and then at Lois. The he grabbed his
coat and ran out of the restaurant as fast as a bullet.
Ned started to follow, but Lois stopped him. "He knows what heís doing."
"Thatís what Iím afraid of."

Jason barged into the house and kicked down the door of the manís office.
"Let her go, NOW!" Jason ordered.
But he froze when he saw the man sprawled out on the floor, blood pooling
from under him. He tried not to vomit. The smell was terrible, and Jason
extremely effected by it. He heard a noise behind him and turned around,
gun ready to be fired a moments thought.
Jason was shocked. His arm fell to his side and his jaw dropped wide open.
He nodded. He was in his suit, with blood stains on his white shirt and
all over his face and hands.
"Wh-what happened man?" Jason asked, walking towards him. Sonny panted,
gasping for air.
"Not now.í He said. "My wife is somewhere in this house and I have to find

Brenda lay on the bed, trying to work her way out of the rope that had been
bound around her wrists. The rope hand sliced and burned her and she didnít
want to cut herself, but she had to get out. Her back ached, her head hurt
and she had to go to the bathroom. She heard a noise, it sounded like a
Just when it came closer, it we be far away again. Then there were two.
were getting closer. They were voices! Calling her name!
"Iím here!" She tried to call, but the tape was placed firmly over her
The tape over her eyes had rolled off once all the stickiness wore off, but
that tape over her mouth wouldnít budge. She rolled her eyes around, and
head, looking for a way to make some noise. She screamed as hard and loud
she could, but she was so weak. Brenda must have been down there for days,
with the roaches and other creatures. She hadnít food, water or a shower in
days and she was really beginning to look and SMELL it.
"Please." She whispered helplessly. "Please."

"Do you hear that?" Sonny asked, leaning his head against a wall.
"Hear what?" Jason whispered.
"That." Sonny tapped lightly against the wall. It made a hollow, empty
"Its hollow in there!" Sonny said hopefully. Jason shrugged and took his
barrel and aimed it at the wall.
"Fire two shots down there." Sonny pointed. "If sheís anywhere near there,
donít want you shooting her."
Jason nodded, and aimed again.

Brenda heard the shot, the second one, right in front of her, and she grew
"Oh, God!" She cried and looked up. "Sonny." She whispered. "Please help
I donít want to die yet. Please! Get me out of here."

Sonny peered through the hole and nodded. "Its clear." Jason kicked his
heel through and the entire wall crumbled. Sonny kicked his way through,
couching because of all of the dust. He groaned when he and Jason saw all
the roaches, dead and alive, scattered about. "Its a hallway." He told
and crawled in.
Jason groaned and followed his boss inside. "Iím gonna kill you, Sonny."
Jason muttered. "Not if the roaches kill you first." Sonny cracked.
"Brenda!" He called out to the walls as he walked down the dark hall way.
"Brenda! Come on, baby, answer me!"

The tape was FINALLY starting to peel. Brenda screamed out, "Help! Help!
God, get me out of here!"
When she paused for a response, she was met with the most wonderful sound
God had ever created. A voice. "Brenda?"
"Yes!" She screamed through the corner of her mouth. "Its me!"
"Oh, God, baby, hang on!"
Brenda paused again. She couldnít believe whose voice it was. Surely it
couldnít be. He spoke again, "Hold on, sweetheart. Iíll be there in a sec.
just need you to-"
"Sonny?" Brenda screamed, excited and happy.
"Yes, honey, its me!" His voice was right across from her on the other side
of the wall.
"Oh, God!" Brenda screamed. She started to cry, uncontrollable cries of
happiness and love. "SonnyÖ."She whispered.

"Brenda." Sonny called to her. "I just need you to tell me how far away
the wall you are. Are you right up against it?"
Brenda was still sobbing from the joy of him being alive.
"Yes!" She cried out happily. "Iím here."
"Okay. Jason is just going to fire a few shots through the wall. Are you in
the way?"
"No!" She cried.
The next thing she heard, several shots were fired through the wall and
was a loud crashing sound.
"Brenda!" Sonny screamed and ran toward her. She looked up and saw Sonny,
beautiful face was covered with dirt but she didnít care. He untied her and
then held her tight against his chest as he cried softly. Jason dusted
himself off and stomped on the roaches that he saw, before picking up his
cell phone and calling the police.

Brendaís heart overflowed, was warm with love and happiness. She wrapped
arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.
"I love you!" She cried. "I love you, I love you, Oh, God Sonny! I love you
so much!"

