One Heart by Michelle

My story begins 2 years after Sonny left. Brenda never went wacky. But she did isolate herself for about two months until the day she rushed to the GH.

Ch. 1

Brenda: (looking down at her sleeping son she has a flash back)
Jax: Brenda please you have to eat and you need to get out, get some fresh air some sun.
Brenda: I donít want to and I donít need to Jax. Why donít you just leave me alone?
Jax: Your not looking good at all you look like death warn over.
Brenda: Does it look like I care?
Jax: I can clearly see you donít and this is all that Bastards fault. If I ever see him I will kill him with my bare hands.
Brenda: Please Jax I am so sick of all the violence. Just leave me ALONE NOW.
Jax: Fine but I will be back. I would just like to say one more thing before I leave is that okay.
B: Yes, Jax what is it.
J: I love you and I want you to marry me again?
B: What are you crazy Iím not even ready for that. I donít even feel that way about you anymore. To tell you the truth I never did. Please just leave me alone I canít take anymore of this. Just leave. ( she is yelling and begins to shake. She faints)
B: Where am I?
Alan: Your at the hospital you fainted. How are you feeling.
B: I feel fine but I want to go home I donít want to see anyone. Whatís wrong with me anyway?
A: I donít know how to tell you this. I donít think itís good news unless youíve gotten back together with Jax.
B: Alan what the hell are you talking about? And no I havenít gotten back together with him. Iím on my own and thatís the way I like it. So whatís the problem
A: Your pregnant.
(Back to reality)
B: Good Morning my beautiful son, did you sleep good? Stone you are so precious. I love you. Thank you for bring me back to the land of the living. No matter what I know you will love me unconditionally. You have made me a stronger person. I can handle anything because you depend on me. (the doorbell rings) Letís go get the door honey.
Hi Robin!
R: Hey Bren hi Stone. How is my favorite godson.
B: heís just wonderful.
R: I canít believe he is going to be one on Saturday.
B: I know itís been one year since I had this beautiful little boy.(flashback)
A: Push Brenda you have to Push hard
B: What in the hell do you think Iím doing.
N: Now now Bren heís just trying to help you. Just like me, thatís why you have my left hand, because I think you broke my right.
B: Is any thing your saying important to me right at this moment.
B: Let me help you. NO just donít talk.
A: just a little more bren
B: I canít do this.
N: Yes you can your little girl or boy needs you to.
All of a sudden you hear a baby crying.
B: oh my goodness the baby what did I have
A: You have a little boy
Back to reality
R: Bren are you okay
B: yea sure why do you ask
R: because you were a thousand miles away
B: Iím great
R: I miss him too.
B: miss who
R: Sonny of course. Brenda I know you donít think he loved you but Iím sure he did.
B: Robin he never loved me okay he was just using me. But that doesnít really matter now does it. I hate Sonny Corinthos with all my heart. Heís probably off with some woman doing whatever.
R: what if heís not what if heís somewhere hurting just as much if not more than you. I say more only because you have Stone to love.
B: Thatís right I do have Stone to love and truly love me. Can we not talk about him anymore please.
R: Can I please just say one thing. and can you give me an honest answer. Please Bren
B: okay what is it?
R: You once told me that you can tell when Sonny was lying by his eyes or how he was feeling?
B: Yeah, so
R: Well did his eyes change Brenda
B: ( a long pause) No they didnít. But he left me Robin have you forgotten that.
R: No but just think about it Brenda his eyes didnít change and you keep telling me that you have a weird feeling all the time. When you have a minute just sit down by yourself and think about Sonny. About the good times and tell me what you feel.
B: Robin please
R: Please and while your doing that Iím going and talk to Jason Iím going to find out what happened. Because I know that Sonny loved you with all his heart and he still does, I understand you are too upset to see it that way but please Bren itís been 2 years and Stone needs his father.
B: Okay lil Sis, But only for you.
R: okay Iím going to see Jason.
B: alright bye. (talking to herself) Can Robin be right? Sonny did you really love me like you said you did? Iím afraid to trust my feelings. What in the world am I going to do. She goes to see her baby. Hi honey howís my favorite guy besides being cute as you want to be. G** you look exactly like your father thatís for sure.
