One More Chance by Mary

This story takes just a little bit after where the show is at now. Itís January 1998-
Brenda & Jax are still close friends, he would like for it to be more but Brenda isnít
ready for that yet, sheís still having trouble coping with what happened with Sonny
(kind of unstable). Jason has successfully taken over the organization and is friends
with Luke. Lois is still gone, as is Robin.

Chapter 1:

Jason walks into the back office of Lukeís with a very grim expression on his face.

L: Why the sour face partner, somebody run over your puppy?

J: IÖuhÖI have some bad news Luke- about Sonny.

L: Uh-oh.

J: I just got word from our sources in Puerto Rico where he was hiding. Luke,
Sonnyís dead.

L: Youíre kidding.

J: I wish I were. But itís true, the local police found his body washed up on a
beach, he had been shot twice in the head.

(Jason hung his head down as a single tear rolled down his face)

L: WhoaÖthis isÖI meanÖ are you sureÖI mean are you absolutely positive that
it was Sonny?

J: Iíve had it confirmed by several very reliable sources, my contacts in Puerto
Rico, the police, everyone. Itís definitely him.

L: What are you gonna do about it?

J: Iím flying to Puerto Rico first thing tomorrow to get his body and bring it back
for burial. And then Iím gonna find the people who did it and Iím gonna make
them pay for it.

L: Well, Iím going with you.

J: No Luke.

L: Look kid, this is no time to be heroic, you need backup, and besides, Sonny was
my best friend. I should be there.

J: I know that but Iíve got Benny and Renaldo and a couple other guards to take
with me. I promised Sonny that the business wouldnít touch you or your family
and if you go down to Puerto Rico with me Iíll just be endangering you and Iím
not gonna break my promise.

L: All right, but if you change your mind, Iím here. Are you gonna tell anyone
about what happened?

J: Well I think I should tell Robin, and of course Mike.

L: What about Brenda.

J: I hadnít planned on it.

L: Jason, she has a right to know the truth, especially now.

J: WellÖ

L: I canít see how it would be putting her in danger if Sonnyís dead. And I think it
would help her to move on with her life, kind of give her some closure.

J: Yeah, I guess youíre right. Iíll stop by her place on my way to the penthouse.

L: (after a pause) Man, I canít believe heís really gone.

J: He was like a brother to me Luke. He and Robin were the only family I had and
now Iíve lost both of them.

(Luke pours them both a drink)

L: (raises his glass) To Sonny.

J: (raises his) To Sonny.


Chapter 2:

Jax and Brenda are both at her house.

Ja: So, how are you doing?

B: Jax, I said Iím fine. Stop worrying about me.

Ja: Youíre a really strong woman Brenda, and I know youíll be okay but I canít
help but worry about you.

B: I know. And I appreciate your concern. Youíve been such a great friend the
past few months. I donít know how I wouldíve gotten through this without you.

Ja: Well, Iíll always be here for you, you know that.

B: I do.

Ja: And I know that itís been hard for you but you really are better off without

B: I know I am. I still canít believe I was such an idiot to trust him again after all
heís done to me. And I canít believe I let him hurt me again.

Ja: Itís not your fault Brenda, itís his. You didnít do anything wrong, you loved the
man and he abused that love.

B: Right.

Ja: Well, Iíve gotta get going. Iíve got an appointment at the Outback in fifteen
minutes. Will you be alright?

B: Jax! For the ten thousandth time I am fineÖ go to your meeting!

Ja: Okay, Iíll drop by later. (He kisses her on the check and leaves)

Brenda goes and sits down in front of the fire. Thoughts of Sonny fill her mind,
stronger than ever.

B: Why do I keep doing this to myself, why canít I just forget about Sonny?

Her thoughts are interrupted by the phone ringing, she goes to answer the phone.

B: Hello.

R: Brenda, its Robin! How are you?

B: Robin! Itís so good to hear your voice, is everything okay? Are you in Paris?

R: Iím fine. I had some free time between classes for the first time in weeks and I
thought Iíd call and see how youíre doing.

B: Iím great!

R: Brenda.

B: Okay, okay so Iím not great. Actually, Iím awful Robin. I canít seem to stop
thinking about Sonny today. And Iíve got that awful feeling again; you know the
one I get when heís in trouble. And I donít know why. I mean Sonny is gone, he
left me and he never loved me so why should I be feeling this way.

