The Reunion by Wendy

Brenda is at L&B trying to book Eddie Maine gigs. Looking at last year's
calendar to see what places
were hot last year, she notices the date. "Lois, do you realize last year
at this time I was deciding to wear
that wire?"

Lois: "Yeah, I know. Nedly and I were discussing that just this morning.
How if we hadn't talked you
into that all our lives would have been different."

Brenda: "I know. I think about it a lot. If I hadn't helped Garcia, he'd
have had virtually nothing & no
where to start. Sonny & I wouldn't have broken up, at least not over that,
he wouldn't have been arrested.
He wouldn't have sold his L&B shares to Edward, neither would I. Thus you
wouldn't have had to find
Jax. So I guess things work out after all huh? Except, you know, I can't
help thinking that if I hadn't worn
the wire, Lily would still be alive. Sonny wouldn't have had to make the
deal with Rivera, thus the hit
would never have gone down."

Lois (gives her a funny look): "I hadn't thought of it that way. But Bren,
you can't blame yourself. A lot
of other things played into Lily's death. Plus, as you said, you wouldn't
have Jax."

Brenda (vaguely): "Yeah, I wouldn't have Jax."

Commercial Break----------

Lois: "Bren, who are you trying to kid here. You still love Sonny."

Brenda: "Love isn't always enough, you kept telling me that. Besides, Jax
is wonderful. He treats me so
well and he trusts me."

Lois: "Oh yeah, he trusts you so much when he sees you with Sonny he jumps
to the wrong conclusions.
Don't get me wrong, Jax is a sweetie, but even he knows it ain't over
between Sonny and you."

Brenda: "Lois, please. Sonny has made it clear that he doesn't want anyone.
I have to get on with my

The phone rings: "L&B Records this is Lois. Oh, hiya Sonny what's up." She
gets a"Lois" look on her
face and says "Yeah, Brenda's here." She covers the phone with her hand "Oh
yeah, he really doesn't
want anything to do with ya."

Brenda (trying to stay neutral): "Hi Sonny what is it? Um, now's not a
really good time....well, okay I
guess I can make the time. The docks in fifteen minutes? Yeah, I know the
place." She hangs up.

Commercial break------------------------

Brenda is waiting on the docks remembering the night she and Sonny decided
to runaway together. Her
cell phone rings, it's Jax.

Jax: "Hey love, where are you, I called the gatehouse and Lois said you'd
run an errand?"

Brenda: "Yeah, I needed to tie up some loose ends"

Jax: "Well, don't be long, remember we have dinner plans with Lucy and

Brenda: "I won't." Sonny walks up. "I gotta go, bye."

Jax: "Bye, I love you Brenda"

Brenda flips the phone closed and looks at Sonny.

Sonny: "We need to talk"


Sonny: "We have to talk Brenda"

Brenda (slips the phone into her purse): "I know Sonny. There's just a lot
goin''' on right now. I shouldn't
be here."

Sonny: "If you want to go, go."

Brenda: "I'm just flying blind right now Sonny. Less than two months ago
you were standing in front of
me telling me you loved me and that we were going to be together. Then all
of a sudden you found out
about the baby and it was over - again. Do you have any idea how that made
me feel? I felt like you'd cut
my heart out - again."

Sonny: "Brenda, I felt it too, but you know why I did that."

Brenda: "Yes Sonny, I knew everything about you. I used to know what you
were feeling every minute
you took a breath. But I don't know anymore. Everything has changed."

Sonny: "That's right, you're married now."

Commercial break -----------------------------------------

Brenda: "You know I wouldn't have married Jax if you hadn't gone back to

Sonny: "I know, I know. I just don't understand how you could be ready to
give up everything to go away
with me and then go off and get married. You disappeared, I had people
looking everywhere for you
after...after the explosion. Didn't you think I'd worry? You just took off
and got married"

Brenda: "Oh God Sonny, I didn't know. I left before it happened. Do you
really think I would have left
you at a time like that? I came to you the minute I got back and heard the
news. Don't you understand, I
left him to come to you."

Sonny: "Oh Brenda" pulling her to him they cling to each other. "I just
thought that I'd hurt you so badly
that you couldn't..."

Brenda: "Sonny, how many times do I have to tell you, I will always be here
for you?"

