Port Charles' Disturbing Behavior by Kelly

(this story is based on the new movie disturbing behavior,except the names and
some other things have been changed so that it is about Sonny and Brenda.)

A ferry chugged along making it's way to a small surban town called Port
Charles.At the end of the ferry stood a handsome seventeen year old with black
hair and gorgeous dimples.His name was Sonny Corinthos.He was staring back at
his home town as it got smaller and smaller.He was not too excited about
moving to a new town but he was also happy about it because leaving Brooklyn
was his dream that he never thought would come true.He always prayed that his
mom and him would leave and start a new life without his stepfather but he
knew his mother would never leave his stepfather. That all changed one night
when his mother Adella got a call telling her that her husband Deke was killed
in the line of duty.Adella wept for Deke.Sonny comforted his mother and it was
hard trying to cover how happy he was that Deke was dead.He even made it
through the funeral without smiling.Deke was a cop so Adella got some money
from the city and she decide to move out of Brooklyn to a small nice safe
surban town called Port Charles. Sonny was shaken by from his thoughts my his
mother's voice. "We are almost there,Micheal".She handed her son a cup of hot
chocolate.As Sonny sipped his hot chocolate he looked at how happy she was.He
decided he would try to give Port Charles a fair shot.It might not be that
bad.It would surely be better than the life he had back in Brookyln.

Sonny and his mother arrived at their new home later that day and began
unpacking. "so are you nervous" Adella asked her son."Nervous about what
mom?""Your first day of school".No,I'm not nervous".Adella smiled at her son
as she ate her dinner.She loved her new home.Their house was twice the size of
their old home in Brookyln.

The next day Sonny entered Port Charles High School.It looked like a school
out of a television show.As he entered the school and looked at the school
map,he noticed a sign "join the red ribbons".The bell rang and he headed to
class.Sonny was trying hard not to fall asleep during his first period English
class.Mr. Murty his english teacher was reading a passage from Great
Expectations.During class Sonny noticed several student wearing red letterman
jackets.Most of the red ribbons looked like kids out of the tv shows the brady
bunch and leave it to beaver.Finally lunch time arrived. Sonny entered the
cafeteria.He looked around.He hated being the new kid.He found an empty table
and sat down to eat by himself."These seats taken?" Sonny looked up to see a
lean guy wearing ragged jeans and a black t-shirt.Next to him was another
kid."No go ahead",Sonny said.The two guys sat down."I'm Jason Morgan",the one
in the black t-shirt said and this is my friend,Renaldo.So what's your name
and where you from?,Renaldo said.The name is Sonny and I'm from Brookyln.A
pretty girl in a red sweater past by.Jason stared and smiled,"Hello Robin".
Drop dead,Robin replied. "who's that?,Sonny asked.Jason replied"that is Robin
Scorpio.The fire of my loins but Robin is untouchable for someone of my
social standing."What do you mean?" Sonny asked. Jason and Renaldo then
explained how every kid in PC high is labeled into a group. There is the car
jocks.the microgeeks,skaters and finally you have the red ribbons.What are the
red ribbons?,Sonny asked.The red ribbons are a community group,good kids,bake
sales,kiss ups.,Jason continued."See the three guys sitting next to Robin.They
are Port Charles answer to OJ,Manson,and Bundy.There names are AJ
Quartermaine,Jasper Jacks and Jerry Jacks. Sonny nodded.He could not help but
like the fast talking Jason and his very shy friend Renaldo."What group do the
two of you fall into?" "Us?""guys like Renaldo and me are the leftovers.The
bell rang.Jason stood up."that's it lessons over.Welcome to Port Charles Sonny
boy,welcome to my nightmare."

Sonny could tell his mother enjoyed living in Port Charles.She had found a new
job and made a few friends.She was happy.Seeing his mother so happy made Sonny
very happy.After a week Sonny was settling into Port Charles.He ate lunch and
hung out with Jason and Renaldo.Sonny was getting use to life in Port Charles.