B: Hello Lo can I drop Stone off for a little bit. I have somethingís I need to do and Robin isnít home.
L: Sure I would love to see my godson.
B: Great Iíll be over in a few.
Brenda drops Stone off and heads straight for the docks.
B: This is where it all began. The day I met my love. The guy that I thought was the one. Boy was I a fool. why am I here why do I do this to myself. For Robin of is it for myself.
Brenda sits there and starts to think about all the good times that her and Sonny had. About 15mins. later She jumps up and says that something is wrong something bad is happening.
At first she thought it was Stone, but it was a different feeling it was the same feeling she had when ever Sonny was in trouble.
B: No he canít be in trouble no one knows where he is. JASON!!! I have to get to him.
Brenda heads over to Jasonís apartment. Sheís about to knock when she hears Robin yelling and crying. She stands there to give them some time.
J: robin I canít tell you what happened I gave my word.
R: (yelling and crying) You think I care about your word. I want to know where Sonny is I need to know.
J: Are you okay is everything fine
R: No Jason itís not okay. My best friend dies alittle more each day. Even through she has Stone she still loves Sonny no matter what she says. Canít you see that. I also need him. Jason I am begging you please if you ever loved me tell me what happened. Did he love here like I think he did. (she looks defeated) she turns to leave and all of a sudden.
J: Wait
Ch. 2
Robin turns around with tears coming down her face.
R: What
J: Iíll tell you whatever you want to hear.
Brenda is still there and she is listening to ever word.
J: They had a hit on him and Brenda
R: But thatís
J: Please just let me finish before you start asking questions
R: okay sorry
J: They came to Sonny the day before the wedding and told him that he would never see his bride to be walk down the isle. But before that Robin he was making mistakes little at first but then he made a slightly bigger one. And he was ticked off he started yelling asking who made this mistake and I had to tell him that it was him. And that was the day he decided he needed to get out of the business. His exact words were that He was so in love with Brenda he couldnít even think straight. Itís not a bad thing itís a wonderful feeling but if I want us to be together I will have to get out so we can be safe. I wonít see her die like Lily.
Brendaís starts to cry
J: And after that guy came here and warned him. Things started to happen and the day of the Wedding he was going to go he was dressed and ready. But then when I came down stairs he was sitting there with his hands covering his face. He was crying Robin and he said that he would not see the woman he loves die not this time and most definitely not this woman. He said that he would do anything in the world for her even die. But he said that he couldnít risk her being killed. He said he wanted her to be happy and not on the run always looking over her shoulder. Thatís when he decided to leave and he told me to make sure it looked liked he didnít love her. So then that way they wouldnít brother her and they would let her live and that they wouldnít use her to get to him. I told him he should tell her himself but he couldnít he said she would take one look at him and know that he was lying. He said they could always tell when each one of them were lying or hurt. He said they were connected right here(he points to his heart). So you see Robin, Sonny loves Brenda with all his heart. The only reason he didnít marry her was to protect her.
All of a sudden they hear a noise and both Jason and Robin turn around. Brenda is standing in the door way crying.
R: Brenda are you okay? How long have you been standing there?
B: Long enough, I heard everything. Jason why didnít you tell me the truth
J: I gave my word to Sonny and he told me that I needed to protect you. so thatís what I was doing.
B: I have to go to him where is he Jason?
J: I donít know
B: what do you mean you donít know . You have to know
J: No Brenda he moves all the time he never stays in one place and he only calls every two months.
B: Whenís the last time he called?
J: about 5 weeks ago.
B: how is he Jason. I mean really does he have anyone.
J: No Brenda he tells me he doesnít need anyone because he has only memories of you and him. And he says thatís what keeps him going. But sometimes I can tell he has had a ruff time of it. You can hear it in his voice.
B: (crying) I have to find him. I need you guys to help me. Will you?
R: Yes I will whatever you want me to do I will do it.
B: Jason?
J: ( a long pause) No, I canít help you.