R: Brenda, I know Sonny hurt you by leaving but I know that he loved you. And
you loved him so itís only natural that you should be feeling something for him.

B: I guess your right. Itís probably nothing, Iíve been having all kinds of feelings
over the past few months, Iím sure itíll pass.

R: Oh Bren, I have to go. Are you sure youíre okay?

B: Iím fine, I wish everyone would quit asking me that. So you go do what you
need to do, I think Iím gonna order some takeout for dinner.

R: Okay, Iíll talk to you later.

B: Bye Robin.

She hangs up the phone and goes back to sit in front of the fire. Suddenly Brenda
flashes back to when Sonny had been shot up with heroine and was in the hospital.

S: Can I ask you something?

B: Okay.

S: Howíd you know I was in trouble? What made you come to me?

B: (shakes her head trying to keep from crying) I was at Lauraís funeral
and I thought it was really weird that you werenít there. And Mike
didnít know where you were. I got this weird feeling in my gut. And
then I started walking back to my car and it just kept getting stronger
and stronger. It reminded me of when we were in Puerto Rico together.

(Sonny nods his head in understanding) Riveraís men were after us. I
donít know. I just knew you were in trouble.

Her thoughts are once again interrupted, this time by a knock at the door. Brenda
turns around startled. When the knocking continues she gets up to answer the

B: Hang on, Iím coming.

She opens the door only to find Jason standing on the other side. Brenda tries to
shut the door but before she can he pushes it open and walks in.

B: Who the hell do you think you are to come barging into my home like this? If
you donít leave right this minute Iím calling the cops!

J: Iím not going anywhere until I get finished.

B: I donít want to hear anything you have to say.

J: Well too bad because you donít have a choice. Itís about Sonny.


Chapter 3:

B: Nothing you have to say about him could possibly interest me.

J: This might, itís about why he left.

B: I know why he left Jason, you already told me. Remember in the church, when
you stood theyíre like an impassive stone and told me that he never loved me?

J: I know I told you that but it wasnít true. Thatís not why he left.

B: I canít even believe youÖI want you to get out of my houseÖNOW!

J: Iím not going anywhere until you hear what I have to say.

B: You have one minute to say what you want and then Iím calling the cops.

J: Brenda, Sonny didnít stop loving you.

B: What?!

J: He never stopped loving you Brenda. He left to protect you and he told me to
tell you that he never loved you because he knew that if you knew the real reason
he left you wouldnít be able to let go and thatís not what he wanted, he wanted
you to let go and move on with your life.

B: I donít understand what youíre sayingÖyouíre not making any sense.

J: I know itís complicated. Letís sit down and Iíll explain everything.

(Brenda is in shock and disbelief, Jason leads her to the couch and they sit down)

J: Everything was going fine until the day before the wedding. Sonny planned to
leave with you after the wedding and disappear. It was all going smoothly; Sonny
was really happy and confident that everything was going to work out.

B: Right, and then he just out of the blue decided to leave me at the altar?

J: Sort ofÖbut itís more complicated than that. The night before the wedding a
man named Davis Reese came to visit Sonny.

B: Wait a secondÖReeseÖthat name sounds familiar. Oh my God, thatís the guy
that called me the day of the wedding to congratulate me.

J: Right.

B: I thought he was a friend or associate of Sonnyís.

J: Not exactly. Reese was from a rival organization, the one that Rivera hired to kill
you and Sonny. He explained that just because Rivera was dead, didnít mean that
the contract on Sonny was void.

B: What? (Brenda was in complete shock)

J: A contract for 1 million dollars was purchased on Sonnyís life by Hernando
Rivera. And once a contract is purchased itís an automatic death sentence.

B: I donít understand. So Sonny and I were still in danger? He didnít say anything
about it to me that night.

J: He didnít want to worry you. Sonny still felt confident that you two would be

B: So what changed?

J: I donít know exactly what or when. The next day I showed up to go with Sonny
to the church and he was acting really strange. He said that he couldnít marry you
because it would just be putting your life in danger.

B: So what, youíre saying that Sonny left to protect me?

J: They would have come after him Brenda and Sonny knew that. He also knew
that sooner or later they would find him and when they did they would kill him and
you. Sonny said he couldnít lose another person he loves like that and that more
than anything he wanted you safe.

B: (with tears starting to stream down her face) If thatís true then why didnít he
just tell me what was going on? I mean I thought that we were finally starting to
really trust each other. We had reached a new place in our relationship.