The school bell rang and class was over.Sonny sat in the principals
office.Back in Brookyln he was in the Pricipal's office alot.But today he was
not in any trouble. The principal just talked to him about his new school and
if he thought of joining any activities.The principal,Mr.Stefan Cassadine,
strongly suggested he join the red ribbons.Sonny said he would give it some
thought and quickly left.He hated being in the principal's office.On his way
out of school Sonny passed two of the red ribbons,AJ and Robin.AJ smiled and
waved at Sonny.For some reason Sonny did not like AJ or the red ribbons for
that matter.Sonny waved back and looked at Robin,she had the girl next door
look.If Robin was the girl next door a few minutes later Sonny would meet the
girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

Sonny left the school builing and headed to the parking lot of the
school,where the growing sounds of rock music was coming from a beat up old
pickup truck.In the bed of the pick up truck he saw a girl dancing in torn
jeans and a baggy sweater.Her long dark hair fell over her shoulders and she
was dancing like a pro."You like that do you?", Jason Morgan appeared next to
him."Who is it?",Sonny asked. Jason threw an arm over Sonny's shoulder."My
buddy Brenda.She's from the wrong side of the tracks-the bad part of
town."Great chick,don't get me wrong.But Port Charles trash Jason said. Sonny
raised an eyebrow."If that's trash,get me a job at the sanitation department".
Jason was impressed by Sonny's last statement.

Jason led Sonny over to the truck but more importantly to Brenda.When they
reached the truck Jason said " Brenda this is Sonny.Good man.Sonny this is
Brenda. Brenda said hey to Sonny.Sonny said hey back. They made eye
contact.Sonny noticed Brenda sizing him up but he did not mind.He could have
stared at her all afternoon. "well the appropriate sparks are flying"Jason
said.Why don't we consecrate Sonny's arrival in this pathetic town."Sounds
like a plan Brenda replied. Sonny smiled at Brenda and said sure.They all got
into Brenda's pickup truck and left the school grounds.As the drove Sonny
could not take his eyes of the dark haired beauty.

Brenda and Sonny sat in the back of her pick up truck as Jason cracked a few
jokes. Brenda and Sonny laughed and glanced at each other.Sonny kept looking
at Brenda. He had never seen a girl as beautiful as Brenda was and he had
never met a girl like her before.Jason stopped joking at the approaching
footsteps.Sonny followed Jason's gaze to a very,very tall kid with a butt chin
wearing a red sweater heading towards the pickup truck.Hello,Brenda said the
kid with a smile.Hey Jax,Brenda replied.Jax took a look at Sonny and Jason.So
Jasper take an steroids lately?Jason asked.Very funny,Morgan.Jax looked back
at Brenda.His eyes looked her up and down.Admiring her body.Jax invited Brenda
to join him and some others at a cafe.She declined Jax glared at Jason.He
looked back at Brenda and said goodbye.Bye,Brenda said and flashed a smile.
Sonny suddenly felt jealous.Jason and Brenda started to argue over the fact
that as Jason put it " Jax,the barn yard animal had a crush on her".Brenda saw
the jealous look in Sonny's eyes and smiled.She had just met Sonny but she
liked him alot.He was cool and so very gorgeous.

Jax entered the store across the street from Brenda's pickup truck.He still
had Brenda on his mind.He picked up some milk and got in line to pay.In the
store Jax could see Brenda. She was leaning on her truck and she brushed her
hair back.Jax really really like it when she did that.Jax started to sweat and
a chip gleamed in his eye.He could see Brenda' crop top roding up her body.He
started to see flashes of Brenda,her hair and her body..Jax then closed his
fists and spilled his milk.Two teens were in front of him they turned and
looked at him.Jax then started beating them senseless.Officer Taggert had to
pull Jax off the two kids.

