Puerto Rico Passion by Shari

The beach was swarming with people. Sonny sat on the lounge chair that was
provided by the hotel and sipped his martini. He had come here to get away.
Brenda had married Jax after Sonny had saved her life and after she declared
her undying love for him. She had gone and married that loser and left Sonny
out in the cold. So he decided to take a long vacation ALONE from it all.
Dressed in a white tank top and blue swim trunks, Sonny was the essence of
cool. He had an amazing tan and a glorious smile. No matter how bummed out he
was or how alone he was, he was able to sport his sexy smile.
He sat up and decided to go for a nice long swim. Whipping off his tank
top, he began jogging toward the water. The cool, crystal clear water felt
nice and refreshing under Sonny's feet and as soon as the water was deep
enough, he dived deep into the water. He was immediatly relaxed and calm and
all worrys of Brenda and Jax and their 'perfect' marriage was washed away for
the time being.
~* * * * *~

Brenda stared at the crystal clear waters from her hotel suite and sighed.
She was finally happy with the man that she loved. Son- Jax. WOW!!! Where did
that come from? She hadn't thought about Sonny all week. It was so perfect
here in Puerto Rico.... but maybe she shouldn't have chosen to honeymoon in
the place where she and Sonny had been only a few years ago. Where was Jax?
He left to buy tickets home an hour ago and was not back yet. There was no
sign of him on the beach. As Brenda searched the white sand stretching miles
before her, her heart stopped. Sonny? Coming out of the water, could it
really be him?
Yes, she'd recognize those sexy chest muscles anywhere.
Hightailing it to the phone, Brenda sat down on the king sized bed and dialed
"Lo?" Lois said in the Brooklyn accent that everybody loved.
"Lois? Hi, "Brenda smiled at her best friends voice.
"Hi......."Lois sounded uncertain or nervous over something.
"You are gonna kill me, " Lois said, " did you uh notice?"
"Notice that Sonny is here in Puerto Rico? No way."
"Yeah, he, uh, said he needed a break from everything here in PC. He said
that when you left, you took a part of him with you, a part of his heart, his
soul. Oh God Bren, he's hurting bad."
"You mean it?"
" You know I don't lie about this kind of stuff Bren."
Brenda had walked back to the patio and searched for Sonny. She saw him
walking toward her hotel.
"Were you also planning on telling me that he was staying at our hotel? Does
he know that me and Jax are here?"
"Well, " Brenda said, "It doesn't really matter. I gotta go, Lois, love ya."
"I love you too Bren and tell Sonny I said hi."
"Ughhhhhh, you know me too well, " Brenda said as she hung up.
Brenda grabbed her purse and left the suite.
~* * * * *~

Sonny waltzed into the hotel lobby and headed to the front desk to see if he
had any messages. As he was waiting he heard a familiar female voice at the
desk behind him.
"Yes, could you please tell me what room a Mr. Corinthos is staying in?"
As Sonny turned, the woman turned and Sonny came face to face with Brenda.
"BRENDA???!!?!?!" Sonny exclaimed.
"Hi, Sonny." Brenda said breathlessly, suddenly very shy and nervous.
"You don't look very surprised to see me, why is that?"
" I saw you coming out of the water on the beach from my hotel suite."
'Are you, uh, honeymooning or something?"
"Yeah, yeah, we uh are supposed to fly home tonight but uh.......could we
"Sure, do you want to go to my room or do you want to talk on the beach?"
"We, uh, would have more privacy in your room."

Sonny led Brenda to the elevators and niether could take their eyes off the
other so that is why they did not notice Jax as he watched on with anger,
pain and pure jealousy.
~* * * * * ~

Brenda looked around Sonny's hotel room and Sonny sat on the bed.
"I don't even know what to say," Brenda said absentmindedly." I feel
so.......I dunno.....happy now that I am with you, around you. I am glad to
know that you are OK. Did you know that Jax and I would be here?"

"Why DID you come here Brenda?" Sonny got up and went to the window where
Brenda was. "Did you suggest it, did Jax or was it mutual?"
Brenda suddenly felt tears in her eyes. " I suggested it," she squeaked.
"Why?" Sonny put his hands on her shoulders.
"I don't know why."
" I think you do." Sonny pulled back as if he thought he was making her
Brenda turned toward Sonny and wiped the tears from her eyes. "You, uh, you
remember when we were here, running from Rivera's men? Of course you do, that
was a stupid question. I mean, when we made love on the beach, you remember
that right? I guess I kinda had this image of Jax and I doing that, doing
everything that you and I had done because I had told myself that I wanted
that, but not you. But that was all a lie. Jax was afraid we would get caught
or someone would see him or us, so he has restricted us to only the bed.
I love Jax, I know that. I need him. But I just, I can't help but love you
and I can't help but need and want you too."

