One Fine Day by Takiyah


Brenda is sitting alone in her new home thinking about the last few moments
with Sonny.  Remembering his hug, his kiss, his expressions on her face.  

Brenda: Thinking to herself "did I miss something, is there something I could
have done wrong?"


Sonny: (waking up screaming) Brenda
Brenda: Sonny whats wrong? What was the dream about
Sonny: Nevermind, I cant remember let me hold you and go back t               
            to sleep.
Flashback ends

Brenda: What was that dream about Sonny? Who was that guy you were talking to?
I know you love me honey why would u leave me? 

why would you leave me? i know you love me honey why would you do this to me?

Flashback (Brenda)

Brenda: Lois its was different this time I could see he wasn't lying to me.
Why would he hurt me like that?

Lois:  He loved (loves) girlfriend!  I've known Sonny for eva and I know he
loves you I could see it in his eyes!

Mike: Brenda this doesn't make any sense?  If we only knew Sonnys motives we
could make light of this!
another flashback
Brenda:  No Mike! You dont understand! I will no longer care for Sonny I will
no longer worrry about Sonny I will no longer LOVE SONNY (ECHO) SONNY, SONNY,
END OF flashback

Brenda: This doesn't make any since!  Maybe Mike was right?  Jason can be
wrong!  He's not perfect!

Chapter two

Sonny: On his flight to the Carribean.  Thinking of his flight with Brenda
when he wanted her so bad.  And he knew she wanted him to!

The last two images of Brenda flashing through his mind
him holding her in his arms as she walked out the door to get ready for the
wedding and seeing Jason pull her back in from the rain at the church.

Sonny: What am I doing?  We could do this! We could live on the run,
(thinking) can I live without her? Knowing that she hates me?
(thinking) how would I get her back?  how could we make this work now?  will
she come, does she still care?

back in Port Charles

Brenda:  hello Lois I've been thinking a lot about what you said and I agree
Sonny did love me and I want to know where he is and why he did this to me?  
Lois: Thats gret Bren!  whacha gonna do?
Brenda: I dont know?  Im afraid to find out what really happen!  What if we
could work things out and I didnt want him back?
Lois: I dont know girlfriend!  I know that I hope if he was to come back he
would have a damn good reason for leaving you.  
Brenda: I have no clue what he could say that could make up for the
embarrassment, and hurt he cause me?  How can I forgive that?  How can I take
him back Unless. . . Nevermind!
Lois: Unless what Bren? tell me!
Brenda:  Well the night before we got married Sonny must have had a horrible
dream cause he woke up and screamed my name!  When I asked him what it was
about he said he didn't remember.
Lois: So what are you thinking?  Something went wrong, did he ever tell you
about the dream?
Brenda: No not at all, lois part of me believes that it was something in the
dream that is keeping us apart!  But why wouldn't he tell me?  I don't
understand why he would do this to me!  

Do you know he asked me to marry him when Rivera was about to kill us?  It was
real Lois, I could see it in his eyes he wasn't lying this time

wait a second

Lois: what is it Bren
Brenda: After everyone left the church Jason told me that Sonny doesn't lie to
Lois: Yea so, Jason is better than you or somethin?
Brenda: No thats not it, he said Sonny lies to you meaning me!  So Jason
(being so unaware) was telling me that I was being lied to!!
Lois: so you're saying Jason was lying? Unaware of it of course!  Or maybe he
was doing it on purpose so you would eventually remember and not be so hurt!
Brenda: I guess your right!  Sonny must have wanted to be alone then.
Lois: Oh I see!  You said Jason was all dressed for the wedding right, so
something happen to make Sonny want to leave!
He wanted to protect u Brenda!  He was leaving you like he didn't want you!  
Brenda: Right so know one would hurt me!  
Lois: right!
Brenda: so why didn't he tell Jason to tell me he was coming back for me?  Hes
not comming back for me Lois!  
Lois He would rather you Live with out him than not live at all Bren
Brenda:  I wouldn't!  But no one ever ask me?
Lois: Brenda he was thinking of himself!  He couldn't continue to live if you
were gone!  But he can live without you knowing that your are alive!

remember that Brenda he was doing himself and all of us a fava by leaving you
with us!
Brenda: I guess your right!  I better go I'll talk to ya later Lois kiss Brook
Lynn for me!
Lois: I will Bren! I love you girlfriend!
Brenda: I love you to Lois

brenda lays down to fall asleep listening to the new Mariah Carey sone My All.
Thinking of Sonny..

telephone rings in Sonny's Penthouse

Jason: Hello 
Sonny: Jason its Sonny we need to talk.  My plans have changed!