J: Sonny knew that if he told you what was going on that you wouldnít let him

B: Damn right I wouldnít have. I knew what I was getting into and I knew the
danger involved. And Sonny had no right to make that kind of decision for me.

J: Brenda he just wanted you to be safe. And he couldnít tell you the truth because
he wanted you to hate him so that everyone else would believe it too. He had to
make them all believe he didnít love you to keep you safe. If the other organization
thought that he still loved you then your life would be in danger.

B: (trying to wipe the tears from her eyes) Okay if all this is trueÖ

J: It is.

B: Then why are you telling me now. I mean isnít this just putting me in danger.
Does Sonny know youíre telling me?

J: No.

B: So why are you telling me all this now?

J: Because it doesnít matter anymore if you know or not.

B: WhatÖwh-why not? (Remembers the feeling she had earlier and starts to panic)
Jason, whereís Sonny? Can you get in touch with him?

J: Brenda, thereís no easy way to say this.

B: What Jason? (She starts to shake)

J: Sonnyís dead Brenda. They found him and killed him.

B: No! No! Youíre wrong Jason; Sonnyís not dead! (She gives Jason an imploring
look, as the tears stream uncontrollably down her face. Jason looks back at her
without saying a word and then reaches out to hold her)

J: Iím sorry Brenda.

B: No! Donít touch me! Sonny is not dead! (She jumps up and walks away from
him. Jason gets up and approaches her)

J: I know that itís hard to believe butÖthey found his body washed up on the
beach this morning andÖ

B: Nooooooooooo! (Brenda lets out an anguished cry and collapses to the floor in
a sobbing heap; Jason bends down and puts his arms around her as she cries)

After a while Brenda slowly gains control of herself, they both stand up and she
turns to face him, still crying

B: Are you sure heís really dead?

J: Yes, Iíve had it confirmed by my sources in Puerto Rico, he was found by the
local police with two gunshot wounds to the head.

B: (groans and drops her head as more tears fall) He went to Puerto Rico?

J: YeahÖI told him he should go somewhere farther away but he said that was
where he wanted to be.

B: (almost speaking to herself) That was our special place. (Then to Jason) We had
so many memories there. We shared some really magical times.

Oh my GodÖdid you hear me I just said sharedÖas in past tenseÖI canít believe

J: I know itís a lot to take in at once.

B: So Sonny left to protect me and now heís dead.

J: Thatís right.

B: I canít believe Iíve been so stupid. I actually believed that Sonny didnít love
me. Oh God Jason, I said so many horrible things about him.

J: You couldnít have known.

B: I should have been able to figure it out. After all weíve been through together
and after all weíve meant to each other. I should have known. You know, (her
voice is shaking and the tears start up again), itís just like Sonny to do something
like this. (Lets out a little laugh, almost a little hysterical) When he was with
LilyÖI tried so hard to get him backÖand he wouldnít leave her and I thought it
was because he didnít love me enoughÖand then (laughs again) then I found out
that he was just doing it to protect me because Rivera had threatened to kill me if
he left Lily.

J: Iím sorry you had to find out like this. Iím going to Puerto Rico tomorrow to get
his body.

B: Well, (wipes the tears away) Iím going with you.

J: No.

B: Yes Jason. I was engaged to him, I have a right to be there.

J: Itís too dangerous Brenda. I promised Sonny Iíd keep you safe.

B: Well itís not up for debate, Iím going. Besides, Sonnyís not dead.

J: BrendaÖ

B: Sonnyís still alive JasonÖI can feel itÖand he needs me so Iím going and you
and I are gonna find him.

J: Brenda Iíve had it confirmed by several extremely reliable sources.

B: I donít care, your sources are wrong. All this time Iíve been ignoring what my
instincts have been telling me and Iím not gonna do it anymore. Theyíve always
been right before and I have no reason to believe that they wonít be this time.

J: Brenda I donít think thatÖ

B: I donít care what you think right now Jason. I just found out that Sonny does
love me and I know in my heart that heís still alive. He and I have a special
connection Jason; we have the same heart. (Starts to cry, only now with
happiness) And now he needs me, he needs me more than ever and Iím not going
to let him down now.

J: I just donít think itís a good idea for you to go down there. Youíll just be putting
your life in danger.