Sonny pulled himself away from Brenda and sat on the bed, sighing. He ran his
fingers through his hair. "I don't know how I am supposed to help you Brenda,
I mean you know that I want you in the worst possible way, but I can't help
but see Jax as the good guy here and me as the bad guy. I don't give a damn
what he thinks of me, but I do give what you think of me."
Brenda went over to Sonny and sat down in his lap. "I love you with
everything that I am, that I have. But that is not enough. It's not even
close to being enough. We are just not..........clicking anymore. I haven't
even given my relationship with Jax a chance. What if it could be better than
anything we have ever had?"
'That's just it Brenda!!" Sonny exploded, "You are willing to live your life
with a man you love second best based on a bunch of 'what-ifs' ?" Furoius,
Sonny got up and nearly knocked Brenda to the floor. "Your relationship with
CandyBoy isn't even ten-times as great as our relationship!! It's all based
on some fantasy. You have a fantasy of him fufilling your ever need, of doing
right by him when you couldn't by me and he has this fantasy of saving a
woman who loves another man, of giving you and your relationship with him
everything that his relationship with Miranda never had!!! It's all......."
Sonny took a deep breath and quieted down "its all an illusion, a myth. It
could never be what we were, what we still are."

Furious herself, Brenda charges straight into Sonny's face. "We are
We HAVE nothing with each other anymore, Sonny. WE are living the myth. You
love me and want to save me like you couldn't save Lily and I love you
because I know that it is dangerous. I have always taken risks and craved
excitement and danger and adventure, but not anymore, Sonny. I am tired. I am
tired of trying to keep up with you and running from this and that. Dodging
bullets and car bombs and drugs and avalanches just aren't my thing. Not
anymore. I thought I could do it once, but I just can't. Lily loved you so
much Sonny. So much and now she's dead. And going back to you, with you makes
me feel as if we are being disloyal all over again. I hate it." Brenda's
tears were falling more rapidly now and she ran her fingers through her hair
and recited yet again what she had been trying to convince herself ever since
that day when Miranda walked into their lives. "I am with Jax now.
I.....I.........I love him and he loves me and we.....we are married, in
love. We are together and that is why we are here in Puerto Rico. We are on
our honeymoon."

"If you are with Jax than what are you doing here with me?" Sonny looked away
even though him and Brenda were just centimeters from a passionate kiss.
"You know Sonny, I was just wondering that myself. I have a husband and he is
waiting for me." Brenda grabbed her purse from the dresser and walked back to
the door. She opened it and then freezed. A part of herself knew she was
doing the right thing and yet a part of herself wanted to close that door and
run back into Sonny's arms. She tried to wipe at her tears, but it was no
use. They would forever be apart of her.
"So this is it, huh?" Sonny asked as he stared at the woman who had had his
heart for almost 2 years. He felt tears of sadness and defeat fill his eyes
but it was becoming dark outside so Brenda could not make them out from where
she was.
"This is it, " Brenda said gravely. "Goodbye, Sonny."
She closed the door softly on her way out.

"Jax, honey, are you here?" Brenda closed the door to her and Jax's suite and
after her husband did not answer and she had the lights on and was certain
she was alone, she leaned against the door, sank down and cried.
~* * * * *~

Brenda stared out of the window, trying to mask her tears as she watched the
light blue ocean give way to land. She replayed the scene with Sonny in her
mind over and over again. "We are NOTHING!!!!" "We are NOTHING!!!!" "We are
Brenda had been so cruel, so heartless, Hadn't she said just moments before
that that she loved Sonny? Hadn't she said she wanted and needed him? If so,
then why did she hurt Sonny and herself by saying such hurtful things? It was
like something was posessing her, a demon sent from Hell by Satan himself.
Brenda shuddered at the thought.
"Cold?" Brenda turned in her seat and looked at her husband, she shook her
"Whats wrong?" Jax asked.
"I am sad that they honey moon is over. "
"We can always fly back, you know." Jax smiled.
"Nah, I have had enough good weather."
Jax turned away from her only to confront her moments later with, "Were you
ever planning on telling me that you went up to Sonny's room?"
~* * * * * ~

'So, uh, hear from Corinthos?" Luke asked Jason during a busy night at
'Yeah, he called here abot 10 minutes before you got here, "Jason answered,
"he thinks he is just gonna hang out there for another couple of days. He,
uh, says that he ran into BRENDA there. She was honeymooning with Jax in
Puerto Rico AND staying at the same hotel."