J: I gave sonny my word that I would protect you. And letting you go looking for him is not protecting you.
R: Jason you have to help. They belong together. They have a son that needs his father.
B: Let me tell you something Jason Morgan you are going to help me do you know what I have been going through? No you have no idea . Please Jason if you donít help me I will do this by myself.
After much pressure Jason folds.
J: Fine but he wonít like this at all Brenda not in the least
B: I know but he will get over it. Now we have a lot of planing to do. Because for some strange feeling I think something is going to happen to him. Iím going to go pick up Stone from Loís and then you guys meet me back at my house. Okay letís say in an 30 minutes.
R&J: okay
B: Hey Lo how was by baby boy.
L: He was great of course no problem with Stone at all.
B: What thereís something wrong I can tell whatís the problem
L: Itís Jax
B: What about him.
L: Heís back. And he wants you back as well. He seemed very determined to do so.
B: Well thatís too bad. the only possible way that would happen would be when cows fly.
L: Bren Iím serious he seemed very strange.
B: Really(flashback)
J: Brenda you canít keep that mob bosses baby are you crazy you better get an abortion.
B: What are you out of you mind Jax why in the world would I want to do that.
J: Because Iím not going to raise that kid as mine thatís for sure.
B: What are you talking about I wouldnít ask you to raise this baby as yours.
J: Well after we get re-married I donít want any part of Sonny Corinthos in my house.
B: After we what. First of all we were never married, second of all what makes you think I want to marry you at all.
J: because you love me thatís why and that stupid hood is gone.
B: I love you as friend thatís it. I donít want to marry you Jax.
J: (becomes enraged) What you want to have his baby. And you donít want to marry me.
B: Yes
J: (grabs her) you listen to me. You and I are going to get married and you will love me the way you love him. Do I make myself clear.
B: Let me go Jax your hurting me. And this is not a business deal I wonít love you the way I loved Sonny.
J: What you still want him after what he did to you?
B: NO but I donít want you either.
J: You will love me one day. I can promise you that. Iíll be back for you.
B: donít brother.
Back to reality
L: are you okay Bren
B: yeah, I donít have time to worry about Jax now. I have to get Stone home.
L: okay well I see you later.
B: Thanks Lo I owe you so much. I love you. Always remember that no matter what just never forget it.
L: I wonít bren and I love you too.
Brenda arrives home. Oh Stone it wonít be long Iím going to find your Daddy and bring him home or bring you to him.
Thereís a knock at the door.
B: Hey guys!!
B: What the hell are you doing here.
I told you that I would be back. Well here I am.
B: Jax get out I donít want to see you. I have things to do.
J: Well what kind of hello is that.
B: The only kind your going to get. I want you to leave Jax. Now
J: Come honey itís been awhile letís talk get back to the way it was when we were married. Look we are just steps away from the couch.
B: Get out now.
J: Oh look itís a mobster to be in the furture. You should have had that abortion when you could have.
B: (slap) Get out of my house now.
J: not so fast lady. Iím going to get what I came for. He starts to rip her blouse
B: Jaxís please stop what is wrong with you.
J: you will love me the same way that you loved him
B: You mean the way that I still and always will love him.
J: What the hell did you say.
B: (Brenda got scared when she saw the look in his eyes) You heard me
J: After I finish with you Iím going to find Corinthos and I am going to kill him, and then we can have our lives back to normal. Do you understand me.
Jax starts to attack Brenda she is trying not to scream she doesnít want to scare Stone. She kicks Jax in the leg. And then Jax belts her in the face. Just then Jason and Robin come in
J: What the hell....
Jason grabs Jax and beats the hell out of him.
Jax: oh boy Morgan you and Corinthos are going to get yours. You better watch your back. Because I will get what I want. And what I want is Brenda. You canít watch her all the time
B: Get out of my house before I call the police.
Jax: Fine Iíll go but remember I will be back.
R: are you okay bren.
B: yeah Iím fine. Is Stone okay?
R: yes Bren, heís fine.
B: Good Letís go upstairs why I pack. So we can discuss our plan to find Sonny.
J & R: okay.
They are upstairs discussing what will happen and what needs to be done.
B: Okay so we are all set?
J: yea but Brenda
B: No buts Jason I will find him. So Jason you come back tomorrow morning around 5:00 am to pick me up okay.
J: okay Iíll see you guys in the morning. Are you sure you donít want me to stay just in case Jax comes back.
B: No Iím fine thanks besides Robin is here with me.
J: okay bye
R & B: bye Jason
R: Are you sure your okay bren?
B: Yes Iím fine Iím just glad that I finally know the truth. He loves me heís always loved me. But Iím still mad as hell he should have told me I was so humiliated and hurt.
Oh you know I never asked Jason if he told him about Stone.
R: No he didnít I already asked him if Sonny knew.
B: We better get some rest before tomorrow itís gong to be a long day. Goodnight Robin thanks for going up against Jason for me.
R: It was killing me seeing you like that. I had to do something I mean itís been two years enough is enough. goodnight bren.
The next morning.
B: Hey baby letís get you dressed, Iím going to look for your daddy today. I donít know where Iím going to start. If he didnít move around I would no exactly were to go. But donít you worry I will find him I promise and we will be a family like it should have been from the beginning.
R: hey good morning.
B: hi Did Jason sneak in yet
R: No I donít think so
J: Well itís a good thing Iím on your side.
B&R: Jason you scared me.
B: Damn your good. Is everything ready to go?
J: yea are you all set.
B: yep, letís just put stones jacket on her or my bags.
J: Brenda please be careful. Sonny would kill me if anything happened to you.
B: I will. The next time he calls can you please give a message for me.
J: Sure what is it.
B: First tell him that I love him, and that I will never stop looking for him. Jason this is really important tell him that on the last Friday of each month I will be at the beach.
J: What? At the beach, what beach
B: heíll know. (tears fill her eyes) Heíll l know Jason heíll know.
J: okay, but the last Friday of this month is in 3 weeks, where are you going to look until then?
B: Well the last place he was. St. Thomas in the Caribbean.
J: we better go before it gets light.
As they are gather there things. Outside of the front window Jax is standing there
Jax: Perfect I wonít have to look hard I will just let Brenda lead me to Corinthos. Then I can kill him and his stupid kid. And then have Brenda all to myself. Well maybe I shouldnít off the kid. But I donít want any part of Corinthos. Iíll have to think about that.
Oh Brenda itís just going to be you and me.

