Rewind S&B 2yrs and some change by Lori and Julie

Part 1-

Brenda slammed into the gatehouse. She threw her car keys across the
room where they narrowly missed the entering Ned.

"Whoa!'' he said ducking. ''Problems, little sister?''

"She is a slut and a whore and he is a creep and a jackass and I
sincerely hope they both burn in hell.''

"Care to explain who you hope burns in hell?''

"The mob princess and the mob boss. The most perfect couple I have ever
seen. Neither one of them can keep their pants on.''''

''Uh-oh. I take it you caught Sonny and Lily in a compromising

''Compromising position nothing. He slept with her. Her! Of all people!
If he put a knife in my back I have a feeling it would have hurt less.''

''It could be worse.'' Brenda sat down on the couch.

''It is worse. Ned I'm pregnant.'' Ned rolled his eyes heavenward and
sat down next to her.

''You're right. It is worse. Does he know?''

''No. That's why I went over there.''

''Does he realize you saw them?''

''No. They were both asleep. Stone however did see me as I was leaving.
I have a feeling he's going to tell Sonny I was there.''

''Can I help?''

''Maybe. Can I use your phone?''

''Sure and while you're doing that I'm going to get some bowls and
spoons. Do you want vanilla or cookie dough?''

''Cookie dough. Thanks Ned.''

''Anything for my little sister.'' Ned exited and Brenda picked up the
phone dialed London. A few minutes later a British accented voice


''Julia Barrett please.''

''Who may I say is calling?''

''Her sister Brenda.''

''One moment please.'' A few minutes later Julia's voice came over the


''Hi Jules. How are you?''

''I'm fine. What's up?''

''Do you still own that penthouse in New York City?''


''How big is it again?''

''Three stories, it's empty and yes you can use it. Do you still have
your key?''

''Hold on. Let me check'' Brenda retrieved her purse from the couch and
went into the side pocket to pull out her ring of old keys. Kelly's, the
Q mansion, her old key to Jagger's bike... Ah there it was! She picked
up the phone.


''Yeah I'm still here.''

''I found it. I've gotta question.''

''556 Park Avenue South. Penthouse Two.''

''No that wasn't it but thank you. Now I have another question.''


''Would you be willing to sell it to me?''


''Yeah. It's a beautiful place and I'm gonna need the room soon.''


''It's a long story and I don't have the time to tell it right now. So
can I buy it?''

"Yeah I guess. I'll fax you the papers when you get a number and a fax

''Great. Thank you Julia.''

''No problem. And Bren I wanna hear that story real soon.''

''You got it. Bye Jules.''

"Bye Bren." Brenda hung up the phone as Ned came back in with two bowls
of ice cream. He handed her one. ''Ned I need a favor.''


''I need to borrow the ELQ jet.''


''Because I'm going to New York City.''


''As soon as possible.''

''Humanly or otherwise?''


''Let me see what I can do. I'll be right back.'' Ned headed out the
door and Brenda sat down at the desk with her bowl, took a deep breath,
prayed, and dialed Sonny's number. Her prayers were answered when she
heard Stone's voice say


'Stone it's me.''

''Bren? Are you okay? Where are you?''

''Yes, as fine as can be expected and the gatehouse. I need a favor.''


''I need you to get as much of my stuff as you can out of the apartment
and over to the gatehouse in two hours.''


''Because I'm leaving town and I need my clothes. Can you do it?''

"Yeah. Robin's here and she'll help me.''

''Thank you so much.''

''Don't thank me yet. Thank me after I get everything past Sonny.''

''That reminds me. I want you to take a diamond tennis bracelet, a
diamond necklace and the ring Sonny gave me for my birthday out of my
jewelry box.''

''Are you sure?''

''Yeah I'm sure. I don't want them anymore and whatever you do don't let
Sonny know I was there.''

''I won't, promise. See you soon. Bye''

"Bye." Brenda hung up the phone. As she wanted for Ned to come back she
played with her bowl of ice cream and without warning the image of Sonny
and Lily in bed popped into her head. ''You son of a bitch.'' She
whispered. "I would have forgiven you for anything but not this. Never