"OH!"Luke smiled, "so what happened?"
"Nothing, they talked and decided that they had no future together and she
left with her husband."
'Oh, and what did Corinthos have to say about all of that?"

Jason looked at Luke strangely and bobbed his head toward the door. Luke
turned and saw Brenda checking her coat. She headed toward the bar and smiled
at them.
"Hey, Bren" Luke smiled at her, "long time no see."
"Sonny is not here if..........if you, uh, came to see him."
"No, Jason, " Brenda said, "i am here to talk to you."

Jason led Brenda to a table in the corner of Luke's.
"Whats up?"
Brenda looked at the floor. "I, uh, I am telling you this before I tell
anyone else, even Jax, because I just, I just can't take this anymore. But
before I tell you, you have to PROMISE with your life that you won't tell
"Uh, I don't know Brenda" Jason said uncertaintly.
"PROMISE!" Brenda said firmly.
"I promise,ok, I promise."

Brenda tilted her head to one side, put her hand on it and sighed (we all
know that move, don't we). She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed.
"I am, uh, I'm leaving town for a while."
"Where are you going?"
"Who knows? Maybe California, maybe Vagas, maybe I'll even end up in
Kentucky. All I know is that it has to be far from here, so far that no one
will ever find me. Jax and Sonny are constantly at each others throuts and it
is scaring the hell out of me. I" Brenda's eyes filled with tears " I am so
madly in love with Sonny that I can't even breathe sometimes. But, I hurt
him, oh God Jason, I just hurt him so much and I know that things can never
be right again."
Brenda was sobbing pathetically now. " I, uh, need sometime to myself, to see
if I can make it on my own WITHOUT Sonny or Jax. I need to weigh my options
to see who I am better off with. And I need to do it alone. Away from here."

Jason was left shocked. "Are you sure, 'cause Brenda this is going to kill
"It's gonna kill me too. Promise me, Jason, promise."
Jason was left speechless, shocked and all he could do was nod. Brenda stood
and wiped her face. "Thanks, for, uh, you know, being such a good friend."

With that, Brenda got up and left Luke's. Five minutes later, she was on the
road, heading out of New York state and left all her memories of Port
Charles, good and bad, behind.
~* * * * *~

Sonny walked into Luke's 2 weeks later with a glorious tan and smile. He felt
great. After relaxing casually in Pureto Rico for 3 weeks, it was time to
get back to work. He still thought about Brenda everyday, but he knew that he
would get her back. That was one of the reasons he was so glad to be back in
Port Charles.
"Hey, Corinthos," Luke said, looking up from the papers that were scattered
in front of him, " its good to have you back."
"Yeah, Luke, its great to be back."

"How are things?" Sonny asked Luke as he went behind the bar and poured
himself something to drink.
"Well, Robin's home. We had a private party for her here last night. Business
has been kicken' and well, Brenda has been in."
"Luke!" Sonny turned to the door to see Jason coming in, he gave Luke a
warning look. Sonny noticed it right away.
"What is going on here?"
"Oh, hey, Sonny, "Jason said, patting his friend on the back. "Robin was
gonna come down 'cause I told her you were coming home today, but she got
hauled over by Mac and Felisha over at the Outback. You, uh, did know that
she was home right?"

Sonny stared Jason straight in the eye. " What is going on, tell me or I am
going to hurt you."
Jason looked nervously at Luke who just shook his head and smirked, "You will
have to get yourself out of this one, my friend." He turned back to the
"I have no idea what you are talking about, Sonny." Jason smiled innocently
"Sure you do. Why was it that as soon as Luke mentioned Brenda, you stroll in
and look like you want to murder him?"

