Love Isn't Enough by GraveDigger

Chapter 1

Brenda was in her hotel room and was getting ready for dinner at Sonny's.
She sprayed on some perfume and set it back down on the counter. She
opened her jewerly box and got out her favorite earings. They were little
green gem stones with a silver frame. She looked in the mirror as she put
them on and thought about that momment in Tiger Key.


Sonny was handcuffed and Brenda was right next to him.

Brenda: I'm scared Sonny. What's going to happen to us?
Sonny: Don't worry baby, I think if we wait this out long enough, I'll be able
to get Rivera to let us go.
Brenda: Sonny, promise me that nothing's going to happen to us.
Sonny: Brenda, I won't let anything happen to either one of us. We spent
too much time apart, I won't lose you now. I want to spend the rest of my life
with you.


She remembered that then Jax and V came in and helped them. She
turned off the lights, took her coat and walked down to the elevator.


Brenda opened the door and was stunned. The room was dark except for
many white candles lighting the place up. The table stood out with two
candles at the center, a white table cloth and dishes. She closed the door
and walked further into Sonny's penthouse. Also on the table was a bucket
full of ice and champaine.

Brenda smiles as she gazes upon everything Sonny setup for her when
she hears a voice from behind.

Sonny: You look beutiful.

Brenda turned around to see Sonny's kind eyes. He was wearing a black
tux and looked sexy, as usual.

Brenda: You don't look so bad yourself.

Sonny walked over to the stereo.

Sonny: Shall we dance before we eat?
Brenda: I would love to.

Sonny presses a button and he walks up to her and they begin to dance
slowly when ''For You I Will'' starts playing.

When your're feeling
lost in the night
When you feel your world
just ain't right
Call on me
I will be waiting
Count on me
I will be there

Anytime the times
get to tough
Anytime your best
ain't enough

I'll be the one
to make it better
I'll be there
to protect you
See you though

I'll be there
and there is nothing
I w on't do

Brenda: I love you Sonny.

I would cross the ocean for you
I would go and bring you the moon
I would be your hero
your strength
Anything you need

I would be the sun in your sky

Sonny: I love you too.

I promise you
For you I will

I would sheild your heart
from the rain
I would let no harm
come your way
Hold these arms
will be your shelter
Know these arms
won't let you down

If there is
a mountain to move
I'll move that
mountain for you

I'm here for you
I'm here forever
I will be your fortress
Tall and strong

I'll keep you safe
I'll stand beside you
Right or wrong

I will cross the ocean for you
I would go and bring you the moon
I will be your hero
Your strength
Anything you need

Sonny: Brenda?
Brenda: Yes?

For you I will
Lay my life on the line

Sonny gets down on the floor, on one knee, Brenda looks at him with wide
eyes, surprised and excited about what he is about to do. He pulls out a
jewerly box out of his inside breast pocket and holds it out.

For you I would find a hope
For you I will die

He opens the box and there is a diamond ring, Brenda's excitment builds.

With every breath
with all my soul

Sonny: Brenda, will you marry me?

I give my word
I'll give it all

Brenda: *unable to beleave what she just heard* What?
Sonny: Would you make me the happiest man in the world? Will you
marry me?
Brenda: Yes... Yes I will.
Sonny: You will?
Brenda: Yes!

Sonny put the ring on Brenda's finger and then they embrace.

Brenda: I love you.

I promise you...
For you I will....

Chapter 2

Brenda: *gigling* Honey, what's going on in there?
Sonny: *from kitchen* Nothing, everything is completely under....
Brenda: What?
Sonny: *walks out of kitchen* Honey, I'm afraid we aren't going to have
any dinner tonight.
Brenda: Oh no, the food was overcooked?
Sonny: No, I was so anxious about proposing I completely forgot to.
Brenda: *laughing* You're kidding.

Sonny goes over to table and picks up bottle.

Sonny: At least we can still have some champaine to celebrate.

Sonny popped the cork out and Brenda gave a slight shreik and then
laughed. A lot of fizz came out as he filled each glass. He handed her a
gladd and they raised it to toast.

Sonny: To the future Mrs. Corinthos.
Brenda: No, too us.

The glass chimed together and they both took a drink. Sonny pulled
Brenda close and they kissed passionately.