Brenda sat on the couch in silence. she had called stone over 2 hours
ago. Ned had the ELQ jet fueled and waiting. She had a room at the Plaza
Hotel reserved and a meeting with a lawyer early the next morning. He
was a friend of Ned's and would help her with the purchase of the
penthouse and getting access to her trust fund. She would need the money
if she was going to raise this baby alone. Alone. that was how she felt
now. She had been alone most of her life, but this was different. She
really thought that Sonny loved her. She thought back to only a few days
ago, when her life came crashing down around her.

~~~ They sat and listened to him give Harry orders. He wanted an
alliance with Rivera. He had lied. Lied to them all. He had lied to her.
Later that day when she had calmed down, she took the tape and went to
Luke's. He was doing the books at a corner table.

''Hey, sweetheart. How was work?'' She stared at him.

''Fine. Although, Miguel was a little upset.'' Sonny looked up with
little interest.

''What's his problem now?''

"He's concerned about Lily. He saw how upset she was the other day and
wanted to now why." Please tell me the truth Sonny. That was all she
wanted. But instead he looked her dead in the face and lied. Again.

"Her father has pneumonia. That's all."

''Pneumonia. Why is she so upset about that? I mean it's not like he
could die or anything.''

Sonny sat and stared at her for a moment. He knew something was wrong,
but he didn't know what.

''Well, I think Lily is just feeling a little guilty about the problems
between her father and her. That's all. Tell Miguel not to worry.''

Brenda sat there stunned. She was numb. He had lied right to her face,
and showed no sign of guilt. What else had he lied about? She reached in
her purse and pulled out a small tape recorder and pushed play.

Sonny sat there dumbfounded as he listened to himself give Harry orders.
He looked at Brenda and realized he had no way out of this one. She
wouldn't believe anything he said now. He felt the noose tighten around
his neck. He was going to lose her. And he was the cause of it. ~~~

Brenda was startled from her daydream, by the sound of the doorbell.
Stone and Robin stood in the doorway with several boxes and suitcases.

"Sorry it took so long, but we waited until Sonny left. I think we got
everything.'' Stone looked at her and cautiously started to speak again.
''I hate this, Brenda, I really do. This break up is killing Sonny."

Brenda tried to keep her anger at that last statement in check. "I
really don't give a damn if he jumped in front of an oncoming train
Stone, just don't tell me about."

Robin looked at Brenda curiously. Something was different. She was
angrier than Robin had ever seen her, but she was trying to control it.
That was definitely not like Brenda.

''Brenda are you sure this is a good idea? I mean leaving town and all.
What about L&B?''

''Lois will take care of L&B, besides I'm only going to New York City. I
want to be here for the two of you as much as possible, but I have to
move on with my life, and I can't do that here.''

Brenda looked at Stone and Robin. They were so young and dealing with so
much. How was she going to be able to protect her baby from the world.
She had no idea about being a mother. She had never even held a baby
before. Hell, she had never even wanted one! But now, it was a reality.
She was going to have a baby, whether she wanted to or not. Brenda
looked at her two close friends and then said her good byes, promising
Stone that she'd be back to say goodbye. As she got into the cab, she
placed a hand on her stomach and whispered ''We'll be O.K. baby. We may
not have your daddy with us, but we have each other. I swear I'm going
to be the best mother there is.''

With that the cabby drove her to the airport where she boarded the jet
and headed to NYC.

Part Three

Sonny was starting to worry. Brenda hadn't returned his phone calls in
two days and Lois and Robin had been giving him the cold shoulder. Ned
who had always been civil before was downright rude and Miguel had
nearly decked him when he asked if he'd seen Brenda. Even Stone was
acting funny. The only one who wasn't being unfriendly was Lily. This
morning he had gone over to Kelly's hoping to catch Brenda but Ruby had
made it clear that she was no longer in residence there. After that he
had checked every hotel and apartment building in town. Nothing. He had
tried her cell phone and found that the number had been changed. Then he
had tried her voice mail again. It was working fine and he had left his
hundredth message, ''Brenda it's me again. Look I think we need to talk
so could you give me a call? Thanks. Bye.'' After that he tried the
gatehouse. Lois answered.

''L&B. This is Lois Ashton.''

''Hi Lo.''

''Look Sonny, I already told you Brenda's not here.''

"Alright I believe you. But I really need to talk to her. Can you tell
me where she is?''

''She doesn't want you to know where she is Sonny. Why can't you get
that through your thick skull?''

''Alright then could you tell her to call me? I'm worried.''

''Nothing is wrong. She's fine, but I will try and get her to call you,

''Alright. Thanks Lo.''

''Yeah, yeah. Bye Sonny.'' Lois pressed the receiver down and dialed
Brenda's new phone number at the penthouse.


''Hi Bren.''

''Hey Lo. What's up?''

''Have you been getting numerous messages from a Mr. Corinthos?''

''Yeah. So what? Every time I get one I erase it. Why?''

''He's worried Bren.''

''The only thing he's worried about is that I'm gonna go to the police
with the tape of him giving Harry orders about Riveria.''


''Alright I'll call him and let him know I'm all right.''

''Thank you.''

''You're welcome. Bye Lo.''

''Bye Bren.'' Brenda pushed flash on her phone, took a deep breath, and
dialed Sonny's apartment.


''Sonny, it's me.''


"Brenda?'' Sonny was surprised to hear her voice. ''Thank G*d you're
O.K., I was getting worried when no one would tell me where you went.
Are you O.K.?" Sonny knew that was a stupid question as soon as it came
out of his mouth.

"I'm just great! Ya know you really don't have to worry, I won't go to
the feds. I wouldn't stab someone in the back like that." The sarcasm
and anger in her voice made Sonny's blood run cold. How was he ever
going to get her back? How was he going to make her understand that he
kept her in the dark to protect her?

"Brenda, I never meant t-"

"Don't even start trying to pull that, Sonny. We both know damn well
that you were lying from the beginning. G*d, I am such an idiot!! I
can't believe that I ever believed in you. In us! It was all about sex
and control to you wasn't it! You LOVED to make me look like a fool to
everyone that knew the truth about you. When I would ask you about
something I had heard or had seen, you always got mad at me, and made ME
feel guilty. Well no more!! We are through! There is a damn good reason
that no one would tell you where I went. It's because I don't want you
near me. In fact if I never see you and that slut Lily again it will be
to soon for me. And one more thing, MR. Corinthos, if you try to contact
me in ANY way I WILL go to the police, the Feds and anybody else who
will listen."

The slam of the phone rang in his ears for hours. She had been so
different. So cold on the phone. And what was that crack about Lily?
What did she have to do with this? Sonny sat in the dark in his
apartment. It was so empty without her. She had been gone for a week,
but she was still everywhere. Her scent was on his robe, the one she
loved to wear. Sonny thought about the past week. Only three days ago
she had called. He thought she wanted to try and work things out.

~~ "Sonny, it's me." Brenda was trying to calm herself from the news
she had received only hours before.

"Brenda, I'm glad you called. I think we need to talk." He thought she
sounded nervous. No it was more guarded. Sonny could tell. She was
trying to protect herself-From him.

"Yeah, we do. Sonny I have something to tell you, that I think, no I
KNOW will change everything. Can we meet somewhere?" She didn't know how
she was going to tell him. Maybe he would think she got pregnant on

"How about Luke's?" (Please be coming home tonight, Brenda.)

"That's fine. what time is good?" (Please let me be able to control
myself. Don't lose it and get hysterical, Brenda. Just tell him about
the baby, and take it from there.)

"How about 8:30? I have something I have to take care of first." (I have
to make tonight perfect. I have to show you just how much I really love

"Fine. I'll see you then. Bye."

"Bye" ~~

"Yeah you had something to take care of alright, or maybe I should say
someONE to take care of. I am so glad that I found out about you and
LEELEE before I said anything about this baby. You've wrecked one life
Sonny Corinthos, I won't let you wreck another." Brenda decided to go
lay down. Sonny had gotten her upset and that wasn't good for HER baby.
She knew that she had to be strong for her child. And she knew she could

"Brenda, what happened? Why did you leave town without an explanation?