Brenda thinking to her self.
Sonny I canít wait to find you. I know we have a lot to talk about but you love me and I love you and our son will love you. We will make this work we belong together you keep proving this to me again and again. I know we can have a happy life together just give us a chance. Brenda has been to the Caribbean and to Mexico she hasnít found Sonny. She will be heading to Puerto Rico the day after tomorrow.
B: Hey Robin how are things going?
R: Hi Bren. have you had any luck?
B: No, But Iím going to our place day after tomorrow. Has Jason heard anything?
R: No but I havenít talked to Jason this morning. Howís Stone holding up with all the travel?
B: Heís great. Is Jason going to come to the next stop.
R: Yeah he said that he was going to pack today. Bren can I ask you a question?
B: of course anything
R: Can I go?
B: Yes, Robin I know he would love to see you. Iím sorry I hope you didnít think I didnít want you there.
R: Oh no I understand. Okay I will see you day after tomorrow. I love you Sis becareful
B: okay, I love you too lil Sis.
Okay Stone lets go find Daddy I know he will be there I can feel him. Did I ever tell you that we have one heart.
J: Hey man how are you?
S: Iím alive. How are things going back there?
J: Um things are okay.
S: Howís Brenda? Hello Jason are you still there.
J: Yeah Sonny Iím still here
S: Well howís Brenda?
J: Sonny thereís a problem
J: Sheís fine last time I heard.
S: The last time you heard, whatís that supposed to mean. Jason whatís going on?
J: Sonny sheís gone.
S: What were in the hell did she go?
J: I donít know how to tell you this, But she went looking for you.
S: what did you say. How? Why? Where?
J: one at a time Sonny first Robin went crazy she was hysterical crying saying that she needed to know what had happened the truth for herself and for Brenda. She said that each day Brenda died a little inside and she couldnít take it anymore. and I had to tell her the truth I couldnít lie to her anymore. what we didnít know was that Brenda was at the door and she heard everything. About how much you love her and that you still do.
S: So she came to find me.
J: Yes
S: How is she going to find me. She doesnít even know where I am.
J: She said that you two share the same heart and that she could feel you and that you needed her.
S: I have to find her. Jason when did she leave?
J: She left 3 weeks ago
S: okay, I will keep in touch
J: Sonny thereís more.
S: What
J: She told me to tell you she loves you and that she will never stop looking for you until she finds you. And then she told me to tell you that on the last Friday of each month she will be at the beach. She said that you would know.
S: The beach. Yeah I know. Thatís the day after tomorrow. I have to hurry.
J: I will talk to you later.
S: okay Jason. I gotta go I have to make sure she is okay.
J: Thereís one more thing
S: What
J: She forgives you.
S: She said that Jason
J: Not in so many words but she does. You should have seen her eyes change it was weird. I donít know what it was.
S: I do she would always tell me that eyes are the mirrors to our souls. I never believed her until I saw it in her eyes. Sheís an amazing woman Jason just like Robin donít blow it Jason hold onto that. It only comes once in a life time.
J: I know Sonny thanks
S: Okay I have to go so I will call you later this week if I donít find her.
J: okay be safe
S: always
Sonny thinking to himself Oh baby please be careful, Iím not sure if itís safe yet I just needed a few more weeks then I was going to come to you and beg for your forgiveness and hoped that you stilled loved me. Because I have never stopped loving you not even for one second that we have been apart.

