Picture This by Di

Okay Brenda has started to think about Sonny more and more. it started on
March 7, 1998 (the anniversary of the caves). She keeps remembering his
fave and his EYES and she starts thinking that maybe he did love her, but
SOMETHING HAPPEN! But she tries to move on (not really but shes fooling

She decides to marry candy boy to "not be alone"(you know some old some

During this time Carly and Jason got married(:))and Robin is jealous. But
Im making Robin a sorta of heroine!! She borrows Jasns cell phone because
her broke! and she answers a phone call one day. GUESS WHO - SONNY!! He is
in a deserted island miserable and missing HIS BRENDA!! Robin tells him
EVERYTHING and asks Sonny okay "What was the REASON" Sonny laughs and
tells her the whole sory. Robin tells Sonny more about Brenda. She
tells Sonny when and where Roo and Brenda are getting married!

Okay wedding day -

Lois (sorry Shen - HAD TO DO IT! - but its the OLD LOIS!!)

Jaxxy doesnt have a best man(NO FRIENDS!!)
Okay ned is walking Bren down the aisle and he cannt take his eyes off
LOIS!!(Okay HIS LOIS!, not POD LOIS who left!!) I HAD TO DO IT! I HAD
TO!!) Alexis will soon meet a new man(I love Alexis!!)

The wedding is proceeding, and all of a sudden Brenda gets a weird feeling
when the priest says"any objections" , she hears a door open and she turns
around slowly - She looks and ITS SONNY!


even Mike(who went with Bobbie:))
Luke(laura (who is town and they do NOT tell Lucky about the rape) dragged
Jason(Carly and Michael dragged him there :)!!)

Her heart is pounding . She cannt keep her eyes of f him. He looks
his eyes look sad, like hes been lost(like hers), and he has stubble. She
knows the instant she saw him and the look in his eyes that he LOVED her!
He really LOVED her, and her suspicions were right. but she was still
hurt and not trusting, and wanted EXPLANATIONS!

Jerx mean while is looking a Brenda looking at Sonny and looks PATHETIC
goes threating. Jason goes to try shut him up.

Brenda: SON - NN - Y - she walks up to him and cannt keep her eyes off
Sonny -. he either. They kiss and kiss . Then she breaks away and SLAPS
him SILLY. " You couldnt tell me what was going on" (and decided to make
him "suffer" a little!!)

Sonny: Brenda I know I have a lot of explanation to do. i know you deserve
that and a lot more than me. But I can not help loving you. I can not live
without you. i tried so many times, its no use. You told me once that you
were not complete with out me. Well I am not complete without you. You are
the heart and soul of my life. The only "home" i ever had. You taught me
what love was Brenda. You are so Beautiful, but not just superficial
stuff Your soul, your fiery spirit, your heart. I know its going to take
alot of time for you to trust me again, but can we do it together, can we
try. Ill spend my lfie trying to prove to you that we were meant to be.
Ill cook for you, worship you, and treasure you always(THERE YA GO

Okay most of the church is in tears. and Brenda is beyond gone!

Brenda: Sonny SHUT UP!! You had me the minute you entered the door! Dont
you know I would die for you. I almost did too! In my heart. Now I am not
sure I can completely trust you. You really really hurt me. But I do not
want to spend one mpre day without you. i want to see what happens, but i
want to do it together. (THEY KISS)

Then she goes to jax -jax Im sorry

Jax: Dont bother brender, dont bother. I knew, i knew.. and he walks away.
V follows him out the door

Unfprtunately poor jax runs into the street and is run over and killed by
a car. the driver JERRY , his bro! Jerry takes one look at V and falls in
love! Jerry and V fall in love and amrry eventually.!

Edward: brenda dont fall for this hoodlum
LILA: but a sock in it Edward
Lois: smiling- YAHOO!! Hey Corinthos - iM holding you to the promise, hurt
my best girfriend, youll answer to me !!

Robin(just looks SMILING!!) - (looks up to heaven - thank you Stone)

(Stones ghost apprears) - Hey baby
Robin : hey sweettie. We did it!! We finally did it!
Stone: You did most of it
Robin: Yeah, but you pulled those strings from heaven! God I miss you and
love you. Im so lonely. I been so self-righteous lately, because I didnt
know what else to do. i felt if I tried helping other people, it would
make me feel better

Stone; baby, your never alone Im always with you. Youll find your lvoe one
day. And one day. I hope its a very long way off well be together and
happy. But I want you to live your life. Till its fullest. Just be HAPPY,
no matter what. itll be oaky. I love you(his ghost disappears)
Robin:(in tears) I love you too

S&B are married(FINALLY!) and everyone heads to Luke

Luke: Well ladies and gentleman. The day NONE of Us thought was possible
is here. Sonny and brenda got married!man you two are the msot stubborn
people. Always doing things the hard way. (S&B look at each other and
laugh) Well Congrats man, and little lady, take care of him!!

brenda: i will(looking deep in Sonnys eyes)

Luke: oaky its time for the Corinthos to danced the first dance - which is

Sonny: What did I do to deserve yo
Brenda: Nothing! You just loved me!.
Sonny: I want to explain...
Brenda: shhhh... not tonight. TOmorrow. Tonight is OUR NIGHT!
Sonny: Hmmm what you have in mind(wicked grin)
Brenda: Well I had planned on having some SONNY TIME! action
Sonny: (laughing his a^&( off)you remembered
Brenda: I remember everytihng

They kiss passionantly and sway to the music

Okay they have fun all night, Lois and Ned dance and "reconnect", Jason
and Carly are a FAMILY!!, Robin is finally happier and at peace

S&B say goodbye

S&B:thank you ROBIN
Robin: I didnt do anything you h=guys did
They all hug
Sonny: looking up to heaven and thank you Stone for pulling those strings
Brenda: yeah Stone, We love you, than you for everything
It pans to Stones ghost smiling happily at S&B HAPPY and in love

S&B go to Cosmopolitian (to THEIR ROOM!) and make love all night

The next day Sonny explains eveything. but she still says he shoudlnt have
hurt her like that and explains what happens.

Sonny vows hell make her HAPPY!

For two weeks- he wines, dines, and worships brenda

They then decide to move away and live happily ever after..!


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