Why didn't you come to Luke's that night? And what were you going to
tell me?" Sonny sat in the dark and tried to find answers to the
questions that haunted him about that night. But the only thing he could
remember was running into Lily on his way down to Luke's.

Part 5

Sonny sat there in his apartment trying to get some recollection of the
other night when Stone and Robin came in.

"Hi guys. What's up?"

"Nothing much. Are you okay? You look funny."

"Brenda just called."

"Really? What'd she have to say?"

''That she doesn't want anything more to do with me. The funny thing is
I don't know why.''

''You don't?'' Robin looked incredulous.

''No. Why do you two know something?''

''No not me. Stone?''

''Nope. Don't know a thing.'' Sonny looked at them. He knew them both
well enough to know when the were lying and right now they were lying.

Robin and Stone were trying not to squirm but it was hard with Sonny
looking them the way he was. He knew they were lying and in about five
seconds he was going to start in on them.

''What do you guys know that I don't?''

''We promised.''



"Promised her what?''

"Nice try Sonny. But Brenda is my best friend in this whole world and I
am not going to betray her confidence to anyone especially you.''

''Hey I thought I was your best friend.''

''Alright Brenda's my best girlfriend. That better?''

''Much. Look Sonny when we took Brenda her stuff she made it pretty
clear that she doesn't want anything to do with you anymore so why not
just leave it alone?''

''Don't you get it? I can't do that. I need her and I love her.''

''Then why sleep with her worst enemy?''


''You slept with Lily and Brenda knows all about it.'' Stone didn't care
about breaking his promise to Brenda he wanted to hear Sonny's answer.

''That's ridiculous. I didn't sleep with Lily. She came over and we had
a few drinks but that's it.''

''What's the next thing you remember after those few drinks?''

''Waking up in bed, alone.''

''Lily left about an hour before you woke up. I saw her as she was
leaving .''

''But how would Brenda have found out?'' Silence. ''Robin?''

''She came up here looking for you. When you weren't in the living room
she decided to check if maybe you were in the shower. She wanted to make
sure you knew she was here so that you didn't come into the living room
half naked. So she went into the back and checked. Nothing in the
bathroom. Then she checked the bedroom and I think you can guess the
rest.'' Sonny put his hands in his head and then muttered out loud.

"Oh my God. What have I done?''

Part 6

Brenda woke up the next morning and ran straight to the bathroom.
Morning sickness. One of the many joys of being pregnant, she thought.

"Uh, I think I'm dying. Hey, little one, do you think that maybe we
could skip this part?''

She got her answer when she vomited again. Brenda spent the remainder of
the morning either on the bathroom floor or in bed. She kept replaying
every minute that she ever spent with Sonny. When they first met on the
docks, their first kiss, to when she saw him and Lily in bed. Her bed.
The fact that he would sleep with Lily at all was just plain disgusting,
but the fact that he did it in their bed was unthinkable.

"You make me sick. I can't believe that only a few months ago I wanted
an engagement ring from you.''

Brenda thought back to her birthday party. The one Sonny had thrown for
her. She remembered how Lily had ruined that night too. She remembered
how Sonny had defended Lily to Miguel and later on to her. Then Brenda
had a horrible thought.

''Oh my g*d. Have you been together all this time Sonny? Were you just
waiting for me to leave?''

Her thoughts were interrupted by the phone.


''Hey, Bren it's me. How ya doin'?'' Brenda smiled as she heard that
comforting Brooklyn accent. Lois. Her best friend in all the world. She
was the one person who had never let her down.

''Well, I've become quite close with my bathroom floor.''

''Morning sickness, eh? Well, I got good news an' I got bad. Whadda ya
want first?''

''Well, my whole morning has been awful so why change it? I'll take the
bad first.''

''O.K., Miguel wants to quit.''

''What!!! Why? He can't quit he's under contract.''

''I know, but Sonny won't sell his shares of the company and Miguel
refuses to work for him.''

''Isn't there any way to get Sonny out of L&B?''

''Ned's working on it. But enough about that, you're getting upset and
that's not good for your baby.''

''I know, but I can't help it. Lo, I can't stop thinking about him, I
know it sounds crazy, but as mad as I am at him, sometimes, I don't
know, sometimes-''

"Sometimes you wish he was there?''

''Yeah.'' Brenda closed her eyes and could see his face. She had
memorized every feature. His dark eyes that seemed to burn right into
her soul. Those incredible dimples that showed off whenever he smiled.
G*d she hated to admit, but she did sort of miss him.

Brenda shook her head and opened her eyes. What are some kind of idiot?
What's the matter with you? He lied and cheated on you with a woman you
HATE. Her self ridicule was interrupted once again by Lois.

''Bren, Bren ya there?''

''Yeah, sorry. So you said you had some good news too.''

''Sure did. Ned and I are coming to NYC. We thought you might like the
company and besides, we can get that penthouse fixed up and look for
more L&B talent. NY has a great music scene.''

''Great! I really could use the help with this place. It's kind of bare.
I can't wait. Thanks Lo, I love ya.''

''I love ya, too, Bren. See ya soon.''

Brenda hung up the phone and went over to her window that looked over
Central Park. she could see children playing, and families having

''Sonny, that could of been us. It SHOULD have been us. We could have
gotten passed the lies, but why did you have to sleep with her. Why did
you do it?''

Chapter 7-

She looked at herself in the full length mirror and slowly ran a hand
along her stomach. Soon, very soon she would be showing. She couldn't
wait. Just the thought of their child growing inside her made her smile.
G*d, she loved him. She loved him so much she thought her heart would
burst! It had been so easy. Easier than she could have hoped for. She
had played on his weakness to protect her. After they had broken up, she
thought it was her chance, but then she found out. That bitch was

~~ Lily had gone to the hospital to talk to Kevin about ways to help
Stone deal with his AIDS, but when she saw Brenda come out of Dr.
Meadows' office, she became curious. Why did Brenda look so upset? Lily
followed her to the nurses station and heard her make another
appointment for next month. Why? Then she had her chance to find out.
There was a code blue and Amy left the files on the desk. Lily thanked
heaven that Amy was a scatter brain. It was easy to simply open the
file, and there it was. The first page of her chart simply said:
Barrett, Brenda, Pregnancy test +. Lily felt all the air leave her body.
This wasn't happening to her. She had finally gotten her chance to be
with Sonny and Brenda was going to take it away. Like hell she would!!
That was when Lily had come up with her plan to break them up
permanently .~~

~~ Lily stood outside Luke's and watched Brenda enter through the front
doors. It was 8:30. Sonny had told her that Brenda had called and had
something to tell him. Lily knew that was the one thing that could never
happen. She messed up her hair and ripped clothes a little. Finally she
smacked herself several times. that should do it, she thought. Then she
ran up the back stairs leading to his apartment. He was on his way

''Lily, oh my g*d. Are you alright? What happened?'' Sonny's look of
terror and concern was just what she had hoped for.

''I, I don't know. I, I was getting out of my car and these guys
attacked me. Sonny, they came out of no where and -'' She started to
sob as he took her in his arms.

''Shhh, it's O.K. You're safe now.'' Lily smiled through her tears,
although Sonny couldn't see it. this was working better than she

He had held her for a good 20 minutes, then he got up and went to the
bar. He poured her a drink and handed it to her. ''Here, drink this.
Listen, I don't want to leave you alone, but Brenda's waiting
downstairs. Just give me five minutes to go explain and then I'll take
you home.''

''Oh, Sonny, I'm so sorry. I forgot that you were meeting with Brenda
tonight. I shouldn't have come here. I'm sorry.''

''Sorry? Don't be. We're friends. Brenda and I can talk tomorrow, she'll
understand. Just let me go tell her.''

He started to walk out the door, she had to think fast.

''Sonny wait. Could you just stay and have one drink with me? If you
give me another five minutes I know that I'll be O.K. then you and
Brenda can still have your talk.''

''Sure, why not. It's only 8:50, Brenda's always late. She won't mind
waiting for me for once.''

Sonny went over to the bar and poured himself a drink. Lily, however,
was busy digging in her pocket. Where was it? Ahah! There it was. She
