One Last Look by Kat

Brenda Barrett
Lois Cerrilo
Ned Ashton
Alexis Ashton
Jerry Jacks
Robin Scorpio
Karen Wexler
Nikolas Cassadine
Sonny Corinthos
Jasper (Jax) Jacks
Jason Morgan

Febuary 14th 2000
L&B Records
Main Street Port Charles

Brenda is in the backroom of the Store/Studio of L&B Records. Ever since Lois returned in the spring of 1998 they re started L&B even opened a record shop with a studio in the back. Brenda got up after haveing looked at the books for over an hour. She still didn't under stand them. She rubbed her eye's as she walked to the door. She opened it and walked into the store. it wasn't very busy infact the only person besides Brenda that was there Was Nikolas Cassadine. He had returned to Port Charles three months before and he and Brenda had become close friends. He had been in Paris with Robin and they had a hugh, hugh argument and he returned home with out her.

Brenda: Hello Nikolas, how are you today.
Nikolas: I'm okay Brenda how are you?
Brenda: "I'm fine. It's just another lonly Valentines day. That's all.
Nikolas: You still miss him.
Brenda: Who?
Nikolas looks at her and she blushes.
Brenda: Your right. I do miss him but What am I gonna do about it?
Nikolas: Find him and find out why he left.
Brenda: Nik, where would i start looking?
Nikolas: You know in your heart exactly where he is.
Brenda looks at him confused.
Brenda: Nikolas, Your still to old for your self.
Nikolas smiles.
Alexis Ashton walks through the park. The sun is shining and there is a slight chill in the air. It's been abnormally warm. Her Cell phone rings and she answers it.
Alexis: Alexis Ashton here...Oh My G*d! Yes...yes..I understand...yes conteact Mr. Morgan immediatly.

Alexis looks around to see if anyone could have heard her conversation. She see's no one and begins to walk again.

Jason Morgan is alone in the Pent house. There is a knock at the door and Renaldo walks in with Alexis.
Jason: Alexis, what can I do for you?
Alexis: Jason, he's coming back.
Jason: What?
Alexis: You heard me.

What do you think?
Febuary 15, 2000

Jason Morgan walks through the park and finds the man he and Alexis had been discussing was sitting there on the bench infront of the fountian.
Jason: Is that you?
Man: Jason?
Jason: Sonny, it is you. Why in the world have you come back?
Sonny: To get one last look at Brenda.
Jason: What do you mean One last look?
Sonny: Jason, I found out that i'm dying of Cancer.
Jason: What?
Sonny: I'm dying Jason.
Jason: Oh My God. I have no idea what to say.
Sonny: Don't say anything. Just let me see Brenda one Last time.

Brenda walked into the Store, Lois was behind the counter checking the rigister.
Brenda: Hi Lois.
Lois: Hi Bren, What's up?
Brenda: I'm gonna take Nik's advice and search for Sonny.
Lois: That's nice...Your gonna what?
Brenda: i'm gonna find Sonny.
Lois: Brenda, are you out of your mind?
Brenda: I still love him Lo, I need to see him just one last time.

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