B: I donít care. Jason if itís true that Sonny really is dead then I donít want to live
either. But I know in my heart that heís alive and Iím gonna find him and this time
Iím never gonna let go. Nothing is gonna keep us apart this timeÖdo you hear me?
Nothing and no one is gonna keep me from Sonny ever again.

J: I still donít think itís a good idea.

B: Jason, just trust me on this one. Itís going to be fine. Youíll see. So when do we

J: Tomorrow morning butÖ

B: No buts Jason, and donít think that leaving without me will do it either because
Iím going to Puerto Rico with you or without you.

J: Fine. At least if youíre with me I can try to protect you. Iíll pick you up
tomorrow at nine.

B: Iíll see you then.

(Jason leaves. Brenda walks upstairs to her room confidently)

B: Sonny does love meÖoh how could I have ever doubted it. Donít worry baby,
Iím gonna find you and when I do, Iím just gonna hold you and tell you how
much I love you. Itís gonna be okay Sonny. This time itís my turn to fix

(She begins packing, happy now that she believes everything will work out)


Chapter 4:

Jason and Brenda have just arrived at their hotel in Puerto Rico.

J: Why donít you go on up and get settled in your room while I go to the morgue
to identify the body.

B: No Jason Iím coming with you.

J: Brenda they said he took two gunshots to the head. Itís not gonna be a pretty

B: I can handle it Jason. Besides I donít think itís going to be Sonny.

J: Why are you so determined to make this difficult?

B: Jason, Sonny is the love of my life, my soulmate. So many times Iíve lost him
and most of them because of my own stupidity. Now I believe in my heart that
heís still alive and I now that I know the truth, Iím not gonna lose him again.

J: All right, just stick close to me okay?

B: Okay, now letís go.

They arrive at the morgue and the doctor shows them into a back room. There is a
body lying on a table covered by a sheet.

D: Are you sure that you want to see this miss? Itís a lot of blood.

B: Iíll be all right.

The doctor pulls back the sheet, Brenda gasps and Jason stands there with a
bewildered expression.

B: Oh my God!


Chapter 5:

B: Jason itísÖitís n-

J: (interrupts before she can finish her sentence and puts his arm around her) I
know itís really hard to see him like this Brenda but you have to stay calm.

B: Wh-

J: He wouldnít want you to get all upset.

(Brenda gives him a questioning look and is about to speak when he gives her a
silencing look.)

J: Thank you doctor. It was hard to see this but we needed to have closure.

D: So youíre sure that itís him?

J: Yes, Iím sure.

(They leave the morgue after Jason signs some papers. He decided to have the
body cremated and has the ashes put in an urn. After they are back at the hotel
Brenda questions Jason)

B: I donít understand JasonÖit wasnít Sonny.

J: I know that but I donít want anyone else to know.

B: What?

J: For some reason everyone else has been mistaken, the people who were
supposed to kill Sonny, my sources, everyone else thinks that Sonnyís dead and
his remains are in this urn and Iím gonna keep it that way.

B: So that means that Sonny is still alive?

J: Hopefully. It looks like you were right after all. Now we just have to find him.

B: I canít believe this (starts to cry) Sonnyís alive.

(She walks to Jason and he holds her while she cries with happiness)


Later on Brenda and Jason are in his room talking.

B: So how are we going to find Sonny? I mean are you sure that heís still in Puerto

J: Last time I spoke to him he was and he didnít have any plans to leave that I
knew of and that was about a week ago.

B: Youíve spoken to Sonny since he left?

J: Yeah, only limited though. (Changes the subject) Now we have to figure out
where Sonny could be.

B: You donít know where heís staying?

J: No, no one does, it was safer that way. So I have no idea where heís at. I mean
he could be anywhere on the island. Thatís a lot of ground for the two of us to
cover without anyone getting suspicious.

B: Suspicious?

J: Yeah, I donít want anyone to know that weíre looking for him. (She looks at
him a little confused) Brenda, Sonny is still alive but everyone else thinks heís dead
which is a blessing for him. As long as they believe that, heís safe.

B: So we canít tell anyone else that heís alive?

J: Nobody, except Mike, Luke and Robin. Theyíre the only people who I trust
enough with this information.

B: Right, well you can trust me to keep it a secret. (Jason looks at her skeptically)
Jason Iím not gonna do anything that might put Sonny in danger. His safety is the
only thing that matters to me.

J: Okay, I trust you.

B: So where do you think we should start looking.