"I love you too." He whispered and he then pulled something out of his
pocket. Brenda laughed with relief when she saw what it was.
"My rings." She said.
"I found them on the man upstairs. Donít ever take them off again."
"I wonít." She didnít even care that he was supposed to be dead. He was
and in her arms. She was finally happy again.

"What the hell are you doing alive, Corinthos?" Garcia asked him.
"Long story." Sonny said tiredly, his arms tight around his wife.
"I have time." He said.
Sonny looked at Brenda and sighed. Jason shrugged. Brenda rested her head
Sonnyís shoulder and laced her fingers through his.
"The corpse is Vincent "The Chin" Gigantti."
"New Yorkís Italian Mob boss? What the hell is he doing in Port Chuck. Heís
on trial for murder."
"How the hell would I know?" Sonny snapped, tired and very much worn out.
worked with Skully and Rivera before they were eliminated and got very
with me when I sold my shares of the organization. He thought that it was
fault that they were dead and thought that I should pay. Selling their
only made him angrier. So he staged my death and drugged me and locked me
in a vacant house. Then he was stupid enough to kidnap Brenda and bring her
to the same house, only in a different room. I woke up, got out, found my
and went to find him."
"So you found him and killed him, right?" Taggert asked, walking up to them
with a cup of coffee in his hand.
"No." Sonny said. "I found him dead. He killed himself. The gun was in his
hands, with his prints.í
"The boy tells the truth." Garcia told Taggert. "Forensics report came in.
They were his prints."
"Can I go home now?" Sonny asked, trying not to fall asleep. Brenda was
already out cold on his shoulder and Jasonís eyelids were beginning to
"Yeah, go." Garcia said. "Just donít disappear, we might feel like bugging
you again."
Sonny ignored them as she gently picked Brenda up and headed out of the
Jason followed like a sick puppy.
"Go home, Morgan." Sonny told Jason, looking up at the darkening sky. "Get
some sleep, call me in a couple of days."
Jason nodded. "What about you?"
"Hey." Sonny said. "I have some catchiní up to do."

"And in other news today, Ex-Crime boss Michael "Sonny" Corinthos and wife
Brenda Barrett Corinthos left Port Charlesí courthouse today with
smiles upon their faces." Veronica Boles looked into the camera. "Corinthos
was cleared of all charges accusing him of doing illegal deals with New
Yorkís Notorious Crime Boss, the late Vincent "the Chin" Gigante. Gigante
allegedly committed suicide last month after run ins with the police. When
asked what he would do with his life now that its back in order, Corinthos
replied, "Whatever the hell I want to do." He then took his wife,
Ex-Deception model and Jax Cosmetics model into his arms and kissed her
passionately in front of cameras. They sped away and are expecting their
second child early next yearÖÖThis was his first appearance since his
mysterious "death" years ago, and he says, he has put that all behind him
is ready to move on with his wife in hopes of a glorious future. Mark, back
to you."

Brenda turned off the television and looked over at Sonny. He looked at
Sage looked at them. Brenda laughed.
"Whatís so funny, Mom?" Sage asked. Brenda smiled.
"Life, sweetheart. Life."

There was a knock at the door and Sonny got up to answer it. Jason was
a newspaper and bottle of champagne in his hands.
"Read it!" He exclaimed as he walked in.
Robin followed him in with a sack of groceries and Lois and Brooke were the
last to come in, armed with toys.
Sonny took the paper from Jason and looked down. He laughed.

"What does it say, honey?" Brenda asked peering over his shoulder.

" Ď Jasper Jacks is suing Port Charlesí Police Department for Wrongful
Imprisonment.í" He read outloud and looked down at Brenda. She laughed.
and Jason joined in. Lois did too.
"Some thingsÖ..never change." Brenda laughed.
"Yeah." Sonny mumbled, looking down at Brenda with lust. He suddenly
her up and walked toward the stairs. "And somethingís always get better."
"Sonny!" Brenda shrieked. "What are you doing? We have guests!"
"Bye!" Sonny called behind him. "Donít wait up."
"Daddy!" Sage called behind them.
Lois, Robin, and Jason all laughed hysterically.

Sonny slammed the door to their bedroom and lay her on the bed.
"SonnyÖ.." Brenda moaned. "What are you doing?"
"Whatever the hell I want to do." He murmured as he softly kissed her neck
and throat. Brendaís eyes slid closed blissfully as she wrapped an arm
Sonnyís neck and another around his waist. "Hm." She sighed.
"Hm-hm-hm." Sonny murmured, settling his lips upon hers.


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