Just then, Jax walks by carrying balloons and roses. He stops in disbelief.
Brenda sees him and pulls
away from Sonny. "Jax..."
Jax lets go of the balloons and they fly upwards. He just turns and walks

Brenda: "Sonny, I have to go after him"

Sonny: "I know, go, do what you have to, but we're not finished yet."

Brenda: "Sonny, I'll call you as soon as I explain to Jax."

Sonny: "That's fine Brenda, but can you explain it? Are you ready for


Brenda gets back to the hotel. Jax is already there beating on his pinball

Brenda: "Jax, why didn't you stop when I called to you."

Jax: "Well Brenda, I didn't think I needed to stick around and watch my
wife in the arms of her ex-lover,
or is the "ex" part not correct any longer?"

Brenda: "That's not fair Jax, I thought you said you trusted me."

Jax: "Well trust is a funny thing Brenda. You didn't have to earn it, but
you abused it. I know you went to
see Sonny the night of Nurse's Ball, I know you went to see him at the
Outback, and now you're meeting
him on the docks. Sorry Luv, but three strikes and I'm out." He walks out
of the room. Brenda tries to
absorb the conversation.

Commercial break -----------------------------------

Brenda follows Jax into the bedroom. "Jax, please let me explain, it's not
what you think."

Jax: "And what do I think Brenda? That you're still in love with Sonny?
That you've met with him and
never told me? That you never would have married me if I hadn't caught you
after you found out about
Lily's baby and given you that ultimatum?"

Brenda: "You know what, I've tried to tell you lots of things over the last
6 weeks. I wanted to tell you
about Sonny and every time you said you didn't need to know. So which is

Jax: "Brenda, you know I love you. I accepted the fact that you were still
in love with Sonny when you
married me, but I thought it was in the past. I can tell by the way you
look at him, that it's not."

Brenda: "Jax, things are really confusing right now. I really care about
you. It took going to see Sonny
the night of the ball to realize how much you mean to me. But I've never
denied my feelings for Sonny."

Jax: "So, where exactly does that leave us?"

Brenda: "We're still married, nothing's changed."

Jax: "Brenda you can't really believe that, can you? I saw the way Sonny
was holding you today. His
mourning period has ended and he's back."

He walks out of the room again, this time Brenda doesn't follow. She hears
the front door slam and she
sits down on the bed. She has a flashback of her trip to LA with Jax and
gets teary eyed. She then walks
to her jewelry box and pulls out the diamond pendant Sonny gave her for
Valentines Day 1995 and
flashes back to that. She reaches for the phone and dials a number.

Sonny: "Corinthos here....Hi Brenda, everything okay there?"

Brenda: "I need to see you Sonny, I need you."

Sonny: "Are you sure, I don't want to cause problems for you."

Brenda (repeats herself): "I need you."

Brenda is on the docks in "their place". She's leaning up against the lamp
pole. She looks so sad and
confused. Images of Sonny and Jax are overlapping in her mind. Sonny walks
up and touches her face.
She turns to him and goes into his arms. He holds her and she starts to

Commercial --------

Sonny: "Baby, don't cry. Talk to me Brenda, what's wrong?"

Brenda: "Why does everything have to be so hard? Why does loving each other
have to hurt so many

Sonny: "Brenda, look at me." (He takes her face in his hands) "Tell me now
if you want me to walk
away. I can't take hurting you again."

Brenda: "I don't know what I want." (She pulls away and steps back.)
"Sonny, when you went back to
Lily I thought I was going to die. It was really over, there was no way I
could fight a child for its father.
Not after growing up the way I did. I remember just standing out there in
front of Kelly's, it was raining,
but I was so numb it didn't matter. I must have stood there for almost an

Sonny: "I'm sorry, I never wanted to hurt you like that."

Brenda: "I know. But then all of sudden, Jax was there. He picked me up and
carried me upstairs and all
of a sudden, I wasn't alone anymore. Sonny, he's been so good to me, he
really loves me."

Sonny: "Brenda, you don't have to explain to me what it's like to be
married to someone who loves you,
when you don't love them back."

Brenda: "That's the thing Sonny, I do love him."

Commercial --------

Sonny: "I guess I didn't realize that you felt that strongly for him."

