Out of the Ashes

by PartyDoll

(In an ICU room at GH. Brenda is lying in bed and Ned is at her side looking at her sadly. We see Brenda lying there she is badly bruised on her face and arms. There is a tap on the window and we see Sonny standing there. He beckons to Ned who goes outside to him.)

Sonny: I just heard. How is she?

Ned: She hasn't woken up yet. How'd you find out?

Sonny: Mac called me. Can I go in and sit with her for a while?

Ned: Yeah, I need some coffee anyway and I should call Lois and let her know what's going on. Does Robin know? Did Mac tell her?

Sonny: I don't know, he didn't say. You go get that coffee and some rest you look like hell.

Ned: Always a pleasure Sonny. (Ned leaves and Sonny goes in and sits beside Brenda's bed and takes her hand.)

Sonny: Hey baby. You know you really scared me. When Mac told me he'd found beaten to a pulp, I think my heart stopped for minute. I drove down here so fast I'm surprised I didn't get stopped. I'm gonna find out who did this to you and I'm gonna make him pay.

Mac: We already know.

(Observation room outside of Brenda's room. Sonny and Mac are talking)

Sonny: You said you knew who did this to her. Who was it?

Mac: First I need your word that you're not going to try and kill the guy.

Sonny: No promises Commisioner.

Mac: Alright but I don't want you putting a hit out on him or something.

Sonny: I'm offended. Who did this to her?

Mac: The evidence in Brenda's room at Kelly's and the fingerprints point to Jax.

Sonny: That son of a...... You're sure?

Mac: Pretty sure. (nodding towards Brenda) How is she?

Sonny: She hasn't woken up yet. Does Robin know?

Mac: I haven't called her yet, but I'm going to soon.

Sonny: Look, whatever you do, don't let her come home. She doesn't need to see Brenda like this.

Mac: I'll try my best. (Mac leaves and Sonny goes back into Brenda's room and sits down and takes her hand.)

Sonny: We've been like this before Bren. First the night I was shot, then the hit and run, and then when I was shot up with heroin. We've been there for each other since the beginning. Now I need you to fight so we can be there for each other until the end. I fully intend to make you my wife after you get outta here, Bren. Don't leave me baby, I can't make it without you. (Closes his eyes as he rests his head on their hands. We see Brenda shaking her head back and forth and then sitting straight up in bed screaming. Sonny grabs her shoulders and starts to shake her) Brenda! Brenda! Bren, calm down! (Brenda starts to sob and throws her arms around Sonny. They hold each other for a few minutes and then Brenda pulls back.)

Brenda: S-Sonny?

Sonny: Hey baby. (Brushes her hair away from her face.) You okay?

Brenda: I feel sore and weak. What am I doing here?

Sonny: You were beaten up pretty badly. Do you remember anything?

Brenda: I remember Jax getting angry at my room at Kelly's, then slapping me. Sonny he hit me.

Sonny: Yeah honey he did. A couple times from the looks of you.

Brenda: My god I must look awful. I know I feel that way.

Sonny: You look beautiful.

Brenda: Thank you. (puts her arms around Sonny and we flash to the observation window where Jax is standing. He's staring at Brenda. Just then Brenda looks at the window and sees Jax. She stiffens Sonny feels that and pulls away He sees her staring and he turns. He rises from the bed and starts to walk toward the door.....

To be continued

When we last left our tortured lovers Jax had been spotted staring at them from the window.

As Sonny walked toward the door Jax squared his shoulders readying for the confrontation. Sonny walks into the observation room and looks at Jax dead on.

Sonny: I oughta do to you what you did to Brenda.

Jax: How is she?

Sonny: How do you think she is? She's scared, she's hurt.

Jax: I never meant to do that to her. I just went out of control.

Sonny:(picking up the phone) Tell it to the judge.

Jax: What are you talking about?

Sonny:(holding up his hand) Security? Yes this is Sonny Corinthos and I've got Jasper Jacks here in Brenda Barrett's room. That's right. Yes, thank you. (hangs up the phone) They'll be here in a minute to hold you until the PCPD gets here and officially arrests you.