J: I donít know really. I guess we should check the local hotels, but he might have
gotten an apartment or something. And you have to keep in mind that he may look
a little different. He probably changed his appearance so people wouldnít recognize
him as easily. Do you have any ideas of where he might have gone?

B: I donít knowÖhe couldíve gone anywhereÖwait a minuteÖthatís so strange.

J: What?

B: I just got the weirdest feeling, it was likeÖoh my God! Jason, I know where
Sonny is!

J: You know where heís staying?

B: No I know where he is right this minute!

J: Where?

B: The beach.

J: What beach? In case you havenít noticed weíre surrounded by beaches.

B: Heís on our beach. Oh itís too hard to explain. Come on, Iíll take you there.

(They get in the car and Brenda drives them to a secluded part of a beach near San
Juan. It is the same beach that she and Sonny made love on when they had been
their years before. It is near sunset. They walk towards the ocean when suddenly
Brenda stops.)

J: Brenda, whatís wrong? You look like youíve seen a ghost.

B: I think I have. Look! (She points to a figure sitting on the beach about 20 feet
from them)

J: Oh myÖ Are you sure itís him?

B: Iím sure. (Her voice is starting to tremble)

J: (looks at her and then back at the figure) Iíll wait here while you go and see him.

B: Thanks Jason.

J: Hey donít thank me, you two deserve this.

(She looks at him as a single tear rolls down her cheek and then she starts to walk
towards the figure. She stops once she is standing right behind the man, close
enough to feel him. The man turns around and looks up at her startled)

B: Hi Sonny.


Chapter 6:

(Tears are streaming uncontrollably down Brendaís face. Sonny stands up and
looks at her stunned, once he realizes that itís really her he starts to cry also.)

B: (holds her hand to his face, he puts his hand on top of hers) Is it really you?

S: I was just about to ask you the same question.

B: Oh God, I didnít think Iíd ever be able to touch you again.

(They are both in tears, Sonny reaches his arms out to her and she falls into them
as her body is racked with uncontrollable sobs)

B: I love you so much Sonny.

S: I love you too baby. More than youíll ever know.

(He holds her tightly, almost afraid to let go. After what seems like an hour he pulls

S: What are you doing here? Howíd you find me?

B: (wipes the tears from her eyes) Jason helped me.

S: Jason? (He looks up and sees Jason standing a little bit away.) Brenda, thereís
something I need to tell you.

B: Itís okay Sonny, I know. Jason told me everything. And donít get angry at him,
he thought that you were dead and he told me that you were just trying to protect
me and then he said you were dead and I knew that you werenít so I convinced
him to let me come here with me and when we went to identify your body it
wasnít yours and I had a feeling that you would be here. I got that pull and I knew
you were here thinking about me.

S: Wait a second. I donít understand, you thought I was dead?

B: Itís complicated, Iíll let Jason explain it to you. Iím just so glad youíre alive and
that you still love me.

S: I never stopped.

B: I know that now, I guess I always knew in my heart I just didnít want to believe
it because it was easier to think that you left because you didnít love me. It hurt
too much if I thought you loved me.

S: Iím sorry I never wanted to hurt you.

B: I know, you were just trying to keep me safe. But none of that matters now
because Iím here and I love you and Iím never gonna leave your side again.

(He nods his head in agreement. They stare at each other for a moment looking
deep into each otherís eyes, you know the look. Then Sonny takes her face in his
hands and she puts her arms around his neck then he pulls her close to him so that
their bodies are pressed together and he kisses her gently on the lips and pulls away
and looks into her eyes for a minute, then he kisses her again this time with more
passion. She starts to cry again and they continue kissing each kiss more passionate
than the previous. Finally Brenda pulls away reluctantly when she remembers

Before she can say a word Sonny pulls her back into his arms and kisses her again,
after what seems like an eternity she pulls away again.

B: Sonny if we donít stop now I might not be able too ever stop.

S: Fine by me.

B: Iím serious!

S: So am I.

He puts his hand on the side of her face and starts to lean in for another kiss.

B: What about Jason?

S: What about him?

B: Iím sure heíd like to see you and I know thereís a lot of things he needs to
explain about whatís going on.

S: (Looks at her in frustration, kisses her once more gently on the lips, and sighs.)
Hey Jason! (Motions to him to come over)

Jason comes over to them. He and Sonny hug and both look like they are on the
verge of crying.

What the hell are you doing here?