Brenda: "You don't understand. Sonny, I love him, but I'm not in love with
him. I could never love
anyone the way I love you. But I'm not sure if that's enough anymore."

Sonny: "Brenda, listen to me. I love you, as much as I ever did. But I
can't give you any guarantees about
a future with me. I'm still all torn up inside. I lost my wife and my
child. I just know that I need you in
my life. I want you Brenda, I need you."

He takes her face in his hands again and they begin to kiss.

Commercial --------------

Brenda pulls away. "Sonny, I just need some time. I don't want to hurt Jax.
And I don't want to be hurt
again. I could be happy with Jax."

Sonny: "Sweetheart, I'm not going anywhere. You know where to find me when
you're ready."

They kiss again, passionately. Brenda finally pulls back and walks away as
Sonny watches her.


After spending some time wandering aimlessly around the docks, Brenda ends
up back at the gatehouse.
Lois sees the distressed look on Brenda's face and leads her to the couch.

L: "Girlfriend, what is wrong with you? You look like you've just lost your
best friend. Which, isn't
possible since I'm your best friend and I'm right here. Anyway, what
happened when you went to meet
Sonny? Jax called here shortly after you left, I told him you were running
errands. So, what gives?"

B: "Oh Lois, why can't I let him go?" She burst into tears and Lois pulls
her head down to her shoulder
and kind of pats her head."

---------------- Commercial Break ------------------------------------

L: "Bren, calm down honey. Why can't you let who go? Sonny or Jax?"

B: "Either, both, I don't know. I married Jax, that's a commitment. But I
still love Sonny. I thought I
could get over him. Jax is so good to me. We have so much fun together. I
thought I could be happy with
him. If Lily hadn't died Sonny wouldn't be an issue. I could have left him
alone and he would have given
me up."

L: (softly) "Brenda, I never quite understood why you married Jax anyway. I
know he asked you and all,
but you seemed pretty definite that you weren't going to say yes. I mean,
you were so critical of Sonny
for marrying Lily when he was in love with you..."

B: "Lois, there's some things you don't know. I haven't told you because I
don't know how you'd react."

L: "Maybe it's about time you did. Bren, I love you, you're my bestest
friend in the whole world -next to
Nedly, I promise, I won't judge you."

B: "Okay, but just let me get through it before you ask me any questions, I
don't know how often I can go
through this...."

---------------- Commercial Break ------------------------------------

B: "So then when we got back to Port Charles we came to see you and Ned,
and then we heard about
Lily, and well, you know the rest."

L: (stunned to hear how close Brenda came to running off with Sonny):
"Brenda, why didn't you tell

B: "I just couldn't. Sonny and I promised we weren't going to tell anyone
and then everything happened
so fast, he found out about the baby, and then Jax... Oh Lois, Jax was so
hurt today. He saw me on the
docks with Sonny. We were hugging."

L: "Oh man, you've got to be kidding me. So he didn't take it very well."

B: "Hardly. He's so good to me Lois, I don't want to hurt him. Plus, I
never know with Sonny."

L: "Jax knew he was taking his chances when he gave you that stupid
ultimatum. I don't think that was
fair of him. He really seemed to take advantage of you. He had to have
been able to see how vulnerable
you were."

B: "Yes, I didn't think it was quite fair, but it was either give up Jax
and watch Sonny stay with Lily and
raise a child with her, or marry him and try to put it behind me."

L: "But now Sonny's free..."

B: "And I'm not. Isn't it ironic? I don't even know for sure that Sonny
wants me back. He says he needs
me, but I don't know. Is it worth hurting Jax to just have a chance with

---------------- Commercial Break ------------------------------------

The phone rings and Brenda answers it this time. "L&B Records, Brenda
Barrett speaking."

Sonny: "Well, it's good to hear you use that name instead of Jacks."

B: "I'm just not used to it yet. Sonny, I told you I needed time."

S: "Brenda, I called for Lois, I didn't think you'd be there. I was just
worried about you and I wanted to
see if Lois had heard from you."

B: "I'm sorry, it's just been a really confusing day."

S: "Do you want to talk about it?"

B: "Maybe tomorrow. Sonny, I have to go talk to my husband"

(Sonny flinches when she says that). "Brenda, I love you."

B: "I know Sonny, I've always known that. Bye."


