~*~Passionate Nights~*~
A Brenda and Sonny Fantasy Storyline
By Daisygirrl a.k.a. Daisy, A Babe and Believer


The story begins right after Brenda has left Jax and finally realized the truth about him. Jax is all alone and
decides to leave town for good, and buys a one way plane ticket back to Alaska with the whole family. Miranda
has moved back to Australia, and the only two people left in the storyline are Sonny and Brenda. As we start
the story, Brenda has gone over to see Sonny, and without further adieu....

Chapter One: The Reunion

Sonny is sitting all alone in the back room at Luke's.All of a sudden the door opens, and Brenda walks in.
Sonny and Brenda both look at each other, and they cannot take their eyes off each other until they start to move
towards each other. Before they know it their bodies are together, and they kiss each other passionately. Sonny
lifts Brenda up, and she moves over to the pool table, and Sonny's body is on top of hers. Brenda lifts her head
back..and they make mad passionate love all night long....

When they wake up...they are still lying together on the pool table...Sonny and Brenda don't take their eyes off
each other..and for a while they don't even need to speak...until Brenda finally does..looking into Sonny's
eyes the whole time...
B: I LOVE YOU SONNY..SOO MUCH..(She says happily)..and then kisses him...they both look at each
other very intently..and then Brenda gets up..and grabs her clothes...which are tossed together in a pile with
Sonny's..Sonny reaches over towards her arm...and Brenda turns over towards him...

S: You won't be needing those...for what we will be doing today
B: (Laughs)..I won't huh? What is it we are planning to do today?
S: Well...let me think...playing pool?
B: I LOVE to play pool...especially with you...(they both laugh, and fall into each other's arms again..they
begin to kiss and roll around on the pool table together)..They are interrupted by a noise from outside..in
S: I think someone's here...
B: You expecting anyone?
S: Well, we have been in here all day....(Sonny gets up, and grabs his clothes..putting them on in a mad rush
while Brenda is all over him)
B: Maybe they will go away...(Sonny opens the door just a little to see who is out there)..Who is it?
S:I can't see yet..(he opens the door a little more)..Oh..it's Luke.( Sonny opens the door and motions Brenda
to stay there..while he goes out)
B: Sonny, get rid of him..
S: I'll try...and then we can get on with our game of pool...(Brenda laughs)..(Sonny walks towards the bar
where Luke is)..Hey man, what you doing here?
L: I should ask you the same question..As far as I remember you moved out..What's up..you decide to spend
the night or something?
S: Or something...
L: Talk to me man...
S: (At first he doesn't say anything..then speaks)..Well, I had a late night game of pool..you know...
L: Somethin's up and I want to know what it is?..Oh wait..(Luke starts to get it)....You and Brenda?
S: You got it!!
L: Congrats Man..That's great...Well then I better come back later..
S: Thanks...Catch you later...(Luke leaves)..(Sonny walks back towards Brenda who is watching them
through the crack in the door)
B: Sonny..(she says this as she pulls him back into the back room..they fall back onto the table, falling back
into each other's arms...Sonny and Brenda start to kiss passionately again, and Sonny puts his hands all over
Brenda, and she lifts her head up, Sonny starts to kiss her neck..and Brenda is showing pure pleasure and
happiness as he is doing this. Then Sonny takes both of his hands to her face and they embrace in a long
kiss...Brenda starts to rip off his clothes..and they make love madly all day...

Later on that day..Sonny and Brenda are still in the back room..They have gotten dressed..Brenda is sitting in a
big chair watching Sonny..who is looking at her. They can't take their eyes off each other...Luke walks in the
L: Hey man..you still in here?
S: Oh yeah...(Sonny looks up at him as if interupted from a trance)..You want something?
L: Well, it's just I haven't seen you for a while..and I need this room...
S: Oh right...I'll be outa here...(Sonny looks over at Brenda)..You wanna go somewhere?
B: Where?
S: Let's go get something to eat..something hot!! (they laugh)
B: I'd love that..I LOVE you Sonny..They walk out together (their arms are around each other)

Later on that day.. Brenda and Sonny are still at Luke's. They are sitting together at a table, looking at each
other, not saying a word. They don't take their eyes off each other for a while. A waiter comes over to bring
them their drinks. Brenda looks up and takes her glass and Sonny takes his. They sip their glasses through
straws very slowly and seductively. Finally, Brenda speaks.