Brenda: So, when should we get married?
Sonny: Well, I don't wanna wait too long, I can't wait for you to be my
Brenda: Neither can I...

They kiss.


Jeff Morgan was in his late twenties. He has very short brown hair, a
gotee (like Stefan Cassadine's), he is tall with a good build. He wears a white,
cotten, short sleeved shirt with a brown vest and black slacks. He is a
freelance photographer who usually sells his pictures to the PC Press.

He watched as all the firemen tried to contain the fire of the institution and
ambulances carry out the injured.
He had gotten some pretty good photos since he began his career. He got
some snaps of Monica Quartermaine and Peirce Dorman back during that
sexual harrassment suit, of Brenda Barret when she was accused of
Dorman's murder and of mob boss Sonny Corinthos when the occasion
called for it.

When he found out about this explosion, he hoped he would get some
dramatic photos, like the one from the Oklahoma Bombing, but so far he
was coming up with silch.

He was able to get one more snapshot when he ran out of film.

Jeff: Crap.

He tried to see if he had an extra, but no such luck. He headed towards his
car and started to drive off when he almost hit a cop.

Taggert: Would you watch where you're going?
Jeff: Sorry!

Taggert left and Jeff drove away. He listened to the radio to get updates
on the explosion and by the time he got home, it was all over.
He walked into his apartment and went into the redroom. He spent two
hours trying to develop good pictures and came up with three decent ones.
He put them in an envolope and headed decided he'd drop them off at the
PC Press. Nothing worthy of Time Magazine in the batch.


Sonny and Brenda are in his bedroom. He unzips her black dress and lets
it slide off while nibbling on her neck. She unbuttons his shirt and pushes it
off, leaving his skin bare. Sonny lays her onto the bed and other articles of
clothing are removed. They make love and when it is over, Brenda lays her
head on Sonny's chest, hearing his heartbeat.
She felt warm and safe in his arms and wished it would stay like this

How do I
Get through a night without you
If I had to live without you
What kind of life would that be?

Oh I
Need you in my arms
Need you to hold
Your my world, my heart, my soul

If you ever leave
Baby you take away everything good in my life
And tell me now

How do I live without you?
I want to know
How do I breath without you?
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I...
How do I...
Oh how do I live?

Without You...
There's be no sun in my sky
There would be no love in my life
There'd be no one left but me
And I...
Baby I don't know what I would do
I'd be lost if I lost you

If you ever leave
Baby you would take away everything
Real in my life
And tell me now

How do I live without you?
I want to know
How do I breath without you?
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I...
How do I...
Oh how do I live?

Please tell me baby
How do I go on....

If you ever leave
Baby you take away everything
Need you with me
Baby don't you know that you're everything
Good in my life
And tell me now

How do I live without you?
I want to know
How do I breath without you?
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I...
How do I...
Oh how do I live?

Chapter 3

It was early the next morning. Brenda felt Sonny's warm body right next to as
she slipped out of her dreams. Everything that happened the night before
passed through her mind, them dancing, the proposal, them making love. She
wished this moment would never end.

Then Sonny awoke. He saw her watching him sleep and just smiled. He ran
his fingers through her dark hair when the doorbell rang. At first they ignore
it, but Brenda decided against it.

Brenda: Maybe we should get that. Sonny gets out of bed and puts on a
bathrobe and Brenda does the same. They exit the bedroom and head down
to the front door. They open it to see Robin.

Brenda: Robin! Your uncle told us you were in France.
Robin: I was, but after hearing the whole mess you were in, in Tiger Key, I
had to come and see if you were both okay.

Brenda and Robin hug.

Robin: Sonny.
Sonny: It's great to see you again.

Sonny and Robin hug.

Robin: So are you both okay?
Brenda: Yes.

Brenda smiles at Sonny and stands by him.

Brenda: As a matter of fact, we god some great news.

Robin looks at the two of them, both smiling.

Robin: What is it?
Brenda: Sonny and I are getting married.
Robin: You two are getting married! That's great!

Robin hugs them both.

Robin: Wow, congradulations! When's the wedding?
Sonny: We don't have the exact date, but in about three to four weeks.
Robin: Oh, I hope I'm able to make it.
Brenda: I hope so too. I was hoping you could be a bride's maid.
Robin: Well let me know when it is exactly, maybe I'll be able to arrange my
schedule around it.
Brenda: Schedule? *trying to remember something from that word* Oh! I
was supposed to meet Lucy today! Honey, I don't want to leave, but-
Sonny: Brenda, it's okay.
Brenda: I got to get dressed.