slowly pulled out four small sleeping pills. Once he had gotten his
drink, he came and set next to her. then if by accident, she knocked
hers over.

''Oops! I'm sorry. I guess I'm still a little shaky.''

''That's O.K. I'll get you another.'' As he went back over to the bar
she slipped two of the pills into his drink. Papa said that two would
only make him slightly tired and with the alcohol, he should get drunk
fast. ~

And that's what happened. After that Lily starting kissing him, and he
was so drunk he kissed her back. They ended up in bed, making love. Lily
was ecstatic. Sonny was passed out cold. After they made love, he had
passed out and never woke up. He did however, mumble Brenda's name once
during the night. It made Lily sick. But it had satisfied her to know
that Brenda had seen them together. She had heard her use her key and
call Sonny's name. Then after a few minutes, she opened the bedroom
door. It took all the strength Lily had not to laugh when she heard
Brenda gasp. Now all Lily had to do was wait. Wait and see if she was
pregnant. She knew she had to be. Sonny and her were meant to be

Part 8-

''Brenda's gone. Driving yourself crazy trying to find her is not going
to make a difference.'' Sonny looked at Lily. As much as he hated to
admit it she was right. She'd been a good friend to him this last week.

Lily watched Sonny as he looked down at his food. So far he hadn't
guessed that she had been behind Brenda finding them in bed together.
She still remembered the look of utter disbelief on her face. It had
been so wonderful to know that she was the cause of heartache and
misfortune for that bitch and the fact that she had left town had been
icing on the cake. That and the fact that she thought that Lily and
Sonny had been sleeping together for a long time when in actuality it
had been a one time thing and Sonny didn't even remember it. Now she
could have Sonny all to herself. Her only worry was that Brenda would
come back to say good-bye to Stone and Sonny would find out she was
pregnant. Brenda was going to be a mother but thanks to her quick
thinking Sonny would probably never know that he was a father.

''I just wish I could talk to her and actually have her listen.''

''I know but if you think about it you're probably better off without
her. I mean she did tape that conversation of yours.'' Sneaky thing,
she thought. You don't deserve Sonny and you never did.

Sonny just sat there lost in thought. He didn't even notice Lily get up
and go to the counter. He just thought about what Brenda had said ''I
wouldn't stab someone in the back like that.'' He thought about how
seeing him in their bed with another woman, especially one she hated so
much, must have hurt her and how that was the last thing on earth he had
wanted to do. Then that night when he thought she was gonna come
home..... ''.....I KNOW will change everything.'' God he missed her. He
needed her and he could almost feel that even though she didn't know it
she needed him. A song playing on jukebox caught his attention just then

I need to know that you will always be
The same old someone that I knew
What will it take till you believe in me
The way that I believe in you

I said I love you and that's forever
And this I promise from the heart
I could not love you any better
I love you just the way you are

''I love you Brenda.'' He whispered to himself. Then he smiled. Just the
way you are. Come back to me please. I know we can work this out. Just
come home. We need each other and we love each other. Please realize
that we're worth fighting for.

Ch.9-by Julie

Lois and Brenda walked through the door of Brenda's penthouse. Ned
followed closely behind carrying shopping bags and groceries. The past
week had been great for Brenda. Having Ned and Lois there was exactly
what she needed. They had gotten her three story penthouse completely
furnished and had even picked out which room was to be the nursery.
Lois and Brenda had spent the last two days shopping and checking out
the NY musicians. They had seen several they liked and were on the brink
of signing one. Things couldn't be going any better. The only problem
was that she couldn't stop thinking of Sonny, or more accurately of his
betrayal. She saw his face in every guy that walked by. Having this
baby, was becoming more of a problem than she had anticipated. It wasn't
that she didn't want it, she did, more and more every day, it was the
connection to Sonny that she didn't want. She wanted to be free of him,
and having his child would mean that they would always be connected.

''Hey, Bren, what do you want to do about dinna'?'' Lois and Ned were
leaving tomorrow. Brenda was going to miss them a lot. but NYC was only
a 1/2 hour by plane.

''Let's go out. Somewhere real fancy. It's my treat to you guys for
being so great the past week.''

''Bren, we love you. The last two weeks have been hell for you. I mean
first you and Sonny break up, then you find out you're pregnant, then
you find Sonny and HER in bed, and then you moved to a new place alone.
Girlfriend, I'd say you had a pretty horrific two weeks. Nedley and I
are just glad that we could be there for you.''

''Lois is right, Bren, you've had it pretty rough. But, I think a night
out on the town would be great.''

''Where da ya wanna go? I've heard of a great place called Jekyll and
Hyde's. The food's suppose ta be excellent and a lot of movie stars go

''Really? Wow, I think that sounds great Lois!! So let's change and
go!'' Brenda ran up the stairs going all the way to the third floor
where the bedrooms were.

Lois turned to look at Ned. ''Ned, this is killin' her. I don't know how
much more she can take.''

''I know Lois. I'm worried too. But what can we do? I mean she's not
about to move back to PC, well at least not as long as Sonny and Lily
are there.''

''I know. But I hate the fact that the two of them ran Bren outta town.
I mean it was Brenda's home way before it was ever Lily's. I swear the
next time I see that little bitch I'm gonna scratch her eyes out!!''

"Well as much as I support you in that area it won't solve anything and
it won't help Brenda out.''

"Maybe not, but it sure would make me feel a whole lot betta''

''Lois Marie, I love it when you get feisty. C'mon, let's get ready
before we're late.''


Stone and Robin walked into Luke's.

Luke looked up from the bar. ''Hey, beautiful, jr. Either of you kids
seen Sonny today?''

Stone and Robin just looked at each other.

''Yeah he left early this morning.''

''Where'd he go? He was suppose to do the books.''

''He took Lily to NYC.'' the look on Stone's face was hardly one of

''Why'd he do that? I thought he was still trying to track down

"He is. But he thought it would be nice to show Lily his appreciation
for being a good friend the past two weeks. I don't think it's anything
serious. At least not on Sonny's part.''

''Well, all I know jr., is that I would hate to be the one to tell Miss
Barrett about their little trip. That is if she even cares anymore.''


Lily and Sonny had spent the whole day in NYC. They saw all the sites
and even did a little shopping. It was getting late and Sonny was
getting hungry. All day he had a funny feeling. It was like something
was trying to tell him that today was going to be special.

Lily was completely enjoying the day. It had been 1 1/2 weeks since they
made love. They had spent every day together, although, most of the time
it was spent listening to him whine about Brenda. Oh, well. Today was
different. She could hardly believe it when he had suggested going to
NYC together. She thought that it was his way of telling her he wanted
to be more than friends, but instead he had requested separate suites.
But just the fact that he was making any effort to be alone with her was

''Hey, Lily, where to you want to go for dinner?''

''How about Jekyll and Hyde's? I hear you can see a lot of celebrities

''Fine with me. Let's go.''

Chapter 10- by me

''So, what do you think?''

''That they're stubborn and neither one of them is going to admit that
they're miserable without the other.''

''I'm with you baby.'' Robin and Stone sat in the back room of Luke's
looking at one another moodily.

''I hate this so much. Sonny's being stubborn and prideful and Brenda's
being stubborn and wounded. They both love each other like crazy and
neither one of them is willing to admit it.''

''You know whose fault this is don'tcha?''



''I always thought that she was this sweet girl but now I see that she
is everything Brenda said she was and more. You know I wouldn't be
surprised if she found out Bren was pregnant before she told Sonny and
sabotaged the whole night.''

''I can't believe Bren's gonna be a mother.''

''You? She's still in shock. But she's also totally happy about it, ya
know? She told me the other day that Ned got her a baby name book and
nearly bought out the Disney Store.''


''Yeah, you know how they are. Bren's his little sister and he loves her
like crazy. He'd do anything for her and Lois.''

''And they make sure he does.''

''That's right.'' Robin giggled.