Sonny,Brenda and Jason saw Jax beating the two kids from the pick up
truck.After that they got into the pickup truck and headed home. The next day
Sonny could tell something was up with Jason.Jason then told Sonny that
several months ago he saw this girl Carly Roberts on a date with Jerry
Jacks.Jason said he saw Jerry kill her.Sonny asked why didn't he go to the
cops?"after he said that he knew it was a stupid question.He himself would
never trust the cops.But Jason's next statement shocked Sonny.He said the cops
were there.Jason told Sonny that after Jerry killed Carly,the cops showed up
and Jerry killed an officer named Garcia and that Officer Taggert let him go.
Jason was smoking when he told Sonny that he knows a sinister force was taking
over PC. Sonny did not believe what Jason said.Jason and Sonny had several
agruements about Jason's theory..Sonny was walking home one day and he ran
into AJ Quartermaine and Jerry Jacks.They were very friendly.After Sonny
talked to them.He knew that was something wrong with them.He knew something
was off but did not believe it was some sinister force. Several days had past
and Sonny had not seen or heard from Jason.He started to get worried. At
school on Monday Sonny saw Renaldo."Hey have you seen Jason?"Renaldo said "not
since Friday" and then looked down."Not since his parents signed him up to
become a red ribbon.Sonny could not believe that.

Renaldo,Brenda and Sonny sat together during lunch.Brenda looked up and was
shocked."who put acid in my lunch?" Renaldo and Sonny looked up and saw Jason.
Jason had his hair combed nicely and was wearing a red ribbon jacket.Sonny
began to choke on his lunch.Brenda got up and walked over to Jason.Jason
greeted her very politely and told her he wanted to apply himself..Brenda went
back to her table.Sonny then got up and went over to the red ribbon
table.Jerry,Jax,and AJ blocked his way.He started to push past them when he
was thrown on the floor.Everyone in the lunch room headed for an exit.Jerry
and Jax then beat Sonny up as AJ and another guy held Renaldo and Brenda
back.Sonny was bleeding on the floor when he looked up and saw Jason giving
him his hand.Jason lifted Sonny up.Jason whispered in Sonny's ear and then hit
Sonny hard.Sonny fell to the floor.

A week had past.Sonny hated eating in the cafeteria so he ate in the boiler
room of the school.Sonny now realized he missed Jason alot.Sonny was not the
only one missing Jason Brenda and Renaldo missed him alot.Jason was a getting
better grades.He hung out at the cafe with the red ribbons.Something the real
Jason Morgan would hate. The only good thing that came out of being a red
ribbon was that Jason was now in the same social standing as Robin and he
began to date her.

Renaldo and Brenda walked the halls of the school.Renaldo was very shy and he
missed Jason alot.He followed Brenda around alot.Ren and Jase were his
bestfriends.He liked Sonny but after Jason joined the red ribbons Sonny had
not been around alot.Renaldo left school for work.Brenda headed to the boiler
room.She was looking for something else when she found a video that had ren
written on it. The door opened. Jasper Jacks had entered the boiler room.
Brenda,he called."I saw you come down her.I just wanted to ask you,hope you
don't mind me asking but would you go out with me?" Brenda tried not to
laugh.She thought he had to be joking but she saw that he was serious.So she
just said Sorry but no.Jax then yelled why not?and slammed her into the
wall.Brenda was mad and she said "I don't want to go out with you,I won't you
repulse me."Jax then got really angry and a chip flashed in his eyes.He pinned
her arms against the wall with one hand and his other hand began to unfasten
her jeans.Brenda shouted no but he did not care and he dragged her to the
floor. The school janitor,Luke Spencer then hit Jax on the head.Jax fell to
the floor.Brenda looked up at Luke and then ran out of the boiler room and
headed home.Luke stayed there.Luke Spencer was a quite man and he too believed
a sinister force was taking over Port Charles.Luke believed the
principal,Stefan Cassadine was behind it.He just needed proof and a plan.

