Our love is forever by Wendy

Chapter 1

It had been only one year since Sonny Corinthos had left
Port Charles. But it had been one long year for Brenda Barret.
After her breakdown she had decided to get on with her life.
Then in late January she found out she was pregnant and
the twins were born in June. Stone and Adella were her
life. She still did some modeling and L&B. Lois and Ned had
gotten back together and were expecting another baby in
December. Brenda is at the Gatehouse and her and Lois are

B: Ya feeling okay Lo?

L: Yeah Bren, Im pregnant not dyin'(laughing) So how are my
favorite godbabies?

B: They are both great they love to babble at eachother.

L: But it sounds so cute.

B: Yeah I know. How's Brooke?

L: She is great, she loves it here in Port Chuckles

B: Well I gotta go Emily has a date with Lucky and needs
to leave by four.

L: 'Kay Bren see ya tomorrow

B: Bye Lo
One year. One long year he had been gone. Gone from Port
Charles, gone from his friends but most of all gone from
Brenda. Now he was on his way back to it all.He was lost in
his memories when the piolets voice come on.

P: We are approaching Port Charles Sir.

S: Alright

Jason was the only one who had known of his return and was
letting him stay at the PH until he got a place of his own.
Once off the jet he saw the Limo and got in. Once they were
at the PH, Sonny was careful not to let anyone see him,
it was only 3:30 but there were a few people out. He
reached the PH without incident and Jason let him in.

S: Jason my man, How are ya?

J: Fine. Everything's good.

S: How's Robin? She called lately?

J: Yeah she's good.

S: How is Brenda?

J: Good, after her breakdown she pulled itt together then...

S: Then what, Jason??

J: It is only for Brenda to tell you.

S: Where is she Jason!?

J: Her cottage. (he gives Sonny the address and Sonny goes over there)

Chapter 2 (at Brenda's cottage)

B: Thanks for watching the twins for me.

E: My pleasure, they're really great kids. Oops my ride is here
I gotta go. Bye Brenda.

B: Bye Em!

She starts straightning things up when the doorbell rings.

B: Did ya forget something?

She stops dead in her tracks when she sees Sonny Standing there.

B: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?! No wait don't tell
me, Jason told you! I'll kill him!

S: Jason didn't tell me anything.

B: Good then leave!

S: NO! I refuse to leave until someone tells me what the HELL
is going on here!

B: I don't have to tell you anything! Now get the hell out!

They are both yelling and their fighting wakes up the twins
Sonny and Brenda both stop when they hear Stone's cry.
Sonny can guess what Jason didn't tell him.

S: You were pregnant when I left weren't you?!

Chapter 2 cont'

B: Yes I was. but I didn't find out till January. And it
didn't matter, you don't love me so it didn't matter.
Now if you will leave I have to put MY son to sleep.

Brenda starts up the stairs and Sonny follows her.

S: Brenda, I do still love you, that's why I left. There
was a hit out on me and they knew our plans, they were
gonna kill you....

He trails off in shock as they enter the nursery, because
there was not one but two cribs.

S: You had twins, My twins!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3

B: You left to protect me, Sonny I was ready to leave my
friends and my home for you.

S: Baby I know, but I didn't want you to have to give up
your life for me too. I love you too much!

Brenda had tears in her eyes, but she knew she had to
keep it together. She was trying, unsuccessfully, to
quiet both Stone and Adella. Sonny walked over to Adella's

S: What are thier names?

B: Stone and Adella

S: Adella. You named her after my mother.

B: Yeah

Sonny picked up his daughter, and she immediately quieted

B: She's a real Daddy's girl.

S: yeah. I'm so sorry I left you like that Brenda.

B: Sonny I think you should go. I just need some time.

S: Alrght.

He kissed the now sleeping Adella and gently placed her
in her crib. Brenda set Stone in his crib and they went
downstairs. Niether said a word until they reached the

S: Just remember I still love you Brenda.

B: Sonny I...I(she started to cry)

Sonny held her face in his hands and kissed her, like only
Sonny can, after what seemed like forever they pulled apart
and he left.

Chapter 4
After Sonny left, he headed over to the ggatehouse to see
Lois. She is very surprised when she sees who is standing
at her door.

L: Corinthos! Whatta ya doin' here?

S: Hey Cerullo, I came to see you. When ya due?

L: December 22. Ya gonna come in or what? (he comes in)
So, ya see Bren yet?

S: Yeah I was just there.

L: Then ya know about Stone and Adella?

S: Yeah. God Lois, she is SO angry.

L: Ya really hurt her Corinthos. Just give her some time.
She'll warm up. You two belong together. Just like me
and my Nedly.

S: So how is Brooke?