Lukes club next morning

Jason: Hey is Luke here
Bartender: yea he's in the back talking to Laura
Jason: thanx!

luke smokin a cigar relaxing in his office

Jason: hey luke I have a favor to ask?
Luke: Hey Jason!  What is it?  Have they begun to fight already?
Jason: No, Sonny is comming back for Brenda and he needs your help.
Luke:  couldn't stay without her huh!  I knew it Let me guess he wants to be
alone with Brenda so he can talk to her and then some how get away without
them being noticed!  Am I right?
Jason: yes!  He said that he wont be able to get to her because of the 
current situation he cant go where other people in our organization would no
about!  So he needs your help.
Luke: right because after what that girls been through there is no way she
would just run back into his arms.  Especially since her sister and Jax have
been talking to her!
Jason: Its not like Sonny to do this but I knew leaving her was a mistake from
the start!
Luke: yea Brenda is trouble, but trouble is sometimes very good.  He loves
her, I agree though if you want this to go smouthly we gotta do this right!

I know a place we could take her that no one from your organization would no
about!  Whens he comin?

Jason: He'll be here tomorrow!
Luke: than we better get movin!  Lets go check it out!

Brenda's making Breakfast at her cottage

Brenda:  I have to see Lucy today, I need to start working or something!

Phone rings 

Brenda: Hello, hey when did u get back?  Come on up I missed you! 
We can talk about that when u get here!!

half and hour later

Brenda: come in Robin
Jax: you were expecting Robin? I can leave!
Brenda: yea she called me a half and hour ago!  I really need to talk to her.
Can we meet later?
Jax:  Of course I have a lot of buisness today but we are going to dinner
Brenda: Right dinner tonite at Ruby's. 630
Jax: 630, bye Brenda, look who here!  Bye ladies!

brenda running to hug robin

chapter four

Brenda: oh you look so good!  I missed you so much!
Robin; I did to!  How are you holding up?
Brenda:  A lot better than I was before!  Thanx to Lois, the Quartermaines,
Ned, Jax, and my sister!  
Robin: I know all of that uncle Mac told me that everyone wanted to save you!
But I want to really know how you feel?  
Brenda: Well your right, Jax came and broke down my door , edward insisted I
stay at the quartermaines, and then Jax and I decided that I may be better off
back at the penthouse!  And now I just found my own place!
Robin:  Why did leave the quartermaine's?
Brenda: because I was lying to them!  I kept telling them I was ok when all I
wanted to do was cry!
Robin: and now? how do you really feel?
Brenda:  I feel like so many things robin!  I can't explain!
Robin: let it out Brenda I'm here to help.
Brenda: no I just wish I knew why he did this, I know that what Jason told me
wasn't the whole truth!
Robin:  I dont understand why Jason did it?  I know your upset with him
Brenda: don't worry Robin I don't expect you to hate Jason just because I do!
I really dont want to hate Jason, I dont want to hate Sonny.
Robin: so what do you want to do? do you want sonny back? ya know its real
hard for me to believe that there isnt a good reason for this!
Brenda:  there is Lois thinks that sonny left to save my life!  I want to
believe that!  Lord knows I do but, I dont know.
Robin:  I understand believe me I do!  Look I have to go get things settled
with uncle mac and I will call you later.  I want to give you some time alone.
Brenda: thanx Robin I will talk to you later.

Later at Ruby's

Jax: So how is Robin it looks like your talk went well.
Brenda: yea it did I'm glad she came I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.
It's helping me.
Jax:  well I am very happy for you Brenda. 
Brenda: Me too, me too.

Next Morning


Brenda: wait a second, I'm coming; hold on

she peeks out the door and sees a familiar face

Go away Jason I told you to stay the hell away from me!  

Jason:  Brenda I need to talk to you.  It has to do with Sonny.
Brenda: I don't give damn about Sonny!  Get off my property or I will call
Jason:  Brenda Sonny is in a lot of trouble

Brenda became so enraged that she began to cry and opened the doors with a

Brenda:  You have a lot of nerve comin to my home after what you've done to
Jason: Wait
Brenda: Shut up Jason!  I let you do all the talking last time!  I am so sick
and tired of you trying to control my life!  Don't think I didnt notice the
body guard I'm not a fool Jason!  If sonny is in trouble then may he stay in
Jason: Are you finished
Brenda: don't u dare talk down to me!  Get off my property before 
Jason: Before what Brenda? 
brenda is standing there with a puzzled look
Jason: Are you gonna call Jax, maybe Ned or Edward how about Mac?  I came here
to give you the one thing you want
Brenda: How in the hell do you know what I want?
Jason:  Because you told me the night Sonny left you!  If you let me come in I
will explain
Brenda:  I don't want you in my house but as long as you know that nothing you
say here will have any affect on me!  Do you still want to waist your time?
Jason: you need to here this.
Brenda: come in

Chapeter Four

Brenda: well get on with it I have things to do
Jason:  first off I'm sorry I was the one who had to tell you about Sonny but
Brenda:  you were just following orders yea yea yea I've heard it before get
she begins to walk up stairs
Brenda: lock the door on your way the way out
Jason:  Sonny is waiting in the car!  He wants to talk to you
Brenda:  Man on man, I never knew how affected you were from the accident!  I
guess Robin and Sonny didn't teach you that what you are saying is not only
cruel but indicent!  you make me sick Jason! Get the hell out of my house!
Jason: I'm not lying to you he's here!  I wouldn't do that to you!
Brenda: please!  you don't care about me!  You don't care about anyone except
Robin and Sonny!
Jason:  Look Brenda he's here there is nothing else I can say!  He wants to
see you
Brenda:  Whatever Jason!  Send him in let me see Sonny!

