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Intro: It will take place where the show is now. Sonny is gone. Brenda has just finished her talk at Lilys grave. Jason wont let Sonny know what is going on. Robin is back.

Brenda wakes up the morning after she visited Lily at the grave. She walks down the stairs and looks around for Robin - no sign of her. She thinks of how many emotions had spilled out at Lilys grave. There was a place she needed to go, a peaceful place, to let all her emotions out - to finally come to terms with losing Sonny on the day all her hopes and dreams came tumbling down. Brenda takes out a piece of paper and begins to write a note to Robin.

Robin, I am going out for a bit. Ill be back soon. I hope you will be here. I love you.

Love, Brenda

Brenda sets the note by the door and walks out to her car. She gets in the car and drives away.


Robin knocks on Mikes apartment door above Lukes. He opens the door - happy and at the same time shocked to see her. Mike lets her in and gives her a hug. Its good to see you, sweetie. They pull apart. Hows Brenda and what are you doing back so soon? He asks.

I came back to help Brenda. Jax came to get me. Thats a long story. Mike, Brenda isnt doing so well. I need your help. Robin says.

Sure. What can I do? You know, I will do anything I can for her. Even though her and Michael didnt get married she will always feel like my daughter. Mike tells her honestly.

I know. I dont know what we can do. Jax came to get me and last night after Brenda came home she apoligized to me and Jax for the past few days. She told us she wasnt ready to throw her life away - not yet. Robin tells him.

Thats great. Isnt that a step in the right direction? He asks. It would be. I mean, it would be if it were completely true. Robin says.

What do you mean? You dont believe her? He asks.

I do believe her partly, but nobody can help her. As much as I want to help her - I cant - only Sonny can do that. Robin says.

What are you asking me, Robin?

We need Jason to call Sonny and get him to come home. Normally I wouldnt ask Jason do it, but Brendas my best friend and I think for her to be ok - (pauses) Sonny needs to be here and help her through it. Robin says.

Robin watches Mike debate the options. No matter how this may or may not hurt Jason - its what she has to do. Lets go. Mike says as he opens the door for her. They leave for Jasons PH.


Brenda drives along in her car on the way to where she needed to go. She needed to place all these feelings somewhere. A place where her and Sonny were at peace at. She has her window rolled down and can feel the soft breeze through the window. This reminded her of a very special night - a night that was suppose to last forever.


S -What about the better stronger Brenda?

B -I am a better stronger Brenda. Do you know, I used to think I couldn't live without you, now I know that I can. I just don't want to. (laughs) See this means that you could leave me right now, you could walk out of here, you could leave me standing in the rain and I wouldn't need anyone to rescue me, because I would be OK on my own. But I'd miss you forever. (He nods)

S-I'm not leaving. I'm just making sure, because somewhere along the line, things got complicated and it all got to be about lies and truth and trust and other people which is important, but it's not nearly as important as you and me. From that day in that car dealership till now, nothing, and I mean *nothing*, has been stronger than us. I couldn't fight it then, I can't fight it now. The difference is, I love you. And I just want you to know what you're getting.

B-I'm getting the only thing I've ever really wanted. I love you too. You know when you told me, that um, wasting time was like laughing in God's face, you were right. I don't want to waste anymore time. (Moves closer to him) And you know, you said, that the next time you kissed me, it would be because I came to you. (Whispers) Here I am. [REALITY]


Sonny is on the other side of the world thinking about the choices he has made. It is night time and the sun has just went down. He steps out onto the sandy beach outside of his hotel. He walks down and sees a couple walking hand in hand. He watches the woman smile up at the man she was with. He thinks to himself of how she reminded him a little of Brenda. He remembered how Brenda would look at him with a glow in her eyes whenever they were near each other or together - when they were once happy.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the bracelets he had given her that she gave back to Jason. Im so sorry, Brenda. I know we were suppose to be together - I know I promised you that. I just couldnt risk it. Sonny whispers to himself. Sonny found a place in the sand and sat down. He found a stick and outlined Brendas name in the sand. His mind wandered. He thought about how he took Brenda to the farmhouse and told her he owned it all.


B- When did you buy it? (So excited she's pummeling his arm with her fists)

S- After we made love, in the caves.

B- Why? S-Something about the timing felt right, and I didn't know where you fit in. I wanted it for a lot of reasons, Brenda, because I could have it, because there's peace to be found here, and because of the way I feel about you. I wanted to see you in it and offer it to you.

B- (looks stunned) I love you.

S- I love you. End of story.


I do love you, Brenda. That farm house is a part of us. He says silently. He remembered the memories with her like it was yesterday.