Brenda returns to the hotel. Jax is waiting for her. He doesn't look angry,
just sort of sad and befuddled
(typical Jax look nowadays).

B: "Jax, I didn't know whether or not you'd be here."

J: "This is my home Brenda."

B: "I thought this was our home." She crosses to the mantle and picks up
the yacht. "When I put this up
here, I said it was home and I meant that"

J: "You forget Luv, that was before we heard of Lily's untimely demise."

B: (horror stricken) "How can you say that so calmly? It's not like she was
Damian Smith or anything.
Even I never wished her dead." She's never know Jax to be so cold.

J: "Face it Brenda, you're glad that Lily's gone, it paves the way for you
to have a nice little reunion with
the mad mobster."

B (evenly): "Don't call him that."

---Commercial Break----------------------------------------------------

B: "This isn't Sonny's fault Jax"

J: "Sure it is, Luv. He never really let you go. First he married Lily, but
came around enough times to
keep you stringing along. And now that she's gone he figures he can act
like it never happened, snap his
fingers and get MY wife back. But the jokes really on me, you were never
really my wife anyway were
you? Sure we had a few laughs, a few good rolls in the hay, as you Yanks
say, but you never loved me."

B (quietly): "Jax, I do care about you. But I never denied my feelings for
Sonny. And you're right about
everything to do with him. He hurt me, he let me down, but it was never on
purpose. We were in a no
win situation." You can tell by her face that she'snearing the edge, but
Jax has reached his limit too. He's
hurt and now he's angry.

J (his voice rising): "So you're ready to chuck everything for him. Funny
Brenda, you're willing to throw
away a marriage for him, yet he was never willing to do that for you. I
don't know who the bigger fool is,
me or you."

B (loosing her cool): "That's not fair Jax. First of all, I never said I
wanted to leave you and (yelling even
louder) second of all, Sonny was going to leave Lily but we found out she
was pregnant." Realizing what
she just said Brenda stops in horror and sees the stricken look on Jax's

----- Commercial Break -------------------------------------------

J: "I suspected that Lily's pregnancy is what brought you to your decision
to marry me, but I must say,
the rest is a bit of a shocker." He's obviously hurt and trying to regain
his composure.

B: "Jax, I wanted to tell you that morning after we first made love, but
you didn't want to hear. You just
wanted an answer to your ultimatum."

J: "I thought I was doing the right thing by pushing you to make a
decision, I just didn't realize how
much of a rebound it was."

B: "Jax, I'm not sorry that I married you. You've been so good to me. I
don't know what I'm feeling right
now, I need some space." She's crying now. "I'm moving into the gatehouse
with Ned & Lois for a
while." She goes to put the yacht back up on the mantle but she's so
unsteady it slips out of her hand and
crashes on the floor.

------------------------Commercial Break----------------------

J: "Well it wasn't a house of cards, but it has the same effect, don't you

B: (Trying to clean up the mess and still crying) "How can you be like this
Jax? I'm not trying to hurt
you, but you're so cold."

J: "I was just wondering if you'll really be at the gatehouse. Penthouses
are so much more roomy." His
face is a complete mask, Brenda cannot read his expression at all.

B: "You're like a stranger."

J: "Well, that's all we really are aren't we? We've known each other such a
short while, really Brenda,
what did you expect from me. A firm handshake and my blessing?"

B: "I expected the respect you're always saying that you have for me, not
accusations. I'll send for my
things, I'm not staying here any longer." She grabs her purse and rushes
out the door. Jax picks up a vase
and hurls it against a wall.

------Commerical Break ----------------------------

Brenda is again at the docks. She calls Lois from her cell phone and tells
her she'll be over later, she just
needs to clear her head. She says it was a bad scene with Jax. She
unconsiously ends up back at the spot
she always meets Sonny. At the same moment Sonny comes around the other

S: "Brenda, this is a surprise." He sees she's been crying and just reaches
out his arms. She drops her
purse and runs to him.

B: "Oh Sonny, I hurt him so badly. I've never seen him so cold. He was
almost cruel."

S: (taking her face in his hands as he always does): "He didn't hurt you
did he? Because if he lays a hand
on you..."

B: "No, it wasn't like that. He was just so cutting. I hurt him a lot."

S: "What happened?"