Ch. 5
B: (talking to herself) Sonny are you going to be here this time? I canít wait for you to meet your son. I just pray that you do still love me like Jason said. Oh Sonny please I need you so much. But something in my heart is telling me that you are in trouble. I canít shake this feeling.
Brenda is sitting on the beach looking out into the ocean. She is unaware that Jax is watching her.
J: So is this the place that you are supposed to meet your beloved Corinthos? Well I hate to be the one to disappoint you, but he will never make it to you. I can promise you that Brenda. The only way you will see him is in his casket.
Brendaís cell phone rings.
B: Hello
R: hey Bren itís me Robin
B: Hey are you guys here?
R: Yea where did you want us to meet you?
B: Iíll go to your room. I will need for you to watch Stone for me. At least until I can tell Sonny that he has a little boy.
R: okay how long before you get here.
B: Iíll be then in 30min. Bye
Brenda leaves and heads back to the Hotel.
B: Stone your going to meet your Daddy I can feel it heís coming I know he is. And when he seeís you he is going to love you just as much as I do.
Back at the beach-
J: Hey itís me. Brenda just left I think she was heading back to the Hotel. But Iím going to stay here for a little while longer I think this is the place that Sonny is going to come to. And when he does my face will be the last face he seeís before I kill him.
Person on the phone: Are you sure you donít need me down there?
J: No your my proof that I was no where near Puerto Rico.
Person: okay
Back at the hotel
R: hey Bren how are you look at Stone heís grown so much in 3 weeks.
B: he sure has heís becoming a little man. Whereís Jason.
R: heís checking out the room to make sure itís safe. any sign of Sonny yet?
B: No not yet. But I have a weird feeling and I canít seem to shake it.
R: excited feeling?
B: No itís like when he was in trouble and he needed me. I canít explain it. Itís just weird.
R: Iím sure everything is okay. So are you going to go back to the room?
B: No I just want you to take Stone and I am going to go back to the beach.
R: Why donít you get something to eat first and talk to Jason.
B: Well okay letís go I should find out what he said to Jason.
R: hey Jason did everything check out okay?
J: yea they have. Hey Brenda is he here?
B: Hey, no not yet but he will be. what did he say when you talked to him. Is he okay?
J: heís doing fine now. At first he was upset because he doesnít want you to get hurt. But once I gave him your message his voice changed he sounded almost happy.
B: When did he say he would be here?
J: Heíll be here sometime today?
B: okay Iíve got to go and wait for him. I donít want to miss him. Robin take good care of Stone. And when I come back I will have his father with me. Iíll see you guys later thanks.
R&J: Bye and be careful.
Meanwhile at the beach. Sonny is walking along the shores of Puerto Rico remembering the last time him and Brenda were there. Oh Brenda I have never stopped loving you. I hope you can trust me again. Can we be together now or is it still too dangerous? Oh Baby where are you I know you here in Puerto Rico I can feel you.
J: The only thing your going to feel is the sand once you hit it.
Sonny turns around and seeís Jax.
S: What the hell are you doing here?
J: Iím here to put things in order.
S: What are you talking about and whereís Brenda?
J: From what I understand she is on her way here right now. to meet the great love of her life. At least that what she thinks. But you wonít be here.
S: oh is that so. And where do you suppose Iím going to be.
J: If I have my way with you 6 feet under.
S: No way in hell man. If any one is going to be 6 feet under itís you. Arenít you from down under.
J: Your a funny man Corinthos. But you wonít be seeing your great love. Your going to come with me.
S: Forget it man you better just get out of my way.
With that someone comes from behind Sonny and hits him over the head.
J: Okay good help me get him in the car. Letís go before my beloved Brenda gtís here.
Man: okay boss whatever you say.
Brenda arrives at the beach. Looking around for Sonny.
Heís not here yet. Oh Sonny hurry to me I canít wait to see you. Hurry sweetie I need you. She sitís down on the sand and remembers what her and Sonny mean to each other.