Brenda runs up to the bedroom, leaving Robin and Sonny alone.

Robin: Sonny, now that we're alone, I wanted to talk to you about
something... I wanted to apologize for putting you in that position to fire
Jason when you've already told me it couldn't be done. Especially since you
and Brenda had enough to worry about as it was.
Sonny: Robin, it's okay.
Robin: No, it isn't. I shouldn't have done that to you, and I'm sorry.
Sonny: Robin, it's okay. Apology excepted.
Robin: Well, I'm going to be at uncle Mac's for the rest of the night, maybe
we could have dinner before we go.
Sonny: That would be nice. I have some business to take care of but when
it's finished, I'll call you.
Robin: Okay.

Brenda came out of the room wearing black pants with a white blouse.

Brenda: Robin, it's nice to see you again.
Robin: It was nice to see you too. Call me.
Brenda: I will. Bye.
Robin: Bye.

Brenda leaves.

Sonny: I hate to leave you like this, but I have to get dressed and take off.
Robin: I understand. Bye.

Sonny and Robin hugged and Robin left while Sonny went to get changed.

Chapter 4

Brenda entered the Outback and saw Jax sitting at a table near the
enterence. She was very nervous, but she had to get this over with. She had
to hear this from her and her alone.

Brenda walks down to his table and he smiles her.

Jax: Hello Brenda.
Brenda: Jax.
Jax: What did you want to meet me for?
Brenda: There's something I have to tell you and I thought it would be best if
you heard it from me.
Jax: What is it, bad news?
Brenda: Oh, no, it's good news. Great news. I think so, anyway.
Jax: Well, Brenda, what is this Earth shattering news.
Brenda: Sonny and I are getting married.

Jax stared at her for a moment, very quiet, with a sadness in his eyes.

Jax: You two are getting married?
Brenda: Yes.
Jax: Well, whatever you think is for the best.
Brenda: I do.
Jax: He's only going to hurt you again, Brenda.
Brenda: No he won't. I know he won't.
Jax: How? He's hurt you before. He may not mean it intentionally but he's a
mobster, you may get hurt no matter what.
Brenda: It's my dicision to make, okay. I don't expect you to be happy about
it, I just hope that you can except it and we can somehow be friends.
Jax: Friends?
Brenda: I would like us to be friends.
Jax: I would like that too.
Brenda: Okay, friends.

They shook hands.

Jax: Friends...

A tear was forming in his eye that he had lost what he thought to be the love
of his life to a man he disliked.

Jax: That doesn't mean I like this though....
Brenda: I don't expect you too Jax.
Jax: ...but I will support you in your dicision.
Brenda: Thanks.


Robin walked into the Recovery Room and saw Mike at the counter. He was
talking to Frank and Mary. Robin walked up to the counter.

Robin: Hi Mike.
Mike: Robin, hi, I didn't know you were back in town.
Robin: Only until noon.
Mary: Robin? Robin Scorpio? Mike has told me so much about you.
Robin: And you must be...
Mary: Mary Scanlon.
Robin: Nice to meet you Mary.
Mary: Likewise... this is my son, Frank.
Frank: Nice to meet you Robin.
Mike: Have you seen Sonny and Brenda, Sonny said they wanted to meet me
here and it sounded like they had some pretty big news.
Robin: Oh... I don't know.
Mike: You know don't you?
Robin: Sorry, Mike, I said I wouldn't tell anyone.
Mike: Good news or bad?
Robin: Oh, it's pretty good.

Mike looked over her and Robin turned around to see Jason walk in.

Mike: I'm sorry, I didn't know he was coming.
Robin: It's okay Mike.

Robin got off the stool and looked at Jason. At that time, Mary and Frank

Jason: Robin, what are you doing here?
Robin: I came here to see Sonny and Brenda.
Jason: How's school in France?
Robin: It's going pretty well, miss it at my old school, though.
Jason: That's good.
Robin: Um... Mac told me you got your old job back.
Jason: Yes, I did.
Robin: Well... I hope you stay careful.
Jason: I'll stay careful, I never want to go to that hospital again.
Robin: *quietly* Did you hear about Sonny and Brenda yet?
Jason: Sonny told me what he was going to do the yesterday. What did she
Robin: She accepted.
Jason: That's great.
Mike: What did Brenda accept?