Sonny had done alot of thinking about his last conversation with Jason.Maybe
Jason was right and a sinister force had taken over Port Charles.His thoughts
then drifted to Brenda.He had thought about her alot since he met her but he
has not seen her in awhile.Sonny decided to pay Brenda a visit at her
house.She let him in and showed him the video.It was from Jason.She played it
and the real Jason Morgan appeared on the screen.He proceeded to tell Sonny
and Brenda the truth about the red ribbons and how the school principal had
brainwashed the kids .He gave them clues where to get proof.Jason told Brenda
to take care of Renaldo.The tape ended and Sonny and Brenda decided to do some
investigating.They found out that Stefan Cassadines family was dangerous and
always trying to take over the world. Maybe the red ribbons were a way for the
Cassadines to rule the world.All the kids who were red ribbons were brain
washed to be perfect kids. Sonny and Brenda did not know what to do with the
information.Most of the parents signed their kids up for it and the cops were
in on it.So who would believe them?

After doing some investigation.Brenda and Sonny drove to the beach in her
truck.They both were very silent.Brenda was missed Jason.He was like a brother
to her.She could not believe all of Jason's rants about evil being in PC were
true.Sonny was trying to figure out what was worse his life in Brooklyn with
his abusive stepfather Deke or life in a brainwashed town.He decided that life
in Brooklyn was worse.He knew that his mother loved him and would not sign him
up for the program and Port Charles introduced him to Brenda Barrett which to
Sonny was the best thing to ever happen to him.He looked over at Brenda.She
was standing a few feet away from her truck.Looking down at the beach and
ocean. The wind was blowing and Brenda's hair was blowing back along with the
wind.Sonny just stared at her.She looked so beautiful right now.He could stare
at her forever.Brenda looked over at Sonny and gave him a smile."what are you
thinking?"sonny asked."I'm thinking about how this sucks and that I miss Jason
and have no clue what to do"."I know what you mean,Sonny said.He wanted to
kiss her more than anything."what do you want to do now?" Brenda asked."I
don't know,let's just stay here for awhile".They stared intensely into each
others eyes."Ok",Brenda said.Sonny then leaned in and kissed Brenda. It was
soft kiss at first then it became more passionate.They broke the kiss and
looked at each other.They both smiled and started kissing again.Pretty soon
they were in the back of Brenda's pick up truck.Sonny's hands went up Brenda's
shirt as they kissed.They continue to make out for awhile and then they broke
the kiss and Sonny took of his shirt.He then took Brenda's shirt off and
started to kiss her neck.Pretty soon all of their clothes were off and they
made love in the back of the truck.

The next day Sonny and Brend met with Renaldo at a diner called Kelly's. They
filled Renaldo in on the tape Jason left him and about Cassadine's plan to
take over the world. Luke Spencer was listening from the table behind them.He
got up and walked over to their table and sat down.Sonny,Renaldo and Brenda
looked at Luke.They knew he was the school janitor but they had no idea who he
really was or how bad he wanted to take down Stefan Cassadine.Luke filled them
in on his history with the Cassadines.Luke wanted to kill the Cassadines.They
sat there for awhile but could not come up with any real plan to stop the
Cassadines so they left.Sonny liked Luke.He was a clever man.He started to
think Luke was right.That maybe the only way to stop Stefan was to kill him.
They could kill Stefan but Sonny also wanted Jason back.After he ate dinner
Sonny went up to his room.He thought about Jason and the red ribbon
program.Then his mind drifted to something more pleasant.Sonny started to
think about the night before and more importantly what he and Brenda did in
her pick up truck.Sonny smiled at the thought. He had really fallen for
Brenda.She too was at home thinking about Sonny.

After school the folllowing day Sonny and Brenda headed towards Luke Spencer's
home but were stopped on the way by AJ,Jax,Jerry and Stefan Cassadine. The
next thing Sonny knew he was knocked out on the ground. Stefan Cassadine knew
they were on to him and would do anything to stop them and Luke Spencer.But
the one think that Stefan did not know was that as he knocked Sonny and Brenda
out.Their friend Renaldo was watching in the bushes.