J: (laughs) Itís nice to see you too. Itís a long story. Letís go back to the hotel and
Iíll try to explain it all.

(Sonny puts his arm around Brendaís back and gives her a kiss on the cheek as
they all head back to the car)


Chapter 7:

(Back at the hotel, Sonny is sitting on the couch and Brenda is in his lap. Jason is
sitting on the edge of the bed.)

S: So Jason, whatís going on? Brenda said that you guys thought I was dead.

J: Yeah, I got a call the other day from our sources down here. They said that the
police had found your body washed up on the beach.

S: What?

J: Weird huh? I had it checked and doubled checked and all my sources said the
same thing. I figured that the organization Rivera took the contract out with had
finally found you. I told Luke, Mike and Robin and Luke said I should tell Brenda
about it. He said she had a right to know the truth now that you were dead. (Sonny
nods his head and Brenda tightens her hold around his neck.) So I went to her

S: You got a house? (Looks at her in surprise)

B: Yeah. I figured it was time I got my own place.

S: Iím sorry go on Jason.

J: I went and told her everything. You know about Rivera and Reese and the
contract. And then I told her you were dead and she didnít believe it. She said that
you were still alive and she convinced me to let her come to Puerto Rico with me.

S: Iím sorry I hurt you like that Brenda.

B: I know, itís okay now that I know the reason why, I just wish you would have
told me what was going on.

S: I couldnít because you wouldnít have let me leave.

B: No I wouldnít have. But none of that matters now because were together and I
am not letting you go again. I donít care about the danger Sonny, but I canít live
without you.

S: I know sweetheart.

(They stare at each other intently for a moment before Sonny turns back to Jason.)

S: So what happened once you got here?

J: We went to the morgue so I could identify your body and it wasnít yours. I
guess what happened was that the guys sent to kill you saw this other guy and
mistook him for you. So the organization thinks they killed you, youíre safe
Sonny. Everyone that matters thinks youíre dead so you can let them believe that
and you and Brenda can leave together and be happy and not live your life in
constant fear.

S: So you mean everyone thinks Iím dead?

J: Thatís right.

S: (looks at Brenda) This means that we can be together. I mean if you still want

B: If I still want you! (She laughs) Are you kidding me? Sonny, there is no one on
Earth I would rather be with. Youíre my life, and weíve been given another
chance at happiness. (Caresses his face with her hand) And weíre gonna take it
baby. Weíre gonna leave together and go some placeÖanywhereÖand be together
forever. (Kisses him softly on the lips)

J: Itís the perfect plan. Iíll go back to Port Charles and tell everyone that youíre
dead. Of course Iíll tell Mike, Luke and Robin the truth but everyone else will
think youíre dead.

S: Okay. What about Brenda? How are you gonna explain her sudden

J: That partís a little more difficult.

B: I know, you can tell everyone that when you told me about Sonny I was really
upset by the news and I just couldnít stand to be in PC any longer, too many
memories. Iíll even call someone and tell them myself so theyíll all believe it. It
might look a little strange coming from you.

S: Who can you call that will be able to tell everyone and have them believe it?

B: Robin. Everyone will believe her and she can make them understand why itís
the best thing for me to do.

S: Okay then itís settled. You can call Robin later on and tell her to tell everyone
that. Jason will go back to Port Charles tomorrow and give everyone the news
about my untimely death (laughs). And tomorrow we can leave after Jason and I
make some arrangements.

B: Oh this is so incredible! I canít believe this is really happening! I mean weíre
really gonna do it this time right?

S: For real now baby. But first thereís something that I have to take care of.

B: What? (Looks a little worried)

S: (gets up and kneels before her. He takes a ring out of his pocket and holds it up
to her, Brenda is starting to cry again) Will you marry me?

B: Of course I will. Sonny I was born to be Mrs. Corinthos.

(He slips the ring on her finger, she leans in to kiss him and then admires her ring)

B: Oh, Sonny, itís your mothers ring! ButÖI donítÖhow did you get it? I gave it
back to Mike.

S: I know, he gave it to Jason to give to me if he ever saw me. And Jason sent it to
me a couple of months ago. I also have your diamond bracelet and the ankle
bracelet. (Pulls both out of his pocket and hands them to her)

B: Oh God Sonny! I never thought I would wear any of these ever again! So when
do we get married?

S: Today if youíre ready.