''Speaking of Bren, have we gotten any e-mail from littlegirl_lost?''

''I haven't checked yet today. But I will now.'' Robin booted up the
laptop and got online. She checked her RocketMail. ''Nothing.''

''To bad. I wonder what she's doing.''

''She, Lois, and Ned are probably having a ball.''


Ned walked into Jekyll and Hyde's with Lois on one arm and Brenda on the
other. The maitre d' walked up and asked how many.

''Three please.''

''Smoking or non?''


''Right this way.'' The maitre d' led them to a corner table and asked
for their drink orders.


''Make it two.''

''Three please.''

''Three sodas. You got it.''

''You guys are really sweet but you don't have to be sober just because
I am.''

''You think I want a hangover tomorrow on that plane ride home?
Girlfriend please.''

''Ned what's your excuse?''

''I didn't want to look like a drunk ordering a glass of wine.'' The
three friends burst out laughing. Then all of sudden Lois wasn't
laughing anymore. She was looking towards the entrance.

''Lo, what's wrong?' Brenda started to turn around and before Lo could
stop her she saw Sonny and Lily being led to a table a few feet away.

Part 11

Brenda turned back around quickly. She fought for air. She felt like
someone had kicked her in the stomach.

''Ned get me outta here.''

''Can you walk?''

''I can try.''

''Lo, get her purse.'' Ned stood up and helped Brenda up. She leaned
against him and they walked out as fast as they could with Lois behind


Lily watched Brenda walk out with a smile on her face. Sonny hadn't
noticed them since his back was to them. Not feeling well Bren? She
congratulated herself on a job well done.

''What's so funny?'' Lily was startled out of her thoughts.

''What? Oh nothing. I was just looking around and you know I think I saw
that soap star. What's his name? James DiPava. He's on One Life To

''That's cool. So what looks good to you?''

''The clams look pretty good.'' And so do you. She added silently.


''I hate him. I can't believe him.''


''You know up until now I thought maybe it was all a big
misunderstanding. That maybe just maybe him sleeping with her was all
this colossal mistake. God I am such an idiot.''

''No you're not. You were in love.'' The two girlfriends had sent Ned
out for pizza, gotten into their pajamas, and camped out on the balcony
in lounge chairs.

''How long do you think he was sleeping with her? Just waiting for me to
find out that he was in some bad stuff so I'd split and they could be

''Bren, that's ridiculous.''

''I don't think so. I wonder how many times he went from my bed to hers
or God forbid vice versa.''

''Bren, you're making yourself upset and that's not good for the baby.
So chill out and that is an order.''

"What if I don't follow orders?''

"Then I am putting you on that plane with us tomorrow and having Alan
and Dr. Meadows check you out.''

''Alright, I'll chill out.''

''Thank you.''

''I loved him Lo, God help me I did.''

''I know honey. I know.



Brenda stood on her balcony and looked at the, for once, silent city.
She started to think back......

~I bruise you, you bruise me
We both bruise to easily
Too easily to let it show
I love you and that's all I know ~

The night of the shower when she had sat up in bed shaking so badly she
didn't think she'd ever stop. She had started to get out of bed when
Sonny had sat up next to her, put his arms around her and forced her to
relax into them as he cradled her. It had taken her a minute to realize
he was shaking too.....

~ All my plans are falling through
All my plans depend on you,
Depend on you to help them grow
I love you and that's all I know ~

A few blocks away Sonny stepped out onto the balcony of his hotel room.
He could still feel Brenda. The feeling had been strongest at the
restaurant tonight. He looked up at the night sky and said a silent
prayer that one day she'd forgive him for betraying her. He wished he
could let her know that he loved her. It hurt so much not to be with

~ When the singers gone like the sun goes down
It's a fine line between the darkness and the dawn
They say in the darkest hour there's a light beyond

But the ending always comes at last
Endings always come to fast
They come to fast but they pass to slow

When the singers gone like sun go down
It's a fine line between the darkness and the dawn
They say in the darkest night there's a light beyond

But the ending always comes at last
Endings always come to fast
They come to fast but they pass to slow

I love you and that's all I know
That's all I know
All I know
And that's all I know ~

Brenda fought back tears as more memories came up. Soon she crying so
hard she had to sit down. Then she looked up at the sky.

''I love you Sonny. God help me.'' she whispered to the stars


Brenda had been living in NYC for 2 1/2 months. She was now 3 1/2 months
pregnant and she was starting to show. She was surprised, but she
actually liked the fact that you could tell. She had converted the
bottom floor of her penthouse into a boutique called Barrett Fashions.
It was very elegantly decorated. It had a little indoor cafe/lounge
where her customers could relax and enjoy a cappuccino and a croissant.
It had only been open for two weeks, but it was already becoming one of
the most popular places in the city. Celebrities from all over came to
shop there, mostly because Brenda gave them her personal attention. She
was enjoying herself and found that she had a real flare for business.

The remaining two floors belonged to Brenda. The second had her living
room, formal dining room a state of the art kitchen, family room and her
study. Her study was were she had her L&B office. She was handling the
two new artists her and Lois had signed. Between L&B, the Boutique and
preparing for the baby she was so busy she had no time to think. But
every night as she laid in bed she thought of him. He haunted her

She talked to Lois and Robin everyday. She missed PC and everyone in it.
But she knew she could never go back. Brenda was working on the nursery
when the phone rang.


''Bren, hey! How are you?'' Robin had missed her big sister terribly.
She hated Lily and was having a hard time not hating Sonny for what they
did to her.

''Robin!! It's so good to hear from you! What's up?''

''Well, Stone and I were talking and well, we miss you. So, how would
you like a couple of house guests for a week?''

''Are you kidding? I would love it! How soon can you guys get here?''

''We thought you would say yes, so we're booked on a flight tomorrow
morning. We'll get into JFK at 10:00am.''

"O.K. I'll meet you guys at the airport. I can't wait to see you!!''

''Me either. Then I guess I'll see you tomorrow! Love you! Bye!''

''Love you, too!'' As Brenda hung up the phone she smiled. She had a
feeling that seeing Stone and Robin was just what she needed. She just
hoped that they didn't mention Sonny. And especially Lily.


Lily looked at the stick. Blue. It was definitely blue. She gently
placed it half hidden in the garbage can of her bathroom. Now all she
had to do was some how get Sonny to go in there. A knock on the door
startled her and she quickly took one last look at the garbage can. it
couldn't look like she had purposely put it there. Nope it looked

''Hi Sonny!'' She greeted him with a warm smile. He had made no attempt
at being anything more than friends. In fact the one time she had kissed
him, he told her he still loved Brenda and couldn't be with another
woman right now.

"Hey. Listen I brought over dinner. I hope you don't mind.'' He went
over to the table and set the bags down.

''No of course not. So, what are we having?''

''Spaghetti O.K.?''

''That's great. I'll get the wine.''

They sat down to eat. They ate and talked. They had become close friends
over the past few months. Well, the truth was that not to many people
were very friendly to them these days. In fact Stone, Luke and Mike were
the only ones who really even talked to Sonny. And Lily? Well, the only
friend she had was Sonny. As they finished their dinner, Lily saw her
chance. He was still drinking his wine.

''Here why don't you take our glasses over to the couch and I'll clean
up here.''

''O.K.'' As Sonny got up Lily accidentally bumped into him, spilling his
wine on his shirt.

''Oh, Sonny I'm so sorry. Why don't you go wash it off in the

''Good idea''

Lily smiled as Sonny walked into the bathroom. A few minutes later Sonny
came out. He looked pale and flushed. In his hand was the blue stick.

"Lily, are you pregnant?'

Chapter 13~by me

"She did it on purpose. I don't care what Sonny says. The little bitch
got pregnant on purpose.''

"Robin will you be quiet? People are starting to stare.'' Stone smiled
nervously at the woman sitting a few tables away, who was sending him
death glares as she tried to quiet her crying baby.

"I'm sorry. I just can't believe this. Did you see the look on Sonny's
face? He looked so defeated.''

"I'd be defeated too at the thought of making an honest woman out of
that thing.''

"You don't think it'll really come to that, do you?''

