Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos by Jeannie

Sonny and Brenda's happy ending,the happy ending we should have recieved it starts off at their wedding day where Jason and Sonny are talking about him and Brenda not being safe, Sonny wants to leave but Jason won't let him go.

Chapter 1 THE Guessing Game

Jason: Sonny you can't leave Brenda standing at the altar
Sonny: Jason I want her to have a long and happy life, so I gotta go
Jason: You love her, right?
Sonny(puzzled): Yeah, with all my heart, so what's your point?
Jason: I know she loves you, it's written all over her face when she looks at you, so you can't leave her Sonny she would never forgive you
Sonny: Jason, I don't want her to die she is my entire life, I won't lose her like I did Lily.
Jason: She won't die and neither will you, I won't let that happen( and then smiling says) Besides what kind of best man would I be I did, you will only lose her if you leave
Sonny sighs deeply: I don't know what to do
Jason I can't stay its too risky but I can't live without her.
Jason: If you love her then go upstairs and take ten minutes to think about her, don't think about anything except how much you two love eachother.
Sonny(confused): What will that do, it won't change anything Brenda's life will still be in danger?
Jason: Sonny listen, I love Robin right? Well Robin told me she can't live in my world but Brenda's not saying that she's giving up everything to be with you. I can't be with Robin because of my lifestyle, but you can be with Brenda. Don't waste the chance Sonny because I would do anything for me and Robin to be together and have this chance like you and Brenda have.
Sonny(nods his head): Yeah, I know you would but Robin's safety means more to you than anything (in a whisper) So does Brenda's safety to me, I love her that much.
Jason(whispers): Sonny please go upstairs, and take these ten minutes to think, I want you to be happy and I know Brenda makes you happy.

Jason guides Sonny to the staircase and crossing his arms over his chest tells him to go.

Sonny(sighs deeply): I'm only doing this for you Jason, I don't really think it will change anything but I'll be back downstairs in ten minutes so don't call the church or anything until I get back.

Sonny walks upstairs while Jason thinks about Robin, he misses her so much and wonders if she is thinking about him like he is about her.

Sonny enters the bedroom, and looks around the room. The room was almost bare except for the furniture. Sonny goes and stands by the window and looks out trying to figure out what to do.
Chapter 2 The Confusion

Meanwhile at the church, Lucy worried why Sonny is so late, and calls the penthouse again and again. Brenda sits calmly and watches Lucy, knowing in her heart Sonny is hiding somewhere in the church waiting for the ceremony to start. Brenda smiles brightly at the thought in a few minutes she will be married to Sonny.

Lucy(frantic) : Where's Sonny, he is supposed to be here by now, I've called the PH so many times. Jason after all is the best man and he is supposed to be watching Sonny making sure he gets here on time."

Brenda smiles as LUcy babbles on endlessly pacing back and forth.
Brenda:" Lucy calm down, listen everything is fine, Sonny is already here in the church, I told you he's waiting for the ceremony to start, don't worry everything is going to be alright after all SOnny loves me as much as I love him."

Lucy ( still worried): " Okay, but he is in big trouble when I get a hold of him for making me worry."

Brenda laughs at the look on Lucy's face as she says this and then smiles deeply.
Brenda: " I know in my heart Sonny is coming, we are connected you know in our hearts and I would know if there was trouble and there is none."

Sonny gazes at the bed, and sits slowly onto it. He thinks about the last time they were in it. The night before had been their last official unmarried date, and afterward made love for hours. He remembered her asleep in his arms, watching the rise and the fall of her chest as she breathed. Sonny held Brenda close and felt her heartbeat, it was beating along with his. She meant everything to him, and he couldn't imagine his life without her. Reaching over he grabbed her pillow inhaling her scent. He loved the way she smelled, the aroma was intoxicating. Setting it down he rose from the bed, and turning off the light shut the door knowing it would be for the last time. Sonny walked slowly down the stairs. Jason still consumed with memories of being with Robin didn't even hear him approach.