Ch. 6
As Brenda sits on the beach looking out at the ocean she canít help but daydream of her true love.

Sometime at night when I go to sleep I
hold my pillow tight, thinking of
you till it hurts. But in my mind I
know youíre mine and somewhere youíre
thinking of me too.

I miss you, thinking of you - youíre always on my mind

youíre always on my mind, day and night
when I think of you , everything feels so right
well, I often think of the happy times we spent
together and I just canít wait to tell you
that I love you

time keeps passing by (youíre not here) I feel so all

When I donít have you near. But I often think of the
happy times we spent together and I just canít
wait to tell you that I love you

Iím missing my baby, missing my baby
I wanna hold you tight and never let you out of
my sight.
missing my baby missing my baby
I gotta feel your heart beat next to mine
gotta feel it.

Think of you is all I do. its the next best thing
to being with you and baby hey

gotta have you gotta hold you
got to have your lovin
and tell you that I love you and I really miss you

I miss you, thinking of you
youíre always on my mind.

A man approaches Brenda as she is thinking.

Man: excuse me miss.
B: oh Iím sorry you startled me.
Man: I was told to give this to you.
B: what is this
Man: Iím sorry miss I was just told to give this to you.
B: okay thanks. who would give me a letter. oh well letís see what this
all about.

Brenda opens the letter and begins to read.

Dear Brenda,
I understand that you are looking for me. Well I wish that you wouldnít have done that. It is over between us. We werenít meant to be. In fact I have found someone new and I am truly in love for the first time in my life. I really think you need to move on with your life and be happy just like me. I think maybe you should even marry Mr. Jasper Jax. He always did treat you good. Just remember what I said in the caves about us not ever meeting. Please remember what I said.


Brenda canít believe what she just read.
B: No I donít believe you. You said that we were destined to meet.
She read the letter again.
B: Somethingís wrong I can feel it. I need to get to Jason. Hold on Sonny Iím coming baby just hold on.

Back at Jaxís place that he rented. This huge mansion.

J: Well Sonny boy you have probably just destroyed Brenda again. And this time I will make sure that she and I are married forever with no threat of you around.
S: She will never marry you. Because I am the one who has her heart and soul. Donít you know that by now Candyboy. You will never have those.
J: Shut up corinthos before I kill you myself.
S: Whoís going to kill me candy boy if not you.
J: The heat because Iím going to leave you here to die no food no water nothing Iím just going to leave you all tied up nothing to do but think about what you wonít ever have. Think about Brenda and me making love on the beach that you called yours. It will now be mine and Brendaís. Iíll be back Iím going to see how my furture wife is doing.

With Jax gone Sonny thinks to how he got him to write that stupid letter.
J: now corinthos I want you to write a Dear John letter in this case a dear jane letter.
S: you can forget it candy boy Iím not writing anything.
J: oh is that right. Well letís see if this can change your mind. (hands him a picture)
S: What this, and who is this?
J: that corinthos is your heir.
S: what the hell are you talking about. My baby was killed with Lily. You fool.
J: Whoís the fool now. Your so called friend Jason didnít tell you that Brenda had your child did he.
S: What Brenda had a baby? I donít believe you. that could be anyoneís kid.
J: Yes this is true, So here is another picture and this time look at the back after you finish.
Sonny looks at the picture this time itís with the kid and Brenda is holding him. He turns over the picture and it reads to Uncle Mac, love Michael Stone Corinthos. A tear falls from Sonnyís eye.
J: oh so now you believe me. What makes you think I didnít write that.
S: I would know Brendaís handwriting any where. She had my baby.
J: Thatís right now if you donít write this letter I will kill him. I told her she should have had and abortion any way but she refused to.
S: I have a son?
J: thatís right and I guess now I have to raise him as mine. Even if he does have corinthos blood. But let me tell you he will know what scum you really are. So write the letter are so help me he will die and so will Brenda. Because if I canít have her no one will.
S: Fine I will write the letter. But please donít hurt Brenda or my son.

*back to reality*
S: I have to get out or here and fast. Brenda and my son need me.
B: Jason someone has Sonny we have to find him.
J: what are you talking about.
B: some guy gave me this letter
J: (reading the letter) But brenda what if
B: No what he told me in the cave was that we were destined to be together.
not that we werenít. Some one made him right that Jason I would bet Stoneís life on it.
J: okay calm down Iím going to make some calls. Donít worry Brenda we will get him back.
B: Okay hold on baby were coming please I love and need you so does Stone.


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