"I promised." Jason insisted, suddenly becoming real stupid.
"Yeah and I promise you I will-" Sonny was interrupted by Mike who walked
into the club from the back room and says, "Hey, Sonny, great to have you
back. You seem pretty good considering what happened with Brenda leaving Port
Charles and all."
Jason looked at Mike muredrously, Luke looked at him, shook his head and
smirked yet again and Sonny looked at his father in shock and surprise.
"Brenda did WHAT???????!!!!!!???!?!?!" Sonny nearly screamed it.

"Oh......uh-oh." Mike smiled nervously, "you uh weren't supposed to know

"Brenda left town, what, with Jax?"
"Here, Sonny, sit down and have a drink." Jason led him to the bar.
"No, not with Jax. Alone." Jason sighed and buried his face in his hands.
"She is going to kill me........Brenda came into Luke's 2 weeks ago and made
me promise not to tell anyone. She said that she was going to leave town,
that she was sick of you and Jax constantly at each others throuts and she
wanted to be alone AWAY from Port Charles to decide which one of you she
wanted to be with. No one has heard from her since."

"Where did she go?" Sonny asked.
"No one knows, she did not say. She just left."
Without thinking, Sonny got up and grabbed the keys to his car and left
Luke's so fast that no one had time to protest.
~* * * * *~

Brenda wiped at her tears as she stared out into the ocean. The sun was
beating down on the beach, it must be 115 degrees but she didnot care. She
sank to the ground and sobbed, she sobbed hard and she sobbed soft. Her whole
body, her whole world hurt her. She was so alone and miserable. Yet she had
made herself that way, she had left everyone and everything she loved just to
sort things out. Now that she had things sorted, why couldn't she leave? Now
that she had chosen, why couldn't she bring herself to go home?
~* * * * *~

Sonny slamed his cell phone closed. He had found her!! He had been searching
for God knows how long and he had found Brenda. He was only a plane ride away
from where she was and he knew that he would find her and bring her home
where she belonged.
~* * * * *~

Brenda opened her fridge and took out some bottled water and grapes. It was
raining real hard, she could tell that from her rented beach house windows.
There were walls of windows suronding three sides of the house. Brenda went
to the living room and looked out the window. It was raining so hard that the
rain fell in cascades, like waterfalls down the windows. You couldn't even
see outside. She cuddled on the armchair, picked up the remote and turned on
the television. Between popping grapes in her mouth and changing channels,
Brenda thought about Sonny. God she missed him.
She really wished that he was there with her, holding her in his arms,
kissing her passionately and making love to her. Her eyes slide closed as she
fantasized about him. The water, grapes and remote fell to the floor as
Brenda fell deeper into her fantasy.
The bell rang.
Brenda's eyes popped open and she came back to reality. Wake up she told
herself you are in Mexico and Sonny is in Port Charles. He is not with you.
He doesn't even know where you are.

Brenda adjusted her robe as she slowly made her way to the door. "Who could
that be?" she wondered aloud. The door bell rang again, frantically almost.
"Hold on!" Brenda cried, "I am coming!"

Brenda unlatched the door and opened it. She was met with a cold rush of air
and water. And stepping from the shadows came a figure.
"Just what the HELL are you doing here??"

Brenda blinked in total shock and surprise. "SONNY!!??!?!??"
~* * * * *~

"Well it sure as hell isn't the tooth fairy."
Brenda moved aside to let Sonny in.
"What are you doing here?" Brenda closed the door and assesed the man that
she loved. "God, your soaked."
"Yeah, well, I brought clothes. And I could ask you the same exact question,
but I already know the answer is."
Sonny took off his jacked and pulled Brenda into his arms. "God, i missed you
so much. Don't you EVER run off like that again. I nearly died."

"Sonny you are soaking wet." Brenda pulled back from him and led him down the
hall, past the stairs through the kitchen into the faintly lighted living
Sonny set his duffel bag on the floor and took off his suit jacket and shirt.
Brenda nearly shuddered 'cause he looked so good.
"I suppose that Jason told you."
'Sort of, Mike came in and let the cat out of the bag, but Jason told me
everything that he could. Why did you run Brenda?"

Brenda suddenly began to cry, she just couldn't stop these days. " I needed
time to sort things out."
"You have had plenty of time. Its been over a month for Christs sake!!!"
Brenda buried her face in her hands. Sonny walked over to her and took her
into his arms. Brenda went willingly and before they both knew what was
happening, they had sunken down to the carpet and were kissing each other
passionately. Sonny held her close and parted her robe. She wore a t-shirt
and boxers underneath and soon wore nothing.