B: Today? Of course Iím ready. Iíve been ready for this day my whole life.

S: All right then. (Stands up and turns to Jason) Can you take care of this for me?
Iíd like to have some time alone with my beautiful fiancťe.

J: Of course. Iíll go make the arrangements for the wedding and Iíll find a priest
you can trust and Iíll go ahead and make arrangements for you guys to leave
Puerto Rico tonight.

S: Thanks Jason.

Jason nods his head and leaves.


Chapter 8:

B: So you wanted some time alone with me? Whatever for?

S: (laughs) We have some major catching up to do.

B: Oh, I donít really feel like talking about the past few months.

S: I didnít mean talk.

B: Oh really? You have something else in mind??

S: Do I ever.

He goes to turn on the radio. "I want to Know What Love is" by Foreigner is
playing. Sonny walks over to Brenda and takes her hand in his; they start to sway
to the music. Then they stop and Sonny takes Brendaís face in his hands and
kisses her gently on the lips, then he kisses her neck, she removes his jacket and he
starts to unbutton her blouse. They fall to the bed and make love, making up for all
the months of loneliness they have both experienced.

A few hours later, Sonny and Brenda are lying in bed, she is against his shoulder
and he has his arms wrapped around her neck.

B: That was incredible. I didnít realize how much I missed being in your arms and
making love to you.

S: Same here. I feel so much better now, complete. These past few months itís felt
like a piece of me was missing. I guess it was, you. You complete me Brenda.

B: I love you.

S: I love you too sweetheart.

She turns around to face him and puts her hand on his face.

B: Promise me weíll never have be apart again.

S: I promise.

B: Can I trust you this time?

S: Yes. I swear to you Brenda, on my motherís grave I swear I will never leave
you again.

He pulls her to him and they kiss, the he pulls the sheets up over them and they
make love again.


Chapter 9:

A few hours later, Sonny and Brenda are both dressed and are sitting on the bed
talking when Jason knocks.

J: Sonny itís me.

S: Come on in Jason.

(He walks in the room and sits on the couch)

S: Is everything taken care of?

J: Yeah, I found a local priest who can marry you in an hour on a really secluded
part of the beach. Youíre booked on the first flight out of Puerto Rico tonight. It
leaves at 10:30, and goes to Miami and after that you get on another plane which
goes to Mexico and after that its up to you guys where you go.

S: Great, thatís perfect, thanks Jason, for everything.

J: Donít thank me Sonny, Iím just glad that I could do this for you.

B: So weíre really getting married in an hour.

J: Thatís right. I found this really beautiful spot on the beach, itís secluded and the
sun should be setting about the time the ceremonyís taking place so it should be
really romantic also.

B: This is so perfect. Itís how I always imagined this day would be, I just wish
Lois and Robin could be here, and Mike, they all knew we belonged together.
(Pauses) Oh no! Sonny we canít get married in an hour!!!

S: Why not? (He looks a little worried)

B: Because I donít have a dress!

(Sonny laughs)

J: Oh donít worry about it, I took care of that for you. (He pulls a beautiful white
silk dress out of a bag, itís got a low neck in front and a high back and flows to the
ground) I stopped by a store and got this dress and some shoes, I hope it fits, I
wasnít sure about the size so I just guessed.

B: Oh Jason (she takes the dress and shoes from him and stands up to hold it up to
her) itís so beautiful, I love it. (She gives him a kiss on the cheek) Thank you. I
know I was really awful to you after Sonny left and I want to apologize for that.

J: Thereís nothing to apologize for, you were upset and I understand that.

B: (nods her head) Great! Now if you two will excuse me, (heads for the
bathroom) I have a wedding to get ready for!

About 30 minutes later, Brenda comes out of the bathroom, Sonny and Jason both
have tuxedos on, Brenda is in her gown with her hair swept up in a loose pile on
her head with a few loose tendrils falling down.

S: Wow! You look incredible!

B: So do you. Are you ready to do this?

S: Sure am, how bout you?

B: Letís do it.

Sonny puts his arm around her back and they walk out the hotel door to the car
with Jason following.


Chapter 10:

Sonny, Brenda and Jason are at the beach with the priest, the sun is just starting to

B: Oh Sonny, look how beautiful the sky is. (She points up)

S: You know, these past few months Iíve looked at that sky a million times but it
never meant anything without you to share it with. Iím glad youíre here Brenda,
Iím glad you forgave me and that you still love me and that you are still willing to
be my wife and to give up everything for me, even after how much I hurt you.