B: "I went home to talk to him. He didn't want to hear any of it. He'd made
up his mind already. He
thinks I've decided to leave him to be with you. I couldn't get through to
him that I just needed some
space. I told him I was going to stay with Lois and he accused me of going
to you."

S: "I'm sorry Brenda. I shouldn't have come back into your life. I never
wanted to cause you pain again."

B: "Sonny, you never really left my life. At least you never left my heart,
that's the one thing he can't

S: "Do you really mean that?" Brenda just nods and Sonny kisses her once,
then just holds her as she

B: "Sonny?"

S: "Yeah?"

B: (In her quiet, little girl lost voice) "Why does it have to this way?
How did we mess things up this
badly? Do we have the right to keep hurting people just to be together?"

S: "I don't know sweetheart. I struggled with that while I was with Lily.
She was a good person Brenda. I
never wanted to hurt her, but I was willing to destroy her world just to be
with you. I convinced myself
that it would be better for her to be without me, because I could never
love her the way she deserved to
be loved by her husband."

It starts to rain but they are oblivious.

B: "That's what it really comes down to doesn't it? I could love Jax, I
could even be happy with him if we
left Port Charles, but I would never love him the way I love you. And
that's not fair to him. A part of my
heart would never be his."

S: "It sounds like you've made a decision."

---------------------------Commercial Break ----------------------------

B: "I don't know Sonny. There's so much to decide." She leans up against
him, so tired all of a sudden.
"If I were to leave Jax, and I'm not saying I'm going to, what would I do?"

S: "You'd come home."

B: "Are you asking me to come back to you?"

S: "Brenda, I love you. I don't want to lose you again. I can't promise
that things will be completely
different than before. You know that with Rivera's death, I got even more
power in the organization. I
don't plan on getting out of it any time soon. It's my way of life. I'm not
going to be able to share
everything with you and there will be times that I'll tell you that it's
none of your business. Could you
live with that?"

B: "I understand more than I did back then. I used to think you were
shutting me out. I realize now that it
was for my own protection. As long as you let me know if there's danger, I
can live anyway, as long as
I'm with you."

S: "So, I'll ask you again, does that mean you've made a decision?"
-----------------Commercial Break ---------------------------------

B: "I still need time Sonny. I know that's a lot to ask, but I have to be
sure. Everytime I jump on impulse
lately I've ended up complicating everyone's lives. Can you give me just a
little more time?"

S: "I told you before, I'll give you whatever time you need, I'm not going
anywhere. But I can't promise
to stay away from you. I want you Brenda and I need you so much that I'm
going crazy." He kisses her,
this time hungrily, and she responds with a passion that equals his. But
she then pulls away."

B: (breathlessly) "I can't Sonny. I want to, there's nothing at this moment
that I want more than to make
love to you, but I can't. I'm going to be at the gatehouse for a while, you
can find me there."

S: "I will."

B: "I'm counting on it."

Brenda arrives at the gatehouse. She's completely drenched.

Lois: "Oh my gosh, Brenda look at you. Go upstairs this minute and get out
of those wet things." Brenda
-zombielike just nods her head and goes upstairs. Lois walks over to the
phone and dials. "Hiya Jax,
she's here. No, I don't think it'd be a good idea for you to come over
here. She wants space."

J: "She's my wife, I have the right to talk to her. I want to talk to her"

L: (irritated) "Tomorrow Jax, tomorrow." She hangs up and goes upstairs to
check on Brenda.

J (to himself) "Tomorrow might be too late." He picks up the newspaper and
hurls it against the wall.

---------------Commercial Break -------------------------------------

Brenda is sitting wrapped up in a blanket on the couch and Lois is fussing
about getting her tea. Brenda
has that tormented look on her face.

L: "Do you want to talk about it. I'm not going to push you but I think you
should talk to me about it. If
you can't talk to me, who can you talk to?"

B: "Lois, I've told you everything already. I don't want to hurt him."

L: "Hurt who? Sonny or Jax?"

B: Takes a deep breath, "Jax." She covers her face with her hands.

L: "So you've made a decision then?"