Taggert and Garcia arrive at Brendas hotel room.

T-We came to arrest Brenda for the murder of Pierce Dorman.



B-You know, blondes are much more submissive.

S-Oh really? B-Mm-hmmm.(Brenda goes into his arms and

they kiss). S-Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm. You know what?


S-You know what I was actually thinking, sweetheart?

B-Yeah, actually I do.

S-What was Laura Spencer thinking to wear a wig the same color as her hair?


He couldnt get over how smart she played things. Like that time the cops stopped them at a truck stop and thought Sonny was someone else. Brenda told them that he was from another country and she was showing him around. He hated the memory of letting Brenda go with him to Riveras - how going there with him could have been death for her. I never wanted this to happen. This was the only way I could keep you safe. He thought.


Brenda arrives at her destination and gets out of her car. She was there - the Farmhouse. It was the one place Sonny and her were together and felt at peace with one another. She ran over to the place Sonny took her. The area she could see the whole view of the Farmhouse and everything that surrounded it. The place looked the same. It still made her feel hope. She looked around as she continued to remember the times with Sonny. She smiled when she remembered him propose to her when she was with him at Riveras.


B-(Crying) You're asking me to marry you?

S-(nodding) I mean it. I love you and I want you to be my wife. Brenda is laughing and crying at the same time...


Why couldnt it have been how it was suppose to? Why didnt you love me enough? Brenda says to herself. She remembers getting rescued by Jax and V, coming home and

being with Sonny the night they got back. I knew how scarey your life was, but as long as were going to be together I wouldve dealt with it. Why couldnt you? She wonders. She remembered when he propose to her and when she accepted. Brenda could still feel the nervousness about him - like he was still scared about what her answer would be. For her - there was no other choice - It was always him.


Sonnys cell phone rings and he answers it. Yeah. Its me. Jason whispers.

Jason? I thought I said not to call unless it was an emergency. Sonny says. I know, but it is. Sonny, its - (pauses) Brenda.

What about her? Is she hurt? They didnt come after her, did they? G*d Jason - say something. Sonny says in fear.

No, they didnt. Sonny, Brenda has been in the psyche ward. Shes a little crazy. I dont know. Robin and Mike stopped by here and they think its best if you come back. They seem to think you can help her. Who knows why. Jason says. What? Why didnt you call sooner? Sonny asks in panic.

You told me not to call unless.. Jason starts to say, but Sonny interrupts him. Brenda is an emergency. I am leaving. Im coming home.

Sonny tells him.

Isnt it too dangerous? Jason protests. That doesnt matter now. What matters is Brenda. I thought I told you to watch her. Sonny says.

I...I have bodygaurds on her. Jason says trying to explain himself. Ill be there in a few hours. Sonny says. He hangs up with Jason and then dials the airport and makes arrangements for a flight back to Port Charles - back to the woman he loves.


Brenda wipes away her tears . Goodbye, Sonny. You destroyed us and I wont let you destroy me, too. Brenda says and then walks back to her car.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Brenda walks in the house and sees Robin sitting on the couch flipping through a magazine. Robin smiled at Brenda. She was glad that Brenda was slowly healing and

finally realizing shes worth something. She hoped Brenda could come to terms with the love her and Sonny shared and in a way - still do. Hey. Brenda says. Hey. Where were you? Robin asks. Went to the Farmhouse.

You know, the one Sonny bought for us. I went there to let him go and to think. Brenda says with a slight smile.

Brenda sits next to Robin on the couch. Robin could tell that Brenda had been crying. Her face was all tearstained and red. What were you thinking about? Robin asks in a empathetic tone.

You know, its funny. Before last night I hated Sonny, but even though I hated him I still couldnt get him out of my mind. This morning I was thinking of the times we shared and the struggles we went through. (smiles with a rememering laugh) Like the time he proposed to me *officially*. Can you tell me about it? Robin asks her best friend.

I went over to see the Qs about getting married to Sonny and when I got back he took me into his arms and kissed me. He kissed me so passionately - like I had been gone for months. We sat on the couch and he told me he had been through so many hard times, but losing me was the worse. (she smiles) I told him he didnt have to wait anymore and he told me he wanted to be sure. He asked me to hold his hand. I could tell he was nervous. He was a little shakey. He then asked me if I would be his wife. Brenda tells her.

He loved you so much and I am sure wherever he is now - he still loves you. Robin says. Maybe. I loved him so much. How can I do this? I went there to let him go, but I dont know if I can. How can I live my life without him? He was my life.