B: Thatís because I love you Sonny, more than anything in the world.

(They kiss; Jason walks over and hands Sonny a cellular phone)

J: The lineís secure but you need to hurry because I think the priest is getting a
little aggravated.

(Sonny hands the phone to Brenda)

B: Whatís this for?

S: So you can call Robin, but make it quick, and when youíre done I want to speak
to her.

(She dials Robinís number)

R: Hello?

B: Robin?

R: Brenda? Is that you?

B: Yep itís me!

R: Where are you? Everyone here is so worried about you! Jax said you just
disappeared without a word, he called the police and everything until Luke said that
you went to Puerto Rico with Jason and then he was gonna fly down there because
he was convinced that Jason had kidnapped you or something but Luke and I were
able to convince him that you probably went of your own free will.

B: Wait, are you in Port Charles?

R: Yeah, I dropped out of the Sorbonne, I just couldnít take being away from
everyone any longer, especially Jason, Iím gonna attend PCU and Jason and I
have some major talking to do when he gets back.

B: Oh Robin thatís so wonderful.

R: So whatís up with you? Are you with Jason?

B: Yeah, Iím in Puerto Rico with him right now.

R: Does this have something to do with Sonny? Jason told me that heís dead.

B: Yes, it does have to do with Sonny, but Sonnyís not dead Robin. Heís alive and
heís right here with me. Itís a complicated story and I donít have time to explain it
all Jason can tell you when he gets back. But right now I need for you to do
something for me Robin, itís really important and youíre the only one I trust to
take care of it.

R: Sonnyís alive? Thatís great Brenda. How can I help, you know Iíll do anything
to help you guys out.

B: Okay, Sonny isnít dead but everyone else thinks he is and itís imperative to his
safety and to mine that everyone continues to think that. I need for you to tell
everyone in PC that heís dead and that when I found out about it it was just too
much for me to take and I needed to get away for a while. Tell them that there
were too many memories in PC and I just wanted to start over.

R: All right. But I donít understand, whatís going on?

B: Sonny and I are getting married! As soon as I get off the phone with you, the
priest is standing here before us. I wish you could be here with us but I want you
to know that Sonny and I are both happy. Everythingís fine and weíre gonna be
together Robin, just like we always dreamed.

R: Iím so happy for you Brenda. You guys deserve some happiness. And donít
worry about everyone here, Iíll make sure to explain it just like you said.

B: Thanks Robin. And donít worry because weíre gonna be fine, weíre gonna be
together. And now thereís someone else who wants to talk to you so Iím gonna
hand over the phone. I love you Robin, be happy and take care of yourself.

R: I will and I love you too Brenda.

(Brenda hands the phone to Sonny)

S: Hey Robin! How are you?

R: Sonny? Itís so good to hear your voice! Iím so glad youíre alive and that you
and Brenda are gonna be together.

S: Me too honey. I just wanted to say hi to you and tell you I love you because I
donít know when Iíll see you again. After the wedding Brenda and I are leaving
Puerto Rico and weíre not even sure where weíre going yet but weíll be together
the whole way and thatís all that really matters. Jasonís flying back to PC
tomorrow and heíll explain the whole story to you. And Mike and Luke will know
the truth but no one else.

R: I can handle that. Iím just glad you guys are happy. I love you too Sonny.

S: All right, (heís starting to cry) I have to go now because Iíve got an impatient
bride waiting for me.

R: Okay, Iíll let you go then. You take good care of Brenda, and yourself.

S: I will Robin and you do the same.

R: I will. Good-bye Sonny.

S: Good bye Robin.

(He hangs up the phone and wipes a tear from his eye)

B: Sonny are you okay?

S: Iím fine, now letís get this show on the road!

(She takes his hand and puts it to her face)

B: I love you Sonny Corinthos.

S: I love you Brenda Barrett.

(Together they turn to face the priest and in a simple but beautiful ceremony they
are married with Jason presiding as best person as the sun sets behind them and the
waves crash on the beach. Itís a full moon. Later they get on the plane as husband
and wife and leave to start their new life together. Ten months later Brenda gives
birth to a beautiful baby girl, which they name Adela after Sonnyís mom, she is the
first of three children that they have. Sonny and Brenda live a long and happy life
together and their love and passion never fades but only grows stronger.)


The End

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