Jason was just standing there looking at her trying to decided what to say
Brenda: Well is he here?

Jason didn't say a word he just walked out side towards the street, he opened
the door and then said a few words to someone and entered.

Jason:  She doesn't believe me
Sonny: I figured she wouldn't. I'm going don't wait for me 
Jason:  why?
Sonny: If she is ever going to be with me again then she needs to know that
I'm here for her only her.
Sonny walks to the door and knocks, Brenda doesn't answer so Sonny enters the
house and sees Brenda standing on the stairs.

Chapter Five

Brenda stood there for a few moments.  Finally she walked up to Sonny who had
just closed the door and Slapped him so hard that it brought tears to his eyes

Brenda: you bastard what the hell are you doing here?
Sonny was just standing there puzzled
Brenda:  well say something!  Are you happy Jason's report wasn't enough for
you?  So you had to come and see it for yourself!  Do I look miserable?  Good
cause I am you broke my heart.
Sonny:  Honey I'm sorry at the time it seemed like the only way.  But as I was
leaving I realized that no matter what I couldn't live without you.  I
couldn't do this alone.
Brenda: why didn't you trust me Sonny?  I know I may not seem like the
smartest girl but I know I could have done whatever it took for us to be
Sonny: Could have?  Brenda I'm sorry I just couldn't face the fact that you
could die because of something that I've done!  That's why I left you.  I'm
sorry Brenda.
Sonny is steadily approaching Brenda as if he trying to hold her
Brenda:  Why didn't you tell me what was going on?  
backing away (Crying)
Brenda:  I trusted you I stood up there and waited for you.  But you never
came, you never came.  How could you do this to me Sonny?
Sonny:  I didn't want to hurt you but it seemed like the only way for me to
keep you safe.  I had to.
Brenda: (screaming)  you had to what leave me up there like a fool!!!  I hate
you Sonny and I never want to see you again.  Get out of my house and stay out
of my life.
Sonny: I know you don't mean that Brenda.  I love you sweetheart I always have
and I always will!  
Brenda:  I love you too Sonny but I can't go back to that life.  I can't give
up all I have, I can't do that again for you I'm sorry.
Sonny: No ones asking you to!!  But I do want to marry you Brenda and I do
want you to live with me.
Brenda: well since I can't and wont leave the way you planned what do we do
Sonny: I'm going to deal with all my buisness until I come out looking
Brenda: (crying is over) so your gonna be as Lois would say a straight
Sonny: as far as the world will know.  then I will ask you to be my wife and
then we can leave. 
Brenda: free?  with no mafia bossess following us?  Are u still giving the
buisness to Jason.
Sonny: yes I am. will you do this with me?
Brenda:  If I do.  I have to know whats going on.  The minute you lie to me
I'm gone Sonny.  
Sonny: I know that sweetheart I will tell you everything.
Brenda: good cause if you don't this trip of yours would be for nothing.
sonny grabs brendas waist pulls her close and puts her hands in his mouth and
kisses her.  repeating over and over that he's sorry. brenda who is a little
held back slowly relaxes into his kiss and begins to forgive the one true love
of her life

to be continued....


Sonny wakes up with Brenda arms wrapped around his neck and waist.  He looks
at his bueatiful fiance' .  He thinks of how right he was to come back for his
bride to be and that he will regret having to lie to her once again. He picks
Brenda up in his arms and walks outside to the car.  Jason is waiting with the
car he helps Sonny put Brenda and most of her belongings into the car.  Lois
is there along with Ned, Julia, Mike and even Jax.  Though it took sometime
convincing all of them they finally realized that Brenda and Sonny were
destined to be together and this was the only way possible.  Sonny looked back
one more time and told all of them that as soon as the hype was over they
would be contacting them.  He asked them all to curse his name and weep for
Brenda as they always have.  He gave Lois a kiss his father Mike recieved a
hug and shoke the hand of Julia, Ned and Jax. Sonny climb in the car and
headed for the airport in the private Jet to the Carribean.  He was watching
the TV and he saw the colossal blazes coming from Brenda's home listening for
the reports of the death of famous model Brenda Barrett Corinthos and alleged
Crime Boss Micheal Corinthos Jr. aka Sonny Corinthos.  Brenda finally woke up
remembering Sonny finally breaking down and telling her the truth remembering
the wedding in her home in the presense of her best friends Lois, Ned and Jax
her sister Julia and her new father-in-law Mike.  Sonny didn't keep his
promise he did lie to her he drugged her after they went to bed so that she
didn't have to face her family and friends in the morinng.  She didn't care
she had her husband and most who loved and cared about her knew she was happy
and safe.  

Everything went on as planned and no one suspected a thing but later that year
around Christmas Ned, Lois, Julia, Jax, Mike, and Jason recieved an envelope
with a picture of Sonny and Brenda taken in front of a building.  The picture
looked like it was taken months ago and for all anyone else was concerne it

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