They made passinate love on the floor and Brenda couldn't stop crying. Her
heart over flowed with love and happiness for this man. She smelled him and
breathed him in, not getting enough of him.

Afterwards, Sonny picked Brenda up and led her upstairs to her bed room
where they made love yet again and again and again, two halves of a whole.
Nothing in their entire life had ever felt so right.
~* * * * *~

When Sonny woke up in the morning, the sun was shining bright. Sonny had
never felt so happy in his entire life. He had Brenda back, they were
together, she was in his arms right........where was she?

Sonny got up and looked around. Brenda was not in the bedroom.
"Brenda!" Sonny called for her as he put on his pants and headed down stairs.
She was not in the kitchen, living room or dining room. Sonny went out onto
the patio and searched the beach.
"Brenda! baby!"

A lady walking her dog came up to him.
"You lookin' for lady who stay here?" the woman had a strong Spanish accent
and was lousy at speaking English, she must be at least 4 feet tall.
"Si si." Sonny nodded at the woman. "Do you know her?" His eyes were
frantically searching the beach and water, but no one was there.

"She leave here 'bout 3 hour 'go. I stay at home up beach, she stay here for
'while, but leave today."
Sonny became furious but was able to mask it for the nice woman standing
below him. "Thank you." Sonny walked back into the house and screamed so
loud, it left his ears ringing. Sonny picked up the thing nearest him and
threw it against the far wall.
~* * * * *~

"So then what?" Lois asked Brenda anxiously.
"So then I left." Brenda wrapped the phone cord around her toes. Brenda was a
wreck. After leaving Sonny, she left Mexico and drove until she got to Miami.
She left her car in a hotel parking garage and took a shuttle to the airport
where she flew to Puerto Rico. She was dressed in a mans tuxedo shirt and red
boxers and her hair was up in a messy ponytail, with hair all in her face.
She was barefoot.

"You know that all hell is going to break loose," Lois told her friend,
"Sonny won't rest until he finds you and makes sure that you are OK. Why did
you run, again?"

"I don't know Lois, thats just it. But something else has happened, something
"What is it, Bren?" Lois sounded annoyed. "What is so big that it caused you
to run from the man that you love?"
"It didn't really-well it HAPPENED when I was with Sonny , but I didn't
realize it until two days ago."
'What is it Brenda?"
~* * * * *~

Sonny looked out of the window and watched the bright green fields and tiny
things that milled about them. He closed his eyes slowly.
"Champagne?" Sonny looked up to see the flight attendant smiling down at him
holding a bottle of champagne.
"No thanks." Sonny smiled back at her as she moved away. She looked a lot
like Brenda.....Stop thinking about Brenda!!! He had finally decided that he
would stop fighting for her. If she wanted him, she would have to come and
get him. He was sick of feeling like a used book at the library. He had told
her that he didn't care if she used him, but he was begining to care now.
He didn't want to be like a book where she could take him off the shelf when
she wanted him, but put him back when she didn't want him.

He saved her life, told her that he loved her, and she had done the same. He
actually thought that she cared about him. Boy, was he stupid!
But he wasn't going to be so stupid any more.
~* * * * *~

Brenda hung up the phone turned off the television.

She got under the covers and turned off the light.
1 down 12,000 more to go she thought to herself.
~* * * * *~

"Thanks for coming, " Lois told Sonny.
He sat on the couch of the gatehouse and looked at Lois, "What did you want
to see me for? I am kinda tired and want my shut eye."
"Brenda." Lois sat down next to her friend.
"Look, I don't have time for this, " Sonny said as he got up and grabbed his
"Please, Sonny," Lois grabbed his arm and looked pleadingly into Sonny's
"Please." she repeated.
"Fine." Sonny sat back down, but did not remove his coat.

"I know that you are angry, Sonny."
"Angry doesn't even BEGIN to describe it, baby."
Lois sighed with frustration. "Just shut up that pretty mouth of yours and
listen to me." Lois paused and looked Sonny deep in the eye. "Brenda
is.......pregnant.....with your baby."