B: "I don't know. Even if I decide to leave Jax, it doesn't mean that I'm
going back to Sonny. But Jax
really hurt me. I know I should have told him about seeing Sonny after the
ball and at the Outback. But
he always tells me he doesn't need to know. He knew how important it was to
me that he trusted me and
he jumped to conclusions and made accusations that were so hateful. Do you
know he basically said that
he thought I was happy that Lily was dead?"

L: (looks horrified) "Oh Bren, he's just hurt."

B: "I know that, but Lois, it was like talking to someone I didn't even
know. He was just this guy that
looked like Jax."

L: "Well Brenda, what do you really know about Jax? He just appeared in our
lives one day. How do you
know this isn't really what he's like? He's a sweetie and all, as I said,
but really, none of us really know
anything about him."

-------------------- Commercial Break --------------------------

B: "I know what I have to do. I need to talk to Mac. I want to know what he
knows about my husband."
She gets up and goes to the phone. She dials the Outback.

Mac: "Outback, this is Scorpio."

B: "Mac, hi it's Brenda. Are you going to be there for a little while? I
need to talk to you about

M: "Yeah, I'll be here. Is everything all right?"

B: "I don't know. I'll be there in about 20 minutes." She hangs up the
phone and turns around. "Okay, that
settles that, I'm going to see Mac."

L: "Be careful out there Brenda, it's still raining pretty hard."

B: "I'll be back soon." She hurries out the door rushing past Ned as he
gets home from a late night ELQ

N: "Where is 'Hurricane Brenda' off to now?"

L: "Oh Nedly, why do I get the feeling that everything is about to go from
bad to worse."

--------------Commercial Break --------------------------------------

Brenda walks into the Outback and stops in her tracks, Sonny is at a table
in the corner talking to Robin.
He looks up at her and smiles. She thinks to herself that it's so good to
see him smile. He hasn't done it
much over the last 6 weeks. Robin turns around to see what has made Sonny
smile and smiles herself.
She squeezes his hand and gets up to talk to Brenda.

R: Gives Brenda a hug. "Well did you come here to see Sonny. He told me
everything, I hope you don't

B: "I would have told you myself. No, I didn't know he'd be here, I came to
see Mac. Robin do you
realize I've seen Sonny everywhere I've gone today? It's like someone is
trying to play games with my

R: "Maybe it's just fate. I'll go get Uncle Mac."

Sonny gets up and walks over to Brenda. "I swear I didn't know you'd be
here. But I'm glad you are." He
smiles again, that sweet sexy little smile.

B: (Her eyes burning with love) "Sonny, I'm here to talk to Mac. Will you
wait for me?"

S: Laughing "I told you I'd wait forever."

B: Laughing too, "How about 15 minutes?"

S: "Sure." He takes her hand and brings it to his mouth, his lips brush the
back of her hand. She's visibly
affected by his touch.

They just stand there and look at each other until Mac walks up. Sonny nods
at Mac and walks back to
his table.

M: "You wanted to talk to me Brenda?"

B: "I need to know somethings about my husband."

B: (aware of Sonny's eyes on her) "Mac, I need you to not ask me why, but I
need to know everything
you know about Jax."

M: (sounding concerned) "Has something happened?"

B: "Let's just say I have a decision to make. I really care about Jax, but
lately it's like he's a complete
stranger. Lois helped me realize that I know so little about him really. In
fact the only person who really
knows anything about him is you, and you don't like him."

M: "I'm not sure what you want to hear Brenda, but if I were you, I'd get
the hell away from him - and
now. Jax ends up destroying people around him to get what he wants. The Jax
I knew would stop at
nothing to get what he wanted."

-------Commerical Break --------------------------------

B: "What happened between the two of you? He won't talk about it. He simply
says that it was a long
time ago."

M: "It was. The details aren't really important, but basically Jax and I
used to be friends, best friends
actually. We were involved in a joint business venture together. It wasn't
a big deal to Jax, you know he
was just dabbling really, but it was all I had. It was really starting to
go somewhere, but then..."

B: (gently prodding): "But then what? Mac, I know you don't want to talk
about this, but my whole life
depends on this."

M: (nodding) "Then Isabella came into the picture."

B: (swallowing hard): "Isabella? The yacht we were married on is named
after her."

M: (looks troubled at the memory) "I remember when he bought it. Isabella
was someone who worked
for us," (softly) "she was also someone I loved very much."

----- Commerical Break----------

The Reunion...continued

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