"I don't know Robin. I just don't know.''


"What's up partner?''

"What do you mean?''

"I mean you've been staring at that drink in front of you for the last
ten minutes like you expect it to tell you the answers to life's

"I wish.''

''You wanna talk about it?''

''Talk about what? The bed that feels to big, the half empty closet, the
apartment that echoes, or the robe that still smells like her?''

''That bad huh?''

''Worse. Did I tell you Lois gave me a letter from her?''

''What'd it say?''

''That she wanted me to give Lo the rest of her stuff.''

''Anything else?''

''No. It was so cold and impersonal. You'd think we barely knew each

''Maybe that's the way she wants it.''

''I can't, I won't believe that.''

''Why not?''

''Because I know her. She's stubborn and she's hurt. And when she's hurt
her first instinct is to split. She's been doing it since she was a

''Why change now right?''


''I've got something to tell you. Something important.''

''Good or bad?''

"Pretty bad.''

''What else is new? Go for it.''

''I heard Robin and Lois talking the other day and it seems Brenda told
the lovely Mrs. Ashton that she thinks you were sleeping with Lily
before the two of you broke up.''

''Perfect. This day just keeps getting better and better. Anything

''Nope.'' Luke said ignoring the part of him that was screaming at him
to tell Sonny what else he had heard: Bren was pregnant.

Ch.14-by Julie

Brenda sat down on the sofa. She had never been so tired in her life.
She ran a hand slowly over her growing stomach. That was the one thing
that was right in her life. She had never really wanted kids before. She
never thought she was that domestic, but now all she thought about was
her baby.

''Hey, little one. How ya doing today? Mommy's so tired, but ya know
what? Uncle Stone and Aunt Robin are coming tomorrow. Mommy misses them
so much. I miss everyone in PC. But I miss your Daddy most of all.''

Brenda got up and walked out on the veranda that overlooked the city. It
always looked so beautiful at night with the lights twinkling. She
looked up at the sky. It for once was clear. That rarely happened in
NYC. The stars were out in full force. Brenda curled up with a blanket
on a lounge chair and just watched the stars.

''When you get bigger I'll teach you about the stars. Oh, look. It's a
shooting star. We have to make a wish. What should we wish for little
one?'' Brenda sat there for a minute. she had everything she wanted.
Two successful businesses, a huge house, a baby on the way, everything
but him.

''I wish that your daddy could be a part of your life someday, angel. A
part of both of ours.''


Sonny had sat at the bar for a long time thinking about what Luke had
said. His words burned into his memory. ''...she thinks that you were
sleeping with Lily before you two broke up...''

''G*d, Brenda. Did I hurt you so much that you would really think that
of me?''

''Well, I think her reaction is pretty tame compared to what you woulda

Sonny turned around only to find Lois glaring at him. She had grown
extremely protective of Brenda over the past two months. In fact things
between the two Bensonhurst friends were very touchy.

''Lois, I didn't realize I had asked for your opinion.''

''Well, then don't ask yourself stupid questions out loud, if ya don't
like the answers ya get.'' she sat down on the stool next to him.

''Sorry, Lois. It's just that I miss her. So much.''

''Well, ya only got one person to blame for that.''

''I know, I know. So I take it you came to say goodbye to Stone before
he leaves?''

''Not really. I actually came to see you. Here.'' she handed him a small
brown bag.

''What's this?''

''Open it.''

Sonny opened the bag. His heart sank when he saw what was in it.


Later that night Sonny looked out the window of his apartment. He
couldn't believe what Lois had brought him. Just then he saw a shooting

''Please come back to me Bren. I know you still love me as much as I
love you. I'll make it up to you I swear. Just please let me be in your

Part 15

Sonny looked down at the necklace that Lois had given him. It was the
one he had given Bren on Valentine's Day. She had returned it all.
Everything he had ever given her. But there was still one thing she
hadn't returned: His heart. But then she couldn't return that. She'd
always have it.

~ What have I got to do to make you love me
What have I got to do to make you care,
What do I do when lightning strikes me
And I wake to find that you're not there?~

Brenda tugged the blanket around her. It was getting cooler. She
shouldn't be surprised. It was almost November. She leaned back in the
chair. Lois must've given him the necklace by now. It had hurt to part
with it. It was one of the only things she had left of Sonny. Except
for the baby. She placed her hand on her stomach. She'd always have

~ What have I got to do to make you want me,
What have I got to do to be heard,
What do I say when it's all over?
And sorry seems to be the hardest word, ~

Sonny went over to the shelf and picked up a picture of them at Ned and
Lois's wedding. He remembered watching her walk down the aisle and
picturing the way she'd look on their wedding day. Now he might never
see that day.

~ It's sad (so sad)
It's a sad, sad situation
And it's getting more and more absurd.
It's sad (so sad),
Why can't we talk it over?
Oh it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word. ~

Brenda got up from her chair and went back inside. She was tired and
she had a busy day tomorrow. She couldn't wait to see Stone and Robin.
She looked down at her hands just then. It still felt a little weird
not seeing the ring Sonny had given her for her birthday. But she had
given that back too.

~ What have I got to do to make you love me
What have I got to do to be heard,
What do I do when lightning strikes me
What have I got to do?
What have I got to do?
When sorry seems to be the hardest word? ~

Sonny looked out the window again. He hated the thought of going to bed
these days. The bed felt too big without her. Last night he could have
sworn he felt her arms around him. He looked up at the stars and felt
tears in his eyes. It wasn't that long ago she was standing there with
him. "I'm sorry Brenda. God Baby I'm so sorry."


Brenda looked at the clock. It was almost time for her to meet Stone and
Robin at the airport. She looked at herself one last time. She looked
great. If you didn't know her, you couldn't tell she was almost four
months pregnant. But she could. She smiled and grabbed her keys.


"Well I don't think we should say anything."

"Stone, Brenda's going to find out sooner or later. Especially if he
marry's her."

"Please, Robin. I just ate lunch. The thought of Sonny actually
marrying her makes me ill."

"Me, too. But that doesn't change the fact that we have to tell her that
she's pregnant."

"Well, couldn't we like tell as we're leaving? That way we could run
onto the plane."

"Very funny Stone."

"Who's joking? I don't want to tell her. You've never lived with
Brenda. I have. You don't know the extent of her temper. I do."

"We need to tell Brenda about-

"Tell Brenda about what?"

Robin and Stone both just stared at their friend. Not sure what to say
or do next.


Sonny opened the door to find Lily smiling. Just what I need, he

"Lily, what are you doing here?"

"I thought I would bring you some of Ruby's muffins. I've noticed that
you're losing weight."

"I'm fine. Don't you have to be at school?"

"I took a personal day. Sonny there's something we need to discuss."

Part 17~

"Lily now's not really a good time. I was on my out."

"Well when would be a good time?" Never, Sonny thought to himself.

"Maybe later tonight or tomorrow. I've got a meeting to get to right
now. I'll call you, okay?"

"Okay." Lily smiled as she left but inwardly she was seething. He was
still hung up on that witch. It didn't help that Stone and Robin were
visiting her and wouldn't even tell Sonny where they were going. It
just made him obsess all the more.

After Lily left Sonny sat down on the couch again. He couldn't stop
thinking about Brenda. Stone and Robin had gone to visit her and they
wouldn't even tell him where. The only thing he'd managed to get out of
Stone was a promise that he'd try and get Brenda to call him. He just
wanted to hear her voice.


"Bren! You look great. You can barely tell you're pregnant." Robin
gave her friend a hug. Then Stone gave her a hug. After they finished
hugging they made their way to the baggage claim. Then when they'd
gotten all the luggage Brenda told them to stay put while she went for
the car. When she was out of earshot Stone turned to Robin.

"That was way to close."

"I still say we should tell her."

"Alright you win. We'll tell her. But in a public place so she can't
kill either of us. Agreed?"



As Brenda drove her explorer through the parking lot to Stone and Robin
she wondered what they were talking about when they walked up. She just
hoped it didn't have to do with Sonny or Lily. They were the last thing
she wanted to think about right now. Especially Lily. Bitch. She shook