Sonny just stared at Lois with a blank expression. "This is supposed to be a
joke right?" Sonny got up and started saying, "Ok, Brenda you can come out
now!!! Ha, ha, ha! Very funny. You got me, now come on out!" Sonny looked
back at Lois and saw that she was not smiling. "Your serious aren't you?"
Sonny sat back down.
Lois nodded. "It happened in Mexico, and she left the next morning because
she was afraid. When she got to Miami, she started throwing up and stuff and
took a home pregnancy test. It was positive so she went to a doctor. He told
her everything, and the baby was conceived the night in Mexico, then she took
a plane to Puerto Rico."
"Why....why couldn't she tell me herself??" Sonny was furious inside! Brenda
was having Lois tell him that she would be having his baby.

"She couldn't face you." Lois saw the pain in his eyes. "She was

"What, of me?????" Sonny stood up and was so furious you could practically
see steam coming out of his ears.
"I know how hard this is for you, Sonny, but-" Sonny cut Lois off.

"You have NO idea how hard this is!" Sonny knew he would say somethings that
he would regret, but he could not handle that now. "Brenda, the woman that I
love is afraid of me-"
"I NEVER said that." Lois protested.
"You didn't have to. She is afraid of me and pregnant with my baby! She has
you tell me like I would murder her if she told me herself. She runs from me
because she has to 'sort things out', then has the gal to leave the country!
I swear to God, I do not believe this! Why can't she be straight with me??
She is the one telling me to be honest with my feelings, but look at her! She
runs! She hides! She has other people do things for her. So what, is she
going to have an abortion or something?"

Lois got up and walked straight up to Sonny, slapping him hard on the face.
"She didn't choose to get pregnant, you know Sonny. She didn't choose to fall
in love with you, have her heartbroken God knows how many times and watch you
marry a woman she hated as much as she loved you. She didn't choose to marry
Jax the same night that your wife was killed, only to realize if she had
stayed in Port Charles for 4 hours longer to- I don't know- plan a wedding,
than she would have another chance with the man that she truly loves! She did
not choose to stay in love with you, carry your voice, smile and laugh with
her everywhere she went. But she does. She should not have to regret anything
she has done in her life, but God help me, if she heard you tonight she
definitly would! She loves you Sonny. God, she'd do anything for you. She is
just really confused right now. She needs you. Your baby needs you."

Sonny was rubbing his cheek when he replied, " Thanks. I needed that. But
your right. Where is she staying? I gotta find her."
Lois smiled and said, " Carrabiean Island Hotel and Casino."
"Thanks." Sonny kissed his friend on the cheek and left.

"Your welcome." Lois said, smiling to herself.
~* * * * *~

Brenda lay on the beach, the sun beating down on her like an oven. She was
back where it had all started......and ended. She finally had the courage to
call Jax and tell him that it was over. He had not been too happy about that.
He had yelled and screamed at her and said hurtful things. But that made
Brenda all the more glad with her decsion. She pulled her sunglasses on and
fell asleep. She dreamed about Sonny, fantasizing what their bab would look
like. She (Brenda was already positive that it was a girl) would have
Brenda's hair color and eyes and Sonny's dimples, smile and mouth.
Brenda was falling deeper in her fanasy when she suddenly felt cool. Knowing
that someone was standing over her, she rudely said without even opening her
eyes, "Your in my sun."
The figure just continued to stand there, so Brenda had no choice but to open
her eyes.

She smiled truly for the first time in years, it seemed, when she saw Sonny
standing over her, showing off his dimples.
"Hey....." he sat down next to her and put his hand on her stomach,"how's the
baby doing?"

"Better now that your here." Brenda put one hand on the back of Sonny's neck
and pulled his head down. When their lips were just inches apart, Brenda
murmered softly, "I love you."
"I love you."
Their lips met and they were kissing with a passion, a hotness so wonderful
and intense, it took everyones breath away.
~* * * * *~

Brenda snuggled in Sonny's arms.
"Can you think of any baby names?"

"How about.......Micheal? For his daddy. "
"Nahhh, to original. But if it is a boy, his middle name will definitly be
Brenda looked up and smiled. "Stone." She said. "I miss him so much."
'Me too," Sonny murmered, slowly drifting to sleep.
"Sonny, remember the time when you, me Robin and Stone-"
"Yeah, that was great." Sonny's eyes closed.
"Sonny, what if the baby is a girl? What will we name her?"

"Stone......" Sonny mumbled.
"We can't name a girl Stone. He would he insulted. How about Sage? I have
always liked that name."

"Brenda, baby?" Sonny opened one eye and looked down at her.
"Yes, honey?" Brenda took his hand and brought it to her mouth kissing it.

"Shut up."


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