L: Really good she can't wait to be a big sista' Right now she
and Ned are shopping for toys.

They talk for about an hour and then Sonny leaves and Lois calls

B: Hello?

L: Hi Bren. How ya feelin'?

B: Not good. I had a visitor after Emily left.

L: Yeah I know. He came over here afta' he left.

B: God Lo what am I gonna do?

L: Bren you to belong togetha'. Just let everything work out.

Chapter 5

Three weeks later Sonny decides that he has given Brenda
enough time to cool off and calls her.

B: Hello, Brenda Barrett.

S: Bren? It's me.

B: Sonny. What do you want?

S: Can I see Stone and Adella?

B: Sonny I...

S: Look Brenda, I know you are very angry with me and you
have every right to be, but you of all people know how
important my children are to me. It's bad enough that
I already missed part of thier lives, Please don't leave
me out.

B: Alright. I'll meet you at Luke's in an hour.

S: That's fine. Bye

B: Bye(she hangs up)I hope I'm not making a big mistake
by letting you back into my life Sonny Corinthos.
One hour later Sonny is at Luke's. He is sitting at the bar
when he hears the door. He turns around and sees Brenda
struggling to get through the door with two baby carriers,
and two diaper bags. He goes over to her.

S: Here let me take Adella. (He takes his daughter's
carrier and bag from Brenda)

B: Thanks

They walk over to one of the tables and set the carriers
on it. Both babies are awake and alert.

S: They're so beautiful. Adella looks just like you.

B: Well Stone looks just like you. Down to the dimples
(ya'll know the ones;-}

They sit down and talk for a few hours. Sonny tells
Brenda the truth about why he left and Brenda tells him
about all that happened to her afterwards.

S: Well I have to get the club ready for tonight.

B: Why?

S: The Backstreet Boys are playing tonight.

B: Oh Yeah. Emily was telling me about that.

S: Would you like to come?

B: Sure, Lo' has been after me to let her watch the twins
for weeks.

S: Pick you up at 7:30?

B: Okay, Bye Sonny.

The both leave, neither knowing what the evening will hold.

Chapter 6

At 7:30 Sonny shows up. He is wearing a black suit.
Brenda comes down wearing a short black skirt, a violet
silk shirt, and strappy black shoes.

S: WOW! You look gorgeous.

B: Thanks. You look great too.

S: Shall we go?

B: Sure.
At Luke's the place is packed. At 7:50 Luke goes up on
stage and everyone gets quiet.

L: It is my great pleasure to introduce the Backstreet Boys!

They come up and singing, around 11:00 they start singing
"As Long As You Love Me" A few couples start dancing.

S: May I have this dance?

B: Okay.

"As Long As You Love Me"

Although lonliness has always been a friend of mine,
I'm leaving my life in your hands.
People say I'm crazy and that I am blind
Risking it all in a glance.
How you got me blind is still a mystery
I can't get you out of my head
Don't care what has been in your history
As long as you're here with me

I don't care who you are
Where you're from
What you did
As long as you love me

Who you are
where you're from
Don't care what you did
As long as you love me

Every little thing that you have said and done
Feels like it's deep within me
Doesn't really matter if you're on the run
Seems like we're meant to be


I've tried to hide it so that no-one knows
But I guess it shows, when you look into my eyes
What you did and where you're coming from
I don't care
As long as you love me


Who you are
As long as you love me

What you did, I don't care
As long as you love me*

As the song ended Sonny cupped Brenda's face in his hands
and gave her a deep, loving, passionate kiss. As they pulled apart
Sonny whispered "I'll love you forever Brenda" He wiped away the
tears that were cascading down her face and led her back to the table.
They left Luke's around 11:45 and went to Brenda's house. They were
sitting there just talking.

S: Bren, can't we give it another chance? I love you so much. Leaving
you was the biggest mistake I've ever made.

Brenda just looks at him, tears pouring down her face, when he gets no
response he gets up to leave. Brenda looks at him.

B: Sonny, I love you too!

Chapter 7

Sonny turned around to face her, shocked. She stands up
and walks over to him and they kiss so passionatly that
they are both left breathless when they *finally* break

B: Sonny make love to me.

S: Are you sure? What...

Brenda puts her hand up and silences him.

B: Shhh I am sure

She takes his hand and leads him up to her bedroom,
where they procede to undress each other and rediscover
the passion and fire that had been missing from thier
lives for so long.
The next morning Sonny wakes up and after watching Brenda
sleep for a few minutes, he traces her face. She stirs a
little and opens her eyes.

S: Morning Babe

B: Mornin' I was almost afraid that last nite was a dream
and if I opened my eyes you would still be gone.

S: I will never leave you again baby I promise

They kiss and make love once again.

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