herself. Negative thoughts weren't good for the baby or her right now.
The baby! Ohmigod she had a doctor's appointment in 20 minutes. She
screeched to a halt in front of Stone and Robin.

"Get in!" Stone and Robin got in fast after throwing their luggage in
the trunk.. Brenda waited until the buckled up before she took off.

"What's wrong Bren?"

"I completely forgot about my doctor's appointment."


"You said it. I wouldn't normally be so frazzled but I'm getting a
sonogram done today."

"Cool. Are you gonna find out what it is?"

"I don't think so. I like surprises."


"You wanna walk Cates?"

"No. I'll shut up."

"Thank you." Robin just giggled at her friends.


"Sonny would you stop moping? You're starting to scare the customers

"I'm sorry. I was just-"

"Thinking about Brenda. I know."

"She gave me back the necklace I gave her for Valentine's Day."

"Still no clue to where she is?"

"No word yet. It's driving me nuts. I mean everyday Stone gets closer
and closer to dying and all I want to do is hold Bren and make sure
she's real. That she's not this amazing dream I had."

"Keep the faith man."

"Yeah. I'm gonna take a walk."

"See ya later." Luke watched Sonny walk out of the club. Then he
picked up the newspaper and turned to the fashion section. Normally he
would've passed right by it. But the picture of Brenda had caught his
eye. The number of her shop was listed. Making sure no one was around
he picked up the phone and started to dial.

Ch.18~by Julie

Brenda, Stone and Robin sat in the waiting room.

''Listen, do you guys want to come in with me? You don't have to, but it
would be kinda nice to have some friends in there with me.''

''Bren, of course we will. I think it's so cool that you're gonna see
your baby.''

''Ms. Barrett, the doctor will see you now.'' The nurse showed them to a
room. ''Just put this gown on and Dr. Richards will be right in.''

''I think we'll wait outside.'' Stone said. He was so sick of hospitals
just being in one made him nervous.

A few minutes later, Dr. Richards came in. ''Good morning Brenda. How
are you feeling this morning?''

''Great! Dr. Richards, these are my friends, Robin Scorpio and Stone

''Nice to meet you. Now shall we take a peek at this little guy?'' The
doctor turned on the machines and spread the gel on her stomach. Soon a
distorted image came up on the screen. Brenda looked at the doctor. She
looked worried. She asked her to move from side to side. Then she looked
at Brenda.

Brenda suddenly got very nervous. ''Dr. Richards? Is there something
wrong with my baby?''


''Look I need to speak to her. I'm a friend from Port Charles.'' Luke
was getting very frustrated with Brenda's assistant, Lourdes.

''I am sorry sir, but Ms. Barrett is a very busy woman, and I can not
divulge her daily activities to complete strangers.'' Her thick French
accent was really starting to annoy him.

"Look, lady, I don't have time to play games. It is very important that
I speak to Brenda.''

''What the hell?'' Luke spun around only to find Sonny staring at him in

Part 19- Julie

Luke stared at Sonny. ''I'll call back later.'' Sonny's eyes spoke
volumes. He was hurt, betrayed, and angry.

''Sonny, I thought that you were going to take a walk?''

''Cut the crap Spencer. What's going on? Who was on the phone?''

''The phone? Uh, I was, I was just trying to help you find out where
Brenda is.'' G*d he hoped he sounded convincing.

''Well, it sounds to me like you found her.'' Not convincing enough.
Luke was screaming inside. He wanted to tell him everything he knew. He
wanted to tell Sonny about the baby, her store and the fact that she was
living in NYC.

"C'mon Spencer, spit it out. I know you're trying to cover for her, but
what I can't figure out is why? I'm your partner, your friend, not her.
So why are you going out of your way to protect her?''

''Sonny it's not that simple. There's a lot you don't know.''

''Then explain it to me!! I want to know WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!!''

''Hey calm down. We are trying to run a business here.'' Luke looked at
him. Sonny looked tired and beat. All he wanted was the woman he loved.
Luke knew what is was like to be away from Laura and not know where she
was. It had almost killed him. Luke looked at Sonny one more time.

"This has gone on long enough. Here. This is an ad I saw for her store.
It's where she works.''

Sonny looked down at the paper in his hand. NYC. Park Avenue. He had
been so close to her when he was there. ''Thanks Luke.''


Dr. Richards looked at Brenda. She was beyond worried. She was scared.
''Brenda they're fine. It just took me by surprise.''

''What? What do you mean ''they''?''

''Brenda, do you see that bump right there?''


''That is the head, and this bump right here is another. You're having
twins. Congratulations.''

''Twins? Are you sure?'' Brenda didn't know what to think. She was
relieved to know her baby was fine, but she had never expected this.

''I'm positive. Now why don't you get dressed and meet me in my office.
We'll schedule your next appointment and talk about what you need to

When the doctor left, Stone, Robin and Brenda stared at each other.

''I can't believe your having twins, Brenda! that's so amazing!''

"Yeah! Congrats Bren.''

"Thanks guys.''

"Bren, are you O.K.? You don't look happy. don't you want twins?''


Lily sat and stared at the ad in the paper. Barrett Fashions. It was a
huge success. There was an article about Brenda next to the ad. It
talked about the success of L&B and of her new store. But it didn't
mention anything about her pregnancy. She must be keeping it a secret.
Then Lily stopped. Oh, G*D no! What if Sonny saw this! He said he had a
meeting to go to! What if he was really going to NYC to find her. She
picked up the phone and dialed Sonny's. No answer. She grabbed her coat
and keys and ran out. She headed towards Luke's. She had to stop him. No
matter what.

Part 20~

Lily rushed into Luke's hoping that Sonny hadn't seen the picture and if
he had that he hadn't gone anywhere yet. She spotted Luke behind the

"Luke have you seen Sonny?"

"Sorry Lily. He left about an hour ago."

"Did he say where he was going?"

"When he'd be back?"


"Thanks anyway Luke."

"Sure thing darling." Lily left the club in a rush and got into her
car. This couldn't be happening. She was so close. She started her
car and drove home her mind working furiously.


Back inside the club Luke waited until he heard Lily's car start and
drive away before he called out to his friend.

"She's gone buddy." Sonny came out of the back room."

"Thanks man."

"No sweat. Good luck."

"Thanks. I'm gonna need it." Sonny left the club and climbed into his
car. As he drove to the airport he remembered feeling Brenda in NYC.
He prayed for the chance he needed to make things right with her.


"Happy? Of course I'm happy. I'm just in shock. Do you realize what
this means? Stone turn around so I can get dressed." Brenda wiped off
the gel on her stomach and rose to put on her clothes.

"You need to by another crib?" Stone cracked as he turned around to
face the wall.

"No! Well yes I guess I do. But what it means is that I've got two
little people growing inside of me. This is so amazing." Robin smiled
at her best friend's happiness.

"So who are you gonna tell first?"

"Lois and Ned of course. Then Julia."


"Yeah when I told her about the baby or babies as the case may be, she
gave me that Explorer as a shower present."


"Hey can I turn around yet?"

"Oh sorry. Yeah Stone sure."

"Thanks." He said turning. "So when can we eat?' The two girls laughed
as they left the doctor's office.


Sonny stared out the window of the airplane as it descended into JFK.
He was so close to her. He just hoped Bren would talk to him.


Sonny caught a cab and instructed the driver to go to Brenda's store.
When the cab pulled up Sonny froze. He looked up at the sign: ''Barrett
Fashions''. The three story building was in the most exclusive part of

"You don't settle for second best do ya?" Sonny whispered.

''Hey, they're closed. Where to next?'' the cabby was definitely from

''I'll wait here. I'm looking for someone.''

''Yeah? Who? Hey, wait a minute. Ya don't actually think you're gonna
score with a dame like Brenda Barrett do ya? She's so fine. Man, got the
greatest body I ever saw. Man what I wouldn't give for 5 minutes with

Sonny grabbed the cabby's arm. ''I think you've said enough. I don't
ever want to hear you talking about Brenda again. Do you understand?''

The cabby was scared. He sat there and stare at Sonny. He furiously
shook his head.

''Y-Yeah, whatever you say.''

Sonny let go of his arm ''Good.'' The cabby looked at Sonny. Then he

"Hey you're Sonny Corinthos aren't ya? Man I hear the chics that I drop
here talk about you. You and the dame were pretty hot and heavy there.
What happened?''

''Nothing. It's got nothing to do with you. How much do I owe you?''

''35 bucks.'' Sonny handed him the money and got out. The cabby looked
at him once more. ''What an idiot. Let that dame get away.'' With that