Well all help you. We wont let you fall - I promise. Robin tells her.

Brenda smiles a little at Robin. She didnt know what she wouldve done without Robin in her life. She had Jax, but Robin helped her more than anyone. Her telling Robin about Sonnys proposal made her think about the ring Sonny gave her - Sonnys moms ring.


S-Almost. I've got something for you. From another Mrs. Corinthos.

B-From your mother?

S-There's a -- give me your hand -- should I -- (Sonny places the ring on Brenda's finger) There's a story that goes with it but I'll let Mike tell you about it. The important thing is, my mother wore this when she was very happy and she was in love and I want you to wear it for a while.

B-For awhile? S-I mean, you know, I'm going to get you a real engagement ring for that finger. You can pick out the setting and the stone -- the whole deal.

B-No. I like this one. Your mom wants me to wear this. She does. She wants me to take care of you. I'm never going to take this off. I love this.


A few tears come to Brendas eyes and she and Robin embrace. The phone rings and Brenda wipes away a few tears. She gets up to answer it. Hello. Brenda, its me - Jax. Jax! Brenda says with a smile. You doing all right? Of course. Where are you? She asks. I had to fly back home for some business. Are you sure your ok without me - because I can come home if you need me. He says. No. Im fine - and Robins here. You stay as long as you need to. I can handle life just fine without you. Thanks for everything, though. Brenda tells him hoping he will understand that there will only be friendship between them - nothing more. Ok. I should be back within a week or so. Can I talk to Robin? He asks.

Yeah. Brenda says as she hands the phone to Robin. Brenda watches Robin tell Jax that shell call him if she needs him and that Brenda is doing a lot better. Robin hands Brenda back the phone.

See. Ill be fine. Ill miss you, too. Yeah. See you when you get back. Bye. Brenda says. She hand up the phone and then turns back to Robin. Thank you. Brenda says.


Sonny sits in his seat on the plane and looks out the window as the plane takes off. So many things float through his mind. Hell never forget telling Brenda about getting out of the MOB and how she was willing to risk everything just to be with him.

I am out now. And I will help you, Brenda. That much I am sure of. He thinks to himself.


Robin gets off the couch and goes and gets her coat out of the closet. Where are you going? Brenda asks. I have to go talk to Jason. Is that ok? Robin asks. Brenda doesnt care for Jason these days, but knows Robin needs to do what she has to do. Yeah. I guess I am going to go see Ruby. Can you drop me off? Brenda asks. Sure. Robin answers. Brenda grabs a coat and her and Robin leave.


Sonny gets off the plane. He gathers up his luggage and goes to find a cab. He gets in. Where to? The driver asks. To the docks. Sonny tells him. Do you know where that is? He asks. Sure do. The driver answers. Sonny sits back as the driver takes him to the docks.


Robin dropped Brenda off at Kellys to see Ruby. Brenda looks at the door, but cant get herself to go in. She decides to go for a walk first. She heads in the direction of the docks. A place her and Sonny met, broke up, reunited. It all happened there. Brenda approaches the docks and goes and sits down on a bench. She thinks about when Sonny told her that he was getting out so they could be together.


B-So, are you saying that I'm putting you in danger?

S-No, I'm saying -- I'm saying that I cannot and will not do that to you again. I won't put you in a position where I could end up dead in my breakfast cereal one morning, I won't ask you to live in that kind of fear. If you and I are getting married, I'm getting out.

B-Out of the organization? Just like that?

S-Well, I mean, there's no "just like that" about it.

B-Are you serious? S-Yeah.

B-I know the organization has been your life, and you're saying that you want to give that up for me?

S-It's not a question of want. It's a question of have to. I'm not going to lie to you. I love what I do and I'm happy doing it and I love what the business has done for me, but if I have to pick, I love you but I love you more. No contest.


A tear falls down Brendas face. You didnt even give me the chance to make that choice. You made it for you. Damn you! She yells.


Sonny had approached the docks and had heard the words out of Brendas mouth. He looked at her. She had looked as if she hadnt slept in days. What have I done to you, Brenda? He says to himself.

Brenda turns around and sees him standing there on the steps staring down at her. She couldnt believe it. How dare he show his face after what hes done. She thinks.

Sonny walks down the stairs and gets closer to her. Brenda finds herself backing away from him. Stay away from me. She whispers. Im sorry. Please let me explain. He says to her. No. There is nothing that you could say that would make things ok. You did this. Once again you destroyed us. Brenda says with tears in her eyes. I did it for you. To make sure you had a life. Sonny says trying to explain.