B: Oh Sonny...I...don't know what to say..I
S: You don't need to say a thing..just being here is enough
B: I have never stopped loving you...never
S: Me either...I was always in love with you..every minute away from you was torture..but I knew..we'd get
back together
B: It was fate..Sonny..we belong together...forever...
S: I agree...I love you soo much Brenda..(Sonny takes Brenda's hand and she looks at him)
B: Oh Sonny...you make me soo happy...every moment that I am with you..I feel so happy..you make me feel
so much better
S: You fill up my life...my life was empty without you...but now it is full..because you're back in it..
B: Ohh..Sonny..(she is overwelmed)...I am soo happy that I decided to come and see you here tonight...
S: Me too...and that we have the rest of our life to spend together..
B: Yes, with you and not that horrible jerk Jax...I am so happy that I finally woke up and realized the truth
about him...and now I am FREE!!! Yes!! (Brenda says this very loud so the whole club can hear her, and she
gets up)...You wanna dance?
S: Sure..(He gets up, taking Brenda's hand and they start to dance..Brenda puts her head on Sonny's shoulder
and they dance, not saying a word, just remembering the past and thinking ahead to the future)
Later that night, Sonny and Brenda are still dancing.They are the only two people in the club and are interrupted
when their is a loud sound of gunfire outside the club. Both Sonny and Brenda react suddenly, ducking under
the table. Sonny takes Brenda's hand and whispers to her..

S: Brenda, stay low to the ground and we can try and get out the back way..(Sonny and Brenda are both on
their hands and knees, and Brenda follows Sonny as he leads the way to the back entrance. As soon as they get
to the back door, Sonny opens it slowly, and once he realizes that they are safe...he opens the door and he and
Brenda run out. Meanwhile, the gunfire is still being heard from the front of the club. Sonny and Brenda run
down the ally together. Once they are safe, and only hear the gunfire as a faraway sound, they stop)
B: Oh Sonny...(Brenda starts to talk..almost out of breath)..who was that..?
S: I don't know...but I think we better get out of Port Charles for good...
B: Where will we go?
S: I don't know...but some place far away where they don't find us..

Sonny and Brenda can still here the faint sounds of gunfire...but are far away from it to be safe. Sonny reaches
into his pocket, as if looking for something..Brenda looks at him, wondering what it is..

B: Sonny, what are you looking for?
S: My car keyes..we gotta get outta here..
B: How about we take my car... (they stop talking once they realize that the sound of the gunfire has
stopped..and all that they can see is smoke everywhere)
S: I think they left..
B: Are we safe?
S: For now..but not for long....
B: What should we do, Sonny?
S: Well, one thing is for sure...we gotta get out of Port Charles and New York for good...
B: So where to then?
S: I think someplace warm...where nobody will find us...
B: Here..I got my keyes (she hands Sonny her keyes)..Do we have time to get anything?
S: No...we gotta get outta her now. (Sonny grabs Brenda's hand and they run down the ally, coming closer
and closer to Luke's, and when Sonny sees that nobody is there..and that it is safe...he and Brenda run
towards her car. Sonny gets in the driver's seat Brenda gets into the seat next to his and they leave)

Sonny is still driving once they reach the city limits of Port Charles. Brenda has fallen asleep. Her head is
resting on Sonny's shoulder. Sonny looks behind him to make sure that nobody is following him...but the road
is empty behind him. All of a sudden his cell phone starts ringing...

S: Hello
S: Yes...Luke...we just got out alive...but I think they are after us...Who?...You know those guys who came
in the other night looking for trouble? Yeah....'cause I found out who they were dealin' to...Uh-huh..they
want me dead....and they won't stop at anything to make sure they got a bullet in me...Yeah..she's fine..What
about you? Have they tried anything?..OK. good..be careful...Yeah..I will be too...Thanks man..have
someone meet us there. Catch ya leter, man (Sonny hangs up the phone and watches Brenda as she lays there
sound asleep. Sonny takes the turn where it says Airport Exit, and he puts his hand on Brenda's shoulder as if
to try and wake her up)..Brenda, wake up, we are almost there..

B: Where? (Brenda says in a groggy voice awaking from her sleep)
S: To the airport..we are going to the airport, and leaving town
B: Where? You never told me..
S: Well, to tell you the truth..I haven't decided yet...but I gaurantee you it is going to be far far
away..someplace warm
B: The tropics?
S: Maybe..just maybe...

They arive at the airport, and Sonny gets out of the car..and Brenda gets out..rubbing her eyes..Sonny takes
Brenda's arm, and they walk towards the airport. As soon as they get in the airport..Sonny sees a man in dark
clothes, who looks at him. Sonny walks towards him. The man gives Sonny an envelope. Sonny looks inside,
and once he has checked that everything is in there, he gives the ok to him. Brenda and Sonny walk towards the
ticket counter, and Sonny gives the tickets to the agent. They are going to the Carrabean Islands!

To Be Continued.....

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