he drove away leaving Sonny staring up at her building.


''Stone, I am not naming my children Ricky and Lucy.'' Brenda said as
she ate her salad.

"Why not? That's who you and Sonny remind me of. One of you is always
doing something stupid because you misunderstood something, and then
Sonny starts yelling.''

''Ya know Stone's got a point. Half of your problems with Sonny are
because you two are so afraid of losing each other, you both do
something stupid.''

''Thanks Robin, but this time I wasn't the one who screwed up. Listen
this conversation is starting to depress me. Let's talk about something
else. How are you doing Stone?''

The three friends continued to talk, eat and laugh about old times.
Brenda, however had a weird feeling in her gut. She tried to dismiss it
as indigestion, but she knew better. It had to do with Sonny.

Robin and Stone had agreed that they would tell Brenda about Lily later
that night.

''Well, you guys ready? I think we should go back to my place, get you
guys settled in and then decide what you guys want to do while you're

''Sounds good to me.''

''Let's go.''


Lily had gone all over town. She couldn't find Sonny anywhere. She knew
what she had to do. It was the only way. If he got the chance to talk to
Brenda, her chance with him was gone. She picked up the phone.

''Hello, it's me. It has to be done tonight. As soon as possible. No, it
can't wait! He might already be there. Good. Bye.'' She hung up the
phone and walked to the window.

''I'm sorry it has to be this way Brenda, but I won't lose him.''


Sonny sat down at the foot of the steps. ''C'mon Brenda where are you?''


Lily stared out the window. It had been done. There was no going back
now. The order had been giving. She only felt remorse for Sonny's baby.
But if it was done right, he would never know.


Sonny was just about to leave when he heard a car pull into the garage.
He wasn't sure if he was panicked or scared, maybe both. He just wanted
five minutes to talk to her.


Stone, Robin and Brenda got out of the car. They started to walk
towards the building.

"Wait, I forgot the sonogram on the dashboard."

"I'll go get it."

"No, here take the keys. I'll be back in a minute. Go on."

Stone and Robin took the keys and started towards the building. They
stopped in their tracks when they saw who was waiting on the steps.


Brenda headed back to the car. She had the feeling she was being
watched. But then again she had been feeling strange all day. She
didn't see the man who was watching her from the bushes. As she reached
her car, he grabbed her from behind. She was scared stiff. "Please
just take my purse."

He said nothing. He did what he was instructed to do. He whipped out
this knife. The cold steel was glistening against the night moon. He
covered her mouth and then stabbed her in the chest. Once. Twice. Three
times. Brenda could feel her lungs fill up. She couldn't breath. She
was gasping for air. Oh G*d please don't let me die. Don't let my
babies die. Then she felt something warm and sticky running down her
left cheek. Then she felt him let go and run. She fell to the ground.
Stone. Robin. She had to get to them. She needed help. She tried to
yell, but there was nothing. No air. Nothing.


Stone and Robin stared at Sonny.

"Sonny what are you doing here? Brenda doesn't want to see you. This
isn't a good idea."

"Stone, I don't care what she wants. I need to talk to her. She has to
understand how sorry I am and what she means to m-" Sonny was cut off
when he saw a figure. The person was obviously hurt. Using the side of
the building for support. then they came into view. It was Brenda. Sonny
was horrified when he saw her. Her face had a gash across the left cheek
and was gushing blood. She saw him and reached out for him. That was
when saw it. Her coat opened slightly to reveal three large blood stains
in the chest area. He ran to her. She let go of the wall and passed
out, falling into Sonny's arms.

Part 23

"Someone call 9-1-1!" Sonny said frantically as he slowly sat down with
Brenda. He cradled her limp body. "Baby open your eyes. Please open
your eyes Bren." he said softly in her ear. Stone took Sonny's cell
phone and dialed.

"We've got an emergency. She was stabbed. She's unconscious. She's
also pregnant." Sonny's looked up at him in disbelief. Stone shrugged
his shoulders. "She'll be four months November 16. 556 Park Avenue.
Hurry please." Sonny's mind raced as he calculated. Four months ago
November 16 was July 16. The last time they'd made love. That night
when she'd called and said she had something to tell him that would
change everything. Oh God. What had he done to her?


Lily answered the ringing phone.


"It's done."

"Very well you'll receive you money soon." She hung up the phone and
walked over to the window. "God forgive me." she whispered.


Sonny leaned his forehead against the glass while he watched doctors
work on Brenda.

"C'mon Bren. Fight. I know you can do it." He whispered. Robin walked
up next to him.

"Here. Have some coffee." He took it numbly.

"Where's Stone?"

"Calling Ned and Lois." Sonny nodded. "Sonny come sit down. Watching
this is gonna make you crazy."

"I'm staying right here until we hear something. Robin?"


"Was she happy about the baby?"

"Yeah she was. She told me that she started watching all the kid's
programs to get used to them."

"This is all my fault. If I hadn't slept with Lily or if I had found
her sooner none of this would have happened."

"Hey. Don't go there. This is not your fault. How could you know that
some nut job was waiting in the bushes?"

"If I lose her-"

"Not gonna happen, my man." Stone said walking up behind them. "Bren's
to stubborn to die."

"Yeah right." Just then a doctor walked out of the room.

"Brenda Barrett?"

"Is she okay?"


Sonny stared at the doctor.

"Is she OK?" he repeated.

The doctor shook his head. "Ms. Barrett is in very serious condition.
We are prepping her for surgery now. She has a punctured lung, and has
lost a tremendous amount of blood from her wounds. We have to stitch
her face and try to stop the bleeding from the stab wounds."

"What about the baby?"

"We have her on a fetal monitor, but we are hearing some things we don't
like. Listen I will know more when I get out of surgery. I will do every
thing I can to save your wife and child."

Sonny stared after the doctor. "Wife and child." That was what he wanted
more than anything. Her to be his wife. To know his child. The child
they had made together.

"Sonny? Why don't we sit down." Robin took him by the arm and Stone,
Robin and Sonny sat in the waiting room in silence.


It had been three hours since Brenda had gone into surgery. No one had
told them anything. Sonny hadn't spoken at all. He sat, staring at the

Robin sat next to him. Finally he looked at her and spoke.

"What did I put her through Robin? You have to tell me. How long did she
know about the baby? Was that what she wanted to tell me that night...
the night she found me with Lily?" He could hardly get the last part
out. It made him sick to think about Brenda finding them in bed
together, knowing she was pregnant with his child.

"Sonny, she's a lot stronger than you give her credit for. Sure she's
been through hell, but she has made a new life for her and her
children." Then Robin realized that Sonny didn't know about the twins.

"What? Children?"

"Brenda's having twins. She found out today. You should've seen her. She
actually talks to them like they're already here. She really has changed
Sonny. She wants to be a good mother and give her children the life she
never had."

"I wish I had known."

Stone came over to inform them that Brenda was out of surgery. Just then
the doctor came over.

"How are they?" Sonny asked trying to keep himself under control.

"She made it through surgery, but it doesn't look good. We were able to
stop the bleeding and repaired her lung, but she's in a coma. Her face
is stitched, but there will be a huge scar. She can have plastic surgery
in about six months. I am extremely worried about the babies though.
It's a miracle the three of them survived at all."

"The three of them?" Sonny was trying to comprehend the doctor's words.

"Yes, your wife is having triplets. However, if she makes it I will be
very surprised if the triplets do. They suffered a loss of oxygen, and
that is extremely dangerous for babies still in the growth process. I
would prepare myself for the worst. I am very sorry."

Sonny felt as if someone had just kicked all the life out of him. Brenda
and his children might not make it. He could lose the most important
things in his life without ever making things right with Brenda. She
would die hating him. He would never hold his children, hold her, make
love to her again, and it was his fault. He was losing his family,
before he had ever gotten to enjoy it. Stone grabbed Sonny and steered
him to the couch. He sat him down. Sonny sat expressionless. He knew if
she died so did he.


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