SOnny( looking solemn) " Okay Jason I made my decision"

Jason rose and listened while Sonny talked, and then had the car brought around. Leaving the penthouse Sonny looked around realizing he was going to miss this place, shutting the door he got on the elevator and rode off in his limo.
Chapter 3 The Arrival

Lucy paced nervously, babbling to Kevin about how heartbroken Brenda was going to be if Sonny didn't show up. Brenda had gone to find Edward, so they could start the service. Finding him, she dragged him to the doors, and told Lucy it was time to begin. Lucy looking very worried asked Brenda if maybe she wasn't wrong about Sonny coming. Brenda smiled and hugged Lucy tightly.
Brenda: Lucy, SOnny loves me and I love him, so be my maid of honor and best friend and tell them to start the ceremony.

Lucy sighed deeply but obeyed, and entered the church to tell the priest it was time.
Edward: That rotten scoundrel isn't coming Brenda, he doesn't deserve you!
Brenda: Oh Edward, you promised you wouldn't do this today. Sonny is already here waiting for me so let's go, I don't want to keep my future husband waiting any longer.

Brenda opened the doors, and the music started playing. She walked slowly down the aisle seeing all the people she loved watch her marry the man she loves. It really touched her heart, and she felt tears slide down her cheeks. Brenda reached the priest and waited. There was silence for a few minutes, but then the doors opened. Brenda turned around smiling, Brenda had expected to see Sonny but it was Jason that entered alone. Brenda felt fear what had happened to Sonny. Brenda walked to Jason with fear in her eyes shaking nervously.
Brenda: Where's Sonny, is he okay?
Jason didn't say a word, but a new voice spoke, " I'm just fine, just a little late sorry about the delay."
Standing there in the front doors was Sonny all dressed and ready to get married.
Brenda let out the breath she was holding, and ran to SOnny's open arms. Hugging him tightly she sighed deeply.
Brenda: For a moment I thought you weren't coming and somethling had happened to you, thank god your alright.
Tears formed in Brenda's eyes as she reassured herself he was really here with her.

Sonny smelled her hair, listened to her heart beat and held her silently thanking Jason for helping him not to make the biggest mistake of his entire life.
Sonny( whispering): I almost didn't come, I got scared and if it hadn't been for Jason I wouldn't be here.
SOnny held Brenda's face in his hands, and whispered softly so only she could hear, " I love you and I want to keep you safe."
Brenda closed her eyes, and whispered, " I love you too, and don't worry when I am in your arms I am safe."
Sonny and Brenda kissed and hugged once more before breaking apart. Brenda dried her eyes and announced to all the confused guests that there would be a wedding still.
Chapter 4 The Ceremony

Sonny walked to the front of the church to take his place, and Jason followed. Mike hugged Sonny, and whispered " I love you Michael"
Sonny nodded and put his arm around his dad.

Brenda having pulled herself together gathered Lucy and Edward, and left the room. Outside Brenda fixed her makeup, and Lucy played with her hair. Finished Lucy whispered, " You were right like always about Sonny."
Brenda nodded fresh tears forming in her eyes, but she didn't care if her make up got messed up. The only thing that mattered was marrying Sonny.
Brenda: Thanks for everything Lucy, you are the best matron, uh sorry I mean maid of honor
Brenda turning to Edward asked if he was ready to go in. Edward not used to female emotion grumbled if her must give her away to that hood they better do it now. Brenda and Lucy smiled at one eachother, Edward was such an old softie. Lucy heard the music, and knew that it was her cue. Taking one last look int the mirror, Brenda held Edward's arm as the doors reopened. Brenda walked down the aisle never taking her eyes off Sonny who was standing waiting for her.