Oh, how stupid could I be? You did it because you loved me - to keep me safe, right? Brenda says angrily. "Yes. He says softly. You must think I am pretty stupid. Do you even know what youve done? Brenda yells. Yes. Jason called me. He says looking down at the ground.

Oh, Jason. Right - Mr. Loyal. You would trust him, but not the woman you supposedly loved. You know, dont worry. I dont care anymore. You did me a favor. Its funny - I thought you loved me and that you wanted us to be together as much as I did. But that was all a sick joke, wasnt it? You were trying to destroy me - but you know what? I wont let you do that. Brenda says not really knowing what shes trying to say.

Brenda, you cant believe that. I loved you. I still love you. How could you even think I never loved you. That was the only thing I know for sure. I loved you more than my own life and I couldnt - I wouldnt risk your life. Sonny says.

What I know is the way I felt on what was suppose to be our wedding day. I remember you giving me that ankle bracelet and I actually thought you would be there. Then you told me you couldnt be there right away because of security - and for some dumb reason I believed that, too. I did because I believed in you. I believed you loved me just as much as I loved you. What a fool I was. I remember Lucy panicing about something not being right and I told her everything was fine. You know, I went into the church whe I got there and told Stone that we did it, but once again I was wrong.

Brenda says through her tears.

A tear escapes from Sonnys eyes as he watches and listens to Brenda tell him about their suppose to be wedding day. He reaches for her.

Dont. Dont ever touch me again. Let me finish - heres the best part. I walkedmyself down the aisle and then the door open and I actually thought it would be you. I thought you were here. Boy was I wrong. It was Jason.

When everyone left I asked Jason if you were hurt - he said no. He said he didnt know where you had gone. I told him to take me to the PH and I would wait for you. He told me I could wait, but you wouldnt come. He said you wanted him to tell me it had been a nice ride. Brenda continues.

That was the only way I could make you hate me. I knew if I went to tell you and I saw you - saw how beautiful you looked, you would convince me not to do this and I

wouldnt. If I saw you I coudnt turn away and walk away. I had to do it this way. It was the only way to get out. I didnt want to do it. Sonny tells her.

Brenda continues as if she didnt hear him. I didnt think you would do this, so I ran and opened up the front door. It was raining. It was that moment that made me realize it was true. You had left me once again. You always left me in the rain. Brenda screams.

Sonny doesnt know what to say. He moves close to her and wraps his arms around her as Brenda cries uncontrollably. Brenda doesnt stay calm in his arms for too long.

She lifts her head up and starts pounding on his chest. I trusted you. I loved you more than life itself. How could you do this to me? HOW! She yells through her tears. Her tears continue to flow as Sonny rests her head against his chest. He holds her tight to get her to calm down.

She finally calms down and pulls away from him. What are you doing back here? She asks.

For you. When Jason called me I knew right away I had to come to you. I thought by me going away I was protecting you - keeping you safe. But after hearing what has happened to you in the past few months. I needed to come back. Im out now and no matter what danger came with me coming back - I knew I had to. I love you more than anything, Brenda. I cant stand to see you hurting. Sonny tells her.

Remember when I told you that I would be ok if you walked out on me? (he nods) Well, I wasnt. You were my life and I didnt know what to do.

Sonny links her fingers into his. Me, either. That was the hardest thing Ive ever done in my life. The whole time I was away I thought about you. Everyone reminded me of you or us together. The danger is gone for now and I want another chance. I want to make everything up to you. I want to take away the pain. You know I can do that. We do that for each other, remember? He says.

Yes, I remember. But I dont know if I can let you. How would I know that you wouldnt leave me again. She says.

I wont. Being away from you did more harm that good. I swear that wasnt my intentions. I swear. Please let me love you again. Sonny asks her.

What about the organization?

Jason can have it. I have plenty of money and maybe I can get my shares of Lukes back from Jason. What do you say? Sonny asks.

Brenda throws her arms around him and holds him tight. I never thought you would come back for me....I never thought I would feel whole again. Brenda whispers.

I know. Me, either. I wont let go this time. You are the part of me that feels right. Sonny tells her.

As they continue to hold onto one another it starts to rain. The rain comes down at a fast and steady pace. Brenda looks at Sonny. Its raining.

And Im not leaving. He says back.

Brenda smiles and Sonny brings her in for a long and passionate kiss. They kiss hungrily making up for all the time they had been apart. Sonny pulls away just enough to look into her eyes. I love you. He whispers.

I love you, too. She answers back.

Sonny pulls her back to him and they continue to kiss. They know that this is the way it was meant to be. They belonged to each other.


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