Robin and Jason both smiled at Mike when Sonny walked in.

Chapter 5

Sonny: Is Brenda here yet?

Robin and Jason looked at Mike.

Mike: No, she hasn't, why? Wasn't she supposed to come in with you?
Sonny: She had something to take care of, she's supposed to meer us her-
Oh, and here she is now.

Brenda walked through the door.

Brenda: Hi honey.
Sonny: Hey Brenda. *looks to Mike* Hey Mike, could we talk?
Mike: Sure.
Robin: Well, we'll just excuse you.

Robin and Jason went up to the counter as Mike took them to a table.

Mike: So, what's the big news.

Brenda smiles and looks at Sonny. Sonny looks to Mike.

Sonny: Brenda and I are... we're getting married.
Mike: Excuse me, could you repeat that.
Sonny: We're getting married.
Mike: Getting married?
Brenda: Mike, aren't you happy about it?
Mike: Happy? I'm more than happy about it darling! I'm just a little
Sonny: What are you so surprised about, Mike?
Mike: Well it seems a little sudden after Tiger Key and all that.
Brenda: We don't want to waste anymore time.
Sonny: We want to be together, forever.
Mike: This is great, this is wonderful.

They stand up and Mike hugs Sonny and then Brenda.

Brenda: Mike, there's more.
Mike: More?
Brenda: I would like you to walk me down the aisle.

Mike took a step back for a second, unsure if this whole thing was a reality or
Then he snapped out of it.

Mike: Brenda, I would love to walk you down that aisle.

Brenda and Mike hug.

Brenda: Great.

They break the hug.

Mike: Well, what are the arrangments?
Sonny: We're still working on that. I'm trying to get St. Timothy's.
Brenda: I also have to get a maid of honor, bride's maids, the works.
Mike: Who's going to be your best man?

Sonny walked over to the bar.

Sonny: This man, right here.

Jason looked to them and smiled. Robin looked at him, the revelation going
over her that they were going to run into eachother again when she came to
the wedding. She hoped she could get over her feelings for him by then.

Chapter 6

Jeff picked up a paper and the stand and headed back to his apartment.
He started to skim through the headlines.

Jacks Cosmetics Model Married Mobster Kingpin

He immidately read on and found out Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barett
were getting married soon and knew immidately that he had to be there.
When he got to his apartment he started calling up some friends to see if
he could find out where they were getting married, aparently it was a big


Brenda was looking at herself in the mirror and thought the wedding dress
was perfect.

Brenda: What do you think?

She looked at Lucy and Lois who were checking her out.

Lois: It's great Bren.
Lucy: I like it, yeah. It definitely looks good on you.
Brenda: Great! Thanks for coming, I'm glad you could make it Lo. I know
you were
definitely busy with the tour and everything.
Lois: And miss out on this, no way.

Brenda checked herself out in the mirror, again.

Brenda: This is the dress, this is definitely the dress I want to get married
to Sonny in.


Sonny and Jason were in the penthouse discussing buisness.

Jason: Anything else?
Sonny: Just make sure no one but the invited guests find out the location
of the church, I don't want any uninvited guest or photographers hounding us
there. We just want this to be a private ceramony.
Jason: I've done everything I can but Sonny, I think there is still a good
chance photographers will find out where it is and come.
Sonny: I just want to at least try to keep it as miminal as possable.


Jeff: Thank you, thank you very much.

Jeff smiled as he hung up the phone. He took the post it note of the tablet
and put it on the bulletin board. He was definitely going to be at that wedding.


David entered St. Timothy's and crept up the steps to the balcony of the
church. He started to check the place out, see if there were any places he
could hide.
It had only been an hour since he paid that bodyguard off to tell him when
and where the wedding was going to be held. He was going to get Micheal
''Sonny'' Corinthos if it was the last thing he did. It was definitely the last thing
his uncle did.
David Rivera took out a picture of his late cousin, who looked so happy in
the picture.

David: Soon, I will avenge both of your deaths. I swear on my life.

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