Sonny watched Brenda, he had never seen her look so beautiful. He felt his heart melt at the sight of her. SHE looked happier than he had ever seen her look in his life. Her smile lit up the room, and Sonny's heart as well. He smiled dimples and all as she approached. The music ended, and after a few minutes of prompting from Brenda, Edward let go of Brenda's arm. Brenda nudged Edward to let him know it was time to let go, but he stood there. She nudged him harder while everyone in the room snickered.
Brenda: Edward let go, so SOnny and I can be married
Everybody in the room was laughing now, and Edward frowning let go, and sat down. Brenda heard Lila tell Edward he should be ashamed of himself and he would sleep alone tonight. Brenda smiled, she didn't care, all she cared about was marrying Sonny forever. Holding Sonny's arm, the two faced the priest.
Priest: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tonight to witness Michael and Brenda in holy matrimony. Marriage is a deep bond, one that cannot be broken for it is based on love, a love two people share deeply. Michael and Brenda have this love, and enter this sacred bond together forever. Michael and Brenda have written their own words, and would like to read them to each other at this moment. Michael you may speak first.
Sonny: Brenda, when I met you, you were this young wild child and you wanted me because I was trouble
The guest laughed as so does Brenda at what Sonny said.
Sonny(again): Brenda, I love you and until I met you never knew love could be as important as your love is to me. Since the day I met you I have loved you and I want to spend the rest of my life loving you. Your love is the best gift I've ever recieved, and I want to protect it and I want to protect you. Brenda, I want to give you something in return for your love so I'm giving you my heart eventhough you already have it.
Sonny whispers the last part about his heart while Brenda cries. Sonny places his hand on her face and wipes her tears away, then he kissed her forehead.

Brenda: SOnny since the first time I looked into your eyes I knew I was completely in love with you. You are the most important person in my life, and I love you with all my heart. I want to spend forever with you, and I will love you everyday for the rest of our lives, I promise you nothing will ever keep us apart.

Priest: can I please have the rings now.
Jason hands the priest the rings, and steps back next to Lucy again.
The priest: Michael and Brenda have given their love, and will be blessed by joining their hands in marriage.
The priest: Michael Corinthos Jr., do you solemnly take Brenda Veronica Barrett to be your lawfull wedded wife to love, honor and cherish through sickness and health for richer and poorer for saking all other's be faithful only to Brenda until death do you part?
Sonny smiling dimples and all and says " I do with all my heart"
The priest: Brenda Veronica Barrett, do you solemnly take Michael Corinthos Jr to be your lawfully wedded husband to love, honor, and cherish through sickness and health for richerer and poorer for saking all other's be faithful only to Michael until death do you part?
Brenda( crying): I do with all my heart
The priest: I bless these sacred rings, and the symbol of love that they hold, may these two be together forever, Michael take this ring and repeat after me " With this ring I thee wed, with this band of gold I thee give"
Sonny: With this sacred ring I thee wed, with this band of gold I thee give
Sonny slides the ring on Brenda's finger, and kisses it. Brenda cries, she's so happy she is almost his wife, a while back she never thought this day would come.
The Priest: Brenda repeat after me, " With this sacred ring I thee wed, with this band of gold I thee give."
Brenda repeats after the priest, and slides the gold band on Sonny's finger also kissing it. Sonny and Brenda joined hands and listened while the priest blessed them.
The priest: Michael and Brenda have joined their hearts and their souls, and this union has been blessed so without to do, I pronounce you husband and wife, Michael you may kiss your bride

SOnny had already placed his hands on Brenda's face and started kissing her before the priest was done talking. The audience clapped as Sonny and Brenda intensified their kiss. After a few minutes Jason and Lucy had to break them up before they set off the sprinklers. Brenda laughed and hugged Sonny tightly as Sonny whispered, " I love you Mrs. Corinthos"
Brenda kissed Sonny gently and turned to all her friends. Brenda threw her hands in the air and yelled happily " I'm married". Sonny laughed and swept Brenda off her feet into his arms carrying her down the aisles. The residents of Port Charles watched as SOnny carried Brenda out of the church with Lucy and Jason following behind them. Everybody started clearing out of the church talking about what a beautiful wedding it was. Outside Sonny sat Brenda back down on her feet kissing her passionately. Brenda returned the kiss and whispered, " I've never been so happy, I love you my husband."
Sonny looked happy and smiling deeply said, " I love you my wife, and I promise to spend the rest of my life making you happy."
Everybody filed out of the church and watched Brenda and Sonny exchanged words of love, in unison said " Awe"
Sonny laughed blushing alittle and asked, " Is everybody ready to party?"
Brenda laughed and kissed SOnny who returned the kiss. Everybody left for the reception, and Sonny carried Brenda to their limo. They got in and drove off leaving the church behind kissing all the way..

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