Jax: What?

Sonny: That's right. There's a warrant out for your arrest. (Hospital security enters) Take 'em away boys. Bye Jax. (Jax is lead out of the room and Sonny goes back into Brenda's room)

Brenda: They arrested Jax?

Sonny: Not officially, but they will soon. You okay with that?

Brenda: I guess so. Will I have to testify against him or anything?

Sonny: Maybe. (sits down on the bed beside her) What's really going on Bren?

Brenda: Nothing. How long have you been here?

Sonny: About an hour. I relieved Ned. i think he was here all night.

Brenda: Where is he now?

Sonny: He said something about coffee, rest, calling Lois, not necessarily in that order.

Brenda: He's going to call Lois? Good, maybe this'll start them on a road to reconcilliation.

Sonny: Yeah maybe. I was thinking more along the lines of this starting our road to reconcilliation.

Brenda: You mean that?

Sonny:(taking her hand) With all my heart. I only hope that you're willing to give us another chance to make it right this time. I mean I know I hurt you and you will never know how sorry I am that I did what I did. I want to-

Brenda: Sonny?

Sonny: Yeah?

Brenda: Shut up and kiss me.

Sonny: With pleasure. (Sonny leans in and kisses Brenda then Lois bursts in)

Lois: Ohmigod! Brenda! Are you okay? (Noticing Sonny) What's going on here?

Fade out

Scene is Alan Q's office at GH where he is talking to Ned.

Ned: Alan what's going on? Why the meeting?

Alan: Ned I need to tell you something about Brenda.

Ned: Well what is it? She's going to be okay isn't she?

Alan: Yes she'll be fine, but what I have to tell you will effect her emotionally.

Ned: Well, what is it?

Alan: Ned, Brenda was going to have a baby. She miscarried because of the beating.

Ned: God she'll be devasted.

Alan: Yes she will. Look I think you should be there when I tell her. She'll need your support.

Ned: She's got it. Look just let me clear Sonny and Lois out of there first. I don't think it's a good idea to have to many people around when you tell her this.

Alan: Alright, I'll see you up there in fifteen minutes. (Ned nods and scene switches to Brenda's room where she, Lois, and Sonny are all talking)

Lois: I can't believe you two are together again. I'm just so happy for the both of you.

Brenda: Thanks Lo. I'm happy for us too. (Looks at Sonny with a little smile. He smiles back. Ned enters) Hi Ned.

Ned: Hi everyone. How's the patient?

Brenda: She's fine, although I think my friends, who I am grateful to for keeping vigil, are starting to look worse than I do. Will you please tell them to go get some sleep?

Ned: I think that's a good idea. Go home and get a couple hours sleep you guys. (Sonny and Lois start to protest) I will stay here until one of you come back. I swear I won't leave her side. Now out! (Sonny and Lois kiss Brenda good bye and head out the door a few minutes later Alan comes in.)

Brenda: Hi Alan. When can I leave?

Alan: Ahh restlessness a sure sign of feeling better. Brenda I need to tell you something.

Brenda: Alan is something the matter. You look so serious. Am I okay?

Alan: Yes but Brenda something happened as a result of Jax hitting you so many times. (Brenda starts to look very scared. Ned moves to her side and takes her hand)

Brenda: Alan what? What happened to me?

Alan: Brenda, I'm sorry but you miscarried.

Brenda: I-I was going to have a baby?

Alan: Yes Brenda you were.

Brenda: And I lost it because of Jax. (Tears are starting to stream down her face. She pulls her hand from Ned's and covers her face with both of her hands. Alan looks at Ned who nods at him. Alan exits. Ned sits down on the bed and puts his arms around Brenda, who starts to sob harder. Neither one notices that Sonny has come into the room.)

Ned: It's going to be okay, Bren.

Sonny: What's going to be okay, Ned?

To be continued

Next time: Sonny goes after Jax in a rage and Brenda considers pressing manslaughter charges. Miranda and Jax decide to leave town after Jax's trial to start anew

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