Sonny woke up on a strecher.He was being wheeled through a warehouse.He looked
up and saw Jerry,Jax and AJ standing over him and wheeling him.Sonny could not
move.He turned his head and in a room he saw a unconscious Brenda being
strapped into a gurney. He tried to get up to help her but he was held down by
Jerry and AJ.Sonny found himself strapped to a gurney.Stefan Cassadine walked
into the room.He had a scapel in one hand and a red sweater in another.Sonny
soon realized that he was about to become a red ribbon. The thought of hanging
out with Jax and wearing a red sweater made Sonny sick. He had to get out of
there.He struggled to get his strapps off but it was no use he was trapped.As
Stefan started the program he suddenly dropped dead to the ground.Luke Spencer
was standing behind Stefan holding a knife.Luke then went and unstrapped
Sonny.Sonny got up and thanked Luke.Luke told him Renaldo told him where he
was. Sonny wanted to go thank Renaldo but then he remembered Brenda.Sonny took
off to find Brenda before it was too late,as Luke and Renaldo got rid of
Cassadines body.

Sonny found Brenda strapped to a gurney.He ran in the room and started to
unstrap her. She was semi-conscious.Sonny was worried."Don't worry I'm going
to get you out of here,Brenda",Sonny said.He put her arm around his shoulder
and helped her to her feet.They started to run towards the exit when their
path was blocked by Jasper Jacks. "where do you think you are going with my
Brender?" "Blender? I am not going anywhere with a Blender or a Brender but I
am taking Brenda out of here". "I don't think so Corinthos,I won't allow
it".Jax stepped forward with a sharp knife in his hand.Sonny lowered Brenda to
the ground and got prepared to fight Jax.Jax and Sonny then fought.Sonny was
sliced by the knife but for someone Jax's size he was pretty wimpy. Sonny then
quickly disarmed Jax and punched him hard in the face.Jax fell to the floor.
Sonny went to turn to help the semi-conscious Brenda up when Jerry Jacks come
up from behind Sonny and started to strangely him with a rope.Sonny could not
breathe.He stumbled to the floor.He was about to lose consciousness when Jerry
was wacked in the hand with a metal rod.Jerry fall to the ground and Sonny
looked up to see Brenda.

Sonny got to his feet when Renaldo and Luke came running through the
hallway.Renaldo was carrying an unconscious Robin and Luke was dragging an
unconscious Jason. Luke told Sonny and Brenda to run.The place was about to
blow.They all ran out of the building and then watched it blow up and burn
with the cassadines and red ribbons in it.

As the watched it burn Sonny put his arms around Brenda and hugged her.He
thanked Luke and Renaldo then looked back at his Brenda and kissed her.

Luke took Robin and Jason to his friend Tony Jones who was a doctor.Tony took
the chips out of their eyes and they were no longer perfect robot kids.They
all decided not to tell anyway about what happened.No one would believe them
anyway.Sonny,Renaldo and Brenda were so glad to have the real Jason Morgan
back and he was glad to be back. Jason Morgan and Robin Scorpio continued to
date.They fall madly in love. Sonny hung out with Luke alot.Renaldo began to
date a girl named V.

Life in Port Charles got so much better for Sonny.His mom was happy.He had
some great and loyal friends and most importantly he had the love of his life.
Brenda Barrett might be the girl from the wrong side of the tracks but she was
and is everything to Sonny. Brenda sat on Sonny's bed and smiled.She had never
been so happy or so in love before. She turned over and looked at Sonny who
was watching tv.She smiled.He looked at her. "What?" "nothing Sonny I was just
thinking about how much I love you". "I love you too,Brenda" Sonny then turned
of the television and smiled.He brought his hands to Brenda's face and kissed
her passionately.They continued to kiss.Sonny layed her down on the bed and
was on top of her.They were making out when Sonny suddenly pulled away.He got
up off the bed.He shut and locked his door.He ran back to the bed and
continued making out with Brenda.

Several years later when Brenda was 21,she became pregnant with Sonny's first
child. Jason and Robin later married and Renaldo and V were engaged. Sonny
became partners with Luke in a night club.Sonny layed in bed and smiled.He had
a great life.He was truly happy and had everything he every wanted.He turned
over and looked at his radiant very pregnant Brenda.He placed one hand on her
stomach and the other around her neck and closed his eyes.

The end

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